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Ringo Starr - The Christmas Dance
Ringo Starr - Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You)
Somnambul - Salty Pearls
Riva Starr - I Was Drunk (DJ Sneak's Drunken Disco Dub)
Riva Starr - Absence (extended)
SPL - It Won't Stop
Sparrow and the Workshop - Spitting Daggers
Sparrow and the Workshop - Faded Glory
Sparrow and the Workshop - Snakes in the Grass
Sparrow and the Workshop - Father Look
Sparrow and the Workshop - Old Habits
Sparrow and the Workshop - Against the Grain
Sparrow and the Workshop - Soft Sound of Your Voice
Sparrow and the Workshop - Valley of Death
Sparrow and the Workshop - Shock Shock
Sparrow and the Workshop - The Faster You Spin
Sonia Dada - Jungle Song
Sonia Dada - I Live Alone
Sonia Dada - Screaming John
Sonia Dada - Last Parade (Crazy Lady)
Sonia Dada - Take Me Back
Sonia Dada - Lay My Body Down
Sonia Dada - Anna Lee
Sonia Dada - Lester's Methadone Clinic
Sonia Dada - Planes & Satellites
Sonia Dada - Sometimes
Starlit - Heart In A Cage
Starlit - Modern Love
Sonia Dada - You Don't Treat Me No Good
Starling Electric - Camp-Fire
Starling Electric - Black Ghost/Black Girl
Starling Electric - British Boots
Starling Electric - Dust Chord
Spymob - 2040
Spymob - It Gets Me Going
Spymob - I Still Live at Home
Spymob - Sitting Around Keeping Score
Spymob - Stand Up & Win
Spymob - On Pilot Mountain
Spymob - National Holidays
Spymob - Walking Under Green Leaves
Spymob - Thinking of Someone Else
Spymob - Fly Fly Fishing Poles
Spymob - German Test Drive
Spymob - Joe Namath
Stanley Black Orchestra - Poema
Spirital - Come with Me (Godzilla)
Michael Stanley - Sha-La-La-La
Michael Stanley - Everything
Michael Stanley - Dancing in the Dark
Michael Stanley - Let's Get the Show on the Road
Ringo Starr - You've Got a Nice Way
Ringo Starr - Red and Black Blues
Ringo Starr - Brandy
Ringo Starr - You Can't Fight Lightning
Ringo Starr - Hand Gun Promos
Ringo Starr - Fastest Growing Heartache In The West
Ringo Starr - Without Her
Ringo Starr - Woman of the Night
Ringo Starr - I’d be Talking all the Time
Ringo Starr - Wine, Women and Loud Happy Songs
Ringo Starr - I Wouldn’t Have You Any Other Way
Ringo Starr - Silent Homecoming
Ringo Starr - Coochy Coochy
Ringo Starr - Wrong All the Time
Ringo Starr - Me and You
Ringo Starr - The Turnaround
Ringo Starr - Free Drinks
Ringo Starr - Alibi
Ringo Starr - Be My Baby
Ringo Starr - As Far as We Can Go
Ringo Starr - Everybody's in a Hurry but Me
Ringo Starr - Going Down
Renée Stakey - Rainy Day
The Starlite Orchestra & Singers - Any Dream Will Do (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
Ringo Starr - Drowning in the Sea of Love
Ringo Starr - Gave It All Up
Ringo Starr - Out on the Streets
Ringo Starr - Sneaking Sally Through the Alley
Ringo Starr - It's No Secret
Ringo Starr - Gypsies in Flight
Ringo Starr - Simple Love Song
Ringo Starr - You Don’t Know Me at All
Ringo Starr - Cookin’ (in the Kitchen of Love)
Ringo Starr - This Be Called a Song
Ringo Starr - Scouse's Dream
Ringo Starr - Running Free
Ringo Starr - Boat Ride
Ringo Starr - Scouse the Mouse
Ringo Starr - A Mouse Like Me
Ringo Starr - The Really 'Serious' Introduction
Ringo Starr - Desperado
Ringo Starr - Black Maria
Ringo Starr - Dose of Rock 'n' Roll
Ringo Starr - A Dose of Rock 'n' Roll
Ringo Starr - I'll Still Love You
Ringo Starr - Spooky Wierdness
Ringo Starr - Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees)
Ringo Starr - Love Don't Last Long
Ringo Starr - Wine, Women, and Loud Happy Songs
Ringo Starr - Loser's Lounge
Ringo Starr - Old Time Relovin'
Ringo Starr - Shine Silently
Ringo Starr - Iko Iko
Ringo Starr - Back of Boogaloo
Ringo Starr - Spooky Weirdiness
Ringo Starr - Lay Down Your Arms
Ringo Starr - Just A Dream
Ringo Starr - I'm Home
Ringo Starr - Lucky Man
Ringo Starr - Ok Ray
Ringo Starr - Logical Song
Ringo Starr - Sometimes
Ringo Starr - Give a Little Bit
Ringo Starr - Good News
Ringo Starr - Mr. Doubleitup
Ringo Starr - Take the Long Way Home
Ringo Starr - I Call Your Name
Ringo Starr - I Think Therefore I Rock 'n' Roll
Ringo Starr - Fading In, Fading Out
Ringo Starr - Picture Show Line
The Starlite Orchestra & Singers - Jingle Bells
Cole Porter - I Love Paris (Vocal)
Davy Spillane - Forever Frozen
The Starlite Orchestra & Singers - Pocahontas: Color of the Wind
Davy Spillane - Midnight Walker
Brent Spiner - Time After Time
Brent Spiner - It's a Sin (To Tell a Lie)
Brent Spiner - Long, Long Time
Brent Spiner - When I Fall in Love
StarBenders - Blood
StarBenders - Powder
Star Sisters - Hooray for Hollywood
Sonorama - Vamo' A Bailar
Dante Spinetta feat. Adrián Dárgelos - Cumpa - El mero mero
Split Feed - Yes You Do
Split Feed - Underground
Split Feed - Rocket Science
Split Feed - King & Queen
Split Feed - Vanilla
Split Feed - Porkwing
Split Feed - Space Arcade
Split Feed - Lucky People
Davy Spillane feat. Sinéad O’Connor - Dreaming of the Bones
Davy Spillane - Danny Boy "The Derry Air"
The Starlite Orchestra & Singers - Love the World Away
The Starlite Orchestra & Singers - Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful)
Spotrunnaz - Starstruck
Spotrunnaz - Understand This
The Spook - My Beauty Dies
The Spook - Dark World Debutante
The Spook - Summernite Stalker
The Spook - Dying Fire's Grace
Aaron Spiro - Sing
Aaron Spiro - The Weight Is Gone
Aaron Spiro - You Are The One
Aaron Spiro - Pray Like Breathing
Aaron Spiro - Forever And Ever
Starrysky - ...BROKEN BRAKES
Starrysky - Last Pleïade
Starrysky - ☆CAPSULE☆
Starrysky - S.N.
