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Rihanna - Only If for a Night
Rihanna - Please Don't Stop the Music
Rihanna - Livin a Lie
Rihanna - Sexuality
Rihanna - Talk That Talk (Ron C Chopped)
Rihanna - Birthday Cake (Ron C Chopped)
Rihanna - We Found Love (remix) (Ron C Chopped)
Rihanna - Cockiness (Ron C Chopped)
Rihanna - We All Want Love (Ron C Chopped)
Rihanna - Fool in Love (Ron C Chopped)
Rihanna - There’s a Thug in My Life
Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie (Part II)
Rihanna - Don't Even Try
Rihanna - Get Up, Stand Up
Rihanna - My Name Is Rihanna (Jamrock)
Rihanna - Consideration
Rihanna - Redemption Song (For Haiti Relief) [Live from Oprah]
Rihanna - You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)
Rihanna - Kiss It Better (Kaytranada edition)
Rihanna - Sledgehammer
Rihanna - SOS (Snippet)
Rihanna - Unfaithful (Snippet)
Rihanna - Only Girl (In the World) (The Bimbo Jones club)
Rihanna - We Ride (Mantronix dub)
Rihanna - Whos That Chick (Doritos Night)
Renaissance - Kings & Queens
Renaissance - Island
Renaissance - Love Is All
Renaissance - Bound for Infinity
Renaissance - Black Flame
Renaissance - Africa
Renaissance - Trip To The Fair
Renaissance - The Young Prince & Princess as Told by Scheherazade
Renaissance - Song for All Seasons
Renaissance - Forever Changing
Renaissance - The Entertainer
Renaissance - Writers Wronged
Renaissance - Things I Don't Understand
The Rascals - In the Midnight Hour
The Rascals - I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
The Rascals - How Can I Be Sure
The Rascals - Heaven
The Rascals - Carry Me Back
The Rascals - Glory Glory
The Rascals - Intro / Easy Rollin'
The Rascals - Silly Girl
The Rascals - Sattva
The Rascals - Right On
The Rascals - I Believe
The Rascals - Ready for Love
Renaissance - I Think Of You
Renaissance - The Vultures Fly High
Renaissance - Past Orbits of Dust
Renaissance - Lady from Tuscany
Renaissance - Pearls of Wisdom
Renaissance - Dear Landseer
Renaissance - Moonlight Shadow
Renaissance - One Thousand Roses
Renaissance - Innocence
Renaissance - Wanderer
Renaissance - Bullet
Renaissance - The Sea
Renaissance - Shining Where the Sun Has Been
Jonathan Richman - Parties in the U.S.A.
Jonathan Richman - Tandem Jump
Jonathan Richman - You Can't Talk to the Dude
Jonathan Richman - Velvet Underground
Jonathan Richman - Rooming House on Venice Beach
Jonathan Richman - That Summer Feeling
Jonathan Richman - A Higher Power
Jonathan Richman - Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild
Jonathan Richman - No One Was Like Vermeer
Jonathan Richman - Our Drab Ways
Jonathan Richman - Old World
Jonathan Richman - Nineteen In Naples
Jonathan Richman - I'm So Confused
Jonathan Richman - Love Me Like I Love
Jonathan Richman - Hello From Cupid
Jonathan Richman - If She Don't Love Me
Jonathan Richman - The Lonely Little Thrift Store
Jonathan Richman - Affection
Jonathan Richman - I Can Hear Her Fighting With Herself
Jonathan Richman - The Night Is Still Young
Jonathan Richman - I Can't Find My Best Friend
Jonathan Richman - Action Packed
Jonathan Richman - Everyday Clothes
Jonathan Richman - Fender Stratocaster
Jonathan Richman - Closer
Jonathan Richman - The Neighbors
Jonathan Richman - City vs. Country
Jonathan Richman - You Must Ask the Heart
The Rascals - I'd Like to Take You Home
The Rascals - Remember Me
The Rascals - I'm Blue
The Rascals - Nubia
The Rascals - Away Away
The Rascals - Death's Reply
The Rascals - Hold On
The Rascals - You Better Run
The Rascals - Come On Up
The Rascals - What Is the Reason
The Rascals - People Got to Be Free
The Rascals - A Ray of Hope
The Rascals - I've Been Lonely Too Long
Revo - La ragazza col fucile
Revo - The Beast of the Endness
Revo - Theme of the Linked Horizon
Jonathan Richman - Vincent Van Gogh
Jonathan Richman - Cosi veloce
Jonathan Richman - My Baby Love Love Loves Me
Jonathan Richman - In che mondo viviamo
Jonathan Richman - The World Is Showing Its Hand
Jonathan Richman - Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow
Jonathan Richman - Give Paris One More Chance
Jonathan Richman - Vampiresa mujer
Jonathan Richman - You're the One for Me
Jonathan Richman - Corner Store
Jonathan Richman - Just for Fun
Cheikha Rimitti - Sidi mansour
Cheikha Rimitti - Dzair
Renaissance - The Sisters
Renaissance - The Captive Heart
Renaissance - Déjà vu
Renaissance - The Other Woman
Renaissance - The Great Highway
Renaissance - Love Lies, Love Dies
Renaissance - Don't Talk
Cheikha Rimitti - Nouar
Renaissance - No Beginning No End
Renaissance - Only When I Laugh
Renaissance - The Body Machine
Renaissance - Island of Avalon
Renaissance - America
Renaissance - You
Renaissance - Jekyll and Hyde
Renaissance - The Winter Tree
Renaissance - Flight
Renaissance - Missing Persons
Renaissance - Chagrin Boulevard
Renaissance - Richard IX
Renaissance - Electric Avenue
Renaissance - Majik
Renaissance - Distant Horizons
Renaissance - Orient Express
Renaissance - Auto-Tech
Jonathan Richman - These Bodies That Came to Cavort
Jonathan Richman - If You Want to Leave Our Party Just Go
Jonathan Richman - I Was the One She Came For
Jonathan Richman - We'll Be the Noise, We'll Be the Scandal
