Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1267:

Kodie Shane - Can You Handle It
Kodie Shane - Losing Service
Shrapnel - Kingdome Come
Shuky & Aviva - Signorina Concertina
Shuky & Aviva - Je t'aime un peu trop
Shuky & Aviva - Viens que je t'embrasse
Shuky & Aviva - Mais bien sur je t'aime
Shuky & Aviva - Bye Bye à bientôt
Simian Mobile Disco - I Got This Down
Simian Mobile Disco - Tits & Acid
Simian Mobile Disco feat. Chris Keating - Audacity of Huge
Simian Mobile Disco feat. Jamie Lidell - Off the Map
Simian Mobile Disco - Thousand Year Egg
Scylla - Langage de signes
Scylla - Abyssal musique
Scylla - Second Souffle
Scylla - Répondez-moi
Scylla - Plume originelle
Pal Shazar - People Talk
Sibel - That Is Where I'll Go
Partial Arts - Trauermusik
White Noise - Love Without Sound
Simian Mobile Disco - Seraphim
Simian Mobile Disco - A Species Out of Control
Simian Mobile Disco - Put Your Hands Together
Simian Mobile Disco - Your Love Ain't Fair
Kierra Kiki Sheard - You Don't Know
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Church Nite
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Praise Offering
Kierra Kiki Sheard - All I Am
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Done Did It
Kierra Kiki Sheard - So Long
Kierra Kiki Sheard - S.N.A.P.
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Yes
Kierra Kiki Sheard - You're the Only One
Kierra Kiki Sheard - This Is Me
Kierra Kiki Sheard - It Is What It Is
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Wrong Things
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Hear This
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Let Go (The Godson Concept)
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Intro (I Am FREE)
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Mighty
Kierra Kiki Sheard - You Are
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Interlude
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Free
Kierra Kiki Sheard - People
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Victory
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Believers Evolved
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Back 2 Earth
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Lane
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Since I Found Christ
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Wave Your Banner
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Sing to the Lord
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Teach Me
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Why Me
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Love Like Crazy
Kierra Kiki Sheard - 2nd Win
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Balm (Interlude)
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Moving Forward
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Save Me
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Flaws
Kierra Kiki Sheard - Kill The Dragon
Kierra Kiki Sheard - In You
Kierra Kiki Sheard - No Graceland
Mercedes Simone - Triste domingo
Silver Fist - El miedo
Silver Fist - El vuelo del fénix
Silver Fist - Mártir
Silver Fist - Lo siento
Silver Fist - Somos asesinos
Silver Fist - Lágrimas de sangre
Silver Fist - Te espero en el infierno
Silver Fist - Tormento
Silver Fist - Balls to the Wall
Silver Fist - Ave fénix
Silver Fist - El predicador
Silver Fist - Piel roja
Silver Fist - En llamas
Silver Fist - Armagedón
Silver Fist - Cuestión de honor
Silver Fist - Aunque no estés aquí
Silver Fist - Cambiando la suerte
Silver Fist - Cielo o infierno
Silver Fist - Puedo oirte gritar
Silver Fist - Come Out and Play
Silver Fist - Fireball
Shelby Sifers - Things Are Beautiful
Shelby Sifers - Half-Naked and Knocking
Shelby Sifers - Winter
Shelby Sifers - A Happy Love Song
Shelby Sifers - A Battle Ends
Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity of Huge (A Chicken Lips Malfunction)
Simian Mobile Disco - Bad Blood
Simian Mobile Disco - Turn Up The Dial
Simian Mobile Disco - Pinball
Simian Mobile Disco - Off the Map
Simian Mobile Disco - It's the Eat (A SMD original)
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Heartbreak's Minimal dub)
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Massarrara
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Juventude solitude
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Brasileiro
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Música de amor número um
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Sr. Coronel
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Carossel em câmera lenta
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Mar fechado
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Crescer dói
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Enquanto eu passar na sua rua
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Mucambo cafundó
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - O amor existe, mas não querem que você acredite
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Amigos libertinos
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Adeus é tudo que eu preciso ouvir de você
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Casona
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Semana passada
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Jamoga
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Surpresas
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Sobre meninos elétricos e mães solteiras
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Esperando pelo 051
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Doce/Amargo
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Aprendendo a mentir
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Mais um palhaço no seu Carnaval
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Dois de Fevereiro
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Sangue Bom
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Tarde Livre
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Felina
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - O Que Será o Amanhã
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Guetos Urbanos
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Bastidores
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Projeto de Vida
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Travessia
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Rotina blasé
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Patrícia narcisista
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Madaceda
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Acidentes acontecem
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Despedita
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - Reis de São Paulo
Selvagens à Procura de Lei - O que quer que aconteça aos meus amigos libertinos
Serebryanaya Svadba - Ag
Serebryanaya Svadba - L'amour - putain
Die Siffer - Scheißfrisur
Die Siffer - Punkweizen
Die Siffer - Verdächtig Prächtig
Die Siffer - Born Toulouse
Die Siffer - Männer weinen nicht
Die Siffer - Nimm dich in Acht
The Sign of the Southern Cross - Huck Finn
The Sign of the Southern Cross - The South Is Rising
The Sign of the Southern Cross - Weeping Willow
The Sign of the Southern Cross - Hog Callin'
The Sign of the Southern Cross - Eating the Sun
The Sign of the Southern Cross - Stalking Horse
Seprevation - Sarcophagal Chamber
Seprevation - Dreams
Seprevation - In Torment They Burn
Seprevation - Sea of Thoughts
The Simpsons - Born Under a Bad Sign
The Simpsons - Moanin’ Lisa Blues
The Simpsons - Deep, Deep Trouble
The Simpsons - Love?
