Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1218:

Run River North - Pretender
Run River North - Anthony
Run River North - David Robinson
Run River North - Winter Wind
Run River North - Mr. Brightside
Run River North - The Ugly Couple Song
Run River North - Superstition
Rouge Rouge - Décide-toi
Kate Rusby - Playing of Ball
Kate Rusby - I Courted a Sailor
Kate Rusby - Let the Cold Wind Blow
Kate Rusby - Caanan's Land
Kate Rusby - Some Tyrant
Kate Rusby - William and Davy
Kate Rusby - Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?
Kate Rusby - Matt Hyland
Kate Rusby - The Cobbler's Daughter
Kate Rusby - I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love This Night
Kate Rusby - The Fairest of All Yarrow
Kate Rusby - Sho Heen
Kate Rusby - Sweet Bride
Kate Rusby - All God's Angels
Kate Rusby - The Duke and the Tinker
Kate Rusby - Our Town
Kate Rusby - Cowsong
Kate Rusby - Botany Bay
Kate Rusby - Unquiet Grave
Kate Rusby - Sun Grazers
Kate Rusby - Here We Come A-Wassailing
Kate Rusby - Sweet Bells
Kate Rusby - Hark the Herald
Kate Rusby - The Holly and the Ivy
Kate Rusby - Candlemas Eve
Kate Rusby - Serving Girl's Holiday
Kate Rusby - Awake, Arise Good Christians
Kate Rusby - The Miner's Dream of Home
Rubel - O Velho e o Mar
Rubel - Mascarados
Rubel - Pearl
Rubel - Quando Bate Aquela Saudade
Rubel - Ben
Rubel - Nuvem
Rubel - Quadro Verde
Freddie Robinson - Sister Hot Pants
Kate Rusby - The Wishing Wife
Kate Rusby - The Mocking Bird
Kate Rusby - Let Them Fly
Kate Rusby - Only Hope
Kate Rusby - Shout to the Devil
Kate Rusby - Not Me
Kate Rusby - The Recruited Collier
Kate Rusby - I Wish
Kate Rusby - Over You Now
Kate Rusby - The Maid of Llanwellyn
Kate Rusby - Night Visiting Song
Kate Rusby - First Tree in the Greenwood
Rockstar - Impossible Winner
Rockstar - Parting Time
Rockstar - Mahal Pa Rin Kita
Rockstar - Ikaw
Rosenborg - Rosenborgsangen
Rosenborg - Ingen Banke RBK
Rosenborg - Petter Wavold - Om vi tape, så vinn vi læll
Rosenborg - Trøndeshowinistan - Rosenborgsangen
Rosenborg - Dag Ingebrigtsen & Torstein Flakne - På vei te Ullevål
Rosenborg - Petter Wavold - Rosenborg e' lage' mitt
Rosenborg - DDE - Vi e alltid med Rosenborg
Rostam - Wood
Rostam - EOS
Rostam - Gravity Don’t Pull Me
Rusted Brain - Caught in the Fire
Rusted Brain - Bloodpath
Rusted Brain - Waiting for Death
Rusted Brain - Juggler
Rusted Brain - Terrorzone
Rusted Brain - Executor
Rusted Brain - High Voltage Drunk
Rusted Brain - Burn 'Em
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Fight for your right
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - stop the time
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Evil messenger
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Bring back
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Stand up
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Fortune
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Oh Yeah!!!
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Screaming against the XXXXXXX
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - self conversation
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Dance on the floor
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - California Ninja
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Feeling This
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - Reason
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - familia
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D - stay out
Jack Russell - Shelter Me
Jack Russell - Take My Pain
Jack Russell - Leave Me Lonely
Jack Russell - Long Way to Go
Jack Russell - Hey Bulldog
Jack Russell - 24/7
Jack Russell - The Fault's All Mine
Jack Russell - Roll With the Tide
Jack Russell - Faith in You
Jack Russell - Save Your Love
Jack Russell - Shine On
Jack Russell - When I Look Into Your Eyes
Jack Russell - Any Kinda Love
Jack Russell - What Ever It Takes
Jack Russell - Don't Know Why
Jack Russell - For You
Jack Russell - The Best Is Yet to Come
Jack Russell - Where the Wind Don't Blow
Jack Russell - Paradise
Jack Russell - No Time Left
Jack Russell - If Not for Love
Jack Russell - My Everything
RuPaul - Never Go Home Again
RuPaul - Throw Ya Hands Up
RuPaul - A Little Bit of Love
RuPaul - R.U. Nasty
RuPaul - Falling
RuPaul - Dolores
RuPaul - Work That Body
RuPaul - All I Want for Christmas
RuPaul - All Alone on Christmas
RuPaul - Christmas Nite
RuPaul - I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
RuPaul - You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
RuPaul - The Beginning
RuPaul - (Here It Comes) Around Again
Paulinho da Viola - Nervos de Aço
Elza Soares - Se acaso você chegasse
Orlando Silva - Fuga
Paulinho da Viola - Maria Rosa
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Ela Disse-me assim (vá embora)
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Vingança
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Quem há de dizer
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Homenagem
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Braza
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Esses moços
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Se acaso você chegasse
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Dona divergência
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Cadeira vazia
Lupicínio Rodrigues - Castigo
RuPaul feat. Big Freedia - Freaky Money
RuPaul - Sissy That Walk
RuPaul - Dance with U
RuPaul feat. Frankmusik - Fly Tonight
RuPaul - Modern Love
RuPaul - Feel Like Dancin'
RuPaul - Feel Like Dancin' (doot doot Redo)
RuPaul - Color Me Love
RuPaul - I Met Him on the Dance Floor (interlude)
RuPaul - This Is a Picnic (interlude)
RuPaul feat. Frankmusik - Die Tomorrow
RuPaul - The Realness
RuPaul - Step It Up
RuPaul - LGBT
RuPaul - Thorns of a Rose (interlude)
RuPaul - Cha Cha Bitch
RuPaul - U Wear It Well
RuPaul Feat. Vjuan Allure - Category Is…
RuPaul - Drop
RuPaul - Sister Brother
RuPaul - Kinky/Freaky
RuPaul - Love Is Love
RuPaul - Just a Little in & Out
RuPaul - The Price of One
RuPaul - People Are People (W/Tom Trujillo)
RuPaul - Hollywood U.S.A.
