Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1150:

Pope - Glass
Pope - Beast
Pope - Hunter Mann
Pope - Red
Popol Ace - Suicide
Richard Poon - All at Once
Richard Poon - Crazy
Richard Poon - Ready to Take a Chance Again
Richard Poon - I'll Take Care of You
Richard Poon - Moon River
Richard Poon - Way Back Into Love
Richard Poon - More
Richard Poon - Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko
Richard Poon - Goodbye
Richard Poon - Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
Richard Poon - All of Me
Richard Poon - The Last Time
Richard Poon - You and I
Richard Poon - Kumot At Unan
Richard Poon - Portrait of My Love
Richard Poon - Kahit 'Di Mo Napapansin
Plumb - I Can't Do This
Plumb - Real Life Fairytale
Plumb - Better
Plumb - Manic
Plumb - Cut
Plumb - Motion
Plumb - I Have Nothing
Plumb - Sleep
Plumb - Damaged
Plumb - Pray for Me
Plumb - Late Great Planet Earth
Plumb - Stranded
Plumb - Lie Low
Plumb - Phobic
Plumb - Solace
Plumb - Worlds Collide: A Fairy Tale
Plumb - Drugstore Jesus
Plumb - candycoatedwaterdrops
Plumb - My Sweet, My Lovely
Plumb - Always
Plumb - Children of the Heavenly Father
Plumb - Me
Plumb - Solomon's Song
Plumb - Free
Plumb - Without You
Plumb - Boys Don't Cry
Plumb - Hold Me
Plumb - Walk Away
Plumb - Taken
Plumb - Nice Naive and Beautiful
Plumb - Unnoticed
Plumb - Love'em & Kiss'em
The Polish Ambassador feat. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo - Shine Bright
The Polish Ambassador feat. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo - Kumite
The Polish Ambassador feat. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo - Dreaming of Banjos
The Polish Ambassador feat. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo - Ricochet Syllables
Plumb - Invisible
Plumb & Dan Haseltine - Drifting
Plumb - Beautiful
Plumb - I Want You Here
Plumb - Say Your Name
Plumb - Unlovable
Plumb - Chocolate & Ice Cream
Plumb - Cage
Plumb - At Arms Length
Plumb - Starting Over
Plumb - Fall Back In
Plumb - Faithful
Plumb - Lord I’m Ready Now
Plumb - Sobering (Don't Turn Around)
Plumb - Endure
Plumb - Who Am I?
Plumb - Concrete
Plumb - Pennyless
Plumb - Exhale
Plumb - Smoke
Plumb - Resurrection
Plumb - Great Is Our God
Plumb - My True Love
Plumb - Broken Places
Plumb - Champion
Plumb - Sleep Will Be Sweet
Plumb - When You Walk Into the Room
Plumb - Restored
Plumb - We Stand for You
Plumb - You Are Enough
Plumb - Here With Me (2010)
Plumb - God-Shaped Hole (2010)
Plumb - Beautiful History
Pornoriviste - Seduto su una luce
Pornoriviste - La scatola dell'odio
Pornoriviste - Medicina
Pornoriviste - Tempi cupi
Pornoriviste - Coma da favole
Pornoriviste - Questo liquido
Pornoriviste - Il gioco
Pornoriviste - Cinismo
Pornoriviste - La pace sul pianeta
Pornoriviste - Marea
Pornoriviste - M.I.B.
Pornoriviste - Ghiaccio
Pornoriviste - Dammi la verità
Pornoriviste - Fuoco
Pornoriviste - Come ti va
Pornoriviste - Io sono qui
Pornoriviste - Non è finita
Pornoriviste - Qualcuno mi ha venduto
Pornoriviste - Gli ultimi secondi
Pornoriviste - Cazzi miei
Pornoriviste - Cappuccetto armato
Pornoriviste - Cosa facciamo?
Pornoriviste - Anima
Pornoriviste - Dove vai?
Pornoriviste - Richieste di lavoro
Pornoriviste - Sogno
Pornoriviste - Come piace a me
Pornoriviste - Io sono veloce
Pornoriviste - Io sono il tuo tipo
Pornoriviste - Non ti vedevo
Pornoriviste - O.V.P.R.S.
Pornoriviste - Spazio
Pornoriviste - Tutto uguale
Pornoriviste - Nudo
Pornoriviste - Pezzi di me
Pornoriviste - Lontano da me
Pornoriviste - L'urlo
Pornoriviste - L'uomo del lunedì
Pornoriviste - Se sei nel dubbio
Pornoriviste - Ti spacca
Pornoriviste - Angoli blu
Pornoriviste - Mi sto fissando
Pornoriviste - Il pianeta del panico
Pornoriviste - L'esecuzione
Pornoriviste - Mi dispiace (Non hai vinto niente)
Pornoriviste - La realtà
Pornoriviste - Il discorso del ciarlame
Pornoriviste - Io sono da comunità
Pornoriviste - Pinolo
Pornoriviste - Black Night
Pornoriviste - Voglie impresse
Pornoriviste - Buoni sconto
Pornoriviste - La notte dei leoni
Pornoriviste - Questa volta
Pornoriviste - Più niente ci sarà
Pornoriviste - La vita di città
Plumb - Unforgivable
Plumb - Willow Tree
Plumb - Cure
Plumb - Send Angels
Plumb - Pluto
Plumb - Hang On (Dave Aude dub dub)
Plumb - Blush (2011)
Plumb - Drifting
Plumb - Don't Deserve You
Plumb - I Don't Deserve You
Plumb - Blush
Pornoriviste - Pornogalera
Pornoriviste - Kamikazen
Pornoriviste - Un piede nel vuoto
Pornoriviste - Senza fiato
Pornoriviste - Voglio stare male
Pornoriviste - Voglio un cane
Pornoriviste - 1 di voi
Pornoriviste - In mezzo a tutto questo
Pornoriviste - Un insetto
Pornoriviste - Stanze vuote
Pornoriviste - Dimmi
Pornoriviste - Nuvola notturna
Pornoriviste - Non lo sai? (C.N.C.C.)
