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Marty Robbins - Pain And Misery
Marty Robbins - Footprints in the Snow
Marty Robbins - It's Driving Me Crazy
Eric Robinson - Hungarian Dance no. 5
River City High - Left Behind
River City High - Belle Said
River City High - Just Wonderin'
River City High - Make It Up to You
River City High - Just a Song
River City High - Runaround
River City High - No Free Rides
River City High - One Day
River City High - Can't Slow Me Down
River City High - Along for a Ride
River City High - Hello November A.M.
River City High - Hello November F.M.
River City High - Gone Sour
River City High - Us vs. Them
River City High - Star Crossed
River City High - Skip the Seventh
River City High - Til It Hurts
River City High - I Wish on Every Nickel
River City High - Can't Change the World
River City High - No One Cares
River City High - Anybody, Anywhere
River City High - I Wish on Every Nickle
Robot - Deep Sleep
Robot - Gross
Robot - Dynamite
Robot - Fake Or Real?
Marty Robbins - This Broken Heart Of Mine
Marty Robbins - I'll Know You're Gone
Marty Robbins - Where D'ja Go?
Marty Robbins - Baby, I Need You (Like You Need Me)
Marty Robbins - It's a Long Long Ride
Marty Robbins - Sometimes I'm Tempted
Marty Robbins - A Whole Lot Easier
Marty Robbins - Last Night About This Time
Marty Robbins - Ain't Life a Cryin' Shame
Marty Robbins - Some Memories Just Won’t Die
Marty Robbins - The Wind Goes
Marty Robbins - Cry Stampede
Marty Robbins - Feleena (From El Paso)
Marty Robbins - Fastest Gun Around
Marty Robbins - Never Tie Me Down
Marty Robbins - Cottonwood Tree
Marty Robbins - Oh, Virginia
Marty Robbins - Take Me Back to the Prairie
Woody Rock - Testimony
Woody Rock - I Won't Complain (Mommy Tribute)
Marty Robbins - I Can’t Quit
Marty Robbins - September in the Rain
Marty Robbins - Smokin’ Cigarettes and Drinkin’ Coffee Blues
Marty Robbins - I’m Gonna Be a Cowboy
Marty Robbins - Man Walks Among Us
Marty Robbins - Beyond the Reef
Marty Robbins - Yours (Quiérme mucho)
Marty Robbins - Hello Heartache
Marty Robbins - Rainbows
Marty Robbins - Grown-Up Tears
Marty Robbins - Please Don’t Blame Me
Marty Robbins - Teen-Age Dream
Marty Robbins - Once-A-Week Date
Marty Robbins - She Was Only Seventeen (And He Was One Year More)
Marty Robbins - Sittin' In a Tree House
Marty Robbins - The Blues Country Style
Marty Robbins - Jeannie and Johnnie
Ringworm - Justice Replaced by Revenge
Ringworm - No One Dies Alone
Ringworm - Seeing Through These Eyes
Ringworm - Day of Truth
Ringworm - God Eat God
Ringworm - Ghosts of the Past
Ringworm - Thrive
Ringworm - No More Heroes
Ringworm - Life After the End of the World
Ringworm - Birth Is Pain
Ringworm - Amputee
Ringworm - Dawn of Decay
Ringworm - Bleed
Ringworm - Exit Life
Ringworm - Hammer of the Witch
Ringworm - To the Grave
Ringworm - Used Up, Spit Out
Ringworm - Scars
Ringworm - Angelfuck
Ringworm - Hellbound
Marty Robbins - Christmas Time's A-Comin'
Marty Robbins - Merry Little Christmas Bells
Marty Robbins - Don't Hang the Mistletoe
Marty Robbins - If We Make It Through December
Marty Robbins - Pretty Paper
Marty Robbins - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Marty Robbins - Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey
Marty Robbins - Streets of Larado
Marty Robbins - La Paloma
Marty Robbins - Three Little Words
Marty Robbins - The Dreamer
Marty Robbins - Pride and the Badge
Marty Robbins - Restless Cattle
Marty Robbins - When I'm Gone
Marty Robbins - Lonely Old Bunkhouse
Marty Robbins - Ballad of a Small Man
Ringworm - Urine
Ringworm - Likeness of Vanity
Ringworm - Sideshow (demo)
Ringworm - Alchemist
Ringworm - Hangman
Ringworm - The Cage
Ringworm - Razor's Line
Ringworm - Life's Blood
Ringworm - I Preach To No One
Ringworm - Never Was
Ringworm - The Ninth Circle
Ringworm - Hell On Earth
Jean C. Roché - Little Owl
Jean C. Roché - Pallid Swift
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Kicks
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Hungry
Paul Revere and The Raiders - The Great Airplane Strike
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Good Thing
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Peace of Mind
Paul Revere and The Raiders - I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
Paul Revere and The Raiders - There She Goes
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Ss 396
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Over You
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Happening '68
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Let Me
Paul Revere and The Raiders - We Gotta All Get Together
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Birds of a Feather
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Powder Blue Mercedes Queen
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Angels of Mercy
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Chain of Fools
Marty Robbins - Girl From Spanish Town
Marty Robbins - Twentieth Century Drifter
Marty Robbins - Don't You Think
Marty Robbins - A Man and a Train
Marty Robbins - Crawlin' on My Knees
Marty Robbins - It Takes Faith
Marty Robbins - Shotgun Rider
Marty Robbins - By the Time I Get to Phoenix
Marty Robbins - Love Is Blue (L’amour est bleu)
Marty Robbins - To Be in Love With Her
Marty Robbins - Waiting in Reno
Marty Robbins - Is There Anything Left I Can Say
Marty Robbins - Bound for Old Mexico
Marty Robbins - Don't Go Away Señor
Marty Robbins - The Mission in Guadalajara
Marty Robbins - Chapel Bell Chime
Marty Robbins - Spanish Lullaby
Rockabye Baby! - Here There and Everywhere
Rockabye Baby! - In Bloom
Rockabye Baby! - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Rockabye Baby! - Lithium
Rockabye Baby! - Heart Shaped Box
Rockabye Baby! - All Apologies
Rockabye Baby! - Today
Rockabye Baby! - Tonight, Tonight
Rockabye Baby! - Cherub Rock
Rockabye Baby! - 1979
Rockabye Baby! - Disarm
Rockabye Baby! - Blank Page
Rockabye Baby! - Try, Try, Try
Rockabye Baby! - Soma
Rockabye Baby! - By Starlight
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Mi Bandera
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Gan Gan Y Gon Gon
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Mi Mayoral
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Donde Esta Mi Negra?
