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Too Close To Touch - The Air In Me
Too Close To Touch - Sinking So Long
Too Close To Touch - Until I Collapse
Too Close To Touch - Poisons
Too Close To Touch - Won't You Listen
Transcending Bizarre? - Cosmic Zero Equation
Transcending Bizarre? - Dimension Hell
Transcending Bizarre? - Cell
Transcending Bizarre? - Writhing Coils of Construction
Transcending Bizarre? - The Music of the Spheres
Transcending Bizarre? - :dessicated
Transcending Bizarre? - A New Saturn!
Transcending Bizarre? - The 4 Scissors
Transcending Bizarre? - Entering Release
Transcending Bizarre? - Coils (0.618...)
Transcending Bizarre? - Diaphragm Closed%
Transcending Bizarre? - x_xx_X
Transcending Bizarre? - Wolves May Safely Graze
Transcending Bizarre? - The Misanthrope's Fable
Transcending Bizarre? - The Beginning
Transcending Bizarre? - Envisaging the Ideal Planet
Transcending Bizarre? - Broad Daylight Misanthropy
Torre de marfil - Momentos
Torre de marfil - Prisioneros de la oscuridad
Torre de marfil - Montañas
Torre de marfil - Vengar
Torre de marfil - Mil años, mil vidas
Torre de marfil - Ausencias
Torre de marfil - No hay luz
Torre de marfil - Ecos de la tercera realidad
Toto - Make Believe
Toto - Georgy Porgy
Toto - I Won’t Hold You Back
Toto - I’ll Be Over You
Toto - Without Your Love
Toto - Pamela
Toto - The Turning Point
Toto - On the Run
Toto - You Got Me
Toto - Anna
Toto - Stay Away
Toto - Straight for the Heart
Toto - Only the Children
Toto - These Chains
Toto - Home of the Brave
Toto - Lorraine
Toto - All Us Boys
Toto - Mama
Toto - A Secret Love
The Triffids - Jesus Calling
The Triffids - Embedded
The Triffids - Everybody Has to Eat
The Triffids - Ballad of Jack Frost
The Triffids - Figurine
The Triffids - Mother Silhouette
The Triffids - Mercy
The Triffids - Not the Marrying Kind
The Triffids - Bright Lights, Big City
The Triffids - Monkey on My Back
The Triffids - Field of Glass
The Triffids - Native Bride
The Triffids - Beautiful Waste
The Triffids - Blinder by the Hour
The Triffids - Vagabond Holes
The Triffids - Jerdacuttup Man
The Triffids - In the Pines
The Triffids - Kathy Knows
The Triffids - Do You Want Me Near You?
The Triffids - You Don't Miss Your Water (Till Your Well Runs Dry)
The Triffids - Hell of a Summer
The Tremors - The Beat Goes Off
The Tremors - Straight
The Tremors - Pin The Needle On The Monkey
Toto - Caught in the Balance
Toto - The Other Side
Toto - Goodbye Elenore
Toto - How Does It Feel
Toto - The Road Goes On
Toto - I Will Remember
Toto - Just Can’t Get to You
Toto - If You Belong to Me
Toto - Slipped Away
Toto - Stranger in Town
Toto - Til the End
Toto - I Can’t Get Next to You
Toto - Burn Down the Mission
Toto - Sunshine of Your Love
Toto - House of the Rising Sun
Toto - It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
Toto - Medley: On the Run / Child’s Anthem / Goodbye Elenore
Toto - Goin' Home
Toto - I'll Be Over You
Toto - Wings of Time
Toto - Falling in Between
Toto - I Won't Hold You Back
Toto - Better World
Toto - Kingdom of Desire
The Triffids - Lonely Stretch
The Triffids - Too Hot to Move
The Triffids - Goodbye Little Boy
The Triffids - New Years Greetings
The Triffids - Falling Over You
The Triffids - Tarrilup Bridge
Transplants feat. Sen Dog - Not Today
Transplants - Killafornia
Transplants feat. Rakaa - Crash and Burn
Transplants - What I Can’t Describe
Trifonic - Broken
Trifonic - Lies
Trifonic - Sooner or Later
Trifonic - Good Enough
Trifonic feat. BRML - Life In Here
Trifonic feat. BRML - Forget
Tin Men - Drunk & In Love
Toto - We Made It
Toto - Afraid of Love
Toto - You Are The Flower
Toto - Lea
Toto - Out of Love
Toto - Takin' It Back
Toto - Live for Today
Toto - Isolation
The Triffids - Nothing Good Is Going to Come of This
The Triffids - Fairytale Love
The Triffids - Once a Day
Triclops! - Freedom Tickler
Triclops! - Mi Plisboy
Treasure - Treasure
Traces - Of Servility
The Triffids - Love and Affection (Fragment)
Toto - Cruel
Toto - Gift of Faith
Toto - Luke Solo
Toto - Taint Your World
Toto - Drag Him to the Roof
Toto - English Eyes
Toto - In a Word
Toto - Love Has the Power
Toto - The Other End of Time
Toto - Melanie
Toto - Kick Down the Walls
The Triffids - American Sailors
The Triffids - Bottle of Love
The Triffids - The Spinning Top Song
The Triffids - Good Fortune Rose
The Triffids - One Mechanic Town
The Triffids - Love the Fever
The Triffids - Baby Can I Walk You Home
The Triffids - Save What You Can (studio demo)
The Triffids - Too Hot to Move Too Hot to Think