Pornoriviste - Pilota
Pornoriviste - Io sono squallido
Pornoriviste - Il + buono e il + cattivo
Pornoriviste - Niente riflesso
Pornoriviste - In mutande da te
Pornoriviste - Incubo
Pornoriviste - Senza limite
Pornoriviste - Casellante
Pornoriviste - Il tempo delle mele
Point Defiance - Union of Nothing
Point Defiance - Yesterday
Point Defiance - Alibi
Dany Placard - Coucher a'c la lune
Dany Placard - Santa Maria
Baden Powell - Chão de Estrelas
Baden Powell - Consolação
Baden Powell - Samba Triste
Baden Powell - Canto de Ossanha
Baden Powell - Tristeza E Solidão
Baden Powell - Canto Do Caboclo de Pedra Preta
Baden Powell - Canto de Xangô
Baden Powell - Canto de Iemanja
Baden Powell - Astronauta
Persephone's Bees - Way to Your Heart
Persephone's Bees - Climbing
Persephone's Bees - City of Love
Persephone's Bees - Nice Day
Persephone's Bees - Muzika Dlya Fil'ma
Persephone's Bees - Even Though I'm Fooling Around
Persephone's Bees - On the Earth
Persephone's Bees - Walk to the Moon
Persephone's Bees - Paper Plane
Persephone's Bees - Queen's Night Out
Persephone's Bees - Home
Prabodhi - A Dream Comes True
Baden Powell - O astronauta
Baden Powell - Formosa
Baden Powell - Feitinha Pro Poeta
Baden Powell - Asa Branca
Baden Powell - Samba em Prelúdio
The Power Station - Murderess
The Power Station - Lonely Tonight
The Power Station - Communication
The Power Station - Go to Zero
The Power Station - Harvest for the World
The Power Station - Still in Your Heart
The Power Station - Notoriety
The Power Station - She Can Rock It
The Power Station - Love Conquers All
The Power Station - Charanga
The Power Station - Power Trippin’
The Power Station - The Heat Is On
The Power Station - Get It On (Bang a Gong) (7")
The Power Station - Some Like It Hot and the Heat Is On
Voodoo Popeye - Voodooinstallater
Voodoo Popeye - Kalambur
Voodoo Popeye - Karantin
Pomegranate Tiger - Not To See The Sun
Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth
Pointed Sticks - American Song
Pointed Sticks - True Love
Pointed Sticks - The Witch
Pointed Sticks - Way You Do
Pointed Sticks - Out of Luck
Pointed Sticks - Somebody's Mom
Pointed Sticks - Angeline
Pointed Sticks - What Do You Want Me to Do?
Pointed Sticks - You Must Be Crazy
Pointed Sticks - Apologies
Pointed Sticks - Lies
Pointed Sticks - I'm Numb
Pink Industry - What I Wouldn't Give
Pink Industry - Walk Away
Popek - I Am
Popek - Jeszcze Firma nie zginęła
Popek - Pain Be My Guest
Popek - Ja robię muzę, ty płaczesz
Popek - Kto nie ryzykuje, szampana nie pije
Popek - Sławy szczyt
PlayRadioPlay! - I'm a Pirate, You're a Princess / A Special Thanks to Dr. Allan C. Lloyd
PlayRadioPlay! - Without Gravity
PlayRadioPlay! - See You Soon
PlayRadioPlay! - I'm Afraid There's a Hole in My Brain / Taxes
PlayRadioPlay! - More of the Worst / Lady Killers Wear Funny Hats
PlayRadioPlay! - Forgiveness, the Enviable Trait
PlayRadioPlay! - Texas
PlayRadioPlay! - Chupacabra
PlayRadioPlay! - Nursing Home Hallways
PlayRadioPlay! - Things Are Different Now Than They've Ever Been
PlayRadioPlay! - You'll Swim 'Cross The Sea
PlayRadioPlay! - Words That You've Heard Before
PlayRadioPlay! - Mindy's Secret Song
PlayRadioPlay! - The Newcomer Of Seven Years
PlayRadioPlay! - 1989
PlayRadioPlay! - Urth Cafe
PlayRadioPlay! - Free Shit
PlayRadioPlay! - Decipher Reflections From Reality
PlayRadioPlay! - Dead Snail's Pace
PlayRadioPlay! - Happy B-Day Madi
PlayRadioPlay! - We've Been Searching the Sky For Answers
PlayRadioPlay! - Sailin' The Seven Seas Alone
PlayRadioPlay! - Oh, Happy Neighbor
PlayRadioPlay! - Symmetry
PlayRadioPlay! - Juice Box, Paper Hat, and a Line of Pixie Sticks
PlayRadioPlay! - Same Outfit
PlayRadioPlay! - I'm Guessing There's a Pill for That
PlayRadioPlay! - The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904
PlayRadioPlay! - Introduce Facts for the Sake of Fiction
PlayRadioPlay! - Jello
PlayRadioPlay! - Let It Shine
PlayRadioPlay! - Easy to the Slaughter
PlayRadioPlay! - Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion
PlayRadioPlay! - There Are Cooler Ways to Die
PlayRadioPlay! - 1-2-3-Entertain
PlayRadioPlay! - Abe Lincoln's Oldschool Alibi
PlayRadioPlay! - Loco Commotion
PlayRadioPlay! - Some Crap About Furniture
PlayRadioPlay! - Madi Don't Leave
PlayRadioPlay! - I'm Afraid There's a Hole in My Brain
PlayRadioPlay! - More of the Worst
PlayRadioPlay! - My Attendance Is Bad but My Intentions Are Good
PlayRadioPlay! - At This Particular Moment in Time
PlayRadioPlay! - Bad Cops Bad Charities
PlayRadioPlay! - I Am a Pirate, You Are a Princess
PlayRadioPlay! - Mr. Brightside
PlayRadioPlay! - Confines of Gravity
PlayRadioPlay! - Compliment Each Other Like Colors
PlayRadioPlay! - Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous
Plini - Every Piece Matters
Los Pirata - Nada
Los Pirata - BateChica
Los Pirata - No Sei
Los Pirata - Paloma (Me Gusta)
Los Pirata - Maldito Verano
Los Pirata - Tema de Lospi
Gabriela Pepino - Let Me Do It
Gabriela Pepino - If I Lived in France
Gabriela Pepino - My Dream Is You
Gabriela Pepino - Headache
Gabriela Pepino - Baby
Gabriela Pepino - Unexpected
Gabriela Pepino - Deepest Shadow
Gabriela Pepino - Change
Gabriela Pepino - My Blues
Posij - Misfits
Parsonsfield - Weeds Or Wildlfowers