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Aguzate
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Vive Feliz
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Guaguanco Raro
Rockabye Baby! - Opiate
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Luis y Lola
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Guaguanco Triste
Vlasta Redl - Doma je doma
Vlasta Redl - Opět na výletě
Vlasta Redl - Letiště
Vlasta Redl - Dvakrát
Vlasta Redl - Večer křupavých srdíček
Vlasta Redl - Husličky
Vlasta Redl - Sbohem galánečko
Vlasta Redl - Až na poslední stránku
Vlasta Redl - Hrála mi Julii
Vlasta Redl - Kdyby
Vlasta Redl - Láska je
Vlasta Redl - Jak vlastně vypadáš
Marty Robbins - Over High Mountain
Marty Robbins - Fly Butterfly Fly
Marty Robbins - Because It's Wrong
Marty Robbins - Little Robin
Marty Robbins - Yesterday's Roses
Marty Robbins - Each Night at Nine
Marty Robbins - People's Valley
Marty Robbins - No One Will Ever Know
Marty Robbins - I'm Not Ready Yet
Marty Robbins - I Feel Another Heartbreak Coming On
Marty Robbins - The Roving Gambler
Marty Robbins - Foggy Foggy Dew
Marty Robbins - Lolene
Marty Robbins - Just Before the Battle Mother
Marty Robbins - Melba From Melbourne
Marty Robbins - Change That Dial
Marty Robbins - Only a Picture Stops Time
Marty Robbins - Southern Dixie Flyer
Marty Robbins - Everybody's Darlin' Plus Mine
Marty Robbins - She Means Nothing to Me Now
Marty Robbins - Rainbow
Marty Robbins - I Lived a Lifetime in a Day
Marty Robbins - You Won't Have Her Long
Marty Robbins - The Things That I Don't Know
Marty Robbins - Urgently Needed
Marty Robbins - I'll Have to Make Some Changes
Marty Robbins - One Window, Four Walls
Marty Robbins - Working My Way Through a Heartache
Marty Robbins - Would You Take Me Back Again
Marty Robbins - Do Me a Favor
Marty Robbins - Sixteen Weeks
Marty Robbins - Seconds to Remember
Marty Robbins - Another Lost Week-End
Marty Robbins - This Song
Marty Robbins - Sixty-Two's Most Promising Fool
Marty Robbins - Too Far Gone
Marty Robbins - April Fool's Day
Marty Robbins - Rich Man, Rich Man
Marty Robbins - Little Rich Girl
Marty Robbins - Never Look Back
Marty Robbins - Progressive Love
Marty Robbins - Kinda Halfway Feel
Marty Robbins - A Little Spot in Heaven
Marty Robbins - An Evening Prayer
Marty Robbins - With His Hand on My Shoulder
Marty Robbins - There's Power in the Blood
Marty Robbins - What God Has Done
Marty Robbins - The Great Speckled Bird
Marty Robbins - Who at My Door Is Standing
Marty Robbins - Have Thine Own Way, Lord
Marty Robbins - The Wine Flowed Freely
Marty Robbins - Not So Long Ago
Marty Robbins - I Hope You Learn a Lot
Marty Robbins - Count Me Out
Marty Robbins - Love Is a Hurting Thing
Marty Robbins - Worried
Marty Robbins - Time Can't Make Me Forget
Marty Robbins - Pieces of Your Heart
Marty Robbins - My Own Native Land
Marty Robbins - Private Wilson White
Marty Robbins - Ain't I Right
Marty Robbins - Matilda
Marty Robbins - It Finally Happened
Marty Robbins - The Way Of A Hopeless Love
Marty Robbins - I'm Too Big To Cry
Marty Robbins - Daddy Loves You
Marty Robbins - Ava Maria Morales
Marty Robbins - Kin to the Wind
Marty Robbins - The Ballad of Bill Thaxton
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Yo Soy Babalu
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Mambo Tata
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Indian Reservation
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Salsa En Paris
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Nadie Se Acuerda De Ti
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - El Diferente
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Heaven Help Us All
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Louie Louie
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Kicks (Millenium remix 2000)
Paul Revere and The Raiders - Him or Me What's It Gonna Be?
Vlasta Redl - Bůh s tebou Ameriko
Vlasta Redl - Rafajův zákon
Vlasta Redl - Merlin
Vlasta Redl - Dopisy z květin
Vlasta Redl - Domoří
Vlasta Redl - Bílá místa
Vlasta Redl - Chci být s ní
Vlasta Redl - Vyletěli okná
Vlasta Redl - Přijdu hned
Quantice Never Crashed - William Shatner's Powergun
Quantice Never Crashed - Paper Airplanes
Quantice Never Crashed - Shaolin Casanova
Quantice Never Crashed - Lighthouses
Quantice Never Crashed - Running Man
Quantice Never Crashed - Pins and Needles
Quantice Never Crashed - Good to the Last Drop
Quantice Never Crashed - Two Bullets and a Gun
River City Tanlines - Black Knight
Roachford - Family Man
Roachford - Cuddly Toy (Feel for Me)
River City Tanlines - In My Mode Rollin'
Roachford - One Good Reason
Roachford - Only to Be With You
Roachford - Lay Your Love on Me
Roachford - Naked Without You
Roachford - This Generation
Roachford - Cry for Me
Roachford - How Could I?
