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The Sweet - Poppa Joe
The Sweet - Alexander Graham Bell
The Sweet - The Six Teens
The Sweet - Set Me Free
The Sweet - Heartbreak Today
The Sweet - No You Don’t
The Sweet - AC-DC
The Sweet - Need a Lot of Lovin'
The Sweet - Burning / Someone Else Will
The Sweet - Rock ’n’ Roll Disgrace
The Sweet - You’re Not Wrong for Lovin’ Me
The Sweet - The Man With the Golden Arm
The Sweet - Miss Demeanour
The Sweet - I Wanna Be Committed
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Telegram Sam
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Metal Guru
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Children of the Revolution
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Solid Gold Easy Action
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - 20th Century Boy
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Truck On (Tyke)
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Teenage Dream
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Dreamy Lady
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - I Love To Boogie
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Is It Love?
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Woodland Rock
T. Rex - Get It On (Bang a Gong)
Tad - High on the Hog
Tad - Wood Goblins
T. Rex - Deboraarobed
The Sweet - Santa Monica Sunshine
The Sweet - Tom Tom Turnaround
The Sweet - Wig Wam Bam
The Sweet - AC/DC
The Sweet - Funk It Up (David's Song)
The Sweet - Fever of Love
The Sweet - Stairway to the Stars
The Sweet - California Nights
The Sweet - Call Me
The Sweet - Big Apple Waltz
The Sweet - Give the Lady Some Respect
The Sweet - Dream On
The Sweet - Healer
The Sweet - My Generation
The Sweet - Reflection
The Sweet - Co-Co
The Sweet - Tennage Rampage
The Sweet - Lady Starlight
The Sweet - Cockroach
The Sweet - Laura Lee (Show Me the Way)
The Sweet - Into the Night
Swishahouse - Cash That I Got
Swishahouse - Still Tippin'
Swishahouse - I'm a Pimp
Swishahouse - Throwed
Swishahouse - Step Ya Game Up
Swishahouse - Magno & Killa
Swishahouse - Rulez
Swishahouse - Intro (Michael Watts)
T. Rex - The Friends
T. Rex - Our Wonderful Brownskin Man
T. Rex - Scenescof Dynasty
T.I. feat. Trae the Truth - Check This Dig That
Swishahouse - Freestyle - Busta, Mike Jones, M.Watts
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster - Exegesis
The Sweet - Play All Night
The Sweet - Dorian Gray
The Sweet - Discophony (Dis-Kof-O-Ne)
The Sweet - Eye Games
The Sweet - Mother Earth
The Sweet - Stay With Me
The Sweet - Why Don't You
The Sweet - All You'll Ever Get From Me
The Sweet - Mr. McGallagher
The Sweet - It's Lonely Out There
The Sweet - My Little Girl From Kentucky
The Sweet - Spotlight
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - 10,000 Sermons, 1 Solution
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - The Realization That Mankind Is Viral in Its Nature
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - Cattle
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - Agenda
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - Despot
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - Automated Oration and the Abolition of Silence
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - Colossus
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - Of Worms, Jesus Christ, and Jackson County Missouri
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - The Tamagotchi Gesture
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - The Agenda
The Sweet - Man From Mecca
The Sweet - Own Up, Take a Look at Yourself
The Sweet - Funk It Up
The Sweet - Show Me the Way
The Sweet - Identity Crisis
The Sweet - New Shoes
The Sweet - Two Into One
The Sweet - Love Is the Cure
The Sweet - It Makes Me Wonder
The Sweet - Hey Mama
The Sweet - Falling in Love
The Sweet - I Wish You Would
The Sweet - Strange Girl
T. Rex - Chariot Choogie
Bognár Szilvia - Szeretetből jöttél
The Sweet - Man With the Golden Arm
The Sweet - Sweet FA
The Sweet - Shot Down in Flames
The Sweet - Over My Head
The Sweet - Jump the Fence
The Sweet - Tall Girls
The Sweet - Oh Yeah!
The Sweet - Waters Edge
The Sweet - Take Away the Music
The Sweet - Alabama Man
The Sweet - Don't You Know a Lady
The Sweet - Phone You
Tagada Jones - Cargo
Tagada Jones - Thérapie
Tagada Jones - La Relève
Tagada Jones - Combien de temps encore ?
Tagada Jones - Cauchemar
Tagada Jones - Monsieur
Tagada Jones - Pavillon noir
Tagada Jones - Soleil de feu
Tagada Jones - Kamikaze
Tagada Jones - Le Drapeau
Tagada Jones - Épidémie
Tagada Jones - Le Feu aux poudres
Tagada Jones - Ensemble
Tagada Jones - À qui la faute ?
Tagada Jones - Yec'hed mad
Tagada Jones - Zéro de conduite
Tagada Jones - Alerte ! Alerte !
Tagada Jones - La Raison
Tagada Jones - L'Otage
Tagada Jones - La Traque
Tagada Jones - De l'amour et du sang
Tagada Jones - Instinct sauvage
Tagada Jones - Vendetta
Tagada Jones - Tout va bien
Tagada Jones - XXL
Tagada Jones - Dissident
Tagada Jones - Tous unis
Tagada Jones - Superpunk
Tagada Jones - Tout casser
Tagada Jones - Les Compteurs à zéro
Tagada Jones - Désobéir
Tagada Jones - Une fois de trop
Tagada Jones - Œil pour œil
Tagada Jones - Camisole
Tagada Jones - Solution
Tagada Jones - Aux urnes
Tagada Jones - À force de courir
Tagada Jones - Merci [THX]
The Sweet - Need a Lot of Loving
Sugarplum Fairy - Sail beyond Doubt
Sugarplum Fairy - (And Please) Stay Young
Sugarplum Fairy - The Restless Breakout
Sugarplum Fairy - Sweet Jackie
Sugarplum Fairy - Morning Miss Lisa
Sugarplum Fairy - Your Eyes
Sugarplum Fairy - Rock'n'Roll Tragedy
Sugarplum Fairy - Everlasting Me
Sugarplum Fairy - Last Chance
Sugarplum Fairy - She
Sugarplum Fairy - Don't Wake Us Up
Sugarplum Fairy - The Soul of the Sun
Sugarplum Fairy - Marigold
Tagada Jones - {'d^blju:}
Tagada Jones - À gauche comme à droite
Sugarplum Fairy - Illusion of Conclusion
Tagada Jones - Ecowar
Tagada Jones - Un kulte
Sugarplum Fairy - Back Where We Belong
Sugarplum Fairy - Left, Right, Black, White
Sugarplum Fairy - Day One
Tagada Jones - Reality Show
Sugarplum Fairy - It Takes Time, It Takes Two
Tagada Jones - Contre courant
Sugarplum Fairy - Let Me Try
Sugarplum Fairy - Love Bird
Tagada Jones - Euthanasie
Sugarplum Fairy - The Escapologist
Tagada Jones - Star System
Sugarplum Fairy - Just a Little Bit More
Tagada Jones - Cash
Sugarplum Fairy - You Can't Kill Rock'n'Roll
Tagada Jones - Jouer avec le feu
Sugarplum Fairy - Never Thought I'd Say That It's Alright
Tagada Jones - Osmose 99
Sugarplum Fairy - Hate It When You Go
Tagada Jones - Quelle sacrée revanche
Sugarplum Fairy - Kick It Up
Sugarplum Fairy - In Berlin
Tagada Jones - Antisocial
Sugarplum Fairy - Here She Comes
Sugarplum Fairy - Caroline
Sugarplum Fairy - Bus Stop
Sugarplum Fairy - She's all that
Sugarplum Fairy - Stone Walls
Sugarplum Fairy - Sensation
Tagada Jones - Assez !
