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Ian O’Brien - Eden
Ian Pooley - Balmes (A Better Life (Single Edit))
Michel Polnareff - Lettre a France
Michel Polnareff - Ame câline
Michel Polnareff - Le bal des laze
Michel Polnareff - Mes regrets
Michel Polnareff - Comme Juliette & Roméo
Michel Polnareff - Un train ce soir
Michel Polnareff - La belle veut sa revanche
Michel Polnareff - Kama-Sutra
Michel Polnareff - Tout tout pour ma chérie
Michel Polnareff - On ira tous au paradis
Michel Polnareff - Dans la maison vide
Michel Polnareff - Le roi des fourmis
Michel Polnareff - L’Oiseau de nuit
Michel Polnareff - Ta ta ta ta
Michel Polnareff - LNA ho
Michel Polnareff - Où est la Tosca ?
Michel Polnareff - La Mouche
Michel Polnareff - Joue-moi de toi
Michel Polnareff - 365 jours par an
Michel Polnareff - Bulle de savon
Michel Polnareff - Le cigare à moteur
Michel Polnareff - Le clochard des Jumbos
Michel Polnareff - Une histoire lamentable
Michel Polnareff - L’Amour avec toi
Michel Polnareff - Tam-tam (L’Homme préhisto)
Michel Polnareff - L’Homme qui pleurait des larmes de verre
Michel Polnareff - Love Me Please Love Me
Michel Polnareff - Je t’aime
Michel Polnareff - Y’a qu’un ch’veu
Michel Polnareff - Hey You Woman
Power of Dreams - The Joke's on Me
Power of Dreams - Talk
Power of Dreams - Stay
Power of Dreams - Bring You Down
Power of Dreams - Máire I Don't Love You
Power of Dreams - 100 Ways to Kill a Love
Power of Dreams - Mother's Eyes
Power of Dreams - My Average Day
Power of Dreams - [untitled]
Power of Dreams - You Bring Me Flowers
Power of Dreams - Understand
Power of Dreams - Happy Game
Power of Dreams - Cathy's World
Power of Dreams - See You
Power of Dreams - Still Lost
Power of Dreams - Hymn For Him
Power of Dreams - Cancer
Power of Dreams - American Dream
Michel Polnareff - Comme Juliette et Roméo
Michel Polnareff - Qui a tué Grand-maman ?
Michel Polnareff - Come on, Lady Blue
Michel Polnareff - Jesus for Tonight
Michel Polnareff - Graffiti
Michel Polnareff - Les boul' à zéro
Michel Polnareff - Besoin de toi
Michel Polnareff - Toi et moi
Michel Polnareff - Comme un tatouage (et je matelot)
Michel Polnareff - Amour cachets
Prince & The Revolution - Around the World in a Day
Prince & The Revolution - Paisley Park
Prince & The Revolution - Condition of the Heart
Prince & The Revolution - Raspberry Beret
Prince & The Revolution - America
Prince & The Revolution - The Ladder
Prince & The Revolution - A Love Bizarre
Prince & The Revolution - Let's Go Crazy
Prince & The Revolution - 1999
Prince & The Revolution - Baby, I'm a Star
Prince & The Revolution - In All My Dreams
Prince & The Revolution - Free
Prince & The Revolution - Love or Money
Prince & The Revolution - Controversy
Prince & The Revolution - It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night
Prince & The Revolution - A Place in Heaven
Prince & The Revolution - The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
Prince & The Revolution - Witness 4 the Prosecution
Prince & The Revolution - Starfish & Coffee
Michel Polnareff - Chère Véronique
Michel Polnareff - Beatnik
Michel Polnareff - Ne me marchez pas sur les pieds
Michel Polnareff - Time Will Tell
Michel Polnareff - Histoire de cœur
Michel Polnareff - Ballade pour un puceau
Michel Polnareff - You'll Be on My Mind
Michel Polnareff - Rosée d'amour n'a pas vu le jour
Michel Polnareff - Fat Madame
Michel Polnareff - Le Saule pleureur
Michel Polnareff - Dame dame
Michel Polnareff - Jour après jour
Michel Polnareff - Les Grands Sentiments humains
Michel Polnareff - Pipelette
Michel Polnareff - Oh ! Louis
Michel Polnareff - Pourquoi faut-il se dire adieu ?
