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UFO - This Kid's (including Between the Walls)
Vaughan Gardiner - Gooi Jou Arms Om My
Vibravoid - Incense and Peppermints
Inga Valinskienė - Dieviška žiema
Nils van Zandt - For You (Vocal Radio Edit) [feat. Brooklyn Haley]
Nils van Zandt - For You
UFO - This Time
UFO - Something Else
UFO - When Daylight Goes to Town
UFO - The Wild One
UFO - Baby Blue
UFO - Chains Chains
Verminous - Hang the Pope
UFO - Give Her The Gun
UFO - Sweet Little Thing
UFO - Hard Being Me
UFO - Heavenly Body
UFO - Some Other Guy
UFO - Who's Fooling Who
UFO - Black and Blue
UFO - Drink Too Much
UFO - World Cruise
UFO - Good Bye You
UFO - Rolling Man
UFO - Kingston Town
UFO - Saving Me
UFO - On the Waterfront
UFO - Hell Driver
UFO - Stop Breaking Down
UFO - Rock Ready
UFO - Living Proof
UFO - Can't Buy a Thrill
UFO - Forsaken
UFO - Villains & Thieves
UFO - Stranger in Town
UFO - It's Killing Me
UFO - Profession Of Violence
Margaret Urlich - Escaping
Margaret Urlich - Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night)
Margaret Urlich - Only My Heart Calling
Margaret Urlich - Boy in the Moon
Vicetone - California
Kari Vepsä - Kuljin puistoon päin
Vardøger - Silent Witness
Vardøger - Whitefrozen
Vardøger - Desert Pale
Vardøger - Footprints of Thunder
Kıvılcım Ural - Buralar Benimdi Eskiden
Kıvılcım Ural - Cumartesi Gecesi
Kıvılcım Ural - Adım Adım
Kıvılcım Ural - Şaraba Benzer
Kıvılcım Ural - Yağmurlar Altında
Kıvılcım Ural - Kapat Gözlerini
Kıvılcım Ural - Suskun
Kıvılcım Ural - Bir Erkek Kuş
Kıvılcım Ural - Selami
Kıvılcım Ural - Şarkıcı Kadın
Kıvılcım Ural - Tantana
Kıvılcım Ural - Aşk
UFO - Loving Cup
UFO - Night Run
UFO - When It’s Time to Rock
UFO - Lookin’ Out for No. 1
UFO - Doctor Doctor (Electric Ballroom Atlanta GA 5th November 1974)
UFO - Cold Turkey (Electric Ballroom Atlanta GA 5th November 1974)
UFO - Space Child (Electric Ballroom Atlanta GA 5th November 1974)
UFO - Try Me (John Peel Session 27th June 1977)
UFO - Stopped by a Bullet (Of Love)
UFO - Doctor, Doctor
UFO - Black Cold Coffee
UFO - Give It Up
UFO - Call Me
UFO - Slipping Away
UFO - The Spark That Is Us
UFO - Sympathy
UFO - Mr. Freeze
UFO - Jelloman
UFO - Swallow
UFO - Blinded By A Lie
Vetten Äpärät - Grief of Woods
Vetten Äpärät - Ice Made New Kingdom
Victoria S - One in a Million
Victoria S - There's a Place for Us
Veronica - Alone Again in Spring
The Velvet Underground - Ride Into the Sun (demo)
The Velvet Underground - I Found a Reason (demo)
The Velvet Underground - Oh Gin (demo)
The Velvet Underground - Walk and Talk (demo)
The Velvet Underground - Sad Song (demo)
The Velvet Underground - Lady Godiva’s Operation
The Velvet Underground - Here She Comes Now
The Velvet Underground - One of These Days
The Velvet Underground - I’m Sticking With You
Virginia Jetzt! - Das ganz normale Leben
Virginia Jetzt! - Liebeslieder
Virginia Jetzt! - Du musst dahin, wo's weh tut
Virginia Jetzt! - Ein ganzer Sommer
Virginia Jetzt! - Der Himmel über Berlin
Virginia Jetzt! - Wahre Liebe
Virginia Jetzt! - Weil wir Anfänger sind
Virginia Jetzt! - Hier zu sein
Virginia Jetzt! - Sie verlassen sich auf uns
Virginia Jetzt! - Von guten Eltern
Virginia Jetzt! - Das Beste für alle
Virginia Jetzt! - Fast wie Giganten
Virginia Jetzt! - Angekommen
Virginia Jetzt! - Halt die Zeit an
Virginia Jetzt! - Die Musik von hier nach dort
Virginia Jetzt! - Mein sein
Virginia Jetzt! - Weiterziehen
Virginia Jetzt! - Weit weg
Virginia Jetzt! - Singen & singen
Virginia Jetzt! - Bitte bleib nicht, wenn du gehst
Virginia Jetzt! - Von einer besseren Welt
Virginia Jetzt! - Land unter
Virginia Jetzt! - Ich kann nicht wie die anderen
Virginia Jetzt! - Mehr als das
Virginia Jetzt! - Zonenkind
Virginia Jetzt! - Mein Herz ist keine Wohnung
Virginia Jetzt! - So schlägt mein Herz
Virginia Jetzt! - Dieses Ende wird ein Anfang sein
Virginia Jetzt! - Du bist alles
Virginia Jetzt! - Weil Liebe dort beginnt
Virginia Jetzt! - Alles ist gut
Virginia Jetzt! - Lied für dich
Virginia Jetzt! - Hollywood
Virginia Jetzt! - Wo bist du jetzt
Virginia Jetzt! - 2 Minuten
Virginia Jetzt! - Leisegehen
Virginia Jetzt! - In der Finsternis
Virginia Jetzt! - Selbstbehauptung und Grenzen
Virginia Jetzt! - Singen und singen
Virginia Jetzt! - Zwischen allen
Virginia Jetzt! - Am Rand der Stille
Virginia Jetzt! - Völlig plötzlich
Virginia Jetzt! - Jetzt oder nie
Virginia Jetzt! - Draußen im Regen
Virginia Jetzt! - Pophymnen
Virginia Jetzt! - Sintflut
Virginia Jetzt! - Meine Grenzen
Virginia Jetzt! - Zwei Minuten
Virginia Jetzt! - Der erste warme Regen
Virginia Jetzt! - Tobias Siebert will nie mehr allein sein
Virginia Jetzt! - The Final Countdown
Virginia Jetzt! - Love Nightliner
Virginia Jetzt! - 5 Uhr morgens
Virginia Jetzt! - Rockhymnen
Virginia Jetzt! - Spurlos verschwinden (kurz)
Virginia Jetzt! - Deine Tage in Berlin
Virginia Jetzt! - Deine Welt
The Velvet Underground - Prominent Men (demo)
The Velvet Underground - The Black Angel’s Death Song
The Velvet Underground - European Son
The Velvet Underground - I'm Not Too Sorry (Now That You're Gone) (demo)
The Velvet Underground - Guess I'm Falling in Love
The Velvet Underground - After Hours
Noe Venable - Riverwide
Noe Venable - Juniper
Noe Venable - Tower
Noe Venable - Black Madonna
Noe Venable - Garden
Noe Venable - Is the Spirit Here?