Kate Rusby - Benjamin Bowmaneer
Kate Rusby - Dilly Carol
Kate Rusby - High on a Hill
Max Roach - Freedom Day
RuPaul - Supermodel (You Better Work)
RuPaul - Stinky Dinky
RuPaul - All of a Sudden
RuPaul - Everybody Dance
RuPaul - Main Event Main Event
RuPaul - Sexy Drag Queen
RuPaul - Ladyboy (Revenge of the Kingston Queens)
RuPaul - My Favorite Holiday (w/Markaholic)
RuPaul - Nothing For Christmas
The Rumjacks - Big Man Down
The Rumjacks - Uncle Tommy
The Rumjacks - An Irish Pub Song
The Rumjacks - Jolly Executioner
The Rumjacks - My Time Again
The Rumjacks - McLaughlin's Rant
The Rumjacks - The Black Matilda
The Rumjacks - The Terrible Sea
The Rumjacks - Green Ginger Wine
The Rumjacks - McAlpines Fusiliers
The Rumjacks - Roll Away Alone
The Rumjacks - Pinchgut
The Rumjacks - Spit in the Street
The Rumjacks - Bar the Door Casey
The Rumjacks - Home Rule
The Rumjacks - No Pockets in a Shroud
The Rumjacks - Blows & Unkind Words
The Rumjacks - One Summers Day
The Rumjacks - Barred for Life
The Rumjacks - Plenty
The Rumjacks - Home
The Rumjacks - Oh Sergeant Where's Mine?
The Rumjacks - The Leaky Tub
The Rumjacks - I Smell Trouble
The Rumjacks - Sober & Godless
The Rumjacks - The Reaper and Tam McCorty
The Rumjacks - Me Old Ball & Chain
The Rumjacks - 400 Miles Away
The Rumjacks - Zielona Gora
The Rumjacks - A Fistful o’ Roses
The Rumjacks - Murder Shanty
The Rumjacks - Them Fallen
The Rumjacks - The Bold Rumjacker
The Rumjacks - Wild Mountain Thyme
The Rumjacks - Marie's Wedding
RuPaul - Rock It (To the Moon)
RuPaul - Call Me Starrbooty
RuPaul - The Lonely
RuPaul - The Price of One (Craig C. Ruvisited)
RuPaul - Are You Man Enough? (Joe Carrano Big Room)
RuPaul feat. Gia Gunn - Ladyboy
RuPaul feat. Joslyn Fox - Tranny Chaser
RuPaul feat. Vivacious - I Bring the Beat
RuPaul feat. Adore Delano - Superstar
RuPaul feat. Bianca Del Rio - Click Clack
RuPaul feat. Milk - Destiny Is Mine
RuPaul feat. BenDeLaCreme - Devil Made Me Do It
RuPaul feat. Darienne Lake - Lick It Lollipop
RuPaul feat. Magnolia Crawford - Glamazon
RuPaul feat. Kelly Mantle - Main Event
RuPaul feat. Courtney Act - Champion
RuPaul feat. Laganja Estranja - Jealous of My Boogie
RuPaul feat. Trinity K. Bonet - Cover Girl
RuPaul feat. April Carrión with Jipsta - Sexy Drag Queen
RuPaul - Pussycat 4 Sale
RuPaul - Free to Be (Testify Dub)
RuPaul - Supermodel (La Wanda in Your Face)
RuPaul - Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous (High Heel Steppin' Radio Dub)
RuPaul - Back to My Roots (Jheri Curl Juice Dub)
RuPaul - Throw Ya Hands Up (with Lady Bunny)
RuPaul - Workout (Blueroom Mix Show)
RuPaul - House of Love (T-Empo's Kitsch dub)
RuPaul - Let the Music Play
RuPaul - Adrenaline
RuPaul - Can I Get an Amen
RuPaul - Born Naked
RuPaul - Geronimo
RuPaul - Lick It Lollipop
RuPaul - Feel Like a Woman
RuPaul - Read U Wrote U
Ronny & The Daytonas - G.T.O.
Ronny & The Daytonas - Sandy
Max Roach - Libra
Max Roach - Members, Don't Git Weary
The Ruse - Beautiful Is Gone
The Ruse - Collide
The Ruse - Time & Place
The Ruse - Come Here Come On
The Ruse - Midnight In The City
The Ruse - I Can't Stop
The Ruse - The Sweetness
The Ruse - Apache
The Ruse - Glitter Not Gold
The Ruse - Perfect World
The Ruse - Glow
The Ruse - Dance on Your Grave
The Ruse - Hillside Ballroom
The Ruse - Down in a Hole
The Ruse - Took So Long
The Ruse - Everything Comes With a Price
Giuni Russo - Una vipera sarò
Giuni Russo - Atmosfera
Giuni Russo - L'addio
Giuni Russo - Mediterranea
Giuni Russo - Limonata cha cha
Giuni Russo - Sere d'agosto
Giuni Russo - Le contrade di Madrid
Giuni Russo - Oltre il muro
Giuni Russo - Limonata cha cha cha
Giuni Russo - Alghero
Giuni Russo - I ragazzi del sole
Giuni Russo - Adrenalina
Giuni Russo - Amala
Giuni Russo - Il sole di Austerlitz
Giuni Russo - Crisi metropolitana
Giuni Russo - Tappeto volante
Giuni Russo - Morirò d'amore
Giuni Russo - Una rosa è una rosa
Giuni Russo - Moro perché non moro
Giuni Russo - Amore intenso
Giuni Russo - J'entends siffler le train
Giuni Russo - Un'anima fra le mani
Giuni Russo - Il Carmelo di Echt
Giuni Russo - Sakura
Giuni Russo - Ciao amore ciao
Giuni Russo - La sposa
Giuni Russo - Vieni
Giuni Russo - Io nulla
Giuni Russo - O vos omnes
Giuni Russo - Mango, papaia
Giuni Russo - Bing Bang Being
Giuni Russo - Alla spiaggia dell'amore
Giuni Russo - Europa
Giuni Russo - Illusione
Giuni Russo - If You Really Wanna Say Goodbye
Giuni Russo - Se fossi più simpatica sarei meno antipatica
Giuni Russo - Niente senza di te
Giuni Russo - Il vento folle
Giuni Russo - Dio in esilio
Giuni Russo - Strade parallele
Giuni Russo - Onde leggere
Giuni Russo - Oceano d'amore
The Ruins of Beverast - Alu
The Ruins of Beverast - God's Ensanguined Bestiaries
The Ruins of Beverast - Mount Sinai Moloch
The Ruins of Beverast - Transcending Saturnine Iericho Skies
The Ruins of Beverast - The Restless Mills
The Ruins of Beverast - Blood Vaults (II: Our Despots Cleanse the Levant)
The Ruins of Beverast - Skeleton Coast
The Ruins of Beverast - The Clockhand's Groaning Circles
The Ruins of Beverast - Summer Decapitation Ritual
The Ruins of Beverast - Unlock the Shrine
The Ruins of Beverast - The Mine
The Ruins of Beverast - 50 Forts Along the Rhine
The Ruins of Beverast - Soliloquy of the Stigmatised Shepherd
The Ruins of Beverast - Soil of the Incestuous
The Ruins of Beverast - Balnaa-Kheil the Bleak
The Ruins of Beverast - Rain Upon the Impure
The Ruins of Beverast - Apologia
The Ruins of Beverast - Malefica
The Ruins of Beverast - Spires, the Wailing City
Giuni Russo - Good-good-bye
Roy and Revelation - I Got The Love Of Jesus
The Roulettes - Bad Time
The Roulettes - The Long Cigarette
Eugene Ruffolo - Irreplaceable
Eugene Ruffolo - Beyond Love
Run on Sentence - The Afterlife Pt. I
Runaway June - Lipstick
