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Carrie Underwood - The Sound of Music
Ariane Rinehart & Mark Campayno - Sixteen Going on Seventeen
Rodgers & Hammerstein - The Lonely Goatherd
Carrie Underwood & Stephen Moyer - Something Good
Carrie Underwood & Ariane Rinehart - Reprise: Sixteen Going on Seventeen
Zachary Richard - La chanson des mardi gras
Zachary Richard - A la radio
Zachary Richard - Dear darling
Zachary Richard - Son premier bal
Zachary Richard - Comme une oiseaue
Zachary Richard - La ballade de beausoleil
Zachary Richard - Who Stole My Monkey
Zachary Richard - Con todo de meu coraço
Zachary Richard - No French, No More
Suzzy Roche - The Second Coming of Eli
Suzzy Roche - Two Bumps on a Log
Suzzy Roche - Suit and Tie
Zachary Richard - M'attraper Cocodrie
Zachary Richard - My Nanette
Zachary Richard - Zack's Zydeco
Zachary Richard - Too Many Women
Zachary Richard - Shades of Blue
Zachary Richard - Manchac
Zachary Richard - La Ballade de Howard Hebert
Zachary Richard - Take Me Away
Zachary Richard - Esmeralda
Zachary Richard - I Yi Yi
Zachary Richard - Zydeco party
Zachary Richard - Joe pitre a deux femmes
Zachary Richard - Tell everybody
Zachary Richard - Hold on
Zachary Richard - Rock it out
Zachary Richard - Save me, Sarah
Zachary Richard - Les flammes d'enfer
Zachary Richard - Grand Gris Gris
Shirley Jones & Gordon MacRae - If I Loved You
Richard Rodgers - You'll Never Walk Alone
Gordon MacRae - If I Loved You
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Getting to Know You (from 'The King and I')
Rodgers & Hammerstein - I Whistle a Happy Tune (from 'The King and I')
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Edelweiss (from 'The Sound of Music')
Rodgers & Hammerstein - The Sound of Music (from 'The Sound of Music')
José de Rico - Sientelo
José de Rico - Soltera
Wilson Rawls - Chapter 07-02
Rodgers & Hammerstein - All er Nothin'
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin'
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Overture / Preludium (Dixit Dominus)
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Gavotte
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?
Rodgers & Hammerstein - So Long Farewell
Rodgers & Hammerstein - The King and I: Shall I Tell You What I Think of You
Rodgers & Hammerstein - The King and I: Getting to Know You
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Shall We Dance? (Finale)
Rodgers & Hammerstein - There Is Nothin’ Like a Dame
Rock Goddess - Heartache
Rock Goddess - Back to You
Rock Goddess - The Love Lingers Still
Rock Goddess - To Be Betrayed
Rock Goddess - Take Your Love Away
Rock Goddess - My Angel
Rock Goddess - Satisfied Then Crucified
Rock Goddess - Start Running
Rock Goddess - One Way Love
Rock Goddess - Make My Night
Rock Goddess - Heavy Metal Rock 'n' Roll
Max Roach & Dizzy Gillespie - Interview
Irene Reid - Son of a Preacher Man
Radicanto - Fronni d'Alija
Radicanto - All'acque
Radicanto - Tarantella di Sannicandro Garganico
Jay Reatard - Greed, Money, Useless Children
Jay Reatard - My Shadow
Jay Reatard - My Family
Jay Reatard - Death Is Forming
Jay Reatard - Not a Substitute
Jay Reatard - Nightmares
Jay Reatard - I See You Standing There
Jay Reatard - We Who Wait
Jay Reatard - Fading All Away
Jay Reatard - Puppet Man
Jay Reatard - Waiting for Something
Jay Reatard - Before I Was Caught
Jay Reatard - Man of Steel
Jay Reatard - Can't Do It Anymore
Jay Reatard - Faking It
Jay Reatard - Wounded
Jay Reatard - Rotten Mind
Jay Reatard - Nothing Now
Jay Reatard - My Reality
Jay Reatard - See/Saw
Jay Reatard - Screaming Hand
Jay Reatard - Painted Shut
Jay Reatard - Always Wanting More
Jay Reatard - You Mean Nothing to Me
Jay Reatard - Flourescent Grey
Jay Reatard - Trapped Here
Jay Reatard - No Time
Jay Reatard - You Were Sleeping
Jay Reatard - Night of Broken Glass
Jay Reatard - Another Person
Jay Reatard - Hammer I Miss You
Jay Reatard - Let It All Go
Jay Reatard - It’s So Easy
Jay Reatard - Oh It’s Such a Shame
Rising Gael - Stretched on Your Grave
Remedeeh - The Remedy
Jay Reatard - I’m Watching You
Jay Reatard - It Ain’t Gonna Save Me
Denise Rivera - Sube
Denise Rivera - Dame un beso
Rebellious Spirit - Obsession
Rebellious Spirit - Lost
Rebellious Spirit - Silent Scream
Rebellious Spirit - Walls of Lies
Rebellious Spirit - Summer Moved On
Rebellious Spirit - Confidence Men
Tito Rodríguez - Llanto De Luna
Tito Rodríguez - Congoja
Tito Rodríguez - Cuando Ya No Me Quieras
Tito Rodríguez - El Día Que Me Quieras
Tito Rodríguez - En el balcón
Tito Rodríguez - Mujer Erotica
Jasmine Rodgers - El Paisa
Jasmine Rodgers - Two Years
Puff Daddy feat. Zoey Dollaz & French Montana - Blow a Check
Ritam nereda - Protest
Ritam nereda - Crno je sve
Ritam nereda - Your trap
Ritam nereda - Ne zovi
Ritam nereda - Lažeš
Ritam nereda - Deep Sleep
Ritam nereda - Rad, red
Ritam nereda - Can’t stay
Ritam nereda - Betrayed
Ritam nereda - Buldožer
Ritam nereda - Hiljade
Ritam nereda - Tužne oči
Ritam nereda - Nedostaješ mi
Ritam nereda - Onkelz
Ritam nereda - Zajedno
Ritam nereda - Visoki Napon
Ritam nereda - Zvuci bola
Ritam nereda - Sećanja
Ritam nereda - Tuđi glasovi
Ritam nereda - Protiv svih
Ritam nereda - Vaš svet
Ritam nereda - Da idemo
Ritam nereda - Nebo
Ritam nereda - Svaki udarac
Ritam nereda - Svačija
Ritam nereda - Znak
Ritam nereda - Poslednji dan
Ritam nereda - Nikog nema
Ritam nereda - Noc
Ritam nereda - San
Rocktopus - The Single
Rocktopus - Too Much T.V.
