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Frank Sinatra & Maurice Chevalier - I Love Paris
Dinah Washington - Love for Sale
Lee Wiley - Easy to Love
Lee Wiley - Find Me a Primitive Man
Frank Sinatra - Night and Day
Dinah Shore - You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
Pressure Points - Electric Shadows
Pressure Points - Atonement
Pressure Points - Temptation for Hate
Pressure Points - The Past Within
Pressure Points - Grand Delusion
PeterLicht - Neue Idee
PeterLicht - Das Ende der Beschwerde / Du musst dein Leben ändern
PeterLicht - Sonnendeck (Schallplattenspieler-Fassung)
Prager Handgriff - Achterbahn
Prager Handgriff - Der Sog
Prager Handgriff - Bestandsaufnahme
Prager Handgriff - Deine Sterne
Prager Handgriff - Täterschaft und Teilnahme
Prager Handgriff - Blutgeschmack
Prager Handgriff - Höhenangst
Prager Handgriff - TV Tod
Prager Handgriff - Auf dem Zeitstrom
Prager Handgriff - Gleichgewicht des Schreckens
Prager Handgriff - XV Jahre
Bing Crosby - Little One
Frank Sinatra - You're Sensational
Bing Crosby - I Love You, Samantha
Frank Sinatra - Mind If I Make Love to You
The Poxy Boggards - I Wear No Pants
The Poxy Boggards - Hey Nonny Nonny
The Poxy Boggards - Mingulay Boat Song
The Poxy Boggards - Up And Away
The Poxy Boggards - My Last Night in Baltimore
The Poxy Boggards - Drink Til I Die
The Poxy Boggards - Holy Ground
The Poxy Boggards - The Errant Apprentice
The Poxy Boggards - Star of the Country Down
Prager Handgriff - Zäsur
Prager Handgriff - Der Sender
Prager Handgriff - Das Leben tobt
Prager Handgriff - Am Nachmittag
Prager Handgriff - Strahlentod
Cole Porter - Kiss Me, Kate
Della Reese - Always True to You in My Fashion
Alfred Drake - So in Love
Fred Astaire - Night & Day
Prager Handgriff - Netur
Pr0files - Empty Hands
Pr0files - Forgive
Pr0files - Call Yourself a Lover
Pr0files - Get It Up
Pr0files - Like a Knife
Pr0files - Luxury
Pr0files - I Know You Still Care
The Poxy Boggards - Hauling for Home
The Poxy Boggards - Don't Drink and Joust
The Poxy Boggards - I Once Had a Lass
The Poxy Boggards - Bring Us More Beer
The Poxy Boggards - Hob y Derri Dondo
The Poxy Boggards - Finnegan's Wake
The Poxy Boggards - When Jesus Comes
Sérgio Pimenta - A Moça do Poço
Sérgio Pimenta - Quando Se Está Só
Sérgio Pimenta - O Que Me Faz Viver
The Poxy Boggards - She's a Whore
The Poxy Boggards - The Man Who Doesn't Like Beer
Poxrucker Sisters - Glick
Poxrucker Sisters - Ois gschenkt
Poxrucker Sisters - Woikn
Poxrucker Sisters - Gonz vü Liebe gebn
Poxrucker Sisters - Herzklopfn (Akustik)
Cole Porter - Let's Do It
Frank Sinatra - I Am Loved
Jeri Southern - It's De Lovely
Frank Sinatra - At Long Last Love
Frank Sinatra - You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
PowerWorld - Stand Up
PowerWorld - Time Will Change
PowerWorld - Human Parasite
PowerWorld - East Comes to West
PowerWorld - Children of the Future
PowerWorld - Caught in Your Web
PowerWorld - Tame Your Demons
PowerWorld - Might of Secrets
PowerWorld - King for a Day
PowerWorld - You Will Find a Way
PowerWorld - World Knows Your Secrets - Virtuality
Plastic Assault - Crackhead
Plastic Assault - Shotgun Blast
Plastic Assault - Pesticide
Plastic Assault - !Splat!
Plastic Assault - Devotchka
Plastic Assault - The Bite
Plastic Assault - Das Letzte Stück Dreck
Plastic Assault - It's OK!
Plastic Assault - Strangled
Frank Sinatra - I Get a Kick Out of You
Irving Aaronson - Let's Misbehave
Libby Holman - Love for Sale
Ethel Waters - Miss Otis Regrets
Cole Porter - I'm a Gigolo
Kathryn Grayson - I Hate Men
Ann Miller - From This Moment On
Cole Porter - Down in the Depths (On the 90th Floor)
Jack Hylton & His Orchestra - They All Fall in Love
Cole Porter - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Cole Porter - Well Did You Evah?
Cole Porter - Ev'vry Time We Say Goodbye - Dinah Washington
Cole Porter - C'est magnifique
Cole Porter - Where Is the Life of Late I Led
Cole Porter - So In Love (Kiss Me, Kate)
Pornoheft - Broetchen
Pornoheft - Bahnhofsklo
Pornoheft - Du
Pornoheft - Beitrittskandidat
Pornoheft - Kutter
Pornoheft - Keine Schraube
Pornoheft - Elefantenkuh
Pornoheft - Meine Oma liegt im Sarg
Pornoheft - Nach Wurst
Pornoheft - Bum Bum
Pornoheft - Im Buero
Pornoheft - Du Sau
Pornoheft - Schlecht fuers Geschaeft
Pornoheft - Ueberhaupt
Pornoheft - Des Medel
Pornoheft - Oedipuss
Pornoheft - 601
Pornoheft - Amuletto
Pornoheft - Der Sturz
Pornoheft - Europa
Pornoheft - Griechenland
Pornoheft - Keine Zeit
Pornoheft - Kennedy
Pornoheft - Ohne Beine
Pornoheft - Ohne Gehirn
Pornoheft - Rattengift
Pornoheft - Seoul
Pornoheft - Tina
Pornoheft - Zeh
Pressure - Pressure
The Popes - Holloway Boulevard
The Popes - Pump Action Paddy
The Popes - Hills of Connemara
The Popes - New Rose
The Popes - Jukebox
The Popes - Waitress
The Popes - Chino's Place
The Popes - Last Call
The Popes - Like a River
The Popes - Church of the Holy Spook
The Popes - Hillbilly
The Popes - Rock'n' Roll Band
Port Noir - Debris
Port Noir - Tide
Port Noir - Puls
Port Noir - In This Void
Port Noir - Left
Port Noir - Sun dé man
Port Noir - Any Way the Wind Carries
Port Noir - Earth
Port Noir - Vous et nous
Port Noir - Black From the Ink
Port Noir - Onyx
Port Noir - Diamond
Port Noir - Beyond the Pale
Port Noir - Exile
Port Noir - The Sleep
Port Noir - Come What May
Port Noir - The Oak Crown
Port Noir - Neon
Port Noir - Heathens
Pérez Prado - Mambo del politécnico
Pérez Prado - Que Rico El Mambo
Pérez Prado - Mambo Politecnico
Pérez Prado - Mambo del ruletero
Pérez Prado - Patricia
Pérez Prado - Cuban Rock
Pérez Prado - Ay! Cosita Linda
Pérez Prado - Mambo #5
Plastic Operator - Motor
Plastic Operator - Making It Right
Plastic Operator - Your Love Is Underrated
Plastic Operator - Sometimes It's Easy
Plastic Operator - Before The Day Is Out
Plastic Operator - Peppermint
Plastic Operator - Folder
Plastic Operator - Home 0207
Plastic Operator - Why Don't You?
