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Public Enemy - Rightstarter (Message to a Black Man)
Public Enemy - M.P.E.
Public Enemy - Yo! Bum Rush the Show
Public Enemy - Raise the Roof
Public Enemy - Megablast
Public Enemy - Terminator X Speaks With His Hands
Public Enemy - Air Conditioning
Public Enemy - Who’s Your Hero?
Public Enemy - Electric Shave
Public Enemy - Hell No, We Ain’t Allright
Public Enemy - Shit
Psychic Ills - One More Time
Psychic Ills - Might Take a While
Psychic Ills - I Get By
Robert Post - There's One Thing
Robert Post - Got None
Robert Post - High Tide
Robert Post - More & More
Robert Post - New Born
Robert Post - Ocean & A Tear
Robert Post - Frontline
Robert Post - So Bad Of You
Robert Post - Crazy
Public Enemy - Bring That Beat Back
Public Enemy - Watch the Door
Public Enemy - Mklvfkwr
Public Enemy - Do You Wanna Go Our Way??
Public Enemy - World Tour Sessions
Public Enemy - Give It Up
Public Enemy - Public Enemy #1
Public Enemy - Hazy Shade of Criminal
Charley Pride - Just Between You and Me
Charley Pride - Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger
Charley Pride - Please Help Me I'm Falling
Charley Pride - Wonder Could I Live There Anymore
Charley Pride - I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me
Charley Pride - It's Gonna Take a Little Bit Longer
Charley Pride - A Shoulder to Cry On
Charley Pride - Someone Loves You Honey
Charley Pride - (I'm So) Afraid of Losing You Again
Charley Pride - Honky Tonk Blues
Charley Pride - Never Been So Loved (In All My Life)
Charley Pride - Mountain of Love
Charley Pride - I Don't Think She's in Love Anymore
Charley Pride - Crystal Chandelier
Charley Pride - Afraid of Losing You Again
Charley Pride - The Power of Love
Charley Pride - Night Games
Charley Pride - The Top of the World
Charley Pride - One of These Days
Charley Pride - I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Charley Pride - You’ll Still Be the One
Charley Pride - Is Anybody Goin’ to San Antone
Edgar Allan Poe - Kapitel 11
Edgar Allan Poe - The Tell Tale Heart
Edgar Allan Poe - The Fall of the House of Usher
Edgar Allan Poe - The Cask of Amontillado
Les Porte-Mentaux - Elsa Fraulein
Puer Kim - Saliva Bubble
Puer Kim - It’s Hard to Be a Daughter of a Woman Loved by God
Puer Kim - U Smell Like the Ocean
Puer Kim - Puer Tea
Charley Pride - All His Children
Charley Pride - The Banks of the Ohio
Charley Pride - Kaw Lija
Charley Pride - Piroque Joe
Charley Pride - All I Have to Offer You Is Me
Charley Pride - Detroit City
Charley Pride - The Last Thing on My Mind
Charley Pride - Distant Drums
Charley Pride - Green, Green Grass of Home
Charley Pride - Got Leavin' on Her Mind
Charley Pride - In the Middle of Nowhere
Charley Pride - Apartment #9
Charley Pride - I'm Not the Boy I Used to Be
Charley Pride - Take Me Home
Charley Pride - Touch My Heart
Charley Pride - Best Banjo Picker
Charley Pride - A Brand New Bed of Roses
Charley Pride - The Easy Part's Over
Charley Pride - Then Who Am I
Charley Pride - More and More
Charley Pride - Crystal Chandeliers
Public Enemy - My Uzi Weighs a Ton
Public Enemy - Rightstarter
Public Enemy - Get Up Stand Up
Public Enemy - Show Em Whatcha Got
Public Enemy - I Shall Not Be Moved
Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think
Public Enemy - Most of My Heroes Still…
Public Enemy feat. Bumpy Knuckles - Get It In
Public Enemy feat. Large Professor & Cormega - Catch the Thrown
Public Enemy - RLTK
Public Enemy - Fassfood
Public Enemy - What Side You On?
Public Enemy - So Whatcha Gone Do Now?
Public Enemy - White Heaven/Black Hell
Public Enemy - Race Against Time
Public Enemy - They Used to Call It Dope
Public Enemy - Aintnuttin Buttersong
Public Enemy - Live and Undrugged, Parts 1 & 2
Public Enemy - I Ain’t Mad at All
Public Enemy - Death of a Carjacka
Public Enemy - Livin in a Zoo
Charley Pride - The Little Folks
Charley Pride - Mama Don't Cry for Me
Charley Pride - Gone, on the Other Hand
Charley Pride - You Can Tell the World
Charley Pride - I'll Wander Back to You
Charley Pride - I Threw Away the Rose
Charley Pride - A Word or Two to Mary
Charley Pride - Banks of the Ohio
Charley Pride - Lie to Me
Charley Pride - Baby Is Gone
Eric Prydz - Generate
Eric Prydz - Every Day
Eric Prydz - Fading Like a Flower
Eric Prydz - Niton (The Reason) Sigma Remix
Eric Prydz - Breathe
Eric Prydz - Moody Mondays
Eric Prydz - Liberate - Champion Sound
Machito Ponce - Hot Line
Machito Ponce - Burundanga
Machito Ponce - Samantha
Machito Ponce - Short Dick Man
Machito Ponce - Póntelo (Mi Pana El Condón)
Machito Ponce - Te Voy a Poner a Gozal
Machito Ponce - Mi Nombre Es Machito
Gabry Ponte feat. Pitbull and Sophia del Carmen - Beat on My Drum
Public Enemy - … Everything
Public Enemy - Shut ’em Down
Promethean - Rat Dance
Promethean - It's the Light
Promethean - Blazah
Promethean - Self Portrait
Promethean - Somber Regards
Promethean - Spiderland
Charley Pride - Someday You Will
Charley Pride - The Image of Me
Charley Pride - Streets of Baltimore
Charley Pride - Lousiana Man
Charley Pride - A Good Chance of Tear-Fall Tonight
Charley Pride - One Time
Charley Pride - That's Why I Love You So Much
Charley Pride - If You Had Only Taken the Time
Charley Pride - Gone, Gone, Gone
Charley Pride - Happy Street
Charley Pride - It's All Right
Charley Pride - Let Me Live In The Light Of His Love
Charley Pride - There Goes My Everything
Charley Pride - The Happiness Of Having You
Charley Pride - Never Been So Loved (In All of My Life)
Public Enemy - The Evil Empire of…
Public Enemy - Don’t Give Up the Fight
Public Enemy - Beyond Trayvon
Public Enemy - Riotstarted!
