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Sennen - Destroy Us
Sheila She Loves You - Into The Night
Sheila She Loves You - Don't Give Us Poets, Give Us Bread
Sheila She Loves You - Dolphin Champion
The Sandals - Jet Black
Senem Diyici Quartet - Gül Bahçesi
Peter Shelley - My Sweet Deutsche Friend
Peter Shelley - Love Me, Love My Dog
Jean Shepard - I'd Rather Die Young (Then Grow Old Without You)
Jean Shepard - My Wedding Ring
Jean Shepard - Forgive Me, John
Jean Shepard - A Satisfied Mind
Jean Shepard - Beautiful Lies
Jean Shepard - Tell Me What I Want to Hear
Jean Shepard - Shadows on the Wall
Jean Shepard - I'll Thank You All My Life
Jean Shepard - I Learned It All From You
Jean Shepard - It's Hard to Tell the Married From the Free
Jean Shepard - I Lost You After All
Jean Shepard - The Weak and the Strong
Jean Shepard - I Love You Because
Jean Shepard - You Win Again
Jean Shepard - You Con't Break the Chains of Love
Jean Shepard - Jealous Heart
Jean Shepard - Sweet Temptation
Jean Shepard - I'll Never Be Free
Jean Shepard - I Hate Myself
Jean Shepard - You're Telling Me Sweet Lies Again
Jean Shepard - Are You Certain?
Jean Shepard - I Don't Apologize for Loving You
Jean Shepard - Blues Stay Away From Me
Jean Shepard - Under Your Spell Again
Jean Shepard - One White Rose
Jean Shepard - Big Midnight Special
Jean Shepard - If You Were Losing Him to Me
Jean Shepard - Two Voices, Two Shadows, Two Faces
Jean Shepard - I Can't Seem to Say Goodbye
Jean Shepard - So Wrong, So Fast
Jean Shepard - Leave Me Alone
Jean Shepard - A Tear Dropped By
Jean Shepard - I Can't Cry Him Away
Jean Shepard - Foggy River
Jean Shepard - When Two Worlds Collide
Jean Shepard - Loose Talk
Jean Shepard - I Can't Stop Loving You
Jean Shepard - The Big Wheel
Jean Shepard - Born to Loose
Jean Shepard - If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time
Jean Shepard - Half a Mind
Jean Shepard - Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
Jean Shepard - The Violet and a Rose
Jean Shepard - Just Call Me Lonesome
Jean Shepard - It Was Too Late
Jean Shepard - Someone's Gotta Cry
Jean Shepard - Ain't You Ashamed
Jean Shepard - Don't Take Advantage of Me
Jean Shepard - Let Me Be the Judge
Jean Shepard - More to Love Than This
Jean Shepard - Franklin County Moonshine
Jean Shepard - Many Happy Hangovers to You
Jean Shepard - I'll Take the Dog
Jean Shepard - If Teardrops Were Silver
Jean Shepard - Your Forevers (Don't Last for Very long)
Jean Shepard - Heart, We Did All That We Could
Jean Shepard - Seven Lonely Days
Jean Shepard - I Want You Free
Jean Shepard - Then He Touched Me
Jean Shepard - Another Lonely Night
Jean Shepard - At the Time
Jean Shepard - Poor Sweet Baby
Jean Shepard - The Tip of My Fingers
Jean Shepard - Too Many Rivers
Jean Shepard - Slippin' Away
Jean Shepard - Second Fiddle to an Old Guitar
Serpentcult - Awaken the Kraken
The Schuers - Step Outside
Jean Shepard - Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself to Sleep
Sherman Brothers - Hushabye Mountain
Sherman Brothers - Sister Suffragette
Sherman Brothers - The Life I Lead
Sherman Brothers - The Perfect Nanny
Sherman Brothers - A Spoonful of Sugar
Sherman Brothers - Pavement Artist (Chim Chim Cher-ee)
Sherman Brothers - Jolly Holiday
Sherman Brothers - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Sherman Brothers - Stay Awake
Sherman Brothers - I Love to Laugh
Sherman Brothers - A British Bank (The Life I Lead)
Sherman Brothers - Fidelity Fiduciary Bank
Sherman Brothers - Step in Time
Sherman Brothers - A Man Has Dreams (The Life I Lead) (A Spoonfull of Sugar)
Sherman Brothers - Let's Go Fly a Kite
Sherman Brothers - Probier's mal mit Gemütlichkeit
Sherman Brothers - It's a Small World
Sherman Brothers - Chim Chim Cher-Ee / March Over the Rooftops
Sherman Brothers - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Main Title) / The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang / Roses of Success
Sherman Brothers - Supercalifragilistic
Sherman Brothers - Detroit
Sherman Brothers - Tes vrais amis
Sherman Brothers - Us Two-Chitty Prayer
Jean Shepard - The Color Song
Jean Shepard - Enough Heart to Hurt
Jean Shepard - Too Many Memories All Around
Jean Shepard - Heart to Heart
Jean Shepard - When Your House Is Not a Home
Shaggy feat. Ricardo "Rik Rok" Ducent - It Wasn't Me
Jean Shepard - Snowbird
Jean Shepard - Would You Lay With Me (In a Field of Stone)
The Rubens - The Best We Got
The Rubens - Never Be the Same
The Rubens - Lay It Down
The Rubens - Elvis
The Rubens - The Day You Went Away
The Rubens - I'll Surely Die
The Rubens - Look Good, Feel Good
The Rubens - Paddy
The Rubens - Hallelujah
The Rubens - The Night Is on My Side
The Rubens - Hoops
The Rubens - Switchblade
The Rubens - Bitter End
The Rubens - Cut Me Loose
The Rubens - Things About to Change
The Rubens - Battles
The Rubens - Hold Me Back
The Rubens - The Original
The Rubens - The Fool
The Rubens - Don’t Ever Want to Be Found
Shalom - Coda
Shalom - S.H.A.L.O.M.