Rocktopus - Huge + Horrible
Rocktopus - Armchair Advocate
Rocktopus - Little Miss Used
Rocktopus - Forevermore
Rocktopus - Get Away
Rocktopus - Something Fierce
Rocktopus - 25
Rocktopus - This is Real
Rocktopus - Skin The Kat
Ritam nereda - Put beznađa
Ritam nereda - Nestaje
Ritam nereda - Ima nas
Ritam nereda - Sudbina
Ritam nereda - Odlaze
Ritam nereda - Vodi me
Ritam nereda - Spas
Ritam nereda - Mrtav grad
Ritam nereda - Sjaj
Ritam nereda - Spavaj
Ritam nereda - W.A.B.
Ritam nereda - Heroj
Ritam nereda - Ne
Ritam nereda - Put beznadja
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - A Memory Lost At Sea
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - User-Friendly Guide to Change
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - My Life In Film Festivals (haiku #1)
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - Solipsist In Love
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - Atheist's Prayer
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - Premiere
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - Concrete & Nails
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - Baltimore Fugitives Buried In Brownsville, TX
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - Permanent Fixture of Regret
Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights - Waltz for Angelika Dittrich
The Reign of Kindo - Now We've Made Our Ascent
The Reign of Kindo - Symptom of a Stumbling
The Reign of Kindo - Bullets in the Air
The Reign of Kindo - Flowers by the Moon
The Reign of Kindo - Nightingale
The Reign of Kindo - Blistered Hands
The Reign of Kindo - Out of Sight, Out of Mind
The Reign of Kindo - Comfort in the Orchestration
The Reign of Kindo - City Lights & Traffic Sounds
The Reign of Kindo - Battling the Years
The Reign of Kindo - Soon It Shall Be
The Reign of Kindo - Psalm
The Reign of Kindo - The Moments in Between
The Reign of Kindo - Breathe Again
The Reign of Kindo - Great Blue Sea
The Reign of Kindo - Nice to Meet You
The Reign of Kindo - Till We Make Our Ascent
The Reign of Kindo - Something in the Way That You Are
The Reign of Kindo - I Hear That Music Play
The Reign of Kindo - The Mystery of Our Day
The Reign of Kindo - Hold Out
The Reign of Kindo - The Hero, the Saint, the Tyrant, & the Terrorist
The Reign of Kindo - Help It
The Reign of Kindo - Dust
The Reign of Kindo - Impossible World
The Reign of Kindo - Don't Haze Me
The Reign of Kindo - Feeling in the Night
The Reign of Kindo - Make a Sound
The Reign of Kindo - Sunshine
The Reign of Kindo - Romancing a Stranger
The Reign of Kindo - I Hate Music
The Reign of Kindo - The Man, the Wood & the Stone
The Reign of Kindo - Just Wait
The Reign of Kindo - Do You Realize
The Reign of Kindo - Hard to Believe
The Reign of Kindo - Needle & Thread
Julianna Raye - Nicola
Reluctant Hero - Resistance to Resilience
Ritual Steel - A Hell of a Knight (intro)
Ritual Steel - Orchid Queen
Ritual Steel - Liquid Steel
Roberto Losan - Maria de Nazaré
Rihanna feat. Nicki Minaj - Fly
Sebastian Riedel & Cree - Ciemności blask
Sebastian Riedel & Cree - Jestem tu dla Ciebie
Sebastian Riedel & Cree - Rock & Roll to jest to
Sebastian Riedel & Cree - Cały nasz świat
Sebastian Riedel & Cree - Na dnie Twojego serca
Sebastian Riedel & Cree - Wieczne pytania
Luke Roberts - His Song
Luke Roberts - Somewhere to Run
Luke Roberts - Unspotted Clothes
Revue Noir - A Girl, a Smoke
Revue Noir - Sometimes, Sunshine
Josh Ritter - Mind's Eye
Josh Ritter - Right Moves
Josh Ritter - The Temptation of Adam
Josh Ritter - Open Doors
Josh Ritter - Rumors
Josh Ritter - Edge of the World
Josh Ritter - Wait for Love
Josh Ritter - Real Long Distance
Josh Ritter - Next to the Last Romantic
Josh Ritter - Moons
Josh Ritter - Still Beating
Josh Ritter - Empty Hearts
Josh Ritter - Wait for Love (You Know You Will)
Josh Ritter - Wildfires
Josh Ritter - Spot in My Heart
Josh Ritter - Naked as a Window
Josh Ritter - Labelship Down
Josh Ritter - Change of Time
Josh Ritter - The Curse
Josh Ritter - Southern Pacifica
Josh Ritter - Folk Bloodbath
Josh Ritter - Lark
Josh Ritter - Lantern
Josh Ritter - See How Man Was Made
Josh Ritter - Another New World
Josh Ritter - Orbital
Josh Ritter - Long Shadows
Josh Ritter - Third Arm
Josh Ritter - Evil Eye
Josh Ritter - A Certain Light
Josh Ritter - Hopeful
Josh Ritter - Nightmares
Josh Ritter - New Lover
Josh Ritter - Heart's Ease
Josh Ritter - In Your Arms Again
Josh Ritter - The Appleblossom Rag
Josh Ritter - Bonfire
Josh Ritter - Joy To You Baby
Josh Ritter - Lights
Josh Ritter - Henrietta, Indiana
Josh Ritter - Getting Ready to Get Down
Josh Ritter - Seeing Me Round
Josh Ritter - The Stone
Josh Ritter - A Big Enough Sky
Josh Ritter - Lighthouse Fire
Josh Ritter - My Man on a Horse (Is Here)
Rude Rich and the High Notes - On the Bank
Rude Rich and the High Notes - More Love
Richard X vs Liberty X - Being Nobody (X-strumental)
Rude Rich and the High Notes - Money Worries
Rude Rich and the High Notes - I Won't Let You Go
Rude Rich and the High Notes - I'm Still Waiting
Rude Rich and the High Notes - Come Down '68
Rude Rich and the High Notes - I Am a Fool
Rude Rich and the High Notes - Ten Times Sweeter Than You
Rude Rich and the High Notes - Anywhere You Want to Go
Rude Rich and the High Notes - I Am What I Am
Jimmie Rodgers - Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues
Jimmie Rodgers - T.B. Blues
Jimmie Rodgers - Brakeman's Blues
Jimmie Rodgers - Memphis Yodel
Jimmie Rodgers - My Old Pal
Jimmie Rodgers - Daddy and Home
Jimmie Rodgers - My Little Lady
Jimmie Rodgers - Travelin' Blues
Jimmie Rodgers - Mississippi Delta Blues
Jimmie Rodgers - The Sailor's Pleas
Jimmie Rodgers - Pistol Packin' Papa
Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel No. 8 (Mule Skinner Blues)
Jimmie Rodgers - Any Old Time
Jimmie Rodgers - My Blue-Eyed Jane
Jimmie Rodgers - Miss the Mississippi and You
Jimmie Rodgers - Ben Dewberry’s Final Run
Jimmie Rodgers - I’m Lonely and Blue
Jimmie Rodgers - When the Cactus Is in Bloom
Alfred G. Karnes - I Am Bound for the Promised Land
Josh Ritter - Kathleen
Josh Ritter - You Don't Make It Easy Babe
Josh Ritter - Snow Is Gone (Hello Starling)
Josh Ritter - Girl in the War
Josh Ritter - Wolves
Josh Ritter - Lillian, Egypt
Josh Ritter - In the Dark
Josh Ritter - Best for the Best
Josh Ritter - Here at the Right Time
Josh Ritter - Come and Find Me
Josh Ritter - Me & Jiggs
Josh Ritter - Harrisburg
Josh Ritter - Come & Find Me
ROCK'A'TRENCH - Stepping out
Josh Ritter - Beautiful Night
Josh Ritter - Potters Wheel
Josh Ritter - Pretty Polly
Josh Ritter - Horrible Qualities / Stuck to You
Josh Ritter - Kathleen (intro)
Josh Ritter - Bright Smile
Josh Ritter - Man Burning
Josh Ritter - Bone of Song
Josh Ritter - The Bad Actress
Josh Ritter - Daddy's Little Pumpkin
Josh Ritter - Tokyo!
