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Cliff Richard - Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)
Cliff Richard - Blue Mon
Reacharound - Big Chair
Rabah - Monsieur le président
The Rasmus - Shot
The Rasmus - Night After Night (Out of the Shadows)
The Rasmus - No Fear
The Rasmus - Last Generation
The Rasmus - Dead Promises
The Rasmus - Immortal
The Rasmus - Keep Your Heart Broken
The Rasmus - Heart of Misery
The Rasmus - Livin’ in a World Without You
The Rasmus - Ten Black Roses
The Rasmus - Ghost of Love
The Rasmus - Justify
The Rasmus - Your Forgiveness
The Rasmus - Run to You
The Rasmus - You Got It Wrong
The Rasmus - Lost and Lonely
The Rasmus - The Fight
The Rasmus - Dangerous Kind
The Rasmus - Live Forever
The Rasmus - Madness
The Rasmus - Chill
The Rasmus - Heartbreaker
The Rasmus - Smash
The Rasmus - Someone Else
The Rasmus - One & Only
The Rasmus - Last Waltz
The Rasmus - Playboys
The Rasmus - Blue
The Rasmus - Ice
The Rasmus - Sophia
The Rasmus - Wicked Moments
The Rasmus - Wellwell
The Rasmus - Sold
The Rasmus - Carousel
The Rasmus - Jailer
The Rasmus - Kola
The Rasmus - Raggatip
The Rasmus - Violence
The Rasmus - Panda
Florence Rawlings - The Only Woman in the World
Florence Rawlings - Riverboat
Florence Rawlings - Jump on the Wagon
Florence Rawlings - Wolf Man
Florence Rawlings - Hard to Get
Florence Rawlings - Can't Hold Your Hand
Florence Rawlings - Take Me in Your Arms and Love Me
Florence Rawlings - Can't Catch Me
Florence Rawlings - A Dollar of My Pain
Florence Rawlings - Love Can Be a Battlefield
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Your Eyes Tell on You
Cliff Richard - The Joy of Living
René & Angela - I Love You More
René & Angela - Imaginary Playmates
René & Angela - Bangin' the Boogie
René & Angela - I'll Be Good
René & Angela - No How - No Way
René & Angela - You Don't Have to Cry
René & Angela - Your Smile
The Rasmus - Liquid
The Rasmus - Every Day
The Rasmus - City of the Dead
The Rasmus - Help Me Sing
The Rasmus - Ghostbusters
The Rasmus - Funky Jam
The Rasmus - Myself
The Rasmus - Rakkauslaulu
The Rasmus - Life 705
The Rasmus - Liquid (demo)
The Rasmus - Postman
The Rasmus - Fool
The Rasmus - Shame
The Rasmus - P.S.
The Rasmus - Julen är här igen
The Rasmus - Frog
The Rasmus - Outflow
The Rasmus - Small
The Rasmus - First Day of My Life
The Rasmus - In the Shadows
The Rasmus - Still Standing
The Rasmus - In My Life
The Rasmus - Time to Burn
The Rasmus - Guilty
The Rasmus - Not Like the Other Girls
The Rasmus - Back in the Picture
The Rasmus - Funeral Song
The Rasmus - Everything You Say
The Rasmus - Stranger
The Rasmus - I'm A Mess
The Rasmus - It's Your Night
The Rasmus - Save Me Once Again
The Rasmus - Someone's Gonna Light You Up
The Rasmus - End Of The Story
The Rasmus - You Don't See Me
The Rasmus - Somewhere
The Rasmus - Friends Don't Do Like That
The Rasmus - Sky
Donatella Rettore - Splendido splendente
Donatella Rettore - Karakiri
Donatella Rettore - Kobra
Donatella Rettore - Lamette
Donatella Rettore - Divino divina
Donatella Rettore - Nel viale della scuola è sempre autunno
Donatella Rettore - Stregoneria
Reach the Sky - Maybe Next Year
Reach the Sky - So Far From Home
Reach the Sky - The Chase Is On
Reach the Sky - She Really Loved You
Reach the Sky - In My Defense
Reach the Sky - World Stands Still
Reach the Sky - At Your Doorstep
Reach the Sky - Seems Like Forever
Reach the Sky - Sometimes the Things You Say
Reach the Sky - First Few Days
Reach the Sky - Everybody's Hero
Reach the Sky - Lost Glories
Reach the Sky - Let Us Be Damned
Reach the Sky - This Sadness Alone
Reach the Sky - The Crowded Streets of Boston
Reach the Sky - A Year and a Smile
Reach the Sky - Raincheck
Reach the Sky - The Truth So Familiar
Reach the Sky - Stealing My Soul
Reach the Sky - Good Bye and Goodluck
Reach the Sky - Wherever You Go
Reach the Sky - Sunday Morning Awake
Reach the Sky - My Updated Epitaph
Reach the Sky - Stars Lead the Way
Reach the Sky - The Gift of Stern Angels
Reach the Sky - Everlasting Voices
Reach the Sky - His Hour Upon the Stage
Reach the Sky - Before Too Long
Reach the Sky - Catch the Last Train
Reach the Sky - The Miles Before Us
Reach the Sky - Homesick Confession
Reach the Sky - As the Sun Fell on Summer
Donatella Rettore - Capelli sciolti
Donatella Rettore - Sweetheart on parade
Donatella Rettore - Femme fatale
Donatella Rettore - Il porco romantico
Donatella Rettore - Finchè si è giovani
Donatella Rettore - Bastardo
Donatella Rettore - Cambio
Donatella Rettore - Vento nel vento
Donatella Rettore - Di notte specialmente
Donatella Rettore - Bianco
Donatella Rettore - L'uomo vero
Donatella Rettore - Garage
Donatella Rettore - Canta sempre
Donatella Rettore - Remember
Donatella Rettore - Son Rettore e canto
Donatella Rettore - Il granchio
Donatella Rettore - Il mimo
Donatella Rettore - Thema
Donatella Rettore - Tutta la verità
Donatella Rettore - Figurine
Donatella Rettore - Stralunata
Donatella Rettore - Quanto t'amo
Donatella Rettore - Ricordami
Donatella Rettore - Fax
Cliff Richard - Voice I the Wilderness
Cliff Richard - Mean Streak (original B-Side)
Cliff Richard - Apron Strings (original B-Side)
Cliff Richard - Thinking of Our Love (original B-Side)
Cliff Richard - Lamp of Love
Cliff Richard - Choppin' 'n' Changing
Cliff Richard - Catch Me
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Razzle Dazzle
Cliff Richard - Twenty Flight Rock (1958 live stage performance)
Cliff Richard - It'll Be Me (1963 radio broadcast)
Cliff Richard - Young Ones
Cliff Richard - I Could Easily Fall in Love
Cliff Richard - Right Here Waiting
Cliff Richard - What’s Love Got to Do With It?
Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks - Fabiola
The Rasmus feat. Anette Olzon - October & April
The Rasmus - Open My Eyes
The Rasmus - Dirty Moose
The Rasmus - Swimming With the Kids
The Rasmus - Man in the Street
The Rasmus - Tonight, Tonight
The Rasmus - Pa-Pa
The Rasmus - Vibe
The Rasmus - Tempo
The Rasmus - In The Shadows (revamped)
The Rasmus - Lucifer's Angel
The Rasmus - Don't Let Go
The Rasmus - Dancer in the Dark
The Rasmus - Can't Stop Me
The Rasmus - Play Dead
The Rasmus - Used to Feel Before
The Rasmus - Days
The Rasmus - Guilty (XFM acoustic)
The Rasmus - Since You've Been Gone
The Rasmus - Livin' in a World Without You
The Rasmus - Livin' in a World Without You [acoustic version]
The Rasmus - October And April
The Rasmus - October & April (featuring Anette Olzon)
The Rasmus - If You Ever
The Rasmus - Funeral Song (The Resurrection)
The Rasmus - Trigger
The Rasmus - Sail Away (Benztown Mixdown radio cut)
The Rasmus - Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow
The Rasmus - First Day of My Life (scream mix master)
The Rasmus - Well Well
The Rasmus - Ufolaulu
The Rasmus - Mysteria
The Rasmus - Sky (Piano by Aynsley Green)
The Rasmus - Stranger Wanderer (Remix by DJ Tuhat)
The Rasmus - Save Me Once Again (Piano by Aynsley Green)
Waterloo Revival - Texas Rodeo
Waterloo Revival - Two Shots
Waterloo Revival - Summer Breeze
Waterloo Revival - Little Lightning
Waterloo Revival - Steel Guitar
Waterloo Revival - Bad For You
Cliff Richard - Theme From *The Dream*
Cliff Richard - I'm in Love With You
Cliff Richard - Two Worlds
Cliff Richard - I Love You So
Cliff Richard - Happy Birthday to You
Cliff Richard - The Night Is So Lonely
Cliff Richard - Constantly (L'Edera)
Cliff Richard - Just Another Guy
Cliff Richard - Love Stealer
Cliff Richard - Devil Woman-Reprise
Cliff Richard - Im Nearly Famous
Cliff Richard - The Golden Days Are Over
Cliff Richard - Locked Inside Your Prison
Cliff Richard - Makin' History
Cliff Richard - Teddy Bear
Cliff Richard - Tutti Frutti
Cliff Richard - Walking the Blues
Cliff Richard - My Babe (Off-Air live)
Cliff Richard - That’s My Desire
Cliff Richard - She Means Nothing to Me [with Phil Everly]
Kurt Ravn - En stjerne skinner i nat
Ridin' Thumb - True to Myself
Ridin' Thumb - Jackson
Ridin' Thumb - Rainy Monday
Ridin' Thumb - A Song for You
Renton - Hey Girl
The Rezillos - Flying Saucer Attack
The Rezillos - No
The Rezillos - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight
The Rezillos - Top of the Pops
The Rezillos - 2000 A.D.
The Rezillos - I Can't Stand My Baby
The Rezillos - (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
The Rezillos - Destination Venus
The Rezillos - Mystery Action
The Rezillos - Thunderbirds Are Go
Andrew Ridgeley - Red Dress
Andrew Ridgeley - Shake
Andrew Ridgeley - The Price of Love
Andrew Ridgeley - Flame
Andrew Ridgeley - Hangin'
Andrew Ridgeley - Mexico
Andrew Ridgeley - Big Machine
Andrew Ridgeley - Kiss Me
Andrew Ridgeley - Baby Jane
DJ REAL - Love Is a Four Letter Word
Rita Reys - My Funny Valentine
Return 2 Zero - Return 2 Zero
Return 2 Zero - Georgia on My Mind
Return 2 Zero - Turn Your Love Around
Return 2 Zero - Who Is Like the Lord Our God?
Return 2 Zero - I'm Coming Home
Return 2 Zero - Unto Us
Revere - Learning to Breathe
Reliquiae - Zumbaj
Reliquiae - Katjuscha
Reliquiae - Zeus
Reliquiae - Pandora
Reliquiae - Dunkler Spiegel
Reliquiae - Medusa
Reliquiae - Zwei Herzen
Reliquiae - Krummavisur
Reliquiae - Sisyphos
Reliquiae - Charon
Reliquiae - Traum und Wunsch
Reliquiae - Was noch bleibt
Reliquiae - Maskenbild
Rita Reys - Thanks for the Memory
Rhythm Logic - The First Time
Gerardo Reyes - Bohemio de afición
Gerardo Reyes - Lámpara sin luz
Gerardo Reyes - El rey de los caminos
Gerardo Reyes - Rumbo al sur
Gerardo Reyes - Sin fortuna
Gerardo Reyes - Pablo del monte
Gerardo Reyes - Paso a la reina
Gerardo Reyes - Cargando con mi cruz
Gerardo Reyes - Muchos vasos de vino
Gerardo Reyes - Donde caigo
Gerardo Reyes - ¿Por qué no fui tu amigo?