Pluto Shervington - I Man Born Ya
Science for Girls - 14 Days
Science for Girls - Northern Lights
Science for Girls - You'll Never Know
Science for Girls - Peace Heart
Science for Girls - Sleepwatching
Rokkha - Falsches Lied
Jean Shepard - Mercy
SHERBET - Set Me Free
Jean Shepard - Only Mama That'll Walk the Line
Jean Shepard - Are You Sincere
Jean Shepard - The Root of All Evil
Shakira & Alejandro Sanz - La tortura
Shakira feat. Rihanna - Can't Remember to Forget You
Bobby Sherman - Spend Some Time Lovin' Me
Bobby Sherman - Jingle Bell Rock
Bobby Sherman - Christmas Is (Make It Sweet)
Bobby Sherman - Seattle
Bobby Sherman - Cried Like a Baby
Bobby Sherman - The Drum
Bobby Sherman - Waiting at the Bus Stop
Bobby Sherman - Getting Together
Bobby Sherman - Jennifer
Bobby Sherman - A Song of Joy
Bobby Sherman - Together Again
Bobby Sherman - Our Last Song Together
Michel Sardou - Les Bals populaires
Michel Sardou - Le Rire du sergent
Michel Sardou - Les Vieux Mariés
Michel Sardou - J'habite en France
Michel Sardou - La Maladie d’amour
Michel Sardou - La Java de Broadway
Michel Sardou - Je vais t'aimer
Michel Sardou - Je vole
Michel Sardou - Dix ans plus tôt
Michel Sardou - En chantant
Michel Sardou - Être une femme
Michel Sardou - Afrique adieu
Michel Sardou - Vladimir Ilitch
Michel Sardou - Musulmanes
Michel Sardou - Petit
Michel Sardou - L'Autre Femme
Michel Sardou - Le Mauvais homme
Michel Sardou - Les Mamans qui s'en vont
Michel Sardou - Je viens du Sud
Michel Sardou - Les Noces de mon père
Michel Sardou - Non merci
Michel Sardou - La vie, la mort, etc.
Michel Sardou - La Rivière de notre enfance
Michel Sardou - Je n'oublie pas
Michel Sardou - Du plaisir
Michel Sardou - Même si
Michel Sardou - Ce n'est qu'un jeu
Michel Sardou - Les hommes du vent
Michel Sardou - J'ai tant d'amour
Michel Sardou - J'aurais voulu t'aimer
Michel Sardou - Le livre du temps
Michel Sardou - Dis-moi
Michel Sardou - Concorde
Michel Sardou - Beethoven
Michel Sardou - Allons danser
Michel Sardou - Je ne suis plus un homme pressé
Michel Sardou - Les villes hostiles
Michel Sardou - Sature
Michel Sardou - Nuit de satin
Michel Sardou - Les jours avec et les jours sans
Michel Sardou - La dernière danse
Michel Sardou - Je ne suis pas ce que je suis
Michel Sardou - Les yeux de mon père
Michel Sardou - On est planté
Michel Sardou - L'évangile (selon Robert)
Michel Sardou - Valentine Day
Michel Sardou - Ce qui s'offre
Michel Sardou - Le cœur migrateur
Michel Sardou - L'oiseau-tonnerre
Michel Sardou - 40 ans
Michel Sardou - Un motel à Keeseeme
Michel Sardou - Je serai là
Michel Sardou - Je ne sais plus rien
Michel Sardou - Cette chanson n'en est pas une
Jean Shepard - A Womans' Hand
Jean Shepard - If You Haven't, You Can't Feel the Way I Do
Jean Shepard - Why Did You Wait?
Sangsters - Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast
Michel Sardou - Monsieur le Président de France
Michel Sardou - Restera-t-il encore
Michel Sardou - Auprès de ma Tombe
Michel Sardou - Je t'aime, je t'aime
Michel Sardou - Laisse-moi vivre
Michel Sardou - 8 Jours à El Paso
Michel Sardou - 6 milliards, 900 millions, 980 mille
Michel Sardou - Le Prix d'un homme
Michel Sardou - On a déjà donné
Michel Sardou - Le Surveillant général
Michel Sardou - Un enfant
Michel Sardou - Le Curé
Michel Sardou - La Vieille
Michel Sardou - J'accuse
Michel Sardou - Verdun
Michel Sardou - Il était là (Le Fauteuil)
Michel Sardou - Les Deux Écoles
Michel Sardou - Chanteur de jazz
Michel Sardou - L'Acteur
Michel Sardou - Le privilège
Michel Sardou - Cette chanson-là
Michel Sardou - Salut
Michel Sardou - Une drôle de danse
Michel Sardou - Seulement l'Amour
Michel Sardou - Dixit Virgile (Ad Libitum)
Michel Sardou - C'est ma Vie
Shift K3Y - I Know (Extended)
Shift K3Y - I Know
Shift K3Y - Make It Good
Shift K3Y - Name and Number
Shift K3Y - Not Into It
Shift K3Y - Gone Missing
Michel Sardou - La Chanteuse de rock
Michel Sardou - Les Yeux d'un animal
Michel Sardou - À l'italienne
Michel Sardou - L'An mil
Michel Sardou - Je ne t'ai pas trompée
Michel Sardou - Madame je
Michel Sardou - Le Centre du monde
Michel Sardou - God Save the King
Michel Sardou - Nous n'aurons pas d'enfants
Michel Sardou - Tu as changé
Michel Sardou - Cent mille universités
Michel Sardou - Les Dessins
Michel Sardou - Si j'avais un frère
Michel Sardou - Je suis pour
Michel Sardou - Rien
Michel Sardou - Un Roi barbare
Michel Sardou - L'Award
Michel Sardou - Les Villes de solitude
Michel Sardou - Parce que c'était lui, parce que c'était moi
Michel Sardou - Aujourd'hui peut-être
Shadow of Intent - The Shaping Sickness
Shadow of Intent - The Cosmic Inquisitor
Shadow of Intent - The Prelude to Bereavement
Shadow of Intent - The Indexing
Trevor Sensor - Villains and Preachers
Trevor Sensor - The Reaper Man
Trevor Sensor - Pacing the Cage
Trevor Sensor - Texas Girls and Jesus Christ
Michel Sardou - 55 jours 55 nuits
Michel Sardou - Divorce à l'amitié
Michel Sardou - Méfie-toi on t'aime
Michel Sardou - Être et ne pas avoir été
Michel Sardou - La java de Brodway
Michel Sardou - Rouge
Michel Sardou - Mon dernier rêve sera pour toi
Michel Sardou - Une lettre à ma femme pour tout lui expliquer
Michel Sardou - Exit Dylan
Michel Sardou - Mélodie pour Élodie
Michel Sardou - Les Mots d'amour
Michel Sardou - Chacun sa vérité
Michel Sardou - Voler
Michel Sardou - Et puis après
Michel Sardou - Un Accident
Michel Sardou - Etre une femme (2010)
Sham 69 - Poor Cow
Sham 69 - Unite and Win
Sham 69 - Joe's on the Street Again
Sham 69 - Money