Noe Venable - Midsummer Night's Dream
Noe Venable - Feral
Noe Venable - Simple Song
Noe Venable - Wings Again
Noe Venable - Lilies
Noe Venable - Doll Comes to Life
Noe Venable - In the Dark
Noe Venable - Boots
Noe Venable - Prettiness
Noe Venable - Stolen Thing
Noe Venable - My Insomnia
Noe Venable - Climb
Noe Venable - Happiness
Noe Venable - Look, Luck
Noe Venable - Julia
Noe Venable - Wild Blue & Yonder
Noe Venable - Don't Stop Crying
Noe Venable - In Memoriam
Noe Venable - Woods Part of When
Noe Venable - Prayer for Beauty
Noe Venable - Ice Dragons
Noe Venable - Into the Wild
Noe Venable - Onion, One Day
Noe Venable - Swim With Me
Noe Venable - Flower in Time
Noe Venable - Sparrow I Will Fly
Noe Venable - Ambassador
Noe Venable - Army of Nows
Noe Venable - Lion Dreams
Noe Venable - Alcina's Things
Virtual Riot feat. Amba Shepherd - Superhuman (a cappella)
Vingadora - Três Desejos
Vingadora - Tic Tac
Vingadora - Festinha de Louca
Vingadora - Bombástica
Vingadora - Eu tento evitar
Verses - Feel It Faster
Verses - Making Statues
Verses - Little Catastrophe
Verses - Who We Are
Verses - Same White Light
Verses - Ten Seconds Left
Verses - Fear Doesn't Live Here
Verses - Best of History
UFO - Diesel In The Dust
UFO - We Belong The Night
UFO - Heavens Gate
UFO - Wreckless
Vega 4 - Traffic Jam
Vega 4 - Life Is Beautiful
Vega 4 - You
Vega 4 - Papercuts
UFO - Docter, Docter
UFO - Shoot, Shoot
UFO - Let The Good Times Roll
UFO - Lovin' Cup (B Side)
UFO - Couldn’t Get It Right
UFO - Ain't Life Sweet
UFO - Burnin' Fire
UFO - Let the Good Time Roll
The Verlaines - Crisis After Crisis
The Verlaines - It Was Raining
Ultra Vivid Scene - She Screamed
Ultra Vivid Scene - Crash
Ultra Vivid Scene - Nausea
Ultra Vivid Scene - How Sweet
Ultra Vivid Scene - It Happens Every Time
Ultra Vivid Scene - Staring at the Sun
Ultra Vivid Scene - Three Stars
Ultra Vivid Scene - Special One
Ultra Vivid Scene - Grey Turns White
Ultra Vivid Scene - Poison
Ultra Vivid Scene - Guilty Pleasure
Ultra Vivid Scene - Extra Ordinary
Ultra Vivid Scene - Beauty #2
Ultra Vivid Scene - The Kindest Cut
Ultra Vivid Scene - Praise the Low
Ultra Vivid Scene - Lightning
Ultra Vivid Scene - Walkin’ After Midnight
Ultra Vivid Scene - Candida (Theme From ‘Red Pressure Mounting’)
Ultra Vivid Scene - Don’t Look Now (Now!)
Veerus - Oeuvres d'art
The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray/Foggy Notion
The Velvet Underground - Chelsea Girls (performed by Nico)
The Velvet Underground - It Was a Pleasure Then (performed by Nico)
VERSUS - Monestirea
VERSUS - We Are Cloned
VERSUS - Beautiful Like You
VERSUS - Drifting Away
VERSUS - I Want 2B U
VERSUS - Shapes of Joy
VERSUS - Boundless
VERSUS - Travelling Home
The Velvet Underground - Little Sister (performed by Nico)
The Velvet Underground - Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
The Velvet Underground - Run, Run, Run
Die Vamummtn - Pudan Im Club
Die Vamummtn - Es is haas
Die Vamummtn - Nintendo
Die Vamummtn - Festl Gestan 2011
Die Vamummtn - Slang Hern
The Verlaines - Heavy 33
The Verlaines - Death & The Maiden
The Velvet Underground - Caroline
The Velvet Underground - She'll Make You Cry
The Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs (version 1)
The Velvet Underground - There She Goes Again (version 1)
The Velvet Underground - After Hours (version 2)
The Velvet Underground - Heroin (version 3)
The Velvet Underground - I’m Waiting for the Man (version 3)
The Velvet Underground - I Can’t Stand It (version 2)
UFO - The Way The Wild Wind Blows
UFO - Call My Name
UFO - All Over You
UFO - No Getaway
UFO - Push, It's Love
UFO - One Heart
UFO - The Only Ones
UFO - Meanstreets
UFO - Name Of Love
UFO - Blue
UFO - Dream The Dream
US Marines - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
US Marines - Thirteen Weeks of Misery
US Marines - Halls of Montezuma
US Marines - PT! Gimmie Some!
US Marines - Baby Marine
US Marines - Run Me, Run Me, Run Me
US Marines - Chesty Puller Said Before He Died
US Marines - 1, 2, 3, 4, United States Marine Corps!
US Marines - I Am the Marine Corps Infantry
US Marines - Navy, Navy, I'm in Doubt
US Marines - Tarzan and Jane Swingin' on a Vine
UFO - Melinda
VII Gates - Bounded by Hate
VII Gates - The Saviour
VII Gates - Seconds Left to Live
VII Gates - Under the Crossed Bones
VII Gates - So Far Away
VII Gates - Tormented
VII Gates - Love Bullet
VII Gates - A Dark Room of My Mind
VII Gates - Like a Rock
VII Gates - The Madman Inside
The Velvet Underground - Hey Mr. Rain
The Velvet Underground - Hey Mr. Rain (version II)
UFO - Fight Night
UFO - Wonderland
UFO - Mojo Town
UFO - Angel Station
UFO - Year of the Gun
UFO - The Last Stone Rider
UFO - Steal Yourself
UFO - Burn Your House Down
UFO - Waving Good Bye
UFO - Serenity
Violet UK - ROSA ~Movie mix~
Violet UK - Blue Butterfly
Vague Angels - Just Blow, Don Quixote! Blow!