Tagada Jones - Manipulé
Tagada Jones - État d'armes
Tagada Jones - Libre de penser
Tagada Jones - Mea culpa
Tagada Jones - P : Echelon
Tagada Jones - H 200
Tagada Jones - G-nome
Tagada Jones - Bouge !
Tagada Jones - D'autres sonorités
Tagada Jones - Lobotomie collective
Tagada Jones - Solidarité II
Tagada Jones - Donnez-nous le pouvoir
Tagada Jones - Panique
Tagada Jones - La Gerbe
Tagada Jones - Narco
Tagada Jones - Polluée par le fric
Tagada Jones - Accoutumance
Tagada Jones - Le Bouton rouge
The Sweet - The 6-Teens
The Sweet - Anthem No. 1 (Lady of the Lake)
The Sweet - Lettres d’amour
T. Rex - Wielder of Words
Swamp Terrorists - Pale Torment
The Sweet - Yesterday’s Rain
The Sweet - Laura Lee
Tamaryn - The Waves
Tamaryn - Choirs of Winter
Tamaryn - Love Fade
Tamaryn - Sandstone
Tamaryn - Coral Flower
Tamaryn - Dawning
Tamaryn - Mild Confusion
Tamaryn - Heavenly Bodies
Tamaryn - Prizma
Tamaryn - The Garden
Tamaryn - Transcendent Blue
Tamaryn - Afterlight
Tamaryn - Cranekiss
Tamaryn - Hands All Over Me
Tamaryn - Last
Tamaryn - Collection
Tamaryn - Light Shadows
Tamaryn - Golden Song
Tamaryn - Metal Beasts
Tamaryn - Return to Surrender
Tamaryn - While You're Sleeping, I'm Dreaming
Tamaryn - Violet's in a Pool
Tagada Jones - Chile
Tagada Jones - Émeutes
Tagada Jones - Victime du vice
Tagada Jones - Léonard.P
Tagada Jones - Les Affranchis
Tagada Jones - Love Parade
Tagada Jones - Marginal
Tagada Jones - Les temps changent
Tagada Jones - Mes péchés
Tagada Jones - Rouge
Tagada Jones - Askatuta
Tagada Jones - Autodestruction
Tagada Jones - Violence
Tagada Jones - Antinazis (45T)
The Sweet - Love Is Like Oxygene
The Sweet - White Mice
The Sweet - Medusa
The Sweet - Love Is Like Oxygen (extended)
The Sweet - X Ray Specs
T. Rex - To Know You Is to Love You (To Know Him Is to Love Him)
T. Rex - The Prettiest Star (by David Bowie)
T. Rex - Sound Pit (Parts 1 & 2)
T. Rex - Planet Queen (work in progress)
T. Rex - You've Got to Jive to Stay Alive - Spanish Midnight
T. Rex - The T. Rex Electric Warrior Interview
T. Rex - King of the Mountain Cometh (B-Side)
T. Rex - You Scare Me To Death
T. Rex - The King of the Mountain Cometh (B-Side)
Tagada Jones - Descente aux enfers -
Tagada Jones - Les chars d'assaut -
Tagada Jones - Le moins que rien -
Tagada Jones - Les connards -
Tagada Jones - Les nerfs à vif -
Tagada Jones - Lutter -
T. Rex - The Children of Rarn Suite
T. Rex - Beltane Walk (Backing Track, Mixed for BBC radio One club)
T. Rex - Cat Black (The Wizards Hat)
Syreeta - Move It, Do It
Syreeta - You Set My Love in Motion
Syreeta - Just a Little Piece of You
Syreeta - I Wanna Be by Your Side
Syreeta - Universal Sound of the World (Your Kiss Is Sweet)
Syreeta - She's Leaving Home
Talib Kweli feat. Kendra Ross - Won't You Stay
Tamba Trio - Mas Que Nada
Tamba Trio - O Samba da Minha Terra
Tamba Trio - O Barquinho
Tamba Trio - Influencia Do Jazz
Tamba Trio - O Morro nao Tem Vez
Tamba Trio - Nos E O Mar
Tamba Trio - Batucada
Tamba Trio - Tristeza de Nós Bois
Tamba Trio - Imagem
Tamba Trio - Quem Quizer Encontrar O Amor
T.I. feat. Rihanna - Live Your Life (clean)
Syreeta - Forever Is Not Enough
Syreeta - With You I'm Born Again (With Billy Preston)
Syreeta - Love Fire
Tabletom - El vampiro
Tabletom - A Veces Pienso
Tabletom - No tengo ná
Tabletom - Malaga
The Sweet - Summer in the City
The Sweet - The First Cut Is the Deepest
Sztywny Pal Azji - Spotkanie z...