Rundfunk‐Sinfonieorchester Berlin - Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht
Charlie Robison - New Year's Day
Charlie Robison - The Bottom
Charlie Robison - Love Means Never Having to Say You're Hungry
Charlie Robison - Something in the Water
Charlie Robison - Always
Charlie Robison - Flatland Boogie
Charlie Robison - Magnolia
Charlie Robison - Poor Man's Son
Charlie Robison - Barlight
Charlie Robison - My Hometown
Charlie Robison - Don't Call Me a Fool
Charlie Robison - Arms of Love
Charlie Robison - I Don't Feel That Way
Charlie Robison - You're Not the Best
Charlie Robison - Loving County
Charlie Robison - Indianola
Charlie Robison - Molly's Blues
Charlie Robison - Right Man for the Job
Charlie Robison - The Preacher
Charlie Robison - I Want You Bad
Charlie Robison - Desperate Times
Charlie Robison - The Wedding Song
Charlie Robison - John O'reilly
Charlie Robison - Tonight
Charlie Robison - One in a Million
Charlie Robison - It Comes to Me Naturally
Charlie Robison - Rain
Charlie Robison - Beautiful Day
Charlie Robison - Yellow Blues
Charlie Robison - Reconsider
Charlie Robison - Feelin' Good
Charlie Robison - If the Rain Don't Stop
Charlie Robison - Middle of the Night
Rob 'n' Raz - Got to Get
Robotnico - Backtired (Rave Mix by Robotnico)
Charlie Robison - Monte Carlo
Charlie Robison - My Hometown Intro
Charlie Robison - Walter
Rockhead - Warchild
The Roper Show - Shiny Round Nickel
Paul Rein - Sex
Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron Neville - All My Life
Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron Neville - Don't Know Much
Mihaela Runceanu - E-adevărat, iubirea mea
Mihaela Runceanu - De-ar fi să vii
Mihaela Runceanu - Viața începe cu tine
Mihaela Runceanu - Să fim copii
Mihaela Runceanu - Zborul vântului
Mihaela Runceanu - Fericirea are chipul tău
Mihaela Runceanu - Iartă
Mihaela Runceanu - A doua zi
Mihaela Runceanu - Dacă omul poate fi
Mihaela Runceanu - Haide, spune!
rumHoney - T for Trouble
rumHoney - All Over You
rumHoney - Cindy
Rush of Fools - Undo
Rush of Fools - We All
Rush of Fools - When Our Hearts Sing
Rush of Fools - Your Love
Rush of Fools - Fame
Rush of Fools - All We Ever Needed
Rush of Fools - Can't Get Away
Rush of Fools - For Those
Rush of Fools - Jesus Hurry
Rush of Fools - Already
Rush of Fools - Grace Found Me
Rush of Fools - The Wrong Things
Rush of Fools - No Other Love
Rush of Fools - We Once Were
Rush of Fools - Help Our Unbelief
Rush of Fools - Inside And Outside
Rush of Fools - End Of Me
Rush of Fools - You're The Medicine
Rush of Fools - A Civil War
Rush of Fools - Won't Say Goodbye
Rush of Fools - Come Find Me
Rush of Fools - Beginning To End
Rush of Fools - Take Me Over
Rush of Fools - Nailed To The Cross
Rush of Fools - Held In Your Hands
Rush of Fools - Power In The Blood
Rush of Fools - Your Will Be Done
Rush of Fools - Lay Me Down
Rush of Fools - My Heart Cries Out
Rush of Fools - In All Things
Rush of Fools - Lord Have Mercy
Rush of Fools - God Of My Salvation
Rush of Fools - There Is Nothing
Rush of Fools - Wonder of the World
Rush of Fools - Holy One
Rush of Fools - You Are Glory
Rush of Fools - Lose It All
Rush of Fools - Escape
Rush of Fools - The Only Thing That's Beautiful In Me
Rush of Fools - Freedom Begins Here
Rush of Fools - Tonight
Rush of Fools - No Name
Rush of Fools - Never Far Away
Rush of Fools - Jamie's Rap Song
Ruth Ann - No Surrender
Ruth Ann - Go
Ruth Ann - What About Us
Ruth Ann - You Talk Too Much
Ruth Ann - Beautiful
Ruth Ann - Dancing Into Hell
Ruth Ann - More Than Ordinary
Ruth Ann - Letter to Heaven
Ruth Ann - I'd Die for You
Ruth Ann - The Woman I Could Be
Rise of Avernus - A Triptych Journey
Rise of Avernus - Forbidden Sin
Route 94 - Escape
Cliff Richard & The Young Ones - Living Doll
Roxx - Jauh dari Tuhan
Merrilee Rush and The Turnabouts - Angel of the Morning
Merrilee Rush - Angel of the Morning
Marshall B. Rosenberg - See Me Beautiful
Marshall B. Rosenberg - Four friends: Anger, depression, guilt, shame
Marshall B. Rosenberg - The problem with diagnoses
Marshall B. Rosenberg - We never do anything wrong
Marshall B. Rosenberg - Selfless mother role play
Mavis Rivers - Dinner at Eight
Run-D.M.C. feat. Nas & Prodigy - Queens Day
Piotr Rubik - Psalm apokaliptyczny
Piotr Rubik - Psalm apostolski
Piotr Rubik - Psalm Adama i Ewy
Piotr Rubik - Psalm Abrahama
Piotr Rubik - Psalm Mojżeszowy
Piotr Rubik - Psalm z Krakowem
Piotr Rubik - Psalm zapatrzenia
Piotr Rubik - Psalm braci aniołów
Piotr Rubik - Psalm moich łez
Piotr Rubik - Psalm z krzakami czarnych jeżyn
Piotr Rubik - Psalm mojej nadziei
Piotr Rubik - Psalm wbrew rozpaczy
Piotr Rubik - Psalm z bukietem konwalii
Piotr Rubik - Psalm z tańcowaniem
Piotr Rubik - Psalm kochania
Piotr Rubik - Psalm dla Ciebie
Piotr Rubik & Grzegorz Wilk - Straznik raju
Piotr Rubik - Most dwojga serc
Piotr Rubik - To cala prawda
Piotr Rubik - Przyladek Dobrej Nadziei
Piotr Rubik - Kocham zyc
Piotr Rubik - Litania z czterema porami roku - Cz.2
Piotr Rubik - Litania do każdziutkiego na ziemi - Cz.6
Rose of Jericho - Buried Cold
Georgina Tarasiuk - Niedorosła miłość
Piotr Rubik - Niech mówią, że to nie jest miłość
Piotr Rubik - Please Don't Go
Piotr Rubik - Olga Szomańska, Przemysław Branny - Niech mówią, że to nie jest miłość
Piotr Rubik - Nie wstydź się mówić, Że kochasz
Ruger Hauer - Pelle Époque
Ruger Hauer - Sig Sauerkraute
Ruger Hauer - Dallas
Ruger Hauer - Jokaiselle jotakin
Ruger Hauer - Täällä
Ruger Hauer - Huomioita kävelystä veden päällä
Ruger Hauer - Täällä vielä
Ruger Hauer - Vampyyri
Ruger Hauer - Marraskuu
Ruger Hauer - Riippusilta
Ruger Hauer - Ruger Erectus
Ruger Hauer - Iso paha susi
Ruger Hauer - Antimateria
Ruger Hauer - Haiseva mieliala
Ruger Hauer - Elvis sanoo ei
Ruger Hauer - Mä haluun kuolla ennen Bonoo
Ruger Hauer - Torakka
Ruger Hauer - Musta oras
Ruger Hauer - Palaaks lusikka?