The Simpsons - Funny How Time Slips Away
The Simpsons - Ten Commandments of Bart
The Simpsons - Every Summer With You
The Simpsons - Hail to Thee, Kamp Krusty
The Simpsons - Lisa’s Sax
The Simpsons - We Put the Spring in Springfield
The Simpsons - Cut Every Corner
The Simpsons - A Boozehound Named Barney
The Simpsons - Happy Just the Way We Are
Sidilarsen - À qui je nuis, me pardonne
Sidilarsen - La Fibre
The Simpsons - Meet the Flintstones
Sidilarsen - La Morale de la fable
The Simpsons - Happy Birthday, Mr. Burns
The Simpsons - The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
Sidilarsen - Prédiction
Sidilarsen - De temps à autre
Sidilarsen - Deuxième vie
Sidilarsen - Acide Occident
Sidilarsen - Féline
Sidilarsen - En vidéo
Sidilarsen - Le Prochain Été
Sidilarsen - Où il veut
Sidilarsen - Ancienne étoile
Sidilarsen - Retourner la France
Sidilarsen - Appel à résistance
The Simpsons - Plow King
The Simpsons - “Kamp Krusty” Theme Song
Sidilarsen - Back to Basics
Sidilarsen - À ton ego
The Simpsons - Union Strike Folk Song (Parts 1 & 2)
Sidilarsen - Vie passionnée
The Simpsons - Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel!
Sidilarsen - Fantasia
Sidilarsen - Paradis perdu
Sidilarsen - Comme on vibre
The Simpsons - Talkin’ Softball
The Simpsons - Can I Borrow a Feeling?
The Simpsons - The Garbageman
Sidilarsen - Des milliards
The Simpsons - Señor Burns
The Simpsons - We Do (The Stonecutters’ Song)
The Simpsons - Dancin’ Homer (medley): Crosstown Bridge / Capitol City
The Simpsons - “Oh, Streetcar!” (The Musical): White-Hot Grease Fires (Prologue) / Long Before the Superdome…
The Simpsons - “Itchy & Scratchy” Main Title Theme
The Simpsons - The Day the Violence Died (medley): Not Jazz Choir, but Sad Choir / The Amendment Song
The Simpsons - Boy Scoutz n the Hood (medley): Saved by the Bell / Jackpot / Springfield, Springfield, Parts 1 & 2
The Simpsons - Flaming Moe’s
The Simpsons - Homer’s Barbershop Quartet (medley): One Last Call / Baby on Board
The Simpsons - A Fish Called Selma (medley): Troy Chic / Stop the Planet of the Apes / Dr. Zaius / Chimpan A to Chi
The Simpsons - Send in the Clowns
The Simpsons - The Monorail Song
The Simpsons - Cool
The Simpsons - Bagged Me a Homer
The Simpsons - Happy Birthday, Lisa
September - Party in My Head
September - Resuscitate Me
September - Something's Going On
September - Intimate Connection
September - Heat Rising
September - Walk Away
September - Hands Up
September - Me & My Microphone
September - Until I Die
September - Can't Get Over
September - Because I Love You
September - Follow Me
September - Rest in Peace
September - Start It Up
September - Just an Illusion
September - Sad Song
September - Freaking Out
September - Looking for Love
September - R.I.P.
September - It Doesn’t Matter
September - Good Times
Sigur Rós - Myrkur (Recycled by Dirty-Bix)
Sigur Rós - Sæglópur
Sidilarsen - Elle Me Tend Toujours la Main (par Sybreed)
Sidilarsen - Fluidité (par No One Is Innocent)
Sidilarsen - Le Fer (par Leiden)
Sigur Rós - Starálfur
Sigur Rós - Hjartað hamast (bamm bamm bamm)
Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook
Sigur Rós - Góðan daginn
Sigur Rós - Illgresi
Sigur Rós - Fljótavík
Sigur Rós - All Alright
Sigur Rós - Heima
Sigur Rós - Ekki múkk
Sigur Rós - Varúð
Sigur Rós - Dauðalogn
Sigur Rós - Brennisteinn
Sigur Rós - Yfirborð
Sigur Rós - Stormur
Sigur Rós - Kveikur
Sigur Rós - Bláþráður
September - Sin of My Own
September - We Can Do It
September - Leave It All Behind
September - September All Over
September - Party in My Head (extended)
ShaqIsDope - Innocent Youth
ShaqIsDope - Stay Focused
Scandinavian Cock - Gotta Get That Girl
Scandinavian Cock - Undead Girls
September - Same Old Song
September - Get What You Paid For
September - Can't Love Myself
September - Love Thing
September - Satellite
September - Cry for You (Jackal remix short)
September - Satellites (electro mix short)
September - Teddybjörnen Fredriksson
September - Me and My Microphone
September - Mikrofonkåt
September - Kärlekens tunga
September - Me and My Microphone (Extended)
The Simpsons - They’ll Never Stop the Simpsons
The Simpsons - Baby Stink Breath
“Weird Al” Yankovic - Homer & Marge
Jackson Browne - Marjorie
The B‐52s - Glove Slap
The Simpsons - "The Simpsons" End Credits Theme
The Simpsons - Do the Bartman (a cappella)
The Simpsons - Deep, Deep Trouble [Full dance mix]
The Simpsons - Jingle Bells
The Simpsons - Your Wife Don't Understand You
The Simpsons - I Just Can't Help Myself
The Simpsons - Glove Slap
The Simpsons - You're a Bunch of Stuff
The Simpsons - Lady
The Simpsons - "The President Wore Pearls" Medley
The Simpsons - Homer & Marge
The Simpsons - "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders" Medley
Sigur Rós - Hafsól
Sigur Rós - Vaka
Sigur Rós - The Nothing Song
Sigur Rós - Sven-G-Englar
Sigur Rós - Untitled #1
Sigur Rós - Sigur 1 (Untitled)
Sigur Rós - Óveður
Peter Silberman - New York
Shindy & Bushido - Für immer
Sietta - What Am I Supposed to Do?