Sztywny Pal Azji - Budujemy grób dla faraona
Sztywny Pal Azji - ...póki młodość w nas
Sztywny Pal Azji - Nieprzemakalni (I)
Sztywny Pal Azji - To jest nasza kultura
Sztywny Pal Azji - Przybycie Makbeta
Sztywny Pal Azji - Wieża radości, wieża samotności
Sztywny Pal Azji - Drag Queen
Sztywny Pal Azji - Przepraszam
Sztywny Pal Azji - Do you love me
Sztywny Pal Azji - Krakowscy artyści
Sztywny Pal Azji - Polscy chłopcy
Sztywny Pal Azji - Kissinsky
Sztywny Pal Azji - Kolor Czerwony
Sztywny Pal Azji - Nieprzemakalni
Sztywny Pal Azji - Kochałem Cię
Sztywny Pal Azji - Nie zmieni? ?wiata
The Sweet - She Gimme Lovin’
The Sweet - Yesterday's Hero
The Sweet - Log One (That Girl)
The Sweet - Where Do We Go From Here
The Sweet - Galaxy
The Sweet - Galaxy (TV Theme)
T.O.K. - Solid as a Rock
T.O.K. - She's Hotter
T.O.K. - Wah Gwaan
T.O.K. - Weak
T.O.K. feat. Bounty Killer - Man Ah Bad Man
T.O.K. - Chi-Chi Man
T.O.K. - Money 2 Burn
T.O.K. - Keep It Blazing
T.O.K. - Eagles Cry
T.O.K. - Guardian Angel
T.O.K. - I Wanna Love You
T.O.K. - Everybody Bounce
T.O.K. - Gal You A Lead
T.O.K. - Gal Yu a Lead
T.O.K. - Cree
T.O.K. - She’s Hotter
Lauri Tähkä - Syyskuun kyy
Lauri Tähkä - Polte
Lauri Tähkä - Myrsky
Lauri Tähkä - Pieni ihminen
Lauri Tähkä - Päästin sinut irti
Lauri Tähkä - Vielä olet suruton
Lauri Tähkä - Rakastuin taas
Lauri Tähkä - Riittää meille päiviä
Lauri Tähkä - Saat syttymään
Lauri Tähkä - Jos sä tahdot vain niin
Lauri Tähkä - Orjanruusu
Lauri Tähkä - Puolikas
Lauri Tähkä - Hessa
Lauri Tähkä - Tulkoon mitä vaan
Lauri Tähkä - Hurmaan
Lauri Tähkä - Kesä eletään
Davide Swarup - Mooie Dani
Sweet Little Band - The Unforgiven
Sweet Little Band - Don't cry
Sweet Little Band - Yesterdays
Sweet Little Band - November Rain
Sweet Little Band - Sweet Child of Mine
The Sweet - Be With You Soon
The Sweet - Keep It on
Suko - A veces
Suko - Pa que soñar
Karel Svoboda - Šašek a Adriana
Daniel Hůlka - Nespravedlivý Bůh
Karel Svoboda - Dehibernace
Karel Svoboda - Snový soud
T & Sugah - Get Mad
The Sweet - Wait 'Til The Morning Comes
The Sweet - Action 1
The Sweet - Air on a Tape Loop
The Sweet - Love Is Like Oxigen
Petr Kolář - Přísahám
Frédéric Talgorn - Story of Love
Switchblade Symphony - Bad Trash
Switchblade Symphony - Dissolve
Switchblade Symphony - Wallflower
Switchblade Symphony - Wrecking Yard
Switchblade Symphony - Clown
Switchblade Symphony - Cocoon
Switchblade Symphony - Dollhouse
Switchblade Symphony - Sweet
Switchblade Symphony - Mine Eyes
Switchblade Symphony - Dirty Dog
Switchblade Symphony - Roller Coaster
Switchblade Symphony - Situation #58
Switchblade Symphony - Sleep
Switchblade Symphony - Funnel
Switchblade Symphony - Insect
Switchblade Symphony - Rampid
Switchblade Symphony - Situation #9
Switchblade Symphony - Sheep
Switchblade Symphony - Invisible
Switchblade Symphony - Naked Birthday
Switchblade Symphony - Copycat
T-Love - The Reel Love
T-Love - Wanna-Beez
T-Love - Long Way Back
Iveta Bartošová - Tři oříšky
Karel Gott & Daniel Hůlka - Souznění
Leona Machálková - Lásko má, já stůňu
Iveta Bartošová - Můj Monte Cristo
Sweet Little Band - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Switchblade Symphony - Night Shift
Switchblade Symphony - Blue
Switchblade Symphony - Waiting Room
The Sweet - Getting in the Mood for Love
The Sweet - Tell the Truth
The Sweet - Own Up
The Sweet - Too Much Talking
The Sweet - Thank You for Loving Me
The Sweet - At Midnight
The Sweet - Hot Shot Gambler
The Sweet - Sweetlife
The Sweet - Do It All Over Again
The Sweet - Leap of Faith
The Sweet - You're Crazy
The Sweet - Never Say Forever
The Sweet - Airheads!
The Sweet - So Far So Good
The Sweet - Everybody Wants to Be Someone
The Sweet - Neon Psychedelia
The Sweet - Need a Lot of Lovin
The Sweet - Rock And Roll Disgrace
The Sweet - Air on 'A' Loop
The Sweet - Midnigt to Daylight
The Sweet - Silver Bird
The Sweet - Done Me Wrong All Night
The Sweet - New York Groove
The Sweet - Join Together
The Sweet - You Spin Me Right Round
The Sweet - Gold on the Ceiling
The Sweet - Co - Co
The Sweet - Fox on the Run (demo)
The Sweet - Burning & someone else will (live´73)
The Sweet - Reach Out (I'll Be There)
The Sweet - Done Me Wrong Allright
The Sweet - Why Don’t You Do It to Me
The Sweet - Pepermint Twist
Tangga - Proloque
Tangga - Cinta Tak Pernah Salah
Tangga - Kesempatan Kedua
Tangga - O..Teganya
Tangga - Run Tita Run
Tangga - Je Veux Qu'on Me
Tangga - Be My Wife
Tangga - Ah
Tangga - Rayakan
Tangga - Dari Sisi Aku
Tangga - Berakhir Dengan Cinta
Tangga - Jurus Terjitu
Tangga - Cinta Begini
Tangga - Simple Love
Tangga - Bukan Dia Yang Kuinginkan
Tangga - My Sweetest Enemy (OMG)
Tangga - Insert - Usai Di Sini
Tangga - Usai Di Sini
Tangga - Cinta Berbatas Keadaan
Tangga - Jangan Tolak Aku
Tangga - Mamanya
Tangga - Terbaik Untukmu
Tangga - Kata Hati
Tangga - Tanpamu
Tangga - Ajariku Rahasiamu
Tangga - Menyerah Saja
Tangga - Sudah
Tangga - Kisah Terindah
Tangga - Salah
Tangga - Senyum Pada Dunia
Tangga - Akhir Yang Indah
Tangga - Let's Go (Insert)
Tangga - Mabuk Kepayang
Tangga - Cinta Tak Mungkin Berhenti
Tangga - Kembali Ke Jakarta
Tangga - Satu Bendera
Tangga - Berawal Dari Mata (Insert)
Tangga - Memang Harus Kamu
Tangga - Karena Terbiasa
Tangga - Antibiotik
Tangga - Rap Ayo Rap (Insert)
Tangga - Sephia
Tangga - Utuh
Tangga - Pelangi
Tangga - Dimana Bidadariku
Tamia - Interlude
Tamia - Dear John
Tamia - Go
Tamia - Love Me in a Special Way
Tamia - Long Distance Love
Tamia - Stranger in My House
Tamia - Wanna Be
Tamia - Can’t No Man
Tamia - Tell Me Who
Tamia - If I Were You
Tamia - Lose My Mind
Tamia - Give Me You
Tamia - It's Not Fair
Tamia - Believe in Love
Tamia - Beautiful Surprise
Tamia - Him
Tamia - Still Love You
Tamia - Still
Tamia - The Way I Love You
Tamia - Happy
Tamia - Almost
Tamia - Too Grown for That
Tamia - Can't Get Enough of You
Tamia - Last First Kiss
Tamia - Why Can't It Be?