Victoria Spivey - Murder in the First Degree
Victoria Spivey - Detroit Moan
Victoria Spivey - Down Hill Pull
Victoria Spivey - How Do You Do It That Way
Sortilège - D'ailleurs
Sortilège - Majesté
Sortilège - Hymne à la mort
Sortilège - Légende
Sortilège - Civilisation perdue
Sortilège - Délire d'un Fou
Sortilège - Cyclope de l'étang
Sortilège - Métamorphose
Sortilège - La Hargne des tordus
Sortilège - Chasse le dragon
Sortilège - Quand un aveugle rêve
Sortilège - Mourir pour une princesse
Sortilège - La Montagne qui saigne
Sortilège - Marchand d'hommes
Sortilège - Amazone
Sortilège - Progéniture
Sortilège - Gladiateur
Sortilège - Sortilège
Sortilège - Bourreau
STANCE PUNKS - Yumeoikyou no Uta
STANCE PUNKS - Tegami ~Hourou Yuugi~
STANCE PUNKS - Hachigatsu no Uso
STANCE PUNKS - I wanna be
The Special Goodness - You Know I'd Like...
The Special Goodness - Life Goes By
The Special Goodness - Day in the Autumn
The Special Goodness - N.F.A.
The Special Goodness - Oops
The Special Goodness - The Big Idea
The Special Goodness - Whatever's Going On
The Special Goodness - In the Sun
The Special Goodness - Pardon Me
The Special Goodness - Inside Your Heart
The Special Goodness - Move It Along
The Special Goodness - Pay No Mind
The Special Goodness - Congratulations
The Special Goodness - A Fortunate Mistake
The Special Goodness - I'm Not Too Proud
STANCE PUNKS - Kurayami ni Hi wo Tsukero
Bobby Solo - Ora che sei già una donna
Bobby Solo - Credi a me
Bobby Solo - Non c'è più niente da fare
Bobby Solo - Cristina
Bobby Solo - Zingara
Bobby Solo - Se piangi, se ridi
Bobby Solo - That's Amore
Bobby Solo - Non posso perderti
Bobby Solo - Domenica d'agosto
Bobby Solo - Gelosia
Bobby Solo - San Francisco
Bobby Solo - Una granita di limone
Bobby Solo - Tu stai
Bobby Solo - Amore mi manchi
Bobby Solo - Questa volta
Spur of the Moment - Rain on Me
Spooky Tooth - Evil Woman
Spooky Tooth - Lost in My Dream
Spooky Tooth - Better by You, Better Than Me
Spooky Tooth - Here I Lived So Well
Spooky Tooth - Too Much of Nothing
Spooky Tooth - It's All About a Roundabout
Spooky Tooth - It Hurts You So
Spooky Tooth - Bubbles
Spooky Tooth - Something to Say
Spooky Tooth - Nobody There at All
Spooky Tooth - Down River
Spooky Tooth - Son of Your Father
Spooky Tooth - Fantasy Satisfier
Spooky Tooth - Kyle
Spooky Tooth - Hell or High Water
Spooky Tooth - The Mirror
Spooky Tooth - Wings on My Heart
Spooky Tooth - As Long as the World Keeps Turning
Spooky Tooth - Don't Ever Stray Away
Spooky Tooth - Things Change
Spooky Tooth - Dream Me a Mountain
Spooky Tooth - Sunlight of My Mind
Spooky Tooth - Pyramids
Spooky Tooth - Times Have Changed
Spooky Tooth - This Time Around
Spooky Tooth - Moriah
Spooky Tooth - Prayer
Starlight Mints - Submarine #3
Starlight Mints - Sir Prize
Starlight Mints - Sugar Blaster
Starlight Mints - The Bandit
Starlight Mints - Blinded By You
Starlight Mints - Valerie Flames
Starlight Mints - Cracker Jack
Starlight Mints - Matador
Starlight Mints - The Twilight Showdown
Starlight Mints - Popsickle
Starlight Mints - Margarita
Starlight Mints - Pulling Out My Hair
Starlight Mints - Black Cat
Starlight Mints - Brass Digger
Starlight Mints - Goldstar
Starlight Mints - Pages
Starlight Mints - Buena Vista
Starlight Mints - Zillion Eyes
Starlight Mints - San Diego
Starlight Mints - Pumpkin
Starlight Mints - Torts
Starlight Mints - Inside of Me
Starlight Mints - Seventeen Devils
Starlight Mints - The Killer
Starlight Mints - Eyes of the Night
Starlight Mints - Black Champagne
Starlight Mints - Sesame (Untie the Wrath)
Starlight Mints - Zoomba
Starlight Mints - Paralyzed
Stalin - Leg sie um
The Staggers - Wild Teens
Spooky Tooth - Forget It, I’ve Got It
Spooky Tooth - Have Mercy
Spooky Tooth - Offering
Spooky Tooth - Hosanna
Spooky Tooth - The Weight (1970 remix / US album ’Tobacco Road’)
Spooky Tooth - Wild Fire
Spooky Tooth - I’m Alive
Spooky Tooth - Tears
Spooky Tooth - Send Me Some Lovin'
Spooky Tooth - I Can't Believe
Splinter - China Light
Splinter - Somebody's City
Splinter - Situation Vacant
Start Trouble - Graduation
Start Trouble - Non Stop
Start Trouble - Chemical
Start Trouble - Throw the Covers
Start Trouble - Diggin' Holes
Start Trouble - Psychotic for You
Start Trouble - Please Leave
Start Trouble - Retaliate
Start Trouble - Get Over It
Start Trouble - Chorus for Destruction
Start Trouble - Wicked Eyes
Start Trouble - Changes
Start Trouble - Move Bitch
Start Trouble - Let's Get Fucked Up
Srebrna krila - Ana
Srebrna krila - Ja nisam kockar
Srebrna krila - Lili
Srebrna krila - Sanjar Lutalica
Srebrna krila - Zakuni se ljubavi