Sham 69 - They Don’t Understand
Sham 69 - Voices
Sham 69 - I Don't Wanna
Sham 69 - Leave Me Alone
Sham 69 - Hurry Up Harry
Sham 69 - Mr. You're a Better Man Than I
Sham 69 - You’re a Better Man Than I
Sheik Tosado - Toda Casa Tem Um Pouco De África
Sheik Tosado - La Ursa
Sheik Tosado - Repente Envenenado
Die Schande - Ein einfaches Mädchen
Michel Sardou - Français
Michel Sardou - On se reverra
Michel Sardou - L'Avenir, c'est toujours pour demain
Michel Sardou - Corsica
Michel Sardou - Je n'aurai pas le temps
Michel Sardou - La Bataille
Michel Sardou - Pense à l'Italie
Michel Sardou - L'Amérique de mes dix ans
Michel Sardou - America, America
Michel Sardou - La Marche en avant
Michel Sardou - Hallyday (Le phénix)
Michel Sardou - Tu es Pierre
Michel Sardou - Tuez-moi
Michel Sardou - Je deviens fou
Michel Sardou - Interdit aux Bébés
Michel Sardou - Les Années 30
Michel Sardou - Maman
Michel Sardou - Happy Birthday
Michel Sardou - Le Successeur
Michel Sardou - Le Paraguay n'est plus ce qu'il était
Michel Sardou - Chanter quand-même
Michel Sardou - Tout le Monde est star
Michel Sardou - Le Monde où tu vas
Michel Sardou - Maudits français
Michel Sardou - La maison des vacances
Sham 69 - Wallpaper Song
Sham 69 - Blackpool
Sham 69 - Geoffrey Thomas
Sham 69 - I'm Mad
Sham 69 - 14 Years
Sham 69 - Mary's Sofa
Sham 69 - Trainspotter
Sham 69 - Studenthead
Sham 69 - Windowstare
Sham 69 - Roxy Was a Tourist
Sham 69 - Get a Life
Sham 69 - Swampy
The Selmanaires - Selmanaire Rock
Sham 69 - With a Little Help From My Friends
Trevor Sewell - A Hundred Years
Trevor Sewell - Don't Need Nobody
Michel Sardou - L'Aigle noir
Michel Sardou - Ils ont le pétrole mais c'est tout
Michel Sardou - Io Domenico
Michel Sardou - Carcassonne
Michel Sardou - Les Beatnicks
Michel Sardou - Victoria
Michel Sardou - Danton
Michel Sardou - Les Arlequins
Michel Sardou - Les Filles d'aujourd'hui
Michel Sardou - Si je parle beaucoup
Michel Sardou - Raconte une histoire
Michel Sardou - Les Moutons
Michel Sardou - 100 000 universités
SG Lewis - Shivers
SG Lewis - No Less
SG Lewis - Yours
SG Lewis - Meant To Be
Ricky Shane - Das hat die Welt noch nicht geseh'n (Giramondo)
Ricky Shane - In festen Händen
Ricky Shane - Und ich bin nicht verloren
Ricky Shane - Du liebst nur einmal
Ricky Shane - Ich mache keine Komplimente
Ricky Shane - In Chicago (In the Ghetto)
Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire - How to Fire a Gun
Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire - tip eht fo mottob
Michel Sardou - Le france (version 2012)
Michel Sardou - La maladie d'amour (version 2012)
Michel Sardou - Je viens du sud (version 2012)
Sens Unik - À gauche, à droite
Sens Unik - Le Repas
Sham 69 - Loud Mouth
Simon Shaheen - Mudnaka
SF9 - K.O.
SF9 - Together
SF9 - So Beautiful
SF9 - Jungle Game
Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers - My Bonnie
Sham 69 - Break on Through
Sham 69 - Uptown
Sham 69 - Planet Trash
Sham 69 - Information Libertaire
Sham 69 - Feel It
Sham 69 - King Kong Drinks Coca-Cola
Sham 69 - Saturdays and Strangeways
Sham 69 - Breeding Dinosaurs
Sham 69 - Wild and Wonderful
Sham 69 - Kids Are United
Michel Sardou - Je me souviens d'un Adieu
Andy Shauf - The Magician
Andy Shauf - Early to the Party
Andy Shauf - Twist Your Ankle
Andy Shauf - Quite Like You
Andy Shauf - Begin Again
Andy Shauf - The Worst in You
Andy Shauf - To You
Andy Shauf - Eyes of Them All
Andy Shauf - Alexander All Alone
Andy Shauf - Martha Sways
Andy Shauf - Your Heart
Andy Shauf - Crushes
Andy Shauf - You Remind Me
Andy Shauf - In Town
Andy Shauf - The Greatest Moments
Andy Shauf - Let's Be
Andy Shauf - Were You in Love With Me
Andy Shauf - How Long
Andy Shauf - Give Me Words
Andy Shauf - Hometown Hero
Andy Shauf - Drink My Rivers
Andy Shauf - I'm Not Falling Asleep
Andy Shauf - Covered in Dust
Andy Shauf - Wendell Walker
Andy Shauf - You're Out Wasting
Andy Shauf - The Man on Stage
Andy Shauf - Jesus, She's a Good Girl
Andy Shauf - Lick Your Wounds
Andy Shauf - Jerry Was a Clerk
Andy Shauf - My Dear Helen
Andy Shauf - Lean On
Andy Shauf - Open
Andy Shauf - With You
Andy Shauf - Swimming in a Cage
Andy Shauf - To Leave
Andy Shauf - I Don't Really
Andy Shauf - My Empty Words
Michel Sardou - Il pleut sur ma vie
Michel Sardou - Encore 200 jours
Michel Sardou - Le Visage de l'année
Michel Sardou - Le Train de la dernière chance
Michel Sardou - Les Fougères
Michel Sardou - La Défensive
Michel Sardou - Tu te reconnaîtras
Tippu - Ee Vayasika Raadhu
Karthik & Shweta Mohan - Nee Maatalo
Madhu Balakrishnan - Arikil
George Shearing & Mel Tormé - All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
George Shearing & Mel Tormé - You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
George Shearing & Mel Tormé - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
Serpico - We Own The Night
Serpico - Kultura
Serpico - Devil's Brigade
Serpico - Last Honest Cops
Serpico - Godforsaken
Serpico - Feeling Minnesota
Serpico - Alkaline Nights
Serpico - Kings & Queens
Serpico - 400 Blows To The Head
Serpico - Glasseye
Serpico - Nothingness & Infamy
Sham 69 - Listen Up
Sham 69 - Girlfriend
Sham 69 - Little Bit of This
Sham 69 - Otis Redding
Sham 69 - Junkie
Sham 69 - The Doctor's Song
Sham 69 - Alice
Sham 69 - Stevie (Sweet as a Nut)
Sham 69 - Chasing the Moon
Sham 69 - Everyboy's Right Everybody's Wrong
Michel Sardou feat. Céline Dion - Voler
Michel Sardou - Ça viendra forcément
Michel Sardou - Une corde pour se noyer
Michel Sardou - Lequel sommes-nous ?