Tower Recordings - Harmengi - The Tower Becomes a Sun
TiBZ - Ton sourire
Tragedy Khadafi - What Makes You Think
Tragedy Khadafi - Neva Die Alone, Part 2
Tragedy Khadafi - Hood
Tragedy Khadafi - Hood Love
Tragedy Khadafi - The Message (Aura Check)
Tragedy Khadafi - Walk Wit Me (911)
Tragedy Khadafi - Eloheem
Tower Recordings - Empress of I-91
Toto - Million Miles Away
Toto - No Love
Toto - Spanish Steps
Toto - A Million Miles Away
Toto - Turn Back
Toto - It’s a Feeling
Toto - Lovers in the Night
Toto - Carmen
Toto - Lion
Toto - Animal
Tragedy Khadafi - G-Formation
Tragedy Khadafi - The Truest
Tragedy Khadafi - Crime Legacy
Tragedy Khadafi - Sole Dead Brothers
Tragedy Khadafi - If You Don't Know
Tragedy Khadafi - Elbouhio of Death
Tragedy Khadafi - Milk Murder (Tribute)
Tragedy Khadafi - Gorilla Rap
Tragedy Khadafi - Calm Down (Suspects: Nas and Noreaga)
Tragedy Khadafi - Whats Poppin' (Suspects: Havoc)
Tragedy Khadafi - Lift Ya Glass
Tragedy Khadafi - Live By The Gun
Tragedy Khadafi - Permanently Scared (I Don't Wanna Wait)
Tragedy Khadafi - Blood Type
Tremendo - Horas bajas
Tremendo - Gratis
Tremendo - El loco soy yo
Tremendo - Efectos especiales
Total Chaos - Riot City
Total Chaos - Kill the Nazis
Total Chaos - Babylon
Total Chaos - My Generation
Total Chaos - D.U.I
Total Chaos - Baby, I Hate You
Total Chaos - Gomer Pyle
Total Chaos - Squatters Song
Total Chaos - Riot 77
Time Crisis - Make Me Sick
Time Crisis - Turn The Tables
Total Chaos - Punk Invasion
Total Chaos - Twisted Cross
Total Chaos - Unite to Fight
Total Chaos - Murdered
Total Chaos - Voice of the Streets
Total Chaos - Back to Our Roots
Total Chaos - Boot Party
Total Chaos - Be What You Want
Total Chaos - Riot City 2
Total Chaos - Not Anymore
Total Chaos - Born to Lose
Total Chaos - Crowd Control
Total Chaos - Johnny
Total Chaos - Punk No Die
Total Chaos - Prosposition of Change
Total Chaos - The End of White Supremacy
Total Chaos - Vacation to Violation
Total Chaos - Patriotic Shock
Total Chaos - Non-Conformist
Total Chaos - Freedom Denied
Total Chaos - Direction From Rage
Total Chaos - Why?
Toxic Lab Rats - Stripped Fucked & Bored
Tracer - El Pistolero (Suite Del Desperado Part I)
Tracer - Lady Killer
Tracer - Dirty Little Secret
Tracer - Dead Garden
Tracer - Scream in Silence
Tracer - Now I Ride
Tracer - Too Much
Tracer - Devil Ride
Tracer - Voice in the Rain
Tracer - Dead Inside
Tracer - Lazy
Tracer - Astronaut Juggernaut
Tracer - Wrecking Ball
Tracer - Don't Forget My Name
Tracer - End of the Samurai
Toto - Till the End
Toto - We Can Make It Tonight
Toto - Can’t Stand It Any Longer
Toto - Fahrenheit
Toto - Somewhere Tonight
Toto - Could This Be Love
Tigapagi - Alang-Alang
Tigapagi - Erika
Tigapagi - S(m)unda
Tigapagi - Batu Tua
Tigapagi - Sorrow Haunts
Tigapagi - Vertebrate Song (The Maslow)
Tigapagi - The Way
Total Chaos - What's Left for Us?
Total Chaos - Fuck the System
Total Chaos - Lives Are Squandered
Total Chaos - Nightmares
Total Chaos - Racial Rupture
Total Chaos - Pledge of Defiance
Total Chaos - Suicide Mission
Total Chaos - Initial Distrust
Total Chaos - Riot
Total Chaos - Sex and Violence
Total Chaos - Tomorrow
Toto - Running Out of Time
Toto - Burn
Toto - Holy War
Toto - 21st Century Blues
Toto - Orphan
Toto - Unknown Soldier (For Jeffrey)
Toto - The Little Things
Toto - Chinatown
Toto - All the Tears That Shine
Toto - Fortune
Toto - Great Expectations
Toto - Angel Don't Cry
To Separate the Flesh From the Bones - Meatbash
To Separate the Flesh From the Bones - Condition Dead
To Separate the Flesh From the Bones - Infected Rectum
To Separate the Flesh From the Bones - Rotten Vagina
Total Control - Black Spring
Total Control - Scene From A Marriage
Toy Love - I Don't Mind
Toy Love - Swimming Pool
Toy Love - Death Rehearsal
Toy Love - Bride of Frankenstein
Toy Love - Toy Love Song
Toy Love - Bedroom
Toy Love - Squeeze
Toy Love - Rebel
Toy Love - Sheep
Toto - Simple Life
Toto - After You’ve Gone
Toto - Mysterious Ways
Toto - High Price of Hate
Toto - Selfish
Toto - Mad About You
Toto - One Road
Toto - Better World, Parts Ⅰ, Ⅱ & Ⅲ
told - Fall
told - Gardens
told - Distress of Casual boy
told - Work and Holiday
told - Target
told - Sunday
Titanium - Titanium
Pete Townshend - Cat’s in the Cupboard
Pete Townshend - White City Fighting
Pete Townshend - Dialogue Introduction to “Outlive the Dinosaur”
Pete Townshend - Dialogue Introduction to “Predictable”
A Tribe Called Quest feat. Busta Rhymes - One Two S**t
Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train - Ready to Fly
Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train - Somebody Told You
Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train - Month of Sundays
Pete Townshend - Guantanamo
Pete Townshend - How Can I Help You
Pete Townshend - One Note (Prologue)
Pete Townshend - I Put a Spell on You
Ray Toro - Isn't That Something
Ray Toro - Walking in Circles
Ray Toro - We Save
Ray Toro - The Great Beyond
Ray Toro - Take the World
Ray Toro - The Lucky Ones
Ray Toro - Requiem
Ray Toro - Look at You Now
Ray Toro - Hope for the World
Ray Toro - Remember the Laughter
Trio Parada Dura - Passa Lá
Trio Parada Dura - Cruz Pesada
Trio Parada Dura - Inferno na Vida
Trio Parada Dura - Uma Vez por Mês
Trio Parada Dura - Telefone Mudo
Trio Parada Dura - Beco sem Saída
Trio Parada Dura - Me Mata de Uma Vez
Trio Parada Dura - Barco de Papel
Trio Parada Dura - Casa da Esquina
Trio Parada Dura - Fuscão Preto
Trio Parada Dura - Soca Pilão
Trio Parada Dura - Fui Parpando
Trio Parada Dura - Camisola Preta
Trio Parada Dura - Juramento
Trio Parada Dura - O Doutor e a Empregada
Trio Parada Dura - Palco do Mundo
Trio Parada Dura - Parede e Meia
Trio Parada Dura - Toda Noite Eu Dava Uma
Trio Parada Dura - Um Homem e Duas Mulheres
Trio Parada Dura - Último Adeus
Trio Parada Dura - Faz Isso Não Paixão
Trio Parada Dura - Distante Dela
Trio Parada Dura - Bicho Bom é Mulher
Trio Parada Dura - Arapuca
Trio Parada Dura - A Vaquinha
Trio Parada Dura - Eu Quero Sim
Trio Parada Dura - Um Milhão de Lágrimas
Trio Parada Dura - Soraia
Trio Parada Dura - Duas Criaturas
Trio Parada Dura - Pobre Vagabundo
Trio Parada Dura - Coisinha Louca
Trio Parada Dura - Boa-Noite Amor De Minha Vida
Trio Parada Dura - Lar Da Perdição
Trio Parada Dura - Me Da Um Beijo
Trio Parada Dura - Natal De Um Órfão
Trio Parada Dura - O Amor e o Asilo
Trio Parada Dura - O Pinguço
Trio Parada Dura - Casa dos Prazeres
Trio Parada Dura - Resto de Amor
Trio Parada Dura - Homem de Cor
Trio Parada Dura - Avião das Nove
Trio Parada Dura - Esperando Por Ela
The Who - Fire
Pete Townshend - Stardom in Acton
Pete Townshend - Vivienne
Pete Townshend - Dance It Away
Pete Townshend - There's a Heartache Following Me
Pete Townshend - Cookin'
Toto - Last Night
Toto - Mrs. Johnson
Toto - Miss Sun
Toto - Love Is a Man's World
Toto - Goof for You
Toto - Can You Hear What I'm Saying?
Toto - Rosana
Toto - The Seventh One
Toto - Straight From the Heart
Toto - 99 (unplugged)
Toto - Mama (unplugged)
Toto - I'll be All Over You
Toto - I Won’t Hold Back
Toto - Bend
Toto - Georgie Porgie
Toto - Africa Album Version
Toto - Stop Loving You Album Version
Pete Townshend - Driftin' Blues
Pete Townshend - Pictures of Lily
Pete Townshend - Can You See the Real Me
Pete Townshend - Did You Steal My Money?
Trenchrot - Dragged Down to Hell
Trio Chapahall's - Na base do Cacete
Trio Chapahall's - Spatilha 37
Sylvie Tremblay - Chercheurs d'or
Sylvie Tremblay - Les talons hauts
Sylvie Tremblay - On est loin (du tapis rouge)
Sylvie Tremblay - Quand on s'éloigne
Sylvie Tremblay - Aurait-il fallu
Sylvie Tremblay - Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent
Sylvie Tremblay - Ils viendront
Sylvie Tremblay - Je chanterai pour elles
Sylvie Tremblay - Un petit air
Torae - Get Down
Torae - Let ’em Know
Torae - That Raw
Torae - Do the Math
Torae - Over You
Torae - For the Record
Torae - Panorama
Torae - Get It Done
Torae - Imperial Sound
Pete Townshend - Teenage Wasteland
Pete Townshend - Goin' Mobile
Pete Townshend - Love Ain't for Keeping
Pete Townshend - Music Must Change
Pete Townshend - Sister Disco
Pete Townshend - I Don't Even Know Myself
Pete Townshend - Put the Money Down
Pete Townshend - Slip Kid
Pete Townshend - Relay
Pete Townshend - Join Together
Pete Townshend - One Note - Epilogue
Pete Townshend - Won't Get Fooled Again/Let's See Action
Pete Townshend - That's Alright Mama
Pete Townshend - Harlem Shuffle
Trelleborg - At the Last
Pete Townshend - One Note
Pete Townshend - Gettin' in Tune
Pete Townshend - The Song Is Over
Pete Townshend - Three Steps to Heaven
Tourist LeMC feat. Spiritually Wally - Horizon
Too Strong - Tage wie dieser
Too Strong - Nummer Eins Team
Too Strong - Einzelkämpfer
Too Strong - Meine Melodie
Too Strong - Falsche Liebeslieder
Too Strong - Lyrisches Kung-Fu
Too Strong - Planet Erde
Too Strong - Fahren wie auf Schienen
Too Strong - Wir sind allein
Too Strong - Tatort Ruhrgebiet
Too Strong - Der Kurs ist vorherbestimmt
Too Strong - Krank
Too Strong - Traurig aber wahr