Roachford - Someday
Roachford - Nothing Free
Roachford - Testify
Marty Robbins - Lovely Hula Hands
Marty Robbins - The Sea and Me
Marty Robbins - Ka-Lu-A (Love Song of Kalua)
Marty Robbins - Echo Island
Marty Robbins - Hawaiian Wedding Song
Marty Robbins - Hawaiian Bells
Marty Robbins - My Wonderful One
Marty Robbins - Blue Sand
Marty Robbins - Song of the Islands
Marty Robbins - The Night I Came a Shore
Marty Robbins - Kuu Ipo Lani (My Sweatheart Lani)
Marty Robbins - Don't Sing Aloha When I Go
Marty Robbins - Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
Marty Robbins - My Isle of Golden Dreams
Marty Robbins - Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song)
Marty Robbins - Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee)
Marty Robbins - Island Echoes
Marty Robbins - Moonland
Marty Robbins - Constancy (Ua Like No More)
Marty Robbins - Bouquet of Roses
Marty Robbins - Lovesick Blues
Marty Robbins - A Good Hearted Woman
Marty Robbins - Yellow Roses
Marty Robbins - My Elusive Dreams
Rockabye Baby! - All You Need Is Love
Marty Robbins - Sweet Bird of Paradise
Marty Robbins - Calypso Girl
Marty Robbins - Back to Montego Bay
Marty Robbins - The Mango Song
Marty Robbins - Blue Sea
Marty Robbins - Bahama Mama
Marty Robbins - Tahitian Boy
Marty Robbins - Native Girl
Marty Robbins - You Belong to My Heart
Marty Robbins - Adios Marquita Linda
Marty Robbins - Camelia
Marty Robbins - Dusty Winds
Marty Robbins - Abilene Rose
Rival Sons - Keep on Swinging
Rival Sons - Wild Animal
Rival Sons - You Want To
Rival Sons - Run From Revelation
Rival Sons - Jordan
Rival Sons - All the Way
Rival Sons - The Heist
Rival Sons - Manifest Destiny, Part 1
Rival Sons - Manifest Destiny, Part 2
Rival Sons - True
Rival Sons - All Over the Road
Rival Sons - Young Love
Rival Sons - Pressure and Time
Rival Sons - Only One
Rival Sons - Get Mine
Rival Sons - Burn Down Los Angeles
Rival Sons - Gypsy Heart
Rival Sons - White Noise
Rival Sons - Face of Light
Rival Sons - Electric Man
Rival Sons - Good Luck
Rival Sons - Secret
Rival Sons - Play the Fool
Rival Sons - Good Things
Rival Sons - Open My Eyes
Rival Sons - Rich and the Poor
Rival Sons - Belle Starr
Rival Sons - Where I’ve Been
Rival Sons - Destination on Course
Rival Sons - Hollow Bones, Pt. 1
Rival Sons - Tied Up
Rival Sons - Thundering Voices
Rival Sons - Baby Boy
Rival Sons - Pretty Face
Rival Sons - Fade Out
Rival Sons - Black Coffee
Rival Sons - Hollow Bones, Pt. 2
Rival Sons - All That I Want
Reggie ’N’ Bollie - Link Up
Roachford - Tomorrow
Roachford - River of Love
Roachford - Ride the Storm
Roachford - Get Ready
Roachford - Don't Make Me Love You
Roachford - Get Ready !
Roachford - Runaway
Rival Sons - Tell Me Something
Rival Sons - Lucky Girl
Rival Sons - Memphis Sun
Rival Sons - Angel
Rival Sons - The Man Who Wasn't There
Rival Sons - Pleasant Return
Rival Sons - On My Way
Rival Sons - I Want More
Rival Sons - Soul
Rival Sons - Sacred Tongue
Rival Sons - Sleepwalker
Rival Sons - Get What’s Coming
Rival Sons - Radio
Rio - Turn this club around
Marty Robbins - Story Of My Life
Marty Robbins - Joli Girl
Marty Robbins - Paper Face
Rockabye Baby! - Happy Xmas (The War Is Over) (John Lennon)
Rockabye Baby! - Love Bites
Roark - Never Felt So Lucky
Roark - Into Pieces
Marty Robbins - The Master's Touch
Marty Robbins - My Happy Heart Sings
Marty Robbins - Without You to Love
Marty Robbins - Martha Ellen Jenkins
Marty Robbins - Things That I Don't Know
Marty Robbins - The Bend in the River
Marty Robbins - Faleena
Redd Kross - St Lita Ford Blues
Redd Kross - Cease to Exist
Redd Kross - Pay for Love
Redd Kross - Saragon
Redd Kross - Neurotica
Redd Kross - Play My Song
Redd Kross - McKenzie
Redd Kross - Ghandi is Dead (I'm the Cartoon Man)
Redd Kross - Teen Competition
Redd Kross - Follow the Leader
Redd Kross - Get Out of Myself
Redd Kross - Citadel
Redd Kross - Heaven Only Knows
Rockabye Baby! - Papa Don't Preach
Rockabye Baby! - Cream
Rockabye Baby! - When Doves Cry
Rockabye Baby! - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Marty Robbins - My Blue Heaven
Marty Robbins - Kaw-Liga
Marty Robbins - Harbour Lights
Marty Robbins - The Chair
Marty Robbins - The Best Part of Living
Marty Robbins - Early Morning Sunshine
Marty Robbins - One Of These Days
Resin Dogs - Re-Fizzla
Hugo Race - Nightvision
Rockabye Baby! - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Rockabye Baby! - Another One Bites the Dust
Marty Robbins - Lord You Gave Me a Mountain
Marty Robbins - Jimmy Martinez
Marty Robbins - I Never Let You Cross My Mind
Marty Robbins - I Hang My Head and Cry
Marty Robbins - I'm Not Blaming You
Margret RoadKnight - Girls in Our Town
Marty Robbins - Billy Venero
Marty Robbins - Ghost Train
Marty Robbins - When the Work's All Done This Fall
Marty Robbins - Night Time on the Desert
Marty Robbins - Mister Shorty
Marty Robbins - When It's Lamplighting Time in the Valley
Marty Robbins - (The Girl With) Gardenias in Her Hair
Marty Robbins - Chant of the Wanderer
Marty Robbins - Sundown (Ballad of Bill Thaxton)
Marty Robbins - Queen of the Big Rodeo
Marty Robbins - The Outlaws
Marty Robbins - Ava Maria Morales (undubbed)
Marty Robbins - They're Hanging Me Tonight
Marty Robbins - The Red Hill of Utah
Marty Robbins - My Wonderfull One
Marty Robbins - Beautiful Ohio
Marty Robbins - Then I Turned and Walked Slowly Away