Elly Vilhjálms - Ég veit þú kemur
Elly Vilhjálms - Heyr mína bæn
VAUU - Blau
Valencia - The Space Between
Valencia - Que Sera Sera
Valencia - What Are You Doing, Man? That's Weird!
Valencia - Tenth Street
Valencia - The Closest I Am to Living Life on the Edge
Valencia - Will We Ever Know How?
Valencia - Eagle Mount Drive
Valencia - 3000 Miles
Valencia - Backs Against the Wall
Valencia - Away We Go
Valencia - Better Be Prepared
Valencia - Holiday
Valencia - Where Did You Go?
Valencia - Head in Hands
Valencia - Carry On
Valencia - All at Once
Valencia - Safe to Say
Valencia - Listen Up
Valencia - Can't See Myself (Getting to Sleep Tonight)
Valencia - The Good Life
Valencia - Free
Valencia - Dancing with a Ghost
Valencia - Spinning Out
Valencia - Consider Me Dead
Valencia - Losing Sleep
Valencia - Friday Night
Valencia - Somewhere I Belong
Valencia - Days Go By
Valencia - The Way
Valencia - Stop Searching
Valencia - Running Away
TWiiNS - Boys Boys Boys
The Velvet Underground - Waiting for the Man
Violetta - En mi mundo (versión bilingüe)
Jorge Blanco - Te esperaré
Pablo Espinosa - Verte de lejos
Violetta - Ahí Estaré
Jorge Blanco & Martina Stoessel - Podemos
Violetta - Tienes el Talento
Violetta - Crecimos juntos
Martina Stoessel & Mercedes Lambre - Más que dos
Martina Stoessel & Jorge Blanco - Abrázame y verás
Violetta - Es mi pasión
Violetta - Mil vidas atrás
Jorge Blanco - Amor en el aire (versión italiano)
Lodovica Comello - Te creo (versión italiano)
Violetta - En gira
Jorge Blanco - Amor en el aire
Violetta - Encender nuestra luz
Diego Domínguez - Ser quien soy
Mercedes Lambre - Quiero
Ruggero Pasquarelli - Resceta mi corazón
Lodovica Comello - Aprendí a decir adiós
Martina Stoessel - Underneath It All
Martina Stoessel, Lodovica Comello & Candelaria Molfese - A mi lado
Violetta - Friends 'Till the End
Martina Stoessel - Habla si puedes
Martina Stoessel & Jorge Blanco - Podemos
Violetta - Are You Ready for the Ride?
Candelaria Molfese, Lodovica Comello & Martina Stoessel - Veo veo
Jorge Blanco - Voy por ti
Mercedes Lambre & Alba Rico - Peligrosamente bellas
Diego Domínguez - Yo soy así
Candelaria Molfese, Lodovica Comello & Martina Stoessel - Junto a Ti
Violetta - Juntos somos mas
Martina Stoessel - En mi Mundo (Acoustic/Live)
Violetta - Ser Mejor (Acoustic/Live)
Martina Stoessel - Te creo
Violetta - Soy mi Mejor Momento
Jorge Blanco, Samuel Nascimento, Facundo Gambandé, Diego Domínguez & Nicolas Garnier - Ven con Nosotros
Samuel Nascimento - Te Fazer Feliz
Violetta - Esto no Puede Terminar
UFO - Young Blood [Edit]
UFO - Hot 'n' Ready [Live B-Side]
UFO - Heel Of A Stranger [B-Side]
UFO - Everybody Knows [B-Side]
UFO - When It's Time To Rock [7" Edit]
UFO - Let It Rain [Headstone Live At Hammersmith 1983]
UFO - Electric Phase [Headstone Live At Hammersmith 1983]
UFO - Doing It All For You [Headstone Live At Hammersmith 1983]
UFO - The Chase [B-Side]
UFO - Silverbird
The Velvet Underground - Chelsea Girl
UFO - Too Young to No
UFO - Daylight Goes to Town
UFO - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
UFO - Another Saturday Night
UFO - At War With the World
UFO - Hunger in the Night
UFO - Easy Money
UFO - Rock Boyz, Rock
UFO - Lonely Cities (Of the Heart)
UFO - Looking Out for No. 1
UFO - Sweet Little Thing (German B-Side)
UFO - Oh My (demo)
UFO - Messing Up the Bed
UFO - One With The Action
UFO - Pack It Up And Go
Martina Stoessel - En mi mundo
Violetta - Algo suena en mi
Violetta - Destinada a brillar
Pablo Espinosa - Entre tu y yo
Violetta - Dile que si
Violetta - Junto a ti
Violetta - Tienes todo
Violetta - Veo veo
Violetta - Ven y canta
Martina Stoessel - Nel mio mondo
Lodovica Comello - Ti credo
Violetta - Entre tu y yo
Violetta - Voy por ti
Violetta - Te creo
Violetta - Em Meu Mundo
Violetta - Destinada a brilar
Violetta - Alcancemos las estrellas
Violetta - Yo soy así
Violetta - Código Amistad
Violetta - Entre dos mundos
Violetta - Habla Si Puedos
Violetta - Podemos
Violetta - Te esperaré
Violetta - Amor en el aire
Violetta - Resceta mi corazón
Violetta - Underneath It All
Violetta - Are You Ready For The Ride ?
