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The Rolling Stones - Ivy Leaque
The Rolling Stones - Have You Seen Your Mother...
The Rolling Stones - No Spare Parts
The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction II
The Rolling Stones - Can't Get Next to You
The Rolling Stones - State of Shock
The Rolling Stones - Let the Good Times Roll
The Rolling Stones - Honey What's Wrong
The Rolling Stones - I Love You Too Much
The Rolling Stones - Far Away Eyes #2
The Rolling Stones - So Young (unreleased B side)
The Rolling Stones - Paint It. Black
The Rolling Stones - The Harlem Shuffle (Remastered)
The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up (remastered)
The Rolling Stones - Fool To Cry (Edited Version) [Remastered]
The Rolling Stones - Waiting On a Friend (remastered)
The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden (remastered)
The Rolling Stones - Miss You (remastered)
The Rolling Stones - Mixed Emotions (remastered)
The Rolling Stones - Dance (Pt. 1)
The Rolling Stones - No Use In Crying (Bonus)
The Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend (Bonus)
The Rolling Stones - Hang Fire (Bonus)
The Rolling Stones - Do You Think I Really Care
The Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice 1 & 2
The Rolling Stones - "Happy"
The Rolling Stones - Hard Woman
The Rolling Stones - The Spider & The Fly
The Rolling Stones - Summertime Blues
The Rolling Stones - Criss Cross Man (1) (unreleased)
The Rolling Stones - Drift Away (unreleased)
The Rolling Stones - When You’re Gone
The Rolling Stones - Angie ( Asoustic )
The Rolling Stones - Memory Hotel
The Rolling Stones - Undercover (of the Night)
The Rolling Stones - I Got the Blues (Remastered 2009)
The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers (Remastered 2009)
The Rolling Stones - I’m Not Signifying
The Rolling Stones - Plundered My Soul (Stones In Exile’)
The Rolling Stones - I Can Help It
The Rolling Stones - When the Wip Comes Down
The Rolling Stones - Through the Lonely Nights (1974 b‐side only)
The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devel
The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black (backing track)
The Rolling Stones - Introduction by Dean Martin / I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Hollywood Palace)
The Rolling Stones - The Last Time (Big Beat ’65)
The Rolling Stones - Reelin’ and Rockin’
The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (outtake)
The Rolling Stones - Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow? #2
The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil (first workout)
The Rolling Stones - Cool, Calm and Collected
The Rolling Stones - She's a Rainbow (alternative rough mono mix, recorded off‐monitor)
The Rolling Stones - No Expectations (early take)
The Rolling Stones - As Tears Go By (UK B‐side to 19th Nervous Breakdown)
The Rolling Stones - You’ve Got the Silver
The Rolling Stones - Yellow Cab
The Rolling Stones - Miss You - London
The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter - Amsterdam
The Rolling Stones - Dance (promo instrumental)
The Rolling Stones - Tops (version 2)
The Rolling Stones - Let’s Go Steady Again
The Rolling Stones - Hang Fire (version 2)
The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter(live)
The Rolling Stones - You Got Me Rockin’
The Rolling Stones - If You Can’t Rock Me/Get Off of My Cloud
The Rolling Stones - Doom & Gloom
The Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice (encore)
The Rolling Stones - Fiji Jim #2
The Rolling Stones - Can You Hear Me Knockin’
The Rolling Stones - They Harder They Come
Mark Ronson & Katy B - Anywhere in the World
Chase Rice - Ready Set Roll
Chase Rice - Do It Like This
Chase Rice - Beach Town
Chase Rice - MMM Girl
Chase Rice - Beer with the Boys
Chase Rice - Carolina Can
Chase Rice - We Goin' Out
Chase Rice - Gonna Wanna Tonight
Chase Rice - Look at My Truck
Chase Rice - U Turn
Chase Rice - 50 Shades of Crazy
Chase Rice - What's Your Name
Chase Rice - How She Rolls
Chase Rice - Jack Daniels and Jesus
Chase Rice - Whoa
Chase Rice - Dirt Road Communion
Chase Rice - The Little Things
Chase Rice - Pbj's & Pbr's
Chase Rice - Room 205
Chase Rice - Pop a Top off (Good Time On)
Chase Rice - Shades of Green
Chase Rice - You Ain't Livin' Yet
Chase Rice - Country Boy's Kryptonite
Chase Rice - Every Song I Sing
Chase Rice - Only a Country Girl
Chase Rice - I Like Drinking, Cause It's Fun
Chase Rice - Shakin' the Wheels
Chase Rice - Heathens in the Evenin'
Chase Rice - Buzz Back
Chase Rice - Happy Hour(Worktape)
Chase Rice - My Old Man
Chase Rice - Country as Me
Chase Rice - Beats a Million Bucks
Chase Rice - Die Tryin'
Chase Rice - Party Up
Chase Rice - Ride
Chase Rice - Whisper
Chase Rice - Everybody We Know Does
The Residents - Walter Westinghouse
Rock & Hyde - Dirty Water
Rock & Hyde - What Children Say
Rock & Hyde - Middle of the Night
The Residents - Death in Barstow
RIVVRS - Ready to Begin
RIVVRS - I Want You
RIVVRS - Surrender
RIVVRS - I Will Follow You
RIVVRS - Hold On
RIVVRS - Conquer
Chris Remo - Ol' Shoshone
Roman à Clef - The Prisoner
The Residents - The Weaver
The Residents - The Dying Oilman
The Residents - The Confused Transsexual
The Residents - The Ascetic
The Residents - The Old Soldier
The Residents - The Butcher
The Residents - The Old Woman
The Residents - Ginger's Lament
The Residents - Mahogany Wood
Emily Richards - Little Annie's Song
Emily Richards - Folded Wings
Emily Richards - I Need Someone
Emily Richards - There is Peace
Emily Richards - Sanctify
Emily Richards - Fire of Lonely
Emily Richards - Valhalla
Emily Richards - Chocolate Jesus
Emily Richards - Meet Me
Emily Richards - One More Try