Srebrna krila - Dolina našeg sna
Srebrna krila - Sreo sam ljubav iz prve pjesme
Larry Sparks - Kentucky Girl
Larry Sparks - A Face in the Crowd
Larry Sparks - You Could Have Called
Larry Sparks - Georgia Peaches
Larry Sparks - City Folks Call Us Poor
Larry Sparks - 1-800-DO-U-CARE
Larry Sparks - Where the Sweet Water Flows
Larry Sparks - I Need Jesus
Larry Sparks - Sharecropper's Son
Larry Sparks - It's Too Late to Walk the Floor
Larry Sparks - Brand New Broken Heart
Larry Sparks - New Highway
Larry Sparks - Last Day at Gettysburg
Larry Sparks - Gospel Train
Larry Sparks - Stone Wall
Larry Sparks - Ship From the King's Harbor Shore
Larry Sparks - I Want to See Him Smile
The Sounds - It's So Easy
The Sounds - Dance With the Devil
The Sounds - The No No Song
The Sounds - Better Off Dead
The Sounds - Something to Die For
The Sounds - Yeah Yeah Yeah
The Sounds - Won't Let Them Tear Us Apart
The Sounds - The Best of Me
The Sounds - Wish You Were Here
The Sounds - Shake Shake Shake
The Sounds - Take It the Wrong Way
The Sounds - Hurt the Ones I Love
The Sounds - Weekend
The Sounds - Great Day
The Sounds - Outlaw
The Sounds - Too Young to Die
The Sounds - Panic
The Sounds - Animal
The Sounds - Emperor
The Sounds - Young and Wild
The Sounds - 4 Songs & A Fight
The Sounds - My Lover
The Sounds - Dorchester Hotel
The Sounds - Beatbox
The Sounds - Underground
The Sounds - Crossing the Rubicon
The Sounds - The Only Ones
The Sounds - Home Is Where Your Heart Is
The Sounds - Song With a Mission
The Sounds - Queen of Apology
The Sounds - Tony the Beat
The Sounds - 24 Hours
The Sounds - Painted by Numbers
The Sounds - Night After Night
The Sounds - Ego
The Sounds - Hurt You
The Sounds - Much Too Long
The Sounds - Running Out of Turbo
The Sounds - Living in America
The Sounds - Mine for Life
Starshooter - Get Baque
Sörskogen - Mordet i grottan
Spag Heddy - Loca
Spag Heddy - Get Scared
Spag Heddy - Here I Am
Spag Heddy - Love on First Sine
Spag Heddy - The Drop
Spag Heddy - Extremist
Spag Heddy - De Drop
Spag Heddy - Killah
The Sounds - Seven Days a Week
The Sounds - Dance With Me
The Sounds - Hit Me!
The Sounds - Like a Lady
The Sounds - Reggie
The Sounds - Fire
The Sounds - Hope You’re Happy Now
The Sounds - Riot
The Sounds - No One Sleeps When I’m Awake
The Sounds - Rock'n Roll
The Sounds - Under My Skin
Sombrero verde - Yo te amé
Sombrero verde - No me mires así
Sombrero verde - Me voy al mar
Sombrero verde - Profesor
Space - Prison
Space - Deliverance
Space - Blue Tears
Stacy - Kasanova
Stacy - Cemburu
Stacy - Bosan
Stacy - Lalai
Stacy - Kisah Dongeng
Stacy - Kapsul
Stacy - Gempu
Stacy - Pelangi Senja
SoulChef - Eyes Like Blue Skies
SoulChef - When I Close My Eyes
SoulChef feat. Need Not Worry - Drifting in a Daydream
Space - Love Staring You and Me
SoulChef - For My People
SoulChef - Sky High
SoulChef - Black Love
SoulChef - Write This Down
Harijs Spanovskis - Vecais pulkstenis
Harijs Spanovskis - Pēc 100 gadiem Piebalgā
Sojourner - Bound by Blood
Sojourner - Heritage of the Natural Realm
Sojourner - Aeons of Valor
Sojourner - The Pale Host
Sojourner - Trails of the Earth
Patrick Starfish - Under My Rock
Speedmarket Avenue - Accident
Speedmarket Avenue - Don't Fall in Love
Speedmarket Avenue - Tell Me No
Speedmarket Avenue - The State of Harmony
Speedmarket Avenue - Enlightened & Left-Wing Indeed
Speedmarket Avenue - Less Than OK
Speedmarket Avenue - No Drama
Speedmarket Avenue - Final Wall
Chris Stapleton - Traveller
Chris Stapleton - Fire Away
Chris Stapleton - Tennessee Whiskey
Chris Stapleton - Parachute
Chris Stapleton - Whiskey and You
Chris Stapleton - Nobody to Blame
Chris Stapleton - More of You
Chris Stapleton - When the Stars Come Out
Chris Stapleton - Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore
Chris Stapleton - Might as Well Get Stoned
Chris Stapleton - Was It 26
Chris Stapleton - The Devil Named Music
Chris Stapleton - Sometimes I Cry
Snowglobe - Happy
Snowglobe - Beautiful
Snowglobe - Teenage Queen
Snowglobe - Nothing I Can Do
Split Heaven - The Devil Isn't Fool
Split Heaven - Night of the Jaguar
Split Heaven - Nightfall
Split Heaven - The Obscure
Split Heaven - Immortal
Split Heaven - White Death
Split Heaven - Psycho Samurai
Split Heaven - The Wizard
Split Heaven - Iron Witch
Split Heaven - The Golden Times
Split Heaven - Motorblade
Split Heaven - My Soul Burns Forever
Split Heaven - Steel Liver
Split Heaven - Danger Zone
State Far Better - Trying to let go
Dante Spinetta - Pyramide
Dante Spinetta - Gira gira
Dante Spinetta - Mostro
Dante Spinetta - Pa' tras
Dante Spinetta - Tomen distancia
Dante Spinetta - H.M.P.