Ruger Hauer - Minulla on ollut ikävä sinua
Ruger Hauer - Terra nullius
Ruger Hauer - Näin opit neulomaan
Ruger Hauer - Lyricat
Ruger Hauer - Polonium
Ruger Hauer - Sfinxhufvud
Ruger Hauer - Jenkem
Ruger Hauer - Ukraina
Ruger Hauer - Kun tää biisi loppuu
Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child
Rogue Traders - Way to Go!
Rogue Traders - White Lightning
Rogue Traders - In Love Again
Rogue Traders - Calling All Lovers
Rogue Traders - Don't You Wanna Feel
Rogue Traders - I Never Liked You
Rogue Traders - Candy Coloured Lights
Rogue Traders - Speak & Destroy
Rogue Traders - Childlike
Rogue Traders - On Your Way to the Disco
Rogue Traders - 8th Wonder of the World
Rogue Traders - Better in the Dark
Rogue Traders - What You're On
Rogue Traders - Throw Your Arms Around Me
Rogue Traders - The Price We Pay
Rogue Traders - Overload
Rogue Traders - Stay?
Rogue Traders - Forever Love Have Vision
Rogue Traders - If You Wanna Taste It
Rogue Traders - Ease Your Mind
Rogue Traders - Don't Think I Love You
Rogue Traders - Skyline
Rogue Traders - Like It Ends Tonight
Rogue Traders - Love Is a War
Rogue Traders - So Alive
Rogue Traders - So Lonely
Rogue Traders - Sign Language
Rogue Traders - America
Rogue Traders - Girl in Gold
Rogue Traders - To Be Someone
Rogue Traders - Watching You (Chris Lake's Downtown vocal)
Rogue Traders - Shout Out
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Let Me Be With You
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Dancin' All Night
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Day by Day
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Birthday
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Book End Bossa
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Where Is Love
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Today
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - In April
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Love Me Baby
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Be Your Girl
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Natsu machi
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Message
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Just For You
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Stay With Me
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Rainbow
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Just a Little
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Sayonara
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Sunny Day
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Futsuu no Koto
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Puzzle -extra hot mix-
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Oh! Yeah!! -New Year’s Mix-
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - Groovin’ Magic
Ruts DC - Kill the Pain
Ruts DC - Golden Boy
Roxxi - Wild Child
RubberBand - More than a woman
RubberBand - Dedicated To…
RubberBand - SLOW & EASY
RubberBand - SimpleLoveSong
RubberBand - Tears
RubberBand - EASY
Mary Rodgers - Many Moons Ago
Mary Rodgers - An Opening for a Princess
Mary Rodgers - Sensitivity
Mary Rodgers - The Swamps of Home
Mary Rodgers - Normandy
Mary Rodgers - Song of Love
Run With The Hunted - Of Course It's Dark, It's a Suicide Note
Run With The Hunted - Time and Pressure
Run With The Hunted - Destroy All Calendars
Run With The Hunted - Stepping on Cracks
Rosae Crucis - Fede potere vendetta
Rosae Crucis - Rosa Croce
Rosae Crucis - Il signore delle tempeste
Rosae Crucis - La sacra corona
Rosae Crucis - Behind the Eyes of Partha Mac Othna
Rosae Crucis - The Justice of Roma
Rosae Crucis - Bran Mak Morn
Rosae Crucis - A Wizard in My Dreams
Rosae Crucis - Escape from Eboracum
Rosae Crucis - The Dagon's Moore
Rosae Crucis - Gates to Abominium
Rosae Crucis - The Black Stone
Rosae Crucis - Worms of the Earth
Rosae Crucis - The Witch
Rosae Crucis - Il re del mondo
RY X - Shortline
RY X - Salt
RY X - Only
RY X - Berlin
RY X - Beacon
RY X - Deliverance
RY X - Haste
RY X - Hold Me Love
RY X - Sweat
RY X - Lean
RY X - Wanderlust
RY X - Vampires
Daniela Romo - Amar de este modo
Daniela Romo - Simple
Daniela Romo - Cuando tú me amas
Daniela Romo - Amada mas que nunca
Daniela Romo - Veneno para dos
Daniela Romo - No supe vivir sin ti
Daniela Romo - Balada por un amor
Daniela Romo - Que voy a hacer sin ti
Daniela Romo - Adelante corazón
Daniela Romo - Pobre secretaria
Daniela Romo - Yo no te pido la luna
Daniela Romo - Dueña de mi corazón
Daniela Romo - Coco loco
Daniela Romo - Gitana
Daniela Romo - Duele
Daniela Romo - Te amo
Daniela Romo - El fin de un amor
Daniela Romo - Ayudame
Daniela Romo - Ven a mi fiesta (Vieni alla mia fiesta)
Daniela Romo - No, no puedo dejarte
Daniela Romo - Corazon
Daniela Romo - La última en tu vida
Daniela Romo - Nada me falta, nada me sobra
Daniela Romo - Una ves más
Daniela Romo - Solo siempre tuya
Daniela Romo - Dímelo
Daniela Romo - Desnuda
Ro James - The Ride
Ro James - Permission
Ro James - Burn Slow
Ro James - Already Knew That
Ro James - I'm Sorry (Interlude)
Ro James - New Religion
Ro James - A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I)
Ro James - Holy Water
Ro James - Last Cigarette
Ro James - Everything