Gerardo Reyes - Quisiera amarte menos
Gerardo Reyes - Mi vejez
Gerardo Reyes - Dímelo de frente
Gerardo Reyes - El compartido
Gerardo Reyes - La silla vacía
Gerardo Reyes - Los consejos de un padre
Gerardo Reyes - Mire amigo
Maggie Reilly - Walk on By
Maggie Reilly - Little Boy's Eyes
Maggie Reilly - You Brightened Up the Darkness
Maggie Reilly - Listen to Your Heart
Maggie Reilly - In the Heat of the Night
Maggie Reilly - Brought Up to Believe
Maggie Reilly - As Darkness Falls
Maggie Reilly - Reunion
Maggie Reilly - Stolen Heart
Maggie Reilly - Adelena
Maggie Reilly - When It's Over
Maggie Reilly - Half-light
Maggie Reilly - Always You
Maggie Reilly - Now
Maggie Reilly - Replay
Maggie Reilly - I Think It's Gonna Rain
Maggie Reilly - Talking to Myself
Maggie Reilly - Memories
Maggie Reilly - Away Wi' the Faeries
Maggie Reilly - Once I Had a Sweetheart
Maggie Reilly - Heartsong
Maggie Reilly - Promises
Maggie Reilly - Trees They Do Grow High
Maggie Reilly - Cam Ye o'er Frae France
Maggie Reilly - Wild Mountain Thyme
Maggie Reilly - Do You Really Want to Leave Me This Way
Maggie Reilly - Forget About It
Maggie Reilly - These Dreams
Maggie Reilly - Goin' Back
Maggie Reilly - Birds
Maggie Reilly - True Colours
Maggie Reilly - If You Leave Me Now
Maggie Reilly - Close Your Eyes
Maggie Reilly - So Far Away
Maggie Reilly - Angel of the Morning
Revelation Theory - M367 (Out of Our Hands)
Revelation Theory - Slowburn
Revelation Theory - After the Rain
Revelation Theory - Leaving It Up to You
Revelation Theory - Selfish and Cold
Revelation Theory - Take Away
Revelation Theory - Undone
Revelation Theory - Loathe
Revelation Theory - World to Burn
Revelation Theory - Over the Line
Revelation Theory - Deep Six
Simon Raymonde - It's a Family Thing
Gerardo Reyes - Amigo mío
Gerardo Reyes - Payaso
Maggie Reilly - It's a Lovely Day
Maggie Reilly - Family Man
Maggie Reilly - Moonlight Shadow
Maggie Reilly - Juliette
Maggie Reilly - One Little Word
Maggie Reilly - Everytime We Touch '98
Maggie Reilly - All My Heart Can Hold
Maggie Reilly - Don’t Wanna Lose
Maggie Reilly - Follow the Midnight Sun
Maggie Reilly - Echoes
Maggie Reilly - Wait
Maggie Reilly - Tears in the Rain
Maggie Reilly - You’ll Never Lose
Maggie Reilly - Gaia
Maggie Reilly - Real World
Maggie Reilly - Only a Fool
Maggie Reilly - I Know That I Need You
Ricky J - Gotta Get Up
Ricky J - Follow Me
Ricky J - Lose Control
Ricky J - Loot
Ricky J - Let It Go
Ricky J - Partyin' Now
Ricky J - Rick What?
Ricky J - Lolly Pop
Ricky J - No Means No ft Carl Henry
Maggie Reilly - So Much More
Maggie Reilly - Oh My Heart
Maggie Reilly - Tell Me
Maggie Reilly - I Won’t Turn Away
Maggie Reilly - Silver on the Tree / Angel Tears
Maggie Reilly - Sunlight
Maggie Reilly - Only Love
Maggie Reilly - Once in a While
Maggie Reilly - Wind on the Water
Maggie Reilly - I'm Sorry
Maggie Reilly - All Things Are Quite Silent
Maggie Reilly - Man in the Train
Maggie Reilly - Foreign Affair
Maggie Reilly - What About Tomorrow's Children
Reverend - Blessings
Reverend - Play God
Reverend - What You're Looking For
Reverend - Far Away
Reverend - Remission
Reverend - Another Form of Greed
Reverend - Scattered Wits
Reverend - Desperate
Reverend - Leader of Fools
Reverend - World Won't Miss You
Reverend - Rude Awakening
Reverend - Gunpoint
Reverend - Killing Time
Reverend - Hand of Doom
Reverend - 11th Hour
R'n'G - Open Up Your Mind
R'n'G - Here Comes the Sun
R'n'G - Can't U Ce?
Rhoma Irama - Pedih
Rhoma Irama - Terpaksa
Rhoma Irama - Syahdu
Rhoma Irama - Gitar Tua
Rhoma Irama - Musik
Rhoma Irama - Do Mi Sol
Rhoma Irama - Santai
Rhoma Irama - Derita
Rita Sugiarto - Janji
Andrew Rayel feat. Jano - How Do I Know?
Michèle Richard - Rien ne peut le changer
Michèle Richard - Les Boites à gogo
Michèle Richard - Je suis libre
Michèle Richard - La plus belle pour aller danser
Michèle Richard - Quelqu'un
Michèle Richard - L'oiseau de feu
Rauschenberger - Alles fließt
Rauschenberger - Hannover, nicht Hollywood
Rauschenberger - Gegenverkehr
Rauschenberger - Ich halte still
Rauschenberger - Regen
Rauschenberger - Meine schmalen Schultern
Rauschenberger - Herden
Rauschenberger - Von Belang
Rauschenberger - Epilog
Rauschenberger - Zu weit
Rauschenberger - Weiter
Rakel - Lo que respiras
Rakel - Entre nosotros
Rakel - Historia sin final
Rakel - Ni tú ni nadie
Rakel - En el tiempo
Rakel - No me hables de amor
Rakel - Tal vez
Rakel - Jardín del Eden
The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra - Time
Jason Richardson - Fragments
Rap Allstars - Last Christmas
The Red Army Choir - National Anthem Of The USSR
The Red Army Choir - Kalinka
The Red Army Choir - Fields, Oh My Fields
The Red Army Choir - Moscow Defenders Song
The Red Army Choir - Dark Eyes
The Red Army Choir - The Path
The Red Army Choir - Korobeiniki
The Red Army Choir - On The Road (A Soldier's Song)
The Red Army Choir - It's Time To Be On Our Way
The Red Army Choir - Moscow Nights
The Red Army Choir - In the Sunny Clearing
The Red Army Choir - La Marseillaise
The Red Army Choir - Song of the Volga Boatmen
The Red Army Choir - Smuglianka
The Red Army Choir - Katiusha
The Red Army Choir - On the Road
The Red Army Choir - My Love
The Red Army Choir - Poliushko Polye
The Red Army Choir - The Sacred War
The Red Army Choir - The Samovars
The Red Army Choir - The Red Cavalery
The Red Army Choir - The Ukrainian's Bitch Up
The Red Army Choir - Farewell of Slavianka
Will Ray - Bad Bad Day
Will Ray - Sister Theresa
Blind Joe Reynolds - Nehi Blues
Blind Joe Reynolds - Outside Woman Blues
The Real Heroes - Animals Animals Animals
Revolt - Moonlit Room
Los Rebeldes del Rock - Cuando florezcan los manzanos
Los Rebeldes del Rock - Melodía de amor
Los Rebeldes del Rock - La bamba
Los Rebeldes del Rock - Recuerdas cuando
Los Rebeldes del Rock - La hiedra venenosa
Nicole Rieu - Je suis
Nicole Rieu - Et bonjour à toi l'artiste
Nicole Rieu - La Maison de sable
Nicole Rieu - Je m'envole
Nicole Rieu - Ma maison au bord de l'eau
Nicole Rieu - Journal
Nicole Rieu - En courant
Nicole Rieu - La Mandarine
Nicole Rieu - Anne-Marie
Ricochets - The Ghost of Our Love
Ricochets - I Know You're Gonna Leave Me
Ricochets - Cheater At Heart
Ricochets - Fall Down Dead
Ricochet - Caroline
Punnany Massif - Előjáték
Punnany Massif - Nem az a nap
Punnany Massif - Főnök
Punnany Massif - Harmónia
Punnany Massif - Függöny
Punnany Massif - Más ágyában
Punnany Massif - Magány
Punnany Massif - Antika
Punnany Massif - Fegyverek és rózsák
Punnany Massif - Buláj
Punnany Massif - Csönded vagyok
Punnany Massif - Shen Kick
Punnany Massif - Elfogyni az ölelésben
Punnany Massif - Vándország
Punnany Massif - Hétvégre
Punnany Massif - Máshogy telik
Punnany Massif - Húsz parancsolat
Punnany Massif - Nincsen zsé
Punnany Massif - Más szemmel
Punnany Massif - Utómunka
Punnany Massif - Alap, hogy normál
Punnany Massif - Álomképek
Punnany Massif - Nyál a.k.a. rom antika
Punnany Massif - Körkorkép (Magyarok)
Punnany Massif - Miben hiszel?