Emily Richards - Sacrifice
Emily Richards - Waiting
Emily Richards - Let's Pretend
Emily Richards - Mary
Emily Richards - Lie to Me
Emily Richards - Don't Leave
Emily Richards - To Love You
Emily Richards - Can't Take It With You
Emily Richards - Sleeping Beauty
Emily Richards - Freeloader
The Roches - We
The Roches - Hammond Song
The Roches - Mr. Sellack
The Roches - The Troubles
The Roches - The Train
The Roches - The Married Men
The Roches - Quitting Time
The Roches - Pretty and High
The Roches - Angels We Have Heard on High
The Roches - Christmas Passing Through
The Roches - The Little Drummer Boy
The Roches - Us Little Kids
The Roches - Only You Know How
The Roches - No Shoes
The Roches - Family of Bones
The Roches - The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane
The Roches - Long Before
The Roches - Piggy Mask
The Roches - Huh
The Roches - Stop Performing
The Roches - Gung Ho
The Roches - Instead I Chose
The Roches - September 11th at the Shambhala Center
The Roches - Jesus Shaves
The Roches - Losing True
The Roches - Steady With the Maestro
The Roches - The Largest Elizabeth in the World
The Roches - I Fell in Love
The Roches - The Scorpion Lament
The Roches - Want Not Want Not
The Roches - Sex Is for Children
The Roches - Nurds
The Roches - It's Bad For Me
The Roches - Louis
The Roches - Bobby's Song
The Roches - The Boat Family
The Roches - My Sick Mind
The Roches - The Death of Suzzy Roche
The Roches - Factory Girl
The Roches - One Season
The Roches - This Feminine Position
The Roches - Speak
The Roches - Big Nuthin'
The Roches - Cloud Dancing
The Roches - Everyone Is Good
The Roches - In the World
The Roches - Losing Our Job
The Roches - Person with a Past
The Roches - The Anti-Sex Backlash of the 80's
The Roches - Easy
The Roches - Nocturne
The Roches - Merciful God
The Roches - Broken Places
The Roches - Feeling Is Mutual
The Roches - The Great Gaels
The Roches - Move
The Roches - You (Make My Life Come True)
The Roches - Christlike
The Roches - Home Away From Home
The Roches - Can We Go Home Now
The Roches - When You're Ready
The Roches - I'm Someone Who Loves You
The Roches - So
The Roches - Holidays
The Roches - My Winter Coat
The Roches - Ing
The Roches - Troubled Love
The Roches - A Dove
The Roches - Somebody's Gonna Have To Be Me
The Roches - Expecting Your Love
The Roches - Answered Prayers
The Roches - Too Tough Hide
The Roches - Beautiful Love Of God
The Roches - You're the One
The Roches - You're the Two
The Roches - Maid of the Seas
The Residents - Picnic in the Jungle
The Residents - Buckaroo Blues / The Stampede
The Residents - Just for You
Rockpile - Teacher Teacher
Rockpile - Now and Always
Rockpile - A Knife and a Fork
Rockpile - Wrong Again (Let’s Face It)
Rockpile - When I Write a Book
Rockpile - When Will I Be Loved
Rockpile - Crawling From the Wreckage
The Roches - Another World
The Roches - Face Down At Folk City
The Roches - Love To See You
The Roches - Do the Boodanee
The Roches - Disappointed
The Roches - Will You Be My Friend?
The Roches - Rover
The Roches - The Laundry
The Roches - Postcard
The Roches - When Kids Are Mean
The Roches - My New Bicycle
The Roches - Little Bitty Betty
The Roches - Lovey
The Roches - Goodnight
Robbie Reider - God of All Splendor
The Roches - Come Softly To Me
The Roches - Missing
The Roches - The Angry Angry Man
The Roches - Weeded Out
The Roches - Older Girls
The Roches - Gimme A Slice
The Residents - Baby Sister
The Residents - Jelly Jack: The Boneless Boy
The Residents - Santa Dog
The Residents - The Spot
The Residents - Forty-Four No More
The Residents - Ship of Fools
Reef the Lost Cauze - Humble Beginnings
Reef the Lost Cauze - Sound of Philadelphia
Reef the Lost Cauze - How You Lose Your Mind
Reef the Lost Cauze - Crown of Thorns
Reef the Lost Cauze - Give It Up
Reef the Lost Cauze - Already Dead
Reef the Lost Cauze - Two Guns Up
Reef the Lost Cauze - Back At It
Reef the Lost Cauze - Pay-per-view
Reef the Lost Cauze - Problem
Reef the Lost Cauze - I Ain't No Rapper
Reef the Lost Cauze - Big Deal
Reef the Lost Cauze - Listen To Me
Reef the Lost Cauze - Upside Down
Reef the Lost Cauze - Gone
Reef the Lost Cauze - Bad Lieutenant
Reef the Lost Cauze - Home
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - Live Wire
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - You've Been in Love Too Long
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - I'll Have to Let Him Go
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - What Am I Going to Do Without Your Love
The Residents - Aircraft Damage
The Residents - This Is a Man’s World
Max Romeo & The Upsetters - One Step Forward
Max Romeo & The Upsetters - Uptown Babies Don't Cry
Max Romeo & The Upsetters - Smile Out a Style
Rockapella - Ellie My Love
Rockapella - On the Last Night
Rockapella - Have a Little Faith
Rockapella - Don't Tell Me You Do
Rockapella - Song 9
Rockapella - Bed of Nails
Rockapella - This Isn't Love
Rockapella - Pretty Woman
Rockapella - Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Rockapella - Blah Blah Blah
Rockapella - Up on the Roof / Wonderful World
Rockapella - People Change
Rockapella - Dock of the Bay
Rockapella - Zombie Jamboree
Rockapella - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Rockapella - Bang
Rockapella - Hard Time
Rockapella - 4u4now4life
Rockapella - Tell Me What You Want
Rockapella - Nuthn' But
Rockapella - California Sad-Eyed Girl
Rockapella - Tonight
Rockapella - Shemibos
Rockapella - Malibu Grand Prix
Rockapella - Too Much
Rockapella - Babygirl
Rockapella - The Shortest Path
Rockapella - No Pressure
Rockapella - A-Punk
Rockapella - Here Comes the Sun
Rockapella - Lazy River
Rockapella - Lisa, I Love You
Rockapella - Is It in You?