Josh Ritter - Peter Killed the Dragon
Josh Ritter - Lawrence, KS (unplugged)
Josh Ritter - To the Dogs (Or Whoever)
Josh Ritter - The Other Side
Josh Ritter - Remnant
Josh Ritter - Make Me Down
Josh Ritter - Can't Go To Sleep (Without You)
Josh Ritter - Darlin'
Josh Ritter - Love Is Making Its Way Back Home
Josh Ritter - See Me Through
Josh Ritter - Young Moses (Home Recording)
Josh Ritter - Where The Night Goes (Home Recording)
Josh Ritter - Birds of the Meadow (Home Recording)
Josh Ritter - Cumberland (Home Recording)
Josh Ritter - Homecoming (Home Recording)
Rockwasser - Immer noch nicht satt
MC Rene - Bist du drin?
MC Rene - Damit was bleibt
MC Rene - Nur lebenslänglich
MC Rene - Kein bisschen weise
MC Rene - Suckerz
MC Rene - Hardcorerapper
MC Rene - Väter und Söhne
MC Rene - My Man
MC Rene - Spüre Diesen Groove
MC Rene - Nur im Original
MC Rene - Nutze den Tag
MC Rene - Ein Anderer Ausflug
MC Rene - Untergrundunterhaltung
MC Rene - Zieh Dir das rein
Reik - Levemente
Reik - Que vida la mía
Reik - Vuelve
Reik - Noviembre sin ti
Reik - Niña
Reik - No sé si es amor
Reik - Cada mañana
Reik - Como me duele
Reik - Quien decide es el amor
Reik - Sabes
Reik - Sin conocerte
Reik - Me duele amarte
Reik - Vivo en sueños
Reik - Invierno
Reik - De que sirve
Reik - Llegó tu amor
Reik - Quédate
Reik - No se porque te vas (I Can't Believe She's Gone)
Reik - Ahora sin ti
Reik - Déjate llevar
Reik - Nada
Riseback - Game Powered
Reik - Peligro
Reik - Déjame ir
Reik - Igual a nada
Reik - Mi tormenta favorita
Riseback - Make You Real
Riseback - My Treasure
Reik - No te quiero olvidar
Reik - Creo en ti
Reik - Tu mirada
Reik - Inolvidable
Reik - No hay nadie más
Reik - No desaparecerá
Jimmie Rodgers - The Soldier’s Sweetheart
Jimmie Rodgers - Mississippi Moon
Jimmie Rodgers - Train Whistle Blues
Jimmie Rodgers - Frankie and Johnny
Jimmie Rodgers - Whippin' That Old T.B.
Jimmie Rodgers - No Hard Times
Jimmie Rodgers - Dreaming With Tears in My Eyes
Jimmie Rodgers - Years Ago
Jimmie Rodgers - Just a Close Walk With Thee
Hank Snow - Ben Dewberry's Final Run
MC Rene - Mc Donalds Rapper
MC Rene - Reimenergie
MC Rene - Freiplatztiger
MC Rene - Namenlos MC's
MC Rene - Neue Reimgeneration
Richie Ramone - Entitled
Jimmie Rodgers - Waitin' for a Train
Rodeo - Yo Te Voy Amar
Rodeo - Tu Me Haces Feliz
Ria Angelina - Birunya Rinduku
Ria Angelina - Siapa Yang Salah
Ria Angelina - Tabah Sampai Akhir
Ria Angelina - Sejuta Mimpi
Ria Angelina - Acuh Acuh Butuh
Ria Angelina - Elegi Rinduku
Ria Angelina - Cinta Di Pasar Swalayan
Ria Angelina - Hanya Sebatas Angan
Ria Angelina - Aku Tak Pernah Mengerti
Ria Angelina - Bukan Kau Yang Pertama
Ria Angelina - Dia Masih Menunggu
Ria Angelina - Kau Begitu Berarti
Ria Angelina - Semalam Di Malaysia
Ria Angelina - Di Ambang Sore
Ria Angelina - Satu Cinta Tiga Hati
Ria Angelina - Bapa Kami
Ria Angelina - Mengapa Begitu Cepat Kau DIlahirkan
Ria Angelina - Bahasa Cinta
Jimmie Rodgers - T for Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1)
Roadside Monument - Kansas City
Roadside Monument - Tired of Living With People Who Are Tired of Living
Roadside Monument - Compressor District
Roadside Monument - Car vs. Semi: Semi Wins Every Time
Roadside Monument - Oh So Fabled
Roadside Monument - Seed
Roadside Monument - Lobbyest
Roadside Monument - Boasting in Weakness
Roadside Monument - Mothered Others
Roadside Monument - The Lifevest
Reik - Qué gano olvidándote
Reik - Vámonos lejos
Reik - Spanglish
Reik - Un amor de verdad
Reik - Ya me enteré
Reik - We Only Have Tonight
Reik - Náufragos
Reik - Mas Cerca de Ti (A Dueto Con Mayte Perroni) [Bonus Track]
Reik - Con la cara en alto
Reik - Te fuiste de aquí
Rocketship - I’m Lost Without You Here
Rocketship - Carrie Cooksey
Rocketship - Let's Go Away
Rocketship - We're Both Alone
Rocketship - Like a Dream
Johnny Richter - At It Again
Johnny Richter - Evolution (My Life)
Johnny Richter - No One Really Knows
Rob Bailey - Go Forever
Rob Bailey - Never Give a Fxck
Rob Bailey - Cuz They Get It
Rob Bailey - Square Up
Rob Bailey - Haymaker
Rob Bailey - Plan My Attack
Rob Bailey - Do Good
Rob Bailey - The Interlude
Rob Bailey - We're Doing It
Rob Bailey - Hold Strong [Explicit]
Rob Bailey - Never Settle
Rob Bailey - Try 'n Hold Me Back [Explicit]
Rob Bailey - What I Live For [Explicit]
Rob Bailey - Run This [Explicit]
Rob Bailey - I Am Not Done [Explicit]
Rob Bailey - Beast [Explicit]
Rob Bailey - Ambulances [Explicit]
Rob Bailey - I Am Not Done Remix [Explicit]
Rob Bailey - The Beast Remix [Explicit]
Rob Bailey - Jealous [Explicit]
Robynn & Kendy - Girl After All (Not Just Another Girl)
Robynn & Kendy - Not Just Another Girl
Robynn & Kendy - Sunset
Robynn & Kendy - Say Goodbye (MV)
Robynn & Kendy - Flyaway
Carlos Rivera - Cambiar de opinión
Carlos Rivera - Otras vidas
Carlos Rivera - ¿Cómo pagarte?