Public Enemy - Notice (Know This)
Public Enemy - Icebreaker
Public Enemy - Broke Diva
Public Enemy - Dark Side of the Wall: 2000
Public Enemy - LSD
Public Enemy - Here I Go
Public Enemy - First the Sheep Next the Shepherd?
Public Enemy - Last Mass of the Caballeros
Public Enemy - What What
Public Enemy - Kevorkian
Public Enemy - Swindlers Lust
Public Enemy - How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul?
Public Enemy - Black Is Back
Public Enemy feat. KRS-One - Sex, Drugs & Violence
Public Enemy feat. E.Infinite - Amerikan Gangster
Public Enemy - Can You Hear Me Now
Public Enemy - Escapism
Public Enemy - Frankenstar
Public Enemy - See Something, Say Something
Public Enemy - Long and Whining Road
Przejebane - 1 maja
Joe Purdy - Wash Away
Joe Purdy - Skinny Dippin' Girl
Joe Purdy - Mary
Joe Purdy - St. Lawrence Spits
Joe Purdy - Far Away Blues
Joe Purdy - Riverboat Captain
Joe Purdy - Whiskey and Fish
Joe Purdy - Abbie's Song
Joe Purdy - I Love the Rain the Most
Joe Purdy - Julie Blue
Joe Purdy - The City
Joe Purdy - Cinderella and the "A" Train
Joe Purdy - Look at You Now
Joe Purdy - Why Do I
Joe Purdy - Andrea
Joe Purdy - Laughing Man
Joe Purdy - Meteor City
Joe Purdy - Why You
Joe Purdy - Suitcase
Joe Purdy - Come Back Down Joe
Joe Purdy - Falling Down
Joe Purdy - Secret
Joe Purdy - Worn Out Shoes
Joe Purdy - Blue in the Sky
Joe Purdy - Can't Get It Right Today
Joe Purdy - Balcony/Green Eyes
Joe Purdy - Sad Clown
Joe Purdy - Walking Down
Joe Purdy - Shy Town Tonight
Joe Purdy - Only Four Seasons
Joe Purdy - The Pretenders
Joe Purdy - Isn't Love
Joe Purdy - This Town
Joe Purdy - Ah-La Song
Joe Purdy - Lover's Side of Town
Joe Purdy - Mary May & Bobby
Joe Purdy - Leave Me Be
Joe Purdy - Put Me in My Place
Joe Purdy - Runaway Children
Joe Purdy - Stranded
Joe Purdy - Movin' On
Charley Pride - Able-Bodied Man
Charley Pride - Through the Years
Charley Pride - The Thought of Losing You
Charley Pride - I Think I'll Take a Walk
Charley Pride - Things Are Looking Up
Charley Pride - Special
Charley Pride - A Poor Boy Like Me
Charley Pride - (There's) Nobody Home to Go Home To
Charley Pride - You're So Good Whey You're Bad
Joe Purdy - San Jose
Joe Purdy - Take My Blanket and Go
Joe Purdy - Sinkin' Low
Joe Purdy - Goldfish
Joe Purdy - Good Days
Joe Purdy - White Picket Fence
Joe Purdy - Days of Old
Joe Purdy - Wood Box
Joe Purdy - You Should
Joe Purdy - Brooklyn I'm Calling
Joe Purdy - Paris In The Morning
Joe Purdy - Waiting On Something Good
Joe Purdy - Make It Up
Joe Purdy - Two Left Feet
Joe Purdy - New York
Joe Purdy - Easier
Joe Purdy - The Sun
Joe Purdy - Highways
Joe Purdy - Ride Off On A Cloud
Joe Purdy - Oregon Trail
Joe Purdy - The Little One
Joe Purdy - Building
Joe Purdy - Pioneer
Joe Purdy - Admiral's Daughter
Joe Purdy - Straitjacket
Joe Purdy - Dust Bowl
Joe Purdy - It's All The Same
Joe Purdy - Louisiana
Joe Purdy - Sunshine
Joe Purdy - Lead Me Back To Home
Joe Purdy - If I Had You
Joe Purdy - Down to the Water
Joe Purdy - Faketown
Joe Purdy - It's a Wonder
Joe Purdy - Over It
Joe Purdy - You Don't Like Me Anyway
Joe Purdy - California Girl
Joe Purdy - I'm Not What You Need
Joe Purdy - Lady Lonesome
Joe Purdy - Goodnight to the Westside
Charley Pride - I'm Gonna Love Her on the Radio
Charley Pride - Have I Got Some Blues for You
Charley Pride - I'm So Afraid of Losing You
Charley Pride - Is Anybody Going to San Antone
Charley Pride - I Wonder Could I Live There Any More
Charley Pride - Hello Darlin'
Charley Pride - Comin' Down With Love
Charley Pride - You're Wanting Me to Stop Loving You
Charley Pride - Back to the Country Roads
Charley Pride - Put Back My Ring on Your Hand
Charley Pride - Seven Years With a Wonderful Woman
Charley Pride - She's Helping Me Get Over You
Charley Pride - One More Year
Charley Pride - Nothin' Left but Leavin'
Poney Express - Paris de loin
Poney Express - Les petits matins
Poney Express - Poupée
Poney Express - Les nerfs à vifs
Poney Express - Des kilomètres au fusain
Poney Express - Les femmes de Milwaukee
Poney Express - Les avalanches
Poney Express - La Loire
Poney Express - St Malo
Joe Purdy - Santa Rosa in the Snow
Joe Purdy - Outlaws
Joe Purdy - Broken Town Blues
Joe Purdy - John Henry and the Old North Wind
Joe Purdy - Strangers
Joe Purdy - Canyon Joe
Joe Purdy - Only the Songs That We Knew
Joe Purdy - Cowboy Song
Joe Purdy - Hard Times
Joe Purdy - Homesick Blues
Joe Purdy - Kerosene
Joe Purdy - Troubadour
Joe Purdy - Glory
Joe Purdy - Angelina
Joe Purdy - 4th of July
Joe Purdy - Eagle Rock Fire
Joe Purdy - That Diamond Ring
Joe Purdy - Waiting For Loretta Too Long
Joe Purdy - Meet Me in N.Y.