Too Strong - Rabenschwarze Nacht
Too Strong - Das Buch der Wahrheit
Too Strong - Dortmund - SILO
Pete Townshend - O'Parvardigar
Pete Townshend - Drifting Blues
The English Theatre, Frankfurt - Eyesight to the Blind
Treelines - Streetlights
Treelines - Let It Roll
Treelines - Burned Up Hands
Treelines - The Vancouver Song
Wayne Toups - Tupelo Honey
Wayne Toups - Two Step Mamou
Wayne Toups - Let's Fall in Love (All Over Again)
Pete Townshend - Vivaldi
Pete Townshend - So Sad About Us/Brrr
Pete Townshend - Piano: Tipperary
Pete Townshend - Psycho Montage
Pete Townshend - She's a Sensation
Pete Townshend - I Always Say
Pete Townshend - Is It Me? (demo)
Topp Dogg - Play Ground
Topp Dogg - Cigarette
Topp Dogg - Keep Smiling
Topp Dogg - TOPDOG
Topp Dogg - Peekaboo
Topp Dogg - Emotion
Topp Dogg - Flower
Topp Dogg - Perfume
Topp Dogg - Sunshine
Topp Dogg - Blind
Topp Dogg - Dogg’s Out
Tragedy Ann - Do You
Tragedy Ann - Always
Tragedy Ann - Eugene
Tragedy Ann - Him
Tragedy Ann - Little One
Tragedy Ann - Waste
Tragedy Ann - The Last Time
Tragedy Ann - Break Me
Tragedy Ann - Down
Tragedy Ann - Your Escape
Tragedy Ann - Don't Give Up
Tragedy Ann - Why Can't the World Love
Tragedy Ann - His Face (I Know)
Tragedy Ann - La Revolucion
Toxocara - T34
Toxocara - Blast Wave Diffraction
Toxocara - Suffice to Prevent
Toxocara - The Blood Road
Toxocara - Egoist Existence
Toxocara - Visceral Larval Migrans
Toxocara - Imminent Repulsion
Toxocara - Insomnia
Toxocara - Der Rattenkrieg
Toxocara - Mortal Intrepid Frigate
Trip Shakespeare - Lulu
Trip Shakespeare - Bachelorette
Trip Shakespeare - Your Mouth
Trip Shakespeare - Down My Block
Trip Shakespeare - Jill Can Drive
Trip Shakespeare - Look at the Moon
Trip Shakespeare - Graveyard
Trip Shakespeare - Bonneville
Trip Shakespeare - Today You Move
Trip Shakespeare - If You Miss Me
Trip Shakespeare - Diane
Trip Shakespeare - The Lake
Trip Shakespeare - Swing
Trip Shakespeare - Spirit
Trip Shakespeare - Thief
Trip Shakespeare - Toolmaster of Brainerd
Trip Shakespeare - Vines
Trip Shakespeare - Snow Days
Trip Shakespeare - Turtledove
Trip Shakespeare - Pearle
Trip Shakespeare - The Slacks
Trip Shakespeare - Unlucky Lady
Trip Shakespeare - The Crane
Trip Shakespeare - Late
Trip Shakespeare - Honey Tree
Trip Shakespeare - Fangs
Trip Shakespeare - Rose
Trip Shakespeare - Stop the Winter
Trip Shakespeare - Necklace
Trip Shakespeare - Applehead Man
Trip Shakespeare - Washington Bridge
Trip Shakespeare - Fireball
Trip Shakespeare - Highway in the Sun
Trip Shakespeare - Beatle
Trip Shakespeare - Time of the Season
Trip Shakespeare - What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?
Trip Shakespeare - Dead Set on Destruction
Trip Shakespeare - Something in the Air
Ousmane Touré - Mandou
Tribal Seeds - Representing
Tribal Seeds - Rock the Night
Tribal Seeds - Fill It Up
Tribal Seeds - In Your Area
Tribal Seeds - Moonlight
Tribal Seeds - Ruined
Tribal Seeds - Blood Clot
Tribal Seeds - Undercover Lover
Tribal Seeds - Night & Day
Tribal Seeds - Herb Stock
Tribal Seeds - Don't Wait
Tribal Seeds - Lonely Night
Tribal Seeds - The Garden
Tribal Seeds - Warning
Tribal Seeds - All I Know
Tribal Seeds - Stillness of Night
Tribal Seeds - Herby
Tribal Seeds - Love Psalm
Tribal Seeds - Come Around
Tribal Seeds - 144,000
Tribal Seeds - Away
Tribal Seeds - Madman
Tribal Seeds - Night Raver
Tribal Seeds - Libertad
Tribal Seeds - The Harvest
Tribal Seeds - Vampire
Tribal Seeds - Youth Rebellion
Tribal Seeds - Rider
Tribal Seeds - Dawn of Time
Tribal Seeds - Creator
Tribal Seeds - Beautiful Mysterious
Tribal Seeds - Island Girl
Tribal Seeds - Warrior
Tribal Seeds - Rasta, Refuse It
Tribal Seeds - Lost Paradise
Tribal Seeds - Jah Stone
Tribal Seeds - Sun N' Water
Tribal Seeds - Dark Angel
Tribal Seeds - Youth Of The World
Tribal Seeds - Tribal Seeds
Tribal Seeds - Fire
Tribal Seeds - Slow
Tribal Seeds - I'll Return Again
Tribal Seeds - Right On Time
Tribal Seeds - In Your Eyes
Helen Trevillion - Ivory
Helen Trevillion - Finding Heaven
Helen Trevillion - Waiting For The Snow
Helen Trevillion - Stepping Stones
Helen Trevillion - My Winter
Helen Trevillion - Letters To You
Helen Trevillion - Over The Waterfalls
Helen Trevillion - Butterfly Girl
Helen Trevillion - Will You
Helen Trevillion - Heaven Hides
Helen Trevillion - Desert Garden
Helen Trevillion - Vision Of Perfection
Helen Trevillion - Rapunzel
Tricarico - Oroscopo
Tricarico - Vita tranquilla
Tricarico - Eternità
Tricarico - Un'altra possibilità
Tricarico - Pomodoro
Tricarico - Cosa vuoi adesso?