Carlos Rivera - Que lo nuestro se quede nuestro
Carlos Rivera - Deja amarte
Carlos Rivera - Tú fuiste para mí
Carlos Rivera - Serás
Carlos Rivera - Juego de ajedrez
Carlos Rivera - No llores más
Carlos Rivera - La mitad
Carlos Rivera - Sabía usted
Carlos Rivera - Te me vas
Carlos Rivera - Calido y frio
Carlos Rivera - Como tu
Carlos Rivera - En el amor no se manda
Carlos Rivera - No se que voy a hacer
Carlos Rivera - No soy el aire
Carlos Rivera - No te quiero hacer llorar (Don't Wanna Make You Cry)
Carlos Rivera - Callado
Carlos Rivera - Acariciame
Carlos Rivera - Agua de amor
Carlos Rivera - Y si tu supieras
Carlos Rivera - La malagueña
Carlos Rivera - Amar y vivir
Carlos Rivera - Viva Juan Gabriel / Popurri
Carlos Rivera - Sin un amor
Carlos Rivera - Jose Alfredo en el alma / Popurri
Carlos Rivera - Un poco mas
Carlos Rivera - Cartas marcadas
Carlos Rivera - Mexicano / Popurri
Carlos Rivera - Fascinación
Justin Rizzo - Psalm 93
Justin Rizzo - Omnipotent You Reign
Justin Rizzo - Tree
Justin Rizzo - I Will Praise You
Justin Rizzo - Fount Faithful
Justin Rizzo - Indwelling Spirit
Justin Rizzo - This Is True Life
Justin Rizzo - Judgments Are Better Than Gold
Michael A. Roberto - Building and Leading Teams
Michael A. Roberto - Cognitive Biases
Michael A. Roberto - Phases of Transformation
Rittz feat Yelawolf - Sleep at Night
Re:\legion - Pests of Flesh
Re:\legion - Nachthexen
Re:\legion - Rain (Angels cry)
RoBERT - Acide à faire
RoBERT - À la guerre comme à la guerre
RoBERT - L'Eau et le Ciel
RoBERT - Le Chant des sirènes
RoBERT - La Malchanceuse
RoBERT - Nitroglycérine
RoBERT - Le Prince bleu
RoBERT - Sorcière
RoBERT - Pour moi
RoBERT - Dans le caniveau
RoBERT - A Children's Tale
RoBERT - Personne
RoBERT - Aphone
RoBERT - Hija de puta
RoBERT - Histoire de loup
RoBERT - Dégage
RoBERT - Ta femme, ton drapeau
RoBERT - Le chant de la lorelei
RoBERT - Ta traînée
RoBERT - Six pieds sous terre
RoBERT - Partir au bord des larmes
RoBERT - L'Hymne à la mort
Robust - What Up Fam
Project Arcadia - Formidable Foe
Project Arcadia - My Name Is Fear
Project Arcadia - Lost Paradise
Project Arcadia - Isis
Project Arcadia - Ged
Project Arcadia - Forever Lost
Project Arcadia - Without a Trace
RoBERT - À mes copines
RoBERT - Le Jardin des roses
RoBERT - Ma gueule
RoBERT - Une fille à prendre
RoBERT - Cerise
RoBERT - Comme un dieu
RoBERT - Sois courageux
RoBERT - Le Froid
RoBERT - L'Oiseau dont j'ai rêvé
RoBERT - J'ouvre pas
RoBERT - Le Tour de France
RoBERT - Goûtons au ciel
RoBERT - Elle se promène
RoBERT - Triste et sale
RoBERT - Unutma
RoBERT - Les Jupes
RoBERT - Goutte de pluie
RoBERT - Question de philosophie
RoBERT - L'appel de la Succube
RoBERT - Aime-moi
RoBERT - Les couleurs
RoBERT - Colchique Mon Amour
RoBERT - Nickel
RoBERT - Le Funambule
RoBERT - Hé Toi !
RoBERT - La Chanson Des Vieux Amants
RoBERT - Le chien mauve
RoBERT - Juste En Fermant Les Yeux
RoBERT - Princesse de rien
RoBERT - Das Modell
RoBERT - Nature morte
RoBERT - Le model
RoBERT - L'écharpe
RoBERT - Psaume
RoBERT - Tout ce qu'on dit de toi
RoBERT - Qui Saura L'Aimer
RoBERT - Louis
RoBERT - Dans la cité nouvelle
RoBERT - Ange et démon (version single)
RoBERT - Les clichés de l’ennui
Sixto Rodriguez - Climb Up On My Music
Sixto Rodriguez - A Most Disgusting Song
Sixto Rodriguez - Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour
Sixto Rodriguez - To Whom It May Concern
Sixto Rodriguez - It Started Out So Nice
Sixto Rodriguez - Halfway Up The Stairs
Sixto Rodriguez - Only Good for Conversation
Sixto Rodriguez - This Is Not a Song, It's an Outburst: Or, The Establishment Blues
Sixto Rodriguez - Hate Street Dialogue
Sixto Rodriguez - Forget It
Sixto Rodriguez - Inner City Blues
Sixto Rodriguez - I Wonder
Sixto Rodriguez - Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme)
Sixto Rodriguez - Rich Folks Hoax
Sixto Rodriguez - Like Janis
Sixto Rodriguez - Silver Words?