Michel Polnareff - Ring-A-Ding
Michel Polnareff - Allô Georgina
Michel Polnareff - Petite petite
Michel Polnareff - À minuit, à midi
The Police - Can't Stand Losing You (Old Grey Whistle Test)
The Police - Demolition Man (From Police in Montserrat)
The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (From Police in Montserrat)
The Police - Dead End Job
The Police - Friends
The Police - A Sermon
The Police - Shambelle
The Police - Low Life
The Police - Once Upon a Daydream
The Police - I Shall Be Released
The Police - All This Time
The Police - Fortress Around Your Heart
The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da A
The Police - Can't Stand Losing You/Reggatta De Blanc
The Police - Can't Stand Losing You / Regatta de Blanc
The Police - Be My Girl-Sally
The Police - Born in the Fifties
The Police - Roxanne (encore)
The Police - Syncronicity I
The Police - One World
The Police - Mesage in a Bottle
The Police - Oh My God
The Police - Truth Hits Eveybody
The Police - Every Little Things She Does Is Magic
The Police - The Beds Too Big Without You
The Police - Death Wish
The Police - I Can't Stand Losing You
The Police - Hungry for You
The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da '86
The Police - Born in the '50s / [outro]
The Police - Tea in Sahara
The Police - Synchronocity II
The Police - Synchronicity 2
The Police - Hungry for You (j’aurais toujours faim de toi)
The Police - Roxanne (Backing Track)
The Police - Every Breath You Take (Backing Track)
Michel Polnareff - Ballade pour toi (ce que je cherche est en toi)
Michel Polnareff - Complainte à Michael
Michel Polnareff - J’ai du chagrin Marie
Michel Polnareff - Tous les bateaux… tous les oiseaux
Michel Polnareff - Nos mots d’amour
Michel Polnareff - Ophélie flagrant des lits
Michel Polnareff - L'homme en rouge
Michel Polnareff - I love you because
Michel Polnareff - Le Prince en otage
Michel Polnareff - Sous quelle étoile suis-je né
The Plastics Revolution - Chunky Piano
The Plastics Revolution - Money Talks
The Plastics Revolution - So They Wait
The Plastics Revolution - Ahora somos parte
The Plastics Revolution - Montreal
The Plastics Revolution - Light of Day
The Plastics Revolution - Saturno
The Plastics Revolution - Fun in the Sun
The Plastics Revolution - Alrededor de los Muertos
The Plastics Revolution - Elefantes
The Plastics Revolution - Invasión
The Plastics Revolution - Cleptosaurios
The Plastics Revolution - Nutshell
The Plastics Revolution - Kibera
The Plastics Revolution - Longer
POSSIBILITY - little heart
The Prayer Chain - The Hollow
The Prayer Chain - Dig Dug
The Prayer Chain - Fifty-Eight
The Prayer Chain - Never Enough
PRo - Let Me Know
PRo - What I'm Working With
PRo - Mission to Mars
PRo feat. KB - Full Court Mess
PRo feat. Jenny Norlin - This Can’t Be
PRo feat. Jai - Stronger
PRo feat. Lecrae & Tedashii - Going In
PRo feat. Niya - So Far Gone
PRo - Beautiful
PRo - Jesus Musik
PRo - Runaway Love
PRo - Pray for Me
Michel Polnareff - Né dans un ice‐cream
Michel Polnareff - Le désert n’est plus en Afrique
Michel Polnareff - La Fille qui rêve de moi
Michel Polnareff - Y’a que pas pouvoir qu’on peut
PRo - Call Me Back 2
PRo - Call Me Back 3
PRo - Have It All
PRo - I'm on Now
PRo - Gangsta
PRo - In His Image
PRo - Can't Quit
PRo - The Best Ever
PRo - 116 Canon
PRo - Champion Song
PRo - Real Talk
PRo - Call Me Back Again 3
PRo - All of My Life
PRo - Call Me Back Again 4
PRo - God
PRo - Hold Me Down
PRo - Clear the Air
PRo - Low
PRo - Aye You
PRo - In the Club
PRo - This Cage
PRo - Merked
PRo - Not Guilty
PRo - Bout Dat
PRo feat. Brothatone - Power to Die
PRo - Fight Music
PRo - All I Know
PRo - Slave to You
PRo - Blow My Mind
PRo - Who I Be
PRo - Murder Swag
PRo - Drink From His Cup
PRo - Never Back Down
PRo - Merked, Pt. 2
PRo - No Limits
PRo - Full Court Mess
Planxty - Arthur McBride
Planxty - Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Planxty - The Jolly Beggar / Reel
Planxty - Only Our Rivers
Planxty - Follow Me Up to Carlow
Planxty - The Blacksmith
Planxty - Cúnla
Planxty - Pat Reilly
Planxty - As I Roved Out
Planxty - The Well Below the Valley
Planxty - Bean Phaidín
Planxty - Time Will Cure Me
Planxty - Cliffs of Dooneen
Posteljoona - Ryöstökalastaja
Posteljoona - Aamulla
Polaroid - A Hostage
Planxty - The Good Ship Kangaroo
Planxty - You Rambling Boys of Pleasure
Planxty - The Bonny Light Horseman
Planxty - Little Musgrave
Planxty - As Christy Roved Out
Planxty - As Andy Roved Out
Planxty - Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Planxty - True Love Knows No Season
Planxty - Roger O'Hehir
Planxty - Kellswater
Planxty - Johnny of Brady's Lea
Planxty - Accidentals, Aragon Mill
Planxty - Nancy Spain
Planxty - The Jolly Beggar
Planxty - Pitty The Poor Immigrant
PosT PANiC - Ignition (interlude)
Pipas - Barbapapa
Pipas - Cruel and Unusual
Pipas - Jean C
Port Blue - Over Lionsgate City
Prefab Sprout - Appetite
Prefab Sprout - Goodbye Lucille #1
Prefab Sprout - Horsin’ Around
Prefab Sprout - Desire As
Prefab Sprout - When the Angels
Prefab Sprout - Looking for Atlantis
Prefab Sprout - We Let the Stars Go
Prefab Sprout - Carnival 2000
Prefab Sprout - Jordan: The Comeback
Prefab Sprout - Jesse James Bolero
Prefab Sprout - All the World Loves Lovers
Prefab Sprout - All Boys Believe Anything
Prefab Sprout - The Ice Maiden
Prefab Sprout - Paris Smith
Prefab Sprout - One of the Broken
Prefab Sprout - Scarlet Nights
Prefab Sprout - Doo Wop in Harlem
Prefab Sprout - The King of Rock ’n’ Roll
Prefab Sprout - Cars and Girls
Prefab Sprout - Life's a Miracle
Prefab Sprout - Anne Marie
Prefab Sprout - Whoever You Are
Prefab Sprout - Steal Your Thunder
Kat Perkins - Drive
Michel Polnareff - La vie, la vie m'a quitté
OZZIE - Gangsta
Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - White House Blues
Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - The Letter That Never Came
Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - Take a Drink on Me
Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - If the River Was Whiskey
Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - You Ain’t Talkin’ to Me
Charlie Poole - Milwaukee Blues
Michel Polnareff - Ta-Ta-Ta
Michel Polnareff - Balade pour toi
Michel Polnareff - Tam tam
Michel Polnareff - Goodbye Marylou (remix version longue)
Michel Polnareff - Ça n'arrive qu'aux autres (final)
Michel Polnareff - Good Bye Marylou
Michel Polnareff - J'ai tant de choses à dire
Michel Polnareff - Rosée d'amour n'a pas vu le jour, rosée du jour n'a pas eu d'amours
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Moja pierwsza dziewczyna
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Koledzy z podwórka
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Chwile próby
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Egzotyczna przygoda
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Moje szczęście
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Chce się żyć
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Moja pierwsza dziewczyna /Remix I/
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Rób swoje
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Gra pozorów
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Młody polak
Pokój z widokiem na wojnę - Tajemnica szczęścia
Ted Poley - Going Blind
Ted Poley - Yeah, U Want It
Ted Poley - Breathing Doll
Ted Poley - Curtain Call
Ted Poley - Endgame
Ted Poley - Maybe
Ted Poley - Good Enough
Ted Poley - Hero Falling
Ted Poley - Lazy Days... Livin' in Paradise
Plavi Orkestar - Ne Mogu Ti Nista Osim Srca Dati
Plavi Orkestar - Samo Ponekad Na Tvoj Rodjendan
Plavi Orkestar - Djevojka Iz Snova
Plavi Orkestar - Tako Male Stvari
Plavi Orkestar - Jedina
Plavi Orkestar - O Kakav Mjesec
PRAYERS - Ready To Bleed
PRAYERS - Burning Bridges
PRAYERS - From Dog To God
PRAYERS - Goth Gang (GG)
PRAYERS - Nothing New
PRAYERS - Young Gods
PRAYERS - Love Is The Enemy
PRAYERS - Friends Are Poison
PRAYERS - Gothic Summer
Prefab Sprout - The Sound of Crying
Prefab Sprout - Goodbye Lucille #1 (Johnny Johnny)
Prefab Sprout - Cruel
Prefab Sprout - Life of Surprises
Prefab Sprout - If You Don’t Love Me
Prefab Sprout - The World Awake
Prefab Sprout - Horsechimes
Prefab Sprout - Wicked Things
Prefab Sprout - Dublin
Prefab Sprout - Tiffanys
Prefab Sprout - Diana
Prefab Sprout - Talking Scarlet
Prefab Sprout - ’til the Cows Come Home
Prefab Sprout - Cowboy Dreams
Prefab Sprout - Wild Card in the Pack
Prefab Sprout - I'm a Troubled Man
Prefab Sprout - The Streets of Laredo / Not Long for This World
Prefab Sprout - Love Will Find Someone for You
Prefab Sprout - Cornfield Ablaze
Prefab Sprout - When You Get to Know Me Better
Prefab Sprout - The Gunman
Prefab Sprout - Farmyard Cat
Prefab Sprout - Lions in My Own Garden
Prefab Sprout - Don't Sing
Prefab Sprout - Couldn't Bear to Be Special
Prefab Sprout - Johnny Johnny
Prefab Sprout - Cue Fanfare
Prefab Sprout - Where the Heart Is
Prefab Sprout - God Watch Over You
Prefab Sprout - Earth, the Story So Far
Prefab Sprout - Angel of Love
Prefab Sprout - Green Isaac
Prefab Sprout - Here on the Eerie
Prefab Sprout - I Never Play Basketball Now
Prefab Sprout - Ghost Town Blues
Prefab Sprout - Elegance
Prefab Sprout - Green Isaac II
Prefab Sprout - Adolescence
Prefab Sprout - Billy
Prefab Sprout - The Dreamer
Prefab Sprout - Mysterious
Prefab Sprout - Cars & Girls
Prefab Sprout - A Prisoner in the Past
Prefab Sprout - Hey Manhatten!
Prefab Sprout - Faron
Prefab Sprout - The Yearning Loins
Prefab Sprout - Tornado
Prefab Sprout - Nero the Zero
Prefab Sprout - Lions in My Own Garden (Exit Someone)
Prefab Sprout - Rebel Land
Prefab Sprout - Spinning Belinda
Prefab Sprout - Hey Manhattan
Prefab Sprout - The Devil Has All the Best Tunes
Prefab Sprout - Goodbye Lucille No.1
Prefab Sprout - Walk On
Prefab Sprout - Cherry Tree
Prefab Sprout - The List of Impossible Things
Prefab Sprout - Devil Came a-Calling
Princess One Point Five - Closer Than This
Kelly Prescott - I leave you dreaming
The Posies - Hate Song
The Posies - Precious Moments
The Posies - Everybody Is a Fucking Liar
The Posies - Grant Hart
The Posies - My Big Mouth
The Posies - Apology
The Posies - You Avoid Parties
The Posies - Help Yourself
The Posies - Mrs. Green
The Posies - Everyone Moves Away
The Posies - Blind Eyes Open
The Posies - The Longest Line
The Posies - Like Me Too
The Posies - Ironing Tuesdays
The Posies - Paint Me
The Posies - Believe in Something Other (Than Yourself)
The Posies - At Least for Now
The Posies - Uncombined
The Posies - What Little Remains
The Posies - Somehow Everything
The Posies - You're the Beautiful One
The Posies - Looking Lost
The Posies - Fall Apart With Me
The Posies - Placebo
The Posies - Who to Blame
The Posies - Friendship of the Future
The Posies - Grow
The Posies - Farewell Typewriter
Phantasma - Incomplete
Phantasma - The Deviant Hearts
Phantasma - Runaway Grey
Phantasma - Try
Phantasma - Enter Dreamscape
Phantasma - Miserable Me
Phantasma - The Lotus and the Willow
Phantasma - Crimson Course
Phantasma - Carry Me Home
Phantasma - The Sound of Fear
Phantasma - Novaturient
Phantasma - Let It Die
The Posies - We R Power!
The Posies - Unlikely Places
The Posies - Scattered
The Posies - Titanic
The Posies - It's Great to Be Here Again!
The Posies - Conversations
The Posies - All in a Day's Work
The Posies - I Guess You're Right
The Posies - Anything and Everything
The Posies - Second Time Around
The Posies - Last Crawl
The Posies - Could He Treat You Better?
The Posies - Love Comes
The Posies - I Finally Found a Jungle I Like!!!
