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Tempo Rei - Aguas De Março
Teratism - My Wintery Embrace
Teratism - He Descends
Teratism - From Serpent Loins, Poison Life
Teratism - Necrofuge
Teratism - Hagion Pneuma, Apochoreo
Teratism - A Trillion Slain
Teratism - He, Wretched One
Teratism - I Am the Darkness
Teratism - Satanos Thronos Esti (Via Negativa)
Teratism - Bleeding the Human Worms
Teratism - Ritually Baptized in Flames
The Devil and The Almighty Blues - The Ghosts of Charlie Barracuda
The Devil and The Almighty Blues - Tired Old Dog
The Force - The Barracks
The Force - Nations Under Attack
The Force - Doomsday
The Force - The Longest Day
The Force - Neckbreaking Metal
The Force - Nightlords
The Force - Fight Till the End
The Force - Aggressive Assault
The Force - Storm of Steel
The Force - Evil World
The Force - The Omen
The Force - Overlord
The Force - Possessed by Metal
The Force - Heathen ´ S Attack
Tearstained - Emotionally Massacred
Tearstained - Cold and Distant
Tearstained - Trust No One
Tearstained - Grim Bitterness
Tearstained - Failed Suicide Attempt
Tearstained - The Shallow Pool of Life
Tearstained - Hopeless Emptiness
Tearstained - Final Thoughts
Tearstained - Absolute Overkill in Vengeance's Name
Tearstained - Reduced to an Unidentifiable John Doe
Tearstained - Justified Homicide (Contemplating an Act of Murder)
Tearstained - Let Everything Die... Slowly
Tearstained - Social Parasitism
Tearstained - Revenge Killing Spree
Tearstained - Genocide and Misanthropy
Tearstained - The End of This Incarnation
Tearstained - The Clouds That Grieve
Tearstained - Thunderstorms Ease Me
Tearstained - Bat Horde
Tearstained - Suicide Pact
Tearstained - The Death of All That Is Beautiful
Tearstained - Tearstained Nightsky
Tearstained - The Old House on the Mountainside
Tearstained - Crawling With Tarantulas
Tearstained - The Coffin
Tearstained - When the Sun and Moon Share the Sky
Tearstained - Mesta Mansion
Tearstained - The Plague Dream
Tearstained - The Porcelain Doll
Tearstained - Not Quite Awake
Survivor - Caught in the Game
Survivor - I Never Stopped Loving You
Survivor - Ready for the Real Thing
Survivor - Half-Life
Survivor - What Do You Really Think?
Survivor - Slander
Survivor - Santa Ana Winds
Survivor - Feels Like Love
Survivor - Hesitation Dance
Survivor - The One That Really Matters
Survivor - I’m Not That Man Anymore
Survivor - Children of the Night
Survivor - Ever Since the World Began
Survivor - American Heartbeat
Survivor - Silver Girl
Survivor - High on You
Survivor - I Can’t Hold Back
Survivor - Is This Love
Survivor - Poor Man's Son
Survivor - Burning Heart
Survivor - The Search Is Over
Survivor - Desperate Dreams
Survivor - How Much Love
Survivor - Man Against the World
Survivor - The Moment of Truth
Survivor - Didn't Know It Was Love
Survivor - Across the Miles
Survivor - Too Hot to Sleep
Survivor - Chevy Nights
Survivor - Summer Nights
Survivor - Runway Lights
Survivor - Take You on a Saturday
Survivor - Light of a Thousand Smiles
Survivor - Love Is on My Side
SYKES - Anybody Out There
SYKES - I'd Do It Again
SYKES - Gold Dust
SYKES - Best Thing
SYKES - Away She Goes
SYKES - Lost In Time
tetsuya - Roulette
The Artist Life - Let's Start A Riot
Survivor - Fire Makes Steel
Survivor - Nevertheless
Survivor - Seconds Away
Survivor - One More Chance
Survivor - Rhythm of Your Heart
Survivor - I Don’t
Survivor - Half of My Heart
Survivor - Talkin’ Bout Love
Survivor - Home
Survivor - Somewhere in America
Survivor - Let It Be Now
Survivor - As Soon as Love Finds Me
Survivor - Love Has Got Me
Survivor - Whole Town’s Talking
Survivor - 20/20
Survivor - Freelance
Survivor - Nothing Can Shake Me (From Your Love)
Survivor - Whatever It Takes
Survivor - Search Is Over
Survivor - Rebel Son
Survivor - She’s a Star
Survivor - Rhythm of the City
Survivor - Here Comes Desire
Survivor - Tell Me I’m the One
Survivor - Can’t Give It Up
Survivor - Burning Bridges
SXTN - Kein Geld
SXTN - So High
SXTN - Fotzen im Club
SXTN - Ich bin schwarz
SXTN - Deine Mutter
SXTN - Wir sind friedlich
SXTN - Hass Frau
SXTN - Made 4 Love
Survivor - First Night
Survivor - Rebel Girl
Survivor - Rockin’ Into the Night
Survivor - Broken Promises
Survivor - Popular Girl
Survivor - Everlasting
Survivor - It’s the Singer Not the Song
Survivor - I See You in Everyone
Survivor - Keep It Right Here
Survivor - Oceans
Survivor - When Seconds Count
Survivor - Backstreet Love Affair
Survivor - In Good Faith
Survivor - Can't Let You Go
Tearstained - The Death of My Passion
Tearstained - Despondent Surrender
Tearstained - Tearstained Coffin
Tearstained - The Curse of Christ
Tearstained - Commit Suicide
Tearstained - Disheartened
Tearstained - Whispers
Tearstained - My Open Grave
Tearstained - Lurking in the Dark
Tearstained - Possessed (Bathory cover)
Survivor - You Know Who You Are
Survivor - Hungry Years
Survivor - It Doesn't Have to Be This Way
Survivor - I Can't Hold Back
Survivor - Somewhere Here in America
Survivor - Can't Getcha Offa My Mind
Survivor - Whole Town's Talkin'
Survivor - Heart's a Lonely Hunter
Survivor - Rockin' Into the Night
Survivor - It's the Singer Not the Song
Survivor - Jackie Don't Go
Survivor - Desparate Dreams
Survivor - Young Blood
Survivor - Man Against World
Thank You Scientist - Prelude
Thank You Scientist - Feed the Horses
Thank You Scientist - Blood on the Radio
Thank You Scientist - Absentee
Thank You Scientist - Carnival
Thank You Scientist - Concrete Swan Dive
Thank You Scientist - In the Company of Worms
Thank You Scientist - My Famed Disappearing Act
Thank You Scientist - Prologue… A Faint Applause
Thank You Scientist - The Somnambulist
Thank You Scientist - Caverns
Thank You Scientist - Mr. Invisible
Thank You Scientist - A Wolf in Cheap Clothing
Thank You Scientist - Blue Automatic
Thank You Scientist - Psychopomp
Thank You Scientist - The Amateur Arsonist’s Handbook
Thank You Scientist - Epilogue… And the Clever Depart
Thank You Scientist - A Saleman's Guide to Nonexistence