Plastic Operator - Radio
Justin Courtney Pierre - Everything That Hurts
Pouya - Suicidal Thoughts In The Back Of The Cadillac
Pouya - The Sensual Sounds Of Kevin Pouya
Pouya - Stunna
Pouya - Different
Pouya - By Yo Side
Pouya - Like Them
Pouya - Stop
Pouya - But Wait, There's More
Pouya - Energy
Pouya - Hunnit Hunnit
Pouya - Fat Hoes
Pouya - Yuh
Pouya - Scrubs
Pouya - 41
Polyrhythmics - The Octagon
Pontus och Amerikanerna - Godmorgon Columbus
Pontus och Amerikanerna - Sång om flygplan
Pontus och Amerikanerna - Vår lille pilot
Pontus och Amerikanerna - En blå dag
Pontus och Amerikanerna - Min bror och jag
Raúl Porchetto - Mercedes en silencio
Raúl Porchetto - Reina madre
Marcel Powell - Dia de feira
Perturbator - Hard Wired
Perturbator - Minuit
Perturbator - The New Black
Perturbator feat. Arcade High - Deviance
Perturbator feat. Greta Link - Venger
Perturbator - Desire
Perturbator - Meet Jimmy
Perturbator - Sentient
Perturbator - Souls at Zero
Perturbator - Vile World
Pérez Prado - Sabor a Mi (Be True to Me)
Poco - Foreword
Poco - What A Day
Poco - Nobody's Fool
Poco - Calico Lady
Poco - First Love
Poco - Make Me Smile
Poco - Short Changed
Poco - Pickin' Up the Pieces
Poco - Oh Yeah
Poco - Just In Case It Happens, Yes Indeed
Poco - Tomorrow
Poco - Do You Feel It Too
Poco - Spellbound
Poco - Heart of the Night
Poco - Crazy Love
Poco - The Last Goodbye
Poco - Legend
Poco - You Better Think Twice
Poco - Just for Me and You
Poco - Faith in the Families
Poco - Sweet Lovin'
Poco - Rocky Mountain Breakdown
Poco - Here We Go Again
Poco - A Right Along
Poco - A Man Like Me
Poco - And Settlin' Down
Poco - Hurry Up
Poco - Honky Tonk Downstairs
Poco - Anyway Bye Bye
Poco - Don't Let It Pass By
Poco - Blue Water
Poco - Brass Buttons
Poco - Crazy Eyes
Poco - Magnolia
Poco - Let's Dance Tonight
Poco - Keep on Tryin'
Poco - Let Me Turn Back to You
Poco - Sittin' On a Fence
Poco - Geoegia, Bind My Ties
Poco - Us
Poco - Dallas
Poco - I'll Be Back Again
Poco - Go And Say Goodbye
Poco - High and Dry
Poco - Call It Love
Poco - When It All Began
Poco - The Nature of Love
Poco - Look Within
Poco - Rough Edges
Poco - Who Else
Poco - Lovin' You Every Minute
Poco - If It Wasn't for You
Poco - Follow Your Dreams
Pressha - Do Boy
Pressha - Splackavellie
Poco - Ride The Country
Poco - I Can See Everything
Poco - Keeper Of The Fire
Poco - Early Times
Poco - Restrain
Poco - Rose of Cimarron
Poco - Stealaway
Poco - Just Like Me
Poco - Company's Comin'
Poco - Too Many Nights Too Long
Poco - Starin' at the Sky
Poco - All Alone Together
Poco - Hoe Down
Poco - What Am I Gonna Do
Poco - You Are the One
Poco - Railroad Days
Poco - From the Inside
Poco - What If I Should Say I Love You
Poco - Every Time I Hear That Train
Poco - Save A Corner Of Your Heart For Me
Poco - If Your Heart Needs a Hand
Poco - Never Loved... Never Hurt Like This
Poco - Find Out In Time
Poco - On The Way Home
Poco - Indian Summer
Poco - All Fired Up
Poco - Neil Young
Poco - Long Shot
Poco - Harry Up (Now Tell Me)
Poco - Kind Woman
Poco - I Guess You Made It
Poco - Glory Bound
Poco - Blue and Gray
Poco - Writing on the Wall
Poco - Down on the River Again
Poco - Please Wait for Me
Poco - Here Comes That Girl Again
Poco - Land of Glory
Guillermo Portabales - El carretero
Guillermo Portabales - Cumbiamba
Guillermo Portabales - Tristeza guajira
Guillermo Portabales - Lamento cubano
Guillermo Portabales - Al vaivén de mi carreta
Guillermo Portabales - Flor de amor
Guillermo Portabales - Junto al palmar del bajio
Poco - Susannah
Poco - Western Waterloo
Poco - One Horse Blue
Poco - Whatever Happened to Your Smile
Poco - All the Ways
Poco - There Goes My Heart
Poco - While You're on Your Way
Poco - Hear That Music
Poco - You'd Better Think Twice
Nuno Prata - Essa Dor Não Existe (Tu Isso Sabes, Não Sabes?)
Nuno Prata - Mais Um Belo Dia
Nuno Prata - Cala-Te E Come (Expiação Do Derrotado)
Nuno Prata - Como Foi?