Parsonsfield - Ghosts Next Door
Parsonsfield - The Hurry All Around
Parsonsfield - Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me
Parsonsfield - Anita, Your Lovin'
Parsonsfield - The Power Of Love
Pin-Up Went Down - Intrusion
Pin-Up Went Down - Nearly Dead Bat Make-Up
Pin-Up Went Down - Cadavre Exquis
Pin-Up Went Down - Pussy Worship
Pin-Up Went Down - Get Ready to Sweep
Pin-Up Went Down - Yo-Yo Yes Then No
Pin-Up Went Down - Only Some Shitty Chemical Stuff
Pin-Up Went Down - Feat. Me / Feat. Us
Pin-Up Went Down - Be My Idol Then My Fall
Pin-Up Went Down - Serie Z I
Pin-Up Went Down - Serie Z II
Pin-Up Went Down - Diapositive
Pin-Up Went Down - Escargot
Pin-Up Went Down - Porcelain Hours
Pin-Up Went Down - Essence of I
Pin-Up Went Down - Khabod of My Aba
Pin-Up Went Down - Home
Pin-Up Went Down - Vaginaal Nathrakh
Pin-Up Went Down - Pictures to Speak Of
Pin-Up Went Down - Murphy in the Sky With Daemons
Pin-Up Went Down - Paradoxical Sarabanda
Pin-Up Went Down - Aquarium
Pedro Luís e a parede - Santo samba
Pedro Luís e a parede - Ponto enredo
Pedro Luís e a parede - Repúdio
Pedro Luís e a parede - Tem juízo mas não USA
Pedro Luís e a parede - Horizontes
Pedro Luís e a parede - Luz da nobreza
Pedro Luís e a parede - Navilouca
Pedro Luís e a parede - Chuva De Bala
Pedro Luís e a parede - In The Rain
Pedro Luís e a parede - Caramujo Jah
Pedro Luís e a parede - Rap do Real
Pedro Luís e a parede - Vida de Cão
Pedro Luís e a parede - Quebra-Quilos
Pedro Luís e a parede - Batalha Naval
Pedro Luís e a parede - Morbidance
Pedro Luís e a parede - Parte Coração
Pedro Luís e a parede - Mão e Luva
Pedro Luís e a parede - Nega de Obaluê
Pedro Luís e a parede - Quem vai Querer
Pedro Luís e a parede - Ciranda do Mundo
Baden Powell - Maria
Possenspiel - Sommer, Sonne, Sonnenbrand
Zizi Possi - Luiza
Zizi Possi - Viver, amar, valeu
Zizi Possi - Vurria
Zizi Possi - Torna a surriento
Zizi Possi - Eu te amo
Zizi Possi - Meu erro
Zizi Possi - Preciso Dizer Que Te Amo
Zizi Possi - Sabrás Que Te Quiero
Zizi Possi - Yo Tengo Un Pecado Nuevo
Zizi Possi - Eu Só Sei Amar Assim
Zizi Possi - Haja o Que Houver
Zizi Possi - So Many Stars
Zizi Possi - Sentimental Demais (Dedicado a Voc)
Zizi Possi - Alvorada (Eu Te Amo)
Zizi Possi - Barato Total
Zizi Possi - Isla Para Dos
Zizi Possi - A Paz
Zizi Possi - Uirapuru
Zizi Possi - Escurinha
Zizi Possi - Escurinho / O samba e o pandeiro
Zizi Possi - Se Queres Saber
Zizi Possi - Bom dia
Zizi Possi - Quem é você
Zizi Possi - Renascer / Meditação
Planas - Petroleum
Planlos - Supergau
Planlos - Schwerelos
Planlos - Es geht mir gut
Planlos - Blender
Planlos - Verraten & verkauft
Planlos - Bastard
Planlos - Sorgenkind
Planlos - Goldene Zeiten
Planlos - 1000 Scherben
Planlos - Egoist
Planlos - Spiegelbild
Planlos - Demokratie
Planlos - Der Brief
Planlos - Zahl im Kopf
Planlos - Diener & Herr
Planlos - Schicksal
Planlos - Verschenkte Jahre
Planlos - Abschied
Planlos - Chaos
Planlos - Luftschloss
Planlos - Alte Liebe, altes Leid
Planlos - Immer weiter
Planlos - Einsam
Planlos - Kluge Worte
Planlos - Rock-Legenden
Planlos - Sucht nach mehr
Planlos - Stunden, Tage, Jahre
Planlos - Ohne dich
Planlos - Schmerz
Planlos - Nummer im System
Planlos - Totgesagte leben länger
Planlos - Tanzende Engel
Planlos - Ganz allein
Planlos - Ja oder nein
Planlos - Herbstwind
Planlos - Aussteiger
Planlos - Glanz & Gloria
Planlos - Spiel des Lebens
Planlos - Blut
Planlos - Märchenland
Planlos - Lebensfreude
Planlos - Träume
Planlos - Mein Freund ist Deutscher
Planlos - Sorgenfrei
Planlos - Dumm gelaufen
Planlos - Leben oder Tod
Planlos - Geradeaus
Planlos - Für dich
Planlos - Herzlos sterben
Planlos - Music Is My Girlfriend
Planlos - Etiketten
Planlos - Feuer & Flamme
Planlos - Wenn es regnet
Planlos - Rosenkrieg
Planlos - Schwarzes Schaf
Planlos - Zombie
Planlos - Alles super
Planlos - Himmel oder Hölle
Planlos - Neben Dir
Planlos - Stummer Schrei
Planlos - Es kommt wie es kommt
Planlos - Verdammt ich lieb dich
Planlos - Handarbeit
Planlos - Ich liebe dich
Planlos - Scheißegal
Zizi Possi - Per amore
Zizi Possi - Nunca
Zizi Possi - Asa morena
Zizi Possi - Como Uma Onda (Zen Surfismo)
Zizi Possi - Um Beijo Meu
Zizi Possi - Caruso
Zizi Possi - Perigo
Zizi Possi - Deixa Estar
Zizi Possi - Começo, Meio E Fim
Zizi Possi - O Grande Sonho
Zizi Possi - E a Vida Que Diz
Zizi Possi - Renascer
Zizi Possi - Demônio de guarda
Zizi Possi - Até não mais
Zizi Possi - Jura secreta
Zizi Possi - Irmão sol, irmã lua
Zizi Possi - Vida noturna
Zizi Possi - Magia
Zizi Possi - Sim, foi você
Zizi Possi - Memórias
Zizi Possi - Meu pobre blues
Zizi Possi - Cão sem dono
Baden Powell - Lapinha
Baden Powell - Ao meu amigo Pedro Santos
Zizi Possi - Meu Erro (Ao Vivo) Com Paralamas Do Sucesso
Zizi Possi - Canzone Per Te
Zizi Possi - O Amor E a Rosa (Ao Vivo) Com Miltinho - Mulher De Trinta - Palhaçada
Zizi Possi - Pra sempre e mais um dia
Zizi Possi - O Amor Vem Pra Cada Um
Zizi Possi - Tempos Modernos
Zizi Possi - Dê Um Rolé
Zizi Possi - O mar me leva
Zizi Possi - Olhos fechados
Zizi Possi - Coisas do coração
Zizi Possi - Papel Machê
Zizi Possi - Mundo Cruel
Rebecca Pidgeon - Disintegration Man
Rebecca Pidgeon - Tremble
Rebecca Pidgeon - Kiss Me
Rebecca Pidgeon - Is Anyone?