Marty Robbins - A House With Everything but Love
Marty Robbins - Many Tears Ago
Marty Robbins - Waltz of the Wind
Marty Robbins - What Made You Change Your Mind (1983)
Marty Robbins - Call Me Up (And I'll Come Calling On You) (1954)
Marty Robbins - It's A Pity What Money Can Do (1954)
Marty Robbins - Time Goes By (1954)
Marty Robbins - It Looks Like I'm Just In Your Way (1955)
Marty Robbins - I'll Love You Till The Day I Die 1955
Marty Robbins - Don't Let Me Hang Around (If You Don't Care) (1955)
Marty Robbins - Pray For Me Mother Of Mine (1955)
Marty Robbins - Gossip (1954)
Marty Robbins - Long Gone Lonesome Blues (1955)
Marty Robbins - Singing The Blues (1956)
Marty Robbins - Mister Teardrop (1956)
Marty Robbins - Respectfully Miss Brooks (1956)
Marty Robbins - You Don't Owe Me A Thing (1956)
Marty Robbins - How Long Will It Be (1956)
Marty Robbins - A White Sports Coat
Marty Robbins - A White Sport Coat
Marty Robbins - Sing Me Something Sentimental
Marty Robbins - At the End of a Long Lonely Day
Marty Robbins - Helen
Marty Robbins - Holding on to You
Marty Robbins - Love Is Blue
Marty Robbins - Judy
Marty Robbins - Woman in My Bed
Marty Robbins - Gene Autry
Marty Robbins - Another Cup of Coffee
Marty Robbins - There's No Wings on My Angel
Marty Robbins - I Can’t Quit (I’ve Gone Too Far)
Marty Robbins - Moanin’ the Blues
Marty Robbins - Rose of Ol’ Pawnee
Marty Robbins - A Half-Way Chance With You
Marty Robbins - Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
Marty Robbins - Shackles And Chains (OB 1580, Take 6-False Start)
Marty Robbins - You're Breaking My Heart
Marty Robbins - Oh, How I Miss You (Since You Went Away) (OB 1581, Take 1-Complete)
Marty Robbins - It's Too Late Now (To Worry Anymore)
Marty Robbins - Don't Make Me Ashamed
Marty Robbins - The Little Rosewood Casket
Marty Robbins - God Understands
Marty Robbins - It’s Your World
Renaissance - New Day
The Prids - All Apart and No Fall
The Prids - Love Zero
The Prids - Waste Our Time
The Prids - I'll Wait
Puny Human - Damone
Puny Human - Greasin'the Wheel
Riachão - Vá Morar Com o Diabo
Riachão - Parabéns
Riachão - Chô Chuá (Cada Macaco No Seu Galho)
Riachão - Camisinha
Massimo Ranieri - Pietà per chi ti ama
Massimo Ranieri - Da bambino
Massimo Ranieri - Perdere l'amore
Massimo Ranieri - L'amore è un attimo
Massimo Ranieri - Vent'anni
Massimo Ranieri - 'O Surdato 'Nnammurato
Massimo Ranieri - Ti penso
Massimo Ranieri - Il canto libero del mare
Massimo Ranieri - Pierina
Massimo Ranieri - Il tempo va
Massimo Ranieri - Sui davanzali del tramonto
Massimo Ranieri - Purissima Lucia
Massimo Ranieri - Acero bianco
Massimo Ranieri - Dove sta il poeta
Massimo Ranieri - Villanella ca l'acqua vai
Massimo Ranieri - Via del Conservatorio
Massimo Ranieri - Quando l'amore diventa poesia
Massimo Ranieri - I' te vurria vasà
Massimo Ranieri - La notte
Massimo Ranieri - Ti ruberei
Massimo Ranieri - Non Si Può Leggere Nel Cuore
Massimo Ranieri - Catarì
Massimo Ranieri - Chi sarà con te
Massimo Ranieri - Immagina
Massimo Ranieri - La nova gelosia
Massimo Ranieri - Dicitincello vuje
Massimo Ranieri - Furturella
Massimo Ranieri - Tu sì na cosa grande
Minnie Riperton - It's So Nice (to See Old Friends)
Minnie Riperton - Seeing You This Way
Minnie Riperton - The Edge of a Dream
Minnie Riperton - Every Time He Comes Around
Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You
Minnie Riperton - Our Lives
Minnie Riperton - Baby, This Love I Have
Minnie Riperton - Feelin' That the Feeling's Good
Minnie Riperton - When It Comes Down to It
Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love
Minnie Riperton - Alone in Brewster Bay
Minnie Riperton - Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down
Minnie Riperton - Les Fleur
Minnie Riperton - Completeness
Minnie Riperton - Come to My Garden
Minnie Riperton - Memory Band
Minnie Riperton - Oh, by the Way
Minnie Riperton - Expecting
Minnie Riperton - Only When I'm Dreaming
Minnie Riperton - Lover and Friend
Minnie Riperton - Woman of Heart and Mind
Minnie Riperton - Can You Feel What I'm Saying
Minnie Riperton - Stick Together
Minnie Riperton - Wouldn't Matter Where You Are
Minnie Riperton - Stay in Love
Minnie Riperton - Here We Go
Minnie Riperton - You Take My Breath Away
The Rock Steady Crew - Uprock
Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu
Rich Robinson - Falling Away
Rich Robinson - One Road Hill
Massimo Ranieri - Come pioveva
Massimo Ranieri - Cara piccina
Massimo Ranieri - Signorinella
Massimo Ranieri - Tu non mi lascerai
Massimo Ranieri - 20 anni
Massimo Ranieri - Mi troverai
Massimo Ranieri - Ti parlerò d'amore
Massimo Ranieri - La vestaglia
Massimo Ranieri - La voce del silenzio
Massimo Ranieri - L'istrione
Massimo Ranieri - La cura
Massimo Ranieri - Se stasera sono qui
Massimo Ranieri - Pensieri e parole
Massimo Ranieri - Spaccacuore
Massimo Ranieri - Se me ne andrò(se te ne andrai via da me)
Massimo Ranieri - Attimi
Massimo Ranieri - Gli assolati vetri
Massimo Ranieri - Il canto
Massimo Ranieri - Tu ca nun chiagne
Massimo Ranieri - Lacreme napulitane
Massimo Ranieri - Sei l'amore mio
Massimo Ranieri - Simmo 'e Napule paisà
Massimo Ranieri - Chiove
Massimo Ranieri - Te voglio bene assaie
Massimo Ranieri - Rita
Massimo Ranieri - L'amore è una cosa meravigliosa
Massimo Ranieri - Come facette mammeta
Minnie Riperton - A Moment With Minnie
Minnie Riperton - Can You Feel What I'm Saying?