Joe Purdy - BA Girl
Joe Purdy - Sorry You're Blue
Joe Purdy - Wildflowers
Plastic Noise Experience - One Way Order
Plastic Noise Experience - Serious Times
Plastic Noise Experience - Kill the 6
Plastic Noise Experience - Nymp
Plastic Noise Experience - Touch Your Skin
Plastic Noise Experience - Disappear
Plastic Noise Experience - Illusions
Plastic Noise Experience - Treat the World
Plastic Noise Experience - Doom
Plastic Noise Experience - Deny
Plastic Noise Experience - Control (Retro Look remix by Technoir)
Plastic Noise Experience - Wire
Public Enemy - Hit da Road Jack
Public Enemy - Gett Off My Back
Public Enemy - Gotta Do What I Gotta Do
Public Enemy - Air Hoodlum
Public Enemy - Who Stole the Soul? (Sir Jinx Stolen Souled Out Reparation mixx)
Public Enemy - ...And No One Broadcasted Louder Than... (intro)
Public Enemy - New Whirl Odor
Public Enemy - What a Fool Believes
Public Enemy - Makes You Blind
Public Enemy - Revolution
Public Enemy - Check What You're Listening To
Public Enemy - Y'All Don't Know
Public Enemy - Public Enemy No.1
Public Enemy - Anti-Nigger Machine
Public Enemy - Move!
Public Enemy - Get the F--- Outta Dodge
Public Enemy - I Ain't Mad at All
Charley Pride - Four Walls
Charley Pride - Adios Amigo
Charley Pride - Along the Mississippi
Charley Pride - The Happiest Song on the Jukebox
Charley Pride - I'm Learning to Love Her
Charley Pride - Just to Be Loved by You
Charley Pride - Tennessee Girl
Charley Pride - Love Unending
Charley Pride - Pass Me By
Charley Pride - If She Just Helps Me Get Over You
Charley Pride - I'm Only Losin' Everything
Charley Pride - Footprints in the Sands of Time
Charley Pride - I've Just Found Another Reason
Charley Pride - I'm Glad It Was You
Joe Purdy - Let Me Sing to You
Joe Purdy - Brown Suits and Cadillacs
Joe Purdy - Last Clock on the Wall
Joe Purdy - Dead End Kids
Joe Purdy - Miss Me
Joe Purdy - Death of a Maiden
Joe Purdy - School Teacher's Blues
Joe Purdy - Stompin Grounds
Joe Purdy - Catarina
Joe Purdy - This Morning Blue
Joe Purdy - Woman Go
Joe Purdy - Some Things Don't Work Out
Joe Purdy - Trouble
Joe Purdy - Just Another Old Love Song
Joe Purdy - Surgery
Joe Purdy - He Said, She Said
Plastic Noise Experience - String of Ice
Plastic Noise Experience - Close My Eyes/Sex
Plastic Noise Experience - Visage De Plastique
Plastic Noise Experience - Spying Views
Plastic Noise Experience - Who (Creates Our Needs)
Plastic Noise Experience - I Want You II
Dory Previn - Scared to Be Alone
Dory Previn - I Ain't His Child
Dory Previn - I Dance and Dance and Smile and Smile
Dory Previn - Esther's First Communion
Dory Previn - Don't Put Him Down
Dory Previn - Left Hand Lost
Dory Previn - When a Man Wants a Woman
Dory Previn - Stone For Bessie Smith
Dory Previn - Starlet Starlet on the Screen Who Will Follow Norma Jean
Dory Previn - King Kong
Dory Previn - Play It Again Sam
Dory Previn - Lemon Haired Ladies
Dory Previn - The Game
Dory Previn - The New Enzyme Detergent Demise of Ali MacGraw
Dory Previn - The Talkative Woman and the Two Star General
Dory Previn - The Altruist and the Needy Case
Dory Previn - The Earthquake in Los Angeles (February, 1971)
Dory Previn - The Final Flight of the Hindenburg (May, 1937)
Dory Previn - The Air Crash in New Jersey
Dory Previn - Aftershock
Dory Previn - Her Mother's Daughter
Prayer for Cleansing - Feinbhas a Ghabhail
Prayer for Cleansing - A Dead Soul Is Born
Prayer for Cleansing - Sonnet
Prayer for Cleansing - Violent Waves
Prayer for Cleansing - Destiny of Culture
Prayer for Cleansing - Chalice of Repentance
Prayer for Cleansing - Bael Na Mblath
Prayer for Cleansing - The Closet
Prayer for Cleansing - When the Sun Kisses the Morning
Public Enemy - Brother’s Gonna Work It Out
Public Enemy - Shut Em Down (PE‐te Rock Mixx)
Public Enemy - More News at 11: 00
Public Enemy - Walcome to the Terrordome
Public Enemy - Check What Ya Listenin' To
Public Enemy - As Long as the People Got Somethin' to Say
Public Enemy - Sex, Drugs & Violence
Public Enemy - Amerikan Gangster
Public Enemy - Raw Shit
Public Enemy - Hard Rhymin'
Public Enemy - Rise
Public Enemy - Hard Truth Soldiers
Public Enemy - Hannibal Lecture
Public Enemy - Rebirth of a Nation
Public Enemy - Pump the Music, Pump the Sound
Public Enemy - Make It Hardcore
Public Enemy - They Call Me Flava
Public Enemy - Plastic Nation
Public Enemy - Field Nigga Boogie
Public Enemy - Bring tha Noize (with Anthrax)
Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terrordome (vocal)
Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terrordome (Terrormental)
Public Enemy - Anti-Nigger Machine (uncensored extended)
Public Enemy - Fight the Power (Flava Flav Meets Spike Lee)
Public Enemy - Nighttrain (Get up get involved throwdown mixx)
Public Enemy - Live and Undrugged, Part 2
Public Enemy - Shut 'em Down (Pe-Te Rock Mixx)
Public Enemy - Kervorkian
Public Enemy - By the Time I Get to Arizona (Arizona Assassination Attempt Acca-Double dub)
Public Enemy - They Call Me Flavor
Public Enemy - Kill Em Live
Public Enemy - Bring the Noise (a cappella)
Public Enemy - Paid
Public Enemy - What Kind of Power We Got
Public Enemy - Say It Like It Really Is
Public Enemy - What Kind of Power We Got (Long Version Project Fonk Fixx)
Public Enemy - War at 33 1/3 (vocal)
Public Enemy - Truth Decay
Public Enemy - Hoover Music
Public Enemy - WTF?