Jonathan Richman - The Sea Was Calling Me Home
Jonathan Richman - Winter Afternoon by B.U. in Boston
Jonathan Richman - The Bitter Herb
Jonathan Richman - My Affected Accent
Jonathan Richman - It Was Time for Me to Be With Her
Jonathan Richman - I Eat With Gusto, Damn! You Bet
Jonathan Richman - Miracles Will Start to Happen
Jonathan Richman - A Mistake Today for Me
Jonathan Richman - Cerca
Jonathan Richman - My Love Is a Flower (Just Beginning to Bloom)
Jonathan Richman - Ice Cream Man
Jonathan Richman - Hey There Little Insects
Jonathan Richman - Pablo Picasso
Jonathan Richman - Here Come the Martian Martians
Jonathan Richman - Girlfriend
Jonathan Richman - New England
Jonathan Richman - Back in Your Life
Jonathan Richman - Dignified and Old
Boyd Rice and Friends - People
Boyd Rice and Friends - The Hunter
Boyd Rice and Friends - Nightwatch
Boyd Rice and Friends - Disney Land Can Wait
Boyd Rice and Friends - An Eye for an Eye
Boyd Rice and Friends - I'd Rather Be Your Enemy
Boyd Rice and Friends - Tripped a Beauteous Maiden
Boyd Rice and Friends - As for the Fools
Boyd Rice and Friends - Shadows of the Night
Boyd Rice and Friends - History Lesson
Boyd Rice and Friends - Silence Is Golden
Rchetype - Paramore - CrushCrushCrush
Rchetype - Supernova
Renaissance - Cold Is Being
The Rascals - Just a Little
The Rascals - Do You Feel It
The Rascals - Since I Fell for You
The Rascals - No Love to Give
The Rascals - Mickey's Monkey / Love Lights
The Rascals - Too Many Fish in the Sea
The Rascals - I'm So Happy Now
The Rascals - I Don't Love You Anymore
The Rascals - Look Around
The Rascals - Island of Love
The Rascals - Of Course
The Rascals - Any Dance’ll Do
Proto-Kaw - Belexes
Proto-Kaw - It Moves You
Proto-Kaw - Words of Honor
Proto-Kaw - Nevermore
Proto-Kaw - Relics of the Tempest
Proto-Kaw - When the Rains Come
Proto-Kaw - On the Eve of the Great Decline
Proto-Kaw - Physic
Proto-Kaw - At Morning's Gate
Proto-Kaw - Melicus Gladiator
Proto-Kaw - Picture This
Proto-Kaw - Reunion in the Mountains of Sarne
Proto-Kaw - Alt. More Worlds Than Known
Proto-Kaw - Leaven
Proto-Kaw - Quantum Leapfrog
Proto-Kaw - Gloriana
Proto-Kaw - Occasion of Your Honest Dreaming
Proto-Kaw - Theophany
Proto-Kaw - Old Number 63
Jonathan Richman - Someone I Care About
Jonathan Richman - Astral Plane
Jonathan Richman - Important in Your Life
Jonathan Richman - Rockin' Shopping Centre
Jonathan Richman - Lonely Financial Zone
Jonathan Richman - Abominable Snowman in the Market
Jonathan Richman - Hey There Little Insect
Jonathan Richman - Roller Coaster By The Sea
Jonathan Richman - Coomyah
Jonathan Richman - Summer Morning
Jonathan Richman - Fly Into the Mystery
Jonathan Richman - Abdul and Cleopatra
Jonathan Richman - Not Just a "Plus One" on the Guest List Anymore
Jonathan Richman - That Little Sleeper Car
Jonathan Richman - Surrender
Jonathan Richman - Satisfy
Jonathan Richman - My Little Girl's Got a Full Time Daddy Now
Jonathan Richman - Floatin'
Renaissance - Only Angels Have Wings
Renaissance - Golden Key
Renaissance - Secret Mission
Renaissance - Friends
Renaissance - The Flood at Lyons
Renaissance - Kiev
Renaissance - Spare Some Love
Remembrance - Ageless Fever
Remembrance - Stone Mirrors
Remembrance - Thief of Light
Remembrance - Death Diaries
Remembrance - Silencing the Moments
Remembrance - These Hallways Are Eternal
Remembrance - Fragments
Remembrance - One Reckless Sleep
Remembrance - Through Frail Visions I Lay
Remembrance - Eternal Disease
Remembrance - Your Insignificance
Remembrance - Murdering My Faith
Remembrance - Thy Decay
Remembrance - Where All Has Been Wasted
Jonathan Richman - Just Because I'm Irish
Jonathan Richman - Let Her Go Into the Darkness
Jonathan Richman - Party In The Woods Tonight
Jonathan Richman - Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns
Jonathan Richman - Afternoon
Jonathan Richman - The Wheels on the Bus
Jonathan Richman - I'm Nature's Mosquito
Jonathan Richman - Emaline
The Rishi Rich Project - Dance With You
Rim'K feat. AP - Big fumée
Renaissance - Lock in on Love
Renaissance - So Blasé
Renaissance - Quicksilver
Renaissance - May You Be Blessed
Renaissance - Somewhere West of Here
Renaissance - In the Sunshine
Renaissance - In My Life
Renaissance - The Race
Renaissance - Dolphins Prayer
Renaissance - Life in Brazil
Renaissance - Kalynda (A Magical Isle)
Renaissance - Eva's Pond
Renaissance - The Angels Cry
Renaissance - Wildest Dreams
Renaissance - Only Angel Have Wings
Renaissance - When a Heart Finds Another
Renaissance - One More Arrow
Renaissance - 5 The Mystic and the Muse
Renaissance - 3 Ocean Gypsy
Renaissance - 4 Song of Scheherazade
Renaissance - Renaissance Man
Ken Ring - Jag vaknar upp
Ken Ring - STHLM city
Ken Ring - Äntligen hemma
Ken Ring - Ta det lugnt
Ken Ring - Kelian
Ken Ring - Låter för barnen
Ken Ring - Cutta dom
Ken Ring - Bryter tystnaden
Ken Ring - Änglar
Ken Ring - 2000-talet
Ken Ring - Välkommen till en Ring
Ken Ring - Nu måste vi dra
Ken Ring - Ber en bön
Ken Ring - Jag minns ljudet från igår
Ken Ring - God morgon
Ken Ring - Änglabarn
Ken Ring - Bror
Ken Ring - Hip Hop
Ken Ring - Intro
Ken Ring - Dansa när jag dör