Rebecca Pidgeon - I Loved No-One
Rebecca Pidgeon - Searching for a Heart
Rebecca Pidgeon - Baby Please Come Home (to me)
Pop. 1280 - Lights Out
Pop. 1280 - Pyramids on Mars
Zizi Possi - Só O Tempo
Zizi Possi - Provei
Zizi Possi - Quem Diria
Zizi Possi - 'Na Musica - Dicitencello Vuie
Zizi Possi - O Menino De Braçanã
Zizi Possi - O Circo Místico
Zizi Possi - O Que É, O Que É?
Zizi Possi - Gato Gaiato (Não Minto Para Mim)
Zizi Possi - Pace E Serenità
Zizi Possi - Senza Fine
Zizi Possi - Contrato de separação
Zizi Possi - Cacos de amor
Power Metal - Lagu Kebebasan
Power Metal - Sang Pendusta
Power Metal - KebesaranMu
Power Metal - Kibarkan Prestasi
Power Metal - Irama Persatuan
Power Metal - Srigala Malam
Power Metal - Sadarku
Power Metal - Yang Terindah
Power Metal - Gila
Power Metal - Angkara
Power Metal - Satu Jiwa
Power Metal - Pengakuan
Power Metal - Malapetaka
Power Metal - Persia
Power Metal - Mas & Miss "Merozoth"
Power Metal - Bunga-Bunga Jalanan
Power Metal - Bayangan Dirimu
Power Metal - Cita Yang Tersita
Power Metal - Timur Tragedi
Power Metal - Bidadari
Power Metal - Bara Dadaku
Power Metal - Raja Dusta
Power Metal - Bising
Power Metal - Kisah Biru
Power Metal - Sirna
Power Metal - Ego Sentris
Power Metal - Memory Jingga
Portecho - Sympathy
Pique Novo - Samba no Coração
Pique Novo - No Meu Olhar
Pique Novo - Paixão no Ar
Pique Novo - Clube da Esquina nº 2 (Part.Esp.: Belo)
Pique Novo - Você Gosta
Pique Novo - Sonho que Eu Sonhei
Pique Novo - Volta que Eu te Amo
Pique Novo - Me Leva pra Casa
Pique Novo - Como as Ondas são do Mar
Pique Novo - Minha Paquera
Pique Novo - A Vida Sem Você não dá
Pique Novo - Eu Tenho Muito Mais
Pique Novo - Apaixonado Estou/Como as Ondas São Do Mar/Paixão No Ar
Pique Novo - Chega De Sofrer
Pique Novo - Deixa o Amor Entrar
Pique Novo - Uma Estrela
Pique Novo - Paixão Verdadeira
Pique Novo - Tão Especial
Pique Novo - Porta Pra Felicidae
Pique Novo - Sou Do Povo
Pique Novo - Em Cada Amanhecer
Pique Novo - Nem Dormindo Consigo Te Esquecer
Power Metal - Sang Waktu
Power Metal - Keyakinanku
Power Metal - Hidup
Power Metal - Cinta Untukku
Power Metal - Hanya Manusia
Power Metal - Ode Orang Pinggiran
Power Metal - Sang Pemberani
Power Metal - Ayah
Power Metal - Satu Jiwa (Empowered)
Power Metal - Pesta Dansa
Power Metal - Ijinkanlah
Power Metal - Hukum Rimba
Power Metal - Kuingin Bersamamu
Power Metal - Raja Jalanan
Power Metal - AnugerahMu
Power Metal - Gersang
Power Metal - Lady
Power Metal - Laskar Bangsa
Power Metal - Dampak Teknologi
Power Metal - Sketsa Kehidupan
Power Metal - Rakyat Metal
Power Metal - Tuan-Tuan Merajalela
Power Metal - Serigala
Power Metal - Selamat Malam
Power Metal - Kau
Power Metal - Kawan
Power Metal - Sekalimat Doa
Power Metal - Duniaku
Power Metal - Pesta Jejaka
Power Metal - Topeng-Topeng Murka
Power Metal - Mari Ikuti
Power Metal - Hasrat Kasih
Power Metal - Negeri Api
Power Metal - Gadis Sexy
Power Metal - Potret Metropolitan
Power Metal - Dunia Mimpi
Power Metal - Terbangkan Angan
Power Metal - Kembali
POWERS - Beat of My Drum
POWERS - Legendary
POWERS - Loved by You
Baden Powell - Velho Amigo - Bom Dia, Amigo - Samba Em Prelúdio
Pascal F.E.O.S. - Brooklyn Style
The Postman Syndrome - Amputees Make Bad Swimmers: Chapter I
The Postman Syndrome - Hedgehog's Dilemma: Chapter II
The Postman Syndrome - Schizorabbit and the Face Parade: Chapter V
The Postman Syndrome - Unfamiliar Ceiling: Chapter VIII
The Postman Syndrome - Interpretive Decorating: Chapter X
Baden Powell - A Garota de Ipanema - The Girl from Ipanema
Baden Powell - Molambo
Baden Powell - Carioso
Anika Paris - Give Me the Strength
Anika Paris - i
Anika Paris - Sleepless Nights
Anika Paris - It's About
Pohlmann. - Zwischen Heimweh und Fernsucht
Pohlmann. - Dämon
Pohlmann. - Der Junge ist verliebt
Pohlmann. - Wenn jetzt Sommer wär
Pohlmann. - Tut mir Leid
Pohlmann. - Wenn die Nacht beginnt
Pohlmann. - Zurück zu Dir
Pohlmann. - Das Leben ist
Pohlmann. - Das Böse
Pohlmann. - Morgen schon
Pohlmann. - An Mina
Pohlmann. - Da bin ich
Pohlmann. - Cyborg
Pohlmann. - König der Straßen
Pohlmann. - Die Welt zerbricht
Pohlmann. - Wenn sie lächelt
Pohlmann. - Für dich
Pohlmann. - Gut so
Pohlmann. - Unten im Meer
Pohlmann. - Wohin
Pohlmann. - Selbstverliebt
Pohlmann. - Wenn du nichts mehr von mir hörst
Pohlmann. - Heile Welt Kriege
Pohlmann. - Ich schließe meine Augen
Pohlmann. - Ich will, dass du mitgehst
Pohlmann. - Köder oder Fang
Pohlmann. - Single in the Rain
Pohlmann. - StarWars
Pohlmann. - Atmen
Pohlmann. - Fenster zur Welt
Pohlmann. - Schreib mir
Pohlmann. - Unterwegs
Pohlmann. - Von weit weit her
Pohlmann. - Ballerina
Pohlmann. - Stark für dich
Pierre Mottron - They Know
Poetic Ammo - Kuala Lumpur
Poetic Ammo - Something's On
Poetic Ammo - Evils of Man
Poetic Ammo - Father Be With Us
Poetic Ammo - Peluru Puitis
Poetic Ammo - Approximate Detonation
Poetic Ammo - Vallavan
Poetic Ammo - Real for the World
Poetic Ammo - Kam Sang Tah Kong Chai
Poetic Ammo - Everything Changes
Poetic Ammo - Ammunition Check