Public Enemy - 2 (resPEct)
Public Enemy - Shut ’em Down (Bald Beat Breakapella)
Public Enemy - 'I Stand Accused'
Public Enemy - Fight the Power (Flavor Flav Meets Spike Lee)
Public Enemy - 41:19 (Street)
Public Enemy - War at 33⅓ (vocal)
Public Enemy - Caught, Can We Get a Witness? (Pre Black Steel Ballistic Felony dub)
Public Enemy - Louder Than a Bomb (JMJ Telephone Tap Groove) (vocal)
Public Enemy - I Don’t Wanna Be Called Your Nigger
Public Enemy - Prophets of Rage (vocal)
Charley Pride - The Best in the World
Charley Pride - Whose Arms Are You in Tonight
Charley Pride - Nothing's Prettier Than Rose Is
Charley Pride - Mem'Ries
Charley Pride - I Can See the Lovin' in Your Eyes
Charley Pride - One on One
Charley Pride - You Snap Your Fingers (And I'm Back in Your Hands)
Charley Pride - Is Anyone Goin’ to San Antone
Charley Pride - I Can’t Believe That You’ve Stopped Lovin’ Me
Charley Pride - I’m Just Me
Charley Pride - Let My Love In
Charley Pride - You’re the Woman Behind Everything
Charley Pride - The Hard Times Will Be the Best Times
Charley Pride - A Good Woman’s Love
Charley Pride - My Love Is Deep, My Love Is Wide
Charley Pride - Instant Loneliness
Charley Pride - I’m a Lonesome Fugitive
Charley Pride - Give a Lonely Heart a Home
Charley Pride - On the Southbound
Charley Pride - Sweet Promises
Charley Pride - Too Weak to Let You Go
Charley Pride - A Good Hearted Woman
Charley Pride - One Mile More
Charley Pride - The Church in the Wildwood
Charley Pride - Little Delta Church
Charley Pride - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Dory Previn - Lover, Lover, Be My Cover
Dory Previn - Coldwater Canyon
Dory Previn - Atlantis
Dory Previn - Mama, Mama, Comfort Me
Dory Previn - Brando
Dory Previn - New Rooms
Dory Previn - The Empress of China
Dory Previn - The Obscene Phone Call
Dory Previn - The Crooked Christmas Star, '73
Dory Previn - He Lives Alone
Dory Previn - With My Daddy in the Attic
Dory Previn - The Veteran's Big Parade
Dory Previn - The Holy Man on Malibu Bus Number Three
Dory Previn - Jesus Was an Androgyne
Dory Previn - Anima / Animus
Charley Pride - Chain of Love
Charley Pride - Which Way Do We Go
Charley Pride - It Amazes Me
Charley Pride - Street of Gold
Charley Pride - I Don't See How I Can Love You Anymore
Charley Pride - Singin' a Song About Love
Charley Pride - Man I Used to Be
Charley Pride - Come on Home and Sing the Blues to Daddy
Charley Pride - That's the Only Way Life's Good to Me
Charley Pride - That's My Way
Charley Pride - When the Train Comes In
Red Prysock - Hand Clappin'
Charley Pride - (In My World) You Don't Belong
Charley Pride - You Never Gave Up on Me
Charley Pride - You're Still the Only One I'll Ever Love
Pumajaw - The Burning of Auchindoun
Pressure 4-5 - These Hands
Pressure 4-5 - Beat the World
Pressure 4-5 - Melt Me Down
Pressure 4-5 - Enough
Pressure 4-5 - Dehydration
Pressure 4-5 - Stares
Pressure 4-5 - Pieces
Pressure 4-5 - New Wave
Pressure 4-5 - Even Worse
Pressure 4-5 - Proven
Pressure 4-5 - Into Yesterday
Pressure 4-5 - Dripping
Pressure 4-5 - P.M.A.
Pressure 4-5 - 11
Pressure 4-5 - Delaysion
Pressure 4-5 - N
Pressure 4-5 - 4or
POLYSICS - Tei! Tei! Tei!
POLYSICS - Ah-Yeah!!
POLYSICS - Super Sonic
POLYSICS - Moog is Love
POLYSICS - Pretty Good
POLYSICS - Kagayake
POLYSICS - Pony and Lion
POLYSICS - Irotokage
POLYSICS - Digital Coffee
POLYSICS - Blue Noise
POLYSICS - Dry or Wet
POLYSICS - It's Up to You
POLYSICS - Black Out Fall Out
POLYSICS - Secret Candy
POLYSICS - Get Back to 8-bit
POLYSICS - My Sharona
Proverb - Index
Proverb - Hip Hop Mentality
Proverb - Heart-Beat
Proverb - I Am Hip Hop
Proverb - Tell Me, Tell Me
Proverb - Ups and Downs (feat. RJ Benjamin) Proverb
Proverb - Irony (feat. Melina) Proverb
Proverb - Nothing New Proverb
Proverb - 8 Where Did She Go
Proverb - 3 I Have A Dream
Proverb - 13 Head To Toe
Proverb - 4 Payback
Proverb - 5 My Vers'd Love
Proverb - 7 Women
Proverb - 9 Marry Me (Pro-posal)
Psyche - X-Rated
Psyche - Gods and Monsters
Psyche - Edge of 17
Psyche - Sacrament
Psyche - Nobody Superstar
Psyche - Equinoxe
Psyche - Final Destination
Psyche - Stormtrooper
Psyche - Snow Garden
Psyche - Goodbye Horses
Psyche - Exhale
Psyche - Murder in Your Love
Psyche - Love Is a Winter
Psyche - Tears
Psyche - Looking Glass
Psyche - Unveiling the Secret
Psyche - 15 Minutes
Psyche - Assassin
Psyche - Eternal
Psyche - One Last Kiss
POLYSICS - Shout Aloud!