DJ Schmolli - Smells Like Bleeding Love
DJ Schmolli - Cruelly Good Summer Feeling (Flo Rida/Avicii/Ace Of Base/Sak Noel/Jason Derulo/Stanton warriors/…)
DJ Schmolli - Titanium 500 (David Guetta ft. Sia/The Proclaimers/Midnight Oil)
DJ Schmolli - Payphone Lights (Ellie Goulding/Maroon 5/The Wanted/Katy Perry/Florence & The Machine/Linkin Park)
DJ Schmolli - Rock Of Ages (Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones/Run DMC/Chemical Brothers/Dio/AC/DC/Def Leppard/Queen/…)
DJ Schmolli - Payphone Lights (Ellie Goulding vs. Maroon 5 vs. The Wanted vs. Katy Perry vs. Florence + the Machin
DJ Schmolli - I Like The Lights Out
DJ Schmolli - I Love Clarity
Shades of Rhythm - Extacy
Shades of Rhythm - The Sound of Eden (Every Time I See Her)
Michel Sardou - Un Jour la liberté
Michel Sardou - La Chanson d'adieu
Michel Sardou - Cinq ans passés
Michel Sardou - Les Balkans et la Provence
Bob Seger - Momma
Bob Seger - Fine Memory
Bob Seger - No More
Bob Seger - Won't Stop
Bob Seger - Detroit Made
Bob Seger - Hey Gypsy
Bob Seger - The Devil's Right Hand
Bob Seger - Ride Out
Bob Seger - California Stars
Bob Seger - Its Your World
Bob Seger - All of the Roads
Bob Seger - Gates of Eden
Bob Seger - Let the Rivers Run
Bob Seger - Midnight Rider
Bob Seger - Stealer
Bob Seger - Rosalie
Bob Seger - Turn the Page
Bob Seger - Back in 72
Seventh Avenue - Terium
Seventh Avenue - Authorities
Seventh Avenue - Futures Dawn
Seventh Avenue - Brighter Than the Sun
Seventh Avenue - Needs
Seventh Avenue - Two Masters
Seventh Avenue - Hands of the King
Seventh Avenue - Priests and Servants
Seventh Avenue - Trail of Blood
Seventh Avenue - Betrayal
Seventh Avenue - Way to the Stars
Seventh Avenue - Innocence
Seventh Avenue - New Era
Seventh Avenue - Eternals
Seventh Avenue - Future tale
Seventh Avenue - Raging fire
Seventh Avenue - Juggler of words
Seventh Avenue - Remission
Seventh Avenue - Infinite King
Seventh Avenue - Hunger for life
Seventh Avenue - Heaven can't wait
Seventh Avenue - Voices
Seventh Avenue - Domination of sin
Seventh Avenue - Beyond the Ocean (Intro)
Seventh Avenue - A Step Between the Worlds
Seventh Avenue - Levy Your Soul From Hate
Seventh Avenue - Tale of the Forgotten Dreams
Seventh Avenue - Angels Eyes
Seventh Avenue - Open Your Mind
Seventh Avenue - Until You Come Again
Seventh Avenue - Wings of Dawn
Seventh Avenue - Touch of Your Love
Seventh Avenue - Burning Heart
Seventh Avenue - One Life Ends
Seventh Avenue - Southgate
Seventh Avenue - Protection Of Fool
Seventh Avenue - Carol
Seventh Avenue - Father
Seventh Avenue - May The Best One Win
Seventh Avenue - Puppet Of The Mighty
Seventh Avenue - Heart In Your Hand
Seventh Avenue - Big City Sharks
Seventh Avenue - Goodbye
The George Shearing Quintet - Sunday, Monday or Always
Seventh Avenue - Prolog
Seventh Avenue - Tales of Tales
Seventh Avenue - Time
Seventh Avenue - Tempation
Seventh Avenue - Where Are You
Seventh Avenue - Grave of Heart
Seventh Avenue - Iron Man
Seventh Avenue - Pink Elephant
Seventh Avenue - This Night
Seventh Avenue - Rainbowland
Seventh Avenue - Way to Paradise
Seventh Avenue - Pray
Seventh Avenue - Loving You
Seventh Avenue - On the Road Again
Seventh Avenue - Rest in Peace
Seventh Avenue - Die
Seventh Avenue - Just Believe
Seventh Avenue - Love Goes
Seventh Avenue - Children
Seventh Avenue - Prince of Peace
Seventh Avenue - Where You Belong
Jamshied Sharifi - Ammeh Kimia
Bob Seger - You Know Who You Are
Bob Seger - Railroad Days
Bob Seger - Get Out of Denver
Bob Seger - Long Song Comin'
Bob Seger - Star Tonight
Bob Seger - Need Ya
Bob Seger - 20 Years From Now
Bob Seger - Bo Diddley
Bob Seger - Hummin' Bird
Bob Seger - Let It Rock
Bob Seger - Heavy Music
Bob Seger - Against The Wind
Bob Seger - Mainstreet
Bob Seger - Night Moves
Bob Seger - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
Bob Seger - Understanding
Bob Seger - New Coat of Paint
Bob Seger - U.M.C.