Dante Spinetta - Gisela
Dante Spinetta - Me quiere, no me quiere
Dante Spinetta - Cachivache
Dante Spinetta - Alelí
Dante Spinetta - Visión nocturna
Dante Spinetta - En la mía
Dante Spinetta - Ponémela en la cara
Dante Spinetta - Mis presidentes muertos
Dante Spinetta - Olvídalo
Dante Spinetta - Mundo
Dante Spinetta - Seas quien seas
Dante Spinetta - El apagón
Dante Spinetta - El día en que morí
Dante Spinetta - Besos y joyas
Dante Spinetta - Rock in it
Stakka Bo - Here We Go
Stakka Bo - Killer
Stakka Bo - We Vie
The Soil - Sunday
The Soil - Iinkomo
The Soil - Girl I Love (I'm Lonely)
The Soil - Impossible
The Soil - They Fell
The Soil - Bhomba
The Soil - Lonely Nights
The Soil - Sedilaka
Speedstar* - Are You Feeling Better, Angela?
Speedstar* - Crying
Speedstar* - Skyblue
Speedstar* - Unbreakable
Speedstar* - Song for You
Speedstar* - It's Okay to Be Sad When It Rains
Speedstar* - This Everyday Life
Speedstar* - Maybe
Speedstar* - Piano Song (Sometimes)
Speedstar* - Good Morning Saviour
Speedstar* - ***Revolution
Speedstar* - **Wishing Your Life Away
Speedstar* - *Fallen Star
Splender - Happier This Way
Splender - But, Anyway
Splender - Loneliest Person I Know
Splender - Save It for Later
Splender - Maybe Someday
Splender - Here I Am, There You Go
Splender - No Big Deal
Splender - Wide Awake
Splender - Good Evening
Splender - I Don't Understand
Splender - Yeah, Whatever
Splender - Monotone
Splender - Space Boy
Splender - Special
Splender - I Think God Can Explain
Splender - Supernatural
Splender - I Apologize
Splender - Spin
Splender - Cigarette
Splender - Wallflower
Splender - London
Warren Smith - Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache
Riki Sorsa & Leirinuotio-orkesteri - Haltuus annan sydämein
Riki Sorsa & Leirinuotio-orkesteri - Joki
Riki Sorsa & Leirinuotio-orkesteri - Afrikan tähti
Riki Sorsa & Leirinuotio-orkesteri - Hänen silmissään
Mercedes Sosa - María, María
Mercedes Sosa - Gracias a la vida
Mercedes Sosa - Todo cambia
Mercedes Sosa - Canción con todos
Mercedes Sosa - Años
Mercedes Sosa - Alfonsina y el mar
Mercedes Sosa - María va
Mercedes Sosa - Canción para Carito
Mercedes Sosa - Luna tucumana
Mercedes Sosa - Hermano dame tu mano
Mercedes Sosa - Si se calla el cantor
Mercedes Sosa - Inconciente colectivo
Mercedes Sosa - La arenosa
Mercedes Sosa - Duerme negrito
Mercedes Sosa - Al jardín de la republica
Mercedes Sosa - Dale alegría a mi corazón
Mercedes Sosa con Gustavo Cerati - Zona de promesas
Mercedes Sosa con Jorge Drexler - Sea
Mercedes Sosa con Caetano Veloso - Coração vagabundo
Mercedes Sosa con Joaquín Sabina - Violetas para Violeta
Mercedes Sosa con Franco de Vita - Cantame
Mercedes Sosa con Gustavo Cordera - El ángel de la bicicleta
Mercedes Sosa con Vicentico - Parao
Mercedes Sosa - Jamás te olvidaré
Mercedes Sosa - La luna llena
Mercedes Sosa - Canción de las cantinas
Mercedes Sosa - Donde termina el asfalto
Mercedes Sosa - Misionera
Mercedes Sosa - Y así y así
Mercedes Sosa - Himno de mi corazón
Mercedes Sosa con Víctor Heredia - Novicia
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba de los adioses
Mercedes Sosa con María Graña y Leopoldo Federico - Nada (con María Graña y Leopoldo Federico)
Mercedes Sosa - Romance de la luna tucumana (con Juna Quintero y Luna Monti)
Mercedes Sosa - Deja la vida volar
Mercedes Sosa - Pájaro de rodillas
Jana Stanfield - I'm Not Lost, I Am Exploring
Luis Alberto Spinetta - No te alejes tanto de mí
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Una sola cosa
Luis Alberto Spinetta - No seas fanática
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ropa violeta
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Rezo por vos
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Correr frente a ti
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ella también
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La aventura de la Abeja Reina
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Será que la canción llegó hasta el sol
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Durazno sangrando
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Fuji
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Tu vendrás a juntar mis días
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Laura va
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Jazmín
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Tía Amanda
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Mi sueño de hoy
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Yo quiero ver un tren
Luis Alberto Spinetta - El mar es de llanto
Luis Alberto Spinetta - No ves que ya no somos chiquitos
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Sagrado tesoro
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Perdido en ti
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La verdad de las grullas
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ana no duerme
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Tonta luz
Phebe Starr - The Worst Part
Mercedes Sosa - Canción y huayno
Mercedes Sosa - Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón
Mercedes Sosa - Los bailes de la vida
Mercedes Sosa - El corazón al sur
Mercedes Sosa - Galopa murrieta
Mercedes Sosa - Corazón de estudiante
Mercedes Sosa - Como pajaros en el aire
Mercedes Sosa - Venas abiertas
Mercedes Sosa - Arana
Mercedes Sosa - Juancito caminador
Mercedes Sosa - Allá lejos y hace tiempo
Mercedes Sosa - Poema no. 15
Mercedes Sosa - Botecitos de papel
Mercedes Sosa - El cosechero
Mercedes Sosa - Ñangapiri
Mercedes Sosa - Ay soledád
Mercedes Sosa - Marrón
Mercedes Sosa - Gricel
Mercedes Sosa - Romance de barrio
Mercedes Sosa - Solo se trata de vivir
Mercedes Sosa - Un son para portinari
Mercedes Sosa - Los niños de nuestro olvido
Mercedes Sosa - El olvidau
Mercedes Sosa - Cantor del obraje
Mercedes Sosa - Solo pa' bailarla
Mercedes Sosa - País
Mercedes Sosa - Como flor del campo
Mercedes Sosa - Sufrida tierra
Mercedes Sosa - Tonada del otoño
Mercedes Sosa - La canción es urgente
Mercedes Sosa - Y la milonga lo sabe
Mercedes Sosa - Los hermanos
Mercedes Sosa - Plegaria a un labrador
Mercedes Sosa - Violín de becho
Mercedes Sosa - La pobrecita
Sons of Funk - Make Love to a Thug
Sons of Funk - I Got the Hook-Up!