Rockapella - Blame It On the Boogie
Rockapella - Pretty Much You
Elio Roca - Tu mejor amante
Elio Roca - Te necesito tanto amor
Elio Roca - Memorias de una vieja canción
Elio Roca - Dígame usted
Elio Roca - Para que no me olvides
Elio Roca - Te extranaré por siempre
Jim Roll - Old Love
Jim Roll - Mary Ann
Jim Roll - Never Gonna Dry (These Eyes)
Jim Roll - Backseat
Jim Roll - Ready to Hang
Jim Roll - This Time
Jim Roll - Train
Jim Roll - My Savior
Jim Roll - Double Time
Jim Roll - She Said
Jim Roll - Another Lover (I Never Had)
Rockapella - Come My Way
Rockapella - For the Love
Rockapella - Nowhere
Rockapella - Fliptop Twister
Rockapella - Oh, Pretty Woman
The Residents - Hard and Tenderly
The Residents - Kaw-Liga-Prairiemix
Malcolm Roberts - This Is My Life
Malcolm Roberts - Ebb Tide
Rockapella - Silver Bells
Rockapella - Love Potion #9
Rockapella - Papa Was a Rolling Stone
The Residents - His Latest Flame
Rockapella - No No Boy
Rockapella - Riverside Hotel
Rockapella - Make It a Slow Boogie
Rockapella - Runaway
Rockapella - I Like You Very Much
Rockapella - Tokyo Yo-Yo
Rockapella - Ride on Time
Rockapella - Olivia (I'm Listening)
Rockapella - Crazy 'bout an Automobile
Rockapella - When You Came
Rockapella - Just You, Just Me
Rockapella - Heart of Gold
Rockapella - Sixty-Minute Man
Rockapella - Hound Dog
Rockapella - Candy
Rockapella - Diamonds
Rockapella - Won't Be Long
Rockapella - Carmen Sandiego
Rockapella - Candy Man
The Residents - The Sandman
The Residents - Mental Decay
The Residents - Claire's Response
The Residents - Professor Caligari
The Residents - The Telescope
The Residents - True Love
The Residents - Seven Cats
The Residents - Catatonia
The Residents - The Proposal
The Residents - Deadwood
The Residents - Burn, Baby Burn
The Residents - Six Things to a Cycle - Part 1
The Residents - The Act of Being Polite
The Residents - Edweena
The Residents - Flight of the Bumble Roach
The Residents - God Song
The Residents - We Stole This Riff
The Residents - Ship's A' Going Down
The Residents - Fire
The Residents - Lightning
The Residents - Easter Women
RIBS - Kiss
RIBS - Gateway Drug
RIBS - This Is Real (Kiss reprise)
RIBS - Mercury
RIBS - Alarms
Martha Reeves - Wild Night
Rebeat - If You Go Away
Flavio Rodríguez - Déjame entrar
Flavio Rodríguez - Vuelo
Flavio Rodríguez - Ego
Flavio Rodríguez - Intercurso
Flavio Rodríguez - Tú
Flavio Rodríguez - Espacio y tiempo
Flavio Rodríguez - Celebrar (no queremos drama)
Flavio Rodríguez - Eléctrico
Flavio Rodríguez - Regreso al futuro
Flavio Rodríguez - Me das absolutamente igual
Flavio Rodríguez - Cuidaré de ti
Flavio Rodríguez - Paso de ella (no le contesto los mails)
Flavio Rodríguez - Ellas no son tú
Flavio Rodríguez - Backstage
Flavio Rodríguez - Contigo
Flavio Rodríguez - Ya no sé qué decirte
Flavio Rodríguez - Debemosterminar
Flavio Rodríguez - Chicamuevelo
Flavio Rodríguez - SexFM 69.9 / Paraisoprivado
Flavio Rodríguez - Nohabrasegundaparte
Flavio Rodríguez - Mimujer, babybabybaby
Flavio Rodríguez - Quitatelaropa
Flavio Rodríguez - Gangsta
Flavio Rodríguez - Please, Stophatin
Flavio Rodríguez - Nolloresmas
Flavio Rodríguez - Bailaconmigo
Flavio Rodríguez - Ex
Flavio Rodríguez - Darteloquemereces
Flavio Rodríguez - Quierostarcontigo
Romeo Void - Charred Remains
Romeo Void - Just Too Easy
Romeo Void - Wrap It Up
Romeo Void - Never Say Never
Romeo Void - Not Safe
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Q‐Tip & MNDR - Bang Bang Bang
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Ghostface Killah & Alex Greenwald - Lose It (In the End)
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock - The Bike Song
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. D’Angelo - Glass Mountain Trust
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Pill & London Gay Men's Chorus - Introducing the Business
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Wiley & Simon Le Bon - Record Collection
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Rose Elinor Dougall & Alex Greenwald - The Night Last Night
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - The Night Last Night
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Hey Boy
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - You Gave Me Nothing
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - The Bike Song
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Record Collection
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Lose It (In the End)
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Glass Mountain Trust
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Introducing the Business
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Record Collection 2012
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - The Tracks of My Tears
Raúl Rodríguez - Cambiaron Los Tiempos
Recloose - Deeper Waters
Recloose - Magic
Rika - Port Dover
Chris Rock - ODB - W.O.W., Part 2
Chris Rock - Black People vs Niggaz
Chris Rock - Marion Barry
Chris Rock - Champagne
Chris Rock - No Sex
Chris Rock - Roger & Zapp
Chris Rock - Snow Flake
Chris Rock - Taxes
Chris Rock - Me & ODB
Chris Rock - Your Mother's Got a Big Head
Chris Rock - Press Conference
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quintet - Fuerza de liberación
Nicky Romero vs. Volt & State - Warriors
Repiola - No me vuelvo a enamorar
Repiola - El boxeador
Repiola - Gente que no
Repiola - Las pibas quieren cumbia
Repiola - Los Borrachos
Repiola - Mi vieja
Repiola - Megamix
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - In the midnight hour
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - Spooky
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - It's Easy to Fall in Love (With a Guy Like You)
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Appaloosa
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Vibration & Light Suite
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Shore Power
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Meanwhile in the Gods...