POLYSICS - Bero Bero
POLYSICS - Cleaning
POLYSICS - First Aid
POLYSICS - Eye Contact
POLYSICS - go ahead now!
POLYSICS - each life each end
POLYSICS - X-RAYS (this is my life)
POLYSICS - I'm a worker
POLYSICS - New Wave Jacket (reform)
POLYSICS - Weak Point
POLYSICS - Commodoll
POLYSICS - Hot Stuff
Charley Pride - I Used to Be That Way
Charley Pride - Taking the Easy Way Out
Charley Pride - She's as Good as Gone
Charley Pride - He Can Be an Angel
Charley Pride - Fall Back on Me
Charley Pride - Make It Special Again
Charley Pride - You Beat 'em All
Charley Pride - Ghost-Written Love Letters
Ed Prosek - The Curse
Ed Prosek - Willow Tree
Ed Prosek - Holy Water
Purper - Reddeloos verloren
Purper - Het moederhart
Purper - Nellie
Purper - Vergeet mij niet
Purper - Vrolijk kerstfeest
Purper - Labberdonia
Purper - Jong en lelijk
Purper - Grachtenpanden
Purper - Die tunnels in Vietnam
Purper - Mijn vrouw
Purper - Heb je ooit een schip
Purper - Zoals de gieren
Purper - Mag ik in je ogen kijken
Purper - Zeilen op de wind van vandaag
Purper - Mijn Stad
Purper - Vrouwen kunnen niet mee praten
Purper - Peter en Tom
Purper - Heuveltop
Psyche - The Saint Became a Lush
Psyche - Insatiable
Psyche - Uncivilized
Psyche - The Outsider
Psyche - The Sundial
Psyche - Destiny
Psyche - Skywalking
Psyche - Prisoner to Desire
Psyche - You Ran Away
Psyche - Lonely One
Psyche - Insecurity
Psyche - Ghost Child
Psyche - Trouble in Mind
Psyche - Remember
Psyche - Silence Was a Melody
Psyche - Guilt
Psyche - Good-Bye Horses
Psyche - Dreaming My World
Charley Pride - Whole Lotta Things to Sing About
Charley Pride - Anywhere (Just Inside Your Arms)
Charley Pride - I'm Beginning to Believe My Own Lies
Charley Pride - Jeanie Norman
Charley Pride - Once Again
Charley Pride - Miracles, Music and My Wife
Charley Pride - Pretty House for Sale
Charley Pride - Georgia Keeps Pulling on My Ring
Charley Pride - I Live You
Charley Pride - Play, Guitar, Play
Charley Pride - Another I Love You Kind of Day
Charley Pride - Heaven Watches Over Fools Like Me
Charley Pride - I'm Never Leaving You
POLYSICS - Kaja Kaja Goo
POLYSICS - Lucky Star
POLYSICS - Steam Pack
POLYSICS - Quiet Smith
POLYSICS - Kitchen Ban Ban
POLYSICS - Everybody Say No
POLYSICS - Round The World
POLYSICS - No Control
Linda Purl - I Feel a Song Coming On
Linda Purl - Let Me Love You
POLYSICS - Kaja Kaja Goo (With Too Shy)
POLYSICS - Bleeping Hedgehog
Pseudofonia - Sopravviverò (ma questo non è il Cile)
Pseudofonia - Gerardo in letargo aspetta primavera
POLYSICS - Super Spin Girl (instrumental)
POLYSICS - Do You Remember?
POLYSICS - Arigatou
POLYSICS - White Snake
POLYSICS - Domo Arigato Mr Robot
POLYSICS - Pony & Lion
POLYSICS - Marshmallow Head
POLYSICS - Exclamation!
POLYSICS - Don't Stop Johnny
POLYSICS - Number Zero
POLYSICS - New Melody
POLYSICS - Post Post
POLYSICS - Dr Pepper!!!!!
Prophesia - Living for the Night
Prophesia - Reality
Prophesia - Into the Eye of the Storm
Psyche - Lost Innocence
Psyche - Imaginary Life
Psyche - Love Is a Dangerous Game
Psyche - Lord Unleashed
Charley Pride - Time (You're Not a Friend of Mine)
Charley Pride - Was It All Worth Losing You
Punainen lanka - Ne tulevat Maria
Purple Hill Witch - Astral Booze
Purple Hill Witch - Karmanjaka
Purple Hill Witch - Purple Hill Witch
Psyche - Bloodcurse
Psyche - Yearning
Psyche - September Moon
Psyche - Until
Psyche - The Belonging Kind
Psyche - Justice and Damnation
Psyche - 11th Hour
Charley Pride - My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
Charley Pride - Moanin' the Blues
Charley Pride - Mansion on the Hill
Charley Pride - Mind Your Own Business
Charley Pride - Low Down Blues
Charley Pride - I Could Never Be Ashamed of You
Charley Pride - Why Don't You Love Me
Charley Pride - Fifteen Years Ago
Charley Pride - Today Is That Tomorrow
Charley Pride - Mississipi Cotton Pickin' Delta Town
Charley Pride - Brand New Bed of Roses
Charley Pride - Mississippi Cotton Pickin’ Delta Town
Charley Pride - My Eyes Can Onle See as Far as You
Purple City - Purple City Byrdgang
Purple City - Broadway
Psihomodo Pop - Kad sam imao 16
Psihomodo Pop - Nebo
Psihomodo Pop - Ramona
Psihomodo Pop - Rano jutro
Psihomodo Pop - Natrag u garažu
Psihomodo Pop - Pinokio
Psihomodo Pop - Iste stvari
Psihomodo Pop - Osjećam se haj
Psihomodo Pop - Bomba
Psihomodo Pop - Sexy magazin
Portamento - Injected Spawn
Psyche - Memento
Psyche - The Hiding Place (Gruedde Mix: Massiv in Mensch)
Psyche - Eleven
Psyche - Damaged Soul
Prince Rama - Blade of Austerity
Prince Rama - Those Who Live for Love Will Live Forever
Prince Rama - So Destroyed
Prince Rama - Receive
Prince Rama - Welcome to the Now Age
Prince Rama - We Will Fall in Love Again
Psihomodo Pop - Mila
Psyche - If You Believe
Psyche - Ghost
Psyche - What Sorrow Cannot Say
Psyche - Alone With a Gun
Psyche - The Quickening (Factory Mix by Sushiboy)
Psyche - Renegades (Streets of Tomorrow mix: Remi X)
Pub - This Can't Be Happening?