Poetic Ammo - Somebody's Watching
Poetic Ammo - All 'Bout the Hook Up
Poetic Ammo - There's No Stoppin' Us
Poetic Ammo - We Hit 'em Up Too
Poetic Ammo - Tiada Tandingan
Poetic Ammo - Pass the Honey
Poetic Ammo - Paid My Dues
Poetic Ammo - Stop Rushing Me
Poetic Ammo - Intellectual Poetry
Poetic Ammo - Who Be the Player
Possession - Storm of Hateness
Possession - Burn Them All
Possession - Battlefield of Your Soul
Possession - Night of the Living Dead
Possession - Sickness of War
Possession - The Graveless Dead
DJ Outta Space - Drank
Lena Philipsson - Kärleken är evig
Lena Philipsson - Han jobbar i affär
Lena Philipsson - Det gör ont
Lena Philipsson - Dansa i neon
Lena Philipsson - Lena Anthem
Lena Philipsson - Om igen
Lena Philipsson - Why (Så lätt kommer du inte undan)
Lena Philipsson - Jag känner
Lena Philipsson - Standing in My Rain
Lena Philipsson - Bästa vänner
Lena Philipsson - Unga pojkar & äldre män
Lena Philipsson - 006
Lena Philipsson - Månsken i augusti
Lena Philipsson - Det nya Europa
Lena Philipsson - Stopp! Nej! Gå härifrån!
Lena Philipsson - Ingenting är längre som förut
Lena Philipsson - Min mor sa till mig
Lena Philipsson - Säg det som det är
Lena Philipsson - Den dröm som alla drömmar drömmer
Lena Philipsson - Jag ångrar ingenting
Lena Philipsson - Dom bjuder på champagne
Lena Philipsson - Jag sover hellre ensam
Lena Philipsson - Det ringer på min dörr
Lena Philipsson - Någon annanstans
Lena Philipsson - Du kan få mig när du vill
Lena Philipsson - Du följer väl med?
Lena Philipsson - Live Tomorrow
Lena Philipsson - Blir galen
Lena Philipsson - Idiot
Lena Philipsson - Vart tog du vägen?
Lena Philipsson - Igen och igen
Lena Philipsson - Världen snurrar
Lena Philipsson - The botten is nådd
Lena Philipsson - Nästa säsong
Pool - Don't Call My Name
Post Break Tragedy - ...I'd Like to Answer Your Question Using Interpretive Dance
Post Break Tragedy - The Greatest Liars Truly Believe
Post Break Tragedy - Florence
Post Break Tragedy - Mosaic
Post Break Tragedy - You Take the Blonde, I'll Take the Brunette
Post Break Tragedy - Surface
Post Break Tragedy - I'm Too Sexy for the Scene
Post Break Tragedy - The Worst Day of the Rest of Your Life
Powerspace - Prologue: Adam Beckett
Powerspace - Quarantine My Heart (Baby)
Powerspace - Powerspace Snap Bracelet
Powerspace - Right on, Right Now
Powerspace - Amplifire
Powerspace - Be Aggressive
Powerspace - This Is Not What You Had Planned
Powerspace - Dancing in the Future
Powerspace - Choose Your Own Adventure
Powerspace - It Smells Like Electricity in Here
Powerspace - I Met My Best Friend in Prague
Powerspace - Sleep, Everyone...
Powerspace - I Put the Abs in Abstinence
Plow United - Spindle
Plow United - Timmy Is an Arsonist
Pope Francis - "Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!"
Pilote - Lesson 51 (A Tailchaser's Waltz)
Lena Philipsson - Saknar dej innan du går
Lena Philipsson - Du är mitt liv
Lena Philipsson - Regn faller
Lena Philipsson - Den ende
Lena Philipsson - Sommartid
Lena Philipsson - Åh, vad jag längtar
Lena Philipsson - Kom du av dej
Lena Philipsson - Om jag fick
Lena Philipsson - Säg det nu
Lena Philipsson - Det går väl an
Lena Philipsson - Jag sänder på min radio
Lena Philipsson - Löpa linan ut
Lena Philipsson - Saknar dig innan du går
Lena Philipsson - Boy
Lena Philipsson - Macho Male
Lena Philipsson - The Trap
Lena Philipsson - The Preacher
Lena Philipsson - Are You in or Are You Out
Lena Philipsson - New World
Lena Philipsson - Tänk om jag aldrig mer
Greg Phillinganes - Countdown to Love
La Perra que los Parió - Como evitar que sangremos
La Perra que los Parió - Depredador
La Perra que los Parió - El zar
La Perra que los Parió - Despierta
La Perra que los Parió - Reino
La Perra que los Parió - Lo que nunca te dije
La Perra que los Parió - Prontuario
La Perra que los Parió - Un tipo como vos
La Perra que los Parió - Tristombe
La Perra que los Parió - Esa gente
La Perra que los Parió - Voy
La Perra que los Parió - Todos lo sabemos
La Perra que los Parió - H.D.P.
La Perra que los Parió - Dibujado
La Perra que los Parió - Candombe de la tarde
La Perra que los Parió - La chica de la calle Uruguay
La Perra que los Parió - La hija de King Kong
La Perra que los Parió - Negra (La cumbia de Cachito)
La Perra que los Parió - Mi vida
La Perra que los Parió - Tirá la gorra
La Perra que los Parió - Camaleón
La Perra que los Parió - Cantautor
La Perra que los Parió - El tipo del Mercedez Benz
La Perra que los Parió - La respuesta
La Perra que los Parió - Negro el once
La Perra que los Parió - Para seguir
La Perra que los Parió - La trampa
La Perra que los Parió - Mis ojos
La Perra que los Parió - Trae el viento una voz
La Perra que los Parió - Ni tan tarde / Rock del silencio
Potshot - Someone to Lean On
Potshot - Radio
Potshot - Since Yesterday
Potshot - Anytime
Potshot - Mexico
Potshot - Seasons End
Potshot - In Time Now
Potshot - Don't Fail to Ride
Potshot - In My Heart
Potshot - Be Alive
Potshot - My Way
Potshot - Are You Satisfied?