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Badlands Here We Come
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Wanderer's Lament
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Tornado
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Jump the Turnstiles
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Burn Slow
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - California Hymn
Linda Ronstadt & J.D. Souther - Hearts Against the Wind
Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With the Dead
Ripping Corpse - Anti God
Ripping Corpse - Feeling Pleasure Through Pain
Ripping Corpse - Stone Garden
Ripping Corpse - Exhumation Day
Ripping Corpse - Sado-Masochists From the Grave
Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii - Helium
Margaret Whiting - This Can't Be Love
Joe Williams - There's a Small Hotel
Rockabye Christmas - We Three Kings Of Orient Are
José Luis Rodríguez - Voy a perder la cabeza por tu amor
José Luis Rodríguez - Por si volvieras
José Luis Rodríguez - Dueño de nada
José Luis Rodríguez - Un toque de locura
José Luis Rodríguez - Voy a conquistarte
José Luis Rodríguez - Sueño contigo
José Luis Rodríguez - Amalia Rosa
José Luis Rodríguez - Hay muchas cosas que me gustan de ti
José Luis Rodríguez - No te pareces a nadie
José Luis Rodríguez - Diosito santo
José Luis Rodríguez - Perdidos en París (Due come noi)
José Luis Rodríguez - La fiesta
José Luis Rodríguez - Himno a la alegría
José Luis Rodríguez - Los hombres no deben llorar
José Luis Rodríguez - Que se siente
José Luis Rodríguez - Amigo amor
José Luis Rodríguez - Ay mujer
José Luis Rodríguez - Poquita fe
José Luis Rodríguez - Que viva la alegría
José Luis Rodríguez - Tengo derecho a ser feliz
José Luis Rodríguez - Baila mi rumba
José Luis Rodríguez - El amor cuando llega
José Luis Rodríguez - América, mi América
José Luis Rodríguez - La moza
José Luis Rodríguez - Enséñame
José Luis Rodríguez - Adagio
José Luis Rodríguez - Madre
José Luis Rodríguez - Amar es algo más
José Luis Rodríguez - Será que estoy enamorado
José Luis Rodríguez - Solo espero que me perdones
José Luis Rodríguez - Me vas a echar de menos
José Luis Rodríguez - Aún quisiera correr
José Luis Rodríguez - Una canción de España
José Luis Rodríguez - Se busca
José Luis Rodríguez - Si a veces hablo de ti
José Luis Rodríguez - Te conozco desde siempre
José Luis Rodríguez - Volvamos a casa
José Luis Rodríguez - Perdidos en París (Due como noi)
José Luis Rodríguez - Pareces feliz
José Luis Rodríguez - Contigo es amar
José Luis Rodríguez - No lo hagas por mí
José Luis Rodríguez - Razones para una sonrisa
José Luis Rodríguez - Comprenderse
José Luis Rodríguez - Desiderata
The ROOTLESS - one day (intro)
The ROOTLESS - One day
The ROOTLESS - yuki
The ROOTLESS - road
The ROOTLESS - One day -TV Version-
José Luis Rodríguez - Distancia
José Luis Rodríguez - Juanita bonita
José Luis Rodríguez - Cali bella
José Luis Rodríguez - Fiesta en corraleja
José Luis Rodríguez - Perdón
José Luis Rodríguez - La hiedra
José Luis Rodríguez - Esta cobardía
José Luis Rodríguez - Amorcito corazón
José Luis Rodríguez - Sin un amor
José Luis Rodríguez - Mar y cielo
José Luis Rodríguez - Caminemos
José Luis Rodríguez - Un siglo de ausencia
José Luis Rodríguez - Si tú me dices ven
José Luis Rodríguez - Contigo
José Luis Rodríguez - Señora bonita
José Luis Rodríguez - En una semana
José Luis Rodríguez - Quisiera-nunca
José Luis Rodríguez - Despacito...La Mano De Dios...Canta, Canta, Canta...
José Luis Rodríguez - De que manera te olvido
José Luis Rodríguez - El andariego
José Luis Rodríguez - Por ti aprendí a querer
José Luis Rodríguez - Era mentira
José Luis Rodríguez - Capullito de Alhelí
José Luis Rodríguez - Obsesión
José Luis Rodríguez - ¿ Amar O Morir?