Nuno Prata - Aconteceres-Te
Nuno Prata - Figuras Tristes
Nuno Prata - Hoje Quem?
Nuno Prata - Alegremente Cantando e Rindo Vamos
Nuno Prata - Pobre de Mim
Nuno Prata - Guarda Bem o Teu Tesouro
Nuno Prata - Esse Não
Nuno Prata - Já Não Me Importo
Nuno Prata - Não Deixes de Querer Fugir
Nuno Prata - Vamos Andando (Só Temo Pelos Outros)
Nuno Prata - Volto Para Casa a Pensar Na Mesma Coisa
Nuno Prata - Porque Sim
Nuno Prata - E Porque Não Ficar Por Aqui
Nuno Prata - Alice Ri-Se
The Pre New - I Believe In Jackie
Poco - Ghost Town
Poco - How Will You Feel Tonight
Poco - Love's So Cruel
Poco - When Hearts Collide
Poco - Makin' Love S
Poco - Me and You
Poco - Daylight
Poco - Odd Man Out
Poco - How Many Moons
Poco - When You Love Someone
Poco - Brenda X
Poco - Standing in the Fire
Poco - Save a Corner of Your Heart
Poco - The Storm
Poco - Twenty Years
Poco - Downfall
Poco - Win or Lose
Poco - Living in the Band
Pérez Prado - Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White
Pretty Lights feat. Eligh - So Bright
Pretty Lights - Finally Moving
Pretty Lights - Change Is Gonna Come
Pretty Lights - The Time Has Come
Pretty Lights - My Other Love
Pretty Lights - Cold Feeling
Pretty Lights - Solamente
Pretty Lights - Something's Wrong
Pretty Lights - Evening Sun
Pretty Lights - Pop Quiz
Pretty Lights - At Last I Am Free
Pretty Lights - Make You Feel
Pretty Lights - Summer's Gone
Pretty Lights - Maybe Tomorrow
Pretty Lights - More Important Than Michael Jordan
Pretty Lights - If I Could Feel Again
Pretty Lights - Can't Stop Me Now
Pretty Lights - Let 'em Know It's Time to Go
The Philippine Madrigal Singers - Awit Ng Paghahangad
The Philippine Madrigal Singers - One More Gift
The Philippine Madrigal Singers - Panunumpa
The Philippine Madrigal Singers - Light of a Million Mornings
The Philippine Madrigal Singers - The Lord Bless You and Keep You
The Philippine Madrigal Singers - You Raise Me Up
The Philippine Madrigal Singers - Diwa Ng Pasko
Péricles - Pot-Pourri: Troca de Energia / Samba de Coração
Péricles - Final de Tarde
Péricles - Pot-Pourri: Viola Em Bandoleira / Sorriso Aberto
Péricles - A Procura Acabou
Péricles - Se Eu Largar o Freio
Péricles - Pot-Pourri: No Compasso Do Criador / Recado a Minha Amada
Péricles - Nossos Planos
Péricles - Toda Pura
Péricles - Chance Pro Azar
Péricles - Pot-Pourri: De Bem Com Deus / Seja Mais Você / Volta de Vez Pra Mim
Péricles - Pela Hora
Péricles - Beijo Doce
Péricles - Na Direção Do Sol
Péricles - Tudo Fica Blue
Péricles - Pot-Pourri: Quem É Ela / Pra São Jorge / Minha Fé
Péricles - Feito Pra Durar
Péricles - Tudo de Mim
Péricles - Trago a Pessoa Amada (Par. Thiaguinho)
Péricles - Erro Meu
Péricles - Lembranças de Nós Dois
Péricles - A Flor da Pele
Péricles - Dois Rivais (Part. Hellen Caroline)
Péricles - Ave Maria de Schubert
Péricles - Melhor Eu Ir
Poco - A Good Feeling to Know
Poco - Consequently So Long
Pretty Lights - Gazing at the Glare
Pretty Lights - Drift Away
Pretty Lights - I Can See It in Your Face
Pretty Lights - I Know the Truth
Pretty Lights - Still Night
Pretty Lights - You Get High
Pretty Lights - Lost and Found
Playground Noise - Isolation
Pérez Prado - Que Es Lo Que Pasa
Pérez Prado - Mambo №5
Pérez Prado - Al Compas Del Mambo
Poco - Forever
Poco - Never Get Enough
Poco - If You Can't Stand to Lose
Poco - I Can Only Imagine
Poco - That's What Love Is All About
Poco - Running Horse
Poco - Drivin' Wheel
Poco - Just Call My Name
Poco - Skatin'
Poco - Krikkit's Song (Passing Through)
Poco - You've Got Your Reasons
Poco - Hard Luck
Poco - Sagebrush Serenade
Poco - Hoe Down / Slow Poke
Plastic Toys - Flesh
Plastic Toys - Superfreak
Plastic Toys - Just Like You
Plastic Toys - Let Me Feel the Love
Plastic Toys - Still Alive
Plastic Toys - Dirty
Plastic Toys - The Tragedy
Plastic Toys - Tonight Only
Plastic Toys - Freak Amongst The Freaks
Plastic Toys - I Miss You
Plastic Toys - The World Goes Bang
Plastic Toys - God Damn You All
Plastic Toys - Goodbye
Pour Habit - Institution
Pour Habit - Light the Torch
Pour Habit - Against Me
Pour Habit - Resignation
Pour Habit - Misfigured
Pour Habit - Evolution
Pour Habit - Hell Bent
Pour Habit - Zion
Pour Habit - Real Eyes
Pour Habit - Suiticide
Pour Habit - Dead Soldier's Bay
Pour Habit - Heads of State
Pour Habit - Greenery
Pour Habit - Matter of Opinion
Pour Habit - East 69th
Pour Habit - Head in the Clouds (Danny's Song)
Pour Habit - Party
Pour Habit - Teens Turned to Fiends
Pour Habit - Tomahawk
Pour Habit - For All Who Have Given and Lost
Pour Habit - Gutterblock Boy
Pour Habit - The Expert
Pour Habit - Conscience Mind of Revelation
Poco - While We're Still Young
Poco - The Everlasting Kind
Poco - Down to the Wire
Poco - Footsteps of a Fool (Shaky Ground)
Poco - Reputation
Poco - A Fool's Paradise
Poco - Friends in the Distance
Poco - Made of Stone
Poco - Bitterblue
Poco - Stay [Night Until Noon]
Poco - Save a Corner of Your Heart for Me [live]
Poco - When the Dance Is Over
Poco - Flying Solo
Plan Three - Triggers
Plan Three - The Common Divided
Plan Three - Brush It Off
Plan Three - The Collision
Plan Three - Freak Show
Plan Three - What Have You Done
Plan Three - Be Still My Heart
Plan Three - Whatever the Reason
Plan Three - All for Nothing
Plan Three - Subrosa
The Pool Boys - Glory Comes To Call
The Pool Boys - Riverside
The Pool Boys - Storehouse Full
The Pool Boys - Yours Completely
Poison Nova - Pagan Blood
Poison Nova - Wounds of Gaza
Poison Nova - Circle of Woe
Poison Nova - Silent Wolves Howling Moon
Pigface - Divebomber
Pigface - Fuck It Up
Pigface - Hagseed
Pigface - Chikasaw
Pigface - Empathy
Pigface - Trivial Sscene
Pigface - Slut/Blood/Pain
Pigface - Psalm Springs Eternal
Pigface - Your Music Is Garbage
Pigface - The Bushmaster
Pigface - Point Blank
Pigface - Suck
Pigface - Tailor Made
Pigface - Weightless
Pigface - Bushmaster
Pigface - Sweetmeat
Pigface - Bitch
Pigface - Binary Stream
Pigface - The Horse You Rode in On
Pigface - Alles Ist Mine
Pigface - Ten Ground and Down
Pigface - Insemination
Pigface - Hips, Tits, Lips, Power!