Ken Ring - Själen av en vän
Ken Ring - Fängelset
Ken Ring - Ord till en president
Ken Ring - Poverty
Ken Ring - Nån dag
Ken Ring - Till Diana
Ken Ring - Du och jag
Ken Ring - Aldrig ensam
Ken Ring - Instängd
Ken Ring - Må bäst
Ken Ring - Alla vill ha en bit av kakan
Ken Ring - Du & jag
Ken Ring - Mamma
Ken Ring - Dödens gränsland
Ken Ring - Jagad
Ken Ring - Sommarminnen
Ken Ring - Gatuslang
Ken Ring - Eld och djupa vatten
Rafferty - Apple Pie
Rey Valera - Tayong Dalawa
Rey Valera - Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko
Rey Valera - Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo
Rey Valera - Kung Kailangan Mo Ako
Rey Valera - Kumusta Ka
Rey Valera - Pangako
Rey Valera - Malayo Pa Ang Umaga
Rey Valera - Gabay Mo Ako
Rey Valera - Ako Si Superman
Rey Valera - Sinasamba Kita
Rey Valera - Ngayong Wala Ka Na
Rey Valera - Hello
Rey Valera - Baka Sakaling Mahalin Mo Rin Ako
Resistant Culture - Hang on to Nothing
Resistant Culture - It's Not Too Late
Resistant Culture - The Struggle Continues
Resistant Culture - Sentient Predator
Resistant Culture - Obey
Resistant Culture - Victims
Resistant Culture - Corruption
Resistant Culture - Civilized Aggression
Resistant Culture - Sticks and Stones
Resistant Culture - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
Resistant Culture - Beneath the Concrete
Resistant Culture - Life Givers
Resistant Culture - All One Struggle
Resistant Culture - Animal Nations
Resistant Culture - Community
Resistant Culture - Runaway
Resistant Culture - Mending the Hoop
Resistant Culture - Natural Law
Resistant Culture - Surviving in Darkness
Resistant Culture - Warning Civilizaiton Ahead
Resistant Culture - Generations
Resistant Culture - Stagnation
Resistant Culture - Rise Above Despair
Resistant Culture - Contamination
Resistant Culture - New Sun
Revolution Harmony - We Are
Red Rockers - Both Hands in the Fire
Waldo de los Ríos - Beethoven's Novena Sinfonía En Re Menor 'Coral'
Ken Ring - Hässelby
Ken Ring - Underjorden
Ken Ring - Spelar ingen roll
Ken Ring - Vill inte veta
Ken Ring - Mitt liv
Ken Ring - Grabbarna från förorten
Ken Ring - Allt går runt
Ken Ring - Mitt hem blir ditt hem
Ken Ring - Måste säga tack
Ken Ring - Alkolismen
Ken Ring - Flashback från häktet
Ken Ring - Rättvisan
Ken Ring - En dag
Ken Ring - Sista dansen
Ken Ring - Verklighetens öga
Ken Ring - Förortskrigare
Ken Ring - Sommaren
Ken Ring - Knark
Ken Ring - Prinsessa
Ken Ring - Vi Lever
Ken Ring - Sago Stunden
Ken Ring - Min Familj
Ken Ring - Doktorn
Raleigh Ritchie - Werld is Mine
Raleigh Ritchie - Stronger Than Ever
Raleigh Ritchie - Bloodsport '15
Raleigh Ritchie - I Can Change
Raleigh Ritchie - Keep it Simple
Raleigh Ritchie - The Greatest
Raleigh Ritchie - Never Better
Raleigh Ritchie - Cowards
Raleigh Ritchie - A Moor
Raleigh Ritchie - Young & Stupid
Raleigh Ritchie - You're a Man Now, Boy
Raleigh Ritchie - The Last Romance
Raleigh Ritchie - Never Say Die
Raleigh Ritchie - Life in a Box
Raleigh Ritchie - The Chased
Raleigh Ritchie - Overdose
Raleigh Ritchie - Birthday Girl
Raleigh Ritchie - Stay Inside
Raleigh Ritchie - In Too Deep
Raleigh Ritchie - Free Fall
Raleigh Ritchie - Bloodsport
Raleigh Ritchie - Chased
Akira Rabelais - 3 of 15
Akira Rabelais - À la recherche du temps perdu
Akira Rabelais - Palinode I
Tapas Relia - Hanuman Chalisa
Akira Rabelais - 577 -dD(1318661)
The Republicrat - Fast Asleep
The Republicrat - Blurry Vision
The Republicrat - Troll Song
The Republicrat - Sheeple
Rendez-Vous - Kesäyö
Rainer - Girls
Lauris Reiniks - Pasakā
Lauris Reiniks - Es skrienu
Lauris Reiniks - Saullēkts
Lauris Reiniks - Sirds sadeg neparasti
Lauris Reiniks - Es neesmu neprātīgs
Lauris Reiniks - Tik balti
Lauris Reiniks - Tell Me
Ricardo Leyva y Sur Caribe - De los dientes para afuera
Lauris Reiniks - Es tev apmulsis
Lauris Reiniks - Aš bėgu
Lauris Reiniks - Beigās viss būs tomēr labi
Lauris Reiniks - Tēja un piens
Rim'K feat. Booba - Call of Bitume
Riva feat. Dannii Minogue - Who Do You Love Now? (Stringer)
Revolting Cocks - Ten Million Ways to Die
Revolting Cocks - Calienté (Dark Entries)
Revolting Cocks - Prune Tang
Revolting Cocks - Dead End Streets
Revolting Cocks - Pole Grinder
Revolting Cocks - Jack in the Crack
Revolting Cocks - Devil Cock
Revolting Cocks - Viagra Culture
Revolting Cocks - Revolting Cock au Lait
Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers & Queers
Revolting Cocks - Can’t Sit Still
Revolting Cocks - Razor’s Edge
Revolting Cocks - Fire Engine (Gumby mixxx)
Revolting Cocks - Prune Tang (Prune Juice Cocktail Mixxx)
Revolting Cocks - Dead End Streets (86 Mixxx)
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Amparo arrebato
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Traigo de todo
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Pancho cristal
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - Richie's jala-jala
Revolting Cocks - Red Parrot
Revolting Cocks - Cousins
Revolting Cocks - I'm Not Gay
Revolting Cocks - Abundant Redundancy
Revolting Cocks - Lewd Ferrigno
Revolting Cocks - Wizard of Sextown
Revolting Cocks - Gila Copter
Revolting Cocks - Crackin’ Up
Revolting Cocks - Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?