Sietta - Let It Go
Sietta - Broken Glass
Sietta - Carry
Sinfonieorchester der Robert-Schumann-Hochschule & Die Toten Hosen - Willkommen in Deutschland
SHY - Nana
Vonda Shepard - Searchin’ My Soul
Vonda Shepard - Walk Away Renee
Vonda Shepard - The Wildest Times of the World
Vonda Shepard - Someone You Use
Vonda Shepard - The End of the World
Vonda Shepard - Tell Him
Vonda Shepard - Neighborhood
Vonda Shepard - Will You Marry Me?
Vonda Shepard - It’s in His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)
Vonda Shepard - I Only Want to Be With You
Vonda Shepard - Maryland
Vonda Shepard - Cross to Bear
Vonda Shepard - Baby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow
Vonda Shepard - Read Your Mind
Vonda Shepard - 100 Tears Away
Vonda Shepard - Someday We'll Be Together
Vonda Shepard - To Sir, With Love
Vonda Shepard - Crying
Vonda Shepard - Vincent (Starry Starry Night)
Vonda Shepard - What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
Vonda Shepard - World Without Love
Vonda Shepard - This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)
Vonda Shepard - I Know Him By Heart
Vonda Shepard - Don’t Cry Ilene
Vonda Shepard - He Ain’t With Me
Vonda Shepard - Looking For Something
Vonda Shepard - I Shy Away
Vonda Shepard - I’ve Been Here Before
Vonda Shepard - A New Marilyn
Vonda Shepard - Say The Words
Vonda Shepard - Jam Karet (Time Is Elastic)
Vonda Shepard - Rainy Days
Vonda Shepard - Chinatown
Vonda Shepard - My Whole World
Vonda Shepard - Lose My Way
Vonda Shepard - Rain or Shine
Vonda Shepard - Downtime
Vonda Shepard - In July
Vonda Shepard - The Sunset Marquis
Vonda Shepard - 7 Days
Vonda Shepard - Promising Grey Day
Vonda Shepard - Clean Rain
Vonda Shepard - Dreamin'
Vonda Shepard - Love Will Come and Go
Vonda Shepard - Out on the Town
Vonda Shepard - Cartwheels
Vonda Shepard - Home Again
Vonda Shepard - I Know Better
Vonda Shepard - Roll in the Dirt
Singas Project - Holiday
Shit and Shine - People Like You... REALLY!
Vonda Shepard - A Lucky Life
Vonda Shepard - Grain of Sand
Vonda Shepard - Serious Richard
Vonda Shepard & Robert Downey, Jr. - Chances Are
Vonda Shepard - It's In His Kiss
Vonda Shepard - I Started a Joke
Vonda Shepard - Chances Are
Sincerely Collins - Destroyer
Sincerely Collins feat. Sareena Dominguez - Listen
Sincerely Collins - Limelight
Sherine - Ma Tegrahnich
Sherine - Ana Fi El Gharam
La Sien - Yo, El Escritor
Shaila - Sudamérica II - El fracaso regional
Shaila - Los caminantes
Shaila - Noviembre
Shaila - Paralogismo en 6
Shaila - La perfección de los soberbios
Shaila - Sudamérica I - Malinche
Shaila - L'amour et l'déception
Shaila - Valparaíso
Shaila - Incendio Global
Shaila - Idilia
Shaila - Ironía(s)
Shaila - Sudamérica III - La meta supranacional
Shaila - Aunque digan que np
Shaila - Alter Ego
Shaila - El engaño
Shaila - A la derecha de la cruz
Shaila - Somos
Shaila - Quien
Shaila - My Own Life
Shaila - Empiezo al terminar
Shaila - Enfrentados
Shaila - Sincrónico
Shaila - Ensueños
Shaila - Utopía
Shaila - Vengan a ver
Shaila - Sin fronteras
Shaila - Dio$ valor
Shaila - La historia somnolienta de América Latina
Shaila - Cuando no quieras sentir
Shaila - Mañanas
Shaila - Libertad
Shaila - Tratando de encontrarla
Shaila - La ignorancia es bendición
Shaila - Te vi (dos)
Shaila - Dios ha muerto
Shaila - Hoy
Shaila - Bajo el agua
Shaila - La ecuación
Shaila - ¿De qué hablás?
Shaila - Martes...
Shaila - Cansado y aburrido
Shaila - Yo
Shaila - Festejen existir
Shaila - With You Again
Shaila - Modelos fabricados
Shaila - La unión
Shaila - Carolina
Shaila - Distintos
Shaila - Dogma
Shaila - Brand New Man
Shaila - Mis ilusiones
Shaila - Progresar
Shaila - Ahora y siempre
Shaila - No soy rock
Shaila - Guernica
Silencer - Death - Pierce Me
Silencer - Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels
Silencer - Taklamakan
Silencer - The Slow Kill in the Cold
Silencer - I Shall Lead, You Shall Follow
Silencer - Broken Heart
Silencer - Stay Forever
Silencer - If You Leave Me
Silencer - Play Me a Love Song
Silencer - Remember When
Silencer - Fear and Drinking
Siba e a Fuloresta - Alados
Siba e a Fuloresta - A folha da bananeira
Siba e a Fuloresta - A velha capa preta
Sendai Kamotsu - Vacuuuuuum!!