Bob Seger - East Side Story
Bob Seger - Persecution Smith
Bob Seger - Two Plus Two Equals What
Bob Seger - Lucifer
Bob Seger - Big River
Bob Seger - Lookin Back (studio)
Bob Seger - Sail On
Bob Seger - Some Day
Bob Seger - In Your Time
Bob Seger - You'll Accomp'ny Me
Bob Seger - The Fire Down Below
Bob Seger - Downtown Train
Bob Seger - Chain Smokin'
Bob Seger - Little Drummer Boy
Bob Seger - Till It Shines
Bob Seger - Feel Like A Number
Michel Sardou - Nous n'aurons pas d'enfant
Michel Sardou - La Colombe
Michel Sardou - J'ai 2000 ans
Michel Sardou - Manie manie
Michel Sardou - X-ray
Michel Sardou - Si j'étais
Michel Sardou - Marco Perez (Le play boy)
Michel Sardou - La Pluie de Jules César
Michel Sardou - Les Années trente
Michel Sardou - Une Femme ma fille
Michel Sardou - Une Lettre à ma femme
Michel Sardou - Sur la route de Memphis
Michel Sardou - Ton fils
Michel Sardou - À la volonté du peuple
Michel Sardou - Volver a Vivir
Michel Sardou - Yo Te Amare
Sesto Sento - Body & Light
Sesto Sento vs Systemic - Human Nation
Sesto Sento - Mysterious Ways
Sesto Sento - My Trip to Fantasy
Sesto Sento - Sesto Dance
Sesto Sento - People
Shawlin - Nostalgia
Shawlin - Afirmação da Vida
Shawlin - Vem K
Shawlin - Fui E Voltei - (outro)
Shawlin - Eu Mermo
Shawlin - Neblina
Shawlin - Ruas Vazias
Shawlin - Aliança 2006
Shawlin - Acho Que É
Shawlin - Divida de Gratidão
Serenity - All Lights Reversed
Serenity - Rust of Coming Ages
Serenity - Coldness Kills
Serenity - Fairytales
Serenity - The Heartblood Symphony
Serenity - Velatum
Serenity - Sheltered (By the Obscure)
Serenity - Oceans of Ruby
Serenity - Journey's End
Serenity - Canopus 3
Serenity - Reduced to Nothingness
Serenity - Circle of My 2nd Life
Serenity - Engraved Within
Serenity - Forever
Serenity - Dead Man Walking
Serenity - Thriven
Serenity - New Horizons
Serenity - The Chevalier
Serenity - Far From Home
Serenity - Heavenly Mission
Serenity - State of Siege
Serenity - Changing Fate
Serenity - When Canvas Starts to Burn
Serenity - Serenade of Flames
Serenity - Youngest of Widows
Serenity - Beyond Desert Sands
Serenity - To India's Shores
Serenity - My Legacy
Serenity - The Dreamer
Serenity - When Moon and Sun Unite
Shapeshifters - Back to Basics
Schattentantz - Ouwe
Sesto Sento - Sneaky Sneaky
Shanon - masih aku terasa
Shanon - bila engkau jauh
Cursed Sails - Dead Daze
Cursed Sails - Thunderbird
Cursed Sails - Like a Chemical
Cursed Sails - Gasoline
Cursed Sails - 21
Cursed Sails - Amazing Grace
Cursed Sails - The Great Gold Rush
Cursed Sails - Chernobyl
Cursed Sails - With Malice Pt. 2
Cursed Sails - Smart Ass
Michel Sardou - Attention les enfants ... danger
Michel Sardou - Les Lacs au Connemara
Michel Sardou - Je n'suis pas mort je dors
Michel Sardou - Une ville aux yeux clairs
Michel Sardou & Garou - La riviere de notre enfance (Bonus)
Seventh Wonder - Welcome to Mercy Falls
Seventh Wonder - Unbreakable
Seventh Wonder - Tears for a Father
Seventh Wonder - A Day Away
Seventh Wonder - Tears for a Son
Seventh Wonder - Paradise
Seventh Wonder - Fall in Line
Seventh Wonder - Hide and Seek
Seventh Wonder - Destiny Calls
Seventh Wonder - One Last Goodbye
Seventh Wonder - The Black Parade
Seventh Wonder - Wiseman
Seventh Wonder - Alley Cat
Seventh Wonder - The Angelmaker
Seventh Wonder - King of Whitewater
Seventh Wonder - Long Way Home
Seventh Wonder - Move on Through
Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape
Seventh Wonder - Taint the Sky
Seventh Wonder - Waiting in the Wings
Seventh Wonder - Not an Angel
Seventh Wonder - Devil's Inc.
Seventh Wonder - Pieces
Seventh Wonder - Day by Day
Seventh Wonder - Like Him
Seventh Wonder - The Damned
Seventh Wonder - Temple in the Storm
Seventh Wonder - Blinding My Eyes
Seventh Wonder - The Secret
Seventh Wonder - What I've Become
Seventh Wonder - In the Blink of an Eye
Seventh Wonder - Untitled
SHIKATA - First love
SHIKATA - Feel so good
SHIKATA - My dear...
SHIKATA - Lose control
SHIKATA - Dear...My friend
Seventh Wonder - Inner Enemy
Shenandoah - Mama Knows
Shenandoah - Sunday in the South
Shenandoah - The Church On Cumberland Road
Shenandoah - (It's Hard to Live Up to) The Rock
Shenandoah - Next to You, Next to Me
Shenandoah - I Got You
Shenandoah - See If I Care
Shenandoah - She Doesn't Cry Anymore
Shenandoah - The Road Not Taken
Shenandoah - Changes
Shenandoah - She's All I've Got Going
Shenandoah - Hard Country
Shenandoah - Janie Baker's Love Slave
Shenandoah - If Bubba Can Dance
Shenandoah - I Want To Be Loved Like That
Shenandoah - One Kind of Woman I Like
Shenandoah - Under the Kudzu
Shenandoah - I'll Go Down Loving You
Shenandoah - Rock My Baby
Shenandoah - If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too)
Shenandoah - Hey Mister (I Need This Job)
Gemma Sharples - Fall Into Your Arms (Bastille vs. The Gemma Sharples Quartet)
Shea Seger - Last Time
Shea Seger - Clutch
Shea Seger - Blind Situation
Shea Seger - Shatterwall
Shea Seger - I Love You Too Much
Shea Seger - Always
Shea Seger - Twisted (Never Again)
Shea Seger - Wasting the Rain
Shea Seger - Isn't It Good
Shea Seger - I Can't Lie
Billy Joe Shaver & Kinky Friedman - Sold American
Shenandoah - I Know He Knows
Shenandoah - Church on Cumberland Road
Shenandoah - Moon Over Georgia
Shenandoah - Darned If I Don't (Danged If I Do)
Shenandoah feat. Alison Krauss - Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart
Shenandoah - Heaven Bound (I'm Ready)
Shenandoah - Always Have, Always Will
Shenandoah - You Can Say That
Shenandoah - All Over but the Shoutin'
Shenandoah - I Will Know You
Shenandoah - Nowhere to Go but Back
Shenandoah - Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart
Sharon Shannon - Miss Thomsons / The Derry Reel
Sharon Shannon - The Burst Mattress
Sharon Shannon - Anachie Gordon
Sharon Shannon - Say You Love Me
Seatrain - Song of Job
Seatrain - Broken Morning
Seatrain - Out Where the Hills
Seatrain - Waiting for Elijah
Seatrain - 13 Questions
Seatrain - Watching the River Flow
Seatrain - Sea Train
Seatrain - Portrait of the Lady as a Young Artist
Seatrain - As I Lay Losing
Seatrain - Outwear the Hills
Shenandoah - Can’t Buy Me Love
Shenandoah - She's a Natural
Shenandoah - Puttin' New Roots Down
Shenandoah - When You Were Mine
Shenandoah - Goin' Down With My Pride
Shenandoah - Daddy's Little Man
Shenandoah - Cabin Fever
Shenandoah - Every Fire
Shenandoah - The Show Must Go On
Shenandoah - Lily of the Alley
Shenandoah - She Make the Coming Home (Worth the Being Gone)
Shield Your Eyes - Drill Your Heavy Heart
Haruka Shimotsuki - SilentFlame
Haruka Shimotsuki - -HISTORIA-
Haruka Shimotsuki - a little more
Haruka Shimotsuki - Sora to Kaze no Senritsu
Haruka Shimotsuki - RAINBOW
Haruka Shimotsuki - Tsuki no Uro
Haruka Shimotsuki - Omoi no Concerto
Haruka Shimotsuki - Run for your life
Haruka Shimotsuki - Leap into high
Haruka Shimotsuki - distance
Haruka Shimotsuki - Eternal Story
Sceptor - Hammer of the North
Haruka Shimotsuki - Snowdrop
Haruka Shimotsuki - Kaleidoscope
Haruka Shimotsuki - break time
Haruka Shimotsuki - Startup
Haruka Shimotsuki - Hidra Heteromycin
Haruka Shimotsuki - Loving you
Haruka Shimotsuki - life
Haruka Shimotsuki - Heretical Wings
Haruka Shimotsuki - REW
Haruka Shimotsuki - Melody Line
Haruka Shimotsuki - Loop Breaker
Haruka Shimotsuki - Astral Flow
Haruka Shimotsuki - Hartes ciel, melenas walasye.