Revolting Cocks - Butcher Flower’s Woman
Revolting Cocks - Linger Ficken’ Good
Revolting Cocks - Me So Horny
Pery Ribeiro - Ah! Se eu pudesse
Pery Ribeiro - O que eu gosto de você
Pery Ribeiro - Samba da pergunta
Pery Ribeiro - Rio
Pery Ribeiro - Bossa na praia
Revólver - Es lo que es hay lo que hay
Revólver - El mismo hombre
Revólver - Los surcos de tu espalda
Revólver - Tu lado bueno
Revólver - Ten fe en mí
Revólver - Reir y llorar
Revólver - Bailando en la frontera
Revólver - Esta noche tengo más de lo normal
Revólver - Clarisa
Revólver - Y pasa el tiempo
Revólver - Hay besos
Revólver - Todos somos capitanes
Revólver - Cuando todo va bien
Revólver - 21 gramos
Revólver - No me hace falta más
Revólver - A contratiempo
Revólver - Carreteras secundarias
Revólver - Una lluvia violenta y salvaje
Revólver - Tú y yo
Revólver - El único espectador
Revólver - Ella es y será todo para mí
Revólver - El peligro
Revólver - Eldorado
Revólver - El aire sabe a veneno
Revólver - Besaré el suelo
Revólver - Dos por dos
Revólver - Tu noche y la mía
Revólver - Esclavo de tu amor
Revólver - Como unico equipaje
Revólver - El roce de tu piel
Revólver - Dentro de ti
Revólver - Si es tan solo amor
Revólver - Fuera de lugar
Revólver - Si no hubiera que correr
Revólver - Tu canción
Revólver - Manager's blues
Red Jezebel - You're Making Me Nervous
Red Jezebel - Devil's Advocate
Red Jezebel - New Revelations
Red Jezebel - Dale
Red Jezebel - Heart in the Sun
Red Jezebel - See Through Dress
Red Jezebel - Trust in Us
Red Jezebel - Ocean Blue Eyes
Red Jezebel - Wide Open Spaces
Red Jezebel - Demons
Red Jezebel - Angels
Red Jezebel - Hollywood
Red Jezebel - Kicking Deadly Sins
Red Jezebel - Lost My Gun
Red Jezebel - The World Was on a Plate
Red Jezebel - Lady Grace
Red Jezebel - A Flaw in Their Design
Red Jezebel - Find Our Way Back Home
Red Jezebel - I'm a Sucker a Doormat
Red Jezebel - Amsterdam
Red Jezebel - Heathen Politics
Red Jezebel - The Piper Is the Devil's Pilgrim
Red Jezebel - Rum and Raisin
Red Jezebel - Get Fresh
Red Jezebel - Itch
Red Jezebel - Soothers
Ritual - Wingspread
Ritual - The Way of Things
Ritual - Typhoons Decide
Ritual - A Little More Like Me
Ritual - Solitary Man
Ritual - Life Has Just Begun
Ritual - Dependence Day
Ritual - You Can Never Tell
Ritual - Big Black Secret
Ritual - Power Place
Ritual - The Hemulic Voluntary Band
Ritual - Late in November
Ritual - A Dangerous Journey
Ritual - Explosive Paste
Ritual - Seasong for the Moomin Pappa
Ritual - Coming Home
Revolting Cocks - We Shall Cleanse the World
Revolting Cocks - Attack Ships on Fire
Revolting Cocks - No Devotion
Revolting Cocks - Cattle Grind
Revolting Cocks - You Often Forget
Revolting Cocks - TV Mind
Revolting Cocks - Public Image
Revolting Cocks - Hookerbot3000
Revolting Cocks - (Let’s Get) Physical
The Red Wings - Aerith's Theme (Final Fantasy VII)
Revólver - Mestizo
Revólver - 5 Estrellas
Revólver - Lecho de rosas
Revólver - Es mejor caminar
Revólver - Más por ellos que por mí
Revólver - Dime cómo lo Hago Yo
Revólver - Dame
Revólver - El Camino
Revólver - Quién Está más Vivo de los Dos
Revólver - Olas Muertas
Revólver - Lo que Ana ve
Revólver - Asustando al huracán
Revólver - Vidas
Revólver - Gargantas y desfiladeros
Revólver - Eso de saber
Revólver - Ay amor
Revólver - Deprimencia
Revólver - La flor más bella
Revólver - Petroleros
Revólver - En un mundo de dos
Revólver - Odio
Revólver - Dónde está el final
Revólver - Duro De Llevar
Revólver - Todo aquello que jamás seré
Revólver - Sara
Revólver - Marineros varados
Revólver - Faro de Lisboa
Revólver - San Pedro
Revólver - Ese viejo rock'n'roll
Revólver - Que será
Risque - Tie Me Up Tie Me Down
Revólver - Es lo que es, hay lo que hay
Revólver - Pongamos que hablo de Madrid (versión en directo)
Revólver - Quiero beber hasta perder en control (versión en directo)
Revólver - No hay mañanas
Revólver - Cada día
Revólver - Quiero aire
Revólver - Manos arriba
Revólver - Lo que me hace feliz
Revólver - Reconozco la frontera
Revólver - Mi norte siempre apunta al sur
Revólver - Intentando vadear
Revólver - Princesas o mendigos
Revólver - Y del hombre
Revólver - Ya no hay dos para cenar
Revólver - Quiero aire II
Revólver - No hay mañanas (Version acustica solo Carlos Goñi)
Revólver - Las armas rotas
Revólver - En blanco y negro
Revólver - Respirando bajo el agua
Revólver - Lo que no se llora no se limpia
Revólver - Las calles de Madrid
Revólver - Teamotemor
Revólver - Por un beso
Revólver - Esperando mi tren
Revólver - Lisa y Fran
Revólver - La fortuna
Revólver - Nacidos para la gloria
Revólver - Si es por ti
Revólver - Malvarrosa affaire
Revólver - Donde esté el final
Revólver - Tiempo pequeño
Revólver - Ese viejo rock and roll
Revólver - Tengo mi tiempo
Revólver - País del sur
Revólver - Te quiero
Revólver - Rock'n roll
Revólver - Ser el mejor
Revólver - El es el rey
Revólver - La sonrisa de tu boca
Revólver - Tormenta en la Puerta del Sol
Revólver - Soy como soy
Revólver - Días de vino y rosas
Revólver - Mueve tu cuerpo frente a mí
Revólver - San Francisco
Revólver - Viaje A Ninguna Parte
Revólver - Rodrigo Y Teresa
Revólver - Tierra Baldia
Revólver - Dime Por Que
Revólver - Balas Perdidas
Revólver - He De Salir
Rites of Spring - Deeper Than Inside
Rites of Spring - For Want Of
Rites of Spring - Drink Deep
Rites of Spring - By Design
Rites of Spring - Remainder
Rites of Spring - Nudes
Rites of Spring - End on End
Rites of Spring - Other Way Around
Rites of Spring - All Through a Life
Rites of Spring - Hidden Wheel