Ro James - Eldorado
Daniela Romo - Amor prohibido
Daniela Romo - Ya no somos amantes
Daniela Romo - Ruleta rusa
Daniela Romo - Nadie entiende
Daniela Romo - Te comparo
Daniela Romo - Un pretexto
Daniela Romo - En todo momento solo tuya
Daniela Romo - Te olvidare
Daniela Romo - Una herida en el alma
Daniela Romo - Sola
Daniela Romo - Una canción
Daniela Romo - Jovenes
Daniela Romo - La fuerza de un hombre
Daniela Romo - Solamente amigas
Daniela Romo - Cadenas
Daniela Romo - Enamorada de ti
Daniela Romo - Hoy te he visto en la terraza de un bar
Daniela Romo - De mil colores
Daniela Romo - El espacio del placer
Daniela Romo - Para que te quedes conmigo
Daniela Romo - Lejos
Daniela Romo - Yo no se vivir sin ti
Daniela Romo - El día que te fuiste
Daniela Romo - Anestesia
Daniela Romo - A veces
Daniela Romo - Estoy pensando en cambiarte
Daniela Romo - Amor a contrapunto
Daniela Romo - Mi perdición
Daniela Romo - Ahora tú
Daniela Romo - Es nuestro amor
Daniela Romo - Amor con amor se paga
Daniela Romo - Tanto esperar por ti
Daniela Romo - Amor mío
Daniela Romo - Voy
Daniela Romo - Un mundo raro
Daniela Romo - La cita
Daniela Romo - De que manera te olvido
Daniela Romo - La noche de anoche
Daniela Romo - Canta, canta, canta
Daniela Romo - Que va
Daniela Romo - Mulata
Daniela Romo - Si nos dejan
Daniela Romo - Toda una vida
Daniela Romo - La corriente
Daniela Romo - Franqueza
Daniela Romo - Cheque en blanco
Daniela Romo - Yo no te pido la luna (Non voglio mica la luna)
Daniela Romo - Quiero amanecer con alguien (2008 - Remaster)
Daniela Romo - Explórame (2008 - Remaster)
Daniela Romo - Todo, todo, todo (2008 - Remaster)
Daniela Romo - Que vengan los bomberos (2008 - Remaster)
Daniela Romo - Tú eres mi destino
Daniela Romo - Alma, corazón y vida
Daniela Romo - Y háblame
Daniela Romo - Poco a poquito
Daniela Romo - Me vuelves loca
Daniela Romo - Caminito
Daniela Romo - Imágenes
Daniela Romo - Una noche contigo
Daniela Romo - Quisiera decir tu nombre
Daniela Romo - Balada para un amor
Daniela Romo - Matame
Daniela Romo - Mujer de todos, mujer de nadie
Daniela Romo - Que sabes tu (popurri)
Daniela Romo - Cuidado con ladrones
Daniela Romo - Mulata espinita (popurri)
Daniela Romo - Yo no te pido la luna (popurri)
Daniela Romo - Un mundo raro (popurri)
Daniela Romo - Una aventura
Rumblefish - Tug-Boat Line
Bonnie Rideout - My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
The Riverclub - My Girl, God, Is She Beautiful
The Riverclub - Call If You Want To
Andy Russell - I Cried for You
Andy Russell - Goodnight, My Love
Andy Russell - Laughing on the Outside (Crying on the Inside)
Röövel Ööbik - Kids' Stuff Rokk
Dane Rumble - Always Be Here
Dane Rumble - What Are You Waiting For?
Dane Rumble - Cruel
Dane Rumble - Gonna Be Mine
Dane Rumble - Don't Know What to Do
Dane Rumble - Everything
Jimmy Rushing - Sent for You Yesterday and Here You Come Today
Jimmy Rushing - Good Morning Blues
Jimmy Rushing - Evenin'
Jimmy Rushing - Keep the Faith, Baby
Jimmy Rushing - Please Come Back
Jimmy Rushing - Everyday (I Have the Blues)
Jimmy Rushing - Rock and Roll
Heinz Rühmann - Denn ein Schneider der muss wandern
Heinz Rühmann - Ein Freund, ein guter Freund
Heinz Rühmann - Ich brech die Herzen der stolzesten Fraun
Heinz Rühmann - Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne
Jimmy Rushing - I Cried for You
DJ Rush - Beat-N Da Kids
Jimmy Rushing - I Surrender Dear
Ruth Sahanaya - Seputih Kasih
Ruth Sahanaya - Jangan Buang Waktu
Ruth Sahanaya - Yang Terbaik
Ruth Sahanaya - Ingin Kumiliki
Ruth Sahanaya - Medley: Astaga/Amburadul
Ruth Sahanaya - Bawa Daku Pergi
Ruth Sahanaya - Keliru
Ruth Sahanaya - Usah Kau Lara Sendiri
Ruth Sahanaya - Kaulah Segalanya
Ruth Sahanaya - Belaian Sayang
Ruth Sahanaya - Adakah Tempat di Hatimu
Ruth Sahanaya - Bagaimana
Ruth Sahanaya - Cinta Pasti
Ruth Sahanaya - Merenda Kasih
Ruth Sahanaya - Masa-masa Indah
Ruth Sahanaya - Kaulah Segalanya (You'll Always Be Mine)
Ruth Sahanaya - Memori
Ruth Sahanaya - September Pagi
Ruth Sahanaya - Ada (Dalam Dirimu)
Ruth Sahanaya - Amburadul
Ruth Sahanaya - Selamanya
Ruth Sahanaya - Astaga
Ruth Sahanaya - Tak Kuduga
Ruth Sahanaya - Kuingin
Ruth Sahanaya - Harus Kumiliki
La Rue Morgue - Sombra de las 9 y 30
La Rue Morgue - No Necesita Tanto
La Rue Morgue - Blues a Dos Mujeres
La Rue Morgue - Nunca Fui Tu Amor
La Rue Morgue - Hija de la Gran Bretaña
La Rue Morgue - Todavía
La Rue Morgue - Agoniza en Madrid
La Rue Morgue - Déjame un Poco de Amor
La Rue Morgue - Nadie Más
La Rue Morgue - Justicia Divina
La Rue Morgue - Bicicletas
La Rue Morgue - Todo Se Va
The Rockin' 8-Balls - Freight Train Boogie
Kenny Rogers & Dottie West - All I Ever Need Is You
Kenny Rogers & Dottie West - What Are We Doin' In Love
Kenny Rogers & Dottie West - 'Til I Can Make It On My Own
Kenny Rogers & Dottie West - Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight
Kenny Rogers & Dottie West - Together Again
Kenny Rogers & Dottie West - You Needed Me
Don Ross - Dracula and Friends, Part 1
Pee Wee Russell - Pee Wee's Song
Rory - The State of How
Rory - Typical
Rory - Kind of Like Chloroformity
Rory - Doin' Lines of Conga
Rory - Tonight I Just Don't Care, I'm Having a Candy Dinner
Rory - Nice Planet. We'll Take It.