Thank You Scientist - Leave The Light On
Thank You Scientist - Abandonship
Thank You Scientist - Gemini
Thank You Scientist - Grin
Thank You Scientist - Make Like A Tree (Get Out)
Télépopmusik feat. Angela McCluskey - Don't Look Back
Télépopmusik - Stop Running Away
Télépopmusik - Anyway
Télépopmusik - Last Train to Wherever
Télépopmusik feat. Angela McCluskey - Brighton Beach
Télépopmusik - Close
Télépopmusik - 15 Minutes
Yes - The Fish
Télépopmusik - Animal Man
Télépopmusik - Just Breathe
Télépopmusik - Don't Look Back
Télépopmusik - Smile (Smile Again by Sporto Kantes)
Télépopmusik - Into Everything (P.Zdar dub remix full)
Télépopmusik - Ghost Girl (Jesse Rose vocal dub)
Bernie Taupin - Friend of the Flag
Bernie Taupin - Corrugated Iron
Bernie Taupin - Citizen Jane
Bernie Taupin - Hold Back the Night
Bernie Taupin - She Sends Shivers
Bernie Taupin - Billy Fury
Bernie Taupin - I Still Can't Believe That You're Gone
Bernie Taupin - Conquistador
Bernie Taupin - The New Lone Ranger
Bernie Taupin - Desperation Train
Tefla & Jaleel - Pflegeheim
Tefla & Jaleel - Prinzessinnen
Tefla & Jaleel - Helden weinen nicht
Tefla & Jaleel - Ich brauch dich (right now)
Tefla & Jaleel - Ich hab dir vertraut
Tefla & Jaleel - Bounce mit uns
Tefla & Jaleel - Auf'm Floor
Tefla & Jaleel - Rhythmus Mafiosis
Tefla & Jaleel - Beats & Raps
Symphony in Peril - For Now We See in a Mirror, Dimly, but Then Face to Face
Symphony in Peril - Stiletto
Symphony in Peril - Seduction by Design
Symphony in Peril - Revolving Door Romance
Symphony in Peril - The Whore's Trophy I
Symphony in Peril - The Whore's Trophy II
Symphony in Peril - Waiting to Breath
Symphony in Peril - This Flame Breeds Disbelief
Symphony in Peril - Inherent Scars
Symphony in Peril - Aborting the Fabricated
Symphony in Peril - Shadow Over a Bleeding Heart
Symphony in Peril - Letting Go Would Be an End
Symphony in Peril - The Quotidian Succession
Symphony in Peril - Sifting Through These Ashes
Symphony in Peril - Beauty Forgotten
Symphony in Peril - Lament
Symphony in Peril - Unsteady Docks Along the Ohio
Symphony in Peril - Portrait
Symphony in Peril - Three Months
Symphony in Peril - Can One Possess Autumn?
Teaze - Heartless World
Thanh Lam - Giọt nắng bên thềm
Thanh Lam - Lối cũ ta về
Thanh Lam - Bên em biển rộng
Thanh Lam - Cho em một ngày
Thanh Lam - Em và tôi
Thanh Lam - Hoa sữa
Thanh Lam - Chia tay hoàng hôn
Thanh Lam - Không thể có thể
Thanh Lam - Gọi anh
Thanh Lam - Hồ trên núi
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - We the Common (For Valerie Bolden)
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Slash/Burn
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Nobody Dies
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Guts
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Fool Forever
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Hand to God
Thao - Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)
Thao - Bag of Hammers
Thao - Swimming Pools
Thao - Geography
Thao - Feet Asleep
Thao - Yes, So On and So On
Thao - Fear and Convenience
Thao - Violet
Thao - Travel
Thao - We Go
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - The Clap
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Cool Yourself
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - When We Swam
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Know Better Learn Faster
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Body
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - The Give
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Good Bye Good Luck
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Trouble Was For
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Oh. No.
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Fixed It!
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Burn You Up
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - But What of the Strangers
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Easy
The Hojas Secas - Nos pasa lo mismo
The Hojas Secas - Estoy en casa (solo)
The Hojas Secas - Pagar los impuestos
The Hojas Secas - Believe in me again!
The Hojas Secas - Vuelan
The Hojas Secas - AP
The Hojas Secas - No sé qué hacer
The Hojas Secas - En atardecer
The Hojas Secas - Sole
The Hojas Secas - Sucio
The Hojas Secas - Vas a ver
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Swimming Pools
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Brand New Key
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - With a Girl Like You
Temple of the Dog - Reach Down
Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike
Temple of the Dog - Call Me a Dog
Temple of the Dog - All Night Thing
Temple of the Dog - Pushin Forward Back
Temple of the Dog - Your Saviour
Temple of the Dog - Four-Walled World
Temple of the Dog - Say Hello to Heaven
Sweet Thing - Change of Seasons
Sweet Thing - Lazy Susan
Sweet Thing - Gun
Sweet Thing - Winter Night
Sweet Thing - Over Me
Sweet Thing - Dance Mother
Sweet Thing - Spider
Sweet Thing - Lorraine
Sweet Thing - Duotang
Sweet Thing - Kite Fight
Sweet Thing - We're on Fire Tonight
Sweet Thing - Down to the Ground
John Taylor - Pull You Through
John Taylor - Patience of a Saint
Tedo Santana - No Hooks
Taïro - Je ne t'aime plus
Taïro - Je taille
Taïro - Si j'avais pas connu cette fille
Taïro - L'animal geint
Taïro - Jusqu'au bout
Taïro - Trouve les mots
Taïro - On s'fait du mal
Taïro - Dis-moi ce que tu décides
Taïro - Dans cette ville
Taïro - Mama
Taïro - Elle vit
Taïro - Jamais eu (version soul)
Taïro - Planifier nos vies
Taïro - Essaye encore
Taïro - T'es pas de taille
Taïro - Coffee Shop
Taïro - Cow Boy
Taïro - RDV
Taïro - Love & Smile
Taïro - Là-haut
Taïro - À l'intérieur
Taïro - Mona Lisa
Taïro - No Way
Taïro - Comme un ange
Taïro - Jolie fleur
Taïro - Tout ce qu'il faut
Taïro - +2 Love
Taïro - À la longue
Taïro - Bonne Weed
Taïro - Reine sans couronne
Taïro - Bonne Weed [Bonus Track]
Taïro - Love Love Love (rocksteady remix) [Love Bonus]
The Crackling - A Joke!