Minnie Riperton - Could It Be I'm in Love
Minnie Riperton - Oh Darlin'... Life Goes On
Minnie Riperton - How Could I Love You More
Minnie Riperton - Return to Forever
Minnie Riperton - Dancin' and Actin' Crazy
Minnie Riperton - Love Hurts
Minnie Riperton - Never Existed Before
Minnie Riperton - Young, Willing and Able
Minnie Riperton - Feelin' That Your Feelin's Right
Minnie Riperton - Gettin’ Ready for Your Love
RLMDL - Kids (MGMT cover)
Massimo Ranieri - Il mio amore resta sempre Teresa
Massimo Ranieri - Mmiezz' 'o ggrano
Massimo Ranieri - Zappatore
Massimo Ranieri - Serenata smargiassa
Massimo Ranieri - 'a tazza 'e cafe'
Massimo Ranieri - a serenata 'e pulcinella
Massimo Ranieri - 'E ccerase
Massimo Ranieri - Luna rossa
Massimo Ranieri - Io, mammeta e tu
Massimo Ranieri - Giacca rossa
Massimo Ranieri - La palummella
Massimo Ranieri - Scetate
Massimo Ranieri - 'O caffè
Massimo Ranieri - 'A casciaforte
Massimo Ranieri - Agata
Massimo Ranieri - Piscatore 'e Pusilleco
Massimo Ranieri - 'Na mmasciata
Massimo Ranieri - Mio caro amore evanescente e puro
Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway - You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Teddy Riley - My Fantasy
Minnie Riperton - I'm in Love Again
Minnie Riperton - Strange Affair
Minnie Riperton - Island in the Sun
Minnie Riperton - The Song of Life
Minnie Riperton - Memory Ban
Rock partyzani - Yugo
Rituals of the Oak - All Wells Are Poisoned
Massimo Ranieri - Candida
Massimo Ranieri - Fai di Me Quello Che Vuoi
Massimo Ranieri - Il Marinaio
Massimo Ranieri - A Lucia
Massimo Ranieri - Adagio Veneziano
Massimo Ranieri - Nuttata 'e Sentimento
Massimo Ranieri - 'E Spingule francese
Massimo Ranieri - Napulitanata
Massimo Ranieri - Scalinatella
Massimo Ranieri - Rundinella
Massimo Ranieri - Voce 'e Notte
Massimo Ranieri - 'A rumba d' 'e Scugnizzi
Massimo Ranieri - Guapparia
Massimo Ranieri - 'O Marenariello
Massimo Ranieri - 'O Guarracino
Massimo Ranieri - Funiculì funiculà (con U. Calone)
Minnie Riperton - Oh Darling Life Goes On
Minnie Riperton - Getting Ready for Your Love
Minnie Riperton - Love and Its Glory
Minnie Riperton - Close Your Eyes and Remeber
Minnie Riperton - Tales of Brave Ulysses
Minnie Riperton - A-Muse
Mark Robinson - Aluminum
Mark Robinson - Catalog and Classify
Rip Rig & Panic - You're My Kind of Climate
Rip Rig & Panic - Sunken Love
Robbie Seay Band - Love Wins
Robbie Seay Band - Eternal One
Robbie Seay Band - Stay
Robbie Seay Band - Go Outside
Robbie Seay Band - Love Invades
Robbie Seay Band - Awaken My Soul
Robbie Seay Band - Kingdom and A King
Robbie Seay Band - Crazy Love
Robbie Seay Band - Miracle
Robbie Seay Band - Let Our Faith Be Not Alone
Robbie Seay Band - Long Way Home
Robbie Seay Band - Lament (We Cannot Wait)
Robbie Seay Band - Oh, Love That Will Not Let Me Go
Robbie Seay Band - You Are Good
Robbie Seay Band - Pass Me Not
Robbie Seay Band - Revolution
Robbie Seay Band - Hope
Robbie Seay Band - While I Have Breath
Robbie Seay Band - Fly
Robbie Seay Band - Praise Our Maker
Robbie Seay Band - Wonderful Cross
Robbie Seay Band - Good Reason
Robbie Seay Band - On My Way
Rocky's Filj - L'ultima spiaggia
Rocky's Filj - Il soldato
Rocky's Filj - Io robot
Rocky Diamonds - Diamonds & Pearls ft. LaRon
Rocky Diamonds - No Way ft. Tae Guapo
Rocky Diamonds - Live.Love.Fly ft. Fly Henderson
Révész Sándor - Szól a dal
Révész Sándor - Vigyázz a madárra
Robbie Seay Band - Merciful King
Robbie Seay Band - More Than Yesterday
Robbie Seay Band - Thoughts of You
Robbie Seay Band - All I Want
Robbie Seay Band - Caught Without You
Chris Roberts - Ich bin verliebt in die Liebe
Chris Roberts - Mein Schatz, du bist 'ne Wucht
Chris Roberts - Eine Freude vertreibt 100 Sorgen
Chris Roberts - Hab' ich dir heute schon gesagt, dass ich dich liebe?
Chris Roberts - Marlena
Chris Roberts - Hab' Sonne im Herzen
Chris Roberts - Die Maschen der Mädchen
Chris Roberts - Ein Mädchen nach Mass
Chris Roberts - Warum
Chris Roberts - Mein Name ist Hase
Chris Roberts - Love Me
Chris Roberts - Du und ich allein
Chris Roberts - Du bist nicht mit Gold zu bezahlen
Chris Roberts - Ich mach' ein glückliches Mädchen aus dir
Chris Roberts - Du, sag einfach du
Chris Roberts - Du kannst nicht immer 17 sein
Chris Roberts - Dein Teddybär
Chris Roberts - Deine Schokoladenseite
Chris Roberts - Oh du fette Weihnachtsgans
Rodolfo y su Típica RA7 - La Colegiala
Roadkill Ghost Choir - Slow Knife
Roadkill Ghost Choir - A Blow to the Head
Roadkill Ghost Choir - Beggars Guild
Roadkill Ghost Choir - Bird in My Window
Roadkill Ghost Choir - Devout
Chris Roberts - Du wirst wieder tanzen geh'n
Chris Roberts - Hier ist ein Zimmer frei
Chris Roberts - Liebe ist gar nicht so schwer
Chris Roberts - Wann liegen wir uns wieder in den Armen, Barbara
Chris Roberts - Du bist mein Mädchen
Chris Roberts - Ich tausch den Sommer gegen 7 Tage Regen
Chris Roberts - Hals über Kopf verliebt
Chris Roberts - Wo warst Du
Chris Roberts - Hörst Du, sie spielen unser Lied
Chris Roberts - Mensch Mausi
Chris Roberts - Barbara
Chris Roberts - Do You Speak English
Chris Roberts - Du kannst nicht immer siebzehn sein
Chris Roberts - Hab' ich heute schon gesagt (daß ich dich liebe)
REOL - Give Me a Break Stop Now
REOL - Yoiyoi Kokon
REOL - Konoyo Loading...