Tricarico - Ghiaccio
Tricarico - Fili di tutti i colori
Tricarico - Il mio amico
Tricarico - Gigliobianco
Tricarico - Libero
Tricarico - Io sono Francesco
Tricarico - Il drago verdolino
Tricarico - Cavallino
Tricarico - Brillantini
Tricarico - Cielo rosa
Tricarico - Ragazza little
Tricarico - Acquedotto fosforescente
Tricarico - Formiche
Tricarico - Sommergibile blu
Tricarico - Neve blu
Trellis - Twang (original)
Tricarico - Ogni giorno
Tricarico - Apparenze
Tricarico - Il bosco delle fragole
Tricarico - Immaginai
Tricarico - Amo
Tricarico - Un mondo fantastico
Tricarico - Punti di vista
Tricarico - Tre
Tricarico - Luminosa
Tricarico - Sole
Tricarico - Marzo
A Time to Stand - A Day to Set Your Four Year Glory
A Time to Stand - Eyes to the Sky
Trees of Eternity - My Requiem
Trees of Eternity - Eye of Night
Trees of Eternity - A Million Tears
Trees of Eternity - Hour of the Nightingale
Trees of Eternity - The Passage
Trees of Eternity - Black Ocean
Trees of Eternity - Sinking Ships
Trees of Eternity feat. Nick Holmes - Gallows Bird
Trees of Eternity - Condemned to Silence
THE RiCECOOKERS - ALONE -album version
THE RiCECOOKERS - of the real
THE RiCECOOKERS - audioletter
THE RiCECOOKERS - will not
THE RiCECOOKERS - para-sight
THE RiCECOOKERS - Sweet Canaan
THE RiCECOOKERS - Voice of Silence
THE RiCECOOKERS - Time Traveler
Toy Fight - Where the Avalanches Are
Toy Fight - David Simonetta Présente
Total Devastation - Hemp Rally
Total Devastation - Many Clouds of Smoke
Total Devastation - Da Soopa Doopa
Total Devastation - Fat Blunt Caper
Total Devastation - Da Horny Man
Total Devastation - Wonderful World of Skins
Total Devastation - Come Again
Total Devastation - Cloud Nine
Tin Sparrow - Fool's Gold
Tin Sparrow - Eileen
Tin Sparrow - The Boat
Tin Sparrow - For You
B.J. Thomas - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
B.J. Thomas - The Eyes of a New York Woman
B.J. Thomas - Rock & Roll Lullaby
B.J. Thomas - This Guy's in Love With You
B.J. Thomas - Hooked on a Feeling
B.J. Thomas - I Can't Help It If I'm Still in Love With You
B.J. Thomas - I Believe in Music
B.J. Thomas - He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother
B.J. Thomas - Hey Won't You Play
B.J. Thomas - Mama
B.J. Thomas - Billy and Sue
B.J. Thomas - In the Misty Moonlight
B.J. Thomas - Bring Back the Time
B.J. Thomas - Tomorrow Never Comes
B.J. Thomas - It's Only Love
B.J. Thomas - Pass the Apple Eve
B.J. Thomas - I Just Can't Help Believing
B.J. Thomas - Most of All
B.J. Thomas - Mighty Clouds of Joy
B.J. Thomas - Rock and Roll Lullaby
B.J. Thomas - Help Me Make It (To My Rocking Chair)
B.J. Thomas - Two Car Garage
B.J. Thomas - Christmas Is Coming Home
B.J. Thomas - Take a Walk Through Bethlehem
Der Tourist - Supergeil
Tránsito Cocomarola - Por tu cariño
Trapt - Wasteland
Trapt - Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?
Trapt - Contagious
Trapt - Black Rose
Trapt - Ready When You Are
Trapt - Forget About the Rain
Trapt - Cover Up
Trapt - Only One in Color
Trapt - Wherever She Goes
Trapt - Curiosity Kills
Trapt - The Last Tear
Trapt - Sound Off
Trapt - Drama Queen
Trapt - End of My Rope
Trapt - Get Up
Trapt - No Apologies
Trapt - Stranger in the Mirror
Trapt - Beautiful Scar
Trapt - Are You With Me
Trapt - The Wind
Trapt - Overloaded
Trapt - Storyteller
Trapt - Headstrong
Trapt - Made of Glass
Trapt - The Game
Trapt - When All Is Said and Done
Trapt - Enigma
Trapt - Stories
Trapt - New Beginning
Trapt - Disconnected (Out of Touch)
Trapt - Waiting
Trapt - Victim
Trapt - Stand Up
Trapt - Lost Realist
Trapt - Influence
Trapt - Repeat Offender
Trapt - Bleed Like Me
Trapt - Use Me to Use You
Trapt - Product of My Own Design
Trapt - Alibi
B.J. Thomas - Roads
B.J. Thomas - Sweet Cherry Wine
B.J. Thomas - Eyes of a New York Woman
B.J. Thomas - Four Walls
B.J. Thomas - I Can't Help Believing
B.J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head
B.J. Thomas - Guess I'll Pack My Things
B.J. Thomas - The Greatest Love
B.J. Thomas - Mr. Mailman
Trapt - Bring It
Trapt - Love Hate Relationship
Trapt - Experience
Trapt - Living in the Eye of the Storm
Trapt - Livewire (Light Me Up)
Trapt - Strength in Numbers
Trapt - Get Out of Your Own Way
Trapt - Going Under
Trapt - Too Close
Trapt - When It Rains
Trapt - You’re No Angel
Trapt - Avelyn
Trapt - Stay Alive
Trapt - Everything to Lose
Trapt - Stillframe
Trapt - Echo (re-recorded)
Trapt - Still Frame (re-recorded)
Trapt - These Walls (re-recorded)
Trapt - Policy of Truth
Trapt - Perfect Dream (demo)
B.J. Thomas - Even a Fool Would Let Go
B.J. Thomas - It's Sad to Belong
B.J. Thomas - We Had It All
B.J. Thomas - Skip a Roap
B.J. Thomas - Cold, Cold Heart
B.J. Thomas - I Forgot to Remember to Forget
B.J. Thomas - Wisdom of a Fool
Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
Jill Tracy - The Fine Art of Poisoning
Jill Tracy - Pulling Your Insides Out
Jill Tracy - Extraordinary
Jill Tracy - The Proof
Jill Tracy - Just the Other Side of Pain
Jill Tracy - You Leave Me Cold
Jill Tracy - Doomsday Serenade
Jill Tracy - Diabolical Streak
Jill Tracy - Room 19
Jill Tracy - Haunted by the Thought of You
Jill Tracy - Sell My Soul
Jill Tracy - The Water Flows So Slow
Jill Tracy - I Can't Shake It
Jill Tracy - In Between Shades
Jill Tracy - Torture
Jill Tracy - Where Shadows Fall
Jill Tracy - Treasure
Jill Tracy - Hour After Hour
Jill Tracy - Make It Burn
Jill Tracy - Quintessentially Unreal
Jill Tracy - You Kill Me
Jill Tracy - Anything at All
Tony dark eyes - Pure Desire
Trapt - Who I Am
Trapt - No One
Trapt - Riddle
Trapt - Perfect
Trapt - Human (Like the Rest of Us)
Trapt - It's Over
Trapt - Changing Hands
Trapt - Unforgiven
Trapt - Passenger
Trapt - Anchor
Trapt - Not So Different
Trapt - Castaway
Trapt - Fallen Angel
Trapt - Break Me Out
Trapt - Patience
Trapt - I'll Stay
Trapt - Lie Awake
Trapt - Lost in a Portrait
Trapt - Who's Going Home With You Tonight
Trapt - Stay Alive (studio)
Trapt - Everything to Lose (studio)
Trapt - Who's Going Home With You Tonight?