The Posies - That Don't Fly
The Posies - Sweethearts of Rodeo Drive
The Posies - Solar Sister
The Posies - Love Letter Boxes
The Posies - Earlier Than Expected
The Posies - 20 Questions
The Posies - When Mute Tongues Can Speak
The Posies - Lights Out
The Posies - Coming Right Along
The Posies - So Caroline
The Posies - Take Care of Yourself
The Posies - Cleopatra Street
The Posies - For the Ashes
The Posies - Accidental Architecture
The Posies - She's Coming Down Again
The Posies - Notion 99
The Posies - Holiday Hours
The Posies - Enewetak
The Posies - Cleopatra Street (demo)
Prince and The New Power Generation - Diamonds and Pearls
Prince and The New Power Generation - Sexy MF
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Almost as Cool as Stealing Prosthetic Legs
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Your Baby Is Flatter Than a Short Stack at IHOP
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Fetus Cock Slap
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Alfred, Do You Like Ice Cream?
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Your Suicide Attempt Was Really Funny
The Posies - I Am the Cosmos
The Posies - Believe in Something Other
The Posies - Any Other Way (demo)
The Posies - Will You Ever Ease Your Mind
The Posies - Sad To Be Aware (demo)
The Posies - Fight It (If You Want) (demo)
The Posies - Oh Michael (demo)
The Posies - Terrorized
The Posies - Oceanic Exploration
Priests - Design Within Reach
Priests - Doctor
Priests - Powertrip
Priests - Modern Love / No Weapon
Priests - Right Wing
Priests - And Breeding
The Posies - Brief Candles
The Posies - O-o-h Child
The Posies - Dream all Day (Version Album)
The Posies - Licenses To Hide
The Posies - Plastic Paperbacks
The Posies - With Those Eyes
The Posies - Matinée
The Posies - No Consolation
The Posies - Lady Friend
The Posies - Chainsmoking in the U.S.A.
The Posies - The Gitter Prize
The Posies - Compliment ?
Gérard Presgurvic - Les Rois du monde
Gérard Presgurvic - C'est pas ma faute
Gérard Presgurvic - Le Balcon
Gérard Presgurvic - Les Beaux, les laids
Gérard Presgurvic - C'est le jour
Gérard Presgurvic - Le Bien contre le mal
Gérard Presgurvic - Libres
Gérard Presgurvic - Elle
Gérard Presgurvic - Être noir
Gérard Presgurvic - Si le vent m'emporte
Gérard Presgurvic - Seule
Gérard Presgurvic - Ma terre
Gérard Presgurvic - Tous les hommes
Gérard Presgurvic - Scarlett
Gérard Presgurvic - Putain
Gérard Presgurvic - Ma vie coule
Gérard Presgurvic - Nous n'sommes pas
Gérard Presgurvic - Verona
Pocket Change - Your Song
Pocket Change - Noticeable
Pocket Change - Take It Easy
Pocket Change - Golden
Pocket Change - The Party
Pocket Change - Never Again
Pocket Change - Give It a Kick
Pocket Change - Remember
Pocket Change - Remain
Pocket Change - Sometimes
Pocket Change - Unite To Fight
Pocket Change - Take Charge
Power Rangers - Go, Go Power Rangers
Power Rangers - Power Rangers Wild Force Theme
Power Rangers - Best of the Best of the Best
Power Rangers - Power Rangers Turbo, Go!
Power Rangers - Hope for the World
Power Rangers - Invincible
Power Rangers - Calling for a Hero
Power Rangers - Big Bang
Portico - 101
Portico - Atacama
Portico - Colour Fading
Portico - Bright Luck
Gérard Presgurvic - Le Prince / Vérone
Gérard Presgurvic - Marcus Tybalt / C'est pas ma faute
Gérard Presgurvic - Haine
Gérard Presgurvic - Demande en mariage
Gérard Presgurvic - Amour heureux
Luke Pickett - Collapsing on Bridges
Luke Pickett - Leave Your Bullets at the Door
Luke Pickett - Empty Corridors
Luke Pickett - Even in Heaven They Carry Switchblades
Luke Pickett - Going Down With This Ship
Luke Pickett - See You at the Disco
Luke Pickett - Cruel Love
Luke Pickett - Blood Money
Luke Pickett - Lay Down Your Cards (Guilty as Charged)
Luke Pickett - And Asleep I Am Your Everything
Luke Pickett - Loving You Is Wrong
Luke Pickett - Somebody Else
Luke Pickett - Wasted Dreams
Luke Pickett - We All Wear Crowns
Alex Prince feat. Mazaya - How We Livin'
Mark Pritchard - Beautiful People
Johnny Prez - Intro
Johnny Prez - El Dragon
Johnny Prez - Se Que Tu Quieres
Johnny Prez - Entra
Johnny Prez - Hitokiri
Johnny Prez - Chica Plastica
Johnny Prez - Te Vuelvo Loca
Johnny Prez - Vamos a Dejarlo
Johnny Prez - Lo Que Nos Gusta
Johnny Prez - Quien Soy Yo?