Marlena Shaw - Let’s Wade in the Water
Marlena Shaw - Loving You Was Like a Party
Marlena Shaw - Walk Softly
Marlena Shaw - 'Round Midnight
Hermínia Silva - LIsboa Antiga
Hermínia Silva - A Tendinha
Hermínia Silva - Rosa Enjeitada
Hermínia Silva - Fado Da Sina
Marlena Shaw - Go Away, Little Boy
Marlena Shaw - You Taught Me How to Speak in Love
Shyheim - I Declare War
Shyheim feat. Big L - Furious Anger
Shyheim - Unconditional Love
Shyheim - Crime Story
Shyheim - Verses From the Arsenal
Shyheim - One Life to Live
Shyheim - Manchild
Shyheim - Am I My Brothers Keeper
Shyheim - Club Scene
Shyheim - Spectacular
Shyheim - Trust It's On
Shyheim - Cease Fire (Wildflower 2000)
Shyheim - On and On
Shyheim - Pass It Off
Shyheim - One's 4 Da Money
Shyheim - Here I Am
Shyheim - Move It Over Here
Shyheim - Buckwylyn
Shyheim - You the Man
Shyheim - Napsack
Shyheim - The Rugged Onez
Shyheim - Little Rascals
Shyheim - 4 the Headpiece (interlude)
Shyheim - Party's Going' On
Shyheim - Shit iz real
Shyheim feat. Pop "The Brown Hornet" - Dear God
Shyheim - Jiggy Comin'
Shyheim feat. Squig - Shaolin Style
Shyheim - Real Bad Boys
Shyheim feat. Rubbabandz, Trigger & Smoothe da Hustler - What Makes the World Go Round
Shyheim - Can You Feel It
Shyheim - Life as a Shorty
Shyheim - Things Happen
Shyheim - Still There
Shyheim - The Greatest Story Never Told
Shyheim - The Bottom
Shyheim - I Am Good Play Your Part
Shyheim - Carry On
Shyheim - Pardon The Noise
Shyheim - New Producers
Shyheim - The Surah
Shyheim - After All These Years
Shyheim - Easy Streets
Shyheim - Annamette
Johanna Siekkinen - Kaihomieli ja surusilmä
Johanna Siekkinen - Neliapila
Serafyn - Take to the Skies
Serafyn - Netherlands
Serafyn - Go Down North
Shyheim - Staten Island
Shyheim - Look at Me
Shyheim - Love Letter
Shyheim - Dust Juice
Shyheim - Flowers in a Vast
Shyheim - Bank Money
Shyheim - Dear God
Shyheim - 5 Elements
Shyheim - Dont Front/Lets Chill
Shyheim - Young Godz
Shyheim - Furious Anger
Shyheim - Bring the Drama
Shyheim - Shaolin Style
Shyheim - Co-Defendant
Shyheim - All out on my own
Marlena Shaw - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Frank Sinatra with Anita Baker - Witchcraft
Marlena Shaw - We Could Have Been Fine
Marlena Shaw - Yu Ma/Go Away Little Boy
Sincere - Hypothermia
Sincere - Killerboys on Acid
Sincere - Centerfold Girl
Sincere - Spider
Sincere - Carrie
Sincere - Zero
Sincere - Oh My Sweet Something
Sincere - Can I Get
Sincere - Another Day
Sincere - Darkside Escort Service
Sincere - Semtex
Sincere - Angels
Sing Sing - Utolsó esély
Sing Sing - Sing Sing
Sing Sing - Mindig
Sing Sing - Halál a májra
Sing Sing - Soha ne engedj el
Sing Sing - Lázadó vér
Frank Sinatra feat. Frank Sinatra, Jr. - My Kind of Town
DJ Signify - Red to Black
DJ Signify - Low Tide
DJ Signify - [untitled]
Simone - Bate o Sino
Simone - O Velhinho
Simone - Jesus Cristo
Simone - Que maravilha viver
Simone - Natal das Crianças
Simone - Boas Festas
Simone - Noite Feliz
Simone - Jura secreta
Simone - Maria Maria
Simone - Cigarra
Simone - Prá Não Dizer Que Não Falei De Flores
Simone - Desesperar, Jamais
Simone - Tô Voltando
Simone - Baiana da gema
Simone - Veneziana
Simone - Enrosco
Simone - É festa
Simone - Por favor
Simone - Parei contigo
Simone - Atlântida
Simone - Tanto amor
Simone - Voar
Simone - Dandara
Simone - Espelho seu
Simone - Besame Mucho
Simone - La Distancia
Simone - Yolanda
Simone - La Barca
Simone - Candilejas
Simone - Ata-me
Simone - Cuando Tu Llegues
Simone - El Amor Mas Amor
Simone - Quiero Amanecer Con Alguien
Simone - Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
Simone - El Que No Llora No Ama
Shellfin - Down to Zero
Simone - Seda pura
Simone - Cofre de seda
Simone - Caso encerrado
Simone - www.sem
Simone - Muito estranho (cuida bem de mim)
Simone - Antes de acordar
Simone - Hawaii e you
Simone - Falando sério
Simone - A Propósito
Simone - Mulher o Suficiente
Simone - Aquele Plano para Me Esquecer
Simone - Descaminhos
Simone - Trégua Suspensa
Simone - Só Se For
Simone - Haicai
Simone - Vida de Artista
Simone - Mutante
Simone - Acreditar
Simone - Charme do Mundo
Simone - Os Medos
Simone - Mundo delirante
Simone - Pequenino cão
Simone - Pão e poesia
Simone - Yo no te pido
Simone - Naquela noite com Yoko
Simone - Vida
Simone - Espelho das águas
Simone - Bárbara
Simone - Quase um segundo
Simone - O amanhã
Simone - Seu corpo
Simone - Carinhoso
Scweez - Stack Music
Scweez - Stupid, Dumb, Hyphy
Sidoine - La nuit
Simone - Sinal fechado
Simone - Coração leviano
Simone - Verdade
Simone - Café com leite
Simone - Beija, me beija, me beija