Trapt - Head Up Here
Trapt - Hollow Man
Trapt - Promise
B.J. Thomas - A Southern Girl on a Summer Night
B.J. Thomas - Back Against the Wall
B.J. Thomas - I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today
B.J. Thomas - On the Wings of Forever
B.J. Thomas - Husbands and Wives
B.J. Thomas - Song for My Brother
B.J. Thomas - The Worst That Could Happen
B.J. Thomas - Always on my Mind
B.J. Thomas - Send My Picture to Scranton, PA
B.J. Thomas - What Does It Take
B.J. Thomas - Oh Me Oh My
B.J. Thomas - I Just Can't Help Believin'
B.J. Thomas - What's Forever For
TM NETWORK - Telephone Line
TM NETWORK - Leprechaun Christmas
TM NETWORK - Resistance
TM NETWORK - This Night
TM NETWORK - Come on Every Body
TM NETWORK - Spanish Blue
TM NETWORK - Maria Club
TM NETWORK - Confession
TM NETWORK - 69/99
TM NETWORK - Good Morning Yesterday
TM NETWORK - Reasonless
TM NETWORK - Looking At You
TM NETWORK - Dive Into Your Body
Triple C’s - Go
Triple C’s - Trickn Off
Triple C’s - Erryday
Triple C’s - Gangsta Shit
TM NETWORK - Self Control
TM NETWORK - A Day In The Girl's Life
TM NETWORK - Chase In Labyrinth
TM NETWORK - Just One Victory
TM NETWORK - Beyond The Time
TM NETWORK - Just Like Paradise
TM NETWORK - Tomorrow Made New
TM NETWORK - Think Of Earth
TM NETWORK - Dragon the Festival
TM NETWORK - You can Dance
TM NETWORK - All-Right All-Night (No Tears No Blood)
TM NETWORK - Faire La Vise
TM NETWORK - Carol (Carol's theme I)
TM NETWORK - You're The Best
TM NETWORK - Open Your Heart
TM NETWORK - Happiness×3Loneliness×3
TM NETWORK - Beyond The Time(Expanded Version)
TM NETWORK - Come on Let's Dance 2014
TM NETWORK - Self Control 2014
TM NETWORK - Your Song("D"MIX)
TM NETWORK - Come On Let's Dance(This is the FANKS DYNA-MIX)
TM NETWORK - Gia Corm Fillippo Dia(Devil's Carnival)
TM NETWORK - -QUIT30- Loop Of The Life
TM NETWORK - Still Love Her
TM NETWORK - The Beginning Of The End
TM NETWORK - CAROL (Carol’s theme Ⅱ)
TM NETWORK - Get Wild 2015
TM NETWORK - Children of the New Century 2015
B.J. Thomas - From the Start
B.J. Thomas - He's the Hand on My Shoulder
B.J. Thomas - Bridge of Love
B.J. Thomas - I Want to Be More Like Jesus
B.J. Thomas - Beautiful Music
B.J. Thomas - He's Got It All in Control
B.J. Thomas - Without A Doubt
B.J. Thomas - Storybook Realities
B.J. Thomas - Common Ground
B.J. Thomas - Down Isn't So Bad
B.J. Thomas - Home Where I Belong
B.J. Thomas - Starving Sinner, Sleeping Saint
B.J. Thomas - Shine On
B.J. Thomas - I Wanna Be Ready
B.J. Thomas - Hallelujah
B.J. Thomas - Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
B.J. Thomas - One Last One More Time
B.J. Thomas - One Woman
B.J. Thomas and Dusty Springfield - As Long as We Got Each Other
Top of the Poppers - Spirit in the Sky
Giuseppe Tranchida - Anche oggi è Natale
Giuseppe Tranchida - Alleluia dalla tua parola
Treponem Pal - Pushing You Too Far
Treponem Pal - For Progress
Treponem Pal - Crimson Garden
Treponem Pal - Nowhere Land
Treponem Pal - Sometimes
Treponem Pal - Silico
Treponem Pal - The Black Box
Treponem Pal - Embodiment of Frustration
Treponem Pal - The Prettiest Star
Treponem Pal - In-Out
Treponem Pal - Too Many Humans
Treponem Pal - Low Man
Treponem Pal - Soft Mouth Vagina
Trey Songz feat. Fabolous - What I Be On
B.J. Thomas - Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport
B.J. Thomas - I'm In Tune (Finding How Good Life Can Be)
B.J. Thomas - New Looks From an Old Lover
B.J. Thomas - Amour
B.J. Thomas - Gone
B.J. Thomas - I Saw Pity in the Face of a Friend
Treponem Pal - Rest Is a War
Treponem Pal - What Does It Mean?
Treponem Pal - Love
Treponem Pal - Fugitive Soul
Treponem Pal - Sweet Coma
Treponem Pal - TV Matic
Treponem Pal - You Got What You Deserve
B.J. Thomas - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
B.J. Thomas - Jesus on My Mind
B.J. Thomas - Just As I Am
B.J. Thomas - Crying
B.J. Thomas - Doctor God
B.J. Thomas - Beautiful Things for You
B.J. Thomas - City Boys
B.J. Thomas - Early Morning Hush
B.J. Thomas - I've Been Alone Too Long
Too many cooks - Who?