Violetta - Descubrí
Violetta - Supercreativa
Violetta - A mi lado
Violetta - Más que dos
Tyla & Spike - Possessed
Ian Tyson - Navajo Rug
Ian Tyson - Claude Dallas
Ian Tyson - Land of Shining Mountains
Ian Tyson - Love Without End
Ian Tyson - Range Delivery
Ian Tyson - Always Saying Goodbye
Ian Tyson - Casey's Gone
Ian Tyson - Eighteen Inches of Rain
Ian Tyson - M.C. Horses
Ian Tyson - Old House
Ian Tyson - Roll on Owyhee
Ian Tyson - La Primera
Ian Tyson - Lights of Laramie
Ian Tyson - Jaquima to Freno
Ian Tyson - Springtime in Alberta
Ian Tyson - Non-Pro Song
Ian Tyson - Magpie
Ian Tyson - The Wonder of It All
Ian Tyson - Alcohol in the Bloodstream
Ian Tyson - The Old Double Diamond
Ian Tyson - Barrel Racing Angel
Villeneuve - The Sun
Villeneuve - Mercury
Villeneuve - Tomorrow - Never
Villeneuve - Words Are Meaningless
Cécile Verny Quartet - The Bitter and the Sweet
U2 & Johnny Cash - The Wanderer
Ian Tyson - Adelita Rose
Ian Tyson - Charles Goodnight's Grave
Ian Tyson - Rio Colorado
Ian Tyson - Saddle Bronc Girl
Ian Tyson - Gallo de Cielo
Ian Tyson - Tom Blasingame
Suzanne Vega - Tom’s Diner
Suzanne Vega - Luka
Suzanne Vega - In the Eye
Suzanne Vega - Night Vision
Suzanne Vega - Solitude Standing
Suzanne Vega - Calypso
Suzanne Vega - Language
Suzanne Vega - Gypsy
Suzanne Vega - Wooden Horse (Caspar Hauser’s Song)
Suzanne Vega - Cassidy
Suzanne Vega - Story of Isaac
Suzanne Vega - Marlene on the Wall
Suzanne Vega - Caramel
Suzanne Vega - Tired of Sleeping
Suzanne Vega - Small Blue Thing
Suzanne Vega - Blood Makes Noise
Suzanne Vega - Left of Center
Suzanne Vega - (I’ll Never Be) Your Maggie May
Suzanne Vega - Book of Dreams
Suzanne Vega - No Cheap Thrill
Suzanne Vega - World Before Columbus
Suzanne Vega - Penitent
Suzanne Vega - Cracking
Suzanne Vega - Freeze Tag
Suzanne Vega - Straight Lines
Suzanne Vega - Undertow
Suzanne Vega - Some Journey
Suzanne Vega - Knight Moves
Suzanne Vega - Neighborhood Girls
Suzanne Vega - Zephyr & I
Suzanne Vega - Ludlow Street
Suzanne Vega - New York Is a Woman
Suzanne Vega - Pornographer's Dream
Suzanne Vega - Frank & Ava
Suzanne Vega - Bound
Suzanne Vega - Unbound
Suzanne Vega - As You Are Now
Suzanne Vega - Anniversary
Ian Tyson - Some Kind of Fool
The Velvet Underground - Begining to See the Light
The Velvet Underground - I'm Sticking With You (outtake)
The Velvet Underground - I Heard Call My Name
The Velvet Underground - Andy Says / Venus in Furs / Heroin
The Velvet Underground - Berlin
The Velvet Underground - Velvet Nursery Rhyme
The Velvet Underground - Real Good Time Together
The Velvet Underground - Herion (WNET TV, 1966)
The Velvet Underground - Lou Reed - Interview
The Velvet Underground - Countess From Hong Kong
The Velvet Underground - Black Angels Death Song
The Velvet Underground - I'm Sticking With You (Acetate)
The Velvet Underground - Miss Joanie Lee
The Velvet Underground - I Can't Stand It Anymore
The Velvet Underground - I’m Waiting for My Man
The Velvet Underground - I’m Not Too Sorry
The Velvet Underground - It’s All Right (The Way That You live)
The Velvet Underground - European Son/Suzie Q
The Velvet Underground - Intro
The Velvet Underground - Lonesome Cowboy Bill (unissued single a‐side 45‒44133)
The Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll (unissued single a‐side 45‒44133)
Evi Vine - Down
Evi Vine - Inside Her
Evi Vine - I Let You Leave
Evi Vine - In This Moment
Suzanne Vega - Rock in This Pocket (Song of David)
Suzanne Vega - Blood Sings
Suzanne Vega - Fat Man & Dancing Girl
Suzanne Vega - As a Child
Suzanne Vega - Bad Wisdom
Suzanne Vega - When Heroes Go Down
Suzanne Vega - As Girls Go
Suzanne Vega - Song of Sand
Suzanne Vega - Private Goes Public
Suzanne Vega - Crack in the Wall
Suzanne Vega - Fool’s Complaint
Suzanne Vega - I Never Wear White
Suzanne Vega - Portrait of the Knight of Wands
Suzanne Vega - Don’t Uncork What You Can’t Contain
Suzanne Vega - Jacob and the Angel
Suzanne Vega - Silver Bridge
Suzanne Vega - Song of the Stoic
Suzanne Vega - Laying on of Hands / Stoic 2
Suzanne Vega - Horizon (There Is a Road)
Suzanne Vega - NY Is a Woman
Suzanne Vega - The Queen & The Soldier
Suzanne Vega - Angel’s Doorway
Suzanne Vega - Ironbound/Fancy Poultry
Suzanne Vega - The Man Who Played God
Suzanne Vega - Men in a War
Vesania - Narrenschyff
Vesania - The Dawnfall (Hamartia and Hybris)
Vesania - Infinity Horizon
Vesania - Rage of Reason
Vesania - Of Bitterness and Clarity
Vesania - Silence Makes Noise (Eternity – The Mood)
Vesania - Hell Is for Children
Vesania - Aesthesis
Vesania - Rest in Pain
Vesania - Posthuman Kind
Vesania - God the Lux
Vesania - Synchroscheme
Vesania - Phosphorror
Vesania - The Mystory
Vesania - Fireclipse
Vesania - Legions Are Me
Vesania - Mystherion. Crystaleyes.
Vesania - Nova Persei
Vesania - Marduke's Mazemerising
Vesania - Moonthrone. Dawn Broken.