Sons of Funk - Side to Side
Sons of Funk - Pushin Inside You
Sons of Funk - Time Will Tell
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Seguir viviendo sin tu amor
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Lago de forma mía
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ganges
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Panacea
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Domo tu
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Cielo de ti
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Cruzarás
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Hombre de lata
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Jilguero
Luis Alberto Spinetta - El enemigo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ni hables
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Adentro tuyo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Llama y verás
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Mundo disperso
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Bahía final
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Castillo de piedra
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ni cuenta te das
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Dame, dame pan
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Estrella
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La búsqueda de la estrella
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Vamos al bosque
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Era de tontos
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Descalza camina
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Lulú toma el taxi
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Canción para los días de la vida
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Toda la vida tiene música hoy
Stallion - Rise and Ride
Stallion - Watch Out
Stampvast - Mooi Volendam
Mercedes Sosa - Al jardín de la república (en vivo)
Mercedes Sosa - Del tiempo de mi niñez
Mercedes Sosa - Volveré siempre a San Juan
Mercedes Sosa - Volver a los 17
Mercedes Sosa - Regreso a la tonada
Mercedes Sosa - Peoncito de estancia
Mercedes Sosa - Honrar la vida
Mercedes Sosa - Déjame que me vaya
Mercedes Sosa - Como la cigarra (en vivo)
Mercedes Sosa - Todavía cantamos
Mercedes Sosa - Piedra y camino
Mercedes Sosa - Chacarera de las piedras
Mercedes Sosa - Tú que puedes vuélvete
Mercedes Sosa - La viajerita
Mercedes Sosa - La arribeña
Mercedes Sosa - Zambita de los pobres
Mercedes Sosa - El alazán
Mercedes Sosa - Un vestido y un amor
Mercedes Sosa - Gracias a la vida (ao vivo)
Mercedes Sosa - Y dale alegría a mi corazón
Mercedes Sosa - Los mareados
Mercedes Sosa - Mon amour
Mercedes Sosa - La estrella azul (ao vivo)
Mercedes Sosa - Luna
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Viento del azur
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Viejas mascarillas
Luis Alberto Spinetta - ¿Dónde está el topacio?
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La eternidad imaginaria
Luis Alberto Spinetta - O Boi
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Wendolin
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La melodía es en tu alma
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Divino presagio
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Un sitio es un sitio
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Es la media noche
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Cielo invertido
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Que ves el cielo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Amor de primavera
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Frazada de cactus
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Plegaria para un niño dormido
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Sicocisne
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La cereza del zar
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Pequeño ángel
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La herida de París
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Nirvana mañana
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Penumbra
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Trampaluz
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Flecha zen
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Norte de nada
Mercedes Sosa - Soy pan, soy paz, soy más
Mercedes Sosa - La flor azul
Mercedes Sosa - Duerme negrita
Mercedes Sosa - Cuando ya me empiece a quedar solo
Mercedes Sosa - Polleritas
Mercedes Sosa - El puente de los suspiros
Mercedes Sosa - Como dos extraños
Mercedes Sosa - De fiesta en fiesta
Mercedes Sosa - Caserón de tejas
Mercedes Sosa - Vuelvo al sur
Mercedes Sosa - Serenatero de bombos
Mercedes Sosa - Estas alas nuevas
Mercedes Sosa - Vidala de la soledad
Mercedes Sosa - Defensa de Violeta
Mercedes Sosa - Me gustan los estudiantes
Mercedes Sosa - La lavandera
Mercedes Sosa - Rin del Angelito
Mercedes Sosa - Los pueblos americanos
Mercedes Sosa - Vientos del alma
Mercedes Sosa - Pueblero de Alla Ite
Mercedes Sosa - Desandando
Mercedes Sosa - La villerita
Mercedes Sosa - Bajo el sauce solo
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba por vos
Mercedes Sosa - Almas en el viento
Mercedes Sosa - La belleza
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Kamikaze
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ah!... Basta de pensar
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Y tu amor es una vieja medalla
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La rifa del viento
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Herido por vivir
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Cuando vuelva del cielo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Lo siento en mi corazón
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Días de silencio
Luis Alberto Spinetta - A quién culpar
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Sólo el amor puede sostener
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La vida es tu sonido
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Presagios de amor
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Algo hermoso
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Niños de las campanas
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La sorpresa de Jorge
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ilumina mis ojos
Stackridge - Fundamentally Yours
Stackridge - Pinafore Days
Stackridge - The Galloping Gaucho
Stackridge - Humiliation
Stackridge - Dangerous Bacon
Stackridge - The Indifferent Hedgehog
Stackridge - Teatime
Stackridge - Dora the Female Explorer
Stackridge - Slark
Stackridge - Spin Round the Room
Stackridge - Grease Paint Smiles
Stackridge - The Volunteer
Stackridge - Happy in the Lord
Mercedes Sosa - Chacarera del '55
Mercedes Sosa - El cachapecero
Mercedes Sosa - Ki Chororo
Mercedes Sosa - La zafrera
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba de la distancia
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba del riego
Mercedes Sosa - Como un pájaro libre
Mercedes Sosa - Dulce madera cantora
Mercedes Sosa - Salamanqueando pa' mí
Mercedes Sosa - Doña Ubensa
Mercedes Sosa - La tempranera
Mercedes Sosa - La solitaria
Mercedes Sosa - Caruso
Mercedes Sosa - Río de camalotes
Mercedes Sosa - Encuentros y despedidas
Mercedes Sosa - Palito de tola
Mercedes Sosa - El carbonero
Mercedes Sosa - Canción para un niño de la calle
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba de los humildes
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Sinfín
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Bolsodios
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Canción de noche
Luis Alberto Spinetta - No habrá un destino incierto
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Cabecita calesita
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Dale luz al instante
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La flor de Santo Tomé
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Atado a tu frontera
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Preconición
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Qué hermosa estás
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Espuma mística
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Cisne
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Néctar
Luis Alberto Spinetta - El lenguaje del cielo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Tu cuerpo mediodía
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Lejísimo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La luz de la manzana
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Organismo en el aire
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Parlante
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Como un perro
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La mirada de Freud
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Patas de rana
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ventiscas de Marzo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La pelicana y el androide
Stackridge - Hold Me Tight
Sam Sparro - Too Many Questions
Sam Sparro - Black and Gold
Sam Sparro - Sick
Sam Sparro - Waiting for Time
Sam Sparro - Recycle It!