Pigface - I'm Still Alive
Pigface - Auto Hag
Pigface - Go!
Pigface - Nutopia
Pigface - Fuck It Up (Did You Ever Get the Feeling?)
Pigface - Alle Ist Mein
Pigface - Hips Tits Lips Power
Pigface - War Ich Nicht (live) / Amphetamineamphetamine (live) / Girls Are Cool
Pigface - Mercenary
Pigface - I Hate You in Real Life Too
Pigface - Bring Unto Me
Pram - Penny Arcade
Pram - The Pawnbroker
Pram - Paper Hats
Pram - The Archivist
Pram - Goodbye
Pram - Distant Islands
Pram - The Owl Service
Pram - Mother of Pearl
Pram - The Mermaids' Hotel
Pram - A Million Bubbles Burst
Pram - Cat's Cradle
The Pretty Littles - Dangerman
The Pretty Littles - Bring on the Bad Times
Pigface - The Love Serenade (I Hate You?)
Pigface - Twice Removed
Pigface - Beneath My Feet
Pigface - T.F.W.O.
Pigface - Henry
Pram - Loose Threads
Pram - Three Wild Georges
Pram - Gravity
Pram - Dancing on a Star
Pram - Nightwatch
Pram - My Father the Clown
Pram - Blue
Pram - Little Angel, Little Monkey
Pram - Shadows
Pitchblend - Sirens
Pitchblend - Celsius
Pitchblend - Timeless
Pitchblend - Foundation for Reason and Science
Plunkett - The River
Plunkett - 21st Century
Plunkett - Sun Shines
Plunkett - Just Rise
Plunkett - Give In Give Out
Plunkett - Always Me
Plunkett - Hold Tight
Plunkett - 14 Days
Power - Justice of Fire
The Prats - General Davis
The Prats - Walking Dead
Pigface - War Ich Nicht? / Amphetaminemethamphetamine / Girls Are Cool
The Planet The - Tighten Your Dreams
Pinocchio - Klick Klack
Pinocchio - Pinocchio in Moskau
Pinocchio - Pinocchio en hiver (outro)
Pinocchio - T'Es Pas Cap Pinoccio
Pigface - Insect/Suspect (Suck a Loop Just for Funk)
Pigface - Sweetmeat (Electroqueen Pheromones)
Pigface - Asphole (On the Floor/We Know Who You Are)
Pigface - Kiss King (High High High)
Pigface - Cutting Face - Gas Mask Mix
Pigface - Peaking Too Early (Williams)