Potshot - Every Rain Let's Up
Potshot - Prize of Game
Potshot - Do You Laugh at Me?
Potshot - It's Real
Potshot - As You Are
Will Powers - Dancing for Mental Health
Will Powers - Opportunity
Will Powers - Kissing With Confidence
Will Powers - Will Powers
Will Powers - All Thru History
Will Powers - Happy Birthday
Will Powers - Smile
Lena Philipsson - Tänd ett ljus
Lena Philipsson - Vila hos mig
Lena Philipsson - My Name
Lena Philipsson - Why
Lena Philipsson - Fantasy
Lena Philipsson - Moder Swea
Lena Philipsson - Kärlek kommer med sommar
Lena Philipsson - London
Lena Philipsson - Han är min
Lena Philipsson - Vandra vid din sida
Lena Philipsson - Allting kommer tillbaka
Lena Philipsson - Underbar
Lena Philipsson - Fly Me Over the Rainbow
Lena Philipsson - I'm a Fool
Lena Philipsson - Jag kan jag vill
Lena Philipsson - I Believe in Miracles
Lena Philipsson - Du ringer bara när du är full
Lena Philipsson - It Hurts
Lena Philipsson - Sensuella Isabella
Lena Philipsson - Vem kan man lita på?
Lena Philipsson - Jag klär av mig naken
Lena Philipsson - Se et som det Är
Tiny Planets - Jetstreams
Pod Budą - Bardzo smutna piosenka retro
Pod Budą - Kraków, Piwna 7
Pod Budą - Nie przenoście nam stolicy do Krakowa
Pod Budą - Są takie sprawy
Pod Budą - Jak kapitalizm to kapitalizm
Poppy Seed Grinder - Elimination of Evil
Poppy Seed Grinder - Oppressed Reality
Poppy Seed Grinder - Delight from Suffering
Poppy Seed Grinder - Sadistic Corporation
Poppy Seed Grinder - Rotting Processes of Human Mechanism
Pod Budą - Lecz póki co żyjemy
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - The Lion the Beast the Beat
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Never Go Back
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Parachute Heart
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Stars
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Timekeeper
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Loneliest Soul
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Turntable
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Keepsake
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Runaway
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - One Heart Missing
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - The Divide
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Roulette
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - All Over You
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals feat. Kenny Chesney - Stars
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals feat. Willie Nelson - Ragged Company
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Ah Mary
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Stop the Bus
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Apologies
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Mr. Columbus
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - You May See Me
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Lose Some Time
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Mastermind
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Here's to the Meantime
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Paris (Ooh La La)
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Oasis
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Medicine
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Goodbye Kiss
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Colors
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Only Love
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - One Short Night
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Low Road
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - That Phone
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Hot Summer Night
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Things I Never Needed
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Some Kind of Ride
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Ragged Company
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Sweet Hands
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - 2:22
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - All but One
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Nothing but the Water, Part 1
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Nothing but the Water, Part 2
Pod Budą - Od tamtej chwili
Pod Budą - Moja druga strona
Pod Budą - Moje dwie ojczyzny
Pod Budą - Przy tobie sama
Aistė Pilvelytė - Leisk sau
Michel Petrucciani - Play Me
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Can't See Through
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Gumbo Moon
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Go Down Low
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - If I Was From Paris
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Belladonna
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Over Again
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Big White Gate (Bonus Track)
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Sinking Man
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Paris
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Nothing but the Water
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Aint No Time
Pepe & Paradise - Aamu
Pikachunes - Just a Boy
Pikachunes - Nervous
Pikachunes - Love Hate
Michel Petrucciani - Black Magic
The Pop Group - She Is Beyond Good and Evil
The Pop Group - Words Disobey Me
The Pop Group - Don't Call Me Pain
The Pop Group - Citizen Zombie
The Pop Group - Mad Truth
The Pop Group - Nowhere Girl
The Pop Group - Shadow Child
The Pop Group - The Immaculate Deception
The Pop Group - S.O.P.H.I.A.
The Pop Group - Box 9
The Pop Group - Nations
The Pop Group - St. Outrageous
The Pop Group - Age of Miracles
The Pop Group - Echelon
The Pop Group - Forces of Oppression
The Pop Group - Feed the Hungry
The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes
The Pop Group - Blind Faith
The Pop Group - Justice
The Pop Group - Rob a Bank
The Pop Group - Trap
Michel Petrucciani - Night Sun in Blois
The Pop Group - Snow Girl
Marc Pircher - Dem Land Tirol die Treue (Marc Pircher & Die Innsbrucker Böhmische)
Marc Pircher - Alarmstufe Rot - Ich bin verliebt
Marc Pircher - Ich war nie ein Casanova
Marc Pircher - Sieben Sünden
Pollo - Tamo no Jogo
Pollo - Mete o Pé
Pollo - Proteção
Pollo - Buxixos e Simpatias
Pollo - Tô Ficando Louco
Pollo - Meu Bonde
Pollo - As Quatro
Pollo - Seu Lugar
Pollo - Deixa Sua Filha Sair Com Nóis
Pollo - Vim pra Dominar o Mundo
Pollo - Trama
Pollo - Pirituba City
Marc Pircher - Feierabend in den Bergen
Phantom, Rocker and Slick - Men Without Shame
Pigeon Park - Lovelight
Pigeon Park - Come Down Slow
Plan B - Cops Pin Rap on Batman
Plan B - Let It Go
Plan B - Beam Me Up Scotty
Plan B - This Is Not A Movie
Plan B - Coming Back For More
Plan B - Plan B
Plan B - Love Goes Down
Playa - Don’t Stop the Music
Playa - All the Way
Playa - Everybody Wanna Luv Somebody
Playa - Together
Playa - Cheers 2 U
Playa - Ms. Parker
Playa - One Man Woman
Playa - I’ll B 2 C U
Playa - Push
Playa - Buggin’ Over You
Pixies - Debaser
Pixies - Tame
Pixies - Wave of Mutilation
Pixies - I Bleed
Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven
Pixies - La La Love You
Pixies - There Goes My Gun
Pixies - Hey
Pixies - Silver
Pixies - Gouge Away
Pixies - Planet of Sound
Pixies - Caribou
Pixies - Nimrod’s Son
Pixies - Velouria
Pixies - Rock Music
Pixies - Broken Face
Pixies - Isla de Encanta
Pixies - Into the White
Pixies - Something Against You
Pixies - Ed is Dead
Pixies - Vamos
Pixies - Alec Eiffel
Pixies - Winterlong
Pixies - Wild Honey Pie
Pixies - Is She Weird
Pixies - Down to the Well
Pixies - Letter to Memphis
Pixies - Levitate Me
Pixies - In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)
Pitto - Where My Soul Is Now
Postman - Downhill
Postman - They Know
Postman - Worry
Postman - Dutch
Postman - You Make Me Feel
Postman - All Gone
Postman - Conflict
Postman - Kills Me
Postman - Crisis
Poluzjanci - Doskonale
The Pops - From Sarah With Love
Poluzjanci - Najpiękniejsi
The Pops - Daylight in Your Eyes
Poluzjanci - Ona czyli Ja
The Pops - Hit Me Baby One More Time
Poluzjanci - Lepiej milcz
Poluzjanci - Zamykam oczy
Mac Powell - Saturday Night
Mac Powell - Mississippi
Mac Powell - June Bug
Mac Powell - Trying to Get Over You
Mac Powell - My Love For You Remains
Mac Powell - Everything to Me
Mac Powell - 've Always Loved You
Pixies - What Goes Boom
Pixies - Greens and Blues
Pixies - Indie Cindy
Pixies - Bagboy
Pixies - Silver Snail
Pixies - Blue Eyed Hexe
Pixies - Ring the Bell
Pixies - Another Toe in the Ocean
Pixies - Snakes
Pixies - Jaime Bravo
Pixies - Break My Body
Pixies - River Euphrates
Pixies - Cactus
Pixies - Oh My Golly!