The Crackling - Keep Me Drunk
ryo - Braveheart / THE GOMBAND
Tereskova - Rád gondolok
Tereskova - Unikum
Ten in the Swear Jar - San Jose Fight Song
Ten in the Swear Jar - Helsabot
Ten in the Swear Jar - Famine
Ten in the Swear Jar - I Love the Valley
Ten in the Swear Jar - King Earth
Ten in the Swear Jar - When You Write
Ten in the Swear Jar - Worry Boy
Ten in the Swear Jar - Sita Deth
Teresa Werner - Spełnić marzenia
Teresa Werner - Dałabym Ci dała
The Fooo Conspiracy - Build a Girl
The Fooo Conspiracy - Man Over Board
The Fooo Conspiracy - Troublemaker
The Fooo Conspiracy - Kangaroos
The Fooo Conspiracy - Fridays Are Forever
The Fooo Conspiracy - Ex Factor
Jennifer Terran - Streets of Laredo
Jennifer Terran - Liberty Lunch
T.C. Matic - Bye Bye Till the Next Time
T.C. Matic - L’union fait la force
T.C. Matic - Stop Rock
T.C. Matic - The Parrot Brigade
T.C. Matic - Give Them a Leader
T.C. Matic - Viva Boema
T.C. Matic - O La La La
T.C. Matic - Pitié pour lui
T.C. Matic - Still on the Loose
T.C. Matic - Bazooka Joe
T.C. Matic - Take It Easy
T.C. Matic - White Rhythm
T.C. Matic - Ha Ha
T.C. Matic - Arrividerci solo
T.C. Matic - Living On My Instinct
T.C. Matic - Call Me Up
T.C. Matic - They Never Make You Laugh
T.C. Matic - Oh La La La
T.C. Matic - Willie Willie
T.C. Matic - I'm Not Like That
T.C. Matic - Les Zazous
T.C. Matic - Le Java
T.C. Matic - Ugh Ugh
T.C. Matic - Who's That Girl
T.C. Matic - Cook Me
T.C. Matic - Que Pasa
T.C. Matic - Arrivederci Solo
T.C. Matic - Touch Me
T.C. Matic - Rip-off Poppoff
T.C. Matic - Mon Ami Louis
T.C. Matic - Just Another Joke
T.C. Matic - Stay Scared Stay Alive
Tequila Boys - Rote Wy
T.C. Matic - Act Like a Dog
T.C. Matic - Chi Boem
T.C. Matic - Pauvre con
T.C. Matic - If You Wanna Dance, Dance - If You Don't, Don't
T.C. Matic - Elle Adore Le Noir (Pour Sortir Le Soir)
Benmont Tench - Veronica Said
Mayumi Tanaka - HI!HO!READY GO!
Nino Taranto - Agata!
Tantra - Mother Africa
Tech N9ne feat. Aqualeo - Ugly Duckling
Kate Tempest - Picture a Vacuum
Kate Tempest - Lionmouth Door Knocker
Kate Tempest - Ketamine For Breakfast
Kate Tempest - Europe Is Lost
Kate Tempest - We Die
Kate Tempest - Brews
Kate Tempest - Don't Fall In
Kate Tempest - Grubby
Kate Tempest - Breaks
Kate Tempest - Marshall Law
Kate Tempest - Lonely Daze
Kate Tempest - Chicken
Kate Tempest - Theme From Becky
Kate Tempest - Stink
Kate Tempest - The Heist
Kate Tempest - To the Victor the Spoils
Kate Tempest - A Hammer
Kate Tempest - Happy End
Kate Tempest - Bad Place for a Good Time
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Insolita parte di me
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Boccadasse
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Le due metà di una notte
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - La stanza nascosta
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Faldistorum
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - L'attesa
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Il centro sottile
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Antidoto mentale
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Senza colori
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Il passo
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Fino alla vetta
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Onirica possessione
Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Notturna
The Folk - When It Rains
Tenet - Indulge Me
Tenet - Unnameable
Tenet - Being and Nothingness
Tear Me Down - P.L.