Tamia - When a Woman
Tamia - Become Us
Tamia - Have to Go Through It
Tamia - Please Protect My Heart
Tamia - Love and I
Tamia - Love Falls Over Me
Tamia - Chaise Lounge
Tamia - Sandwich and a Soda
Tamia - Lipstick
Tamia - Like You Do
Tamia - Stuck With Me
Tamia - Day One
Tamia - Black Butterfly
Tamia - You Give Me Something
Tamia - Rise
Sweet Little Band - Born to Be My Baby
Barbra Streisand - Woman in Love
Barbra Streisand - Run Wild
Barbra Streisand - Promises
Barbra Streisand - The Love Inside
Barbra Streisand - Life Story
Barbra Streisand - Never Give Up
Barbra Streisand - Make It Like a Memory
Barbra Streisand - Evergreen (Love Theme From “A Star Is Born”)
Barbra Streisand - The Way We Were
Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
Barbra Streisand - Don't Rain on My Parade
Barbra Streisand - Stranger in a Strange Land
Barbra Streisand - I've Dreamed of You
Barbra Streisand - Send in the Clowns
Barbra Streisand - Somewhere
Barbra Streisand - A Christmas Love Song
Barbra Streisand - I Remember
Barbra Streisand - It Must Have Been the Mistletoe
Barbra Streisand - Christmas Lullaby
Barbra Streisand - Christmas Mem’ries
Barbra Streisand - Grown-Up Christmas List
Barbra Streisand - Closer
Barbra Streisand - Jingle Bells?
Barbra Streisand - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Barbra Streisand - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
Barbra Streisand - White Christmas
Barbra Streisand - The Best Gift
Barbra Streisand - Gounod’s Ave Maria
Barbra Streisand - O Little Town of Bethlehem
Barbra Streisand - I Wonder as I Wander
Barbra Streisand - The Lord’s Prayer
Sunbeam - Outside World
Tamia - On My Way
Tamia - More
Tamia - Officially Missing You
Tamia - Questions
Tamia - Whispers
Tamia - I’m Yours Lately
Tamia - Smile
Tamia - Poetry
Tamia - Mr. Cool
Tamia - Why Ask Why
Tamia - Tomorrow
Tamia - Imagination
Tamia - Never Gonna Let You Go
Tamia - Falling for You
Tamia - Show Me Love
Tamia - Rain on Me
Tamia - Is That You?
Tamia - Who Do You Tell?
Tamia - Gotta Move On
Tamia - This Time It’s Love
Tamia - Loving You Still
Tamia - You Put a Move on My Heart
Tamia - It's a Party
Tamia - Can't Go for That
Tamia - Un'h... To You
Tamia - Into You
Tamia - Can't Get Enough
Tamia - Daydreamin
Tamia - Love & I
Tamia - Officially Missing You (Rizzo Sexy radio)
Tamia - So Into You (a cappella)
Tamia - Loving You Stilll
Jaded Sun - Breaking Through
Barbra Streisand with Barry Gibb - Come Tomorrow
Barbra Streisand - Hideaway
Barbra Streisand - It's Up to You
Barbra Streisand - Night of My Life
Barbra Streisand with Barry Gibb - Above the Law
Barbra Streisand - Without Your Love
Barbra Streisand - All the Children
Barbra Streisand - Golden Dawn
Barbra Streisand - (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
Barbra Streisand - Letting Go
Barbra Streisand - Moon River
Barbra Streisand - I'm in the Mood for Love
Barbra Streisand - Wild Is the Wind
Barbra Streisand - Emily
Barbra Streisand - More in Love With You
Barbra Streisand - But Beautiful
Barbra Streisand - The Second Time Around
Barbra Streisand - Goodbye for Now
Barbra Streisand - You're Gonna Hear From Me
Barbra Streisand - Putting It Together
Barbra Streisand - If I Loved You
Barbra Streisand - Something's Coming
Barbra Streisand - Being Alive
Barbra Streisand - I Have Dreamed / We Kiss in a Shadow / Something Wonderful
Barbra Streisand - Pretty Women / The Ladies Who Lunch
Barbra Streisand - I Loves You Porgy / Porgy, I's Your Woman Now (Bess, You Is My Woman)
Barbra Streisand - I Know Him So Well
Barbra Streisand - Evergreen
Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb - What Kind of Fool
Barbra Streisand - Happy Days Are Here Again
Tältprojektet - Aldrig mera krig
Tältprojektet - Vi äro tusenden...
Samuel Tai - Don't Say Goodbye
Samuel Tai - 1920
Sweet Little Band - Bicho de ciudad
Sweet Little Band - La hormiguita
Sweet Little Band - Ando ganas (llora, llora)
Sweet Little Band - Alejandro
Sweet Little Band - Warning Sing
Sweet Little Band - Todo pasa
Barbra Streisand - I Believe / You'll Never Walk Alone
Barbra Streisand - Higher Ground
Barbra Streisand - At the Same Time
Barbra Streisand - On Holy Ground
Barbra Streisand - If I Could
Barbra Streisand - Circle
Barbra Streisand - The Water is Wide / Deep River
Barbra Streisand - Leading With Your Heart
Barbra Streisand - Lessons to Be Learned
Barbra Streisand - You'll Never Know (1955)
Barbra Streisand - Miss Marmelstein
Barbra Streisand - I Hate Music
Barbra Streisand - Nobody's Heart (Belongs to Me)
Barbra Streisand - Cry Me a River
Barbra Streisand - Second Hand Rose (Barbra's mother) / My Name Is Barbra (Act II medley): Second Hand Rose / Give Me t
Barbra Streisand - You Wanna Bet
Barbra Streisand with Ray Charles - Cryin' Time
Barbra Streisand - A Quiet Thing / There Won't Be Trumpets
Barbra Streisand - Between Yesterday and Tomorrow
Barbra Streisand - Papa, Can You Hear Me? (demo)
Barbra Streisand - You'll Never Know (duet)
Barbra Streisand - Comin’ in and Out of Your Life
Barbra Streisand - Someone That I Used to Love
Barbra Streisand - By the Way
Barbra Streisand - Isn't It a Pity?