Pixies - [untitled]
Pixies - I’m Amazed
Pixies - Brick Is Red
Pixies - I’ve Been Tired
Pixies - Dancing the Manta Ray
Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Pochy y Su Cocoband - Cocoband
Pochy y Su Cocoband - La Flaca
Pochy y Su Cocoband - Pa' los coquitos
Pochy y Su Cocoband - Salsa con coco
Nick Pitera - The Edge of Glory
Nick Pitera - Who You Are
Nick Pitera - Bleeding Love
Nick Pitera - Don't Stop Believing
Nick Pitera - One Sweet Day
Nick Pitera - Someone Like You
Nick Pitera - A Whole New World
Nick Pitera - Turn My Heart
Praying Mantis - Cheated
Nick Pitera - Stairwells
Praying Mantis - All Day & All of the Night
Nick Pitera - Dreaming
Praying Mantis - Running for Tomorrow
Nick Pitera - Better Days
Praying Mantis - Rich City Kids
Nick Pitera - Like A Boy
Praying Mantis - Lovers to the Grave
Praying Mantis - Panic in the Streets
Praying Mantis - Beads of Ebony
Praying Mantis - Flirting With Suicide
Praying Mantis - Children of the Earth
Praying Mantis - The Messiah
Praying Mantis - Best Years
Praying Mantis - Blood of an Angel
Praying Mantis - Man Behind the Mask
Praying Mantis - The Day the Sun Turned Cold
Praying Mantis - Forever in Time
Praying Mantis - A Moment in Life
Praying Mantis - Can't See the Angels
Praying Mantis - Listen What Your Heart Says
Pixies - I’ve Been Waiting for You
Pixies - The Thing
Pixies - Santo
Pixies - Theme From Narc
Pixies - Evil Hearted You
Pixies - Head Carrier
Pixies - Classic Masher
Pixies - Baal’s Back
Pixies - Might as Well Be Gone
Pixies - Oona
Pixies - Talent
Pixies - Tenement Song
Pixies - Bel Esprit
Pixies - All I Think About Now
Pixies - Um Chagga Lagga
Pixies - Plaster of Paris
Pixies - All the Saints
Pixies - U-Mass
Praying Mantis - Fight for Your Honor
Praying Mantis - The One
Praying Mantis - Believable
Praying Mantis - Tokyo
Praying Mantis - All I See
Praying Mantis - Eyes of a Child
Praying Mantis - The Runner
Praying Mantis - Against the World
Praying Mantis - Bring on the Night
Pocket Size - Human Touch
Praying Mantis - Turn the Tide
Praying Mantis - The Escape
Pixies - Oh My Golly! / [untitled]
Pixies - All Over the World
Pixies - The Happening
Pixies - Havalina
Pixies - Trompe le Monde
Pixies - Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons
Pixies - Lovely Day
Pixies - Motorway to Roswell
Pivit - Millennium
Pivit - Sour
Pivit - Middle Children
Pivit - Speechless
Pivit - Cyberchrist
Pivit - Tell Me
Pivit - One Minute More
Pivit - Hangnail
Preson Phillips - Then They Will Know
Preson Phillips - Hallelujah
Preson Phillips - Breather Of Life
Preson Phillips - Pilgrim
Preson Phillips - Grace And Peace
Preson Phillips - Deuteronomy Six
Preson Phillips - Psalm 23
Preson Phillips - Open For Me
Preson Phillips - Until God's Realm Comes
The Pirates - You Should Really Know
Pixies - No.13 Baby
Pixies - I've Been Tired
Pixies - Tony's Theme
Playing Enemy - Insomnia, OH
The Oscar Peterson Trio - Hymn to Freedom
The Oscar Peterson Trio - My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Pollyanna - Keep Me Guessing
Pollyanna - Lemonsuck
Pollyanna - Effervescence
Pollyanna - Brittle Then Broken
Pollyanna - Pale Grey Eyes
Pollyanna - Truck
Pollyanna - Salt Your Mouth
Pollyanna - Cows Crossing
Pollyanna - Frail
Pollyanna - Seam
Pollyanna - Killer
Pollyanna - Kiss My Sister
Pitbulls in the Nursery - W. Crew
Pitbulls in the Nursery - Strong
Pitbulls in the Nursery - Calibrated
Pitbulls in the Nursery - Monkey's Masturbation
Pitbulls in the Nursery - La Norme
Pitbulls in the Nursery - In My Veins
The Oscar Peterson Trio - I Love You
Pleasure Club - You Want Love
PlantLife - Jack's Back
Point Of Recognition - Refuge and Strength
Point Of Recognition - Self Inflicted Death Sentence
Point Of Recognition - No Matter What
Point Of Recognition - Running Short
Point Of Recognition - Thrown Away
Point Of Recognition - Another Day Another Casualty
Point Of Recognition - Refresh Renew
Point Of Recognition - Standard of Integrity
Point Of Recognition - No One Gets Out Alive
Point Of Recognition - No Regrets
Point Of Recognition - Return To Strength
Point Of Recognition - Times of Seeking Shelter
Point Of Recognition - My Eyes to the Sky
Point Of Recognition - I Don't Deserve You
Point Of Recognition - The Admiration of a Son
Point Of Recognition - A Path Unknown
Point Of Recognition - Sin Revealed
Point Of Recognition - Alive
Point Of Recognition - Embraced
Point Of Recognition - Unlawful Burden
Point Of Recognition - Closer Than a Brother
Pipis di Celana - Mayat Berjalan
Pipis di Celana - Bertarunglah Dragonball (cover)
Omara Portuondo - La sitiera
Omara Portuondo - ¿Dónde estabas tú?