Sixto Rodriguez - Can't Get Away
Sixto Rodriguez - Street Boy
Sixto Rodriguez - I'll Slip Away
Remi - Ode to Ignorance
Elan Rivera - Pikachu (I Choose You)
The Buddy Rich Big Band - Channel One Suite
Rickey Smiley - My Baby Daddy F/ Small Fry
Nathan Rogers - The Gauntlet
Nathan Rogers - The Jewel of Paris
Rocketface - Hats Off
Rocketface - Dirty
Rocketface - To Take You Home
Rocketface - Lit
Rocketface - Death Never Dies
Rocketface - Change
Rocketface - High Time
Rocketface - Once You Were Alive
Rocketface - Falling Down
The Riot Before - The Middle Distance
The Riot Before - Back Stage Room
The Riot Before - Uncharted Lands
The Riot Before - Answers for Change
The Riot Before - The Things I Hate
The Riot Before - A Good Sense of Style
The Riot Before - The Oregon Trail
The Riot Before - Tinnitus
The Riot Before - To Live How We Believe
The Riot Before - Fists Buried in Pockets
The Riot Before - You Can’t Sexy Dance to Punk Rock
The Riot Before - I Have My Books
The Riot Before - They Rode on in the Friscalating Dusklight
The Riot Before - Words Written Over Coffee
The Riot Before - 5 to 9
The Riot Before - Election Day
The Riot Before - Capillaries
The Riot Before - You Rock, Rock
The Riot Before - The Cheapest Cigarettes
The Riot Before - Plastic Chests for Plastic Hearts
The Riot Before - Explosions From Above
The Riot Before - A Vast White Headless Phantom
The Riot Before - A Drop in the Ocean
The Riot Before - Fifteen Minute Revolution
The Riot Before - Really Good Reasons to Swear
The Riot Before - On Tracks Asleep Beneath the Snow
The Riot Before - The Uttica Stare
The Riot Before - Jam Is a Four Letter Word
The Riot Before - What I've Missed
Smokey Robinson - I Am I Am
Smokey Robinson - Baby Come Close
Smokey Robinson - The Agony And The Ecstasy
Smokey Robinson - Open
Smokey Robinson - Daylight & Darkness
Smokey Robinson - Let Me Be The Clock
Smokey Robinson - Tell Me Tomorrow, Part 1
Smokey Robinson - I've Made Love To You A Thousand Times
Smokey Robinson - Baby That's Backatcha
Smokey Robinson - Happy (Love Theme from "Lady Sings the Blues")
Smokey Robinson - Love Letters
Smokey Robinson - You Go to My Head
Smokey Robinson - Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
Smokey Robinson - I'm Glad There Is You
Smokey Robinson - More Than You Know
Smokey Robinson - Speak Low
Smokey Robinson - Time After Time
Smokey Robinson - I've Got You Under My Skin
Felix Riebl - Paper Doors
Felix Riebl - Wasting Time
Felix Riebl - Snowflakes
Felix Riebl - In Your Arms
Felix Riebl - All I Can Say
Felix Riebl - Shadows
Felix Riebl - Crocodiles
Felix Riebl - Ecstasy
Felix Riebl - Wager
Felix Riebl - Wide Open Rivers
Felix Riebl - They Don't Know You
Felix Riebl - My Shore
Felix Riebl - Lonely Truth
Smokey Robinson - Don't Know Why
Smokey Robinson - You're the One for Me
Smokey Robinson - One Time
Smokey Robinson - That Place
Smokey Robinson - Love Bath
Smokey Robinson - Whatcha Gonna Do
Smokey Robinson - Satisfy You
Smokey Robinson - I Want You Back
Smokey Robinson & Steven Tyler - You Really Got a Hold on Me
Smokey Robinson, Miguel, Aloe Blacc & JC Chasez - My Girl
Smokey Robinson & John Legend - Quiet Storm
Smokey Robinson & CeeLo Green - The Way You Do (The Things You Do)
Smokey Robinson & Mary J. Blige - Being With You
Smokey Robinson & Gary Barlow - Get Ready
Smokey Robinson - Get Ready
Smokey Robinson - If You Wanna Make Love
Smokey Robinson - Can't Fight Love
Smokey Robinson - You Are Forever
Pugh Rogefeldt - Små lätta moln
Pugh Rogefeldt - Jag är en liten pojk
Pugh Rogefeldt - Långsamma timmar
Pugh Rogefeldt - Hog Farm
Pugh Rogefeldt - Finns det lite stolthet kvar, finns det också hopp om bättring
Pugh Rogefeldt - Vandrar I Ett Regn
Pugh Rogefeldt - Snart kommer det en vind
Pugh Rogefeldt - Vår kommunale man
Pugh Rogefeldt - Aftonfalken
Pugh Rogefeldt - Kärlekens träd
Pugh Rogefeldt - Hällregn
Pugh Rogefeldt - Kajans sång
Kerrie Roberts - Time For The Show
Kerrie Roberts - Sing
Kerrie Roberts - What Are You Afraid Of
Kerrie Roberts - Finally Home
Kerrie Roberts - Masterpiece
Kerrie Roberts - Not Real Yet
Kerrie Roberts - In Your Sight
Kerrie Roberts - Wake Up
Kerrie Roberts - Like Jesus Loves
Kerrie Roberts - No Matter What
Kerrie Roberts - Take You Away
Kerrie Roberts - Beautiful to Me
Kerrie Roberts - This Love Doesn't Run
Kerrie Roberts - Keep Breathing
Kerrie Roberts - Unstoppable
Kerrie Roberts - Outcast
Kerrie Roberts - Maybe I'm Afraid
Kerrie Roberts - Love Comes Down
Kerrie Roberts - Savior to Me (Sing Glory)
Kerrie Roberts - Rescue Me (How the Story Ends)
Kerrie Roberts - Lovable
Kerrie Roberts - Jingle Bells
Kerrie Roberts - Love Like You
Kerrie Roberts - Come Back to Life
Kerrie Roberts - My Heart's Lifted
Kerrie Roberts - Seek Your Face
LeAnn Rimes - Blue
LeAnn Rimes - One Way Ticket (Because I Can)
LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live
LeAnn Rimes - You Light Up My Life
LeAnn Rimes - On the Side of Angels
LeAnn Rimes - Commitment
LeAnn Rimes - Big Deal
LeAnn Rimes - I Need You
LeAnn Rimes - Can’t Fight the Moonlight
LeAnn Rimes - But I Do Love You
LeAnn Rimes - The Right Kind of Wrong
LeAnn Rimes - Life Goes On
LeAnn Rimes - Nothin’ ’bout Love Makes Sense
LeAnn Rimes - Something’s Gotta Give