Tear Me Down - Non sotto
Tear Me Down - Come mi vogliono
Tear Me Down - 20 secondi di violenza
Tear Me Down - Cancella il passato
Tear Me Down - Come l'inferno potrebbe essere peggiore
Tear Me Down - Nulla cambia
Tear Me Down - Scuola
Tear Me Down - Solitudo
Tear Me Down - (Op)pressione
Tear Me Down - Emo di merda
Tear Me Down - 10, 100, 1000 Acca Larentia
Tear Me Down - Più sbirri morti
Tear Me Down - Lavoro…
Tear Me Down - Contro lo stato
Tear Me Down - Conflitto
Tear Me Down - Paga il prezzo
Tear Me Down - La gioia
Tear Me Down - Zona di guerra
Tavaramarkkinat - Kevät
Tatjana - Santa Maria
Tatjana - Sweet Sweet Smile
Tatjana - Santa Maria (Harry Ola instrumental)
Tatjana - Don't You Want Me Baby
Jesse Terry - Let the Blue Skies Go to Your Head
Jesse Terry - Lay Your Hands on Me
Elise Testone - In This Life
Elise Testone - Still We Try
Elise Testone - Lucky Day
Tejado Pimiento - Nuevo
Tejado Pimiento - Campanas de agua
Tejado Pimiento - Mentes vulnerables
The Finest Tree - Kau Dan Aku
Sweet as Revenge - Hilang
Sweet as Revenge - Mirrors
Sweet as Revenge - Bebas
Sweet as Revenge - Promises
Sweet as Revenge - Dreams
Sweet as Revenge - Summer
Sweet as Revenge - Potret Kehampaan
Sweet as Revenge - Saving Gaia
Sweet as Revenge - I'm Fading Away
Sweet as Revenge - Langkah
Sweet as Revenge - Between Logic and Senses
Sweet as Revenge - Serenade
John Michael Talbot - The Cry of the Poor
John Michael Talbot - Here I Am, Lord
John Michael Talbot - One Bread, One Body
John Michael Talbot - Philippians Canticle
The Courtesans - Genius [acoustic]
Tha-Norr - Wolfenzeitalter
Tebot Piws - Godro'r Fuwch
Texas Tornados - Who Were You Thinkin' Of
Texas Tornados - Laredo Rose
Texas Tornados - A Man Can Cry
Texas Tornados - Adios Mexico
Texas Tornados - If That's What You're Thinking
Texas Tornados - She Never Spoke Spanish to Me
Texas Tornados - Baby! Heaven Sent Me You
Texas Tornados - Little Bit Is Better Than Nada
Texas Tornados - In My Mind
Texas Tornados - 4 Aces
Texas Tornados - Tell Me
Texas Tornados - The One I Love the Most
Texas Tornados - Guacamole
Texas Tornados - La grande vida
Melanie Taylor - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas)
Georg Philipp Telemann - Generalbaßlieder TWV25:39-85: 4. Seltenes Glück (Ein stand, der ohn gefahr ist)
John Michael Talbot - Glory to God
Texas Tornados - Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
Texas Tornados - Una mas cerveza
Texas Tornados - Baby What You Want Me to Do
Texas Tornados - Before the Next Teardrop Falls
The Deep End - Bigger. Better. Badder.
John Michael Talbot - Let the Fire Fall
Texas Lightning - Bad Case of Loving You
Texas Lightning - Like a Virgin
Texas Lightning - I Promise
Texas Lightning - No No Never
Texas Lightning - Kiss
Texas Lightning - Enjoy the Silence
Texas Lightning - C'est la vie
Texas Lightning - Over the Mountains
Texas Lightning - Man in the Mirror
Texas Lightning - Highway to Hell
Texas Lightning - You're the Voice
Texas Lightning - Norwegian Wood
Texas Lightning - Blue Bayou
Texas Lightning - Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette)
Texas Lightning - This Is Me
Texas Lightning - Walking After Midnight
Texas Lightning - On the Old Kentucky Shore
Texas Lightning - Hurricane of Love
Texas Lightning - Over the Mountains (Über den Wolken)
The Sunshine Fix - Everything Is Waking
The Sunshine Fix - Digging to China
The Sunshine Fix - Last Night I Had a Dream (Said I Had a Dream Last Night)
The Sunshine Fix - Last Night I Had a Dream
Testsieger - Neue Welt
John Michael Talbot - Eternal Light
John Michael Talbot - Holy Is His Name
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Je t'aime
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Final feliç
La Terrasseta de Preixens - L'estació
La Terrasseta de Preixens - El riu
La Terrasseta de Preixens - El govern més animal
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Pistola
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Àngel o dimoni
La Terrasseta de Preixens - La duana
La Terrasseta de Preixens - La balada d'en Lucas
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Desperta
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Si els fills de puta volessin
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Si vull sóc
La Terrasseta de Preixens - El ritme
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Pels carrers de la ciutat
La Terrasseta de Preixens - El gran desgraciat
La Terrasseta de Preixens - El meu carrer
La Terrasseta de Preixens - La cançó de la vergonya
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Tus muertos
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Corrido de la rotonda de Sant Martí
La Terrasseta de Preixens - La pedra rebel
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Parlant de culs
La Terrasseta de Preixens - La ribera del Sió
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Dia de Tranquis
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Ep noi!
La Terrasseta de Preixens - Indis de Ponent
Tambour Battant - Gepetto
John Michael Talbot - Wonderful Counselor
John Michael Talbot - Peace
Termiti - vjeran pas
The Mouse Outfit feat. Sparkz - Shak Out
The Mouse Outfit - Sit Back
The Mouse Outfit feat. Dr. Syntax - Over the Rocks
The Mouse Outfit - Blaze It Up
TGD - Wiara czyni cuda
TGD - "23"
TGD - Mój ląd
TGD - W cieniu Twoich rąk
TGD - Błogosław duszo moja Pana
TGD - Dniowi dzień, nocy noc
TGD - Kto zaufał Ci
TGD - Jak przedziwne Twe imię
TGD - Nie ma dla mnie dobra poza Tobą
TGD - Oczekuje Ciebie Panie
TGD - W miłości imię
TGD - Wszystko co mam
TGD - Jahwe
TGD - Zmiłuj się Panie
TGD - Wysławiajcie Pana
TGD - Alleluja
TGD - Godzien o godzien
John Michael Talbot - Surrender
John Michael Talbot - Brother Sun and Sister Moon
John Michael Talbot - Sing a New Song
John Michael Talbot - Without Guile
John Michael Talbot - Psalm 23 (The Lord Is My Sheperd)
John Michael Talbot - Noctune
John Michael Talbot - Audire (Listen)
THC!! - JUMP!!
THC!! - Unstoppable(T2002)
Teman Sebangku - Atau Semu
Teman Sebangku - Perempuan Pagi
Taz - Only God Can Judge Me
Tex la Homa - In the Clouds
Tex la Homa - Paper Car
Tex la Homa - Good Luck
Tex la Homa - Robot Arms Devoid of Feeling
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Overture-Into the Night
The Psychedelic Ensemble - The Secrets of Your Mind
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Listen to Me
The Psychedelic Ensemble - The Riddle
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Strange Days
The Psychedelic Ensemble - End of Days-Epilogue
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Prologue-Ecstasy
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Fantasy
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Moon Mad
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Breakdown
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Sedation
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Revelation (epilogue)
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Canto III: The Visions of Eternity
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Canto VII: The Realm of the Skeptics
Syleth - One More Time
Tété - La ballade de Oogie Tsuggie
Tété - Les matins de peu
Tété - Ton absence
Tété - Une bonne paire de claques
Tété - Je l'appelle de mes voeux
Tété - La pudeur
Tété - La Tchave
Tété - Routine
Tété - Ces grands moments de solitude (ou l'art délicat de passer pour un con)
Tété - Flou
Tété - Le Meilleur des mondes
Tété - Passage Brady
Tété - Love Love Love
Tété - Me ressourcer
Tété - Le Magicien
Tété - Dodeline
Tété - Le Bonheur
Tété - Cousin Willy
Tété - L’air de rien
Tété - L’abominable Hyde
Tété - Honni soit
Tété - Les Envies
Tété - Aisé
Tété - Eleanor Rigby
Tété - Comme feuillets au vent
Tété - Les visages et les moments
Tété - À la faveur de l'automne
Tété - Redemption Song
Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got
Joe Tex - You Got What It Takes
Joe Tex - A Sweet Woman Like You
Joe Tex - Papa Was Too
Joe Tex - Show Me
Joe Tex - Skinny Legs and All
Joe Tex - Men Are Gettin' Scarce
Joe Tex - Buying a Book
Joe Tex - I Gotcha
Joe Tex - You Said a Bad Word
Joe Tex - A Woman Can Change a Man
Joe Tex - I've Got to Do a Little Bit Better!!!