Simone - Se eu soubesse que tu vinhas
Simone - Canta, canta, minha gente
Simone - Quem é do mar não enjoa
Simone - Iaiá do Cais Dourado
Simone - Maré mansa (Mar calmado)
Simone - Corpo
Simone - Embarcação
Simone - Alfonsina y el mar
Simone - Tinha de ser
Simone - Sonhos (arrastão dos pescadores)
Simone - Cristal
Simone - Lábios vermelhos
Simone - Água na boca
Simone - Amor no coração
Simone - Voce é real
Simone - Meu marfim
Simone - A outra
Sinch - Silence Broken
Sinch - All That's Left Behind
Sinch - Identity Theft
Sinch - The Last Scene
Sinch - Dead Sentinels
Sinch - Sails
Sinch - The Power of Suggestion
Sinch - What They Mean When They Say
Sinch - One in the Same
Sinch - Hydroplane
Sinch - To Die in Fall
Sinch - 433 (Hypothetical Situation)
Sinch - Tabula Rasa
Sinch - Passive Resistor
Sinch - The Arctic Ocean
Sinch - Seven
Sinch - Plasma
Sinch - The Silent Acquiescence of Millions
Sinch - Bitmap
Sinch - Armslength
Sinch - Cause And Effect
Sinch - Vessels
Sinch - Mapless
Sinch - State Of Affairs
Sinch - Greenlight
Sinch - Instructions (How to Die)
Sinch - Pain
Sinch - Overthink
Sinate - Beyond Human
Sinate - Step Out of the Light
Sinate - A Killer Born
Sinate - One Day Closer
Sinate - Infected Lies
Sinate - Final Vision
Sinate - Waiting to Die
Sinate - King of Betrayal
Sinate - Psycho Society
Sinate - The Last War
Sinch - Apathetic Urge
Sinch - Bleed
Sinch - Uniforms
Sinch - Requiem
Sinch - Me Parade
Simone - Fatto di cartone
Simone - Portami con te
Simone - Noi
Simone - Quanto mi dai
Simone - Dimmelo tu
Simone - Buon viaggio
Simone - Abito lei
Simone - Nancy
Simone - Dea
Simone - Quasi un re
Simone - Sole mare
Simone - Tra le nuvole
Simone - Abbi cura
Simone - Giorni
Simone - Sorridendo
Simone - Ho incontrato una tipa
Simone - Rompiscatole
Simone - Ci sarà il sole
Simone - Shayla Layla
Simone - Il mondo che non c'è
Simone - Nell'infinito c'è
Simone - Che sorpresa
Simone - Non piangere mai
Simone - Scuola della vita
Simone - Testa o croce
Simone - Di te
Simone - Questa notte
Simone - Burattini e marionette
Simone - Grido disperato
Simone - Tra le mani
Simone - Pura follia
Simone - Sesso
Simone - Depois das dez
Simone - Retiro
Simone - Contigo aprendi
Simone - Coração aprendiz
Simone - Só de amor
Simone - Mulher da vida
Simone - Coisa feita
Simone - Um desejo só não basta
Simone - Jeitinho brasileiro
Simone - Íntimo
Simone - Dr. Getúlio
Simone - Do Oiapoque ao Chuí
Simone - Na flor da idade
Simone - Nenhum Mistério
Simone - Eu preciso de você
Simone - Certas Noites
Simone - Face a face
Simone - Bem Pra Você
Simone - Fullgás
Simone - Hóstia
Simone - Ive Brussel
Simone - Certas Coisas
Simone - Vale a Pena Tentar
Simone - Migalhas
Simone - Pagando Pra Ver
Simone - Perigosa
Simone - Nada Por Mim
Simone - Primeiro de maio
Simone - Reis e rainhas do maracatu
Simone - Céu de Brasília
Simone - Começaria tudo outra vez
Simone - Me chama
Simone - A maçã
Simone - Samba do grande amor
Simone - Sem compromisso
Simone - Fica comigo esta noite
Simone - Desenho de giz
Simone - Sentimental demais
Simone - Ludo real
Simone - Que queres tu de mim
Simone - Nervos de aço
Simone - Boi de haxixe
Simone - Nosotros
Simone - Sistema nervoso
Simone - Samba pro João Gilberto
Simone - Idolatrada
Simone - O trem tá feio
Simone - Loca
Simone - Grande, grande, grande
Simone - La nave del olvido
Simone - Lo mejor de tu vida
Simone - Por ella
Simone - Mi amor
Sinas - 128
Richard Sanderson - She Loves Me Again
Richard Sanderson - Reality
Richard Sanderson - Go on Forever
Richard Sanderson - She's A Lady
Richard Sanderson - When I'm In Love
Richard Sanderson - Sun
The Simmertones - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
The Simmertones - Simmer Down
Siggno - Mi mundo se acabó
Siggno - Auxilio
Siggno - Pero háblame
Siggno - Celosa
Siggno - Mejor dímelo
Siggno - Estupida
Siggno - Traté de olvidarte
Siggno - La otra tú
Siggno - Ya no me importa
Siggno - Yo quisiera detenerte
Siggno - Enamorados
Siggno - En la basura
Siggno - Tonto corazón
Siggno - Duele
Siggno - Así será
Siggno - Sin nada que perder
Siggno - Tus labios
Siggno - Inevitable
Siggno - Un montón de estrellas
Siggno - El vaso derrama
Siggno - Te acostumbraste estar sin mí
Siggno - Te llevaré
Siggno - 2:00 AM
Siggno - Y a él sí
Siggno - Para olvidarte
Siggno - Abrázame
Shataramarie - I Want You to Be Mine
Shataramarie - Cincinnati (Prince’ton Street)
Shataramarie - High
Simone - Gota D'água
Simone - Quem é você
Simone - Condenados
Simone - Vento nordeste
Simone - Saindo de mim (dois gumes)
Simone - Itamarandiba
Simone - Nosso amor não deu em nada