LeAnn Rimes - Nothin’ Better to Do
LeAnn Rimes - Hurt Me
LeAnn Rimes - My Baby
LeAnn Rimes - Honestly
LeAnn Rimes - Talk to Me
LeAnn Rimes - I’ll Get Even With You
LeAnn Rimes - Cattle Call
LeAnn Rimes - Fade to Blue
LeAnn Rimes - Family
LeAnn Rimes - Fight
LeAnn Rimes - Good Friend and a Glass of Wine
LeAnn Rimes - Something I Can Feel
LeAnn Rimes - I Want You With Me
LeAnn Rimes & Marc Broussard - Nothing Wrong
LeAnn Rimes - Pretty Things
LeAnn Rimes - Upper Hand
LeAnn Rimes - One Day Too Long
LeAnn Rimes - What I Cannot Change
LeAnn Rimes - When You Love Someone Like That
LeAnn Rimes - God Bless America
LeAnn Rimes - The Sands of Time
LeAnn Rimes - Why Can’t We
LeAnn Rimes - Middle Man
LeAnn Rimes - I Believe
LeAnn Rimes - Wasted Days & Wasted Nights
LeAnn Rimes - Help Me Make It Through the Night
LeAnn Rimes - Rose Colored Glasses
LeAnn Rimes - A Good Hearted Woman
LeAnn Rimes - When I Call Your Name
LeAnn Rimes - He Stopped Loving Her Today
LeAnn Rimes - The Bottle Let Me Down
LeAnn Rimes - Crazy Women
LeAnn Rimes - Give
LeAnn Rimes - Crazy
LeAnn Rimes - Don’t Worry
LeAnn Rimes - Faded Love
LeAnn Rimes - Born to Lose
LeAnn Rimes - Cryin’ Time
LeAnn Rimes - I Fall to Pieces
LeAnn Rimes - Your Cheatin’ Heart
LeAnn Rimes - Lovesick Blues
LeAnn Rimes - Me and Bobby McGee
LeAnn Rimes - The Story
LeAnn Rimes - Looking Through Your Eyes
LeAnn Rimes - Undeniable
LeAnn Rimes - Feels Like Home
LeAnn Rimes - Surrender
LeAnn Rimes - When Am I Gonna Get Over You
LeAnn Rimes - Rock Me
LeAnn Rimes - Insensitive
LeAnn Rimes - The Heart Never Forgets
LeAnn Rimes - Purple Rain
Pugh Rogefeldt - Låt mej leva
Ricki‐Lee - Brand New Day
Ricki‐Lee - Melody of Life
Ricki‐Lee - Love Is All Around
Ricki‐Lee - Real Good Time
Ricki‐Lee - Take Me to a Place
Ricki‐Lee - Alone No More
Ricki‐Lee - It's Just Life
Ricki‐Lee - I Appreciate You
Ricki‐Lee - Dance in the Rain
Ricki‐Lee - Happy Ever After
Ricki‐Lee - All We Need Is Love
Ricki‐Lee - In the Mood
Ricki‐Lee - Giddyup
Ricki‐Lee - Night Vision
Ricki‐Lee - Only You
Ricki‐Lee - Until We Drop
Ricki‐Lee - Diva
Ricki‐Lee - Runaway
Ricki‐Lee - Catch Me If You Can
Ricki‐Lee - Mirage
Ricki‐Lee - You
Ricki‐Lee - Human
Ricki‐Lee - Raining Diamonds
Ricki‐Lee - Burn It Down
Ricki‐Lee - Do It Like That
Ricki‐Lee - Crazy
Ricki‐Lee - On the Floor
Ricki‐Lee - I Feel Love
Ricki‐Lee - Never Let Go
Ricki‐Lee - World Disappears
Ricki‐Lee - Bombshell
Ricki‐Lee - Left to Right
Ricki‐Lee - Turn It Up
Ricki‐Lee - Can You Feel It?
Ricki‐Lee - Hell No!
Ricki‐Lee - Something About You
Ricki‐Lee - Stay With Me
Ricki‐Lee - Tell Him
Ricki‐Lee - Can't Touch It (U Wanna Little of This)
Ricki‐Lee - Wiggle It
Ricki‐Lee - Sunshine
Ricki‐Lee - U Wanna Little of This
Ricki‐Lee - Wiggle It (a cappella)
Ricki‐Lee - Can't Touch It (a cappella)
Ricki‐Lee - Hell No! (a cappella - backing vocals)
Ricki‐Lee - Hear No, See No, Speak No (a cappella)
Ricki‐Lee - Don't Miss You (a cappella)
Ricki‐Lee - Come & Get in Trouble with Me
Ricki‐Lee - Because I Can
Ricki‐Lee - Breathe Killer Kitty
Ricki‐Lee - Cant Touch It (U Wanna Little of This) UK
Ricki‐Lee - Cant Sing a Different Song
Smokey Robinson - Double Good Everything
Smokey Robinson - I Love Your Face
Smokey Robinson - I Can't Find
Smokey Robinson - Come to Me Soon
Smokey Robinson - Love So Fine
Smokey Robinson - Vitamin U
Smokey Robinson - The Tracks of My Tears
Rockmari - Rock Mari
Rockmari - Cosas simples
Rockmari - Yo soy Rock Mari
Rockmari - Amo la Musica
Rockmari - Para vivir hay que rockear
Rockmari - Con mi amigo baqueta
Rockmari - Aunque ya no estes aqui
Rockmari - Quiero ser yo
LeAnn Rimes - Spitfire
LeAnn Rimes - What Have I Done
LeAnn Rimes - Gasoline and Matches
LeAnn Rimes - Borrowed
LeAnn Rimes - You Ain’t Right
LeAnn Rimes - I Do Now
LeAnn Rimes - You’ve Ruined Me
LeAnn Rimes - Bottle
LeAnn Rimes - A Waste Is a Terrible Thing to Mind
LeAnn Rimes - God Takes Care of Your Kind
LeAnn Rimes - Who We Really Are
Ronan Keating feat. LeAnn Rimes - Last Thing on My Mind
LeAnn Rimes - Suddenly
LeAnn Rimes - Tic Toc
LeAnn Rimes - I Want to With You
LeAnn Rimes - You Take Me Home
LeAnn Rimes - Won’t Be Lonely Long
LeAnn Rimes - The Weight of Love
LeAnn Rimes - With You
LeAnn Rimes - I Got It Bad
LeAnn Rimes - When This Woman Loves a Man
LeAnn Rimes - Some People
LeAnn Rimes - Afraid to Fall
LeAnn Rimes - Wound Up
LeAnn Rimes - The Safest Place
LeAnn Rimes - Trouble With Goodbye
LeAnn Rimes - Damn
LeAnn Rimes - Sign of Life
LeAnn Rimes - Love Is an Army
LeAnn Rimes - You Made Me Find Myself
REYNA - Spill Your Colors
Pugh Rogefeldt - Finns det lite stolthet kvar, finns det också hopp
Pugh Rogefeldt - Mitt bästa för dig
Smokey Robinson - Sweet Harmony
Smokey Robinson - Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
Smokey Robinson - There Will Come A Day ( I'm Gonna Happen To You )
Smokey Robinson - Daylight And Darkness
Smokey Robinson - Tracks Of My Tears
Smokey Robinson - Yes It's You Lady
Smokey Robinson - Ebony Eyes (Duet with Rick James)
Smokey Robinson - Just To See Her Again
Smokey Robinson - Ooo Baby Baby
Dickie Rock - Come Back to Stay
Smokey Robinson - If You Wanna Make Love (Come 'round Here)
Smokey Robinson - Girl I'm Standing There
Smokey Robinson - What's Too Much