Rites of Spring - Patience
Revanchistas - Revanchista
Revanchistas - Basta y sobra
Revanchistas - El gran perdedor
Revanchistas - Diagonales
Revanchistas - Brutalmente honesto
Revanchistas - Preguntas
Revanchistas - Mala racha
Revanchistas - Ponele
Revanchistas - Princesas
Revanchistas - Viva la pepa
Revanchistas - Pleno
Gabriel Rios - La Gran Siesta
Gabriel Rios - Bones Bugalu
Gabriel Rios - Unrock
Gabriel Rios - Broad Daylight
Gabriel Rios - Catastrofe
Gabriel Rios - Cincomanos
Gabriel Rios - Ghostboy
Gabriel Rios - Carlito
Gabriel Rios - Santera
Gabriel Rios - Badman
Gabriel Rios - Angelhead
Gabriel Rios - Common Cold
Gabriel Rios - I'm Gonna Die Tonight
Gabriel Rios - Tu No Me Quieres
Gabriel Rios - For the Wolves
Gabriel Rios - Wish
Gabriel Rios - Voodoo Chile
Gabriel Rios - Porque Te Vas
Gabriel Rios - I Wanna Be Like You
Gabriel Rios - Gold
Gabriel Rios - Madstone
Gabriel Rios - Apprentice
Gabriel Rios - Police Sounds
Gabriel Rios - City Song
Gabriel Rios - Burning Son
Gabriel Rios - Song No. 7
Gabriel Rios - Work Song
Gabriel Rios - Young Gods
Gabriel Rios - Skip the Intro
Gabriel Rios - All Is Fair
Gabriel Rios - Swing Low
Gabriel Rios - Papo
Gabriel Rios - Burn
Gabriel Rios - You Will Go Far
Gabriel Rios - Dauphine
Gabriel Rios - Straight Song
Gabriel Rios - Old Shoes
Gabriel Rios - Tidal Wave
Gabriel Rios - Gulliver
Gabriel Rios - Orion
Gabriel Rios - Hallelujah
Gabriel Rios - What's This?
Red Red Meat - Carpet of Horses
Red Red Meat - Chain Chain Chain
Red Red Meat - Buttered
Red Red Meat - Gauze
Red Red Meat - Variations on Nadia's Theme
Red Red Meat - Oxtail
Red Red Meat - There's Always Tomorrow
Red Red Meat - Flank
Red Red Meat - Stained & Lit
Red Red Meat - Braindead
Red Red Meat - Gorshin
Red Red Meat - Comes
Red Red Meat - There's a Star Above the Manger Tonight
Red Red Meat - Chinese Balls
Red Red Meat - Second Hand Sea
Red Red Meat - All Tied
Red Red Meat - Airstream Driver
Red Red Meat - Quarter Horses (B-Slow)
Red Red Meat - Idaho Durt
Ann Richards - There's a Lull in My Life
Ann Richards - How Do I Look in Blue
Right Said Fred - Stand Up (For the Champions)
Right Said Fred - Sexy Bum
Right Said Fred - Mojive
Right Said Fred - Where Do You Go to My Lovely
Right Said Fred - We Are the Freds
Right Said Fred - I Know What Love Is
Right Said Fred - Love for All Seasons
Right Said Fred - What a Day for a Daydream
Right Said Fred - The Wizard
Right Said Fred - Bombay Moon
Right Said Fred - I Love You but I Don't Like You
Right Said Fred - Jesus Is a Clubber
Right Said Fred - Pop Song
Right Said Fred - Jubilee
Right Said Fred - Night Night
Right Said Fred - Is It True About Love?
Raubtier - Det finns bara krig
Raubtier - Dieseldöden
Raubtier - Dobermann
Raubtier - Änglar
Raubtier - Legoknekt
Raubtier - En starkare art
Raubtier - Hjärteblod
Raubtier - Götterdämmerung
Raubtier - Världsherravälde
Raubtier - Dragunov
Raubtier - Praedator
Raubtier - Himmelsfärdskommando
Raubtier - Skriet från vildmarken
Raubtier - Lebensgefahr
Raubtier - Mordbrandsrök
Raubtier - Lennart
Raubtier - Ingenting är glömt
Raubtier - Polarvargen
Raubtier - Armageddon
Raubtier - En hjältes väg
Raubtier - Dieselrök
Raubtier - Jaga hårt
Raubtier - Panzarmarsch
Raubtier - Från min kalla döda hand
Raubtier - Raptor
Raubtier - Flugornas herre
Raubtier - Leviatan
Raubtier - Qaqortoq
Raubtier - Bränder
Raubtier - Opus magni
Raubtier - Skjut, gräv, tig
Raubtier - Innan löven faller
Raubtier - Bärsärkagång
Raubtier - Bothniablod
Raubtier - Den sista kulan
Raubtier - Levande död
Raubtier - Tropaion
Raubtier - Brännmärkt
Raubtier - Hymn
Raubtier - Förvildad
Raubtier - Praetorian
Raubtier - Genom allt
Raubtier - Röd snö
Raubtier - Lejonhjärta
Jesse Ritch - For Once in My Life
Jesse Ritch - Let Me Love You
Raubtier - Sveriges elit
Raubtier - Vittring
Raubtier - Låt napalmen regna
Raubtier - Apokalyps
Raubtier - Besten i mig
Raubtier - Allt är förlorat
Raubtier - Kamouflage
Raubtier - Fafnesbane
Raubtier - Dit vinden bär
Raubtier - Rebeller
Raubtier - Vapenbröder
Raubtier - Förgätmigej
Raubtier - K3
Rise to Fall - RedruM
Rise to Fall - Unknown Presence
Rise to Fall - Inner Scream
Rise to Fall - Rise From Drama
Rise to Fall - Prophet of Doom
Rise to Fall - Infected Wounds
Rise to Fall - Forbidden Lullaby
Rise to Fall - ...Kills the Reason
Rise to Fall - My Sombre Prospect
Rise to Fall - Chasing Infinity
Rise to Fall - Ascend to the Throne
Rise to Fall - The Compass
Rise to Fall - Whispers of Hope
Rise to Fall - Reject the Mould
Rise to Fall - Inflexible Kingdom
Rise to Fall - Instruction Cycle
Rise to Fall - Lost in Oblivion
Rise to Fall - Decoding Reality
Rise to Fall - Dare to Cross
Rise to Fall - Fall to Drama
Rise to Fall - Defying the Gods
Rise to Fall - End vs. Beginning
Rise to Fall - The Threshold
Rise to Fall - Plastic Scene
Rise to Fall - Burning Signs
Rise to Fall - Parasites
Rise to Fall - Rise Without Drama
Rise to Fall - Thunders of Emotions Beating
Rise to Fall - Murk Empire
Rise to Fall - Against All Odds
Rise to Fall - Dark Clowns Leading Blinds
Rise to Fall - Emptiness
Rise to Fall - ... the Refuge
Rise to Fall - Unspeakable Sins
Rise to Fall - Sustention
Rise to Fall - Admire the Clouds
Right Said Fred - You’re My Mate
Right Said Fred - Angel Dust
Right Said Fred - Funk You
Right Said Fred - Like a Woman
Right Said Fred - Jamaica Jerk
Right Said Fred - The Sun Changes Everything
Right Said Fred - Insatiable You
Right Said Fred - Love Song
Right Said Fred - I Love My Car
Right Said Fred - Play On
Right Said Fred - Where Do You Go to My Love?