Johnny Prez - Quiero Darte
Johnny Prez - Estoy Llegando
Johnny Prez - Aguantate
Johnny Prez - Como Haz Pegado
Johnny Prez - The Prezident
Johnny Prez - Tu PumPum
Johnny Prez - Ole
Johnny Prez - Rampletera
Johnny Prez - Los Imperdonables
Johnny Prez - La India
Johnny Prez - Hace Tiempo
Johnny Prez - Que Se Tiren
Johnny Prez - Mi Medicina
Johnny Prez - Chiquilla Diabla
Johnny Prez - Rumba Pesa
Johnny Prez - Mi Dembow
Johnny Prez - Cuando Pienso En Ti
Johnny Prez - Tengo El Control
Plato - I imagine the next regime... Oligarchy
Pretty Pink - Traumtänzer
Pretty & Twisted - Souvenir
Pretty & Twisted - No Daddy No
Ben Prestage - 2:19
Pretty Maids - Mother of All Lies
Pretty Maids - To Fool a Nation
Pretty Maids - Confession
Pretty Maids - The Iceman
Pretty Maids - Sad to See You Suffer
Pretty Maids - Hooligan
Pretty Maids - Infinity
Pretty Maids - Why So Serious
Pretty Maids - Motherland
Pretty Maids - I See Ghosts
Pretty Maids - Bullet for You
Pretty Maids - Who What Where When Why
Pretty Maids - Wasted
Pretty Maids - Running Out
Pretty Maids - Who Said Money
Pretty Maids - Come on Tough, Come on Nasty
Pretty Maids - Raise Your Flag
Pretty Maids - Credit Card Lover
Pretty Maids - Know It Ain't Easy
Pretty Maids - Healing Touch
Pretty Maids - In the Flesh
Pretty Maids - Wake Up to the Real World
Pretty Maids - All In the Name of Love
Pretty Maids - I Am the End
Pretty Maids - As Guilty as You Are
Pretty Maids - Why Die for a Lie
Pretty Maids - Such a Rush
Pretty Maids - Where Beauty Lies
Pretty Maids - Terminal Violence
Pretty Maids - Another Shot of Your Love
Pretty Maids - Freakshow
Pretty Maids - Dead or Alive
Pretty Maids - Die With Your Dreams
Pretty Maids - Fly Me Out
Pretty Maids - Live Until It Hurts
Pretty Maids - Spooked
Pretty Maids - Never to Late
Pretty Maids - Your Mind Is Where the Money Is
Pretty Maids - Hard Luck Woman
Pretty Maids - The One That Should Not Be
The Prodigals - Spancil Hill
The Prodigals - Black-Eyed Gypsy
The Prodigals - Comrades in the Dark
The Prodigals - Alchemy
The Prodigals - The Immigrant
The Prodigals - The Open Reel
The Prodigals - Ballybay
The Prodigals - Long Ago
The Prodigals - Green Card
The Prodigals - Quart of Gin
The Prodigals - Happy Man
The Prodigals - Lord Randall
The Prodigals - The Morning After
The Prodigals - Paddy's Heaven
The Prodigals - Last Night as I Lay Dreaming
The Prodigals - Jackie Hall
The Prodigals - Baggot Street
The Prodigals - Leaving
The Prodigals - Out of Mind
The Prodigals - One True Cause
The Prodigals - Dreaming in Hell's Kitchen
The Prodigals - Ball of Alcohol
The Prodigals - Chelsea 3am
The Prodigals - Rain
Potito - Bulerias clavas
Plagiat199 - 1000 Słów
Plasma Pool - Intro Fear
Plasma Pool - Ezoterror
Plasma Pool - Bone Cutter
Plasma Pool - It Does Not Matter
Plasma Pool - Give Me Half
Plasma Pool - Silent Shores
Plasma Pool - The Anatomy of the Fall
Pretty Maids - If It Ain't Gonna Change
Pretty Maids - Please Don't Leave Me
Pretty Maids - In the Minds of the Young
Pretty Maids - Too Late, Too Loud
Pretty Maids - Say the Word
Pretty Maids - How Does It Feel
Pretty Maids - I'll Be There
Pretty Maids - Far Far Away
Pretty Maids - Savage Heart
Pretty Maids - When God Took a Day Off
Pretty Maids - Kingmaker
Pretty Maids - Face the World
Pretty Maids - Attention
Pretty Maids - Love Games
Pretty Maids - Det bedste til mig og mine venner
Pretty Maids - Shelly the Maid
Pretty Maids - Bad Boys
Pretty Maids - Children of Tomorrow
Pretty Maids - Nowhere to Run
Pretty Maids - In Santa's Claws
Pretty Maids - A Merry Jingle
Pretty Maids - Eye of the Storm
Pretty Maids - Rock the House
Phunk Junkeez - Magnetic Mic Control
Phunk Junkeez - No Parking On The Dancefloor
Phunk Junkeez - Million Rappers
Phunk Junkeez - Hazee
Phunk Junkeez - Paranoid
Phunk Junkeez - I Am a Junkee
Phunk Junkeez - American Pimp
Phunk Junkeez - The Quest
Phunk Junkeez - Adrenaline
Pretty Maids - Pandemonium
Pretty Maids - I.N.V.U.
Pretty Maids - Little Drops of Heaven
Pretty Maids - One World One Truth
Pretty Maids - Final Day of Innocence
Pretty Maids - Cielo Drive
Pretty Maids - It Comes at Night
Pretty Maids - Old Enough to Know
Pretty Maids - Beautiful Madness
Pretty Maids - Breathless
Pretty Maids - Loud 'n' Proud
Pretty Maids - We Came to Rock
Pretty Maids - Needles in the Dark
Pretty Maids - Long Way to Go
Pretty Maids - Cold Killer
Pretty Maids - Battle of Pride
Pretty Maids - Night Danger
Pretty Maids - A Place in the Night
Pretty Maids - Queen of Dreams
Pretty Maids - Little Darling
Pretty Maids - Lethal Heroes
Pretty Maids - Don't Settle for Less
Pretty Maids - Young Blood
Pretty Maids - Jump the Gun
Pretty Maids - Partners in Crime
Pretty Maids - Hang Tough
Pretty Maids - Over And Out
Pretty Maids - Dream On
Phunk Junkeez - B-Boy Hard
Phunk Junkeez - Snapped
Phunk Junkeez - Devil Woman
Phunk Junkeez - Chuck
Phunk Junkeez - Join In
Pretty Maids - Playing God
Pretty Maids - My Soul to Take
Pretty Maids - Virtual Brutality
Pretty Maids - Tortured Spirit
Pretty Maids - With These Eyes
Pretty Maids - Nuclear Boomerang
Pretty Maids - Snakes in Eden
Pretty Maids - A Heart Without a Home
Pretty Maids - Violent Tribe
Pretty Maids - Carpe Diem
Pretty Maids - Wouldn't Miss You
Pretty Maids - Clay
Pretty Maids - Poisoned Pleasures
Pretty Maids - Until It Dies
Pretty Maids - The Unwritten Pages
Pretty Maids - For Once in Your Life
Pretty Maids - They're All Alike
Pretty Maids - Time Awaits for No One
Pretty Maids - Invisible Chains
Pretty Maids - Destination Paradise
Pretty Maids - Hell on High Heels
Pretty Maids - When the Angels Cry
Pretty Maids - Back Off
Pretty Maids - Only in America
Pretty Maids - Scent of My Prey
Pretty Maids - Face Me
Pretty Maids - Loveshine
Pretty Maids - Rise
Pretty Maids - Scream
Pretty Maids - Psycho-Time-Bomb-Planet-Earth
Pretty Maids - This Love
Pretty Maids - No Messiah
Pretty Maids - In a World of Your Own
Pretty Maids - Don't Turn Your Sex on Me
Pretty Maids - Adrenaline Junkie
Pretty Maids - Anytime Anywhere
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Buona Sera
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (theme)
Louis Prima - Buona Sera
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - I've Got You Under My Skin
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Hey Boy!, Hey, Girl! (from 'Hey Boy! Hey Girl!' soundtrack)
The Producers - Slow Dancing
The Producers - What's He Got?