Simone - Baião do coração
Simone - Chuva, suor e cerveja
Simone - Quatro paredes
Simone - Desgosto
Simone - A saudade mata a gente
Simone - Bodas de prata
Siberian - Paper Birds
Siberian - Airship
Simone - Ai, ai, ai
Simone - Todos os olhos te olham (Todos los ojos, te miran)
Simone - Meu ninho
Simone - Conto de areia
Simone - Brigas
Simone - Desafio
Simone - As pessoas
Simone - Separação
Simone - Apaixonou
Simone - Olhos negros
Simone - Kalú
Simone - Carta marcada
Simone - Falou amizade
Simone - Disputa de poder
Simone - Tudo por amor
Simone - A voz e o verso
Simone - Me ama mô
Simone - Louvor a Chico Mendes
Simone - Tudo bem
Simone - Apaixonada
Simone - Espelho de nós
Simone - Elegia
Simone - Espere Por Mim Morena
Simone - Quem Te Viu, Quem Te Vê
Simone - Pare De Me Arranhar
Simone - Entre o sim e o não
Michelle Shocked - 33 RPM Soul
Michelle Shocked - Secret to a Long Life
Michelle Shocked - Contest Coming (Cripple Creek)
Michelle Shocked - Over the Waterfall
Michelle Shocked - Shaking Hands (Soldier's Joy)
Michelle Shocked - Strawberry Jam
Michelle Shocked - Prodigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe)
Michelle Shocked - Blackberry Blossom
Michelle Shocked - Weaving Way
Michelle Shocked - Arkansas Traveler
Michelle Shocked - God Is a Real Estate Developer
Michelle Shocked - On the Greener Side
Michelle Shocked - Silent Ways
Michelle Shocked - Sleep Keeps Me Awake
Michelle Shocked - Cement Lament
Michelle Shocked - (Don’t You Mess Around With) My Little Sister
Michelle Shocked - Looks Like Mona Lisa
Michelle Shocked - Too Little Too Late
Michelle Shocked - Streetcorner Ambassador
Michelle Shocked - Must Be Luff
Michelle Shocked - Russian Roulette
Michelle Shocked - Early Morning Saturday
Michelle Shocked - (((Joy)))
Michelle Shocked - What Can I Say
Michelle Shocked - Good News
Michelle Shocked - Forgive to Forget
Michelle Shocked - Peachfuzz
Michelle Shocked - Little Billie
Michelle Shocked - If Not Here
Michelle Shocked - Moanin’ Dove
Michelle Shocked - Go In Peace
Michelle Shocked - How You Play the Game
Michelle Shocked - Don't Ask
Michelle Shocked - Used Car Lot
Michelle Shocked - Hardly Gonna Miss Him
Michelle Shocked - Evacuation Route
Michelle Shocked - Fools Like Us
Michelle Shocked - Elaborate Sabotage
Michelle Shocked - Don't Tell
Michelle Shocked - Goodbye
Michelle Shocked - Hi Skool
Side Out - Utopian Dream
Side Out - Not Just Yet
Side Out - Forget The Past
Side Out - Dying To Survive
Michelle Shocked - To Be a Cat
Michelle Shocked - A Dream Is a Wish
Michelle Shocked - On the Front Porch
Michelle Shocked - Cold Comfort
Michelle Shocked - Silver Spoon
Michelle Shocked - The Hard Way
Michelle Shocked - When I Grow Up
Michelle Shocked - Hello Hopeville
Michelle Shocked - Graffiti Limbo
Michelle Shocked - V.F.D.
Michelle Shocked - 5 A.M. in Amsterdam
Michelle Shocked - The Secret Admirer
Michelle Shocked - Who Cares?
Michelle Shocked - Down on Thomas Street
Michelle Shocked - Fogtown
Michelle Shocked - Steppin Out
Michelle Shocked - The Hep Cat
Michelle Shocked - The Ballad of Patcheye and Meg
Michelle Shocked - Stranded in a Limousine
René Simard - Triste Noel
Michelle Shocked - Quality of Mercy
Simone - Canções e momentos
Michelle Shocked - Can't Take My Joy
Simone - Sangrando
Simone - Amor de índio
Simone - Ela e eu
Michelle Shocked - Why Do I Get the Feeling?
Simone - Mar e lua
Simone - Raio de luz
Michelle Shocked - Lonely Planet
Michelle Shocked - La Cantina El Gato Negro
Simone - Onde anda você
Michelle Shocked - Match Burns Twice
Simone - A distância
Simone - Caçador de mim
Michelle Shocked - 180 Proof
Simone - Vendedor de sonhos
Michelle Shocked - Weasel Be Poppin'
Michelle Shocked - Blackjack Heart
Simone - Você é linda
Simone - Simples carinho
Simone - Doce presença
Simone - Coração ateu
Simone - Trocando em miúdos
Simone - Cais
René Simard - L'oiseau
René Simard - Dans mes rêves
René Simard - Ange de mon berceau
René Simard - La sirène aux longs cheveux
René Simard - Ma mère est un ange
René Simard - Exodus
Michelle Shocked - Love's Song
Michelle Shocked - Other People
Michelle Shocked - Liquid Prayer
Michelle Shocked - Ballad of the Battle of the Ballot and the Bullet, Part 1: Ugly Americans
Michelle Shocked - Waterproof
Michelle Shocked - Paper Boy
Michelle Shocked - True Story
Michelle Shocked - Study War No More
Michelle Shocked - That's So Amazing
Michelle Shocked - 4/4 Troubador
Michelle Shocked - My Little Sister
Michelle Shocked - Patcheye and Meg
Michelle Shocked - Ghost Town
Michelle Shocked - Contest Coming
Michelle Shocked - Down on Thomas St.