Too many cooks - Jesus
Too many cooks - Rita
Too many cooks - Take It Right
Too many cooks - Lucy
Too many cooks - Mad
Too many cooks - 19/8 Hutchinson
Too many cooks - Believe me sister
B.J. Thomas - Would They Love Him in Shreveport?
John Travolta - Whenever I'm Away From You
John Travolta - Can't let you go
John Travolta - Let Her In
John Travolta - I don't know what I like about you baby
John Travolta - Greased lightnin'
La Triple Nelson - Despertar lejos
La Triple Nelson - Tus pies
La Triple Nelson - Mi razón
La Triple Nelson - Hacia donde mirar
La Triple Nelson - Tiempo
La Triple Nelson - Nada más que hablar
La Triple Nelson - Extraño
La Triple Nelson - La yara
La Triple Nelson - Mejor no hablar
La Triple Nelson - Ni por vida
La Triple Nelson - La casa de al lado
La Triple Nelson - El no pensar
La Triple Nelson - Para abrazarte
La Triple Nelson - Tan triste
La Triple Nelson - Verde
La Triple Nelson - Selva abierta
La Triple Nelson - Agua y sal
La Triple Nelson - Luz Lara
La Triple Nelson - Y sigo
La Triple Nelson - Mateo
La Triple Nelson - Huellas sin pisar
La Triple Nelson - – Lunáticos
La Triple Nelson - – Llego a Casa
La Triple Nelson - – La misma Luz
La Triple Nelson - – Estoy Vivo
La Triple Nelson - – Billete
John Travolta - All Strung Out
John Travolta - All Strung Out Over You
Tracky Birthday - Websiiite
Trevor Moran - I Wanna Fly
Trevor Moran - The Dark Side
Trevor Moran - XIAT
Trevor Moran - Now or Never
Trevor Moran - Someone
Trevor Moran - Slay
Johnny Thunder - Loop De Loop
Johnny Thunder - You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
Johnny Thunder - I'm Alive
Tracy + The Plastics - Happens
Technimatic - Perseverance
Technimatic feat. Lucy Kitchen - Out Of Reach
Technimatic - The Evening Loop
Technimatic - Looking for Diversion
Technimatic - In the Moment
Technimatic - Problems
Technimatic - Parallel
Tommy february⁶ - FAIRY DUST
Tommy february⁶ - RUNAWAY
Tommy february⁶ - ANGEL FADE
Tommy february⁶ - SPACEY COWGIRL
Tommy february⁶ - PINK ARMY
Tommy february⁶ - SUMMER BUBBLES
Tommy february⁶ - Be My Valentine
Tommy february⁶ - Futari no Seaside
Tommy february⁶ - MaGic in youR Eyes
Tommy february⁶ - Love is forever
Tommy february⁶ - Tommy Febratte Macaron
Tommy february⁶ - Koi ha Nemuranai
Tommy february⁶ - Can’t take my eyes off of you
Tommy february⁶ - SINCE YESTERDAY
Tommy february⁶ - je t'aime ★ je t'aime
Tommy february⁶ - WHERE ARE YOU? "MY HERO"
Tommy february⁶ - Is this feeling love?
Tommy february⁶ - je t'aime ☆ je t'aime
Tommy february⁶ - I'm in the mood for dancing
Tommy february⁶ - E-mail♥more
Tommy february⁶ - EVERYDAY AT THE BUS STOP (Captain Funk “Daydream” Edition)
Tret Fure - The Wedding Song
B.J. Thomas - Everybody Loves a Rain Song
B.J. Thomas - Garner State Park
B.J. Thomas - Hooked on a Feeeling
B.J. Thomas - Everybody Is Out of Town
B.J. Thomas - You Gave Me Love
B.J. Thomas - Are We Losing Touch
B.J. Thomas - Skip a Rope
Los Titanes de Durango - Andan pisteando las plebes
Los Titanes de Durango - Chapito lomas
Los Titanes de Durango - El angel de la guarda
Los Titanes de Durango - Se aceleró la plebada
Los Titanes de Durango - Las 100 hectáreas
Los Titanes de Durango - El niño del rey
Los Titanes de Durango - El vago
Los Titanes de Durango - El borracho
Los Titanes de Durango - Los michoacanos
Los Titanes de Durango - Ya empezo la balacera
Los Titanes de Durango - Corrido del 8
Los Titanes de Durango - El chaca
Los Titanes de Durango - Lloro
Los Titanes de Durango - Adios amor
Los Titanes de Durango - Mariposa traisionera
Los Titanes de Durango - La cumbia del perro
Los Titanes de Durango - El maestro JT
Los Titanes de Durango - Un beso al viento
Los Titanes de Durango - Fieras sinaloenses
Los Titanes de Durango - Esta de parranda el jefe
Los Titanes de Durango - El jefe
Los Titanes de Durango - La Lista de los ejecutados
Los Titanes de Durango - El senor De Los Palenques
Los Titanes de Durango - La cherokee blindada
Los Titanes de Durango - Hola mi amor
Los Titanes de Durango - Estoy enamorado
Los Titanes de Durango - El loco
Los Titanes de Durango - El enamorado
Los Titanes de Durango - Corrido el mayo
Los Titanes de Durango - Agua de té
Los Titanes de Durango - Es tu amor
Los Titanes de Durango - Camarón caramelo
Los Titanes de Durango - Corrido de Alfredo Beltrán
The Travelling Band - Only Waiting
The Travelling Band - High Five
Los Titanes de Durango - La pisteada
Los Titanes de Durango - El prostipirugolfo
Los Titanes de Durango - El afortunado
Los Titanes de Durango - Mírame
Los Titanes de Durango - Te conquistaré
Los Titanes de Durango - Hoy es mi cumpleaños
Traks - Long Train Running
Traks - You Can Feel It
Trio Saletti - Kauan sitten Betlehemissä
Trees on Fire - Into the Fire
Tim & Puma Mimi - Acchi Kocchi
Tim & Puma Mimi - Belleville Rendez-vous
Travail - Opposition
Travail - Dead
Travail - Darkness
Travail - And So I Was Thinking...