The Producers - Who Do You Think You Are?
The Producers - What She Does to Me
The Producers - The End
Pražský výběr - Olda je přítel můj
Pražský výběr - Papíry straší
Pražský výběr - Sbal si to svý ráno
Pražský výběr - Smolař
Pražský výběr - Chvastoun
The Producers - She Sheila
The Producers - Dear John
The Producers - Chinatown
Pretty Maids - Face of My Enemy
Pretty Maids - Not What You Think
Pretty Maids - Natural High
Pretty Maids - Who's Gonna Change
Pretty Maids - Worthless
Pretty Maids - One Way to Rock
Pretty Maids - Never Too Late
Pretty Maids - A Love and a Fiction
Pretty Maids - Crazy Horses
Pretty Maids - Where the Blood Runs Deep
Pretty Maids - '39
Pretty Maids - Heartbeat From Heaven
Pretty Maids - Fly Away
Pretty Maids - City Light
Pretty Maids - Bull’s Eye
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Angelina / Zooma Zooma
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Felicia No Capicia
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Sing, Sing, Sing
Placenta - All Things Runnable
Placenta - I Ain’t No Horse
Placenta - Bella Fruit Verona
Placenta - Vip Out
Placenta - Coca at the Cockloft
Placenta - Septopus
Placenta - Replace Your Face
Placenta - Sretan Put
Placenta - Nur die Besten
Placenta - Ein Riese
Placenta - Trendcutter
Power Trip - Manifest Decimation
Power Trip - Heretic's Fork
Power Trip - Conditioned to Death
Power Trip - Murderer's Row
Power Trip - The Hammer of Doubt
Power Trip - Lake Of Fire
Power Trip - Acid
Power Trip - The Evil Beat
Power Trip - Questions
Rubén Pozo - Rucu rucu
Rubén Pozo - Como cualquiera
Louis Prima - Route 66
Louis Prima - Glow Worm
Praxis - Furies
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - The Bigger the Figure
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - One Mint Julep
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Eleanor
Pripjat - Nuclear Chainsaw
Pripjat - Liquidators
Pripjat - Toxic
Pripjat - Snitches Get Stitches
Pripjat - Sons of Tschernobyl
Pripjat - Born to Hate
Pripjat - Destruction Manifesto
Pripjat - Acid Rain
Pripjat - Red Disease
Pop Corn - Septiembre 02
Pop Corn - No te quiero perder
Pop Corn - Juliana
Pop Corn - Que paso
Pop Corn - Dame mi bicicleta
Pop Corn - Miro, espero, pienso
Pop Corn - Otra cancion de lo mismo
Pop Corn - Lo que siento
Pop Corn - Apuesto a que no sabes
Pop Corn - Despertar, intentar, ignorar, no encontrar
Pop Corn - Que puedo decir...
Pop Corn - Dias intensos
Pop Corn - Tiempo de esperar
Pomrad - Pomslap
Pilaseca - Hip Hop
Pilaseca - Mínimo
Pilaseca - Que Calor
Pilaseca - Belong
Pilaseca - Perdon
Problem - I am the Monster
The Present Moment - General Relief
Barry Louis Polisar - When the House Is Dark and Quiet
Barry Louis Polisar - One Day My Best Friend Barbara Turned Into a Frog
Barry Louis Polisar - My Brother Thinks He's a Banana
Barry Louis Polisar - Barnyard Stomp
Barry Louis Polisar - Our Dog Bernard
Barry Louis Polisar - My Name Is Hiram Lipshlitz
Barry Louis Polisar - Tomorrow
Barry Louis Polisar - All I Want Is You
Barry Louis Polisar - My Brother Threw Up on My Stuffed Toy Bunny
Barry Louis Polisar - I've Got a Dog and My Dog's Name Is Cat
Barry Louis Polisar - But I'm Just Thirteen
Barry Louis Polisar - The Apple of My Eye
Barry Louis Polisar - I Need You Like a Donut Needs a Hole
Barry Louis Polisar - I'm a 3-Toed, Triple-Eyed, Double-Jointed Dinosaur
Barry Louis Polisar - The Bumblebee Song
Barry Louis Polisar - What If a Zebra Had Spots?
Barry Louis Polisar - I Wanna Be a Dog
Barry Louis Polisar - Giggle Tickle Fiddle Little Wiggle Around
Barry Louis Polisar - Thump Thump Thump
Barry Louis Polisar - Hey Jack, What's in the Sack?