Rockschool - Do Balanco
The Rogue Element - Sunrise Leaves Me Blind
The Rogue Element - Rogue Rock
Ariel Rivera - Sa Paskong Ito
Ariel Rivera - Sana Ngayong Pasko
Ariel Rivera - Kahit Sa Pasko Lang
Ariel Rivera - Pasko Na, Pasko Na
Ariel Rivera - Give Our Love Today
Ariel Rivera - I Dream of Christmas
Ariel Rivera - Bakit Araw Pa Ng Pasko
Ariel Rivera - Nakaraang Pasko
Ariel Rivera - Pasko Sa Maynila
Ariel Rivera - Softly Saying Sorry
Ariel Rivera - Kakayanin Ko Ba?
Ariel Rivera - Love Won't Leave Me Alone
Ariel Rivera - Kung Ako Na Lang Sana
Ariel Rivera - Minsan Pa Lang
Ariel Rivera - Go the Distance
Ariel Rivera - Sana Kahit Minsan
Ariel Rivera - Sa Aking Puso
Ariel Rivera - Ayoko Na Sana
Ariel Rivera - Simple Lang
Ariel Rivera - Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin
Ariel Rivera - Photograph
Ariel Rivera - Getting to Know Each Other
Ariel Rivera - Mahal Na Mahal Kita
Ariel Rivera - Without Your Love
Ariel Rivera - Wala Kang Katulad
Ariel Rivera - A Smile in Your Heart
Ariel Rivera - Tunay Na Ligaya
Ariel Rivera - Habang Buhay Ay Ikaw
Ariel Rivera - Maari Ba?
Ariel Rivera - Pinilit Kong Limutin Ka
Ariel Rivera - Pag-ibig Kong Totoo
Ariel Rivera - Laging Ikaw
Ariel Rivera - Ito Kaya
Rapture Ruckus - In Crowd
Rapture Ruckus feat. Jonathan Thulin - Volcano
Rapture Ruckus - Everybody Get Up
Rapture Ruckus - Head Held High
Rapture Ruckus - Invader, Pt. 1
Rapture Ruckus - Carry Me
Rapture Ruckus - In This Together
Rapture Ruckus - Mr. Roboto
Rapture Ruckus - This Little Light
Rapture Ruckus - Going Home
Rapture Ruckus - Air That I Breathe
Rapture Ruckus - Tonight
Rapture Ruckus - Open Your Eyes
Rapture Ruckus - All Things New
Rapture Ruckus - Break The Line
Rapture Ruckus - Back To Earth
Rapture Ruckus - Lose Control
Rapture Ruckus - I Believe
Rapture Ruckus - Thank You
Rapture Ruckus - No Matter What
Rapture Ruckus - All We Got
Ariel Rivera - Init Sa Magdamag
Ariel Rivera - When I Met You
Ariel Rivera - Naaalala Ka
Ariel Rivera - I Don't Love You Anymore
Ariel Rivera - Aawitin Ko Na Lang
Ariel Rivera - Don't Say Goodbye
Ariel Rivera - Both in Love
Ariel Rivera - Tuyo Na'ng Damdamin
Ariel Rivera - Kahit Na Magtiis
Ariel Rivera - Ikaw
Ariel Rivera - Kahit Sandali
Ariel Rivera - Ako'y Maghihintay
Ariel Rivera - This Crazy Game
Ariel Rivera - Come Back To Me
Ariel Rivera - In a Lover's Eyes
Ariel Rivera - Di Mo Na Ba Ako Mahal
Ariel Rivera - Pangako
Ariel Rivera - Tell Me
Ariel Rivera - You
Ariel Rivera - In My Life
Ariel Rivera - Love Is the Reason
Ariel Rivera - Ibulong mo sa hangin
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - Wild Child
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - May It Be
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - Orinoco Flow
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - Caribbean Blue
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - On Your Shore
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - Anywhere Is
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - Evening Falls
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - Paint the Sky With Stars
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - Storms in Africa
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - China Roses
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - On My Way Home
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - Only Time
Róisín and Celtic Spirit - Book of Days
Rivendell - Rivendell
Rivendell - The Fall of Gil-Galad
Rivendell - The Old Walking Song
Rivendell - Eärendil
Rivendell - A Drinking Song
Rivendell - Back to Lands We Once Did Know
Rivendell - Tinúviel
Rivendell - The King Beneath the Mountains
Rivendell - Malbeth the Seer's Words
Rivendell - The Song of Nimrodel, Part I
Rivendell - Durin's Halls
Rivendell - Theoden
Rivendell - Aragorn Son of Arathorn
Rivendell - The Song of Eldamar
Rivendell - Misty Mountains
Rivendell - Mithrandir
Rivendell - The Fall of Finrod
Rivendell - Dragon's Lair
Rivendell - The King's Triumph
Rivendell - Luthien
Rivendell - The Song of Nimrodel: Part II
Ariel Rivera - Narito Ako
Ariel Rivera - Minamahal Pala Kita
Root - The Festival of Destruction
Root - The Incantation of Thessalonian Women
Root - Nativity
Root - His Eyes Were Dark
Root - Black Seal
Root - The Faith
Root - Salamandra
Root - Necromancy
Root - Theriak
Root - The Mirror of Soul
Root - Liber Prohibitus
Root - ...Before I Leave!
Root - Belzebub
Root - Belial
Root - Abaddon
Root - Asmodeus
Root - Satan
Root - Leviathan
Root - Astaroth
Root - Loki
Root - The Prayers
Root - In Nomine Sathanas
Root - Legacy of Ancestors
Root - Son of Satan
Root - Black Dove & White Raven
Root - She
Root - Who're They?
Root - Awakening
Root - Immortals (Tears of Stone)
Root - Strange Beauty of Fright
Root - And They Are Silent
Root - Sonata of the Chosen Ones
Root - What Will Be Next?