Joe Tex - I'll Never Do You Wrong
The Tango Saloon - Libertango
The Tango Saloon - Dracula Cha Cha feat. Mike Patton
Tété - Les Temps égarés
Tété - Le Premier Clair de l'aube
Tété - Nus là-bas
Tété - Ritournelle
Tété - Comment te dire
Tété - La bande son de ta vie
Tété - De ce côté-ci du bonheur
Tété - Dedans ma radio
Tété - Marie Laveau
Tété - Tes cheveux
Tété - Les Ruisseaux de la colère
Tété - Dinner
Tété - Pierrot lunaire
Tété - Le soleil de minuit
Tété - Persona non grata
Tété - J'irai pas bosser ce matin
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Sun's Gonna Shine
Les Têtes Brulées - Za Ayi Neyi
Joe Tex - Takin’ a Chance
Joe Tex - Keep the One You've Got
Joe Tex - Sweet Sweet Woman
Owen Temple - Broken Heart Land
Owen Temple - Black Diamond
Owen Temple - Making a Life
Owen Temple - City of the King
Owen Temple - Dollars and Dimes
Owen Temple - Memphis
Owen Temple - I Don't Want to Do What I Do
Owen Temple - Golden Age
Owen Temple - Winnipeg Waltz
Swing - Mon tour
Swing - Sweet Dreams (feat. Dr. Alban) (Extended)
Joe Tex - S.Y.S.L.J.F.M.
Tegan and Sara - Northshore
Joe Tex - At the Dark End of the Street
Tegan and Sara - That Girl
Tegan and Sara - Faint of Heart
Tegan and Sara - Boyfriend
Tegan and Sara - Dying to Know
Tegan and Sara - Stop Desire
Tegan and Sara - White Knuckles
Tegan and Sara - 100x
Tegan and Sara - U-Turn
Tegan and Sara - Hang on to the Night
Hannah Telle - Hollow Glow
Hannah Telle - Sunrise
Hannah Telle - Rather Be Alone
Hannah Telle - Skinned Knees
Hannah Telle - Freeway
Hannah Telle - In My Mind
Hannah Telle - Could It Be
Hannah Telle - More Like Her
Takota - The Ivory Tower
Takota - Satellite
Takota - Lioness
Takota - City Drugs
Takota - Diary
Takota - Turn Up The Radio
Takota - Paperheart
Takota - Mayday Mayday
Takota - A Little Honesty
Takota - Carpark
Tellavision - Limitation
Tellavision - The One Another
Tellavision - Million
Joe Tex - Love You Save (May Be Your Own)
Joe Tex - I Want To (Do Everythhing for You)
Joe Tex - Woman Like That Yeah
Joe Tex - One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show
Tegan and Sara - Closer
Tegan and Sara - Bye!
Syphilic - Robalni
Syphilic - Leper Messiah
Syphilic - Green Seed
Syphilic - BTK
Syphilic - Nursing Home Kneebash
Syphilic - Toilet Water Island
Syphilic - Urineat
Syphilic - Play Catch, You Loose
Syphilic - Riverbank Skank
Syphilic - Jizza Delivery
Syphilic - Manure Chewer
Syphilic - Body Herpes
Syphilic - Symphony of Slit Throats
Strata - Piece by Piece
Strata - I Will Breathe Fire
Strata - The Panic
Strata - When It's All Burning
Strata - Just Like Silk
Strata - We've Changed
Strata - Never There
Strata - Today
Strata - In a Sweet Dream
Strata - Night Falls (The Weight of It)
Strata - Hot/Cold (Darling, Don't)
Strata - Cocaine (We're All Going to Hell)
Strata - Coma Therapy
Strata - Poughkeepsie, NY
Strata - Love is Life
Strata - The New National Anthem
Strata - Daylight in the City (Demo)
Strata - Stay Young (Demo)
TASTY - Solo
Tankwart - Am Tag, als Conny Kramer starb
Tankwart - Himbeereis zum Frühstück
Tankwart - Fahrende Musikanten
Tankwart - Elke
Tankwart - Billiger Slogan
Tegan and Sara - Umbrella
Tegan and Sara - Walking With a Ghost (DVD)
Tegan and Sara - Monday Monday Monday (DVD)
Tegan and Sara - Missing You
Tegan and Sara - I Hear Voices
Tegan and Sara - Empty in Between
Tegan and Sara - Painting Songs
Tegan and Sara - There's Still Time
Tegan and Sara - I've Got You
Tegan and Sara - Falling Asleep
Tegan and Sara - Sheets
Tegan and Sara - Hello
Tegan and Sara - Star Money
Tegan and Sara - It Was Midnight
Tegan and Sara - Days and Days
Tegan and Sara - When I Get Up
Tegan and Sara - When You Were Mine
Tegan and Sara - Just Me
Tegan and Sara - [one last song]
Tegan and Sara - Beauty
Tegan and Sara - Here I Am
Tegan and Sara - Rebel Rebel
Tegan and Sara - Plunk
Tegan and Sara - Give Chase
Tegan and Sara - Celebration
Tegan and Sara - How Come You Don't Want Me
Tegan and Sara - Guilty as Charged
Tegan and Sara - Don't Find Another Love
Georg Philipp Telemann - Trauer-Kantate "Du aber, Daniel, gehe hin": Rezitativo "Mit Freunden folgt die Seele" / Aria "Du Auf
Georg Philipp Telemann - Concerto for violin concertato, strings and basso continuo in A minor, TWV 51:A1: I. Adagio
Kaan Tangöze - Gölge Etme
Kaan Tangöze - Bekle Dedi Gitti (Çizik)
Kaan Tangöze - Bir Kız Bana Emmi Dedi
Kaan Tangöze - Şanlı Millet
Kaan Tangöze - Taksim Meydanı
Kaan Tangöze - Bir Rüya Gördüm
Kaan Tangöze - Amerikan Kovboyları
Kaan Tangöze - O Yolda
Kaan Tangöze - Kalmak Türküsü
Kaan Tangöze - Tersname
Kaan Tangöze - Allı Turnam
Kaan Tangöze - Kıyamet
Todd Terje - Intro
Todd Terje - Johnny and Mary
The Swingers - Practical Joker
The Swingers - One Track Mind
The Swingers - Lovesick
The Swingers - True or False
The Swingers - More
The Swingers - Counting the Beat
The Swingers - It Ain't What You Dance It's the Way You Dance It
The Swingers - Ayatollah
The Swingers - Funny Feeling
The Swingers - Distortion