Vesania - Daemoonion Act II
Vesania - Dukedom Black Act I
Vesania - Halflight
Vesania - Innocence
Vesania - Disillusion
Vesania - Vortex
Vesania - Dismay
Vesania - Glare
Vesania - Notion
Vesania - Disgrace
Vesania - Fading
Vesania - Scar
Vesania - Neurodeliri
Vesania - Insomnia Noctiferi (ThundeRose)
Suzanne Vega - Instant of the Hour After
Suzanne Vega feat. Joe Jackson - Left of Center
Suzanne Vega - Book and a Cover
Suzanne Vega - Birth-day (Love Made Real)
Suzanne Vega - Headshots
Suzanne Vega - Stockings
Suzanne Vega - Casual Match
Suzanne Vega - Thin Man
Suzanne Vega - Lolita
Suzanne Vega - Honeymoon Suite
Suzanne Vega - Tombstone
Suzanne Vega - My Favorite Plum
Suzanne Vega - Soap and Water
Suzanne Vega - Songs in Red and Gray
Suzanne Vega - Priscilla
Suzanne Vega - If I Were a Weapon
Suzanne Vega - Harbor Song
Suzanne Vega - Machine Ballerina
Suzanne Vega - Solitaire
Suzanne Vega - St. Clare
The Velaires - I Can Never Do Enough for You
Vigor - Scapegoat
Suzanne Vega - Rusted Pipe
Suzanne Vega - Institution Green
Suzanne Vega - Those Whole Girls (Run in Grace)
Suzanne Vega - Room Off the Street
Suzanne Vega - Big Space
Suzanne Vega - Predictions
Suzanne Vega - Fifty-Fifty Chance
Suzanne Vega - Pilgrimage
Suzanne Vega - Song in Red and Gray
Suzanne Vega - Widow’s Walk
Suzanne Vega - Brother Mine
Suzanne Vega - Daddy Is White
Suzanne Vega - 99.9F°
Suzanne Vega - Frank and Ava
Suzanne Vega - Rock in This Pocket
Suzanne Vega - Silver Lady
Suzanne Vega - 99.9
Various - Fire And Rain
Various - A Horse With No Name
Various - Strawberry Fields Forever
Various - Ruby Tuesday
Various - Wish You Were Here
Various - If It Makes You Happy
Various - No Diggity
Various - Killing Me Softly
Various - Could've Been
Various - Three Little Birds
Various - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Various - Can't Tke My Eyes Off of You
Various - The Shadow Of Your Smile
Various - You're Part Of Me
Various - Walkin' My Baby Back Home
Various - Eros Ramazotti & Anastacia / I Belong To You
Various - Panjabi MC / Mundian To Bach Ke
Various - The Underdog Project vs. Sunclub / Summer Jam 2003
Various - Missy Elliott feat. Ludacris / Gossip Folks
Various - The Pussycat Dolls feat. Will.I.Am / Beep
Various - Contigo en la distancia
Vexento - Yuki
Brian Vander Ark - 1229 Sheffield
Brian Vander Ark - A Million Things
Brian Vander Ark - And Then You Went Away
Brian Vander Ark - Resurrection
Brian Vander Ark - Written and Erased
Brian Vander Ark - Mileage
Brian Vander Ark - When I'm Gone
Brian Vander Ark - Someone Like You
Brian Vander Ark - Second Hand
Brian Vander Ark - Hollywood Ending
Brian Vander Ark - Nothing but Time
Brian Vander Ark - Survival
Brian Vander Ark - And Then We Fell
Brian Vander Ark - Little Man
Brian Vander Ark - I Went With the Road
Brian Vander Ark - Lily White Way
Brian Vander Ark - You'll Be the Death of Me
Brian Vander Ark - Optimism's Glow
Brian Vander Ark - Fit to Be Tied
Brian Vander Ark - Love So Deep
Brian Vander Ark - Monday Morning Girl
Brian Vander Ark - We Were Never the Same
Brian Vander Ark - Reverend Girl
Brian Vander Ark - Colorful
Brian Vander Ark - The Freshmen
Vintage Lounge Orchestra - The Year of the Cat
Violet Halo - Lady in Blank
Suzanne Vega - 50-50 Chance
Trubbel - Vår stad
Trubbel - Sibirien
Trubbel - Snestegsvalsen
Trubbel - Var å en för sig
Trubbel - Radio
Trubbel - Vad är det för fel på mig
Trubbel - GBG City
Suzanne Vega - Queen and the Soldier
Suzanne Vega - Golden
Vicious Alliance - Crushed By the System
Vicious Alliance - II Ice Age
Vicious Alliance - Cannon Fodder
Vicious Alliance - Where Soldiers Fall
Vicious Alliance - This Awful Contagion
Violetta Villas - Do ciebie mamo
Violetta Villas - Szesnaście lat
Violetta Villas - Przyjdzie na to czas
Vision - Vision
Vision - Falling Apart
Vision - The Only One
Vision - Disguise
Vision - Lost
Suzanne Vega - Fat Man and Dancing Girl
Suzanne Vega - Left Of Centre
Suzanne Vega - 99.9F
Suzanne Vega - Woman on the Tier (I'll See You Through)
Suzanne Vega - Men Will Be Men
Suzanne Vega - If You Were in My Movie
Suzanne Vega - Intro to Marlene on the Wall
Suzanne Vega - Ironbound
Suzanne Vega - Left of the Center
Suzanne Vega - China Doll
Suzanne Vega - Black Widow Station
Suzanne Vega - The Rent Song
Suzanne Vega - In My Movie
Suzanne Vega - Daniëlla
Suzanne Vega - Wooden Horse (Casper Hausen's Song)
Suzanne Vega - Neighborhood Girl
Suzanne Vega - Obvious Question
Suzanne Vega - Wooden Horse
Suzanne Vega - Tom's Dinner
Suzanne Vega - Rosemary (Encore)
Suzanne Vega - IT MAKES ME WONDER3.
Suzanne Vega - Last Years Trouble
Suzanne Vega - The Queen and the Solider
Vision - Close Minded
Vision - Wipe the Slate Clean
Vision - Beggars and Gentry
Vision - Don't Sound the Alarm
Vision - Effigy
Vision - No Compromise
Vision - Now I Bleed
Vision - Try
Vision - Predictable
Vision - Searching for Sluggo
Vision - The Problem Is You!