Haruka Shimotsuki - piacere!
Haruka Shimotsuki - FEL FEARY WEL.
Haruka Shimotsuki - FLOWERS
Haruka Shimotsuki - Dear friend
Haruka Shimotsuki - Re:Call
Haruka Shimotsuki - Puzzle
Haruka Shimotsuki - un secret
Shadow of the Beat - Necrotica
Sharon Shannon - On the Banks of the Old Pontchertrain
Michel Sardou - Les Lac du Connemara
Michel Sardou - UFO
Michel Sardou - C'est pas du Brahms
Michel Sardou - Le chant des hommes (freat. Chimène Badi)
Michel Sardou - Parlons de toi, de moi.
Michel Sardou - Selon que vous serez etc ...
Michel Sardou - Folk-Song Melody
Michel Sardou - It's Not to Late to Start Again (Les Vieux Mariés)
Michel Sardou - Requin-chagrin
Michel Sardou - Last Flight (Je vole)
Michel Sardou - Le bon temps c'est quand ?
Michel Sardou - Je vous ai bien eu
Michel Sardou - Je ne suis pas mort et je dors
Michel Sardou - Une femme extraordinaire
Michel Sardou - Les bateaux courriers
Michel Sardou - Merci seigneurs
Michel Sardou - La madras
Michel Sardou - Les ricains (avec intro)
Rob Scallon - Amy's Song
Rob Scallon - For a Friend
Rob Scallon - Tamara
Rob Scallon - The Western Shore
Rob Scallon - Scarves and Sweaters
Rob Scallon - Seems to Me
Rob Scallon - Ottawa
Scrabbel - 1909
Scrabbel - Nicotine
Scrabbel - Not Right
Scrabbel - Pillowmint
Rob Scallon - Run On Sentences
Rob Scallon - This Week
Rob Scallon - Could I Say Something
Rob Scallon - Shy
Rob Scallon - Waiting
Rob Scallon - This Week 2
Rob Scallon - Faithful
Rob Scallon - Short Song
Rob Scallon - Letters From Boston
Rob Scallon - You Don’t Know How Precious You Are
Rob Scallon - Disposable
Rob Scallon - Iowan Bird
Rob Scallon - The Winter’s Months
Shattered Realm - Our Time
Shattered Realm - Devil in Disguise
Shattered Realm - Final Day
Shattered Realm - New Disgrace
Shattered Realm - Eat Shit
Shattered Realm - No One Else
Shattered Realm - All That Matters
Shattered Realm - GBNF
Shattered Realm - Blackest Dawn
Shattered Realm - This World Is Mine
Shattered Realm - Kings Cannot Fall
Shattered Realm - Last Straw
Shattered Realm - Medusa
Shattered Realm - All Will Suffer
Shattered Realm - The April Situation
Oswald Sattler - Ein Tag mit dir
Shapeshifter - Monarch
Shapeshifter - Giving Up the Ghost
Shapeshifter - Diamond Trade
Shapeshifter - Stadia
Shapeshifter - Shadow Boxer
Shapeshifter - Endless
Shapeshifter - Bring Change
Shapeshifter - One
Shapeshifter - Dutchies
Shapeshifter - Lifetime
Shapeshifter - Twin Galaxies
Shapeshifter - Voyager
Shapeshifter - Sleepless
Secret Weapons - Something New
Shapeshifter feat. Ladi6 - Move With Me
Shapeshifter - Inertia
Shapeshifter - Long White Cloud
Shapeshifter - Stars
Sharpe & Numan - I'm on Automatic
Sharpe & Numan - No More Lies
The Secret History - Johnny Anorak
The Secret History - Our Lady of Stalingrad
The Secret History - God Save the Runaways
The Secret History - Love Theme (From the World That Never Was)
The Secret History - Our Lady of Palermo
The Secret History - How I Saved My Life
Serenata Guayanesa - Mi Comay Juana María
Serenata Guayanesa - Calypso de El Callao
Serenata Guayanesa - Casta Paloma
Serenata Guayanesa - El Sapo
Serenata Guayanesa - El papagayo
Serenata Guayanesa - Sapo lipón
Serenata Guayanesa - Fiesta en Elorza
Serenata Guayanesa - Trabalenguas
Serenata Guayanesa - Easter morning
Sharon, Lois & Bram - New World Coming
Sharon, Lois & Bram - Skinnamarink
Sharon, Lois & Bram - Inky Pinky Ponky
Sharon, Lois & Bram - Old John Braddelum
Sharon, Lois & Bram - Humpty Dumpty
Serani - No Games
Serani - Be With You
Serani - She Loves Me
Serani - Romance Me
Serani - Take Me Higher
Serani - Make Me Stronger
Serani - Evil Heart
Serani - Naah Beg Friend
Serani - Skip To My Luu
Serani - Rub Me Up
Serani - All I Need
Serani - Sweet Love
Sense Field - Fun Never Ends
Sense Field - Here Right Here
Sense Field - No Longer Now
Sense Field - Beatles Song
Sense Field - Weight of the World
Sense Field - Waiting for Something
Sense Field - Emergency Exit
Sense Field - Are You Okay
Sense Field - Am I a Fool
Sense Field - Overstand
Sense Field - Outlive the Man
Sense Field - Different Times
Sense Field - Leia
Sense Field - No Man's Land
Sense Field - Will
Sense Field - Building
Sense Field - Shallow Grave
Sense Field - Fiesta
Sense Field - Everyone I See
Sense Field - In the Light of Things
Sense Field - Wondering Time
Sense Field - Sight Unseen
Sense Field - Burn
Sense Field - Running Behind
Sense Field - On Your Own
Sense Field - You Own Me
Sense Field - I Refuse
Sense Field - No Medicine
Sense Field - Feel What You Feel
Sense Field - Take What You Want
Sense Field - Memory
Sense Field - A Letter to Elise
Sense Field - Haunted
Sense Field - Today and Tomorrow
Sense Field - Papercut
Sense Field - Blue Glass Man
Sense Field - Killed for Less
Sense Field - Found You
Sense Field - Futon
Sense Field - Voice
Sense Field - Heather
Sense Field - One From the Other Side