Psihomodo Pop - Duga 9
Psihomodo Pop - Ljubav, ljubav
The Porkers - Perfect Teeth
The Porkers - Schooners of the Black
The Porkers - Alcohol
The Porkers - Arthur Gram the Kombi Van Man
The Porkers - Big Backyard
Pub - After Glow
The Porkers - Just Not Cricket
The Porkers - Can't Get Laid in the USA
The Porkers - Checkered Past
The Porkers - The List
The Porkers - Famous Dub
Psihomodo Pop - Donna
Pattern Is Movement - Bird
Pattern Is Movement - Peach Trees
Pattern Is Movement - Right Away
Pattern Is Movement - River
Pattern Is Movement - Talk Back to Me
Psychonaut 4 - Beware the Silence
Psychonaut 4 - Don't Leave the Room
Psychonaut 4 - Pain Dealer
Psychonaut 4 - Alcoholism
Psychonaut 4 - Suicide Is Legal
Psychonaut 4 - We Will Never Find the Cure
Psychonaut 4 - How Much for the Hope
Psychonaut 4 - Moldy
Psychonaut 4 - Eyes of a Homeless Dog
Psychonaut 4 - Death Is a Form of Art
Psychonaut 4 - Sweet Decadance
Psychonaut 4 - Bad t.RIP
Psychonaut 4 - Song Written in Paris
Psychonaut 4 - Sleeping Pills Suck
Psychonaut 4 - Thoughts of Death
Psychonaut 4 - Parasite
Psychonaut 4 - Serial Lier
Psychonaut 4 - Drop by Drop
Psychonaut 4 - Lethargic Dialogue
Psychonaut 4 - Personal Forest (S.D. Ramirez Version) [Bonus Track]
Psychonaut 4 - Too Late to Call to Ambulance
Psychonaut 4 - Total Leaning for Madness
Pullup Orchestra - ufä und abä hawkins-remix by lunao
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Do You Love Me?
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Someone, Someone
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Twist and Shout
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - The Three Bells (The Jimmy Brown Song)
The Prophet - One Moment
The Prophet - My Style
The Prophet - Ordinary Life
The Prophet - Kikkdrum
Pretty Poison - Nightime
Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling)
Omara Portuondo e Maria Bethânia - Lacho
Omara Portuondo e Maria Bethânia - Menino grande
Omara Portuondo e Maria Bethânia - Nana para un suspiro (Semillita)
Omara Portuondo e Maria Bethânia - Poema LXIV / Palabras / Palavras
Omara Portuondo e Maria Bethânia - Tal vez
Omara Portuondo e Maria Bethânia - Você
Omara Portuondo e Maria Bethânia - Arrependimento
Omara Portuondo e Maria Bethânia - Só vendo que beleza (Marambaia)
Omara Portuondo e Maria Bethânia - Para cantarle a mi amor
Ian Pooley feat. Esthero - Balmes (A Better Life)
Heiner Pudelko - Blues
Proyecto Quasar - Viento
The Protomen - Intermission
The Protomen - The Good Doctor
The Protomen - Father of Death
The Protomen - The Hounds
The Protomen - The State Vs. Thomas Light
The Protomen - Give Us the Rope
The Protomen - How the World Fell Under Darkness
The Protomen - Breaking Out
The Protomen - Keep Quiet
The Protomen - Here Comes the Arm
The Protomen - Hope Rides Alone
The Protomen - Funeral for a Son
The Protomen - Unrest in the House of Light
The Protomen - The Will of One
The Protomen - Vengeance
The Protomen - The Stand (Man or Machine)
The Protomen - The Sons of Fate
The Protomen - Due Vendetta
The Protomen - Flash
The Protomen - Don't Stop Me Now
The Protomen - Killer Queen
The Protomen - Hammer to Fall
The Protomen - One Vision
The Protomen - Princes of the Universe
The Protomen - Death on Two Legs
The Protomen - Scandal
The Protomen - I Want It All
The Protomen - Bohemian Rhapsody
The Protomen - Mr. Roboto
The Protomen - No Easy Way Out
The Protomen - In the Air Tonight
The Protomen - I Drove All Night
The Protomen - Total Eclipse of the Heart
The Protomen - This City Made Us
The Protomen - Hold Back the Night
The Protomen - The Fall (2016)
The Protomen - Light Up the Night (2016)
Phantom Limb - The Pines
Phantom Limb - I'll Have Mercy
Phantom Limb - Angel of Death
PrinceWhateverer - Rainbow Thrash
PrinceWhateverer - Not Letting Go
PrinceWhateverer - Cutie Mark Crusaders
PrinceWhateverer - Welcome to the Family (Canterlot High)
PrinceWhateverer - Promises
PrinceWhateverer - Moving On
PrinceWhateverer - PrinceWhateverer, Dreamchan, Scrambles - Destabilize
PrinceWhateverer - Your Own Sky
PrinceWhateverer - Brick by boring Brick
PrinceWhateverer - The Fight Inside
Dětský sbor Prážata - Červený šátečku, kolem se toč
Dětský sbor Prážata - Andulko šafárová
Dětský sbor Prážata - Šel zahradník do zahrady
PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder
PinkiePieSwear - Giggle at the Ghostly
PinkiePieSwear - Hush Now Quiet Now
PinkiePieSwear - Trixie's Good Side
PinkiePieSwear - Sunshine and Celery Stalks
Places to Hide - Self Preservation
Places to Hide - Love Song
Places to Hide - October
Places to Hide - Get Me Clean
Places to Hide - Michael Jordan
Places to Hide - Michael Amenta
Places to Hide - Ayscough St.