The Swingers - Hit the Beach
Swingers - More
The Movement - Ocho Rios
The Movement - Habit
The Movement - Another Man's Shoes
The Movement - Say Hello
The Movement - Mexico
The Movement - Set Sail
The Movement - Green Girl
The Movement - Alright
The Movement - Sweet Summertime
The Movement - Throw Down
The Movement - Scream
The Movement - Kind
The Movement - Easy Love
The Movement - Mr. Policeman
The Movement - When the Feeling Goes Away
The Movement - Something to Say
The Movement - Area
Tatiana - Sin querer queriendo
Tatiana - No te olvides de mi nombre
Tatiana - Porque te empeñas en llamar amor al sexo
Tatiana - 'Papo' el zapato
Tatiana - Veo, veo
Tatiana - La gallina turuleca
Tatiana - El Patio de Mi Casa
Tatiana - Lindo Pescadito
Tatiana - El Conejo
Tatiana - Los Diez Perritos
Tatiana - Pim Pon
Tatiana - El Gato Viudo
Tatiana - ¡Brinca la Tablita!
Tatiana - Super Fantastico
Tatiana - Susanita Tiene Un Ratón
Tatiana - Estrellita
Tatiana - Hockey Pockey
Tatiana - La Granja Del Tio Juan
Tatiana - Witzy Witzy Araña
Tatiana - Una Rata Vieja
The London Orion Orchestra - Have A Cigar
Tatiana - Mahna-mahna
Tatiana - Oh Susana!
Tatiana - No Te Quedes Con Las Ganas
Tatiana - El Patito Enamorado
Tatiana - Osito Carpintero
Tatiana - La Feria
Tatiana - Canto a La Luz
Tatiana - Martinillo
Tatiana - Amo a To
Tatiana - Pollito-Chicken
Tatiana - El Piojo y la Pulga
Tatiana - Rodolfo El Reno
Tatiana - Campana Sobre Campana
Tatiana - El Niño Del Tambor
Tatiana - Los Reyes Magos
Tatiana - Felíz Año Nuevo, Felíz Navidad
Tatiana - Ven a Mi Casa Esta Navidad
Tatiana - Arre Borreguito
Henk Temming - De hulpsinterklaas
Henk Temming - Ik vraag aan sinterklaas een heel gelukkig kerstfeest
The Bridal Procession - Patrons of Humanity
The Bridal Procession - A Paradoxical Utopia
The Bridal Procession - Subterranean Abomination
The Bridal Procession - Divine Enlightenment
The Bridal Procession - Lethal Miscalculation
The Bridal Procession - Exhume the Cult
The Bridal Procession - Process of Illumination
The Bridal Procession - Birthing of the Sick
The Bridal Procession - Trapped in Hell
The Bridal Procession - Pathological Enslavement
The Bridal Procession - Universal Secrecy
The Bridal Procession - Summoning Warmongers
The Bridal Procession - Coalescing Destinies
The Bridal Procession - While the Carnival Grows
The Bridal Procession - The Hunt
The Orchard - Small Town Girl
The Orchard - Float On
The Cloves and the Tobacco - Shamrockville
The Cloves and the Tobacco - The Widow
The Cloves and the Tobacco - Dance With the Nurse
The Cloves and the Tobacco - My Favourite Whiskey
The Cloves and the Tobacco - The Railway
The Cloves and the Tobacco - Boxing Cloves
The Cloves and the Tobacco - McGregore Was a Sailor
The Cloves and the Tobacco - Raise Your Glass
The Cloves and the Tobacco - When Something Goes Wrong
Sunforest - And I Was Blue
TAT - Road to Paradise
TAT - Sympathetic Lies
TAT - Pessimist
TAT - Stay Up
TAT - I Don't Want To (Love You)
TAT - Everything I Want
TAT - Here's to You
TAT - Diamond Child
TAT - Taking It All
TAT - Sandra Dee
TAT - Take You Home
TAT - You Hero
TAT - Live for Rock
TAT - Peace Sex & Tea
TAT - Bloodstain
The Showers - Better
Isabella Taviani - Luxúria
Isabella Taviani - Diga Sim Pra Mim
Isabella Taviani - Letra Sem Melodia
Isabella Taviani - Colar De Estrelas
Isabella Taviani - O Último Anjo
Isabella Taviani - Iguaus
Isabella Taviani - Sinal De Adeus
Isabella Taviani - La Luna
Isabella Taviani - Outro Mar
Isabella Taviani - Milagres Acontecem Por Aí
Isabella Taviani - Ternura
Isabella Taviani - Quero Mais É Te Perder
Isabella Taviani - Viramundo
Isabella Taviani - Meu Coração Não Quer Viver Batendo Devagar
Isabella Taviani - Presente-Passado
Isabella Taviani - Arranjo
Isabella Taviani - Todos Os Erros Do Mundo
Isabella Taviani - Eu Não Moro Na Sua Vida
Isabella Taviani - Escorpião
Isabella Taviani - Um Vendaval
Isabella Taviani - Falsidade Desmedida
Isabella Taviani - Casa No Céu
Isabella Taviani - O Tudo Que É Nada
Isabella Taviani - Depois Da Chuva
Isabella Taviani - Sob Medida
Isabella Taviani - Esquinas De Jacarepaguá
Isabella Taviani - Norte
Isabella Taviani - A palavra errada
Isabella Taviani - Encaixotei minha paz
Isabella Taviani - A canção que faltava
Isabella Taviani - Contradição
Isabella Taviani - Raio X
Isabella Taviani - Deixa estar
Isabella Taviani - Estrategista
Isabella Taviani - Mulher sábia
Isabella Taviani - A imperatriz e a princesa
Isabella Taviani - O Farol
Isabella Taviani - Foto Polaroid
Isabella Taviani - Digitais
Isabella Taviani - Momentos
Isabella Taviani - Recado Do Tempo
Isabella Taviani - Canção Para Um Grande Amor
Isabella Taviani - Olhos De Escudo
Isabella Taviani - Ivete
Isabella Taviani - Castelo De Farsa
Isabella Taviani - Acontecimento
Isabella Taviani - Samba Da Verdade
Isabella Taviani - Último Grão
Isabella Taviani - Tem Que Acontecer
Isabella Taviani - Sentido Contrário
Isabella Taviani - Medo Da Chuva
Isabella Taviani - Me Eu Fosse Te Esperar?