Root - Hope Dies at Last
Root - A Good Affair Turned Up
Root - We Shall Never Surrender
Antonello Rondi - Napule s'è scetata
R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan - Revolution
R3hab & KSHMR - Karate
Ummet Ozcan - Kensei
Showtek feat. Vassy - Satisfied
Showtek feat. MC Ambush - 90s by Nature
TJR - How Ya Feelin
R3hab & Trevor Guthrie - Soundwave (FTampa)
R3hab & NERVO feat. Ayah Marar - Ready For The Weekend
Bodyrox feat. Luciana - Yeah Yeah
R3hab - Unstoppable [feat. Eva Simons]
R3hab - Icarus
Antonello Rondi - Connola senza mamma
Antonello Rondi - E' fantasia
Root - 7 Synù Satana
Root - Soud
Root - Zjevení
Root - Výslech
Root - Upálení
Root - Cesta zkázy
Root - Lykorian
Root - Kärgeräs
Root - Prophet's Song
Root - Rulbräh
Root - Rodäxx
Root - Old Man
Root - Trygän - Sexton
Root - The Old Ones
Root - Message
Root - Píseň pro Satana
Root - Omen (The Tones of Mystery)
Root - Then (The Tale About Destiny)
Root - Madness of the Graves (Calling)
Root - Talking Bones (The Story of Legacy)
Root - Endowment (Refused Message)
Root - Tree (Power of Calling)
Root - Autumn (Legend About Life)
Root - In the Heart of Darkness (Ballad of Ancient Realms)
Root - The Last Gate (The Story of Demons)
Root - Afterwards (The Tale at the End)
Root - The Mystical Words of the Wise
Root - The Curse - Durron
Root - Why?
Root - Corabeu, Part One
Root - Corabeu, Part Two
Root - The Birth
Root - The Message of the Time
Root - Remember Me!
Root - Corabeu
Root - Démon
Root - A Sign
Root - The Way of...
Root - The Temple in the Underworld
Root - Aposiopesis
Root - Voices From...
Root - My Name...
Root - 7 černých jezdců
Root - Znamení
Roots of Rebellion - Control / Progress
Root - Dogrova říše
Root - Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix cover)
Root - Dygon / Monstrosity
Root - Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatles cover)
Root - Equirhodont Grandiose Magus
Riz MC, Plan B & Aruba Red - All of You
Richard Rodgers - Getting to Know You
Richard Rodgers - Hello Young Lovers
Richard Rodgers - How Can Love Survive?
Richard Rodgers - An Ordinary Couple
Richard Rodgers - My Lord and Master
Richard Rodgers - Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?
Richard Rodgers - You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan! / Mr. Snow
Richard Rodgers - Shall We Dance?
Richard Rodgers - We Kiss in a Shadow (from 'The King and I')
Richard Rodgers - Dites-moi (from 'South Pacific')
Richard Rodgers - Honey Bun (from 'South Pacific')
Richard Rodgers - Bali Ha'i (from 'South Pacific')
Richard Rodgers - My Favourite Things (from 'The Sound of Music')
Richard Rodgers - Honey Bun
Richard Rodgers - Finale / Some Enchanted Evening
Richard Rodgers - Twin Soliloques
Richard Rodgers - If I Love You
John Richardson - Song of Exile
Fifi Rong - Addicted to Water
Fifi Rong - Dreamy Eyes
Fifi Rong - Cold in You
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Corazón
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Volver a quererte
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Aunque tú ya no me quieras
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Junto a mí
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Nuestros labios
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Cíclope
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Si no estás
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - ¿Te das cuenta?
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Deberías sentirte bien
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Muchacha
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Sabes que vendrás
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Un beso nada más
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - No te tardes
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Soy lo que tú me das
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Me siento cansando
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Estaré junto a ti
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Todo irá mejor / Nada puedo hacer II
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Te vas
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Conchita
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Mi niña
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Cajón para dos
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - No eres buena
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Lo sabes tú
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Nada puedo hacer
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Nuestro amor
Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Uniforme de gala
Roesy - Forever All
Paul Roland - Nosferatu
Paul Roland - The Curate of Cheltenham
Paul Roland - Journey To The Pole
Paul Roland - Nursery Crimes
Paul Roland - Cousin Emilia
Paul Roland - Builder of Follys
Paul Roland - The Best Years Of Our Lives
Paul Roland - Aunty
Paul Roland - Animal Crackers
Paul Roland - Ghost Ships
The Rival - Run Run
The Rival - Tasting Sunshine
The Rival - Open Road
The Rival - It Ain't Over
The Rival - White Boots
The Rival - Made
The Rival - Your Sun
The Rival - Brave New World
The Rival - Say Now
Paul Roland - Voodoo Doll
Mark Rosas - Higher
Paul Roland - Strychnine
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Somebody to Love Me
Rományi Rotá - Búzát szemel a vadgalamb
Rock - Most Dangerous
Rock - Walkin' Like a G
Rockwell Church - Dream
Rockwell Church - Chandelier
Rockwell Church - She Hung The Moon
Rock Plaza Central - I Am an Excellent Steel Horse
Rock Plaza Central - My Children, Be Joyful
Rock Plaza Central - Anthem for the Already Defeated
Rock Plaza Central - Fifteen Hands
Rock Plaza Central - Are We Not Horses?