Pigface - The Image of Red Cut in Half
Presence | of | Mind - Brittle Bones
The Prestonwood Choir - You Deserve The Glory
The Prestonwood Choir - Unto The Lamb
The Prestonwood Choir - Thou, Oh Lord
The Prestonwood Choir - Cry Holy
The Prestonwood Choir - Something Happens
The Prestonwood Choir - I Then Shall Live
The Prestonwood Choir - End Of The Beginning
The Prestonwood Choir - Breathe On Me
The Prestonwood Choir - At Your Feet
The Prestonwood Choir - Lord, You're Holy
M. Pokora feat. Timbaland & Sebastian - Dangerous
M. Pokora - No Me Without U
M. Pokora - Treason
M. Pokora - Internationalude
M. Pokora - Tokyo Girl
M. Pokora - They Talk Sh#T About
M. Pokora - Forbidden Drive
M. Pokora - Climax
M. Pokora - Like a Criminal
M. Pokora - Sur ma route
M. Pokora - Juste une photo de toi
M. Pokora - Mr & Mrs Smith
M. Pokora - 1, 2, 3
M. Pokora - Mirage
M. Pokora - Elle Veut Jouer
M. Pokora - Plus Comme Avant
M. Pokora - Mise à Jour
M. Pokora - Né Pour Toi
M. Pokora - Repartir à Zéro
M. Pokora - Toutes Sexy
M. Pokora - Gogo danseuse
M. Pokora - Comme Un Soldat
M. Pokora - Sauvons Ce Qu'il Nous Reste
M. Pokora - En attendant la fin
M. Pokora - À nos actes manqués
M. Pokora - Turn It Up
M. Pokora - Hey Girl
M. Pokora - Nothing
M. Pokora - Si On Échangeait Les Rôles
M. Pokora - Juste un instant
M. Pokora - Cours
M. Pokora - Mourir ce soir
M. Pokora - Le temps qu'il faut
M. Pokora - Encore + fort
M. Pokora - Chacun
M. Pokora - Reste comme tu es
M. Pokora - Si tu pars
M. Pokora - Sauve-toi
M. Pokora - Danse sur ma musique
M. Pokora - Mes rêveurs
M. Pokora - Mon évidence
M. Pokora - On est là
M. Pokora - Merci d’être
M. Pokora - Ma poupée
M. Pokora - Envole-moi
M. Pokora - Je voudrais vous dire
M. Pokora - Plus haut
M. Pokora - Je serai là
M. Pokora - Hallelujah
M. Pokora - De retour
M. Pokora - Player
M. Pokora - Oh la la la (Sexy Miss)
M. Pokora - Ce soir je lui dis tout
M. Pokora - Mal de guerre
M. Pokora - L'Enfer du samedi soir
M. Pokora - Interlude (Cynthia)
M. Pokora - Cynthia
M. Pokora - STP
M. Pokora - Cette fille
M. Pokora - Regarde maman
M. Pokora - It's Alright
Presto - Pour Another Glass
PixelToy - Good Morning
PixelToy - Winnie
PixelToy - Good Evening
M. Pokora - Intro R.E.D.
M. Pokora - Avant nous
M. Pokora - Voir la nuit s'emballer
M. Pokora - Le Monde
M. Pokora feat. Soprano - Mieux que nous
M. Pokora - Go Mama
M. Pokora - J'le fais quand même
M. Pokora - Wohoo
M. Pokora - Entre parenthèses
M. Pokora - Je te mentirai
M. Pokora - Ensemble
M. Pokora - On danse
M. Pokora - Cœur voyageur
M. Pokora - Saga 05
M. Pokora - Showbiz
M. Pokora - Pas sans toi
M. Pokora - Vie de star
M. Pokora - Senorita
M. Pokora - Combien de temps
M. Pokora - Tourne pas le dos
M. Pokora - L'Adrénaline
M. Pokora - Au rythme de ma voix
M. Pokora - Belinda
M. Pokora - 17 ans
M. Pokora - Comme d’habitude
M. Pokora - Alexandrie, Alexandra (version disco)
M. Pokora - Intro ALPDBT
M. Pokora - Oh
M. Pokora - All So Sexy
M. Pokora - Showbiz (The Battle)
M. Pokora - Quitte à me jouer
M. Pokora - I Loved You
M. Pokora - Oh La La (Sexy Miss)
M. Pokora - They Talk Shit About Me
M. Pokora - Dangerous
M. Pokora - Why Do You Cry
M. Pokora - She Wants to Play
M. Pokora - Get a Little Closer
M. Pokora - Finally Found Ya
M. Pokora - Spiderweb
M. Pokora - Oblivion
M. Pokora - Do Anything
M. Pokora - Through the Eyes
M. Pokora - Catch You If You Can
M. Pokora - Elle me contrôle / Dangerous (Medley) [Live Bercy 2012]
M. Pokora - Le temps qu'il faut (avec Corneille) [Live Bercy 2012]
M. Pokora - Si tu pars (version radio)
M. Pokora - Petit oiseau [Live Bercy 2012]
M. Pokora - Envole-moi [Live Bercy 2012]
M. Pokora - Le jour qui se rêve (extrait de "Robin des Bois")
M. Pokora - envole-moi - en duo avec tal
M. Pokora - Le jour qui se rêve
M. Pokora - Don’t Give My Love Away
M. Pokora - Ma jolie (jolie)
M. Pokora - Le Monde (acoustique)
M. Pokora - Le Monde (Making Of)
M. Pokora - Soudain il ne reste qu'une chanson
M. Pokora - Cette année-là
M. Pokora - Comme d'habitude
Portage - Columns
Port of Notes - Like I Lay Down
Port of Notes - It's Gonna Never Change
Port of Notes - (You Are) More Than Paradise
Postiljonen - Help
Postiljonen - We raise our hearts
Postiljonen - On the run
Postiljonen - Plastic panorama
Postiljonen - Rivers
Postiljonen - Skying high
Postiljonen - All that we had is lost
Postiljonen - Atlantis
Postiljonen - The Open Road
Postiljonen - How Can Our Love Be Blind
Postiljonen - Wait
Postiljonen - Go!
Postiljonen - L.I.E.
Postiljonen - Blood Flow
Postiljonen - You're Ace
Postiljonen - This Deep
Postiljonen - Are You Thinking of Me
Mary Prankster - Roulette Girl
Mary Prankster - The Bottle's Talking Now
Mary Prankster - Swan Dive
Mary Prankster - Rational Bohemian
Mary Prankster - Mata Hari
Mary Prankster - Punk Rock Heaven
Mary Prankster - Tempest
Mary Prankster - Takes His Place
Mary Prankster - New Tricks
Mary Prankster - Tits and Whiskey
Mary Prankster - Piss Off
Mary Prankster - Mac and Cheese
Mary Prankster - Blue Skies Over Dundalk
Mary Prankster - Sadie Hawkins Day
Mary Prankster - Breakfast
Mary Prankster - Student Loan
Mary Prankster - Mercyfuck
Mary Prankster - Valentine
Mary Prankster - Whistlestop
Mary Prankster - Arm's Length
Mary Prankster - Irresponsible Woman
Mary Prankster - Spill
Mary Prankster - Stars
Mary Prankster - Darlin'
Mary Prankster - Lemonade
Mary Prankster - Art Fag Bastard
Pierfrancesco Poggi - Addio Milano
Mike Portnoy - Working Man
Cody Prevost - Rolling Back to You
Cody Prevost - I'm Okay
Cody Prevost - Standing Still
Cody Prevost - Cruising Song
Cody Prevost - Finish What He Started
PIERROT - a pill
PIERROT - Upper flower
PIERROT - Smiley Skeleton
PIERROT - ECO=system
PIERROT - Newborn Baby
PIERROT - Twelve
PIERROT - Barairo no Sekai
PIERROT - Yuuyami Suicide
Tom Poisson - Mon ami sans voix
Tom Poisson - J'aimais mieux avant
Tom Poisson - Pedalo
Tom Poisson - Chapeaux de paille et canoës
Tom Poisson - Un manteau de toi
Tom Poisson - Mes vacances
Tom Poisson - Mon village / 6h50
Mary Prankster - Brave New Baby
Mary Prankster - La Resistance
Mary Prankster - Sun
Mary Prankster - None for Me
Mary Prankster - Tits & Whiskey
Mary Prankster - Mac & Cheese
Mary Prankster - Green Eggs & Hamlet
Pretend - Dream Shiver
Pretend - Flairs
Pretend - Those Luminous Noises Are God
Pretend - Legs to Walk Us, to Drop Us
Pretend - Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil
pLou - Stockholm
Jurek Porębski - Szczecin Radio I
Jurek Porębski - Cztery piwka
Jurek Porębski - Jejku! Jejku!