Michelle Shocked - The Ballad Of Penny Evans
Michelle Shocked - Jump Jim Crow
Michelle Shocked - Necktie
Michelle Shocked - Arkansas Traveller
Michelle Shocked - One Piece at a Time
Michelle Shocked - L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore
Michelle Shocked - Prodigal Daughter
Michelle Shocked - I've Got No Strings
sfpr - Castaways Cover Over
A Silent Film - Sleeping Pills
A Silent Film - Thirteen Times the Strength
A Silent Film - Gerontion
A Silent Film - Feather White
A Silent Film - You Will Leave a Mark
A Silent Film - Highest Regard
A Silent Film - Aurora
A Silent Film - This Stage Is Your Life
A Silent Film - Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well
A Silent Film - Anastasia
A Silent Film - Cuckoo Song
A Silent Film - Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat
A Silent Film - Harbour Lights
A Silent Film - Rustle of the Stars
A Silent Film - Queen of a Sad Land
A Silent Film - Love Takes a Wrecking Ball
A Silent Film - Thousand Mile Race
A Silent Film - Something to Believe In
A Silent Film - Lightning Strike
A Silent Film - Chinese Lanterns
A Silent Film - I Don't Need a Reason
A Silent Film - Paralysed
A Silent Film - Evergreen
A Silent Film - Lake Swimming
A Silent Film - Lavender Fields
A Silent Film - Strong Enough
A Silent Film - Where Snowbirds Have Flown
A Silent Film - Losing Hand
A Silent Film - Driven by Their Beating Hearts
A Silent Film - Firefly in My Window
A Silent Film - The Lamplight
A Silent Film - Six Feet of Rope and Revenge
Mark Sholtez - A Thousand Lies
Mark Sholtez - All Four Seasons
Mark Sholtez - This Perfect Day
Mark Sholtez - Too Late for Heroes
Mark Sholtez - We Could Get Lost
Mark Sholtez - Little Things
Mark Sholtez - The Mystery of You
Mark Sholtez - She'll Change Your Mind
Mark Sholtez - This Is Where It Starts
Mark Sholtez - Far Enough Away
Mark Sholtez - If I Didn't Love You
Mark Sholtez - Love Me for the Cool
Mark Sholtez - If You Were a Song
Mark Sholtez - All I Want Is You
Mark Sholtez - Dream About You
Mark Sholtez - Not What I'll Be Missin'
Mark Sholtez - Home by Now
Mark Sholtez - Melita
Mark Sholtez - Complicated Woman
Mark Sholtez - Deeper
Martin Simpson - Lakes of Champlain
Martin Simpson - Little Musgrave
Martin Simpson - Never Any Good
Martin Simpson - Rounding the Horn
Schrottgrenze - Lied vom Schnee
Schrottgrenze - Fernglas
Schrottgrenze - Zwilling da draußen
Schrottgrenze - Meine Dämonen
Schrottgrenze - Schwärze
Schrottgrenze - Ich bleibe Kind
Schrottgrenze - Das Ende unserer Zeit
Schrottgrenze - Kreuzfahrt ins Nichts
Schrottgrenze - Belladonna
Schrottgrenze - Am gleichen Meer
Schrottgrenze - Wenn du da bist
Schrottgrenze - Achtundzwanzig
Schrottgrenze - Die ewigen Patienten
Schrottgrenze - In Verhältnissen dieser Art
Schrottgrenze - Licht aus!
Schrottgrenze - Gib mir Reibung
Schrottgrenze - Nachts
Schrottgrenze - Auf der Chinesischen Mauer
Schrottgrenze - Die Insel
Schrottgrenze - Ferdinandland
Martin Simpson - One Day
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - The Sky Fell Down
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - I'll Never Smile Again
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Let's Get Away From It All
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Street of Dreams
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Light a Candle in the Chapel
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Yours Is My Heart Alone
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - How About You?
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - It's Always You
Frank Sinatra - Devil May Care
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - The Fable of the Rose
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Moments in the Moonlight
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Do You Know Why?
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Shadows on the Sand
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Trade Winds
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Say It
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - This Is the Beginning of the End
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - I Tried
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Somewhere a Voice Is Calling
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Hear My Song, Violetta
Frank Sinatra - All This and Heaven Too
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Love Me as I Am
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - The Sunshine of Your Smile
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Poor You
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - The Lamplighter's Serenade
Schrottgrenze - Skyscraper Ballad
Schrottgrenze - Vorstadtpunkermädchen
Schrottgrenze - April
Schrottgrenze - Von vornherein verwählt
Schrottgrenze - Roger Diali
Schrottgrenze - Kassandra
Schrottgrenze - Ellen und Johanna
Schrottgrenze - Ohne Dich (Schlaf ich heut' Nacht nicht ein)
Schrottgrenze - Alte Herren
Schrottgrenze - In Hildesheim
Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town
Frank & Nancy Sinatra - Somethin’ Stupid
Nancy Sinatra - The Highway Song
Nancy Sinatra - Kind of a Woman
Nancy Sinatra - Love Eyes
Nancy Sinatra - Drummer Man
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Lady Bird
Nancy Sinatra - I Love Them All (The Boys in the Band)
Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
Nancy Sinatra - Friday’s Child
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Jackson
Nancy Sinatra - God Knows I Love You
Nancy Sinatra - Here We Go Again
Nancy Sinatra - Machine Gun Kelly
Nancy Sinatra - As Tears Go By
Nancy Sinatra - Day Tripper
Nancy Sinatra - I Move Around
Nancy Sinatra - In My Room
Nancy Sinatra - Lies
Nancy Sinatra - Flowers on the Wall
Nancy Sinatra - Run for Your Life
Nancy Sinatra - The City Never Sleeps at Night
Nancy Sinatra - It's Such a Pretty World Today
Nancy Sinatra - Jackson
Nancy Sinatra - Lay Some Happiness on Me
Nancy Sinatra - By the Way (I Still Love You)
Nancy Sinatra - Highway Song
Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made for Walking
Nancy Sinatra feat. Frank Sinatra - Somethin’ Stupid
Nancy Sinatra - Tony Rome
Nancy Sinatra - So Long Babe
El Sicario - Sin drogas no
Martin Simpson - Little Birdie
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - All This And Heaven Too