Omara Portuondo - Mariposita de primavera
Omara Portuondo - Canta lo sentimental
Omara Portuondo - Ella y yo
Omara Portuondo - No me vayas a engañar
Omara Portuondo - El hombre que yo amé (The Man I Love)
Omara Portuondo - Siempre en mi corazón
Omara Portuondo - Amor de mis amores
Omara Portuondo - Flor de amor
Omara Portuondo - He venido a decirte
Omara Portuondo - Siboney
Omara Portuondo - Lo que me queda por vivir
Omara Portuondo - Allí
Omara Portuondo - Bésame mucho
The Pharaohs - Blue Egypt
Omara Portuondo - Yo vi
Omara Portuondo - O que será (À flor da terra)
Omara Portuondo - Vuela Pena
Omara Portuondo - Cachita
Omara Portuondo - Drume negrita
Omara Portuondo - Campanitas de cristal
Omara Portuondo - Nosotros
Omara Portuondo - Soy cubana
Poslednja igra leptira - Umiru jeleni
Poslednja igra leptira - Nataša
Poslednja igra leptira - Srce od meda
Plastic Bertrand - Ça plane pour moi
Plastic Bertrand - Hula Hoop
Plastic Bertrand - Tout petit la planète
Plastic Bertrand - Le monde est merveilleux
Plastic Bertrand - Sentimentale-moi
Plastic Bertrand - Bambino
Plastic Bertrand - Super cool
Plastic Bertrand - Jacques Cousteau
Plastic Bertrand - Cœur d'acier
Plastic Bertrand - Paradis
Plastic Bertrand - Gueule d'amour
Plastic Bertrand - Le Petit Tortillard
Plastic Bertrand - Ça plane pour moi (le twist)
Plastic Bertrand - Dance Dance
Pixies - In Heaven / Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Plastic Bertrand - Sha la la la lee
Plastic Bertrand - Victime de l'amour
Plastic Bertrand - Chewing Gum
Plastic Bertrand - Chat
Plastic Bertrand - J'te fais un plan
Plastic Bertrand - Affection
Plastic Bertrand - Hit 78
Plastic Bertrand - C'est le Rock'n' Roll
Plastic Bertrand - Pantin
Plastic Bertrand - Plastic Boy
Plastic Bertrand - Amoureux fou de toi
Pixies - Nimrod Son
Pomaranča - Let the Child Be Born
Portland Cello Project - Take 5
Portland Cello Project - This Little Babe
Portland Cello Project - Shalom Chaverim
Kelley Polar - A Feeling of the All-Thing
Kelley Polar - Entropy Reigns (In the Celestial City)
Kelley Polar - Chrysanthemum
Kelley Polar - Satellites
Kelley Polar - Entropy Reigns
The Oscar Peterson Trio - Turtle Neck
Pohjolan Molli - Mieti hetki
Power Glove - Maximum Potential
PoPoyans - When the owl sleeps
The Oscar Peterson Trio - My One and Only Love
The Oscar Peterson Trio - Straighten Up and Fly Right
Algie Powers - My Holy House
Pixies - Mr Grieves
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Yathe Yathe
KK - En Vennilave
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Ayyayo
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Warriors (English Rap)
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Oh Eesa
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Maalai Neram
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Un Mela Aasadhaan
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Thaai Thindra Mannae (The Cholan Ecstasy)
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Pemmane
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Thaai Thindra Mannae
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Indha Padhai
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Kadha Solla Poren
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Pa Pa Pappa
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Vennilave
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Aariro
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Pookal Pookum
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Vaama Duraiyamma
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Meghame O Meghame
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Aaruyire
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Kaatrile
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Pirai Thedum
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Yedhedho Pennae
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Oru Murai
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Yaar Aval Yaaro
Piezas & Jayder - Para variar
Piezas & Jayder - Dentelladas
Piezas & Jayder - Medio de altruismo
Piezas & Jayder - Es el juego
Piezas & Jayder - El híbrido
Piezas & Jayder - Escupe
Piezas & Jayder - Influence
Piezas & Jayder - Intocables
Piezas & Jayder - Suciedad
Piezas & Jayder - No me conocéis
Piezas & Jayder - Es Murcia
Piezas & Jayder - Paraíso mental
Piezas & Jayder - La torotura
Piezas & Jayder - Fuck Y' All
Piezas & Jayder - Sangre, sudor y páginas
Piezas & Jayder - Géminis
Piezas & Jayder - OK
Ferrán MDE - La voz de Baudelaire
Piezas & Jayder - Aglomerado
Piezas & Jayder - Un desencanto encantador
Piezas & Jayder - Constanza
Piezas & Jayder - Melancholia
Piezas & Jayder - Huir o morir
Piezas & Jayder - Barcelona blues
Piezas & Jayder - Disbalans
Piezas & Jayder - En ofensa propia
Piezas & Jayder - Machete
Piezas & Jayder - Conmigo (con El Titó)
Piezas & Jayder - Autodestrucción
Piezas & Jayder - Onanism (con Toteking y Dheformer)
Piezas & Jayder - Tirititran
Piezas & Jayder - Caminos de piedra (con Santiuve)
Piezas & Jayder - La sombra sin luz
Piezas & Jayder - Inside (con El Momo, J. Higgz y Soge Culebra)
Piezas & Jayder - Peligrosa (con Miguel Campello)
Piezas & Jayder - XXXXXXX
Piezas & Jayder - Digan lo que digan
Piezas & Jayder - Ráfagas de tiempo
Piezas & Jayder - La voz de Baudelaire
Alka Yagnik & Shankar Mahadevan - Idhu Enna Mayam
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Yaarai Polum Illa Neeyum
Shreya Ghoshal & Javed Ali - Kangalilae
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Engeyum Eppothum
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Minnalgal Koothaadum
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Alibaba Thangam
G.V. Prakash Kumar - Neeye Sol
Porretas - Milivanilis
Porretas - Juana
Porretas - Dos pulgas en un perro
Porretas - Años de represión
Porretas - Mi guitarra