Travail - Devastated
Travail - A Song For A Friend
Travail - Weakling
Travail - Her
Travail - When I Fall
Travail - Judge Me
Travis Bretzer - Giving Up
Travis Bretzer - Idle By
Travis Bretzer - Promises
Travis Bretzer - Lady Red
Travis Bretzer - Wishing Away
The Tree - Venha o Teu reino
Fely Tchaco - Afrique Bou le Wou
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Stand Out
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Hold On
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Look Up
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Bless the Lord (Son of Man)
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - I Need You
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - All Hail the King
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Hallelujah
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Let Us Worship
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - So Amazing
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - He Has Made Me Glad
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Chasing After You
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Well Done
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Good in the Hood
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - No Way (The G.A. Chant)
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Taste 'n' See
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Superstar
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Answer
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - I Can Make It
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - You Can Change
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Mighty Long Way
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Can't Live
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - My Joy
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Struggle
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - It's Time Now
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - I Want It All Back
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Hallelujah to Your Name
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Everything Will Be Alright
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - G.A. Hymn (Who Else but God)
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Seated at the Right Hand of God
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Look Up (Lude)
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - No Other Choice
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Sinking
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Still Have Joy
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - 1-2 (Victory Check)
Tye Tribbett & G.A. - Everything, Part I/ Everything, Part II/ Bow Before the King
TPR - Fragments of Memories
The Tri-City Singers - Superman
The Tri-City Singers - Let the Lord Minister to Ya
Tr3s Monos - Pasen y vean
Tr3s Monos - Es serio
Tr3s Monos - A la hermosura
Tr3s Monos - Ni una palabra
Tr3s Monos - Nada es lo que parece
Tr3s Monos - No
Tr3s Monos - Una frase más
Tr3s Monos - Química
Tr3s Monos - Enero
Tr3s Monos - Helicon
Tr3s Monos - Técnicas antiguas
Tr3s Monos - Astrológicamente compatibles
Tr3s Monos - Familia
Tr3s Monos - Sin título
Tr3s Monos - Nada
Tr3s Monos - Amor
Tr3s Monos - Ten Wheel Drive
Tr3s Monos - Bettye Swann No Faith No Love
Tr3s Monos - Untitled23 otro PDR
Tr3s Monos - Long Road
Tr3s Monos - RIT sept06
Tr3s Monos - Emsis
Tr3s Monos - Nina1
Tr3s Monos - beatJOE
Tr3s Monos - SPBeat
The Toxic Avenger - N'importe comment
The Toxic Avenger feat. José Reis Fontao - Romance & Cigarettes
The Toxic Avenger - Something Evil
The Toxic Avenger - To the Sun
The Toxic Avenger feat. Ylva Falk - Speed
The Toxic Avenger - Let Me Go
The Toxic Avenger - Artificial Lights
The Toxic Avenger - The Nonsense Anthem
The Toxic Avenger - Angst:One
The Toxic Avenger - Angst One
The Toxic Avenger - Speed
The Toxic Avenger - Romance & Cigarettes
The Toxic Avenger - In the Meantime / Run Hide
The Toxic Avenger - Say My Name
The Toxic Avenger - Over Me
The Toxic Avenger - Tear You Apart
To/Die/For - Farewell
To/Die/For - Live in You
To/Die/For - In the Heat of the Night
To/Die/For - Our Candle Melts Away
To/Die/For - Dripping Down Red
To/Die/For - Sea of Sin
To/Die/For - Together Complete
To/Die/For - Intro: Sorrow
To/Die/For - I Just Want You
To/Die/For - Immortal Love
To/Die/For - Años de Dolor
To/Die/For - Little Deaths
To/Die/For - Chaotic Me
To/Die/For - Autumn Forever
To/Die/For - Angelica
Marek Torzewski - Do przodu Polsko!
to my boy - model
to my boy - oh, metal!
to my boy - i am xRAY
to my boy - Tell Me Computer
Timoteij - Högt över ängarna
Timoteij - Vild
Timoteij - Feber
Timoteij - Kom
Timoteij - Glöm mig
Timoteij - Dansar i månens sken
Timoteij - Vända med vinden
Timoteij - Ingen idé
Timoteij - Drömmarnas land
Timoteij - Fånga dagen
Timoteij - Längtan
Timoteij - Ta mig till sommaren
Timoteij - Tabu
Timoteij - Högre
Timoteij - Säg det om igen
Timoteij - Stormande hav
Timoteij - Adrenalin
Timoteij - Faller
Timoteij - Glöd
Timoteij - Puls
Timoteij - Het
Timoteij - Bara för en natt
To/Die/For - Kissing the Flames
To/Die/For - Damned Rapture
To/Die/For - Death Comes in March
To/Die/For - Hail of Bullets
To/Die/For - Love's a Sickness
To/Die/For - Raving Hearts
To/Die/For - Oblivion: Vision
To/Die/For - Someday Somewhere Somehow
To/Die/For - In Black
To/Die/For - Screaming Birds
To/Die/For - Mere Dream
To/Die/For - You
To/Die/For - Straight Up
To/Die/For - Let It Bleed
To/Die/For - End of Tears
To/Die/For - (I Just) Died in Your Arms
To/Die/For - The Unknown II
To/Die/For - Jaded
To/Die/For - Spineless
To/Die/For - Lies (For Fools)
To/Die/For - No Turning Back
To/Die/For - Fragmented
To/Die/For - Endlessly
To/Die/For - Last Breath
To/Die/For - Veil of Tears
To/Die/For - Folie Deux
To/Die/For - Passion Rules the Game
To/Die/For - Mary Ann (R.I.P.)
To/Die/For - Silence Tells More...
To/Die/For - Dear Delirium
To/Die/For - Behind These Walls
Todd-n-Tyler - Biggest Ugliest Tits in Omaha