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Love Lies
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Look at Me Now
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - You Might Have Belonged to Another
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - A Sinner Kissed an Angel
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - I Think of You
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - The Last Call for Love
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - You're Breaking My Heart (All Over Again)
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - In the Blue of Evening
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Once in a While
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - I've Got My Eyes on You
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - (At Least a) Little in Love
Martin Simpson - Louisiana 1972
Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Me
Nancy Sinatra - Happy
Nancy Sinatra - How Does That Grab You Darlin'
Nancy Sinatra - Good Time Girl
Nancy Sinatra - The Last of the Secret Agents
Nancy Sinatra - This Town
Nancy Sinatra - Sorry 'bout That
Nancy Sinatra - Somethin' Stupid
Nancy Sinatra - Did You Ever
Nancy Sinatra - Summer Wine
Nancy Sinatra - Lady Bird
Nancy Sinatra - Down From Dover
Nancy Sinatra - Paris Summer
Nancy Sinatra - I Gotta Get Gut of This Town
Nancy Sinatra - Wait Till You See Him
Nancy Sinatra - Younger Than Springtime
Nancy Sinatra - Things
Nancy Sinatra - Kinky Love
Nancy Sinatra - The Shadow of Your Smile
Nancy Sinatra - When I Look in Your Eyes
Nancy Sinatra - I'm Just in Love
Sincerity - Tyrants
Sincerity - Undefeated
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - I Haven't the Time to Be a Millionaire
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Sky Fell Down
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - You're Breaking My Heart
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Song Is You
Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography
Ashlee Simpson - Shadow
Ashlee Simpson - LaLa
Ashlee Simpson - Love Makes the World Go Round
Ashlee Simpson - Better Off
Ashlee Simpson - Love for Me
Ashlee Simpson - Surrender
Ashlee Simpson - Unreachable
Ashlee Simpson - Nothing New
Ashlee Simpson - Giving It All Away
Ashlee Simpson - Undiscovered
Ashlee Simpson - Harder Everyday
Ashlee Simpson - Sorry
Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend
Ashlee Simpson - In Another Life
Ashlee Simpson - L.O.V.E.
Ashlee Simpson - Coming Back for More
Ashlee Simpson - Dancing Alone
Ashlee Simpson - Burnin Up
Ashlee Simpson - Catch Me When I Fall
Ashlee Simpson - I Am Me
Ashlee Simpson - Eyes Wide Open
Ashlee Simpson - Say Goodbye
Ashlee Simpson - Boys
Ashlee Simpson - Rule Breaker
Ashlee Simpson - No Time for Tears
Ashlee Simpson - Little Miss Obsessive
Ashlee Simpson - Ragdoll
Ashlee Simpson - Bittersweet World
Ashlee Simpson - Hot Stuff
Ashlee Simpson - Murder
Ashlee Simpson - Never Dream Alone
Ashlee Simpson - Invisible
Ashlee Simpson - Beautiful Broken
Ashlee Simpson - Kicking and Screaming
Ashlee Simpson - Love Me for Me
Ashlee Simpson - What I've Become
Ashlee Simpson - Endless Summer
Ashlee Simpson - Follow You Wherever You Go
Ashlee Simpson - Fall in Love With Me
Ashlee Simpson - Get Nasty
Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) (a cappella)
Ashlee Simpson - Bat for a Heart
Sims - Future Shock
Sims - Burn It Down
Sims - Bad Time Zoo
Sims - One Dimensional Man
Sims - In My Sleep
Sims - When It Rolls In
Sims - The Veldt
Sims - Weight
Sims - Radio Opaque
Sims - Sink or Syncopate
Sims - Hey You
Sims - L'Audace
Sims - Uh Huh
Sims - Scope or Claw
Sims - They Don't Work for Us
Sims - The Whale
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Where Do You Keep Your Heart
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - When You Awake
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Anything
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Do I Worry
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Neiani
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Free for All
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Pale Moon (An Indian Love Song)
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Theme: I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Some of Your Sweetness (Got Into My Heart)
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - A Little in Love
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - It Came to Me
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - You're Part of My Heart
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Announcements
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - You're Stepping on My Toes
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - You Got the Best of Me
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - That's How it Goes
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - When Daylight Dawns
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - When Sleepy Stars Begin to Fall
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Goodbye Lover, Goodbye
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - One Red Rose
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - The Things I Love
Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Alice Blue Gown
Lorena Simpson - This Moment
Lorena Simpson - Everybody
Lorena Simpson - Sirens
Nancy Sinatra - It Ain't Me Baby
Nancy Sinatra - So Long Baby
Nancy Sinatra - Wishin’ and Hopin’
Nancy Sinatra feat. Lee Hazlewood - Storybook Children
Nancy Sinatra - Sundown, Sundown
Nancy Sinatra - How Does That Grab You Darling
Nancy Sinatra - Son of a Preacher Man
Nancy Sinatra - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Nancy Sinatra - Elusive Dreams
Nancy Sinatra - Like I Do
Nancy Sinatra - Tonight You Belong to Me
Nancy Sinatra - Think of Me
Nancy Sinatra - Your Groovy Self
Nancy Sinatra - On Broadway
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Sundown, Sundown
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Paris Summer
Silverio - Perro
Silverio - Salón de belleza
Silverio - Silver Silverio
Silverio - Yepa Yepa Yepa
Silverio - Gorila
Silverio - El iluminado
Sims - So Far So Good
Sims - 15 Blocks
Sims - Tape Deck
Sims - Key Grip (fax)
Sims - Frontline
Sims - Osmosis