Vision - Lighting the Fuse
Vision - From Father to Son
Virgin Black - Walk Without Limbs
Virgin Black - Of Your Beauty
Virgin Black - Drink the Midnight Hymn
Virgin Black - Museum of Iscariot
Virgin Black - Lamenting Kiss
Virgin Black - I Sleep With the Emperor
Virgin Black - A Poet's Tears of Porcelain
Virgin Black - Velvet Tongue
Virgin Black - And the Kiss of God's Mouth, Part 1
Virgin Black - And the Kiss of God's Mouth, Part 2
Virgin Black - Renaissance
Virgin Black - The Everlasting
Virgin Black - Cult of Crucifixion
Virgin Black - Beloved
Virgin Black - Our Wings Are Burning
Virgin Black - Requiem, Kyrie
Virgin Black - In Death
Virgin Black - Midnight's Hymn
Virgin Black - ...and I Am Suffering
Virgin Black - Domine
Virgin Black - Lacrimosa (I Am Blind With Weeping)
Virgin Black - Rest Eternal
Virgin Black - The Fragile Breath
Virgin Black - Silent
Virgin Black - God in Dust
Virgin Black - Lacrimosa (Gather Me)
Virgin Black - Darkness
Virgin Black - Whispers of Dead Sisters
Virgin Black - Opera de Trance
Virgin Black - A Saint Is Weeping
Virgin Black - Black Corsage
Virgin Black - Anthem
Virgin Black - Veil of Tears
Martin Van Lectro - Never Know
The Vermicious Knid - Belly Grasp
The Vermicious Knid - Finding Seventeen Hands
Violetta Villas - List do Matki
Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa & Gilberto Gil - Quem Nasceu
Vianney - Aux débutants de l'amour
Vianney - Tu le sais
Vianney - Pas là
Vianney - On est bien comme ça
Vianney - Chanson d'hiver
Vianney - Je te déteste
Vianney - Labello
Vianney - Veronica
Vianney - Les gens sont méchants
Vianney - Notre-Dame des Oiseaux
Vianney - Tout seul
Vianney - Mon étoile
Vianney - Lean on
Vianney - Man Down
Vianney - Sans le dire
Vianney - Je m'en vais
Vianney - Dumbo
Vianney - Tombe la neige
Vianney - Moi aimer Toi
Vianney - Le fils à papa
Vianney - J'm'en fous
Vianney - Oublie-moi
Vianney - Quand je serai père
Vianney - L'homme et l'âme
Vianney - Le galopin
Vianney - Les filles d'aujourd'hui
USK - Steppenwolf
Versus You - Comme Ci Comme Ca
Versus You - Wrote You a Letter
Versus You - Loyalty
Versus You - I Believe You Believe It’s True
Versus You - The Hotel Room
Versus You - My Ghost
Versus You - Train
Versus You - Missing You
Versus You - Weak
Versus You - The Passing
Versus You - Difference
Versus You - Blank
Versus You - Less Guts
Versus You - Accidental
Versus You - I Left a Note
Versus You - Patient Patient
Versus You - Broke
Versus You - Rainmaker
Versus You - Everybody Knows Everything
Versus You - Risk
Versus You - Nurse
Versus You - Hospital
Versus You - Touch a Lot
Versus You - Rest
Versus You - Chore
Versus You - Present
Versus You - Seatbelts
Versus You - An Artist With a Self-Portrait Has No Imagination
Versus You - Where Did Our Talents Go?
Versus You - Magnets
Versus You - Toothpicks
Versus You - February Smiles
Versus You - Crush
Versus You - I Love Her So Much I’d Kill for Her
Versus You - Catastrophe
Versus You - Like a Deer in Headlights
Versus You - Marathon
Versus You - That’s One Nice Thing About Carousels, They Always Play the Same Songs
Versus You - The Last of Disco Days
Versus You - Artschool Dropout
Versus You - Three Cheers for Happiness
Rolando Villazón - Lucia di Lammermoor: Tombe degli avi miei... Fra poco (Donizetti)
The Vision Bleak - A Shadow Arose
The Vision Bleak - The Night of the Living Dead
The Vision Bleak - Wolfmoon
The Vision Bleak - Metropolis
The Vision Bleak - Elizabeth Dane
The Vision Bleak - Horror of Antarctica
The Vision Bleak - The Lone Night Rider
The Vision Bleak - The Grand Devilry
The Vision Bleak - Deathship Symphony
The Vision Bleak - She-Wolf
The Vision Bleak - The Demon of the Mire
The Vision Bleak - The Black Pharaoh Trilogy, Part I: The Shining Trapezohedron
The Vision Bleak - The Black Pharaoh Trilogy, Part II: The Vault of Nephren-Ka
The Vision Bleak - The Eldrich Beguilement
The Vision Bleak - Evil Is of Old Date
The Vision Bleak - A Curse of the Grandest Kind
The Vision Bleak - Descend Into Maelstrom
The Vision Bleak - I Dined With the Swans
The Vision Bleak - A Romance With the Grave
The Vision Bleak - The Outsider
The Vision Bleak - Mother Nothingness (The Triumph of Ubbo-Sathla)
The Vision Bleak - The Foul Within
The Vision Bleak - He Who Paints the Black of Night
The Vision Bleak - The Foul Within (classical version in monochrome)
The Vision Bleak - I Dined With the Swans (piano version in monochrome)
The Vision Bleak - A Witch Is Born
The Vision Bleak - The Blocksberg Rite
The Vision Bleak - Cannibal Witch
The Vision Bleak - The Wood Hag
The Vision Bleak - Hexenmeister
The Vision Bleak - Pesta Approaches
The Vision Bleak - The Call of the Banshee
The Vision Bleak - The Valkyrie
Visa - Fit for a King
Visa - Cat's Eye
Visa - Persian Mistress
Visa - Siktir
Visa - Keyhole
Visa - The Day I Leave Her
Visa - Tequila Sunrise
Visa - The Early Hours
Visa - Luchador
Visa - How Can I?
Visa - Further
Visa - To the Gods
Visa - Debke
Visa - Sacred Blessings
Visa - Wallflower
Visa - Mediterranean Thief
Visa - Guilty Pleasures
Visa - On the Camel's Back
Visa - Khamsin
Visa - Midnight Drive
Visa - Red Light Inferno
Visa - Breakout the Violins
Visa - Kings and Queens
Visa - The Evil Eye
Visa - In Coins
Visa - Coma
Visa - Lady Luck
Visa - Just for You
Visa - My Sea
Visa - Good Ole Dice
Visa - The Flask
Visa - Indigo Rain
Visa - Happily Ever After
Visa - Virgin Red
Visa - Songbird
Laima Vaikule - Lost Without You
Laima Vaikule - mummy blue
The Vision Bleak - Spirits of the Dead
The Vision Bleak - From Wolf to Peacock
The Vision Bleak - The Kindred of the Sunset
The Vision Bleak - Into the Unknown
The Vision Bleak - Ancient Heart
The Vision Bleak - The Whine of the Cemetery Hound
The Vision Bleak - The Fragrancy of Soil Unearthed
The Vision Bleak - Secrecies in Darkness
The Vision Bleak - Carpathia
The Vision Bleak - Dreams in the Witchhouse
The Vision Bleak - Sister Najade (The Tarn by the Firs)
The Vision Bleak - The Curse of Arabia
The Vision Bleak - Kutulu!