Right Said Fred - Sweet Wonderful You
Right Said Fred - Obvious
Ritarikunta - Klassist!
Ritarikunta - Kroonisesti akuutti
Ritarikunta - Mä en jaksa
Rey Gordiflón - Feeling Down
Rey Gordiflón - Solo vos
Rey Gordiflón - Buenos Dias
Rey Gordiflón - Nobody's Fault
Rey Gordiflón - Ciudad
Rey Gordiflón - Solias
Rey Gordiflón - Till Tomorrow
Rey Gordiflón - Olvidar
Rey Gordiflón - I Don't Know
Rey Gordiflón - Mi partido
Rey Gordiflón - Easy
Rey Gordiflón - In This Town
Rey Gordiflón - Paraiso
Rey Gordiflón - Días de Tedio
Rey Gordiflón - Ya No Hay Fe
Rey Gordiflón - Cada Día
Rey Gordiflón - No Huyas Así
Rey Gordiflón - Mil Soledades
Rey Gordiflón - Te Veo y No Siento
Rey Gordiflón - Entender
Rey Gordiflón - En Mi Cabeza
Rey Gordiflón - Mentirosa
Rey Gordiflón - Principio/Fin
Rey Gordiflón - ¿Qué Dirán? (Tus Mentiras Matan)
Rey Gordiflón - Hasta El Final
Rey Gordiflón - Cansado
Right Said Fred - Stand Up
Right Said Fred - Brig Your Smile
Right Said Fred - Is It True
Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy (Tastemakers 12")
Ride - Vapour Trail
Ride - Black Nite Crash
Ride - Dead Man
Ride - Deep Inside My Pocket
Ride - Castle on the Hill
Ride - The Dawn Patrol
Ride - Straight Motel
Ride - Like a Daydream
Ride - Sight of You
Ride - Leave Them All Behind
Ride - Chrome Waves
Rêverie - Mond
Rêverie - Hexe
The Real Group & Eric Ericson - En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt (sommarpsalm)
The Revivalists - Keep Going
The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You
The Revivalists - Gold to Glass
The Revivalists - It Was A Sin
The Revivalists - Monster
The Revivalists - King Of What
The Revivalists - Stand Up
The Revivalists - All in the Family
The Revivalists - Move On
The Revivalists - Need You
The Revivalists - Amber
The Revivalists - Bulletproof
The Revivalists - Fade Away
The Revivalists - Men Amongst Mountains
The Revivalists - Not Turn Away
The Revivalists - Shot of Tears
The Revivalists - Catching Fireflies
The Revivalists - Soul's Too Loud
The Revivalists - Purple Heart
The Revivalists - Straw Man
The Revivalists - Ride the Earth
The Revivalists - Appreciate Me I
The Revivalists - Don't Get Caught Up
The Revivalists - Hurricane Winslow
The Revivalists - When I'm Able
The Revivalists - When I Die
The Revivalists - Upright
The Revivalists - Pretty Photograph
The Revivalists - Navigate Below
The Revivalists - Criminal
The Revivalists - Chase's House
The Revivalists - B.T.B.D
The Revivalists - Concrete (Fish Out Of Water)
The Revivalists - Sunny Days
The Revivalists - Soulfight
Renascer Praise - Mais de Ti
Renascer Praise - Dios És Fiel
Renascer Praise - Edifica
Renascer Praise - Yeshua Ha Mashiah
Renascer Praise - Grandes Cosas
Renascer Praise - Eu Sei Que Estás Comigo
Renascer Praise - Cristo Vencedor
Renascer Praise - Deus do Impossível
Renascer Praise - Rendemos Glória
Renascer Praise - Bom Estarmos Aqui
Renascer Praise - Entramos Neste Lugar
Renascer Praise - Se Não For ao Senhor
Renascer Praise - Buscar-Me-Eis
Renascer Praise - Desejamos
Renascer Praise - Digno de Louvor
Renascer Praise - Invoquei
Renascer Praise - Celebração
Renascer Praise - Cântico De Adoração
Renascer Praise - Sopra Espírito
Renascer Praise - Jesus
Renascer Praise - O Senhor É A Minha Luz
Renascer Praise - Avanço
Renascer Praise - Amor De Deus
Renascer Praise - Espírito, Espírito
Renascer Praise - Move
Ride - Only Now
Ride - Rolling Thunder
Léo Rispal - Last Chrismas
Léo Rispal - J'veux du soleil
Léo Rispal - Andy Warhol
Léo Rispal - 1, 2, 3
Renascer Praise - Gênesis
Renascer Praise - Santo, Santo, Santo
Renascer Praise - Andando com Deus
Renascer Praise - Deus é Fiel
Renascer Praise - O Segredo de Dar
Renascer Praise - Deus é por Nós
Renascer Praise - Esperança
Renascer Praise - Fogo Cai
Renascer Praise - Plano Melhor
Renascer Praise - Voz do Espirito
Renascer Praise - Tua Glória
Renascer Praise - Reconciliação
Renascer Praise - Pacto de Amor
Renascer Praise - Deus de amor
Renascer Praise - Dupla Honra
Renascer Praise - Ressurreição
Renascer Praise - O amor de Jesus
Renascer Praise - Sou de Jesus
Renascer Praise - Como É Bom
Renascer Praise - Celebrai
Renascer Praise - Coração de Criança
Renascer Praise - Dependo de Ti
Renascer Praise - Acordar Todo Dia
Renascer Praise - Deus de Abraão
Renascer Praise - Te Louvarei
Renascer Praise - Nada É Igual
Renascer Praise - Minha Inspiração
Renascer Praise - Tenho Motivos
Renascer Praise - Hosana
Renascer Praise - Tu o Sabes
Renascer Praise - Há Uma Unção
Ride - Blue
Ride - A Trip Down Ronnie Lane
Ride - How Does It Feel to Feel? (With the Creation)
Renascer Praise - Oração de Neemias
Renascer Praise - Somos Teu Povo
Renascer Praise - Comunhão
Renascer Praise - Recebe Minha Adoração
Renascer Praise - Já Está Consumado
Renascer Praise - Lugares Altos