Jurek Porębski - Gdzie ta keja?
Poor Old Lu - Now
Poor Old Lu - Rail
Poor Old Lu - Receive
Poor Old Lu - A Better Me
Poor Old Lu - What If Uncle Ben Had Lived?
Poor Old Lu - Joy I Had Was Joy I Sold
Poor Old Lu - The Weeds That Grow Around My Feet
Poor Old Lu - Enough
Poor Old Lu - Hello Sunny Weather
Poor Old Lu - Closing Down
Poor Old Lu - Lie, Lie, Lie
Poor Old Lu - Bittersweet
Poor Old Lu - Slipknot
Poor Old Lu - For the Love of My Country
Poor Old Lu - Speak Soft
Poor Old Lu - My World Falls Down
Poor Old Lu - Slow
Poor Old Lu - I Am No Good
Poor Old Lu - Thoughtless
Poor Old Lu - Hope for Always
Poor Old Lu - Where Were All of You?
Poor Old Lu - Bliss Is
Poor Old Lu - Cannon-Fire Orange
Poor Old Lu - Ring True
Poor Old Lu - Sickly
Poor Old Lu - Come to Me
Poor Old Lu - More
Poor Old Lu - So Good to See Me
Poor Old Lu - In Love With the Greenery
Poor Old Lu - Sometimes Cry
Poor Old Lu - Do I?
Poor Old Lu - Tried & True
Poor Old Lu - Cruciality
Poor Old Lu - To Be Awake
Poor Old Lu - [Tigger's Daily Jog]
Poor Old Lu - Peapod
Poor Old Lu - Shine
Poor Old Lu - Never Said
Poor Old Lu - This Theatre
Power from Hell - Gaping Angels by the Power From Hell
Power from Hell - The Black Funeral
Power from Hell - Day of Lust
Power from Hell - Suicide Metal
Power from Hell - Sacrifice
Power from Hell - Black Metal Gods
Power from Hell - Pentagram Forces
Power from Hell - More Whores
Power from Hell - This Is My Bitch
Power from Hell - Diabolical Blues
Poor Old Lu - Puddlegum
Poor Old Lu - Bartholomew Higgins
Poor Old Lu - All Pretty for the T.V (Demo)
Poor Old Lu - All Pretty for the TV
Poor Old Lu - Tried and True
Port St. Willow - Amawalk
Port St. Willow - Corners
Port St. Willow - Tunnels
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 20: Together We’re Heavy
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 3: Days Like This Keep Me Warm
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 4: La La
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 5: Middle of the Day
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 6: Hanging Around the Day, Part 1
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 7: Hanging Around the Day, Part 2
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 8: Soldier Girl
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 9: Light & Day / Reach for the Sun
The Polyphonic Spree - Soldier Girl
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 22: Running Away
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 25: Younger Yesterday
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 26: We Crawl
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 30: Watch Us Explode (Justify)
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 31: Overblow Your Nest
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 32: The Championship
The Polyphonic Spree - Lithium
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 2: It’s the Sun
The Polyphonic Spree - Raise Your Head
The Polyphonic Spree - Battlefield
The Polyphonic Spree - You're Golden
The Polyphonic Spree - What Would You Do?
The Polyphonic Spree - Hold Yourself Up
The Polyphonic Spree - Blurry up the Lines
The Polyphonic Spree - You Don't Know Me
The Polyphonic Spree - Everything Starts at the Seam
The Polyphonic Spree - When the Fool Becomes a King
The Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day/Reach for the Sun
Pill - Ok Denn
Pill - I'm on One Freestyle
Pill - Pacman
Pill - One of These Days
Pill - Movin' Out
Pill - All on Me
Pill - I'm So Player
Pill - Dreamin'
Pill - 4 Life
Pill - Why It Gotta Be Like Dis? (Mama)
Pill - Trap Goin' Ham
Pill - The Coldest Story
The Polyphonic Spree - A Long Day Continues / We Sound Amazed
The Polyphonic Spree - One Man Show
The Polyphonic Spree - Suitcase Calling
The Polyphonic Spree - Five Years
The Polyphonic Spree - Light and Day
The Polyphonic Spree - Days Like This Keep Me Warm
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 28: Guaranteed Nightlife
The Polyphonic Spree - Hanging Around the Day
The Polyphonic Spree - Love My Way
The Polyphonic Spree - Sonic Bloom
The Polyphonic Spree - Days Like This
The Polyphonic Spree - Section 41: Raise Your Head
Power Station - Com'on Baby
Power Station - Bye Bye Subway
Power Station - Sorry Sunday
Power Station - Happy by Your Side
Power Station - Selena
Power Station - Don't Break My Heart
Power Station - Never Say Goodbye
Power Station - With Us
Power Station - Yes I Love You
Ligia Piro - Over the Rainbow
Ligia Piro - Waltz for Debby
Ligia Piro - Isn't She Lovely
Ligia Piro - So in Love
Pouca Vogal - Depois da Curva
Pouca Vogal - Até o Fim
Pouca Vogal - Girassóis
Pouca Vogal - Breve
Pouca Vogal - Dia Especial
Pouca Vogal - Somos Quem Podemos Ser
Pouca Vogal - Na Paz e na Pressão
Pouca Vogal - Além da Máscara
Pouca Vogal - Pinhal
Pouca Vogal - Pra Quem Gosta de Nós
Pouca Vogal - Refrão de Bolero
Pouca Vogal - Ao Fim de Tudo
Pouca Vogal - Tententender
Pouca Vogal - O Amanhã Colorido
Pouca Vogal - Pouca Vogal
Pouca Vogal - A Montanha
Pouca Vogal - O Voo do Besouro
Pouca Vogal - A Força do Silêncio
Pouca Vogal - Vôo do Besouro
Plaza - Wanting You
Plaza - Water
Plaza - Personal
Plaza - Reason
Pettidee - The Ghetto
Praise - Makes No Sense
Praise - Lights Went Out
Pound of Flesh - Ready to Go
Pound of Flesh - One-Time Offer
Pound of Flesh - Believe
Prague Ska Conspiracy - Life on Ropes
Zbigniew Preisner - Song for the Unification of Europe (Julie's version, film)
Pocket Chestnut - Spread My Love