Le Système Crapoutchik - All what I have
Marc Terenzi - Love to Be Loved by You
Marc Terenzi - Can't Breathe Without You
Marc Terenzi - Heat Between the Sheets
Marc Terenzi - Painted on My Heart
Marc Terenzi - Cut My Veins
Marc Terenzi - My Angel for a Day
Marc Terenzi - Just Let Me Be
Marc Terenzi - Rock the Nation
Marc Terenzi - Runaway
Marc Terenzi - Red Rose
Marc Terenzi - Tonight
Marc Terenzi - Heroes Ride Alone
Marc Terenzi - Forever Will Always Be
Marc Terenzi - Fanatic
Marc Terenzi - Billie Jean
Marc Terenzi - Love to Be Loved by You (The Wedding Song)
The Taste of Blood - People Together at Night
The Taste of Blood - I Guess That's Why They Make Safety Pins
The Taste of Blood - Signature Tattered Rags
The Taste of Blood - Milestones Reduced to Garbage
The Taste of Blood - Incapable of Abstract Thought
The Taste of Blood - I've Stolen From Posters and Drawings
The Taste of Blood - Near Shack Experience
The Taste of Blood - The Kid in the Background of Every Picture
The Taste of Blood - Business Finds Pleasure
Teneke Trampet - Kahkaha
Teneke Trampet - Burma
Teneke Trampet - Ölü Çiçekler
The Crimson Brigade - Red Snow of Tali-Ihantala
Ted Mulry Gang - Jump in My Car
Ted Mulry Gang - Jamaica Rum
Tawatha - Thigh Ride
Teddy & the Frat Girls - I Wanna Be a Man
Teddy & the Frat Girls - Alophen Baby
Teddy & the Frat Girls - Clubnite
Teddy & the Frat Girls - I Owe It to the Girls
The Temptations - It’s Growing
The Temptations - Since I Lost My Baby
The Temptations - Ain’t Too Proud to Beg
The Temptations - All I Need
The Temptations - You're My Everything
The Temptations - Angel Doll
The Temptations - Cloud Nine
The Temptations - I Can’t Get Next to You
The Temptations - Error of Our Ways
The Temptations - I Want a Love I Can See
The Temptations - Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
The Temptations - I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You)
The Temptations - Runaway Child, Running Wild
The Temptations - Psychedelic Shack
The Temptations - Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)
The Temptations - Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)
The Temptations - Power
The Temptations - Stay
The Temptations - Lady
The Temptations - Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
The Temptations - Silver Bells
The Temptations - The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)
The Temptations - The Little Drummer Boy
The Temptations - Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)
The Temptations - My Baby
The Temptations - (Loneliness Made Me Realize) It’s You That I Need
The Temptations - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
The Temptations - Don't Let the Joneses Get You Down
The Temptations - Take a Look Around
The Temptations - Heavenly
The Temptations - Lady Soul
The Temptations - This Is My Promise
Los Terricolas - La Carta
Los Terricolas - Luto En Mi Alma
Los Terricolas - Lloraras
Los Terricolas - Hoy Te Confieso
Los Terricolas - Deja De Llorar Chiquilla
Los Terricolas - Donde Vamos
Los Terricolas - Quisiera Ser
Los Terricolas - Quisiera Estar Contigo
Los Terricolas - Una Carta
Los Terricolas - Te Amare
Los Terricolas - Amor Inocente (Con Mariachi)
Los Terricolas - Para Acordarme de Ti
Los Terricolas - Donde Estas
Los Terricolas - Ladron de Mi Cariño
Los Terricolas - Volveras
Toddy Tee - Batter Ram
Toddy Tee - Just Say No
Toddy Tee - Gangster Boogie
Toddy Tee - Do You Wanna Go to the Liquor Store (8ball Rap)
Szécsi Pál - Szeretni bolondulásig
Szécsi Pál - Talán, sok év után
Szécsi Pál - Micsoda igények!
Szécsi Pál - Akkor is lesz nyár
Szécsi Pál - Carolina
Szécsi Pál - Szereted-e még?