The Vision Bleak - The Charm Is Done
The Vision Bleak - Nights in White Satin
The Vision Bleak - Lone Night Rider
Rolando Villazón - Che gelida manina
Rolando Villazón - Questa o quella
Rolando Villazón - Ciel e terra armi di sdegno
Gus Viseur - Gus & Gus
Gus Viseur - Ménilmontant
Velour 100 - Sky From Underwater
VietNam - Step On Inside
VietNam - Toby
Viikate - Uvertyyri: Pelakuu
Viikate - Valssi ikina anteeksi
Viikate - Orret
Viikate - Iäisyys
Viikate - Minä kuorsaan verta
Viikate - Uusi syksy
Viikate - Hopeisen kuun sirppi
Viikate - Oi pimeys
Viikate - Pakkasapostolit
Viikate - Tuonen lehtolapset
Viikate - Myrkynvihreää
Viikate - Kouvostoliiton laulu, I säk.
Viikate - Elämä kuin
Viikate - Avoimen maan äärellä
Viikate - Viina, terva & hauta
Viikate - Korpi
Viikate - Kouvostoliiton laulu, IX säk.
Viikate - Unholan urut
Jacques Villeneuve - Accepterais-tu?
Les Vieilles Salopes - Mon dieu, mon dieu
Caetano Veloso - Nine Out of Ten
Caetano Veloso - Triste Bahia
Caetano Veloso - It's a Long Way
Caetano Veloso - Mora na filosofia
Caetano Veloso - Nostalgia
Caetano Veloso - Irene
Caetano Veloso - Marinheiro Só
Caetano Veloso - Atrás do trio elétrico
Caetano Veloso - Chuvas de verão
Caetano Veloso - Acrilírico
Caetano Veloso - O Herói
Caetano Veloso - Prenda minha
Caetano Veloso - Sozinho
Caetano Veloso - Odara
Caetano Veloso - Vida boa
Owen Tromans - Swiss Army Song
Owen Tromans - Youth
Owen Tromans - The Last Word On The Sunshine Girls
Owen Tromans - John's on the Bridge
Owen Tromans - Like Rheticus
Owen Tromans - The Spanish Flag
Owen Tromans - Korea
Owen Tromans - Scratching At The Stitches
Owen Tromans - Evangeline
Owen Tromans - Dust Of Stars
Owen Tromans - Hey Moon
Owen Tromans - Pinball
Viikate - Karmiini juhlasali
Viikate - Otteita syksystä
Viikate - Rauta-airot
Viikate - Kuolleen miehen kupletti
Viikate - Kurjat kurjet
Viikate - Piispa ja minä
Viikate - Varjojen yö
Viikate - Nuori mies nimetön
Viikate - Sylvian joululaulu
Viikate - Talvi se viimein
Viikate - Aattoiltana
Viikate - Viattomien lasten päivä
Viikate - Suojelusenkeli
Viikate - Alakulotettuja tunnelmia
Viikate - Tähdet varjelkoon
Viikate - Se on kivi-iskelmää!
Viikate - Petäjäveräjä
Viikate - Kaitselmus
Viikate - Syysvedet
Viikate - Itkijänainen
Viikate - Työmies
Viikate - Taivas kielletty
Viikate - Yökunnaat
Viikate - Uurastaja
Viikate - Padat
Viikate - Ei enkeleitä
Viikate - Unen nukkuja
Viikate - Ah, ahtaita aikoja
Viikate - Vyö
Viikate - Susitaival
Viikate - Tanssi
Viikate - Korkeat kotkain tiet -twist
Viikate - Mintun ja Vernerin häävalssi
Viikate - Musta kuin puku
Caetano Veloso - Na Baixa do Sapateiro
Caetano Veloso - Rumba azul
Caetano Veloso - Maria bonita
Caetano Veloso - Contigo en la distancia
Caetano Veloso - Capullito de aleli
Caetano Veloso - Un vestido y un amor
Caetano Veloso - María la O
Caetano Veloso - Mi cocodrilo verde
Caetano Veloso - Lamento Borincano
Caetano Veloso - Vete de mí
Caetano Veloso - La golondrina
Caetano Veloso - Baby
Caetano Veloso - Épico
Caetano Veloso - London, London
Caetano Veloso - Maria Bethânia
Caetano Veloso - Asa branca
Caetano Veloso - Que Não Se Vê
Caetano Veloso - Não Encho
Caetano Veloso - Sampa
Caetano Veloso - Two Naira Fifty Kobo
Caetano Veloso - O leãozinho
Caetano Veloso - Todo Errado
Caetano Veloso - Cucurrucucú Paloma
Caetano Veloso - Pulsar
Caetano Veloso - Meu coraçao vagabundo
Caetano Veloso - O Estrangeiro
Caetano Veloso - Nega Maluca, Billie Jean...
Caetano Veloso - Lua lua lua
Caetano Veloso - Cajuína
Caetano Veloso - Um canto de afoxé
The Vandas - Silence
Veislakt - Stemmen
Veislakt - Ode te RV13
Veislakt - Pesten
Veislakt - Hommersand
Owen Tromans - Golden Margins
Owen Tromans - White Candle Road
Owen Tromans - Saltwater Curse
Owen Tromans - Pyramids
Owen Tromans - Bird Come Down
Owen Tromans - Queen of Spain
Owen Tromans - Barmaids/Tremolo
Owen Tromans - 1682
Owen Tromans - I Saw Him
Owen Tromans - One for the Long Drive
Owen Tromans - St. Teresa Inbetween
Owen Tromans - Thread
Owen Tromans - This View
Owen Tromans - Some Black Plan
Owen Tromans - Leaver
Owen Tromans - The Bad One/House Of The Magicks
Owen Tromans - Golden Connection
Owen Tromans - Crew Of The Raven
Owen Tromans - The Dead-Eyed Man
Owen Tromans - The Wake Up
Owen Tromans - To Vanquish A Serpent
Owen Tromans - One Last Lucy Song
Owen Tromans - Count The Lights
Owen Tromans - For Haden
Owen Tromans - Greg
Owen Tromans - Trinity Records
Owen Tromans - Bella In The Witch Elm
Viikate - Asfaltin tuoksu
Viikate - Hanget
Viikate - Kylymä
Viikate - Viimeinen säkeistö
Viikate - Koiran tuokio
Viikate - Elonkorjuu
Viikate - Tutut tulet
Viikate - Öljyvärejä
Viikate - 1916
Viikate - Kaakko
Viikate - Katoan
Viikate - Sirkkelimiehen viitonen
Viikate - Kaiho de Gracê
Viikate - Reino Helismaa
Viikate - Kevyesti keskellä päivää
Viikate - Armahda lapset
Viikate - Aimon virsi
Viikate - Pieni vesimylly
Viikate - Silmät sinestä
Viikate - Kuulas
Viikate - Sepedeus
Caetano Veloso - Sonhos
Caetano Veloso - Meia lua inteira (Capoeira larara)
Caetano Veloso - Amanhã (ao vivo)
Caetano Veloso - Todo amor que houver nessa vida (ao vivo)
Caetano Veloso - Nega Maluca / Billie Jean / Eleanor Rigby (ao vivo)
Caetano Veloso - Um canto de afoxé para o Bloco de Ilê
Caetano Veloso - Meu Bem, Meu Mal
Caetano Veloso - Gênesis
Caetano Veloso - Surpresa
Caetano Veloso - O chão da praça
Caetano Veloso - Fora da ordem
Caetano Veloso - Rai Das Cores
Caetano Veloso - Etc.