Rory - It's on Senor... Go!
Rory - Hey, Parts I, II & IV
Rory - Everybody Stabbed Me and It Didn't Even Hurt
Rory - The Sick Six Hundred
Rory - Conversations With Strangers (Little Secrets)
Rory - Deja Vrooom
Rory - Packed More Trunks Then the Jersey Mob
Kane Roberts - Wild Nights
Kane Roberts - Twisted
Kane Roberts - Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?
Kane Roberts - Dance Little Sister
Kane Roberts - Rebel Heart
Kane Roberts - You Always Want It
Kane Roberts - Fighter
Kane Roberts - I'm Not Lookin' for an Angel
Kane Roberts - Too Far Gone
Kane Roberts - It's Only Over for You
Kane Roberts - Rock Doll
Kane Roberts - Women on the Edge of Love
Kane Roberts - Triple X
Kane Roberts - Outlaw
Kane Roberts - Too Much (For Anyone to Touch)
Kane Roberts - Tears of Fire
Kane Roberts - A Strong Arm Needs a Stronger Heart
Don Ross - Spirit Wars
Daphne Rubin-Vega - Never Gonna Be Your Baby
Daphne Rubin-Vega - Broken
Daphne Rubin-Vega - Tommy
Daphne Rubin-Vega - Reanimator
Rootvälta - Beautiful Girl
Rootvälta - Natt & dag
Rootvälta - Vara
Rootvälta - Vandringen
Rootvälta - Rötterna regerar
Rootvälta - Krav
Rootvälta - Dekadens
RPM - Revoluções por minuto
RPM - Juvenília
RPM - Sete mares
RPM - Fatal
RPM - Liberdade / Guerra fria
RPM - London, London
RPM - A cruz e a espada
RPM - Exagerado
RPM - Vem pra mim
RPM - Carbono 14
RPM - Sob a luz do sol
RPM - Rainha
RPM - Rádio pirata
RPM - Vida real
RPM - Onde está o meu amor?
RPM - Flores astrais
RPM - Rádio Pirata - Light My Fire
RPM - Partners
RPM - Um Caso de Amor Assim
RPM - Gita
RPM - A Dália Negra
RPM - Dois Olhos Verdes
RPM - Muito Tudo
RPM - Crepúsculo
RPM - Vidro E Cola
RPM - Cassino Royale
RPM - Ela É Demais (Pra Mim)
RPM - Ninfa
The Rutles - Major Happy's Up and Coming Once Upon a Good Time Band
The Rutles - Rendezvous
The Rutles - Questionnaire
The Rutles - We've Arrived (And to Prove It We're Here)
The Rutles - Lonely-Phobia
The Rutles - Unfinished Words
The Rutles - Hey Mister!
The Rutles - Easy Listening
The Rutles - Now She's Left You
The Rutles - The Knicker Elastic King
The Rutles - Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik
The Rutles - Back in '64
The Rutles - With a Girl Like You
The Rutles - I Must Be in Love
The Rutles - Ouch!
The Rutles - Living in Hope
The Rutles - Love Life
The Rutles - Nevertheless
The Rutles - Good Times Roll
The Rutles - Doubleback Alley
The Rutles - Cheese and Onions
The Rutles - Piggy in the Middle
The Rutles - Let's Be Natural
The Rutles - Front Loader
The Rutles - My Little Ukelele
The Rutles - Knicker Elastic King
The Rutles - Worst Is Yet To Comee
The Rutles - We've Arrived! (And to Prove It We're Here)
The Rutles - Baby S'il Vous Plait
The Rutles - Double Back Alley
The Rutles - Get Up and Go
The Rutles - Blue Suede Schubert
The Rutles - Baby Let Me Be
The Rutles - Goose-Step Mama
The Rutles - Hey Mister
The Rutles - Let’s Be Natural
RPM - Ponto de Fuga
RPM - O Teu Futuro Espelha Essa Grandeza
RPM - Show It to Me
RPM - A fúria do sexo frágil contra o dragão da maldade
Corrado Rustici - Rage and Dust
Rootjoose - Pie In The Sky
Rootjoose - Never Knew You
Rootjoose - Holiday
Rootjoose - Inspiration
Rootjoose - Anniversary
Silvio Rodríguez - ¿Qué hago ahora dónde pongo lo hallado?
Silvio Rodríguez & Luis Eduardo Aute - De alguna manera
Silvio Rodríguez & Luis Eduardo Aute - Queda la música
Silvio Rodríguez & Luis Eduardo Aute - Gota de rocío
Silvio Rodríguez & Luis Eduardo Aute - Sueño con serpientes
Silvio Rodríguez & Luis Eduardo Aute - Al alba
Silvio Rodríguez & Luis Eduardo Aute - El necio
Rover - Aqualast
Rover - Tonight
Rover - Queen of the Fools
Rover - Wedding Bells
Rover - Lou
Rover - Silver
Rover - Carry On
Rover - Late Night Love
Rover - Full of Grace
Rover - Some Needs
Rover - Odessey
Rover - Innerhum
Rover - HCYD
Rover - Let It Glow
Rover - Along
Rover - Glowing Shades
Rover - In the End
Rover - Silver (Bow Sessions)
Rover - Full of Grace / La Roche (hidden track)
Ruthie Collins - Vintage
Ruthie Collins - Get Drunk and Cry
Ruthie Collins - Ready to Roll
Ruthie Collins - Heartstrong
Ruthie Collins - Trainwreckin'
Ruthie Collins - Ramblin’ Man
Rumpelstil - Zum Sonnenuntergang
Rumpelstil - In der Badewanne sitzt ein Prinz
Rupa & The April Fishes - Maintenant
Rupa & The April Fishes - C'est pas d'l'amour
Rupa & The April Fishes - Une Americaine à Paris
Rupa & The April Fishes - Mal de mer
Rupa & The April Fishes - Plus que moi
Rupa & The April Fishes - C'est moi
Rupa & The April Fishes - Neruda
Rupa & The April Fishes - Weeds
Rupa & The April Fishes - Build
Rupa & The April Fishes - Metamorphosis
Alexander Rybak & Paula Seling - I’ll Show You
Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar - 12 ptica
Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar - Sensimilija (Jeff the Grateful)
Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar - Zvuk oluje
Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar - Put u sumrak
Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar - Mhm A-Ha Oh Yeah Da-Da
Travis Ryan - Love That Has Won
Travis Ryan - Battle Song
Travis Ryan - Jesus Precious Jesus
Travis Ryan - The Wrestling
Travis Ryan - Most High
Travis Ryan - Jesus My Victory
Travis Ryan - Awaken Us
Travis Ryan - Fearless
Travis Ryan - You Are With Me Still
Travis Ryan - Chase
Matthew Ryan - Follow the Leader
Matthew Ryan - And Never Look Back
Matthew Ryan - Baby Bird
Matthew Ryan - Gone for Good
Matthew Ryan - Providence
Matthew Ryan - Misundercould
Matthew Ryan - Everybody Always Leaves
Matthew Ryan - All Lit Up
Matthew Ryan - Love Is the Silencer
Matthew Ryan - Victory Waltz
Matthew Ryan - The Complete Family
Matthew Ryan - Dulce et Decorum est
Matthew Ryan - American Dirt
Matthew Ryan - Meet Me by the River
Matthew Ryan - It Could’ve Been Worse
Matthew Ryan - Hold on Firefly
Matthew Ryan - Jane, I Still Feel the Same
Matthew Ryan - Killing the Ghost
Matthew Ryan - They Were Wrong
Matthew Ryan - I Only Want to Be the Man You Want
Matthew Ryan - Drunk and Disappointed
Matthew Ryan - Closing In
Matthew Ryan - Return to Me
Matthew Ryan - The Little Things
Matthew Ryan - Trouble Doll
Matthew Ryan - Long Blvd.