Sam Sparro - Cottonmouth
Sam Sparro - Hot Mess
Sam Sparro - Cut Me Loose
Sam Sparro - Sally
Sam Sparro - Clingwrap
Sam Sparro - Can't Stop This! / Still Hungry
Sam Sparro - Paradise People
Sam Sparro - Happiness
Sam Sparro - Let The Love In
Sam Sparro - Yellow Orange Rays
Sam Sparro - Hearts Like Us
Sam Sparro - I Wish I Never Met You
Sam Sparro - Shades Of Grey
Sam Sparro - We Could Fly
Sam Sparro - Closer
Sam Sparro - The Shallow End
Sam Sparro - Pockets
Sam Sparro - No End in Sight
Sam Sparro - Black & Gold
Sam Sparro - Can't Stop This
Sam Sparro - Still Hungry
Sam Sparro - S.A.M.S.P.A.R.R.O.
Sam Sparro - Black and Gold (Phones Hard as Diamond mix) (dub)
Dave Spoon - Bad Girl (At Night)
Sam Sparro - 21st Century Life (Denis the Menace)
Sam Sparro - Fight or Flight
Sam Sparro - Fascism
Sam Sparro - Infinite
Sam Sparro - In Your Heaven
Sam Sparro - Hands Up
Sam Sparro - Quarter Life Crisis
Mercedes Sosa - A que florezca mi pueblo
Mercedes Sosa - ¡Ay! ¡Este azul!
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba de Lozano
Mercedes Sosa - Cuando estoy triste
Mercedes Sosa - Algarrobo algarrobal
Mercedes Sosa - La paciencia pobresita
Mercedes Sosa - Viejo Caa Cati
Mercedes Sosa - Pueblos tristes
Mercedes Sosa - Canción del derrumbe indio
Mercedes Sosa - Canción para un niño en el calle
Mercedes Sosa - A quien doy
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba del laurel
Mercedes Sosa - Cuando me acuerdo de mi país
Mercedes Sosa - Canción de las simples cosas
Stackridge - Road to Venezuela
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Tu vuelo al fin
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Alma de diamante
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Asilo en tu corazón
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Mariposas de madera
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Te para tres
Luis Alberto Spinetta feat. Gustavo Cerati - Bajan
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Maribel se durmió
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Bosnia
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Niño condenado
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Hola dulce viento
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Despiértate nena
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Me gusta ese tajo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Color humano
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Retoño
Mercedes Sosa - Siembra
Mercedes Sosa - Pedro Canoero
Mercedes Sosa - Es Sudamérica mi voz
Mercedes Sosa - Antiguos dueños de las flechas
Mercedes Sosa - Pampas del sur
Mercedes Sosa - Acércate cholito
Mercedes Sosa - Oración al sol
Mercedes Sosa - Alcen la bandera
Mercedes Sosa - La añera
Mercedes Sosa - Quiero ser luz
Mercedes Sosa - Viva Jujuy
Staden - Stormens öga
Sprung Monkey - Get a Taste
Sprung Monkey - Beautiful
Sprung Monkey - Party Like a Rock Star
Sprung Monkey - Whatcha Gonna Do
Sprung Monkey - American Made
Sprung Monkey - Unexpected
Sprung Monkey - Lucy
Sprung Monkey - Look My Way
Sprung Monkey - Everybody Knows Everything
Sprung Monkey - Shut Up
Sprung Monkey - Laughing
Sprung Monkey - Coconut
Sprung Monkey - Get 'em Outta Here
Sprung Monkey - Greta
Sprung Monkey - White Trash
Sprung Monkey - Super Breakdown
Sprung Monkey - Hard Times
Sprung Monkey - Mr. Funny Face
Sprung Monkey - Jojo
Sprung Monkey - Tired
Sprung Monkey - Going for the Angry
Sprung Monkey - Naked
Sprung Monkey - Dead
Sprung Monkey - In Spite of It All
Sprung Monkey - He Aloha Mele
Sprung Monkey - Atta Girl
Sprung Monkey - Swirl
Sprung Monkey - Things Are Changing
Sprung Monkey - Believe
Sprung Monkey - Reluctant Man
Sprung Monkey - Segunda
Sprung Monkey - Elevator Boy
Sprung Monkey - Lines
Sprung Monkey - Saturated
Sprung Monkey - Right My Wrong
Sprung Monkey - Man
Sprung Monkey - Push
Sprung Monkey - Brutality
Sprung Monkey - Thinking Problem
Sprung Monkey - Tangled
Sprung Monkey - Barney's Ball-A-Rama
Sprung Monkey - No Solution
Sprung Monkey - Mi Mundo Está Muerto
Sprung Monkey - Fire
Sprung Monkey - Stay Down
Sprung Monkey - Blind Leading The Blind
Sprung Monkey - Bleeding
Sprung Monkey - Human
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Siempre en la pared
Luis Alberto Spinetta - El mono tremendo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Tres llaves
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La mendiga
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Vacío sideral
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Hiedra al sol
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Canción de amor para Olga
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Hombre de luz
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Para soñar
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Resumen porteño
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Mapa de tu amor
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Este es el hombre de hielo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Todas las hojas son del viento
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Cantata de puentes amarillos
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Jardín de gente
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Luz sin freno
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Diana
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Así nunca encontrarás el mar
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Las olas
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ana no duerme (en vivo)
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Águila de trueno - parte I
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Entonces es como dar amor
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Sombras en los álamos - Alma de diamante (Be+Juan del Barrio)
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Sexo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Mi elemento (Be+Baltasar Camoto)
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ella también (Be+Diego Rapport)
Luis Alberto Spinetta - ¿Adónde está la libertad? (Be+Juanse)
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La bengala perdida (Be+Mono Fontana)
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Nelly, no me mientas
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Dale gracias
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Aquas
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Crisantemo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Buenos Aires, alma de piedra
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Fina ropa blanca (Be+Mono Fontana)
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Como el viento voy a ver
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Contra todos los males de este mundo
Luis Alberto Spinetta - A Starosta, el idiota
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Paraíso
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Viento del lugar
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Sucia estrella
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Luna de Abril
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Estás acá
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Tony
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Holanda
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Los libros de la buena memoria
Luis Alberto Spinetta - El anillo del capitán Beto
Luis Alberto Spinetta - La orilla infinita
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Elementales leches
Mercedes Sosa - Como mata el viento norte
Mercedes Sosa feat. Joan Baez - Gracias a la vida
Mercedes Sosa - Cuando ya me empiece a quedar
Mercedes Sosa - El tiempo pasa
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba del regreso
Mercedes Sosa - Amargura
Souls at Zero - Lost
Souls at Zero - Undecided
Souls at Zero - Strip
Souls at Zero - Cold
Souls at Zero - Taken Apart
Souls at Zero - My Fault?