Rock Plaza Central - When We Go How We Go (Part I)
Rock Plaza Central - Our Pasts, Like Lighthouses
Rock Plaza Central - 08/14/03
Rock Plaza Central - We've Got a Lot to Be Glad For
Rock Plaza Central - (Don't You Believe the Words of) Handsome Men
Rock Plaza Central - O Lord, How Many Are My Foes
Rock Plaza Central - Holy Rider
Rootbeer - Pink Limousine
Rootbeer - Under Control
Rhino Bucket - Welcome to Hell
Rhino Bucket - Don't Bring Her Down
Rhino Bucket - Monkey Boy Highway
Rhino Bucket - Smile
Rhino Bucket - Word
Rhino Bucket - Hammer & Nail
Rhino Bucket - She Rides
Rhino Bucket - Blood, Sweat & Beers
Rhino Bucket - I Was Told
Rhino Bucket - The Hardest Town
Rhino Bucket - Justified
Rhino Bucket - Know My Name
Rhino Bucket - Dog Don't Bite
Rhino Bucket - No One Here
Rhino Bucket - Street to Street
Rhino Bucket - Take Me Down
Rhino Bucket - She's With Me
Rhino Bucket - You're Gone
Rhino Bucket - To Be Mine
Rhino Bucket - Slip Away
Rhino Bucket - Beat to Death Like a Dog
Rhino Bucket - No Friend of Mine
Rhino Bucket - Hey There
Rhino Bucket - The Devil Sent You
Rhino Bucket - This Ain't Heaven
Rhino Bucket - Bar Time
Rhino Bucket - Burn the World
Rhino Bucket - Ride With Yourself
Rhino Bucket - Scratch 'n' Sniff
Rhino Bucket - Beg for Your Love
Rhino Bucket - Train Ride
Rhino Bucket - Going Down Tonight
Rhino Bucket - Even the Sun Goes Down
Rhino Bucket - Blood on the Cross
Rhino Bucket - Shot Down
Rhino Bucket - Inside/Outside
Rhino Bucket - Ride the Rhino
Rhino Bucket - Pain
Rhino Bucket - I Stand Before You
Rhino Bucket - Too Much Talk
Rhino Bucket - Blow by Blow
Rhino Bucket - Mad Maggie
Rhino Bucket - Bird on a Wire
Rhino Bucket - The Hard Grind
Rhino Bucket - World Gone Mad
Rhino Bucket - Something For Nothing
Rhino Bucket - Rather Go Insane
Rhino Bucket - Been There, Done That
Rhino Bucket - She’s a Screamer
Rose Hill Drive - Sneak Out
Rose Hill Drive - Laughing in the Streets
Rose Hill Drive - One Night Stand
Rose Hill Drive - Do You Wanna Get High?
Rose Hill Drive - Showdown
Rose Hill Drive - Cold Enough
Rose Hill Drive - The Guru
Rose Hill Drive - Brain Novocaine
Rose Hill Drive - It's Simple
Rose Hill Drive - Raise Your Hands
Rose Hill Drive - Man on Fire
Rose Hill Drive - Reptilian Blues
Rose Hill Drive - Cross the Line
Rose Hill Drive - Americana
Rose Hill Drive - Telepathic
Rose Hill Drive - Baby Doncha Know Your Man?
Rose Hill Drive - Speed Dial
Rose Hill Drive - Psychoanalyst
Rose Hill Drive - Your Mother's Jam
Rose Hill Drive - Birds Against the Glass
Rose Hill Drive - Birthdays and Breakups
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Buriedfed
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The Debtor
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Woodfriend
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Who's Laughing?
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The Ongoing Debate Concerning Present vs. Future
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - My Good Luck
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Written Over
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Mountineerd
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Above the Sun
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Boneindian
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Always an Anchor
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The Sound
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Hard Row
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Trap Door
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Summer of Fear, Part 1
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Death by Dust
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Summer of Fear, Part 2
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Losing 4 Winners
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - More Than a Mess
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Boat
Romo - Enemigo público
The Romany Rye - Black Hair
The Romany Rye - Long Way Down
The Romany Rye - Marquee
The Right Brothers - I'm in Love With Ann Coulter
The Right Brothers - Bush Was Right
Revocation - Cretin
Revocation - Cradle Robber
Revocation - Harlot
Revocation - Dissolution Ritual
Revocation - Conjuring the Cataclysm
Revocation - No Funeral
Revocation - Chaos of Forms
Revocation - The Watchers
Revocation - Beloved Horrifier
Revocation - Dethroned
Revocation - Reprogrammed
Revocation - Tail From the Crypt
Revocation - None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)
Revocation - Empire of the Obscene
Revocation - Scattering the Flock
Revocation - A Debt Owed to the Grave
Revocation - Deathless
Revocation - Labyrinth of Eyes
Revocation - Madness Opus
Revocation - Scorched Earth Policy
Revocation - The Blackest Reaches
Revocation - The Fix
Revocation - United in Helotry
Revocation - Witch Trials
Revocation - Sworn to the Black
Aleesha Rome - Search My Heaven
Aleesha Rome - If Only I Could Cry
Aleesha Rome - Without You
Aleesha Rome - I Didn't Have The Heart
Aleesha Rome - Yours Truly
Aleesha Rome - Do You Feel Me
Aleesha Rome - 3 Words
Aleesha Rome - Hazy Days
Aleesha Rome - Real World
Revocation - Arbiters of the Apocalypse
Revocation - Theatre of Horror
Revocation - Monolithic Ignorance
Revocation - Crumbling Imperium
Revocation - Communion
Revocation - Profanum Vulgus
Revocation - Copernican Heresy
Revocation - Only the Spineless Survive
Revocation - Cleaving Giants of Ice
Revocation - Deathonomics
Revocation - The Brain Scramblers
Revocation - Re-Animaniac
Revocation - The Tragedy of Modern Ages
Revocation - Dethonomics
Revocation - The Grip Tightens
Revocation - Death in Vain (Exhorder cover)
Revocation - Suffer These Wounds (Demo 2006)
Revocation - Unattained (Demo 2006)
Revocation - Summon the Spawn (Demo 2006)
Roi Heenok - Fidèle à chacune d'elles
Roi Heenok - La petite négresse à bicyclette
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Bad Girl
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Way Over There
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - (You Can) Depend on Me
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Who's Lovin' You
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Like It Like That
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - The Tracks of My Tears
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - (Come 'round Here) I'm the One You Need
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - More Love
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Second That Emotion