Barry Louis Polisar - With a Giggle and a Hug and a Tickle and a Kiss
Barry Louis Polisar - Don't Put Your Finger Up Your Nose
Barry Louis Polisar - I Can't, I Can't
Barry Louis Polisar - Mom and Dad Are Always Right
Barry Louis Polisar - They Said, "Eat the Broccoli"
Barry Louis Polisar - Never Cook Your Sister in a Frying Pan
Barry Louis Polisar - A Brontosaurus With Bronchitis
Barry Louis Polisar - Tyranosaurus Nix
Barry Louis Polisar - My Mother Ran Away Today
Barry Louis Polisar - Do This, Do That
Barry Louis Polisar - Dad Says That I Look Like Him
Barry Louis Polisar - Leroy Is a Late Bloomer
Barry Louis Polisar - You're as Sweet as Sugar on a Stick
Barry Louis Polisar - Marching Shoulder to Shoulder
Barry Louis Polisar - It's My Mother and My Father and My Sister and the Dog
Barry Louis Polisar - We Don't Have to Share
Barry Louis Polisar - He Eats Asparagus, Why Can't You Be That Way
Barry Louis Polisar - Go and Hush the Baby
Barry Louis Polisar - Oh No, I Like My Sister
Barry Louis Polisar - I Sneaked Into the Kitchen in the Middle of the Night
Barry Louis Polisar - Mom Said, "No," I Said, "Why?"
Barry Louis Polisar - Aunt Anna Came to Our House
Barry Louis Polisar - I Miss Grandma
Barry Louis Polisar - Early Sunday Morning
Portico feat. Joe Newman - 101
Barry Louis Polisar - I Eat Kids
Barry Louis Polisar - Me and You
Portico - Steepless
Portico - Where You Are
Poésie Zéro - Constamment sous C
Poésie Zéro - Va niquer ta mère
Poésie Zéro - Punk acoustique
Poésie Zéro - La oï de nos campagnes
Poésie Zéro - Punk
Poolstar - Something in Your Eyes
Lewis Parker - Eyes of Dreams
Polikarpa y sus Viciosas - Policía de mierda
Polikarpa y sus Viciosas - Machos
Polikarpa y sus Viciosas - No al servicio militar
Polikarpa y sus Viciosas - Libertad
Polikarpa y sus Viciosas - Puta Podrida
Polikarpa y sus Viciosas - Capitalismo
Polikarpa y sus Viciosas - Anarquía
Polikarpa y sus Viciosas - Te odio
Poor Righteous Teachers - Rock Dis Funky Joint
Poor Righteous Teachers - Holy Intellect
Poor Righteous Teachers - Word From the Wise
Poor Righteous Teachers - Miss Ghetto
Poor Righteous Teachers - Allies
Poor Righteous Teachers - Gods, Earths And 85ers
Poor Righteous Teachers - My Three Wives
Poor Righteous Teachers - Conscious Style
Poor Righteous Teachers - We Dat Nice
Poor Righteous Teachers - Dreadful Day
Poor Righteous Teachers - Sistuh
Poor Righteous Teachers - Strictly Mash'ion
Poor Righteous Teachers - Methods of Droppin' Mental
Poor Righteous Teachers - They Turned Gangsta
Prawn - Scud Running
Prawn - First as Tragedy, Second as Farce
Prawn - Prolonged Exposure
Prawn - Dialect Of…
Prawn - Old Souls
Prawn - Glass, Irony
Prawn - Absurd Walls
Prawn - Thalassa
Prawn - Runner’s Body
Prawn - Halcyon Days
Prawn - At Dawn We Left
Prawn - Wesley’s Pipe Dreams
Prawn - Get Down
Prawn - Sammy
Prawn - Clever Hands
Prawn - Horizontal
Prawn - Slaying a Paper Tiger
Prawn - Transcendental Deduction (Copernican Turn)
Prawn - Courage Kills Men
Prawn - Family Tree
Prawn - Arctic Foxes
Prawn - Transcendental Deduction
Prawn - Thousand Grains of Sand
Prawn - Donald Domesky
Prawn - Two Ships
Prawn - Spring River
Prawn - Grass and Bones
Prawn - Settled
Pirat's Sound Sistema - La lluïta
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Mentides
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Paraules
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Bombes
Pirat's Sound Sistema - A cada somni
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Ulls clucs
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Mosso d'esquadra
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Rapataplam
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Digues que faràs
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Poc a poc
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Per què?
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Lletres de color
Pirat's Sound Sistema - L'esquerda
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Això no és la solució
Pirat's Sound Sistema - Reggae Dance Hall
Polyenso - 17 New Years
Polyenso - Where to Grow (Where to be Born)
Polyenso - I.W.W.I.T.I.W.
Polyenso - Not My Real Life
Polyenso - /// (A Pool Worth Diving In)
Polyenso - Price
Polyenso - Every Single Time
Polyenso - Let it Go
Polyenso - Osaka Son
Polyenso - Moona Festival
Polyenso - Dog Radio
Polyenso - Push
Polyenso - Falling in Rain
Polyenso - Meeting Grey (Cricket)
Polyenso - Pocket Soul
Polyenso - Counting Fish
Polyenso - Cherry Life
Polyenso - Always Ending in You
Polyenso - Be Too Well (Always)
Kendall Payne - Closer to Myself
Kendall Payne - Supermodels
Kendall Payne - Wonderland
Kendall Payne - Honest
Kendall Payne - The Second Day
Kendall Payne - It's Not the Time
Kendall Payne - On My Bones
Kendall Payne - Modern Day Moses
Kendall Payne - Perfect by Thursday
Kendall Payne - Formerly Known As
Kendall Payne - Never Leave
Kendall Payne - Fatherless at 14
Kendall Payne - Scratch
Kendall Payne - Ups & Downs
Kendall Payne - The Moon
Kendall Payne - Stand
Kendall Payne - Little Things
Kendall Payne - Happy
Kendall Payne - Johnny
Kendall Payne - Backwards
Kendall Payne - Aslan
Kendall Payne - Twenty Three
Kendall Payne - Pray
Kendall Payne - Not Afraid to Be Me
Kendall Payne - I Will Show You Love
Kendall Payne - One More Try
Kendall Payne - Lines
Kendall Payne - Fail
Kendall Payne - Small
Kendall Payne - Belonging
Kendall Payne - Touch
Kendall Payne - Back to Normal
Kendall Payne - Daddy
Kendall Payne - Burning Embers
Kendall Payne - Paper Skin
Kendall Payne - That's Why There's Grace
Kendall Payne - Heart of Worship
Kendall Payne - How Great Is Our God
Kendall Payne - One
Kendall Payne - Here I Am to Worship
Jesse Powell - I Wasn't With It
Jesse Powell - I Can Tell
Jesse Powell - She Wasn't Last Night
Jesse Powell - 'bout It, 'bout It
Jesse Powell - Are You Missin' My Love?