Souls at Zero - Thrown Down
Souls at Zero - Inside a Scream
Souls at Zero - Needles
Souls at Zero - Me Myself I
Souls at Zero - Know More
Mercedes Sosa - La estrella azul
Mercedes Sosa - Retrato
Mercedes Sosa - Despertar
Mercedes Sosa - Madurando sueños
Mercedes Sosa - Canciones y momentos
Mercedes Sosa - Oh, que será
Mercedes Sosa - El tiempo es veloz
Mercedes Sosa - Oh, melancolía
Mercedes Sosa - Cristal
Mercedes Sosa - Taki Ongoy II
Mercedes Sosa - La chacarera del 55
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba para no morir
Mercedes Sosa - Viejas promesas
Mercedes Sosa - Para cantar he nacido
Mercedes Sosa - Escondido en mi país
Mercedes Sosa - Ojos Azules
Mercedes Sosa - Canción de amor para mi patria
Mercedes Sosa - Un pedazo de mi sangre
Mercedes Sosa - Milonga por él
Mercedes Sosa - La Navidad de Luis
Spiral Architect - Spinning
Spiral Architect - Excessit
Spiral Architect - Moving Spirit
Spiral Architect - Insect
Spiral Architect - Conjuring Collapse
Spiral Architect - Adaptability
Spiral Architect - Fountainhead
Spiral Architect - Prelude to Ruin
Sonic Reign - Clouds Above the Desert
Sonic Reign - The Whisperer in the Dark
Sonic Reign - Monument in Black
Sonic Reign - A Doctrine Unreachable
Sonic Reign - Daily Nightmare Injected
Sonic Reign - Soul Flagellation
Sonic Reign - Deceit Doctrine
Sonic Reign - Fucked Up but Glorious
Sonic Reign - Reminiscence of Imperial Wrath
Sonic Reign - The Martyr Urge
Sonic Reign - Salt
Sonic Reign - Tyrant Blessed
Sonic Reign - To Rebel and to Fail
Sonic Reign - Raw Dark Pure
Sonic Reign - Raw, Dark, Pure
Sonic Reign - End of Rebellion
Sonic Reign - In Silence in Observe
Sonic Reign - Resurgent Star
Sonic Reign - Of Ignorance and Irony
Sonic Reign - Abhorrence Vs Scum
Stat Quo & Bobby Creekwater - Smack That
SSQ - Jet Town
SSQ - Big Electronic Beat
SSQ - N'importe quoi
SSQ - Tonight (We’ll Make Love Until We Die)
Mercedes Sosa - Las estatuas
Mercedes Sosa - Drume negrita
Mercedes Sosa - Los pueblos de gesto antiguo
The Stance Brothers - Upside the Head
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba de los mineros
Mercedes Sosa - Solito y sin flor
Mercedes Sosa - Corazon maldito
Mercedes Sosa - Azul y blanco en mi corazón
Mercedes Sosa - Somos hoy
Mercedes Sosa - Todo a pulmón
Mercedes Sosa - Barrio de la cruz
Mercedes Sosa - Aya Marcay Quilla
Mercedes Sosa - A un semejante
Mercedes Sosa - El sueño de la vendimia
Spencer the Rover - Stop Dreaming
Spencer the Rover - Heather
Spencer the Rover - Accidentally Mine
The Special Guests - Schoolgirl
Mercedes Sosa - Gringa Chaquena
Mercedes Sosa - Juana Azurduy
Mercedes Sosa - Dorotea, la Cautiva
Mercedes Sosa - 1970 Navidades
Mercedes Sosa - La Navidad de Juanito Laguna
Mercedes Sosa - Duerme, Negrito
Speakerbox - Hit the Bass [Original Radio]
Clinton Sparks - Get Down
Clinton Sparks - Run This City
Clinton Sparks - Okay Dunn
Clinton Sparks - Underground Legend
Clinton Sparks - Buck on Em
Clinton Sparks - Stand Da Fuck Up
Clinton Sparks - Roc Cafe
Clinton Sparks - Knock Em Out
Clinton Sparks - Where You Been
Clinton Sparks - Whatever It Takes
Clinton Sparks - I Like
Clinton Sparks - Sucks to Be You by Clinton Sparks (feat. LMFAO & Jojo) (Produced by Clinton Sparks & DJ Snake)
Clinton Sparks - Unless We Fuckin' by Clinton Sparks, Akon & Lil' Jon
Clinton Sparks - Where Dem Girls at by David Guetta, Flo-Rida & Nicki Minaj
Mercedes Sosa - La colina de la vida
Mercedes Sosa - Triunfo agrario
Mercedes Sosa - A monteros
Mercedes Sosa - De mi
Starley - Call on Me
Ringo Starr featuring Chrissie Hynde - Don't Hang Up
Mercedes Sosa - Será posible el sur?