Sense Field - The Thought of Living
Sense Field - Nothing Between Us
Sense Field - Goodloveall
Sense Field - Sage
Sense Field - Trip Poem
Sense Field - Dreams
Sense Field - Chimney
Sense Field - Nova
Sense Field - Familiar
Sense Field - Ideity
Sense Field - Strung
Sense Field - Greater Than
Sense Field - First Things First
Sense Field - Every Reason
Sense Field - Anniversary
Sense Field - Beautiful Beautiful
Sense Field - Everything at Once
Sense Field - The Horse Is Alive
Sense Field - War of the Worlds
Sense Field - Welcome Me
Sense Field - One Small Step
Sense Field - One More Time Around
Sense Field - In Election
Sense Field - A Fire Inside You
Sense Field - Part of the Deal
Sense Field - Open Heart Surgery
Sense Field - All the Ships at Sea
Sense Field - What Difference Does It Make?
Sense Field - Shady Day
Shallow Side - Try To Fight It
Shallow Side - From The Bottom
Shallow Side - Out Of Reach
Shallow Side - Home Today
Shallow Side - Into The Deep
Septa - Ropes
Septa - Widower
Septa - Eulogy (Epilogue)
Sharon, Lois & Bram - "A" You're Adorable (The Alphabet Song)
Shazaam - Vem som helst
Sharon, Lois & Bram - Caballito Blanco
Sherpa - Ángeles de la ira
Sherpa - El fuerte eres tú
Sherpa - Ser libre
Sherpa - Yo por ti
Sherpa - A los rebeldes de corazón
Sherpa - Silla de metal
Sherpa - Guerrero en el desierto
Sherpa - Son como hormigas
Sherpa - El malo
Sherpa - Flor de invernadero
Sherpa - Cómico cósmico
Sherpa - Concierto para Ellos
Sherpa - Siempre Estás Allí
Sherpa - Casi me Mato
Sherpa - Los rockeros van al infierno
Sherpa - Nací pobre
Sherpa - Resistiré
Sherpa - Mi Everest
Sherpa - Con pies de plomo
Sherpa - Sueños ahogados
Sherpa - John
Sherpa - Dos mil años tristes
ShaoDow - Get Stronger
Sever Your Ties - Voice Like a Nova
Sever Your Ties - After a Storm
Sever Your Ties - This Is What You Get
Sever Your Ties - Drifting
Sever Your Ties - Things Are Better (Left Unsaid)
Sever Your Ties - To the Pacific
Sever Your Ties - Here I Am
Shabby Tiger - Showdown
William Shatner - Common People
William Shatner - That’s Me Trying
William Shatner - What Have You Done?
William Shatner - Familiar Love
William Shatner - Ideal Woman
William Shatner - Has Been
William Shatner - I Can’t Get Behind That
William Shatner feat. Ritchie Blackmore & Candice Night - Space Oddity
William Shatner feat. Lyle Lovett - In a Little While
William Shatner feat. Ian Paice & Johnny Winter - Space Trucking
William Shatner feat. Bootsy Collins & Patrick Moraz - She Blinded Me With Science
William Shatner feat. John Wetton - Bohemian Rhapsody
William Shatner feat. Sheryl Crow - Mrs. Major Tom
William Shatner feat. Edgar Froese - Learning to Fly
William Shatner feat. Warren Haynes - Twilight Zone
William Shatner - King Henry the Fifth
William Shatner - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
William Shatner - You'll Have Time
William Shatner - Rocket Man
William Shatner - Lost In The Stars
William Shatner - Silver Machine
William Shatner - Empty Glass
William Shatner - Major Tom (Coming Home)
William Shatner - She Blinded Me With Science
Scream - Aquarium
Seba - Nothing Can Replace
Seba - Blaze & Fade Out
Seba - Ben Ali
Seba - Guidelines
MC Shan - Beat Biter
MC Shan - A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
MC Shan - Project ’Ho
MC Shan - They Used to Do It Out in the Park
MC Shan - I Ran the Game
MC Shan - Walking on Sunshine
MC Shan - Rock Stuff
MC Shan - Time for Us to Defend Ourselves
MC Shan - Beat Biter(Original 12'' Radio Mix)
Shameless - Backseat Action
Shameless - Realize
Shameless - Hard Dayz Nite
Shameless - All the Girlz, but U
Shameless - U & I
Shameless - Operator
Shameless - Toy Human
Shameless - Far Away
Shameless - Better Off Without U
Shameless - Web Junkie
Shameless - Complications
Shameless - Dirty Shirt
Shameless - Party Tonight
Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, Ricky Skaggs - The Storms Are on the Ocean
Shameless - Shock the World
Shameless - Queen 4 a Day
Shameless - You Can’t Stop Me
Shameless - American Man
Shameless - I Don’t Think I Luv U
Shameless - What U Want Is What U Get
Shameless - Steal the Girlz
Shameless - I’m So Good
Shameless - A Place Where Love Can’t Go
Shameless - Love Game
Shameless - I Love the Way U Make Me Sick
Shameless - What's Goin' On
Shameless - She's Not Comin' Home
Shameless - I Don't Think I Luv U
Shameless - We Won't Take It Anymore
Shine MK - Do It Right
Shine MK - Shine (For All the World)
Satirnine - Ambivalent Song
Satirnine - Hey No Hell
Schulze - Willkommen in Deutschland
Schulze - Nie mehr zurück
Schulze - Du fehlst mir so sehr
Shabu - Como un bandolero
Shabu - Fanática latina
Shabu con Juho - Luz de luna
Shabu - Por siempre y una tarde
Shabu - Medicina
Shabu - El romántico
George Shearing - September in the Rain
George Shearing - Conception
George Shearing - You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do?)