Punnany Massif - Tisztelet
Punnany Massif - Elveszett barátság
Punnany Massif - Vallomás
Punnany Massif - Kilépő
Punnany Massif - Sirató
Punnany Massif - Élvezd
Punnany Massif - Kopóggyá'
Punnany Massif - Levezető
Punnany Massif - Bemelegítő
Punnany Massif - Néha
Punnany Massif - Pécs Aktuál X
Punnany Massif - Másfél Hete
Amy Rigby - Dancing With Joey Ramone
Amy Rigby - Why Do I
Amy Rigby - Til the Wheels Fall Off
Amy Rigby - Shopping Around
Amy Rigby - Don't Ever Change
Amy Rigby - Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again?
Amy Rigby - The Deal
Amy Rigby - How People Are
Amy Rigby - Last Request
Amy Rigby - Here We Go Again
Amy Rigby - Breakup Boots
Amy Rigby - Believe in You
Amy Rigby - Wait Til I Get You Home
Amy Rigby - Happy for You
Amy Rigby - Rode Hard
Amy Rigby - Let Me In a Little Bit
Amy Rigby - You Get to Me
Amy Rigby - Magicians
Amy Rigby - If You Won't Hang Around
Amy Rigby - Angel After Hours
Amy Rigby - Better Stay Gone
Amy Rigby - Cynically Yours
Amy Rigby - Stop Showing Up in My Dreams
Amy Rigby - All I Want
Amy Rigby - The Summer of My Wasted Youth
Amy Rigby - Raising the Bar
Amy Rigby - What I Need
Amy Rigby - 20th Anniversary
Amy Rigby - For New Times' Sake
Amy Rigby - Laboratory of Love
Amy Rigby - As Is
Amy Rigby - Invisible
Rīgas Doma zēnu koris - Panis Angelicus
Amy Rigby - Beer & Kisses
Amy Rigby - We're Stronger Than That
Amy Rigby - Time for Me to Come Down
Amy Rigby - The Good Girls
Amy Rigby - Knapsack
Amy Rigby - Sad Tale
Amy Rigby - Just Someone I Had in Mind
Amy Rigby - Don't Break the Heart
Amy Rigby - That Tone of Voice
Amy Rigby - I Hate Every Bone in Her Body
Republic - Neked könnyű lehet
Republic - Igazi szerelem
Republic - Ahogy a halak
Republic - Szerelmes vagyok
Republic - Repül a bálna
Republic - A madárjós vakáción
Republic - Távolban egy fehér vitorla
Republic - Szerelmes mindenkibe
Republic - A nagy hajó
Republic - Nem fér bele csak a fele
Republic - Az ember remekmű
Republic - Díszítsetek fel
Republic - Hangyadal
Republic - A vonat legutolsó kocsiján
Republic - Ez itt egy ló
Republic - Te add tovább
Republic - Szabadíts meg
Republic - Mongólia, szerelmem Glória
Republic - Zsoldosok, katonák
Republic - Úgy legyen
Republic - A tűzzel játszom
Republic - Ha itt lennél velem
Republic - A 67-es út
Republic - Engedj közelebb
Republic - Igen
Republic - Ha még egyszer láthatnám
Republic - Erdő közepében -- Fényes utakon
Republic - Ne meneküljek
Republic - Szeretni valakit valamiért
Republic - Szállj el kismadár
Republic - Kék és narancssárga
Republic - Jó reggelt kívánok
Republic - 1526
Republic - A csend beszél tovább
Elio Revé y su Charangón - Mi Amiga Chichy
Elio Revé y su Charangón - Ya Se Cantar, Ya Se Bailar
Elio Revé y su Charangón - Agua Pa Yemayà
Republic - Éhes és fázik
Republic - Nem volt még soha így
Republic - Gyere közelebb menekülj el
Republic - Csak te vagy és én
Republic - Volt néhány napom és volt néhány nevem
Republic - Kedves Hazám
Republic - Aki az én barátom
Republic - Ahová megyek
Republic - Volt itt egy ország
Republic - Nagy baj van hol a szívem
Republic - Ég veled most
Republic - Csak játssz a szívemmel
Republic - Tyereskova
Republic - Dudu
Republic - Só és cukor
Republic - Csak ezt a dalt
Republic - Ahogy nyílik a kapu
Republic - Odaütnél, ha tudnál
Republic - Összehordja a szél a szemetet
Republic - Ne fuss el és soha ne felelj
Republic - Csak a szívemen át
Republic - Soha nem veszíthetsz el
Republic - Madárjós vakáción
Republic - Lassú vonat érkezik
Republic - Beszél a Te szemed
Republic - Ezt a földet választottam
Republic - Erdő közepében
Republic - Megy a gomba
Republic - Mondd, hogy igen
Republic - Varázsolj a szívemmel
Republic - Kék ibolya
Republic - Megyek a sorban
Republic - Furcsa magasban
Republic - Feljön a nap az égen
Republic - Gyerek vagyok
Republic - Megsimogatná arcomat
Republic - Könnyek helyett
Republic - Valahogy másképp történt meg
Republic - Utánam srácok!!!