Barbra Streisand - The Island
Barbra Streisand - We Must Be Loving Right
Barbra Streisand - If I Never Met You
Barbra Streisand - It Must Be You
Barbra Streisand - Just One Lifetime
Barbra Streisand - If I Didn't Love You
Barbra Streisand - Wait
Barbra Streisand - The Music That Makes Me Dance
TIGERBERRY - Lost Holiday
The Tangent - Up-Hill From Here
The Tangent - A Crisis in Mid-Life
The Tangent - Lost in London (25 Years Later)
The Tangent - The Ethernet
The Tangent - Not as Good as the Book
The Tangent - A Sale of Two Souls
The Tangent - Bat Out of Basildon
The Tangent - The Full Gamut
The Tangent - The Winning Game
The Tangent - Photosynthesis
The Tangent - The World We Drive Through
The Tangent - A Gap in the Night
The Tangent - The Mind's Eye
The Tangent - Shoot Them Down
The Tangent - Tech Support Guy
Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party - Antidote (Swedish House Mafia dub)
The Tangent - Down and Out: I) Perdu dans Paris
The Tangent - In Earnest
The Tangent - Lost in London
The Tangent - A Spark in the Aether
The Tangent - Clearing the Attic
The Tangent - The Celluloid Road
The Tangent - DIY Surgery
The Tangent - Follow Your Leaders
The Tangent - The Sun in My Eyes
Barbra Streisand - Some Enchanted Evening
Barbra Streisand - Everybody Says Don’t
Barbra Streisand - Speak Low
Barbra Streisand - Children Will Listen
Barbra Streisand - The Man I Love
Barbra Streisand - Move On
Barbra Streisand - Nice ‘n’ Easy / That Face
Barbra Streisand - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Barbra Streisand - Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long
Barbra Streisand - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
Barbra Streisand - The Way We Were / Through the Eyes of Love
Barbra Streisand - Rose’s Turn / Some People / Don’t Rain on My Parade
Barbra Streisand with Chris Botti - Lost Inside of You
Barbra Streisand - Here’s to Life
Barbra Streisand - I Remember Barbra #1
Barbra Streisand - Make Our Garden Grow
Barbra Streisand - Some Other Time (intro)
Barbra Streisand - Beautiful
Barbra Streisand - I Never Meant to Hurt You
Barbra Streisand - Space Captain
Barbra Streisand - Since I Fell for You
Barbra Streisand - I Mean to Shine
Barbra Streisand - You've Got a Friend
Barbra Streisand - Piano Practicing
Barbra Streisand - I Got Rhythm
Barbra Streisand - Johnny One Note / One Note Samba
Barbra Streisand - Glad to Be Unhappy
Barbra Streisand - Second Hand Rose
Barbra Streisand - Monologue
Barbra Streisand - Come Back to Me
Barbra Streisand - Lied: Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen
Barbra Streisand - The World Is a Concerto / Make Your Own Kind of Music
The Tangent - Paroxetine 20mg
The Tangent - In Darkest Dreams
The Tangent - The Canterbury Sequence
The Tangent - Four Egos One War
The Tangent - Everyman's Forgotten Monday
The Tangent - Codpieces and Capes
Svensk Pop - Lyckopiller
Svensk Pop - Hon bor i Farsta
Svensk Pop - Väljandet
Svensk Pop - Kramas
Svensk Pop - Princessan Madeleine
Svensk Pop - VM-låten
Svensk Pop - Spriten & livsglädjen
Svensk Pop - Sjyrra Gud!
Svensk Pop - IKEA
Svensk Pop - Hon ska bli min!
Svensk Pop - Tillsvidare
Svensk Pop - Jag slog ihjäl min älsklings nya älskling
Svensk Pop - Min tjej
Svensk Pop - Glasslåten
Svensk Pop - Jag har en jättesnäll storebror
Svensk Pop - Om ja hitta en bulle
Svensk Pop - Alla e desperata
Svensk Pop - Kärleken vinner till slut
Svensk Pop - Discokung
Svensk Pop - Sången om alla tjejerna
Svensk Pop - Poptjejer
Svensk Pop - Undervattenslåt
Svensk Pop - Trummaskin
Svensk Pop - Du e snygg & ja e smart
Svensk Pop - Servitriser
Svensk Pop - Cykla runt!
Svensk Pop - Ellen
Svensk Pop - Bubblare
Svensk Pop - Blåa jumpaskor
Svensk Pop - Camilla & Daniel
Svensk Pop - Vill du va' min mandarin?
Svensk Pop - En Kärleksballad
Svensk Pop - 17 år och kär
Barbra Streisand - How Much of the Dream Comes True
Barbra Streisand - The Kind of Man a Woman Needs
Barbra Streisand - My Lord and Master
Barbra Streisand - Gotta Move
Barbra Streisand - Medley
Barbra Streisand - One Kiss
Barbra Streisand - C'est si bon (It's So Good)
Barbra Streisand - Where Am I Going?
Barbra Streisand - Starting Here, Starting Now
Barbra Streisand - Emotion
Barbra Streisand - Best I Could
Barbra Streisand - Left in the Dark
Barbra Streisand - Heart Don’t Change My Mind
Barbra Streisand - When I Dream
Barbra Streisand - You’re a Step in the Right Direction
Barbra Streisand - Clear Sailing
Barbra Streisand - Here We Are at Last
Barbra Streisand with Anne Hathaway & Daisy Ridley - At the Ballet (from A Chorus Line)
Barbra Streisand - Loving You (from Passion)
Barbra Streisand - Any Moment Now (from Smile)
Barbra Streisand - I’ll Be Seeing You / I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face (from Right This Way / My Fair Lady)
T.A.N.K. - From the Straight and Narrow
T.A.N.K. - Blood Relation feat. Björn Strid
Adam Swink - Save Me
Barbra Streisand - What Now My Love
Barbra Streisand - Ma première chanson
Barbra Streisand - Le Mur
Barbra Streisand - I Wish You Love
Barbra Streisand - Speak to Me of Love
Barbra Streisand - Love and Learn
Barbra Streisand - Once Upon a Summertime
Barbra Streisand - Martina
Barbra Streisand - I've Been Here
Barbra Streisand - Sing / Make Your Own Kind of Music
Barbra Streisand - On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
Barbra Streisand - Sweet Inspiration / Where You Lead
Barbra Streisand - Stoney End
Barbra Streisand - Sing / Happy Days Are Here Again
Barbra Streisand - Funny Girl Broadway Overture
Barbra Streisand - Opening Remarks
Barbra Streisand - Down With Love
Barbra Streisand - Songwriting (dialogue)
Barbra Streisand - Come Rain or Come Shine
Barbra Streisand - People (dialogue)
Barbra Streisand - Carefully Taught / Children Will Listen
Barbra Streisand - What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
Barbra Streisand - (Have I Stayed) Too Long at the Fair?