Matthew Ryan - Caged Bird
Matthew Ryan - Come Home
Matthew Ryan - I Hope Your God Has Mercy on Mine
Matthew Ryan - Nails
Matthew Ryan - Sweetie
Matthew Ryan - Every Good Thing
Matthew Ryan - Skylight
Matthew Ryan - Irrelevant
Matthew Ryan - The Dead Girl
Matthew Ryan - Lights of the Commodore Barry
Matthew Ryan - Disappointed
Matthew Ryan - Beautiful Fool
Matthew Ryan - Railroaded
Matthew Ryan - Certainly Never
Rumatera - Cassago sitis laif
Rumatera - Morti de figa
Rumatera - Vai col lissio
Rumatera - Picinin
Rumatera - No bevo più
Rumatera - A baeton
Rumatera - Grassieon
Rumatera - Gosso's Party Girls
Rumatera - Camporea
Rumatera - Semo xa sciopai
Rumatera - Assa perdare i Pin Floi
Rumatera - Semo i Rumatera
Rumatera - Tramexin col ton
Rumatera - Sculacia
Rumatera - ADSL
Rumatera - Festa Duilio
Rumatera - Me so inamorà
Rumatera - A grao
Rumatera - Lady Poison
Rumatera - A banda
Rumatera - Tagadà
Rumatera - Che situassion!
Rumatera - Vojo fare festa
Rumatera - Trivero alcolica
Rumatera - Sol bareoto del mas-cio
Rumatera - Nassare Qua
Rumatera - Cavalieri Dell'aguasso
Rumatera - 15 Anni
Rumatera - Ranciata
Rumatera - Seghe
Rumatera - Sensa Bandiera
Rumatera - Quando Te Me Vardi
Rumatera - Salta Su
Rumatera - Xo Pa A Moinea
Rumatera - Alza La Volume
Rumatera - Penoti
Rumatera - Basta Poco
Rumatera - Fora De Testa
Rumatera - Venenglish
Rumatera - Kilometro 01
Rumatera - Azzecatori
Rumatera - I Miss You
Rumatera - Ho le maroidi [feat. Duilio]
Rumatera - Pobblmi
Rumatera - Tosi de campagna [feat. Herman Medrano]
Rumatera - Doman no se lavora [feat. Marco ''Furio'' Forieri]
Rumatera - Tosi come mi
Matthew Ryan - Heartache Weather
Matthew Ryan - The World Is on Fire
Matthew Ryan - Still Part Two
Matthew Ryan - Worry
Matthew Ryan - Boxers
Matthew Ryan - Suffer No More
Matthew Ryan - God's Not Here Tonight
Matthew Ryan - The First Heartbreak
Matthew Ryan - Heaven's Hill
Matthew Ryan - We Are Libertines
Matthew Ryan - Then She Threw Me Like a Hand Grenade
Matthew Ryan - Until Kingdom Come
Matthew Ryan - This One's for You Frankie
Matthew Ryan - An Anthem for the Broken
Matthew Ryan - If You're Not Happy
Matthew Ryan - Veteran's Day
Matthew Ryan - Fd29yrblues
Matthew Ryan - Cut Through
Matthew Ryan - The Ballad of So and So
Matthew Ryan - I'm an American
Matthew Ryan - After the Last Day of a Heat Wave
Matthew Ryan - Drift
Matthew Ryan - Rabbit
Matthew Ryan - Happy Hour
Matthew Ryan - Too Soon to Tell
Matthew Ryan - Devastation
Matthew Ryan - Autopilot
Matthew Ryan - Chickering Angel
Matthew Ryan - Night Watchman
Matthew Ryan - Somebody Got Murdered
Matthew Ryan - Shake the Tree
Rova Saxophone Quartet - Long on Logic
Ruja - Teisel pool vett
Ruja - Rävala rock
Ruja - Omaette
Ruja - Luigelaul
Ruja - Nii vaikseks kõik on jäänud
Ruja - Need ei vaata tagasi
Ruja - Must ronk
Ruja - Tule metsa
Ruja - Kes kellega käib
Ruja - Aafrika mehed
Ruja - Sa oled mul teine
Ruja - Rahu
Ruja - Tule minuga sööklasse
Ruja - Dr. Noormann
Ruja - Suudlus läbi jäätunud klaasi
Ruja - Inimene õpib
Ruja - To mr. Lennon
Ruja - Noor teab mis teeb
Ruja - Rujaline roostevaba maailm
Ruja - Sõbra käsi
Matthew Ryan - City Life
Matthew Ryan - Dear Lover
Matthew Ryan - Some Streets Lead Nowhere
Matthew Ryan - We Are Snowmen
Matthew Ryan - Your Museum
Matthew Ryan - PS
Matthew Ryan - The Wilderness
Matthew Ryan - Spark
Matthew Ryan - The World Is...