Szécsi Pál - Gedeon bácsi
Szécsi Pál - A távollét
Szécsi Pál - Egy szál harangvirág
Szécsi Pál - Hull az eső
Szécsi Pál - Mint a violák
The Praise Baby Collection - I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
The Praise Baby Collection - Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord
The Praise Baby Collection - God Is Love
The Praise Baby Collection - Thy Word
The Praise Baby Collection - Wonderful, Merciful Savior
The Praise Baby Collection - Shine, Jesus, Shine
The Praise Baby Collection - You Are My All in All
The Praise Baby Collection - Holy, Holy, Holy
The Temptations - A Song for You
The Temptations - Oh, Mother of Mine
The Temptations - Romance Without Finance
The Temptations - Check Yourself
The Temptations - Your Wonderful Love
The Temptations - (You’re My) Dream Come True
The Temptations - Isn't She Pretty
The Temptations - Mind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine)
The Temptations - Paradise
The Temptations - Just Let Me Know
The Temptations - Baby, Baby I Need You
The Temptations - What Love Has Joined Together
The Temptations - Fading Away
The Temptations - You'll Lose a Precious Love
The Temptations - Sorry Is a Sorry Word
The Temptations - Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got
The Temptations - Please Return Your Love to Me
The Temptations - How Can I Forget
Diana Ross & The Supremes / The Temptations - The Way You Do the Things You Do
Diana Ross & The Supremes / The Temptations - The Weight
The Temptations - Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite the World)
The Temptations - Mein Girl (My Girl)
The Temptations - Solamente lei (My Girl)
The Temptations - I’ll Be in Trouble
The Temptations - You’ve Got to Earn It
The Temptations - Lullaby of Love
The Temptations - The Impossible Dream
Ten Too Many - Digital World
Ten Too Many - Tragic Antihero
Ten Too Many - On the Radio
Ten Too Many - Don't Even Blink
Ten Too Many - The Very End Of You
Ten Too Many - The Circle
Ten Too Many - He Said She Said
Ten Too Many - Love Song
System Shock - Devilwish
System Shock - Moonlight
System Shock - Safe Inside
System Shock - Getting What We Asked For
System Shock - Escape
System Shock - Engine Failure
System Shock - No Life, No Home
System Shock - A Note and a Gun
System Shock - Bleed
System Shock - Mountains of Madness
System Shock - Salvation in Stone
Teen Men - Hiding Records (So Dangerous)
Teen Men - Adventure Kids
Teen Men - The Sea, The Sea
Teen Men - It's All Rushing Back
Teen Men - René
Teen Men - Fall Out A Tree
Teen Men - Kids Being Kids
Tacere - Deep Tears of Tragedy
Tacere - I Devour
Tacere - Excursion
Tacere - Black Roses
Tacere - A Voice in the Dark
Tacere - Foes of the Sun
Tacere - Phantasm
Tacere - Born of the Ground
Tacere - Bitter, Regressive
Tacere - Beyond Silence
Tacere - Beautiful Darkness
Tacere - Into Your Dreams
Tacere - Absolute Power
Tacere - Your Game, My Pain
Tacere - Without My Soul
Tacere - Let Go!
Tacere - The Storm of the Century
Tacere - The Last Chance
The Kingston - Read All About It (I Wanna Shout)
The Kingston - Sexy and I Know It
The TV Soundtrack Band - Spirit in the Sky
The TV Soundtrack Band - Every Rose Has Its Thorn
The TV Soundtrack Band - Can't Fight This Feeling
The TV Soundtrack Band - Supermassive Black Hole
Teen Daze - The Future
Teen Daze - Gone for the Summer
Teen Daze - Neon
Teen Daze - Around
Teen Daze - No Regrets
Teen Daze - Shine On, You Crazy White Cap
Teen Daze - Saviour
Teen Daze - Ice on the Windowsill
Teen Daze - Divided Loyalties
Teen Daze - Garden 1
Teen Daze - Union
Teen Daze - Garden 2
The Temptations - I’m Here
The Temptations - Selfish Reasons
The Temptations - Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up
The Temptations - Hold On I'm Comin'
The Temptations - Minute By Minute
The Temptations - Don't Ask My Neighbors
The Temptations - Love Ballad
The Temptations - How Deep Is Your Love
The Temptations - (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again
The Temptations - Don’t Let Him Take Your Love From Me
The Temptations - I Gotta Find a Way (to Get You Back)
The Temptations - Gonna Keep on Tryin’ Till I Win Your Love
The Temptations - It’s Your Thing
The Temptations - Running Away (Ain’t Gonna Help You)
The Choirgirl Isabel - Ecce Homo
The Choirgirl Isabel - The Ash Grove
The Choirgirl Isabel - Bright Eyes
The Choirgirl Isabel - The Day Thou Gavest
The Radiance Effect - Hello Beautiful
The Radiance Effect - Hey Now
The Radiance Effect - Mad Mess
Taparrosca - Vete a dormir
Taparrosca - No podré
Taparrosca - Alegria artificial
Taparrosca - Es todo lo que pedí
Taparrosca - Donde no puedas llegar
Thaurorod - Warrior's Heart
Thaurorod - Cursed in the Past
Thaurorod - Shadows and Rain
Thaurorod - Morning Lake
Thaurorod - Scion of Stars
Thaurorod - Guide for the Blind
Thaurorod - Upon Haunted Battlefields
Thaurorod - Tales of the End
Thaurorod - Into the Realms of Hidden Me
Thaurorod - Elämän Tuli
Thaurorod - For the Rose to the Grave
Thaurorod - Riders of the Shires
Thaurorod - Two Lonely Souls
Thaurorod - Tormented No More
Thaurorod - Empire Falling
Teen Daze - Valley Of Gardens
Teen Daze - Pink
Teen Daze - Morning World
Teen Daze - It Starts At The Water
Teen Daze - Post Storm
Teen Daze - Life In The Sea
Teen Daze - Garden Grove
Teen Daze - Infinity
Teen Daze - Good Night
Teen Daze - Cycle
Nicola Testa - Rainbow
Nicola Testa - Lost & Found
Nicola Testa - KOKO
Nicola Testa - No More Rainbows
Teen Daze - The Harvest
Teen Daze - Let's Fall Asleep Together
Teen Daze - Beach Dreams
Take 2 - Seven Seas
Take 2 - Keep me Dancin
The Temptations - I Couldn’t Cry If I Wanted To
The Temptations - The Further You Look the Less You See
The Temptations - A Tear From a Woman’s Eyes
The Temptations - The Girl’s Alright With Me
The Temptations - Who You Gonna Run To
The Temptations - I Got Heaven Right Here on Earth
The Temptations - Don’t Send Me Away
The Temptations - It’s Summer
The Temptations - Plastic Man
The Temptations - Law of the Land
The Temptations - You’ve Got My Soul on Fire
The Temptations - Keep Holding On
The Temptations - Darling Stand by Me (Song for My Woman)
The Temptations - In a Lifetime
The Temptations - Aiming at Your Heart
The Temptations - My Love Is True (Truly for You)
The Temptations - Do You Really Love Your Baby
The Temptations - I Wonder Who She’s Seeing Now
The Temptations - Hoops of Fire
The Temptations - Ain’t No Sun Since You’ve Been Gone
The Temptations - Gonna Give Her All the Love I Got
The Temptations - He Who Picks the Rose
The Magnificent - Holding on to Your Love
The Magnificent - Cheated by Love
The Magnificent - Memories
The Magnificent - Angel
The Magnificent - Satin & Lace
The Magnificent - Love's on the Line
The Magnificent - Bullets
The Magnificent - Smoke & Fire
The Magnificent - Tired of Dreaming