Barbra Streisand - William Saroyan (dialogue)
Barbra Streisand - Somewhere (dialogue)
Barbra Streisand - Here's to Life
Barbra Streisand - Gentle Rain
Barbra Streisand - If You Go Away (Ne me quitte pas)
Barbra Streisand - Make Someone Happy
Barbra Streisand - Where Do You Start?
Barbra Streisand - A Time for Love
Barbra Streisand - Here's That Rainy Day
Barbra Streisand - Love Dance
Barbra Streisand - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Barbra Streisand - You Must Believe in Spring
The Sweetest Ache - Tell Me How It Feels
Tango Negro Trio - El choclo
Barbra Streisand - My Name Is Barbara
Barbra Streisand - A Kid Again / I'm Five
Barbra Streisand - Where Is the Wonder
Barbra Streisand - I Can See It
Barbra Streisand - Someone to Watch Over Me
Barbra Streisand - If You Were the Only Boy in the World
Barbra Streisand - The Shadow of Your Smile
Barbra Streisand - Quiet Night
Barbra Streisand - I Got Plenty of Nothin'
Barbra Streisand - All That I Want
Barbra Streisand - Where's That Rainbow?
Barbra Streisand - No More Songs for Me
Barbra Streisand - Medley: Second Hand Rose / Give Me the Simple Life / I Got Plenty of Nothin' / Brother Can You Spare
Barbra Streisand with Michael Bublé - It Had to Be You
Barbra Streisand with Stevie Wonder - People
Barbra Streisand with John Mayer - Come Rain or Come Shine
Barbra Streisand with Lionel Richie - The Way We Were
Barbra Streisand with Andrea Bocelli - I Still Can See Your Face
Barbra Streisand with John Legend - What Kind of Fool
Barbra Streisand with Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender
Barbra Streisand with Babyface - Lost Inside of You
Barbra Streisand - Absent Minded Me
Barbra Streisand - When in Rome (I Do as the Romans Do)
Barbra Streisand - Fine and Dandy
Barbra Streisand - Will He Like Me
Barbra Streisand - How Does the Wine Taste?
Barbra Streisand - Autumn
Barbra Streisand - Love Is a Bore
Tag Team - Oweeo
Tag Team - Whoomp! There It Is
Barbra Streisand - Being Good Isn't Good Enough (from Hallelujah, Baby!)
Barbra Streisand - Didn't We
Barbra Streisand - Try to Win a Friend
Barbra Streisand - I Think It's Going to Rain Today
Barbra Streisand - Mother and Child
Barbra Streisand - Home (from The Wiz)
Barbra Streisand - A Man I Loved
Barbra Streisand - I Don't Break Easily
Barbra Streisand - Love Breakdown
Barbra Streisand - You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Barbra Streisand - Honey Can I Put on Your Clothes
Barbra Streisand - One More Night
Barbra Streisand - Deep in the Night
Barbra Streisand - Songbird
Barbra Streisand - Superman
Barbra Streisand - Don't Believe What You Read
Barbra Streisand - Baby Me Baby
Barbra Streisand - I Found You Love
Barbra Streisand - My Heart Belongs to Me
Barbra Streisand - Cabin Fever
Barbra Streisand - Love Comes From Unexpected Places
Barbra Streisand - New York State of Mind
Barbra Streisand - Lullaby for Myself
Barbra Streisand - My Honey’s Loving Arms
Barbra Streisand - Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now
Barbra Streisand - Much More
Barbra Streisand - Come to the Supermarket (in Old Peking)
Susie Tallman & Friends - Alouette
Susie Tallman & Friends - I'm a Little Teapot
Susie Tallman & Friends - Pat-A-Cake
Susie Tallman & Friends - Hickory Dickory Dock
Jubilant Sykes - John the Revelator
Jubilant Sykes - Today
Barbra Streisand - Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
Barbra Streisand - Who Will Buy?
Barbra Streisand - When the Sun Comes Out
Barbra Streisand - Lover, Come Back to Me
Barbra Streisand - I Stayed Too Long at the Fair
Barbra Streisand - Like a Straw in the Wind
Barbra Streisand - Wet
Barbra Streisand - Splish Splash
Barbra Streisand - On Rainy Afternoons
Barbra Streisand - Niagara
Barbra Streisand - I Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight
Barbra Streisand - Kiss Me In The Rain
Sziámi - Apokalipszis itt és most
Sziámi - Kicsi, kicsiszolt kő
Sziámi - Csak a változás
Barbra Streisand with Kris Kristofferson - Lost Inside of You
Barbra Streisand with Don Johnson - Till I Loved You
Barbra Streisand with Vince Gill - If You Ever Leave Me
Barbra Streisand with Harold Arlen - Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
Barbra Streisand with Josh Groban - All I Know of Love
Barbra Streisand - Evergreen (Love Theme from "A Star Is Born")
Barbra Streisand - Guilty
Barbra Streisand - Being at War With Each Other
Barbra Streisand - I've Never Been a Woman Before
Barbra Streisand - Medley: My Buddy / How About Me
Syrach - Curse the Souls
Syrach - Semper Ardens
Sziámi - Világegyetemista
Barbra Streisand - Queen Bee
Barbra Streisand - Everything
Barbra Streisand & Kris Kristofferson - Lost Inside of You
Kris Kristofferson - Hellacious Acres
Barbra Streisand - The Woman in the Moon
Barbra Streisand - I Believe in Love
Barbra Streisand - Finale: With One More Look at You / Watch Closely Now
Barbra Streisand - I Don’t Know Where I Stand
Barbra Streisand - Hands Off the Man (Flim Flam Man)
Barbra Streisand - Let Me Go
Barbra Streisand - Time and Love