Republic - "16 tonna" fekete szén
Republic - Harmadik Háború
Republic - A kisdobos
Republic - Kurdisztánba a hegyek közé
Republic - Vízöntő
Republic - Soha ne menj oda
Republic - A víz alatt
Republic - Róka jár az udvaron
Republic - Kísérlet
Republic - Nem jöttél, nem is írtál
Republic - A szerelő
Republic - Ima a vándorokért
Republic - Lajhár
Republic - Kis borzasztó
Republic - Csodákban lépkedem
Republic - Akarom, hogy mondd
Republic - Kapd el gyorsan
Republic - Végtelen történet
Os Resentidos - Sector naval
Os Resentidos - Cumbia china
Os Resentidos - Galicia sitio distinto
Os Resentidos - Manda carallo
Os Resentidos - 903
Os Resentidos - Amebas
Os Resentidos - 4 x 20
Os Resentidos - A vaca de Martin Heidegger
Os Resentidos - O xaponés Carmiña
Os Resentidos - Teño soños
Republic - Veri a habot
Republic - Nem kell félni
Republic - A legszebb csillag
Republic - Esős évszak
Republic - Hogyha benned élnék
Republic - Jönnek a hadvezérek
Republic - Amit nem értek
Republic - Ima a gyermekekért
Republic - Csak én, süllyed el
Republic - Kicsi, gyere velem
Republic - Egyszer egy szép napon
Republic - Mindenkinek igaza van
Republic - Micimackó
Republic - Ne sírj, kedves
Republic - Húzd barom húzd
Republic - Jópofa vagyok
Radioactive - Waiting For A Miracle
Radioactive - Ceremony Of Innocence
Razorcuts - I'll Still Be There
Razorcuts - Sorry to Embarrass You
Nathan Reich - Better Off Dead
Razorcuts - Jade
Nathan Reich - Heart of Mine
Nathan Reich - Sweet Isolation
Nathan Reich - Chandelier Love
Nathan Reich - Interstate
Nathan Reich - All Night Pharmacy
Nathan Reich - The Dream Song
Nathan Reich - Wasp
Nathan Reich - Islands
Razorcuts - Silhouette
Razorcuts - Snowbirds Don’t Fly
Os Resentidos - Dálle beibe dálle
Os Resentidos - Galicia canibal (Fai un sol de carallo)-(Boca seca mix)
Republic - Hozd el azt a napot (Szatyidal)
Republic - Égi lovakon
Republic - Gyere-hopp!!!
Republic - Lehet, hogy már nem jövök
Republic - A legszebb álmaimban jársz
Republic - A hátunk mögött a hó
Republic - Légy, aki vagy
Republic - Kóbor kutyák
Republic - Esténként a tóban
Republic - Gagarin
Republic - Szemében a csillagok
Republic - Nekem a tíz tiszta víz
Republic - Gyere holnap
Republic - Még egyszer nyár
Republic - Sose voltál, mindig vagy
Revoker - Time to Die
Revoker - Psychoville
Revoker - All Rise
Revoker - Hate Inside
Rejestracja - Wariat
RAK - Dreams Like These
Patagonia Revelde - Mi Corazón
Patagonia Revelde - Telarañas
Patagonia Revelde - Patagonia ReVelde
Patagonia Revelde - Caracas
Patagonia Revelde - Ver de Lejos
Patagonia Revelde - Sueño con Serpientes
Patagonia Revelde - Al Veterano
Patagonia Revelde - El condor
Patagonia Revelde - Chacarera de las cabecitas negras
Patagonia Revelde - Asi tenia que ser
Republic - Mohikán
Republic - Sose ébressz fel, ha más dala szól
Republic - Veszel vagy Eladsz
Republic - B konténer
Republic - Igaz volt minden szó
Republic - Születni kell...
Republic - Méz Áron kuckója
Republic - A mosoly az arcodon
Republic - Az utca mindkét oldalán
Republic - Lélegző sárga dallamok
Republic - Minden itt van
Le Remède - Chacun son heure
Rich Kidd - SYKE
The Rambling Wheels - Bleu Cafe
The Rambling Wheels - We Are All Here
Mental Reservation - In trance
Mental Reservation - Sceptic
Restless Heart - No End to This Road
Restless Heart - Let the Heartache Ride
Restless Heart - (Back to the) Heartbreak Kid
Restless Heart - That Rock Won't Roll
Restless Heart - Why Does It Have to Be (Wrong or Right)
Restless Heart - The Bluest Eyes In Texas
Restless Heart - A Tender Lie
Restless Heart - Fast Movin' Train
Restless Heart - Dancy's Dream
Restless Heart - Long Lost Friend
Restless Heart - When She Cries
Restless Heart - Tell Me What You Dream
Restless Heart - For Lack of Better Words
Restless Heart - Somebody's Gonna Get That Girl
Restless Heart - Mending Fences
Restless Heart - We Got the Love
Restless Heart - As Far as I Can Tell
Restless Heart - Blame It on Love
Restless Heart - Born in a High Wind
Restless Heart - Just in Time
Restless Heart - Big Iron Horses
Restless Heart - You Can Depend on Me
Restless Heart - Til I Loved You
Restless Heart - I Want Everyone to Cry
Restless Heart - Hummingbird
Restless Heart - Say What's in Your Heart
Restless Heart - We Owned This Town
Restless Heart - She's Coming Home
Marku Ribas - Zamba Ben
Restless Heart - Feel My Way to You
Restless Heart - The Night Before
Restless Heart - What We Know Now
Restless Heart - When Somebody Loves You
Right Brigade - Broken
Right Brigade - Back From This
Right Brigade - Of My Life
Right Brigade - Last Forever
Right Brigade - Falling Down
Right Brigade - Waste of Breath
Right Brigade - Lost and Found
Right Brigade - No Way
Right Brigade - Come Undone
Right Brigade - Number 9
Right Brigade - Isn't It Pretty to Think So?