Caetano Veloso - Genipapo absoluto
Villieläin - Kaiverrettu hiekkaan
Villieläin - Rakkautta vai kuolemaa
Villieläin - Voittamaton
Villieläin - Kuoleman suudelma
Villieläin - Veren silta
Villieläin - Kauneimman lauluni
Villieläin - Yön kuningatar
Èric Vinaixa - Suplicava la reina
Èric Vinaixa - Ales en sang
Caetano Veloso - O samba e o tango
Caetano Veloso - Você esteve com meu bem?
Caetano Veloso - Tempo de estio
Caetano Veloso - Quem cochicha o rabo espicha
Caetano Veloso - Muito
Caetano Veloso - Love, Love, Love
Caetano Veloso - Eu te amo
Caetano Veloso - Hora Da Razão
Caetano Veloso - Cara A Cara
Caetano Veloso - Qual é, Baiana?
Caetano Veloso - Guarde Seu Conselho
Grace VanderWaal - Clay
Grace VanderWaal - Light the Sky
Grace VanderWaal - Beautiful Thing
Grace VanderWaal - Gossip Girl
Grace VanderWaal - I Don't Know My Name
Viikate - Aamulinnut
Viikate - Lyijykomppania
Viikate - Kulkurin iltatähti
Viikate - Toistalo
Viikate - Haaskalinnut saalistaa
Viikate - Köysistä parhain
Viikate - Synkkä valtaistuin
Viikate - Luomet lyijyä painaa
Viikate - Humppalaki
Viikate - Hautajaissydän (solistina Topi Sorsakoski)
Viikate - Kuu kakkon yllä
Visceral Throne - Omnipotent Aspertiy
Unsung Zeros - Pictures
Unsung Zeros - Turncoat
Unsung Zeros - Broadcast
Unsung Zeros - Postcards Home
Unsung Zeros - Intermission
Unsung Zeros - Burn Tomorrow
Unsung Zeros - Sleep
Unsung Zeros - Follow the Leader
Unsung Zeros - Louder than Words
Unsung Zeros - Sixty Minutes
Unsung Zeros - You'll Never Know Who She Is
Unsung Zeros - Fall
Unsung Zeros - End of Innocence
Unsung Zeros - True Story
Unsung Zeros - Not What I Expected
Unsung Zeros - Story of a Stamp (S.O.S)
Unsung Zeros - By The End of The Day
Unsung Zeros - Back to Life
Unsung Zeros - Leave Me
Unsung Zeros - Kristina
Unsung Zeros - Inside
Unsung Zeros - Friends Come and Go
Unsung Zeros - Chasing Amy
Unsung Zeros - Evol
Unsung Zeros - Fading Out
Unsung Zeros - Day in Day Out
Unsung Zeros - Lose It All
Luther Vandross & Chaka Khan - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Uxu Kalhus - Nova Babilónia
Uxu Kalhus - Erva Cidreira
Uxu Kalhus - Mazurka 13
Uxu Kalhus - Regadinho
Urn - Lifeless Days
Urn - (Bringer of) Pain, Agony and Death
Urn - Black Steel Worship
Urn - Sulphuric
Urn - Spirit of Chaos
The Vamps & Matoma - All Night
Glenn Underground - Fly With Me
Caetano Veloso - A Bossa Nova é foda
Caetano Veloso - Quando o galo cantou
Caetano Veloso - Um abraçaço
Caetano Veloso - Estou triste
Caetano Veloso - Escapulário
Caetano Veloso - Funk melódico
Caetano Veloso - Alguém cantando
Caetano Veloso - Quero ser justo
Caetano Veloso - Mãe
Caetano Veloso - De Noite Na Cama
Caetano Veloso - O Império da Lei
Caetano Veloso - Reconvexo
Caetano Veloso - Rock 'n' Raul
Caetano Veloso - Michelangelo Antonioni
Caetano Veloso - Cantiga de boi
Caetano Veloso - Cobra coral
Caetano Veloso - Ia
Caetano Veloso - Coração materno
Caetano Veloso - Patricia
Caetano Veloso - Dama das Camélias
Caetano Veloso - Coimbra
Caetano Veloso - Vera gata
Caetano Veloso - Lua E Estrela
Caetano Veloso - Sim/Não
Caetano Veloso - Nu com a minha música
Caetano Veloso - Dans mon ilê
Caetano Veloso - Tem que ser você
Caetano Veloso - Verdura
Caetano Veloso - Quero um baby seu
Caetano Veloso - Jeito de corpo
Veckans Klubba - Nykterister
The Viscounts - Who Put the Bomp (In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)
V-boys - Koud Hè!
Vista Le Vie - Kids With Gloves
Tony Vincent - Reach Out
Tony Vincent - One Deed
Tony Vincent - Do You Really
Tony Vincent - Fighting Over Love Songs
Tony Vincent - Polly's Eyes
Tony Vincent - Hey World
Tony Vincent - Live By the Lord
Tony Vincent - Can't Have One Without the Other
Tony Vincent - Open Your Window
Tony Vincent - Closer to Your Dreams
Tony Vincent - Be a Man
Tony Vincent - Shake theMoney Tree
Tony Vincent - Whole new Spin
Tony Vincent - Must Be The Season
Tony Vincent - High
Tony Vincent - Far Cry
Tony Vincent - Holiday
Violator - What It Is
Victims Family - Supermarket Nightmare