Barbra Streisand - Free the People
Barbra Streisand - Love Is Like a New Born Child
Suite Soprano - Sabato
Suite Soprano - Tainted
Suite Soprano - Sabor a nada
Suite Soprano - La larga marcha
Suite Soprano - Crucificado
Suite Soprano - Love U Mama
Suite Soprano - Wow
Suite Soprano - Suave
Suite Soprano - Empíreo
Suite Soprano - Blue Baby Blue
Suite Soprano - Cómo hemos cambiado
Suite Soprano con Cheb Rubën - Triclinio
Suite Soprano - Internacional
Suite Soprano - Caja de los truenos
Suite Soprano - Todo para ti
Suite Soprano - Lunedi
Suite Soprano - Nada más lejos
Suite Soprano - Soprano Files
Suite Soprano - Cartas desde dentro
Suite Soprano - Mierda sticky
Suite Soprano - Relax
Suite Soprano - Algo de amor
Suite Soprano - Escribas de culto
Suite Soprano - This Dude
Suite Soprano con Cheb Rubën - Perdidos
Suite Soprano - Ayer y mañana
Suite Soprano - Perdidos
Takáts Eszter - Hazug lepedő
Taemin - Ace
Taemin - Experience
Taemin - Guess Who
Taemin - Drip Drop
Taemin - One By One
Taemin - Sexuality
Taemin - Press Your Number
Taemin - Soldier
Taemin - Mystery Lover
Barbra Streisand - Love Theme from "Eyes of Laura Mars" (Prisoner)
Barbra Streisand - Love in the Afternoon
Barbra Streisand - Jubilation
Barbra Streisand - Simple Man
Barbra Streisand - Life on Mars
Barbra Streisand - Since I Don't Have You
Barbra Streisand - Crying Time
Barbra Streisand - Let the Good Times Roll
Barbra Streisand - Verschwiegene Liebe
Barbra Streisand - Après un rêve
Barbra Streisand - Lascia ch'io pianga (from Rinaldo)
Barbra Streisand - Mondnacht
Barbra Streisand - Dank sei Dir, Herr
Barbra Streisand - I Loved You
Tamoto - Beware
Tamoto - Make a Move
Tamoto - Rollin'
Tamoto - Orange
Tamoto - On the Run
Tamoto - Never Let Me Down Again
Tamoto - This Is the End
Tamoto - Rockshit
Barbra Streisand - My Father's Song
Barbra Streisand - My Funny Valentine
Barbra Streisand - Alfie
Barbra Streisand - More Than You Know
Barbra Streisand - Taking a Chance on Love
Barbra Streisand - Lazy Afternoon
Barbra Streisand - Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)
Barbra Streisand - Letters That Cross in the Mail
Barbra Streisand - Moanin' Low
Barbra Streisand - A Child Is Born
Barbra Streisand - Soon It's Gonna Rain
String Driven Thing - Heartfeeder
String Driven Thing - The House
String Driven Thing - The Machine That Cried
String Driven Thing - Let Me Down
String Driven Thing - Circus
Tales of Terror - Hound Dog
Tales of Terror - Possession
Tales of Terror - Evil
Tales of Terror - 13
Tales of Terror - Romance
Tales of Terror - Over Elvis Worship
Tales of Terror - Tales of Terror
Tales of Terror - Jim
Tales of Terror - Chambers of Horror
Tales of Terror - Ozzy
State of Emergency - Game Time
State of Emergency - Back to the Basics
Sweet Diva - Fan Fanfare!!!
System F - Spread Your Wings
Tall Stories - Wild on the Run
Tall Stories - Stay With Me
Tall Stories - Somewhere She Waits
Sunset Strings - Beyond the Sunset
Barbra Streisand - When Sunny Gets Blue
Barbra Streisand - The Boy Next Door
Barbra Streisand - Stout-Hearted Men
Barbra Streisand - On My Way to You
Hansi Süssenbach - Champagner auf meiner Seele
Hansi Süssenbach - Schließ ganz einfach die Tür
Hansi Süssenbach - Du hast mich voll erwischt
Hansi Süssenbach - Geschenkt ist noch zu teuer
Świetliki i Linda - Olifant
Barbra Streisand - Just in Time
Barbra Streisand - It Had to Be You
Barbra Streisand - The Places You Find Love
Barbra Streisand - Love Light
Barbra Streisand - You and Me for Always
Barbra Streisand - What Were We Thinking Of
Barbra Streisand - Some Good Things Never Last
Barbra Streisand - One More Time Around
Barbra Streisand - I'm the Greatest Star / Second Hand Rose / Don't Rain on My Parade (medley)
Barbra Streisand with Lauren Frost - A Piece of Sky
Barbra Streisand - Happy Days Are Here Again / Get Happy (with Judy Garland) / Guilty (with Barry Gibb) / I Finally Fou
Barbra Streisand - Sing (with Jason Gould) / I've Got a Crush on You (with Frank Sinatra)
Barbra Streisand - The Clicker Blues
Barbra Streisand - Simple Pleasures
Barbra Streisand - What About Today?
Barbra Streisand - Ask Yourself Why
Barbra Streisand - Honey Pie
Barbra Streisand - Little Tin Soldier
Barbra Streisand - With a Little Help From My Friends
Barbra Streisand - Goodnight
Surface to Air Missive - The Heat
John Tams - Written in the Book
John Tams - Safe House
John Tams - Amelia
John Tams - Whole New Vision
John Tams - From Where I Lie / Sheepcounting
John Tams - Spanish Bride
John Tams - Harry Stone (Hearts of Coal)
Barbra Streisand - The Windmills of Your Mind
Barbra Streisand - Solitary Moon
Barbra Streisand - Alone in the World
Barbra Streisand - So Many Stars
Barbra Streisand - The Same Hello, The Same Goodbye
Barbra Streisand - I'll Never Say Goodbye
Barbra Streisand - What Matters Most
Barbra Streisand - Hellacious Acres
Barbra Streisand - Crippled Crow
Barbra Streisand - The Main Event/Fight
Barbra Streisand - Tell Him
Barbra Streisand - My Name Is Barbra
Barbra Streisand - Why Did I Choose You?