Places to Hide - Drugs
Places to Hide - Ecotone
Profundi - ...Of Flesh & Blood
Profundi - Unanimation
Profundi - Split-Tounged
Profundi - The Omega Rising
Profundi - Coffinborn
Profundi - Engulfed in Hellfire
Profundi - Lifeless, Cold & Crimson
Profundi - Out of the Evening Mist
Profundi - World Wide War
Pulsedriver - Find My Time
Pulsedriver - Vagabonds
Pulsedriver - Beat Bangs!!!
Pulsedriver - Without You
Pulsedriver - Intention (Nothing Can Stop Us)
Pulsedriver - Koma
Pulsedriver - Time
Pulsedriver - Lovesong for a Vampire
Pulsedriver - Toxicated Smoke
Pulsedriver - Youth of the Nation
Pulsedriver - The Whistle Song
Pulsedriver - Slammin'
Pulsedriver - Insane
Flora Purim - Everyday, Everynight
Pulsedriver - Lookout Weekend
Pulsedriver - Find My Way
Pulsedriver - Superstar
Pulsedriver - See the Light
DJ Manian - Turn the Tide
Baracuda - La Di Da
C.R.E.A.M. - Why
Mickmeister - Where Are You Now
Technoboy - Into Deep
Comiccon - Komodo
Topmodelz - Your Love
Erik Vee - I Can't Stop Myself
Pulsedriver - Vagabond
Pulsedriver - Cambodia (extended vocal)
Pulsedriver - Able to Love
Flora Purim - Encontros E Despedidas
Flora Purim - Nuvem Cigana
Flora Purim - Cravo E Canela
Flora Purim - Cais
Psy’Aviah - Circles
Psy’Aviah - Letting Go
Psy’Aviah - Look Beyond
Psy’Aviah - In Silence
Psy’Aviah - Avon Girls
Psy’Aviah - No Excuse
Psy’Aviah - Keep Hope Alive
Psy’Aviah - !AllAboutYou
Psy’Aviah - Attract / Reject
Psy’Aviah - Blackhole
Psy’Aviah - Ophelie
Psy’Aviah - Twisted Mind
Psy’Aviah - Fear (Theory)
Psy’Aviah - Fear (Practice)
Psy’Aviah - Entertainment Industries
Psy’Aviah - Tired
Psy’Aviah - Mine
Psy’Aviah - Voltage
Psy’Aviah - Broken Child
Psy’Aviah - Moments
Psy’Aviah - In the Shadows
Zdenka Predná - Vietor
Flora Purim - Branco E Preto
Flora Purim - O canto da sereia
Flora Purim - Flora Nova
Flora Purim - Flora's Song
Flora Purim - Anjo De mim
Flora Purim - Anjo Do Amor
Propellers - Midnight Kiss
Propellers - Landslide
Psy’Aviah - On My Own
Psy'Aviah feat. Lis van den Akker - Long Way
Psy’Aviah - Get Your Tickets
Psy’Aviah - Sweet Hard Revenge (Alpha Q mix by Encoder)
Psy’Aviah - Into The Game
Psy’Aviah - Seduction
Psy’Aviah - Anger Management (Break the Beat mix by Sebastian Komor)
Psy’Aviah - Something Evil (Chaos All Stars feat. Mona Roukachi rendition)
Psy’Aviah - Our Common Future
Proyecto X - La Bestia
Proyecto X - Soy 7-5
Proyecto X - Cruel Ausencia
Proyecto X - No Hagas Caso
Proyecto X - Lichi (Soy de Cuauhtémoc)
Proyecto X - Perdóname
Proyecto X - Tonto Enamorado
Proyecto X - Mi Angelita Mi Diablita
Proyecto X - Eres tú
Poli - Cyber Storm
Purr Machine - Send Me an Angel
Prolapse - Serpico
Prolapse - Hungarian Suicide Song
pupa - At Dawn
pupa - Creaks
pupa - Anywhere
pupa - Tameiki
pupa - Glass
pupa - How?
pupa - Laika
pupa - marimo
pupa - Sunny Day Blue
pupa - New Order
pupa - Home Of My Heart
The Primetime Heroes - Politics (Of Personal Destruction)
The Primetime Heroes - Punk Rock Kid
The Primetime Heroes - Honesty
The Primetime Heroes - Through the Window
The Primetime Heroes - Carry On
The Primetime Heroes - Father's Day
The Primetime Heroes - 88mph
The Primetime Heroes - My Sweet
The Primetime Heroes - She Said
The Primetime Heroes - Sunday
The Primetime Heroes - Broken Hearts and Bad Analogies
Primo & Squarta - Non mentirmi mai
Primo & Squarta - Ciao fratè
Primo & Squarta - Milano Roma
Primo & Squarta - Cor veleno
Primo & Squarta - Spigne!
Primo & Squarta - Detto Fatto
Primo & Squarta - Qua Dentro
Lídia Pujol - Amèlia
Lídia Pujol - La filla del rei
Lídia Pujol - El moliner
Lídia Pujol - La mort i la donzella
Pure Soul - We Must Be in Love
Pure Soul - You Stay on My Mind
Prem Joshua - Koregaon Morning
Celinda Pink - Me and Bobby McGee
Prem Joshua - New Kafi
Prem Joshua - Mangalam (Chillums at Dawn remix) (remixed by Sean Dinsmore)
Pur - The Slaves' Lament
Pulley - A Bad Reputation
Pulley - Blindfold
Pulley - Hubber Breeze
Pulley - Insects Destroy
Pulley - Looking Back
Pulley - Poltergeist
Pulley - Immune
Pulley - YSC
Pulley - Stomach Aches
Pulley - I Remember
Pulley - Suitcase
Pulley - Thanks
Pulley - In Search
Pulley - Hooray for Me
Pulley - History Repeats
Pulley - Empty
Pulley - Lost Trip
Pulley - Touched
Pulley - Runaway
Pulley - The Ocean Song
Pulley - Leather Face
Pulley - Same Sick Feeling
Pulley - Cashed In
Pulley - Crawl
Pulley - Eyes Open Wide
Pulley - Wok Inn
Pulley - Four Walls
Pulley - One Shot
Pulley - Barf
Pulley - Lifer
Pulley - No Defense
Pulley - Silver Tongue Devil
Pulley - S.F.B.I.H.Y.D.