LeAnn Rimes - I Will Always Love You
LeAnn Rimes - Blue Moon of Kentucky
LeAnn Rimes - River of Love
LeAnn Rimes - The Rest Is History
LeAnn Rimes - Yesterday
LeAnn Rimes - Sure Thing
LeAnn Rimes - A Different Kind of Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - All I Want for Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - Santa Baby
LeAnn Rimes - What a Wonderful World
LeAnn Rimes - Just Love Me
LeAnn Rimes - Miss You Like Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - For the First Time
LeAnn Rimes - Save Myself
LeAnn Rimes - Destructive
LeAnn Rimes - Strong
LeAnn Rimes - Whatever We Wanna
LeAnn Rimes - Headphones
LeAnn Rimes - Long Night
LeAnn Rimes - This Life
LeAnn Rimes - Break Me Down
LeAnn Rimes - The Rose
LeAnn Rimes - Ten Thousand Angels Cried
Ridillo - Mangio amore
Ridillo - 5 contro 1
Ridillo - Festa in 2
Smokey Robinson - Because of You It's the Best It's Ever Been
Mary Wells - My Guy
The Temptations - Get Ready
Smokey Robinson - You've Really Go a Hold on Me
Smokey Robinson - Going to a Go-Go
Smokey Robinson - Mickey's Monkey
Smokey Robinson - Shop Around
Smokey Robinson - Ain't That Peculiar
Smokey Robinson - My Girl
Smokey Robinson - I Second That Emotion (With the Miracles)
Smokey Robinson - Shop Around (With the Miracles)
Smokey Robinson - Going to a Go-Go (With the Miracles)
Smokey Robinson - The Tracks of My Tears (With the Miracles)
Smokey Robinson - Ooo Baby Baby (album version, stereo)
Smokey Robinson - Ooh Baby Baby
Smokey Robinson - You Really Got a Hold on Me
LeAnn Rimes - Little Girl
Rhythms del Mundo - Clocks
Rhythms del Mundo - Dancing Shoes
Ibrahim Ferrer - As Time Goes By
Omara Portuondo - Killing Me Softly
Sting - Fragilidad
Rhythms del Mundo - Hotel Buena Vista
Rhythms del Mundo - Hotel California
Rhythms del Mundo feat. Jack Johnson - Imagine
Rhythms del Mundo - Under Pressure
Rhythms del Mundo - Walk on the Wild Side
Rhythms del Mundo - Satisfaction
Rhythms del Mundo - Under the Boardwalk
Rhythms del Mundo - Beat It
Rhythms del Mundo feat. Shanade - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Rhythms del Mundo - Viva La Vida
Rhythms del Mundo - I Miss You
Rhythms del Mundo - I Need a Dollar
Rhythms del Mundo - Timshel
Rhythms del Mundo - Mykonos
2raumwohnung - 36grad
Rosenstolz - Ich bin ich (Wir sind wir)
Tocotronic - Kapitulation
Pugh Rogefeldt - Grimasch om morgonen
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - I Believe in Santa Claus
Dolly Parton - Medley: Winter Wonderland / Sleigh Ride
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Christmas Without You
Kenny Rogers - The Christmas Song
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - The Greatest Gift of All
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - You and I
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Winter Wonderland / Sleigh Ride
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Poem for My Little Lady
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town
LeAnn Rimes - Last Thing on My Mind
LeAnn Rimes - This Love
LeAnn Rimes - Love Must Be Telling Me Something
LeAnn Rimes - One of These Days
LeAnn Rimes - I Believe in You
LeAnn Rimes - Today Is Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - We Need a Little Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - That Spirit of Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - I Still Believe in Santa Claus
LeAnn Rimes - Holly Jolly Christmas / Frosty the Snowman
LeAnn Rimes - Celebrate Me Home
LeAnn Rimes - Must Be Santa
LeAnn Rimes - The Heartache Can Wait
LeAnn Rimes - Joy (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Angels We Have Heard on High / Hark the Herald Angels Sing)
LeAnn Rimes - Auld Lang Syne
LeAnn Rimes - Nothing Wrong (Duet With Marc Broussard)
LeAnn Rimes - When You Love Someone Like That (Duet With Reba McEntire)
LeAnn Rimes - Written in the Stars
LeAnn Rimes - Nothin' New Under the Moon
LeAnn Rimes - I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
LeAnn Rimes - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
LeAnn Rimes - I Miss You Like Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - The Lord's Prayer
LeAnn Rimes - Amazing Grace (a cappella)
LeAnn Rimes - Little More Time
LeAnn Rimes - Rumour 'Bout a Revolution
LeAnn Rimes - Everybody's Someone
LeAnn Rimes - National Anthem (A Cappella)
LeAnn Rimes - Probably Wouldn't Be This Way
LeAnn Rimes - She's Got You
LeAnn Rimes - Looking Through Your Eyes (from 'The Magic Sword' Movie)
LeAnn Rimes - I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
LeAnn Rimes - Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
LeAnn Rimes - The Only Mama tha LL Walk the Line
LeAnn Rimes - Can't Fight the Moonlight (Sharp Pistol dub)
LeAnn Rimes - Nothin' Better to Do (Jason Nevins electro club dub)
LeAnn Rimes - All I Want for Christmas Is You
LeAnn Rimes - I Cant Be Myself
LeAnn Rimes - Blue Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - Grace
LeAnn Rimes - Carol of the Bells
LeAnn Rimes - Somebody at Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
LeAnn Rimes - Silent Night Holy Night
LeAnn Rimes - What I Can Not Change
LeAnn Rimes - How to Kiss a Boy (The live Church session)
Rhythms del Mundo - Feel Good Inc.