Omara Portuondo & Chucho Valdés - Cenizas
Omara Portuondo & Chucho Valdés - Mi mejor canción
Percy Sledge - When a Man Loves a Woman
Zbigniew Preisner - At the Beginning
Zbigniew Preisner - Memories Are Made for This
Planetakis - Messages
Pivirama - War
Beata Rybotycka - Kolęda dla nieobecnych
Zbigniew Preisner - Kolęda dla Piotra
Poltergeist - Only You Remain
Poltergeist - Those Were Better Days
Poltergeist - Just Doin' My Job
Poltergeist - You've Seen the Future
Poltergeist - Tell Me
Poltergeist - Darken My Mind
Poltergeist - Living for the Games
Poltergeist - Writing on the Wall
Poltergeist - Inner Space
Poltergeist - Ziita
Poltergeist - We Are the People
Poltergeist - Act of Violence
Poltergeist - Grey
Poltergeist - Delusion
Poltergeist - Drilled to Kill
Poltergeist - Make Your Choice
Poltergeist - Chato's Land
Poltergeist - Driftin' Away
Poltergeist - Three Hills
Poltergeist - Depression
Poltergeist - You've Learned Your Lesson
Poltergeist - Never Again
Polarkreis 18 - Tourist
Polarkreis 18 - Allein allein
Polarkreis 18 - Prisoner
Polarkreis 18 - The Colour of Snow
Polarkreis 18 - 130/70
Polarkreis 18 - Rainhouse
Polarkreis 18 - River Loves The Ocean
Polarkreis 18 - Name on My ID
Polarkreis 18 - Happy Go Lucky
Polarkreis 18 - Dreamdancer
Polarkreis 18 - Chiropody
Polarkreis 18 - Crystal Lake
Polarkreis 18 - Comes Around
Polarkreis 18 - Stellaris
Polarkreis 18 - Look
Polarkreis 18 - Ursa Major
Polarkreis 18 - Under This Big Moon
Polarkreis 18 - Frei
Polarkreis 18 - Unendliche Sinfonie
Polarkreis 18 - All That I Love
Polarkreis 18 - Deine Liebe
Polarkreis 18 - Evergreen
Polarkreis 18 - Letting Go
Polarkreis 18 - Small Space Between
Polarkreis 18 - Sleep Rocket
Polarkreis 18 - Dark and Grey
Polarkreis 18 - Elegie
Polarkreis 18 - Poem
Polarkreis 18 - Mother Sky
Portrait - Hell
Portrait - A Ghastly Silence
Portrait - A Thousand Nightmares
Portrait - The Adversary
Portrait - At the Ghost Gate
Portrait - In Time
Plena Libre - Mi plena es libre
Plena Libre - Como son las cosas
Plena Libre - Julieta
Plena Libre - Mañana por la Mañana
Plena Libre - Voy Subiendo
Plena Libre - Flores
Plena Libre - El Besito
Plena Libre - El Party
Plena Libre - Plena De Amor
Plena Libre - Ritmo Sabroso
Zbigniew Preisner - Van Den Budenmayer- Concerto en mi mineur
Zbigniew Preisner - Lux Aeterna
Zbigniew Preisner - Lacrimosa
Zbigniew Preisner - Kai Kairos
Zbigniew Preisner - Lacrimosa - Day of Tears
Potty Mouth - The Gap
Potty Mouth - Rusted Shut
Potty Mouth - Sleep Talk
Potty Mouth - The Spins
Potty Mouth - Wishlist
Potty Mouth - Shithead
Potty Mouth - The Better End
Potty Mouth - Long Haul
Potty Mouth - Truman Show
Potty Mouth - Cherry Picking
Archie Powell & The Exports - Moving to the City
Archie Powell & The Exports - Mattson Is a Flake
Zbigniew Preisner - Miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia (Love at First Sight)
Pretty Willie - Na Na
Pretty Willie - Cut the Chase
Pretty Willie - Roll Wit Me
Pretty Willie - She Got a Man at Home
Pretty Willie - Thinking the Same Thing
Pretty Willie - Designer Love
Pretty Willie - Lil Piggy
Postdata - In Chemicals
Postdata - Tracers
Postdata - Tobias Grey
Postdata - Warning
Postdata - The Coroner
Mike Porcaro - Rosanna
Mike Porcaro - English Eyes
Max Pope - Home of Stone
Max Pope - Less Than Nothing
Max Pope - Gone to Count Sheep
Max Pope - All That I Need
Povertyneck Hillbillies - The Night That Changed My Life
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Heaven Help Me
Povertyneck Hillbillies - The Hillbilly Way
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Kinda Cool Aint It
Povertyneck Hillbillies - One Night In New Orleans
Povertyneck Hillbillies - She Rides Wild Horses
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Jericho
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Any Road
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Right Here, Right Now
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Go Crazy With My Heart
Povertyneck Hillbillies - The Way
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Mr Right Now (New)
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Mr. Right Now
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Born to Be Free
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Evil Twin
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Hillbilly State of Mind
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Fly
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Tell Me What I Don't know
Povertyneck Hillbillies - I Will Stand By You
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Coming To See You
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Crazy Things
Povertyneck Hillbillies - This Love In My Heart
Povertyneck Hillbillies - If You Could Only See
Potluck - Smokin Good
Potluck - Hashtag
Potluck - 4 Minute Fire Drill
Potluck - Down With the Krown
Potluck - What We Are
Potluck - Stoner Bitch
Potluck - Say What U Wanna
Potluck - Roll Big
Potluck - Funeral
Potluck - Meet Joe Brown (Skit)
Potluck - Hotbox Anthem
Potluck - I Gotta Problem
Potluck - I Say Yes to Drugs
Potluck - Computer Love
Potluck - My Dad
Potluck - 2 Minute Drill
Potluck - Wake-N-Bake
Potluck - 3 Minute Miracle
Potluck - Im Different
Potluck - Get High
Potluck - Fire
Potluck - Money Makes the World Go 'round
Potluck - My Life
Potluck - Doing Alright
Potluck - Love Me
Potluck - Marijuana 101
Potluck - One Day
Polyester Embassy - Later On
Polyester Embassy - Space Travel Rock 'n' Roll
Polyester Embassy - Have You?