George Shearing - Caravan
Paul Shanklin - Message from Kim Jung II
Shakira (feat. Dizzee Rascal) - Loca
Shelly Hamilton & Christiane Emory - Lord, I Need You
Scribe - Calendar Khana Lao
Scribe - Cops Cops (Cops Cops)
Scribe - Groove Narmada
Scribe - Return Of Oberoi
Scribe - Ha Ha! We're Poor!
Scribe - Tomato Aryabhatta
Scribe - Captain Raj
Scribe - Jugal
Scribe - Myothershirt
Scribe - Black Diamond
Scribe - The Fumanchurian
Scribe - RSVP
Scribe - I Love You, Pav Bhaji
Scribe - Street Archana v/s Vice Varsha
Scribe - M-Power
Scribe - Dum Hai Toh Aage Aah!
Scribe - DemonPra
Scribe - Kamla's Back
Scribe - 1234 Dracula
Scribe - Judge Bread
Bob Schneider & Mitch Watkins - The Long Black Road
Bob Schneider & Mitch Watkins - Horses and Ponies
Schrappmesser - Auf alles reimt sich saufen, zum Beispiel auf Bier
Shawn Smith - Leaving California
Shawn Smith - Wrapped in My Memory
Shawn Smith - Full Moon Over Dallas
Shawn Smith - Losing Home
Sally Seltmann - Harmony to My Heartbeat
Sally Seltmann - Dream About Changing
Sally Seltmann - Heart That's Pounding
Sally Seltmann - 5 Stars
Sally Seltmann - Dark Blue Angel
Sally Seltmann - Dear Mr Heartless
Sally Seltmann - Catch of the Day
Shark Tank - Big Manes (intro)
Shark Tank - Gas Up
Shark Tank - Out for a Rip
Ed Sheeran feat. Dot Rotten - Goodbye to You
Stephen Schwartz - Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord
Stephen Schwartz - Magic to Do
Stephen Schwartz - Glory
Stephen Schwartz - With You
Shehzad Roy - Darshan
Shehzad Roy - Tujhko Qasam
Shehzad Roy - Rab Janey
Shehzad Roy - Ey Khuda
Shehzad Roy - Khushi
Shehzad Roy - Kajal
Shehzad Roy - Yaadein
Shehzad Roy - Ghadoli
Shehzad Roy - Mukhra
Shehzad Roy - Tirchi Nazar
Shehzad Roy - Tairay Dil Main
Shehzad Roy - Sada
Shehzad Roy - Sundar
Shehzad Roy - Bhool Ja
Shehzad Roy - Aas Paas
George Shearing - Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid
David Haskell - Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord
Stephen Nathan - Save the People
Robin Lamont - Day by Day
Joanne Jonas - Bless the Lord
Sonia Manzano - Turn Back, O Man
Stephen Nathan - Alas for You
Jeffrey Mylett - We Beseech Thee
Steve Reinhardt, Richard LaBonte & Jesse Cutler - On the Willows
Stephen Nathan - Finale
Victor Garber - All for the Best
Stephen Schwartz - No One Mourns the Wicked
Stephen Schwartz - The Wizard and I
Stephen Schwartz - What Is This Feeling?
Stephen Schwartz - Dancing Through Life
Stephen Schwartz - Popular
Stephen Schwartz - I'm Not That Girl
Stephen Schwartz - Defying Gravity
Stephen Schwartz - For Good
Stephen Schwartz - Keiner weint um Hexen
Stephen Schwartz - Heißgeliebt
Stephen Schwartz - Frei und schwerelos
Stephen Schwartz - Gutes tun
Sema - Fikrimin İnce Gülü
Sema - Mon Bey
Sema - Zehra
Sema - Kırık Gönül
Sema - Aşk Kerpeteni
Kristin Chenoweth, Sean McCourt, Cristy Candler, Jan Neuberger and Citizens of Oz - No One Mourns the Wicked
William Youmans, Idina Menzel and Students - Something Bad
Norbert Leo Butz, Kristin Chenoweth, Christopher Fitzgerald, Michelle Federer, Idina Menzel and Stud - Dancing Through Life
Idina Menzel - I’m Not That Girl
Kristin Chenoweth, Carole Shelley and Citizens of Oz - Thank Goodness
Stephen Schwartz - Wonderful
Stephen Schwartz - As Long as You’re Mine
Idina Menzel - No Good Deed
Christopher Fitzgerald - March of the Witch Hunters
Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel and Citizens of Oz - Finale
SEVENTEEN - Still Lonely
SEVENTEEN - Adore U (Vocal Team ver.)
SEVENTEEN - Monday to Saturday (Hiphop Team ver.)
SEVENTEEN - Shining Diamond (Performance Team ver.)
SEVENTEEN - Love Letter
SEVENTEEN - Shining Diamond
SEVENTEEN - Adore U - Vocal Team Ver.
SEVENTEEN - Lean on Me
SEVENTEEN - I Don't Know
SEVENTEEN - Don't Listen in Secret
SEVENTEEN - Fronting
SEVENTEEN - Smile Flower
SEVENTEEN - When I Grow Up
The Shadow Theory - I Open Up My Eyes
The Shadow Theory - The Sound of Flies
The Shadow Theory - Ghostride
The Shadow Theory - Welcome
The Shadow Theory - By the Crossroads
The Shadow Theory - Selebrate
The Shadow Theory - Snakeskin
The Shadow Theory - Sleepwalking
The Shadow Theory - The Black Cradle
The Shadow Theory - A Candle in the Gallery
The Shadow Theory - A Symphony of Shadows
Stephen Schwartz - Dear Old Shiz
Stephen Schwartz - Something Bad
Stephen Schwartz - One Short Day
Stephen Schwartz - A Sentimental Man
Stephen Schwartz - Thank Goodness
Stephen Schwartz - No Good Deed
Stephen Schwartz - Finale 'Wicked'
Stephen Schwartz - God Save the People
Stephen Schwartz - In Whatever Time We Have / Wasteland III
Stephen Schwartz - Act 2: The Wicked Witch of the East
Stephen Schwartz - Chanson (reprise) / If It Wasn't for You
Shiraz Lane - Behind the 8-Ball
Shiraz Lane - M.L.N.W.
Shiraz Lane - Wake Up
Shiraz Lane - Momma's Boy