REOL - Lunatic
REOL - Kamisama Ni Nattahi
REOL - Summer Horror Party
REOL - 404 not found
REOL - No title
REOL - mede:mede
Reverie Sound Revue - An Anniversary Away
Reverie Sound Revue - We Are the Opposite of Thieves
Reverie Sound Revue - Prelude to a Debut
Reverie Sound Revue - Pretty One Play
Reverie Sound Revue - Arrows
Reverie Sound Revue - In Hotel Homes
Reverie Sound Revue - I Could Be Dangerous
Reverie Sound Revue - You Don't Exist if I Don't See You
Reverie Sound Revue - Walking Around Waiting Downtown
Reverie Sound Revue - It's All the Same
Reverie Sound Revue - Rip the Universe
Reverie Sound Revue - Passes & Passports
Reverie Sound Revue - The A.M.
Reverie Sound Revue - One Marathon
Reverie Sound Revue - In the New
Jovette Rivera - The Crossroads (Cid's Theme)
Raheem - 5th Ward
Ridiculon - Everlasting Hymn (Cathedral)
Ridiculon - Hush (Jesus Loves Uke)
Ridiculon - He's the Number One (BONUS)
The Regrettes - Hey Now
David Roberts - Boys of Autumn
Rockie Lynne - Holding Back the Ocean
Rockie Lynne - Big Time in a Small Town
Rockie Lynne - The Only Reason
Rockie Lynne - Don't Make This Easy on Me
Rockie Lynne - Do We Still
Rockie Lynne - Red, White and Blue
Rockie Lynne - Lipstick
Rockie Lynne - More
Rockie Lynne - That's Where Songs Come From
Rockie Lynne - Every Man's Got a Mountain
Rockie Lynne - Love Me Like You're Gonna Lose Me
Rockie Lynne - Super Country Cowboy
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Mercy
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - I Trust You to Kill Me
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - The Painting
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Open Pages
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Nightingale
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Save Yourself
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Any Man
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Lilja
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Bright Lights (Losing Control)
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Junky Valentine
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - When You Learn to Sing
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Gift
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Dope
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Colorful
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Bus Ride
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Swing Low
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Speak to Me
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - How Fast
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Mystified
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Draw
Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Favor
Terre Roche - The Sound of a Tree Falling
Terre Roche - Nobody's Doing the Job
Terre Roche - The Unrecovered One
Terre Roche - The Bearer of Bad News
Terre Roche - Suffering Is the Nature of Samsara
Terre Roche - The Leaving Dream
Doria Roberts - Restoration
Doria Roberts - Crazy Like Me
Doria Roberts - Caught in the Rain
Doria Roberts - Hollow Years
Doria Roberts - A Different Kind of Self Love
ROCKA ROLLAS - The Road to Destruction
ROCKA ROLLAS - The War of Steel Has Begun
Jimmy Riley - Sexual Healing
Noel Robinson - Rain
Noel Robinson - Outrageous Love
Noel Robinson - You Give Me Life
Noel Robinson - You Hold Everything
Dr. Rocka - Tempestad
Dr. Rocka - Dejate soñar
Dr. Rocka - Cruzando puertas
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Höha, schnella, weita
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Dieses Lied
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Nur der, der es schreibt
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Mein Style
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Krank
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Ich bin
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Dich gibt's gar nicht
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Türkisch
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Reime
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Keine ist
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Wenn es nicht hart ist
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Mamaplazda
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Zeit zum besinnen
Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt - Krieg
Revenge - Vendetta
Revenge - Deal My Soul with Satan
Revenge - Maniac Behavior
Revenge - Possessed by Devil Music
Revenge - Renegade
Revenge - Wail from the Crypts
Revenge - Sadistics Perversions
Revenge - Riding in Hell
J. R. Richards - A Beautiful End
J. R. Richards - I Will Give You Life
J. R. Richards - Ghost of Sorrow
J. R. Richards - Far End of the Black
J. R. Richards - Clearwater
J. R. Richards - Person for You
J. R. Richards - Red Painted Walls
J. R. Richards - June Becomes July
J. R. Richards - Never Forgotten
J. R. Richards - You're the Only Way Home
Tom Robinson Band - Don’t Take No for an Answer
Tom Robinson Band - Glad to Be Gay
Tom Robinson Band - Martin
Tom Robinson Band - Right on Sister
Tom Robinson Band - Up Against the Wall
Tom Robinson Band - Long Hot Summer
Tom Robinson Band - Power in the Darkness
Tom Robinson Band - Getting Tighter
Tom Robinson Band - All Right All Night
Tom Robinson Band - Bully for You
Tom Robinson Band - Why Should I Mind
Tom Robinson Band - Let My People Be
Tom Robinson Band - Blue Murder
Tom Robinson Band - Crossing Over the Road
Tom Robinson Band - Law and Order
Tom Robinson Band - Hold Out
Tom Robinson Band - You Gotta Survive
Tom Robinson Band - I’m Alright Jack
Tom Robinson Band - Suits Me, Suits You
Tom Robinson Band - Sorry Mr Harris
Tom Robinson Band - Winter of ’79
Tom Robinson Band - Number One Protection
Tom Robinson Band - We Didn't Know (What Was Going On)
Tom Robinson Band - Atmospherics: Listen to the Radio
Tom Robinson Band - Better Decide Which Side You're On
Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8-Motorway
Tom Robinson Band - Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
Tom Robinson Band - 1967 (So Long Ago)
Tom Robinson Band - Ain’t Gonna Take It (BBC Radio ’in Concert’)
Tom Robinson Band - Too Good to Be True (BBC Radio ’in Concert’)
Rentokill - Discontent Industry
Rentokill - The Political Aspect of Unpolitical Thinking
Rentokill - War in the Shadows
Rentokill - Primetime Killers
Rentokill - Step Over the Wall
Rentokill - Abandoning Democracy
Rentokill - Collection Complete!