Barbra Streisand - What Kind of Fool
Barbra Streisand - Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again
Barbra Streisand - Cryin' Time
Barbra Streisand - Come Tomorrow
Barbra Streisand - Without Your Love (Along the Way)
Barbra Streisand - The Music of the Night
Barbra Streisand - Lover Man
Barbra Streisand - Therapist Dialogue #1
Barbra Streisand - Therapist Dialogue #2
Barbra Streisand - Therapist Dialogue #3
Barbra Streisand - Disney Medley
Barbra Streisand - I'll Tell the Man in the Street
Barbra Streisand - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Barbra Streisand - If You Ever Leave Me
Barbra Streisand - One Less Bell to Answer/A House Is Not a Home
Barbra Streisand - We're Not Makin' Love Anymore
Barbra Streisand - All I Ask of You (From the Phantom of the Opera)
Barbra Streisand - I'll Be Home for Christmas
Barbra Streisand - Ave Maria
Barbra Streisand - I Believe / Somewhere
Barbra Streisand - Bon Soir: Keepin' Out of Mischief Now
Barbra Streisand - (I Had Myself a) True Love
Barbra Streisand - My Honey's Lovin' Arms
Barbra Streisand - Be My Guest
Barbra Streisand - I'm the Greatest Star (From ''Funny Girl'' - Broadway)
Barbra Streisand - My Man / Auld Lang Syne (From ''Funny Girl'' - Broadway)
Barbra Streisand - A Good Man Is Hard to Find / Some of These Days (from ''Belle of 14th Street'')
Barbra Streisand - I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (from ''Belle of 14th Street'')
Barbra Streisand - The Singer
Barbra Streisand - I Can Do It
Barbra Streisand - (They Long to Be) Close to You
Barbra Streisand - You're the Top (From ''What's Up Doc?'')
Barbra Streisand - Can You Tell the Moment?
Barbra Streisand - Evergreen (demo - soundtrack version - From ''A Star Is Born'')
Barbra Streisand - 1977 Academy Awards
Barbra Streisand - Hatikvah (from ''The Stars Salute Israel at 30")
Barbra Streisand - The Way We Weren't
Barbra Streisand - The Moon and I
Barbra Streisand - Claude Debussy: Beau Soir
Barbra Streisand - Joseph Canteloube: Brezairola (from Songs ot the Auvergne)
Barbra Streisand - Hugo Wolf: Verschwiegene Liebe
Barbra Streisand - Carl Orff: In Trutina (from Carmina Burana)
Barbra Streisand - George Frideric Handel: Lascia ch'io pianga (from Rinaldo)
Barbra Streisand - Robert Schumann: Mondnacht
Barbra Streisand - Claus Ogerman: I Loved You
Barbra Streisand - No More Tears
Barbra Streisand - I Won't Be the One to Let Go
Barbra Streisand - I Have A Love / One Hand One Heart
Barbra Streisand - All I Know of Love
Barbra Streisand - I'll Be Home
Barbra Streisand - I'm Still Here / Everbody Says Don't / Don't Rain on My Parade
Barbra Streisand - Ballad Of The Garment Trade
Barbra Streisand - What Are They Doing To Us?
Barbra Streisand - The Main Event / Fight (with Bob Esty) [Short Version]
Barbra Streisand - The Main Event (with Paul Jabara) [Ballad Version]
Barbra Streisand - When In Rome (Do As The Romans Do)
Barbra Streisand - I Believe, Somewhere
Barbra Streisand - As Time Goes By, Speak Low (Medley)
Barbra Streisand - When You Gotta Go / In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
Barbra Streisand - He Could Show Me
Barbra Streisand - Being Good Isn't Good Enough
Barbra Streisand - In trutina (from Carmina Burana)
Barbra Streisand - I Like Him
Barbra Streisand - Before the Parade Passes By
Barbra Streisand - (Have I Stayed) Too Long at the Fair / Look at That Face
Barbra Streisand - Auf dem Wasser zu singen, D.774
Barbra Streisand - I Am Woman
Barbra Streisand - An Sylvia, D.891
Barbra Streisand - Our Corner of the Night
Barbra Streisand - Theme from Nuts (end credits)
Barbra Streisand - 1965 Emmy Awards
Barbra Streisand - I'd Want It to Be You
Barbra Streisand - I Still Can See Your Face
Barbra Streisand - I’ve Got a Crush on You
Barbra Streisand - God Bless America
Barbra Streisand - Take Me to the World
Barbra Streisand - The Best Thing That Ever Has Happened
Barbra Streisand - Anything You Can Do
Barbra Streisand - At the Ballet
Barbra Streisand - Climb Ev’ry Mountain
Barbra Streisand - Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) with Anthony Newley (from The Road of The Greasepaint, The
Barbra Streisand - Any Moment Now with Hugh Jackman (from Smile)
Barbra Streisand - Ordinary Miracles (studio)
Street Cleaner - City Connection
Sweet Ascent - If Life Could Just Move On
Sweet Ascent - Oh... Love
Sweet Ascent - Fed Up
Sweet Ascent - Last Summer
Sweet Ascent - Across the Room
Sweet Ascent - The Moment I Knew That I Need You
Heinz Strunk - Computerfreak
Heinz Strunk - Willen und Knochen, beides gebrochen
Heinz Strunk - Der Pate
Heinz Strunk - Die Sonne knallte
Tanooki Suit - Lordvessel
Tanooki Suit - Oh, My Stars
Tanooki Suit - Kaiju
Tanooki Suit - Bones
Sweet Rush - Hot Sauce (Main)
Sullivan & Gold - Don't Stand in Line
Taeyeon - U R
Taeyeon - BYE (Chinese Ver.)
Taeyeon - Rain
Taeyeon - If
Taeyeon - Hands on Me
Taeyeon - Good Thing
Taeyeon - Up & Down
Taeyeon - Fashion
Taeyeon - 11:11
Tamburada - Merdiven
Tamburada - Yaz Müziği
Suckers - Save Your Love for Me
Suckers - Black Sheep
Suckers - Before Your Birthday Ends
Suckers - You Can Keep Me Runnin' Around
Suckers - A Mind I Knew
Suckers - Roman Candles
Suckers - 2 Eyes 2 C
Suckers - Loose Change
Suckers - Going Nowhere
Suckers - Figure It Out
Suckers - Bricks to the Bones
Suckers - Chinese Braille
Suckers - Leave the Light On
Suckers - Charmaine
Suckers - George
Suckers - Turn On The Sunshine
Suckers - Lydia
Suckers - Roses
Suckers - Fighter Planes
Sunwill - The Highlights
Take the Crown - Insight the Choir
Take the Crown - La Resistance
Take the Crown - She's Like Whatever
Take the Crown - Lights, Camera, Disaster!
Take the Crown - Ride or Die
Take the Crown - Take Control
Take the Crown - GAME OVERdose
Take the Crown - Love at It's Worst
Take the Crown - Fatal Abstraction
Take the Crown - Rest in Peace: Jane Doe
Take the Crown - Locked and Loaded
Take the Crown - You're Right
Take the Crown - Oh, One Last Thing
Take the Crown - It All Begins
Take the Crown - Is This Sharp Enough?
Take the Crown - Hourglass
Take the Crown - Dignity
Tannas - Suilean Dubh
Tannas - Sabhal IA'N Ic Uisdean
Susie Suh - Shell
Susie Suh - Lucille
Susie Suh - Petrified to Be God-Like