Rhythms del Mundo - I Fought the Law
Rhythms del Mundo feat. KT Tunstall - Somebody to Love
Rhythms del Mundo feat. Augusto Enriquez - Under the Boardwalk
Rhythms del Mundo - Bohemian Rhapsody
RiZen - Trust and Never Doubt
RiZen - You've Done So Much
RiZen - We Worship You
RiZen - Just Can't Tell It
RiZen - I Long to See You
RiZen - Take Care of Me
RiZen - It's My Turn
RiZen - It Will Come to Pass
Pete Rock - Cake
Pete Rock - Soul Survivor Intro
Pete Rock feat. Inspectah Deck & Kurupt - Tru Master
Pete Rock feat. Method Man - Half Man Half Amazin
Pete Rock - #1 Soul Brother
Pete Rock - It's About That Time
Pete Rock feat. MC Eight - One Life to Live
Pete Rock feat. Carl McIntosh & Jane Eugene - Take Your Time
Pete Rock feat. Vinia Mojica - Mind Blowin'
Pete Rock - Soul Survivor
Pete Rock feat. CL Smooth - Da Two
Pete Rock - Till I Retire
Pete Rock feat. Styles P. & Sheek Louch - 914
Pete Rock feat. Royal Flush - Questions
Pete Rock feat. Redman & LD - Best Believe
Pete Rock feat. Chip Fu & Renée Neufville - Ready Fe War
Pete Rock - Don't Be Mad
Pete Rock feat. Little Brother - Bring Y'all Back
Pete Rock feat. Rell - That's What I Am Talking About
Pete Rock feat. Raekwon & Masta Killa - The PJ's
Pete Rock feat. Tarrey Torae - Made Man
Pete Rock feat. Papoose - Comprehend
Pete Rock - It's the Postaboy
Pete Rock feat. C.L. Smooth & Denosh - It's a Love Thing
Pete Rock feat. Krumbsnatcha - Beef
Pete Rock feat. J Dilla - Niggaz Know
The Rockabilly Masters - Blue Suede Shoes
The Rivieras - California Sun
The Rivieras - Twist and Shout
The Rivieras - Rockin' Robin
The Rivieras - Oh Boy
The Rivieras - Arizona Sun
The Rivieras - Sarah Lee
Rocky M - Fly With Me To Wonderland
Pete Rock - Give It to Ya'll
Pete Rock - To Each His Own
Pete Rock - 914
Pete Rock - Best Believe
Pete Rock - Bring Y'all Back
Pete Rock - The Best Kept Secret
Pete Rock - The PJ's
Pete Rock - Made Man
Pete Rock - Warzone
Pete Rock - Respect Mine
Pete Rock - Truly Yours 98
Pete Rock - Verbal Murder 2
Pete Rock - Strange Fruit
Pete Rock - Mind Over Matter
Pete Rock - Center of Attention
Pete Rock - Grown Man Sport
Pete Rock - Fakin' Jax
Pete Rock - Rock Steady Part II
Pete Rock - The Best Secret
Roger - I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Roger - You Should Be Mine
Robin - Ihan sama vaikka mokaa
Robin feat. Nikke Ankara - Parasta Just Nyt
Robin - Sua varten
Robin - Kuvitellaan
Robin - Kesärenkaat
Robin - Paperilennokki
Robin - Lupaan tulla pelastaa
Robin - Frendikortti
Robin - Tää on aitoo
Robin feat. VilleGalle - Huudan sun nimee
Robin - Suolaa ja vettä
Robin - Tatuoitu
Robin feat. Mikael Gabriel & Uniikki - Boom Kah
Robin - Erilaiset
Robin - Kävele mun kaa
Robin - Tilttaamaan
Robin - 3D-lasit
Robin - Anonyymit ja nimimerkit
Robin - Onnellinen
Robin - Neon
Robin - Pystyt mihin vaan
Robin feat. VilleGalle - Eeppinen
Robin - Vapaus
Robin - Ei välii
Robin - Jarrupala
Robin - Oikee
Robin - Jetlag
Robin - Kun nuoruus päättyy (akustinen versio)
Robin - Boom kah (akustinen versio)
Robin - Chillaillaan
Robin feat. Brädi - Puuttuva palanen
Robin - Luupilla mun korvissa
Robin - Biologiaa
Robin - Biisi ystäville
Robin - Kaunis luonnostaan
Robin - Paniikkiin
Robin - Häröilemään
Robin - Sisko
Robin - Haluun sun palaavan
Robin - Puuttuva palanen
Robin feat. The Rasmus - Kun nuoruus päättyy
Kiko Rodríguez - Quedé Solo En La Pobreza
Kiko Rodríguez - Insensible a Ti
Kiko Rodríguez - Vagabundo, borracho & Loco
Kiko Rodríguez - Besos y caricias
Kiko Rodríguez - Epidemia de amor
Kiko Rodríguez - Silencio cruel
Kiko Rodríguez - No los esperaba de ti
Robbie Rivera feat. Lizzie Curious - Departures
Kiko Rodríguez - Recuerdo tus ojos
Kiko Rodríguez - Hoy Te Vi Pasar
Kiko Rodríguez - No Lo Perdona Dios
Kiko Rodríguez - Sombras De Un Pasado
Kiko Rodríguez - Bandida
Kiko Rodríguez - El Verde De Tus Ojos
Kiko Rodríguez - Ya Te Olvide
Robin - Räjäytät mun pään
Robin - Hiljainen tyttö
Robin - Faija skitsoo
Robin - Otan aurinkoo
Robin - Ei tarvii esittää
Robin - Huutaa
Robin - Saappaat
Robin - Ihan helmi
Robin - Frontside Ollie (Wildzide remix by Here)
Robin - Räjäytät mun pään (Kevät mix Made by Pekko Haimi)
Robin - Ei tarvi esittää
Robin - Yö kuuluu meille feat. Santa Cruz, Nikke Ankara, Brädi, Jussi69
Robin feat. Sanni - Miten eskimot suutelee? feat. SANNI
Robin - Milloin nään sut uudestaan? feat. Kasmir
Robin - Ylitit rajan
Robin - Kultakehykset feat. Evelina
Robin - Onnellinen feat. Club For Five
JVG feat. Robin - Silmät kii (JVG feat. Robin)
Robin - Salamatie
Robin - Samettia
Robin - Yö kuuluu meille
Robin - Se tunne kun
Robin - Lentoon
Robin - Lapin kesä
Robin - Fronside Ollie (Wildzide remix by Here)
Robin - Fronside Ollie
Robin - Kun nuoruus päättyy
Robin - Luulilla mun korvissa (akustinen)
Robin - Haluan sun palaavan
Madison Rising - Hero
Revengine - Come Again
Revengine - I Know
Revengine - From Human to Animal
Roeth & Grey - Master of Puppets
Freddy Rodriguez - Bendito seas Señor
Freddy Rodriguez - Encuentro un Motivo
Freddy Rodriguez - Lluvia de Vino
Freddy Rodriguez - Mas Alla de Mi
Freddy Rodriguez - Cantad
Freddy Rodriguez - Santo
Freddy Rodriguez - El Rey de los Santos
Freddy Rodriguez - Tu Escuchas mi Cancion
Freddy Rodriguez - Gracias
Freddy Rodriguez - 4 de Mayo
Freddy Rodriguez - Eres Suficiente
Freddy Rodriguez - Cortina Púrpura
Freddy Rodriguez - Lágrimas De Primavera
Freddy Rodriguez - Fin Del Invierno
Freddy Rodriguez - Revolución En Mis Pies
Freddy Rodriguez - Reino De Violentos
Freddy Rodriguez - Escala 70
Rodgau Monotones - Ein Leben für Lärm
Rodgau Monotones - Nutella is' all
Rodgau Monotones - Komplimente
Rodgau Monotones - Mach dich vom Acker
Rodgau Monotones - Es geht wieder los