Rentokill - Z-7110
Rentokill - Kingdom
Rentokill - Anti #2
Rentokill - System Failure
Rentokill - This Time We Try to Separate
Rentokill - Abandoning the Natural Habitats
Rentokill - Para Fin[e]
Rentokill - Recuerdos de Phoolan Devi
Rentokill - Sounds of a Pityful End
Rentokill - Songs of Convenience
Rentokill - The Subject
Rock n'Roll Pushers - The Pusher
Ken Ring & Tommy Tee - Jag âr norsk
Ken Ring & Tommy Tee - Gatubarn
David J. Roch - Skin & Bones
David J. Roch - Don't Let Go Yet
Rhythm Corps - Common Ground
RIVRS - Falling
Paddy Roberts - The Whore of Dunblane
Paddy Roberts - Love Isn't What It Used to Be
Paddy Roberts - The Ballad of Bethnal Green
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - The Young Ones Medley: Lessons in Love / Got a Funny Feeling / The Young Ones
Robi - On ne meurt plus d'amour
Robinson - Pra Sempre Eu Vou Te Amar
Robinson - Em Sua Voz
Robinson - Ficou No Ar
Robinson - Tudo Me Lembra Você
Robinson - Viver é Ter Você Pra Mim
Robinson - Doido Pra Ser Feliz
Robinson - Amanhã
Robinson - Coisas da Vida
Robinson - Contrato Assinado
Robinson - Anjo
Robinson - Se Tu Quiseres Crer
Sam Roberts Band - Let It In
Sam Roberts Band - Graveyard Shift
Sam Roberts Band - No Arrows
Sam Roberts Band - Longitude
Sam Roberts Band - Streets of Heaven (Promises, Promises)
Sam Roberts Band - Kid Icarus
Sam Roberts Band - Too Far
Sam Roberts Band - Roll with the Spirits
Sam Roberts Band - Ritual Dance
Sam Roberts Band - Rogue Empire
Thorbjørn Risager - China Gate
Thorbjørn Risager - Long Forgotten Track
Thorbjørn Risager - Stand Beside Me
Revenge - In God We Mistrust
Revenge - Haunted
Zack de la Rocha and DJ Shadow - March of Death
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - She's Gone (Stereo;1998 Digital Remaster)
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Left Out Again (Stereo;1998 Digital Remaster)
Cliff Richard - Almost Like Being In Love (1998 Digital Remaster)
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - High Class Baby
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - D in Love
Thorbjørn Risager - End of Time
John Robinson - I Am Not for Sale
Scienz of Life - Yikes!
Rhea's Obsession - Cun Lacoudhir (The Breaking Ice)
Rhea's Obsession - Death by Moonlight
Rhea's Obsession - Hymn to Pan
Rhea's Obsession - Too Deep
Rhea's Obsession - Mortal Ground
Rhea's Obsession - Dreaming Blade
Rhea's Obsession - Nightshade
Rhea's Obsession - Between Earth and Sky
Rhea's Obsession - When I Was in My Prime
Rentnerband - Hamburger Deern (Liverpool Lou)
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - C’mon Everybody
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Singing the Blues
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - The Day I Met Marie
The Shadows - Good Vibrations
The Shadows - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - I'm Looking Out the Window
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Let Me Be the One
Daniel N. Robinson - Colonial Constitutions and Their Inspiration
Daniel N. Robinson - Publius
Julien Ribot - Fille n°70
Julien Ribot - Une maison connue
Edwin Rivera - Vuelve
Raventhrone - The Gargoyle
Raventhrone - Eaters of the Dead
Raventhrone - Among Whispering Walls
Raventhrone - Endless Conflict Theorem
Raventhrone - An Oath in Silence
Raventhrone - Dragon of the Nightsky
Raventhrone - A Night Among the Ruins of Basra
Raventhrone - Song to the Wayfarers
Raventhrone - Dawn Deliverance
Raventhrone - Serenade of the Dead (outro)
Raventhrone - Obsidian Horizon (The Infinite Azure)
Raventhrone - Raventhrone
Raventhrone - Malicia the Third (Empress of Insomnia)
Raventhrone - Malice Garden
Raventhrone - The Three Faced King of Dominion One
Raventhrone - The Stargazer (Chastise the Absolute)
Raventhrone - Crépuscule
Raventhrone - Vision Dementia
Raventhrone - Soul Storm
Raventhrone - The Wayfarers Song
Řezník - Autogenocida
Řezník - Nerdi Nerdi
Cliff Richard - Theme From 'a Summer Place'
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Apron Strings
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Dreamin'
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - I Just Don't Have the Heart
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Misunderstood Man
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - All My Sorrows
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - I Wonder
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - As Time Goes By
Rapsodes - Estil lliure
Bruce Robison - Rayne, Louisiana
Bruce Robison - My Brother and Me
Bruce Robison - Desperately
Bruce Robison - 12 Bar Blues
Bruce Robison - End Like That
Bruce Robison - See You Around
Bruce Robison - Just Married
Bruce Robison - Travelin' Soldier
Bruce Robison - The Good Life
Bruce Robison - Anymore Good Lovin'
Bruce Robison - Every Once in a While
Bruce Robison - Virginia
Bruce Robison - More and More
Bruce Robison - Days Go By
Bruce Robison - All Over But The Cryin'
Bruce Robison - Don't Call it Love
Bruce Robison - You Really Let Yourself Go
Bruce Robison - I Never Fly
Bruce Robison - Kitchen Blues
Bruce Robison - Bandera Waltz
Bruce Robison - Bed of Ashes
Bruce Robison - Blame It on Me
Bruce Robison - Devil May Care
Bruce Robison - Valentine
Bruce Robison - Tonight
Bruce Robison - Take It All Out on You
Bruce Robison - Torn and Tangled
Bruce Robison - House of Man
Bruce Robison - Angry All the Time
Bruce Robison - Travellin Soldier
Ricochet - Cincinatti Road
Ricochet - A New Day Rising
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra - Money Isn't Everything
Reparture - Stay
Reparture - Wolf Beside You
Johnny Rodriguez - You Always Come Back (To Hurting Me)
Johnny Rodriguez - I Just Can't Get Her Out of My Mind
Johnny Rodriguez - I Couldn't Be Me Without You
Johnny Rodriguez - I Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye
Johnny Rodriguez - (Just Get Up and) Close the Door
Johnny Rodriguez - Down on the Rio Grande
Rocket Rockers - Bangkit
Rocket Rockers - My Sweater Gets Wet
Rocket Rockers - Pesta
Rocket Rockers - Klassix
Rocket Rockers - Bukan Solusi
Rocket Rockers - Green Karma
Rocket Rockers - Terdiam
Rocket Rockers - Hah
Rocket Rockers - Immorality President
Rocket Rockers - Terapi Depresi
Rocket Rockers - Save the Orphans
Rocket Rockers - Ras Bebas
Rocket Rockers - December 16th
Rocket Rockers - Tergila
Rocket Rockers - Today Sell Out Tomorrow Superstar
Rocket Rockers - She's My Cheerleader
Rocket Rockers - Malam 1 Suro / Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Rocket Rockers - Tragedi Tragis 1989
Rocket Rockers - Nurse
Rocket Rockers - Enough
Rocket Rockers - Who Wants to Be My Gal?