Restless Heart - The Boy's on a Roll
Restless Heart - Hard Time
Restless Heart - New York (Hold Her Tight)
Restless Heart - Sweet Auburn
Restless Heart - I've Never Been So Sure
Restless Heart - Lady Luck
Restless Heart - River of Stone
Restless Heart - The Truth Hurts
Restless Heart - Jenny Come Back
Restless Heart - No Way Out
Restless Heart - Carved in Stone
Restless Heart - This Time
Restless Heart - Calm Before the Storm
Restless Heart - The Ride of Your Life
I ratti della Sabina - Qualcosa d’interessante
I ratti della Sabina - La banda
I ratti della Sabina - Sette stelle
I ratti della Sabina - Piccolo principe
I ratti della Sabina - Sarà per questo
I ratti della Sabina - Una strana logica
I ratti della Sabina - Oggi io
I ratti della Sabina - Tra la luna e la tua schiena
I ratti della Sabina - Il mio tempo
I ratti della Sabina - Ciao
I ratti della Sabina - La rivoluzione
I ratti della Sabina - L'ultimo dei sogni
I ratti della Sabina - Radici
I ratti della Sabina - Chi arriva prima aspetta
I ratti della Sabina - Lo scemo del villaggio
I ratti della Sabina - La giostra
I ratti della Sabina - Fuori dal centro (Fiori leggeri)
I ratti della Sabina - La morale dei briganti
I ratti della Sabina - Circobirò
I ratti della Sabina - Il violinista pazzo
I ratti della Sabina - Il giocoliere
I ratti della Sabina - Linea 670
I ratti della Sabina - Fra le braccia della luna
I ratti della Sabina - La tarantella del serpente
I ratti della Sabina - Il funambolo
I ratti della Sabina - L'uomo che piantava alberi
I ratti della Sabina - Seila
I ratti della Sabina - Il mercante
I ratti della Sabina - Il pifferaio magico
I ratti della Sabina - A passo lento
I ratti della Sabina - Non fa paura la notte
I ratti della Sabina - Come fossi neve
I ratti della Sabina - Il re dei topi
I ratti della Sabina - A oriente
I ratti della Sabina - Il suono del motore
I ratti della Sabina - Il tempo che merita
I ratti della Sabina - L'abbatuozzo
I ratti della Sabina - Fino al confine dell'inverno
I ratti della Sabina - Dopo la pioggia
I ratti della Sabina - Clandestino
I ratti della Sabina - Preghiera di notte
I ratti della Sabina - Il giocoliere (a Gianni Rodari)
I ratti della Sabina - Sonatina
I ratti della Sabina - Signora "Patria"
I ratti della Sabina - L'incendio
I ratti della Sabina - Una ragione per vivere
I ratti della Sabina - Nel giorno della liberazione
I ratti della Sabina - Anche nei giorni di temporale
I ratti della Sabina - Il sogno del menestrello
I ratti della Sabina - Ricordi
I ratti della Sabina - Il pazzo e la stella
I ratti della Sabina - Carnevale liberato
I ratti della Sabina - In viaggio
I ratti della Sabina - Alla malinconia
I ratti della Sabina - L'omo
I ratti della Sabina - Ballata di acqua e di terra
I ratti della Sabina - Lettera mai scritta
I ratti della Sabina - Oltre la città
I ratti della Sabina - Piccola canzone
I ratti della Sabina - La ciucca (traccia speciale)
Gruff Rhys - Shark Ridden Waters
Gruff Rhys - Honey All Over
Gruff Rhys - Vitamin K
Gruff Rhys - Take a Sentence
Gruff Rhys - Conservation Conversation
Gruff Rhys - Christopher Columbus
Gruff Rhys - Space Dust #2
Gruff Rhys - Patterns of Power
Gruff Rhys - If We Were Words (We Would Rhyme)
Gruff Rhys - The Court of King Arthur
Gruff Rhys - Lonesome Words
Gruff Rhys - Cycle of Violence
Gruff Rhys - Painting People Blue
Gruff Rhys - Beacon in the Darkness
Gruff Rhys - Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru
Gruff Rhys - Skylon!
Gruff Rhys - 100 Unread Messages
Gruff Rhys - The Last Conquistador
Gruff Rhys - The Swamp
Gruff Rhys - Epynt
Gruff Rhys - Rhagluniaeth Ysgafn
Gruff Rhys - Pwdin Ŵy 2
Gruff Rhys - Y Gwybodusion
Gruff Rhys - Caerffosiaeth
Gruff Rhys - Ambell Waith
Gruff Rhys - Ni Yw Y Byd
Ricky Lawson & Friends - I Will Be Here Waiting for You
Gruff Rhys - Post Apocalypse Christmas
Gruff Rhys - Whale Trail
Gruff Rhys - Slashed Wrists This Christmas
Nicolas Repac - Swinging in the Rain
Nicolas Repac - Swing Swing
Ricky Hil - Walk Around Here
Ricky Hil - Skys Black
Ricky Hil - Lose Your Mind
Ricky Hil - From Hell
Ricky Hil - What I Need
Ricky Hil - Psych Ward Blues
Ricky Hil - Superman
Ricky Hil - Paranoia
Ricky Hil - Stupid
Ricky Hil - Slickville
Ricky Hil - I Can’t Stand
Ricky Hil - Nomads
Ricky Hil - The Right Time
Ricky Hil - Sarah’s Song
Ricky Hil - The Professional
Ricky Hil - Xanax Bars
Ricky Hil - Understand Me
Ricky Hil - M.O.M.
Ricky Hil - Beautiful When You're Sad
Reverence - Phantom Road
Reno Divorce - Rep to Protect
Reno Divorce - Ill-Gotten Gains
Reno Divorce - Sunsets & Corvettes
Reno Divorce - Time Flies When You’re Having Fun
Reno Divorce - I’ll Always Be Your Slave
Reno Divorce - Every Second Counts
Reno Divorce - Three Time Loser
Reno Divorce - G.E.D. Sweetheart
Reno Divorce - Don’t Let It Slip Away
Reno Divorce - Say It
Reno Divorce - Can’t Win for Loosin’
Reno Divorce - What Were You Saying?
Reno Divorce - How Long's It Been?