Matthew Ryan - The End Of A Ghost Story
Matthew Ryan - I Still Believe In You
Matthew Ryan - And So It Goes
Matthew Ryan - The Events At Dusk
Matthew Ryan - This Side of Heaven
Matthew Ryan - Postcard to Useless
Matthew Ryan - Little Drummer Boy
Matthew Ryan - From the Floor
Skillz - Conceited Bastard
Showbiz & A.G. - Drop It Heavy
X-Ecutioners - One Man Band
Ryan Star - Brand New Day
Ryan Star - Right Now
Ryan Star - Last Train Home
Ryan Star - Breathe
Ryan Star - We Might Fall
Ryan Star - This Could Be The Year
Ryan Star - Unbreak
Ryan Star - Start a Fire
Ryan Star - Losing Your Memory
Ryan Star - 11:59
Ryan Star - So Ordinary
Ryan Star - Famous Love
Ryan Star - Psycho Suicidal Girls
Ryan Star - "O"
Ryan Star - Back of Your Car
Ryan Star - Saw You in Heaven
Ryan Star - The Same When I'm Alone
Ryan Star - Dance With You
Ryan Star - Sink or Swim
Ryan Star - Perfect
Ryan Star - Famous Yet
Ryan Star - The First Time
Ryan Star - Waiting for Love
Ryan Star - Here Son
Ryan Star - Take a Ride With Me
Ryan Star - The Fairy Tale
Ryan Star - The One You Know
Ryan Star - Lullaby Suicide
Ryan Star - Sailing On
Ryan Star - World I Used to Know
Ryan Star - Impossible
Ryan Star - We Were Kings
Ryan Star - I Will Survive
Ryan Star - My Life With You
Ryan Star - Gone to Heaven
Ryan Star - Bullet
Ryan Star - Where the Island Ends
Ryan Star - F*ck'n Up
Ryan Star - The Back of Your Car
Ryan Star - I Won't Back Down
Ryan Star - Orphans
Ryan Star - Somebody's Son
Ryan Star - Gonna Make It Right
Ryan Star - You and Me
Ryan Star - Stay Awhile
Ryan Star - Psycho Suicidal Girl
Ryan Star - Bullet (Vampire Redux)
Matthew Ryan - One Day the Everclear
Matthew Ryan - Fathers and Compromise
Matthew Ryan - Dragging the Lake
Matthew Ryan - No Going Back
Matthew Ryan - Anymore
Matthew Ryan - Happy for You
Matthew Ryan - Into the Sourdays
Matthew Ryan - Elise Is the 13th Disciple?
La Rondalla del Amor de Saltillo - Adoro
La Rondalla del Amor de Saltillo - Y así amarte es morir
Deric Ruttan - When You Come Around
Deric Ruttan - Take The Wheel
Deric Ruttan - I Saved Everything
Deric Ruttan - Unbeatable
Deric Ruttan - Promise Broken
Deric Ruttan - Invisible
Deric Ruttan - Angelina
Deric Ruttan - Shine
Rick Ross feat. Styles P - B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)
Rezystencja - Rezystencja
Marcin Rozynek - Do fabryk wrócić czas
Marcin Rozynek - Siłacz
Marcin Rozynek - Najlepsze
Marcin Rozynek - Samotny Jezdziec Pozaprzestrzeni
Marcin Rozynek - Nie Pasuje
Marcin Rozynek - Nastepny Bedziesz Ty
Marcin Rozynek - Czlowiek-Guma
Marcin Rozynek - Milion Ziaren
Marcin Rozynek - Nibyja
Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐Stars - Mood for Lighthouse
Emilia Rydberg - Life (Will Never Be the Same)
Emilia Rydberg - Ord som bara du får höra
Eva De Roovere - Niemand zoals wij
Eva De Roovere - De jager
Eva De Roovere - Zonde van de tijd
Eva De Roovere - Fantastig toch
Eva De Roovere - Laat me je lied zijn
Eva De Roovere - Emma
Eva De Roovere - Anoniem
Eva De Roovere - De Jordaan
Eva De Roovere - Slenterblues
Eva De Roovere - Dat mag niet
Eva De Roovere - Tijger
Eva De Roovere - Over & weer
Eva De Roovere - Dank u wel meneer
Eva De Roovere - Mis je
Eva De Roovere - Zomer in Brussel
Eva De Roovere - Mijn ogen toe
Eva De Roovere - Zoals in dat ene liedje
Eva De Roovere - Lisa
Eva De Roovere - Ik Ga Op Reis
Eva De Roovere - Slaapt de Zon
Eva De Roovere - De Keizer Van de Nacht
Eva De Roovere - Rechttoe En Frontaal
Eva De Roovere - 'k Weet Niet Wat Het Is
Eva De Roovere - Chocolat
Eva De Roovere - Voort En Voort
Eva De Roovere - Straks Komt de Regen
Eva De Roovere - Mijn Huis
Eva De Roovere - Elegie
Eva De Roovere - Antwerpen
Eva De Roovere - Au Coeur Au Corps
Heloisa Rosa - Estou livre
Heloisa Rosa - Se andarmos na luz
Heloisa Rosa - Há um Lugar
Heloisa Rosa - Lindo Jesus
Heloisa Rosa - Pai
Heloisa Rosa - Seis da Tarde
Heloisa Rosa - Perfeito
Heloisa Rosa - Cruz
Heloisa Rosa - Quero dançar
Heloisa Rosa - Derramar
Heloisa Rosa - Vaidade
Heloisa Rosa - Meu Rei
Heloisa Rosa - Me deste vida
Heloisa Rosa - Te adorarei
Heloisa Rosa - Como um vento
Heloisa Rosa - Há tanto tempo
Heloisa Rosa - Vejo a Tua glória
Heloisa Rosa - Descanso
Heloisa Rosa - Dançarei Contigo
Heloisa Rosa - Hoje eu sei
Heloisa Rosa - Não Temerei
Heloisa Rosa - O que eu preciso
Heloisa Rosa - Amigo íntimo
Heloisa Rosa - Glória ao Cordeiro de Deus
Heloisa Rosa - Gratidão
Heloisa Rosa - Pulsa coração
Heloisa Rosa - Deus Meu
Heloisa Rosa - Clamarei Teu Santo Nome
Heloisa Rosa - Jesus É o Caminho
Heloisa Rosa - Jesus
Heloisa Rosa - Vem Andar Comigo
Heloisa Rosa - Infinito
Heloisa Rosa - Lugar De Adoração
Heloisa Rosa - Grandes São
Heloisa Rosa - Fall on Me
Heloisa Rosa - Não Posso Explicar
Heloisa Rosa - Te Amo
Rush - The Big Money
Rush - Subdivisions
Rush - Marathon
Rush - Manhattan Project
Rush - Distant Early Warning
Rush - Witch Hunt
Rush - Time Stand Still
Rush - Red Sector A
Rush - Closer to the Heart