Renascer Praise - Incomparável
Renascer Praise - Receba Senhor
Renascer Praise - Ser Livre
Renascer Praise - Ensina-Me
Renascer Praise - Senhor É a Minha Força
Renascer Praise - Caiu a Babilônia
Renascer Praise - Sol da Justiça
Renascer Praise - Veste-Me
Renascer Praise - Deus da Família
Renascer Praise - Vontade
Renascer Praise - Mais da Tua Essência
Renascer Praise - Poeta
Renascer Praise - Sou Teu
Renascer Praise - Restituição
Renascer Praise - Teu Amor Me Faz Viver
Renascer Praise - Graça
Renascer Praise - Aquele
Renascer Praise - Prosperarei
Renascer Praise - Eu Amo Te Amar
Renascer Praise - Digno
Renascer Praise - A Melodia Que Vem Do Céu
Renascer Praise - A Alegria Do Senhor
Renascer Praise - Os Guerreiros Se Preparam
Renascer Praise - Caminho de Paz
Renascer Praise - Sinfonia
Renascer Praise - Milagre da Espera
Renascer Praise - A Minha Vida É Um Milagre
Renascer Praise - Receba Poder
Renascer Praise - Senhor Me Guarda
Renascer Praise - Bendize Oh! Minh'Alma
Renascer Praise - E a Gente Vai Louvando
Rise and Fall - Forked Tongues
Rise and Fall - Failure Is as Failure Does
Rise and Fall - The Noose
Rise and Fall - Live in Sin
Rise and Fall - The Void
Rise and Fall - Stakes Is High
Rise and Fall - To Hell and Back
Rise and Fall - Lost Among the Lost
Rise and Fall - It's A Long Way Down
Rise and Fall - In Circles
Rise and Fall - When They Come Down
Rise and Fall - Bottom Feeder
Rise and Fall - Hellmouth
Rise and Fall - Where Ghosts Roam
Rise and Fall - Collapse
Rise and Fall - Tongue Tied
Rise and Fall - Turn and Run
Juan Ravioli - Perdido (Perro de casa)
Rhume - Biarritz
The Rides - By My Side
The Rides - Roadhouse
The Rides - Don’t Want Lies
The Rides - Search and Destroy
The Rides - Can’t Get Enough
The Rides - Honey Bee
The Rides - Talk to Me Baby
The Rides - That's a Pretty Good Love
The Revolution - Life Can Be So Nice
The Revolution - Do U Lie?
The Revolution - Kiss
The Revolution - Anotherloverholenyohead
The Revolution - Raspberry Beret
The Revolution - Take Me With You
The Revolution - In Time
Johnny Restivo - Sear Someone
Johnny Restivo - The Shape I’m In
Punch Brothers - This Girl
Punch Brothers - No Concern of Yours
Punch Brothers - Clara
Punch Brothers - Hundred Dollars
Punch Brothers - Don't Need No
Punch Brothers - Alex
Punch Brothers - Missy
Punch Brothers - Welcome Home
Punch Brothers - This Is the Song (Good Luck)
Punch Brothers - Familiarity
Punch Brothers - Julep
Punch Brothers - I Blew It Off
Punch Brothers - Magnet
Punch Brothers - My Oh My
Punch Brothers - Boll Weevil
Punch Brothers - Forgotten
Punch Brothers - Between 1st and A
Punch Brothers - Little Lights
Punch Brothers - Punch Bowl
Punch Brothers - Nothing, Then
Punch Brothers - It'll Happen
Punch Brothers - Down Along the Dixie Line
Punch Brothers - Icarus Smicarus
Punch Brothers - Moonshiner
Punch Brothers - Another New World
Punch Brothers - I Know You Know (Bonus Track)
Punch Brothers - In Wonder
Punch Brothers - Clementine
Punch Brothers - Sleek White Baby
Scott Reeder - Diamond
Boyd Rice - Hatesville
Boyd Rice - People
Boyd Rice - Assume the Position (as Cthonic Force)
Boyd Rice - Preserve Thy Loneliness (as Scorpion Wind)
Fionn Regan - 100 Acres of Sycamore
Fionn Regan - Sow Mare Bitch Vixen
Fionn Regan - The Lake District
Fionn Regan - Dogwood Blossom
Fionn Regan - For a Nightingale
Fionn Regan - List of Distractions
Fionn Regan - 1st Day of May
Fionn Regan - North Star Lover
Fionn Regan - Woodberry Cemetery
Fionn Regan - Catacombs
Fionn Regan - Coat Hook
Fionn Regan - Genocide Matinee
Fionn Regan - Violent Demeanour
Fionn Regan - Lines Written in Winter
Fionn Regan - House Detective
Fionn Regan - Little Nancy
Fionn Regan - Lord Help My Poor Soul
Fionn Regan - The Shadow of an Empire
Fionn Regan - Be Good or Be Gone
Fionn Regan - The Underwood Typewriter
Fionn Regan - Hunters Map
Fionn Regan - Hey Rabbit
Fionn Regan - Black Water Child
Fionn Regan - Put a Penny in the Slot
Fionn Regan - The Cowshed
Fionn Regan - Snowy Atlas Mountains
Fionn Regan - Noah (Ghost in a Sheet)
Fionn Regan - The End of History
Fionn Regan - Abacus
Fionn Regan - Bunker or Basement
Fionn Regan - Change the Locks
Fionn Regan - Campaign Button
Fionn Regan - The Ballad of the Toad Eaters
Fionn Regan - Hotel Room
Fionn Regan - Old Folks
Fionn Regan - After the Fall
Fionn Regan - Red Lane
Lou Rhodes - Beloved One
Lou Rhodes - Save Me
Lou Rhodes - There for the Taking
Lou Rhodes - Magic Day
Lou Rhodes - Why Wait for Heaven
Lou Rhodes - Angels
Lou Rhodes - All We Are
Lou Rhodes - They Say
Lou Rhodes - Bloom
Lou Rhodes - No Re-Run
Rihanna feat. Kanye West - Diamonds
Ritual Tejo - Fairyland
Ritual Tejo - Foram Cardos Foram Prosas
Ritual Tejo - Saudade
RinneRadio - Juju
Revelation - Day of the Sky Tears
Jamie Rivera - Sino Ako?