Rocket Rockers - It's Just Another Holiday
Rocket Rockers - Finishkan!
Rocket Rockers - Ingin Hilang Ingatan
Rocket Rockers - Simbol Hati
Rocket Rockers - Hari Untukmu
Rocket Rockers - Terobsesi
Rocket Rockers - Akhiri Sepi
Rocket Rockers - Better Season
Rocket Rockers - I Miss You
Rocket Rockers - Romantisme Malam
Rocket Rockers - Yakinkan Hati dan Nurani
Rocket Rockers - Cinta karena Materi
Rocket Rockers - Hidup Ini adalah Film Terbaik
Rocket Rockers - Episode Ini
Rocket Rockers - Tunggu Apalagi
Johnny Rodriguez - I Didn't (Every Chance I Had)
Johnny Rodriguez - Dance With Me (Just One More Time)
The Resolution - I Want U All Over Me (Feelin Kinda Hyper)
Robbers on High Street - Japanese Girls
Robbers on High Street - Beneath The Trees
Robbers on High Street - Love Underground
Robbers on High Street - Bring on the Terror
Robbers on High Street - Hudson Tubes
Robbers on High Street - Montifiore
Robbers on High Street - Married Young
Robbers on High Street - Opal Ann
Robbers on High Street - Hot Sluts (Say I Love You)
R3hab & KSHMR - Strong
Rodgers & Hammerstein - If I Loved You
Pascal Rinaldi - Ronde et Pleine
Pascal Rinaldi - Reprenez tout
Pascal Rinaldi - Séduire est plus fort que jouir
Pascal Rinaldi - Chanson Molle
Pascal Rinaldi - Blabla chacha
Pascal Rinaldi - Je ne peux rien pour toi
Pascal Rinaldi - Telle que tu es
Pascal Rinaldi - Petite lame
Pascal Rinaldi - Heidi
Pascal Rinaldi - Anhropophage
Pascal Rinaldi - Chiens en laisse
Pascal Rinaldi - Satie
Pascal Rinaldi - Libérez l'homme
Pascal Rinaldi - Des lettres, pas de caractère
Pascal Rinaldi - Jeux d'échecs
Pascal Rinaldi - 40ème rugissants
Pascal Rinaldi - Alice
Pascal Rinaldi - Petit matin plus vieux
Pascal Rinaldi - Pousser le chagrin
Pascal Rinaldi - Le diable par la queue
Pascal Rinaldi - Pattes de velours
Pascal Rinaldi - Ubu partout
Pascal Rinaldi - La nave va
Pascal Rinaldi - Sucre d'orge
Rodgers & Hammerstein - The Farmer and the Cowman
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Impossible
Zachary Richard - The Levee Broke
Zachary Richard - Last Kiss
Zachary Richard - Au bord de Lac Bijou
Zachary Richard - Acadian Driftwood with Celine Dion
Zachary Richard - Ô, Jésus
Zachary Richard - La Ballade de Jackie Vautour
Zachary Richard - Un autre baiser
Zachary Richard - Hootchie Kootchie pour toi
Zachary Richard - Contre vents, contre marées
Zachary Richard - Cap enragé
Zachary Richard - Marjolaine
Zachary Richard - J'peux pas m'empêcher
Zachary Richard - Dans le Nord Canadien
Zachary Richard - La Ballade de Jean Batailleur
Zachary Richard - Aux Natchitoches
Zachary Richard - Au ranch à Willy
Zachary Richard - Pleine lune en décembre
Zachary Richard - Travailler c'est trop dur
Rodgers & Hammerstein - I Whistle a Happy Tune
Frank Sinatra - We Kiss in a Shadow
Zachary Richard - Come On, Sheila
Zachary Richard - Burning
Zachary Richard - Heart On Fire
Zachary Richard - Roll Me
Zachary Richard - Down In Congo Square
Zachary Richard - Zydeco Jump
Zachary Richard - One Kiss
Zachary Richard - Les ailes des hirondelles
Zachary Richard - Handa Wanda
Zachary Richard - Ton ton gris-gris
Zachary Richard - File Gumbo
Zachary Richard - Ma petite fille est gone
Zachary Richard - Take Me Deep (Song for C.)
Zachary Richard - See You Later Alligator
Joe Rilla - Der Osten Rollt
Joe Rilla - Ostwest
Rhymes & Riddim - Anthem
Rhymes & Riddim - Frihet
Rhymes & Riddim - This Generation
Rhymes & Riddim - Ghettoblues
Rhymes & Riddim - Likadant
Rhymes & Riddim - Andra Sidan
Zachary Richard - Allons danser
Zachary Richard - Viens nous rejoind'
Zachary Richard - Pauv' 'tit neg'
Zachary Richard - Colinda
Zachary Richard - Mama Rosin
Zachary Richard - Y'a que'chose
Zachary Richard - Antibon legbo
Zachary Richard - Beaux veux noirs
Zachary Richard - On a beau dit
Zachary Richard - Steal a Smile
Zachary Richard - High Time (Original Demo)
Zachary Richard - La berceuse créole
Rockstah - Das ist die...
Rockstah - Nerdrevolution
Rockstah - Sturmfrei
Rockstah - Zocken > Ficken
Rockstah - Taskleistendisco
Rockstah - Kopfkino
Rockstah - Nerdy Terdy Gang
Rockstah - McDrive Muzik
Rockstah - Ich party morgens
Rockstah - Rokémon Stadium
Rockstah - Ballparadies
Rockstah - Panic Room
Rockstah - Mach das L
Rockstah - Pubertät
Rockstah - Echt erkennt echt
Rockstah - Astronaut
Rockstah - V.U.P. Lounge
Rockstah - Die kleinste Sekte der Welt
Rockstah - Hotel Mama
Rockstah - König Außenseiter
Rockstah - Der Wal (Ein Weltuntergang, Part 2)
Rockstah - Gimme Rohr
Rockstah - Sie hat geschurzt
Thierry " Titi " Robin - Swing Wassoulou
Rockstah - Klick deine Mutter
Rockstah - A Taste
Rockstah - Superheldenanzug [Instrumental]
Rockstah - Lol [Instrumental]
Rockstah - Hotel Mama [Instrumental]
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Do-Re-Mi
Julie Andrews - Prelude and the sound of music
Julie Andrews - I have confidence
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Sixteen Going on Seventeen
Julie Andrews - The lonely goatherd
Rodgers & Hammerstein - Climb Ev’ry Mountain
Richard Rodgers - Richard Rodgers Interview