Pulley - All We Have
Pulley - If
Pulley - Locked Away
Pulley - Havasu
Pulley - Reality
Pulley - Scab
Pulley - Where Are You Now
Pulley - Hold On
Pulley - Padded Cell 4 Walls, Part 2
Pulley - Separated
Pulley - What
Pulley - Endless Journey
The Pimps - Sumpin'
Purple - The Deepest Night
Pulley - Working Class Whore
Pulley - Soberbeah
Pulley - Pie
Pulley - Gone
Pulley - Darkside
Pulley - Nothing to Lose
Pulley - Second Best
Pulley - Just for Me
Pulley - Dog's Life
Pulley - Sick
Pulley - Seain' Different
Pulley - [silence]
Pulley - Noddin' Off
Pulley - Outside Opinion
Pulley - Mandarin
Pulley - Ghost Inside My Skin
Pulley - No Mans Flute - Pulley
Pulley - The Never Ending
Pulley - The Long And The Short Of It
PtakY - Rzeka
PtakY - Ana
PtakY - Pielgrzym
Postcoital Ulceration - Interstellar Genocide
Postcoital Ulceration - Parasitic Defilement
Postcoital Ulceration - Incinerated by the Unearthly Impact
Pelusa - Van a caer
Matt Pryor - A Totally New Year
Matt Pryor - Dear Lover
Matt Pryor - Lovers Who Have Lost Their Cause
Matt Pryor - Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down
Matt Pryor - Polish the Broken Glass
Matt Pryor - You Won't Get Any Blood From Me
Matt Pryor - Your New Favorite
Matt Pryor - The Lies Are Keeping Me Here
Matt Pryor - I Was a Witness
Matt Pryor - As Lies Go... This One Is Beautiful
Pohjannaula - Sielulintu
Pohjannaula - Neliapila
Pohjannaula - Puolikuollut mies
Pohjannaula - Painoton lumi
Rick Price - Tenterfield Saddler
Rick Price - Walk Away Renee
Rick Price - Love Never Dies
Phosphor - Rotary
Liz Primo - Candy Man
Pura Fé - My People My Land (Part 1)
Pura Fé - If I Was Your Guitar (I'd Be the Happiest Woman Alive)
Pura Fé - Hold the Rain (Part 2)
Pura Fé - Follow Your Heart's Desire
Pura Fé - People You Love
Pura Fé - Quiet Moments
Pura Fé - Don't Trade Your Legs for a Pair of Wings
Pura Fé - Pick and Choose
Pura Fé - Grammah Easter's Lullaby
Pura Fé - Women Sacred
Pura Fé - 4 Daughters
Pura Fé - Stand Up for Human Pride
Pura Fé - Duhngeh
Pura Fé - My Angel
Pura Fé - Ole Mid Life Crisis
Pura Fé - Mahk Jchi
Kevin Prosch - I Really Love You
Kevin Prosch - Come Let Us Return
Kevin Prosch - God Is So Good
Kevin Prosch - All I Need
Kevin Prosch - Kiss the Son
Kevin Prosch - Highest Praise
Kevin Prosch - Show Your Power
Kevin Prosch - Shout to the Lord
Kevin Prosch - So Come
Kevin Prosch - His Banner Over Me
PixlCrushr - Party Party Join Us Join Us (Shin Clan)
Kevin Prosch - Harp in My Heart
Kevin Prosch - Come Down
Pressure - Africa Redemption
Pressure - Be Free
Pressure - So Appealing
Pressure - Show Love
Pressure - Virgin Islands Nice
Pressure - Stop This Train
Pressure - Hail the King of Kings
Project Pat - Represent It
Project Pat - Niggas Got Me Fucked Up
Project Pat - Run a Train
Project Pat - Whatever Ho
Project Pat - Up There
Project Pat - Were Gonna Rumble
Project Pat - Choppers
Project Pat - Gold Shine
Project Pat - Sucks on Dick
Project Pat - Shake That Ass
Project Pat - Slangin Rocks
Project Pat - 528-Cash
Project Pat - I Ain't Goin' Back to Jail
Project Pat - Purple
Project Pat - 2 Dollar Niggas
Project Pat - Cocaine
Project Pat - Tell, Tell, Tell (Stop Snitchin')
Project Pat - What Money Do
Project Pat - I Keep That
Project Pat - You Like
Project Pat - High Off the Ground
Project Pat - Get Down
Project Pat - Good Googly Moogly
Project Pat - How It Goes in This Gutta
Project Pat - Nigga Got Popped
Project Pat - Get That Up Off Ya
Project Pat - Been Gettin' Money
Project Pat feat. OJ da Juiceman - Keep It Hood
Project Pat - Catch a Hot One
Project Pat - Ain't Scared of Ya
Project Pat - Pogo Stick
Project Pat - Rubberband Me
Project Pat - Don't Call Me No Mo
Project Pat - Hate My Swag
Project Pat - Powder
Project Pat - Motivated
Project Pat - Finna Start Robbin
Project Pat - Good Weed
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - In kommer Gösta
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Du är min enda vän
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Dyngan rinner i takt
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Om ni tycker jag undviker er
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Stanna där ni är
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Naturen
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Scoutvisan
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Jag vill va i fred
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - En liten stuga
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Lille Pelle
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Goddag Gösta
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Min hund
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Blomman
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Mor Anka
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Men va fanken
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Henning i sin presenning