Mercedes Sosa - Cuando me ves así
Mercedes Sosa - Madre de madres
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba azul
Mercedes Sosa - Pequeña
Mercedes Sosa - Gracia a la vida
Mercedes Sosa - Gloria
Mercedes Sosa - Sobreviviendo
Mercedes Sosa - Razón de vivir (con Lila Downs)
Mercedes Sosa - Jamás te olvidaré (con Marcela Morelo)
Mercedes Sosa - La luna llena (con Rubén Rada y La Chilinga)
Mercedes Sosa - Canción de las cantinas (con Alberto Rojo)
Mercedes Sosa - Donde termina el asfalto (con Coqui Sosa)
Mercedes Sosa - Misionera (con Luis Carlos Borges)
Mercedes Sosa - Y así y así (con Luciano Pereyra)
Mercedes Sosa - Barro tal vez (con Luis Alberto Spinetta)
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba para olvidarte (con Diego Torres y Facundo Ramírez)
Mercedes Sosa - La maza (con Shakira)
Mercedes Sosa - Aquellas pequeñas cosas (con Joan Manuel Serrat)
Mercedes Sosa - Esa musiquita (con Teresa Parodi)
Mercedes Sosa - Celador de sueños (con Gustavo Santaolalla y Orozco Barrientos)
Mercedes Sosa - Deja la vida volar (con Pedro Aznar)
Mercedes Sosa - Agua, fuego, tierra y viento (con Soledad Pastorutti)
Mercedes Sosa - Sabiéndose de los descalzos (con Julieta Venegas)
Mercedes Sosa - Himno de mi corazón (con León Gieco)
Mercedes Sosa - Pájaro de rodillas (con Nacha Roldán)
Mercedes Sosa - Antiguos dueño de las flechas
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba para olvidarte
Mercedes Sosa - Agua, fuego, tierra y viento
Mercedes Sosa - El día que me quieras
Mercedes Sosa - Santafesino de veras
Mercedes Sosa - Sabiéndose de los descalzos
Mercedes Sosa - El ángel de la bicicleta
Mercedes Sosa - Nada
Mercedes Sosa - O que será
Mercedes Sosa - Parao
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba del cielo
Mercedes Sosa - Barro tal vez
Mercedes Sosa - Zona de promesas
Mercedes Sosa - Fuego en Animaná
Mercedes Sosa - Zamba para olividarte
Mercedes Sosa - Novicia
Mercedes Sosa - Esa musiquita
Mercedes Sosa - Para contarle a mi gente
Mercedes Sosa - Tropero padre
Mercedes Sosa - Los hombre del río
Mercedes Sosa - Nocturna
Mercedes Sosa - El río y tú
Mercedes Sosa - Jangadero
Mercedes Sosa - El indio muerto
Mercedes Sosa - Recuerdos del Paraguay
Mercedes Sosa - Sin saber Pro Qué
Mercedes Sosa - O cio da terra
Mercedes Sosa - Guitarra, Dímelo Tú
Mercedes Sosa - Corazon vagabundo
Mercedes Sosa - Selva sola
Mercedes Sosa - Kychororo
SPYAIR - Just Do It
SPYAIR - Rock’n Roll
SPYAIR - My World
SPYAIR - No where, Now here
SPYAIR - Stay gold
SPYAIR - Break Myself
SPYAIR - Naked
SPYAIR - I want a place
SPYAIR - Sakuramitsutsuki
SPYAIR - Winding Road
SPYAIR - Are You Champion? Yeah!! I'm Champion!!
SPYAIR - Supersonic
SPYAIR - Ameagarinisakuhana
SPYAIR - Just Like This
SPYAIR - Just One
SPYAIR - Dead Coaster
SPYAIR - Departure
SPYAIR - Rockin’ the World
SPYAIR - My Friend
SPYAIR - Beautiful
SPYAIR - Stay together
SPYAIR - Last Moment (Music Video)
SPYAIR - I miss you
SPYAIR - MOVIN’ ON (Music Video)
SPYAIR - I’ll be there
SPYAIR - 0 GAME (Music Video)
SPYAIR - Are You Champion? Yeah!! I’m Champion!!
SPYAIR - Radio (inst.)
SPYAIR - Trust your anthem
SPYAIR - EZ Going♬
SPYAIR - Stand by me
SPYAIR - Far away
Staind - Open Your Eyes
Staind - It’s Been Awhile
Staind - Change
Staind - Can't Believe
Staind - Epiphany
Staind - Suffer
Staind - Safe Place
Staind - For You
Staind - Outside
Staind - Waste
Staind - Take It
Staind - Price to Play
Staind - How About You
Staind - So Far Away
Staind - Yesterday
Staind - Fray
Staind - Zoe Jane
Staind - Fill Me Up
Staind - Layne
Staind - Falling Down
Staind - Reality
Staind - Tonight
Staind - Could It Be
Staind - Blow Away
Staind - Intro
Staind - Run Away
Staind - Right Here
Staind - Paper Jesus
Staind - Schizophrenic Conversations
Staind - Falling
Staind - Cross to Bear
Staind - Devil
Staind - Please
Staind - Everything Changes
Staind - Take This
Staind - King of All Excuses
Staind - Reply
Staind - Let It Out
Staind - Novocaine
Staind - This is Beetle aka 'The BeetleJuice Song'
Stare Dzwony - Syrenka
Staind - This Is It
Staind - The Way I Am
Staind - Believe
Staind - Save Me
Staind - All I Want
Staind - Pardon Me
Staind - Lost Along the Way
Staind - Break Away
Staind - Tangled Up in You
Staind - Raining Again
Staind - Rainy Day Parade
Staind - The Corner
Staind - Nothing Left to Say
The Soldiers - Coming Home
The Soldiers - I'll Stand by You
The Soldiers - Stand by Me
The Soldiers - With a Little Help From My Friends
The Soldiers - I Will Carry You
The Soldiers - Yesterday
The Soldiers - Letters Home
The Soldiers - I've Gotta Get a Message to You
The Soldiers - Dance With My Father
The Soldiers - Do I Make You Proud
The Soldiers - You'll Never Walk Alone
Staind - Suffocate
Staind - Me