Jamie Rivera - I Offer My Life
Jamie Rivera - What on Earth Am I Here For?
Jamie Rivera - Reach One More for Jesus
Jamie Rivera - The Mission
Jamie Rivera - Pinapangako Ko
Jamie Rivera - Shout to the Lord
Jamie Rivera - Sink Deep Our Roots
Remedy - Book of Life
Remedy - R.E.M.E.D.Y.
Remedy - Muslim and a Jew
Remedy feat. Sweetleaf - Cure for This
Remedy - Tonight's Da Night
Remedy - Code Red
Remedy - Exodus
Remedy - Never Again
Remedy - Chant the Anthem
Remedy - Game Over!
Remedy - Fallen Angels
Remedy feat. Cappadonna & Solomon Childs - The Ambush
Remedy - Whiteboy
Remedy - Words to Live By
Remedy - Reuven Ben Menachum
Remedy feat. Cappadonna - Girlfriend
Remedy feat. Children of the World - HipHop Music
Remedy - Education
Remedy - HipHop Music
Remedy - You Don't Know Me
Remedy - 21st Century
Remedy - Remedy Who
Resurrection - Disembodied
Resurrection - Rage Within
Resurrection - Embalmed Existence
Resurrection - Smell of Blood
Resurrection - Torture Chamber
Resurrection - Eyes of Blind
Resurrection - Test of Fate
Resurrection - Pure Be Damned
Resurrection - Coward
Resurrection - Buried Alive
Resurrection - X-ILE
Resurrection - Perils of Burden
Resurrection - Death by Desire
Resurrection - Ritual Slaughter
Resurrection - Unholy
Thomas Ring - Break The Silence
Poul Reichhardt - Er du dus med himlens fugle
Poul Reichhardt - Dejlig er den himmel blå
UNKLE - Heaven
Rhythm & Sound - Best Friend
Rhythm & Sound - Smile
River City People - Carry the Blame
Rita Maria - Santa Chuva
Rita Maria - Não Vale a Pena
Rita Maria - Menina da Lua
Rita Maria - Dos Gardenias
Rita Maria - Pagu
Rita Maria - Agora Só Falta Você
Rita Maria - A Festa
Rita Maria - Cara Valente
Rita Maria - Veja Bem Meu Bem
Revontulet - Blizzard
Revontulet - Suomi
Revontulet - Rainheart
Revontulet - Hear Me
Rest Among Ruins - Beyond The Storm
Rest Among Ruins - In Another's Skin
Rest Among Ruins - Before You Speak
Rest Among Ruins - Sign To Surrender
Rest Among Ruins - Bled Letter
Rest Among Ruins - In Focus
Rest Among Ruins - Reach The Edge [Feat. Aleka Farha]
Rest Among Ruins - Cleanse The Sky
Rest Among Ruins - Siren City
Rest Among Ruins - Everyones Glowing Home
Rest Among Ruins - Guide My Way
Rest Among Ruins - Stranded In The Balcony
Ripple - I Don't Know What It Is, but It Sure Is Funky
Ripple - A Funky Song
Rename - In Different Things
Eddi Reader With the Patron Saints of Imperfection - Dolphins
Ram Herrera - El mismo amor
Ram Herrera - Tu eres
Ram Herrera - Contigo quiero estar
Ram Herrera - Dallas Morning Blues
Ram Herrera - Ahora dile
Ram Herrera - Contigo
RIKKI - Isn't it Wonderful? featured in FINAL FANTASY X
RIKKI - Pure Heart
RIKKI - Suteki da ne?
RIKKI - SUTEKI DA NE (Isn't It Wonderful?)
RIKKI - SUTEKI DA NE (Isn't It Wonderful?) Orchestra Version
RIKKI - Isn’t It Wonderful
Alf Prøysen - Året Rundt
Alf Prøysen - Nøtteliten
Alf Prøysen - Bolla Pinnsvin
Alf Prøysen - I Bakvendtland
Alf Prøysen - Det er gemt å bo på landet
Alf Prøysen - Julepresangen
Alf Prøysen - Marte og Baldrian
Alf Prøysen - Tango for to
Alf Prøysen - Sjarmør-Even
Alf Prøysen - Du ska få en dag i mårå
Alf Prøysen - Lille vakre Anna
Alf Prøysen - Mari du bedåre
Alf Prøysen - Jørgen Hattemaker
Alf Prøysen - Kjærringkjeft
Alf Prøysen - Genser-vise
Alf Prøysen - Æille har et syskenbån på Gjøvik
Alf Prøysen - Den arge bonden
Alf Prøysen - Kjærest på en stol
Alf Prøysen - Så seile vi på Mjøsa
Alf Prøysen - Lillebrors vise
Alf Prøysen - Hompetitten
Alf Prøysen - Husmannspolka
Alf Prøysen - Teddybjørnen
Pipilotti Rist - I'm a Victim of This Song
Pipilotti Rist - Bist du Klein bist du Gross
Alf Prøysen - Musevisa
Alf Prøysen - Julekveldsvisa
Alf Prøysen - Sønnavindvalsen (Vårstasen)
Alf Prøysen - Næsning på Hamarmart'n
Alf Prøysen - Du skal få en dag i mårå
Alf Prøysen - Rosenbloms trio
Alf Prøysen - Julekveldsvise
Alf Prøysen - Bånsull
Alf Prøysen - Huttetuttetei
Alf Prøysen - Kyllingen
Alf Prøysen - Soltrall
Alf Prøysen - Teddybjørnens vise
Alf Prøysen - En vott er grønn
Alf Prøysen - Du og jeg og dompapen
Righteous Jams - Rage of Discipline
Righteous Jams - Iron Mind
Righteous Jams - Green Eyes
Righteous Jams - Bust It
Righteous Jams - No Glory
Righteous Jams - Small Fish
Righteous Jams - Invasion
Righteous Jams - Scream and Shout
Righteous Jams - Where It's Due
Righteous Jams - Righteous Jams
Righteous Jams - Thought Vacation
Righteous Jams - Business as Usual
Righteous Jams - Lizards
Righteous Jams - You Have Issues
Cheryl Pepsii Riley - I Want You
Ravenna Woods - Dark Fields
Ravenna Woods - We Want It All
Ravenna Woods - Graves