Jesse Powell - Up And Down
Jesse Powell - You Should Know
Jesse Powell - You're The One I Love
Jesse Powell - You
Jesse Powell - It'll Take the World
Jesse Powell - If I
Jesse Powell - I'm Leaving
Jesse Powell - Go Upstairs
Jesse Powell - I Didn't Realize
Jesse Powell - I'd Rather Be Alone
Jesse Powell - Invisible Man
Jesse Powell - After We Make Love
Jesse Powell - Can't Take It
Jesse Powell - Take My Breath Away
Jesse Powell - On Your Mind
Jesse Powell - Looking for Love
Jesse Powell - All I Need
Jesse Powell - Spend the Night (It's Alright)
Jesse Powell - I Like
Jesse Powell - You Don't Know
Jesse Powell - The Enchantment Medley: Gloria, Its You That I Need
Jesse Powell - Let Go
Jesse Powell - If You Like What You See
Jesse Powell - All Alone
Jesse Powell - I Will Be Loving You
Jesse Powell - Is It Over
Jesse Powell - Lady
Jesse Powell - Did You Cry
Jesse Powell - I Like It
Pritam & Arijit Singh - Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Title Track (From "Ae Dil Hai Mushkil")
Professor Satnam Singh Ji Sethi - Jaap Sahib
Professor Satnam Singh Ji Sethi - Anand Sahib
Printemps - sweet&sweet holiday
Printemps - Love marginal (off vocal)
Printemps - sweet&sweet holiday (off vocal)
Printemps - Love marginal
Printemps - Pure girls project -Off Vocal-
Printemps - UNBALANCED LOVE -Off Vocal-
Printemps - Pure girls project
Printemps - CheerDay CheerGirl!
Printemps - WAO-WAO Powerful day!
Proghma-C - Kana
Proghma-C - So Be-Live
Proghma-C - Naan
+/- - Let's Build a Fire
+/- - Fadeout
+/- - Steal the Blueprints
+/- - The Important Thing Is to Love
+/- - Thrown Into the Fire
+/- - Summer Dress 2 (Iodine)
+/- - Ignoring All the Detours
+/- - Profession
+/- - One Day You'll Be There
+/- - This Is All (I Have Left)
+/- - Leap Year
+/- - Time and Space
+/- - For You
+/- - Snowblind
+/- - The Hours You Keep
+/- - Ventriloquist
+/- - Summer Dress 1 (All Her Winter Clothes)
+/- - No One Sees You Like I Do
+/- - Manifest Destiny (In General)
+/- - Setting Your Head on Fire
+/- - The Industrial Revolution
+/- - Yo Yo Yo (Please Don't Fall in Love)
+/- - Ill Advised
+/- - The Separation of Church and State
Katie Price & Peter Andre - A Whole New World
Katie Price & Peter Andre - The Best Things in Life Are Free
Katie Price & Peter Andre - Islands in the Stream
Katie Price & Peter Andre - I've Had the Time of My Life
+/- - You've Just Got It All
+/- - Far Into the Fields
+/- - I've Been Lost
+/- - Making the Horse Drink
+/- - She's So Lost
+/- - Chromatic
Professional Murder Music - Slow
Professional Murder Music - Fall Again
Professional Murder Music - Of Unknown Origin
Professional Murder Music - Does It Dream
Professional Murder Music - Darker
Professional Murder Music - These Days
Professional Murder Music - Sleep Deprivation
Professional Murder Music - Everything in the World
Professional Murder Music - Dissolve
Professional Murder Music - Your World
Professional Murder Music - Something New
Professional Murder Music - Don't Stop
Professional Murder Music - As it's Fading
Professional Murder Music - Disconnect
Professional Murder Music - Start Again
Professional Murder Music - Clear
Professional Murder Music - Staring
Professional Murder Music - Endless
Professional Murder Music - Big Exit
Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt Kickers - Monster's Holiday
Prince & The New Power Generation - Sweet Baby
Prince & The New Power Generation - Damn U
Prince & The New Power Generation - The Flow
Prince & The New Power Generation - 3 Chains o' Gold
Prince & The New Power Generation - Push It Up!
Prince & The New Power Generation - Freaks on This Side
Prince & The New Power Generation - (I Like) Funky Music
Prince & The New Power Generation - Money Don't Matter 2 Night
Prince & The New Power Generation - Violet the Organ Grinder
Prince & The New Power Generation - Strollin’
Prince & The New Power Generation - Walk Don’t Walk
PopLéon - Le Poisson
Present Paradox - Acute
Present Paradox - Let me sleep
Present Paradox - Midnight Fog
Present Paradox - Goodbye
Present Paradox - Appletrees
Present Paradox - Changed
Present Paradox - Topic
Present Paradox - Institutions
Present Paradox - False Friend
Present Paradox - Restless
Present Paradox - Last Hello
Present Paradox - Maybe or Maybe not
Present Paradox - Drop me a line
Present Paradox - Put me back
Present Paradox - Nasty Malfunction
Present Paradox - My Map
Present Paradox - The Missing Link
Pollyester - Cut Diamond
Pretty Ricky - Late Night Special
Pretty Ricky - On the Hotline
Pretty Ricky - Love Like Honey
Pretty Ricky - Push It Baby
Pretty Ricky - Leave It All Up to You
Pretty Ricky - So Confused
Pretty Ricky - Personal Trainer
Pretty Ricky - Up and Down
Pretty Ricky - Make It Like It Was
Pretty Ricky - Playhouse
Pretty Ricky - Your Body
Pretty Ricky - Grind With Me
Pretty Ricky - Get a Little Closer
Pretty Ricky - Never Let You Go
Pretty Ricky - Juicy