Polyester Embassy - Small Stakes
Polyester Embassy - Fake / Faker
Polyester Embassy - Orange is Yellow
Polyester Embassy - Faded Blur
Polyester Embassy - Good Feeling
Polyester Embassy - Blue Flashing Light
Polyester Embassy - The Answer Is No
Polyester Embassy - You'll Be Gone
Polyester Embassy - Ruins
Polyester Embassy - Polypanic Rooms
Polyester Embassy - Home
Los Peores de Chile - Hollywood Boulevard
Los Peores de Chile - Sindrome Camboya
Los Peores de Chile - Malos, Malos, Malos
Los Peores de Chile - Un Amigo, Un Hermano
Los Peores de Chile - Tiempo De Rosas
Los Peores de Chile - Chicholina
Los Peores de Chile - Doble Juego
Los Peores de Chile - Resaca De Amor
PFM - La Conquista
Pollen - Caramel
Pollen - You Know Macumba?
Pollen - Wing Walkers
Pollen - 50 MPH
Pollen - Everything's Wrong
Pollen - Chip
Pollen - Life of Crap
Pollen - Girls Love Robots
Pollen - Sleepytime
Pollen - Chanceless
Pollen - Glassine
Pollen - Amberwood
Pollen - Barefoot
Pollen - Olive-Eyed
Pollen - Sugarless
Pollen - Snowy
Andrew Powell - Navarre's and Marquet's Duel
Priceless Da ROC - Yike Stand
Priceless Da ROC - Hella Saucy
Josquin des Prez - Inviolata, integra, et casta es Maria
Josquin des Prez - Pange lingua
The Phantom Surfers - The Cat Came Back
Josquin des Prez - Ave Maria, gratia plena
Josquin des Prez - Miserere mei Deus
Josquin des Prez - Missa La sol fa re mi: Agnus Dei
Postman Pat - SDS Theme Tune
Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee
Lloyd Price - Just Because
Lloyd Price - Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)
Lloyd Price - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Lloyd Price - I'm Gonna Get Married
Lloyd Price - Come Into My Heart
Lloyd Price - Never Let Me Go
Lloyd Price - You Better Know What Your Doin'
Lloyd Price - No If's-no And's
Planet Perfecto - Bullet in the Gun (Mekka vs. Trouser Enthusiasts)
Jessica Pratt - Hollywood
Jessica Pratt - Bushel Hyde
Jessica Pratt - Mountain'r Lower
Jessica Pratt - Half Twain the Jesse
Jessica Pratt - Casper
Jessica Pratt - Streets of Mine
Lloyd Price - (You've Got) Personality
Lloyd Price - Just Call Me
Lloyd Price - For Love
Lloyd Price - Carry Me Home
Lloyd Price - Night and Day
Lloyd Price - Wont’cha Come Home
Lloyd Price - Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)?
Preston & Child - 11
Preston & Child - 9
Preston & Child - 2
Porky Vagina - Analne Torsje (Anal Vomiting)
Thelma Plum - Father Said
Thelma Plum - Around Here
Thelma Plum - Rosie
Thelma Plum - Dollar
Thelma Plum - King
Thelma Plum - Breathe in Breathe Out
Thelma Plum - Young In Love
Thelma Plum - How Much Does Your Love Cost?
Thelma Plum - Candle
Thelma Plum - Monsters
The Prairie Cartel - Homicide
Poppy Mercury - Mungkinkah
Poppy Mercury - Yang Tak Mungkin
Poppy Mercury - Antara Kau Dia Dan Aku
Poppy Mercury - Biarkan Ku Pergi
Poppy Mercury - Mama Aku Ingin Pulang
Poppy Mercury - Terlambat Sudah
Poppy Mercury - Masih Adakah Jalan
Poppy Mercury - Keangkuhan
Poppy Mercury - Yang Hitam Tetaplah Hitam
Poppy Mercury - Tak Mungkin Dipisahkan
Poppy Mercury - Satukanlah Hati Kami
Poppy Mercury - Antara Jakarta Dan Penang
Poppy Mercury - Betapa Sayang Aku Padamu
Poppy Mercury - Bukan Aku Yang Kau Cinta
Poppy Mercury - Surat Undangan
Poppy Mercury - Cinta Tak Mengenal Kasta
Poppy Mercury - Tak Sia Sia
Postgirobygget - Bohemen leve
Postgirobygget - Sløv uten dop
Postgirobygget - En solskinnsdag
Postgirobygget - Bille under barken
Postgirobygget - Gugg og grønne skoger
Postgirobygget - Idyll
Postgirobygget - Hold kjeft og kyss meg
Postgirobygget - Under isen
Postgirobygget - Ensomheten er vakker
Postgirobygget - Tiedemanns kafé
Postgirobygget - Fatter ikke hva jeg gjør galt
Postgirobygget - Kamilla
Postgirobygget - Den andre siden av gjerdet
Postgirobygget - Engel
Postgirobygget - Lei av å bli lurt
Postgirobygget - Hva var det jeg sa
Postgirobygget - Hver gang jeg går rundt her
Postgirobygget - En lang tur
Postgirobygget - Essensuell
Postgirobygget - Bulldozer
Postgirobygget - Morbide illusjoner
Postgirobygget - Blah blah blah
Postgirobygget - Skorpion
Postgirobygget - Hva gjør vi nå da
Postgirobygget - Ut i verden
Postgirobygget - President
Postgirobygget - Tidløs
Postgirobygget - En sånn som alle vil ha
Postgirobygget - Arne
Postgirobygget - Raka fant
Postgirobygget - To ulver i natten
Postgirobygget - Vi krangler
Postgirobygget - Ikke gå
Postgirobygget - Fett
Postgirobygget - Blåmann
Postgirobygget - Luftmadrass
Postgirobygget - Vanne dagen med vin
Postgirobygget - Jeg vet jeg kan
Pomegranates - 50's
Pomegranates - Create Your Own Reality
Pomegranates - Anywhere You Go
Pomegranates - Skull Cakin'
Pomegranates - Pass Away
Pomegranates - Surfing The Human Heart
Pomegranates - This Land Used to Be My Land, but Now I Hate This Land
Christian Petru - Ich will Spaß
Christian Petru - Kleine Taschenlampe brenn
Christian Petru - Herz an Herz
Peter Pan Speedrock - Donkeypunch