Reno Divorce - Lover's Leap
Reno Divorce - Make Sure You're Sure
Reno Divorce - You've Created a Monster
Frank Sinatra - There's No Business Like Show Business
Frank Sinatra - Love and Marriage
Frank Sinatra - Don't Worry 'Bout Me
Frank Sinatra - Anything Goes
Frank Sinatra - A Foggy Day (in London Town)
Frank Sinatra - Violets for Your Furs
Frank Sinatra - South of the Border
Dean Martin - Young And Foolish (Plain And Fancy)
Frank Sinatra - You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me
Frank Sinatra - Mood Indigo
Frank Sinatra - Swingin' Down the Lane
Dean Martin - Bye, Bye Blackbird
Frank Sinatra - You’re Getting to Be a Habit With Me
Frank Sinatra - It Happened in Monterey
Frank Sinatra - I've Got You Under My Skin
Frank Sinatra - You Do Something to Me
Frank Sinatra - Learnin' the Blues
Frank Sinatra - Azure‐Te (Paris Blues)
Frank Sinatra - Pennies From Heaven
Frank Sinatra - How About You?
The Rat Pack - I Left My Heart In San Francisco
The Rat Pack - Me and My Shadow
The Rat Pack - June in January
The Rat Pack - I Only Have Eyes for You
The Rat Pack - The Lady Is a Tramp
The Rat Pack - Guys & Dolls
The Rat Pack - Who Can I Turn To
The Rat Pack - My Kind of Town
Danny Williams - Moon River
Refugee - Someday
Refugee - Credo
Refugee - Grand Canyon suite
Reigani - Tere tere traktors
Reigani - Es eju kost
Rhythmix - Tik Tok / Push It (medley) (X Factor performance)
Rhythmix - I'm Like a Bird (X Factor performance)
Reepublic - Turn Off the Light
Frank Sinatra - Here Goes
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr. - We Open in Venice
Sammy Davis Jr. - There Is Nothin' Like a Dame
Frank Sinatra - River, Stay 'Way From My Door
The Rat Pack - Too Marvelous For Words
Sammy Davis Jr. - Jingle Bells
Frank Sinatra - The First Noël
Frank Sinatra - I'll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams)
Frank Sinatra - Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
Frank Sinatra - Swinging on a Star
Frank Sinatra - Long Ago and Far Away
Frank Sinatra - I Only Have Eyes for You
Frank Sinatra - Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
Frank Sinatra - No Love, No Nothin'
Frank Sinatra - Shake Down The Stars
Frank Sinatra - The Night Is Young and You Are so Beautiful
Frank Sinatra - I'll Be Seeing You
Frank Sinatra - The Trolley Song
Frank Sinatra - Porgy and Bess (medley)
Frank Sinatra - My Heart Tells Me
Frank Sinatra - Sweet Lorraine
Frank Sinatra - That Old Black Magic
Frank Sinatra - It Could Happen to You
Frank Sinatra - It Had to Be You
Frank Sinatra - As Time Goes By
Dean Martin - Day After Day
Frank Sinatra - Close to You
Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra - The One I Love
Frank Sinatra - Imagination
Frank Sinatra - Stardust
Frank Sinatra - This Love of Mine
Dean Martin - Bonne Nuit
Frank Sinatra - I'm Gonna Live Till I Die
Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr. - Me and My Shadow
Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr. - Sam's Song
Frank Sinatra - The Lady Is a Tramp
Frank Sinatra - Chicago
Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft
Rademacher - Playing For Fun
Rigor Sardonicous - Intro
Rigor Sardonicous - Apocalypsis Damnare
Rigor Sardonicous - Pandemic
Rigor Sardonicous - Human Rot
Rigor Sardonicous - Saprophyte
Rigor Sardonicous - Holy Suicide
Rigor Sardonicous - The Deathless Sol
Rigor Sardonicous - The Dead
Rigor Sardonicous - Sleepless
Rigor Sardonicous - Risus Ex Mortuus
Rigor Sardonicous - Phases of Death
Rigor Sardonicous - Wall of Darkness
Rigor Sardonicous - Soulless Extinction
Rigor Sardonicous - 'Possession'
Rigor Sardonicous - Rigor Sardonicous
Rigor Sardonicous - Homophile Necrophilia
Rigor Sardonicous - Jewish Massacre
Rigor Sardonicous - Death's Revelation
Rigor Sardonicous - Despair
Rigor Sardonicous - Season of the Dead
Rigor Sardonicous - Mane de Maeroris
Rigor Sardonicous - Silens Somnium
Rigor Sardonicous - Incompertus quod Anon
Rigor Sardonicous - Rex Regis Fortuna
Rigor Sardonicous - Parasitosis
Rico - Aeroplane
Rico - Smokescreen
Frank Sinatra - When Your Lover Has Gone
Frank Sinatra - Monologue
Frank Sinatra - Please Be Kind
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr. - Birth of the Blues
Frank Sinatra - Nancy (With the Laughing Face)
Dean Martin - Via Veneto
Frank Sinatra - My Heart Stood Still
Frank Sinatra - Call Me Irresponsible
Frank Sinatra - You Go to My Head
Dean Martin & Helen O’Connell - How D'Ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning
Frank Sinatra - Lover
Frank Sinatra - Some Enchanted Evening
Frank Sinatra - She's Funny That Way
Frank Sinatra - The Boys' Night Out
RHODES - Intro
RHODES - Close Your Eyes
RHODES - Raise Your Love
RHODES - You & I
RHODES - Breathe
RHODES - Somebody
RHODES - Turning Back Around
RHODES - Your Soul
RHODES - Losing It
RHODES & Birdy - Let It All Go
RHODES - Better
RHODES - Wishes
RHODES - Worry
RHODES - Morning
RHODES - Love Live On
RHODES - Darker Side
RHODES - Bloom
RHODES - Wishes (The Lodge session)
RHODES - Let It All Go
RHODES - Crash
RHODES - What If Love
Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana - Talutushihnassa
Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana - Jos jäät
Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana - T.T.T.T.
Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana - Aikaa
Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana - Julkinen sana
Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana - Ei tunnu missään
Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana - Rakkaudella vihaajille
Rey Pila - Fire Away
Rey Pila - White Night
Rey Pila - Surveillance Camera
Rey Pila - Alexander
Rey Pila - False Self System
Rey Pila - The Future Sugar
Rey Pila - Nerds
Rey Pila - Orden Police
Rey Pila - What a Nice Surprise
Rey Pila - Blast
Frank Sinatra - My Kind of Town
Bing Crosby - Don't Be a Do-Badder
Frank Sinatra - I Like to Lead When I Dance
Frank Sinatra - A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
Frank Sinatra - Stormy Weather
Frank Sinatra - Old Man River
Frank Sinatra - Where or When
Frank Sinatra - Nancy
Frank Sinatra - Embraceable You
Frank Sinatra - I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night
Frank Sinatra - Put Your Dreams Away
Frank Sinatra - Time After Time
Frank Sinatra - The Coffee Song
Frank Sinatra - Five Minutes More
Frank Sinatra - Stella By Starlight
Frank Sinatra - April in Paris
Frank Sinatra - Hello Young Lovers
Frank Sinatra - The Old Master Painter
Frank Sinatra - I Have Got a Crush on You
The Rat Pack - Goody Goody
The Rat Pack - Nancy
The Rat Pack - Night and Day
Frank Sinatra - Goody, Goody
Frank Sinatra - A Foggy Day (In London)
Frank Sinatra - The Lonesome Road
Frank Sinatra - All the Way
Frank Sinatra - This Can't Be Love
Frank Sinatra - Bewitched
Ravyns - Rhythm of the Heart
Ravyns - Raised on the Radio
Ravyns - Ready for Romance
Ravyns - No Regular Woman
Ravyns - Wraparound
Ravyns - Give Me One Chance
Ravyns - Love or Suicide
Ravyns - One Fallen Angel
Ravyns - Cryin' 'Bout It (Don't Do Any Good)
Ravyns - Gone Too Long
Renaud - Miss Maggie
Renaud - Si t'es mon pote
Renaud - Mistral gagnant
Renaud - Trois matelots
Renaud - Tu vas au bal ?
Renaud - Baby-Sitting Blues
Renaud - P'tite conne
Renaud - Le Retour de la Pépette
Renaud - Fatigué
Renaud - Petit pédé
Renaud - Je vis caché
Renaud - Cœur perdu
Renaud - Tout arrêter…
Renaud - Baltique
Renaud - Boucan d'enfer
Renaud - Mon nain de jardin
Renaud - Mal barrés
Renaud - Corsic'armes
Renaud - Mon bistrot préféré
Renaud - Manu
Renaud - Dans mon H.L.M.
Renaud - En cloque
Jason Reeves - Photographs & Memories
Renaud - Ma gonzesse
Jason Reeves - Pretty Eyes
Renaud - Hexagone
Jason Reeves - Gasoline
Renaud - La Blanche
Jason Reeves - Honestly
Renaud - It's Not Because You Are
Jason Reeves - The Sun Shines on Everything
Renaud - Le Retour de Gérard Lambert
Jason Reeves - Makeshift Aircraft
Renaud - Marche à l'ombre
Jason Reeves - Someone Somewhere
Renaud - RS & RS
Jason Reeves - Happy Accident
Jason Reeves - You in a Song
Renaud - Rouge sang
Jason Reeves - Reaching
Renaud - Ma blonde
Renaud - Les Cinq Sens
Jason Reeves - Entwined
Jason Reeves - Sunbeam Lights
Renaud - Nos vieux
Jason Reeves - Never Find Again
Renaud - J'ai retrouvé mon flingue !
Jason Reeves - New Hampshire
Renaud - Jusqu'à la fin du monde
Jason Reeves - Old Fashioned Letters
Jason Reeves - Just Friends
Jason Reeves - The Fragrant Taste of Rain
Renaud - Malone
Jason Reeves - Photographs and Memories
Jason Reeves - The End
Renaud - Sentimentale mon cul !
Jason Reeves - Hearts Are Magnets
Jason Reeves - Helium Hearts
Renaud - Danser à Rome
Jason Reeves - Simple Song
Jason Reeves - Save My Heart
Renaud - Je m'appelle Galilée
Jason Reeves - Infinity to One
Jason Reeves - Sticks & Stones
Jason Reeves - No Lies
Jason Reeves - Only with You
Jason Reeves - Always Want More
Jason Reeves - No One Ever Taught Us
Jason Reeves - Alone
Jason Reeves - Truth
Jason Reeves - On Our Way
Jason Reeves - Back With Me
Jason Reeves - I'll Never Leave You Again
Jason Reeves - More in Love With You
Jason Reeves - Like the Sun
Jason Reeves - You're My Best Friend
Jason Reeves - Nobody Else Could Be You
Jason Reeves - Song for Jack
Jason Reeves - Numbers & Time
Jason Reeves - I Can't Imagine
Jason Reeves - One Day
Anne Hilde og Arve Reigstad - Alpha och Omega
Anne Hilde og Arve Reigstad - Välkommen/Tack för Golgata/Jesus, du är Konung mitt ibland oss
Anne Hilde og Arve Reigstad - Bare du
Frank Sinatra - Silent Night, Holy Night
Frank Sinatra - Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town
Frank Sinatra - Ave Maria
Frank Sinatra - The Lord's Prayer
Frank Sinatra - Light a Candle in the Chapel
Frank Sinatra - While the Angelas Was Ringing
Frank Sinatra - Let's Start the New Year Right
Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me
Frank Sinatra - On the Road to Mandalay
Frank Sinatra - Love Me or Leave Me
Frank Sinatra - Dancing in the Dark
Frank Sinatra - On the Sunny Side of the Street
Frank Sinatra - I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance
Frank Sinatra - For You
Jason Reeves - Dinosaurs
Jason Reeves - Vietnam
Jason Reeves - Through the Morning Light
Jason Reeves - Bones to Water
Jason Reeves - Dream
Jason Reeves - Say Love
Jason Reeves - Treefall
Jason Reeves - Your Skin Instead
Jason Reeves - Happy to Be Numb
Jason Reeves - Morning Air
Jason Reeves - In Between the Rain
Jason Reeves - Nervous Mind of Love
Jason Reeves - Careless
Jason Reeves - Skydive
Jason Reeves - Everything Is Eventual
Jason Reeves - When Life Was Good
Jason Reeves - Echoes
Jason Reeves - Wishing Weed
Leon Redbone - Sweet Mama Hurry Home or I'll Be Gone
Leon Redbone - Haunted House
Leon Redbone - Polly Wolly Doodle
Leon Redbone - Frosty the Snowman
Leon Redbone - Toyland
Leon Redbone - That Old Christmas Moon
Leon Redbone - Let It Snow
Leon Redbone - Diddy Wa Diddie
Leon Redbone - Crazy Blues
Leon Redbone - Mississippi Delta Blues
Leon Redbone - Mr. Jelly Roll Baker
Leon Redbone - My Melancholy Baby
Leon Redbone - Sheik of Araby
Leon Redbone - If We Never Meet Again This Side Of Heaven
Leon Redbone - Champagne Charlie
Leon Redbone - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
Leon Redbone - Sweet Sue (Just You)