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Baby, Baby Don't Cry
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Who's Gonna Take the Blame
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Satisfaction
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Can't Stand to See You Cry
Romare - Motherless Child
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Ooo Baby, Baby
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - From Head to Toe
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - A Fork in the Road
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself
Rigby - Solid Ground
Rigby - Fire
Rigby - Lighter
Rigby - We Haven’t Lost (Just Not Yet Won)
Rigby - Earth Meets Water
Rigby - Only Got My Heart
Rigby - One Song
Rigby - One Life to the Next
Rigby - Daydreamer
Rigby - High Life
Rigby - Parade
Rigby - Everything Must Go
Rigby - Pass You By
Rigby - Cheyenne
Rigby - Extraordinary
Rigby - Dead Man Walking
Rigby - Mystery Man
Rigby - Fire & Ice & Sugar & Spice
Rigby - Take a Chance
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Gloria la Chiesa canta
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - A te grido mio Signore
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Io ti amo
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Grazie
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Lode al nome tuo
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - La mia preghiera elevo a te
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Ascolta il mio cuore
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Ascolta la nostra lode
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - In eterno canterò
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Abbracciami
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Il tuo amore per me
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Invochiamo la tua presenza
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Signore salvami
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Sono qui a lodarti
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Difendimi Signore
El Ritual - Bajo El Sol Y Frente a Diós
El Ritual - Conspiración
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Tu sei qui
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Gesù verrà
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Insieme cantiamo
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Luce
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Prodigio d'amore
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Grazie Padre buono
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - T'amo Gesù
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Stai con me
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Ti loderò, ti adorerò, ti canterò
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Rendo grazie a te Signor
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Guariscimi Gesù
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Manda la tua luce
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Nozze a Cana
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Mi arrendo al tuo amore
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Manda il tuo Spirito
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Gesù sono qui davanti a te
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Alzati!
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Del tuo amore io vivrò
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Parola d'amore
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Mi basta la tua grazia
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Adoro te
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Regna sul tuo trono
Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo - Tu sei misericordia
Roma Di Luna - Mars
Roma Di Luna - Starling
Roma Di Luna - The Moonlight Is Ours
Roma Di Luna - Before I Die
Roma Di Luna - Miss You Too
Roma Di Luna - Below Our Feet
Roma Di Luna - Hey Lover
Roma Di Luna - Porcupine
Roma Di Luna - Plans To Leave
Roma Di Luna - The Devil Walks
Roma Di Luna - Tree of Life
Roma Di Luna - No Child Of My Own
Roma Di Luna - Lion
Roma Di Luna - Find Your Way Home
Roma Di Luna - Letter To A Young Poet
Roma Di Luna - Ghost Dance
Roma Di Luna - Savior, O Savior
Roma Di Luna - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Roma Di Luna - Trouble Down the Road
Roma Di Luna - Red Walls
Roma Di Luna - Wildfire
Roma Di Luna - Fortune Teller
Roma Di Luna - I Can't Afford To Be Broke
Roma Di Luna - These Tears Ain't Mine
Roma Di Luna - I'm Gone
Dick Rivers - Tout se consume (Rien ne dure vraiment)
Dick Rivers - La Nuit
Dick Rivers - Faire un pont
Dick Rivers - Tu n'es plus là
Dick Rivers - Rien que toi
Dick Rivers - Les Yeux d'une femme
Dick Rivers - Cinderella
Dick Rivers - Nice Baie des Anges
Dick Rivers - Maman n'aime pas ma musique
Dick Rivers - L'Homme sans âge
Dick Rivers - Sur le toit du monde
Dick Rivers - Les Braves
Dick Rivers - La Première Heure
Dick Rivers - Attache-moi
Dick Rivers - Mon homme
Dick Rivers - Les Bras des femmes
Dick Rivers - La Voie des anges
Dick Rivers - Lola (veut la lune)
Dick Rivers - Je reviens
Dick Rivers - Gagner l'horizon
RockAll - Tyttö
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Cruisin'
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Being With You
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - What's So Good About Good Bye
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Do It Baby
Dick Rivers - Twist à St-Tropez
Dick Rivers - Baby John
Dick Rivers - Va t'en va t'en
Dick Rivers - Jéricho
Dick Rivers - N'en rajoute pas mignonne
Dick Rivers - Ainsi soit-elle
Dick Rivers - Adresse-toi ailleurs
Dick Rivers - La Fille qu'on a tant aimée
Dick Rivers - C'est pas sérieux
Dick Rivers - J'en suis fou
Dick Rivers - Je ne suis plus rien sans toi
Dick Rivers - Viens me faire oublier
Dick Rivers - Viens tout connaître
Rolf Zuckowski & Band - Nessaja (Ich wollte nie erwachsen sein)
Rodrigo - La chica del ascensor
Rodrigo - La foto de tu cuerpo
Rodrigo - Salsa gay
Rodrigo - Deja que caiga la noche
Rodrigo - El param pam pam
Rodrigo - Olvídalo... descártalo
Rodrigo - Casarme, no
Rodrigo - De patitas
Rodrigo - El solterito
Rodrigo - Mira mis lágrimas
Rodrigo - Sé que tenes que elegir
Rodrigo - Bella María de mi alma
Rodrigo - Ven
Rodrigo - Yerba mala
Rodrigo - Cómo le digo
Rodrigo - Fuego y pasión
Rodrigo - Soy cordobés
Rodrigo - Que ironía
Rodrigo - El viaje
Rodrigo - Aprendiz