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Sean Paul - Change the Game
Sean Paul - Gimmie the Light
Sean Paul - Hey Sexy Lady
Sean Paul - Hot Gal Today
Sean Paul - Esa Loca
Sean Paul - Ganja Breed
Ray Pérez - Son Montuno
Sean Paul - We Be Burnin
Sean Paul - Three Little Birds
Sean Paul - Shake It
Sean Paul - I'm Still in Love With You
Sean Paul - International Affair
Ray Pérez - Pa'l 23
Sean Paul - Jukin' Punny
Sean Paul - It's On
Sean Paul - Cry Baby Cry
Sean Paul - Break It Off
Sean Paul - As Time Goes On (non-album track)
Sean Paul - Temperature (AOL Sessions)
Sean Paul - Get Busy (AOL Sessions)
Sean Paul - Never Gonna Be the Same (AOL Sessions)
Sean Paul - Get Busy (a cappella)
Sean Paul - (When You Gonna) Give It Up to Me
Sean Paul - Don't Tease Me
Sean Paul - Daddy's Home
Sean Paul - Hold My Hand (I'll Be There)
Sean Paul - Got 2 Luv U
Sean Paul - Check Out Deeply
Sean Paul - Agarra Mi Mano
Sean Paul - Baby Boy
Sean Paul - No Bugh
Sean Paul - Get With It Girl
Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind
Sean Paul - Samfy I
Sean Paul - Uptowners (skit)
Sean Paul - Intro: Chi Ching Ching
Sean Paul - Wedding Crashers
Sean Paul - Put It on You
Sean Paul - Riot
Sean Paul - Dangerous Ground
Sean Paul - Wickedest Style
Sean Paul - Watch Them Roll
Sean Paul - Entertainment
Sean Paul - Bounce It Right There
Sean Paul - We Be Burnin’ (Recognize It)
Sean Paul - No Lie
Point of Grace - The Great Divide
Point of Grace - Come to Jesus
Point of Grace - God Is With Us
Point of Grace - There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace
Point of Grace - Without the Love of Jesus
Point of Grace - Dying to Reach You
Point of Grace - Love Like No Other
Point of Grace - The Love He Has for You
Point of Grace - Take Me Back
Point of Grace - The House That Mercy Built
Point of Grace - Heaven Knows
Point of Grace - A Thousand Little Things
Point of Grace - What I Already Know
Point of Grace - Might Be Today
Point of Grace - Wash Me Away
Point of Grace - You Be the One
Point of Grace - I Believe in You (Dedication Song)
Point of Grace - Wildflower
Point of Grace - Hometown
Point of Grace - No Changin' Us
Point of Grace - Love And Laundry
Point of Grace - What About Jesus
Point of Grace - The Greatest Show On Earth
The Plastic Constellations - Iron City Jungles
The Plastic Constellations - Best Things
The Plastic Constellations - Sancho Panza
The Plastic Constellations - Belly of the Beast
The Plastic Constellations - Men in Dark Times
The Plastic Constellations - Ghost in the House
The Plastic Constellations - Bring What You Bring
The Plastic Constellations - We Came to Play
The Plastic Constellations - Evil Groove
The Plastic Constellations - Beats Like You Stole Something
The Plastic Constellations - Davico
The Plastic Constellations - East Cleveland
The Plastic Constellations - Movement Momentum
The Plastic Constellations - Mazatlan
The Plastic Constellations - Oh No, Iowa
The Plastic Constellations - Vicious Devotion
The Plastic Constellations - No Complaints
The Plastic Constellations - Keep It Live
The Plastic Constellations - Ditched and Drowned
The Plastic Constellations - Slow Support
The Plastic Constellations - DC Circuit
The Plastic Constellations - Riots or Rugburns
The Plastic Constellations - Back It Up Now
The Plastic Constellations - Let It Rumble
The Plastic Constellations - The Backseat Drivers
The Plastic Constellations - You Are Not Chicago
The Plastic Constellations - Diablo Dastron
The Plastic Constellations - Smallest Skyline
The Plastic Constellations - Let's War
Ponytail - Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)
Point Blank - The Hard Way
Point of Grace - Tennessee Christmas
Point of Grace - Faith, Hope and Love
Point of Grace - Wonder of It All
Point of Grace - Faith, Hope & Love
Point of Grace - Fairest Lord Jesus
Point of Grace - Washed in the Blood
Point of Grace - He's the Best Thing
Point of Grace - Something In the Water
Point of Grace - Friend of a Wounded Heart
Point of Grace - Lord, I Need You
Point of Grace - Home
Point of Grace - You're Gonna Miss This
Point of Grace - Two Roads
Point of Grace - The Climb
Placebo - Because I Want You
Playboi Carti - Broke Boi
Pond - Cloud City
Pond - Annie Orangetree
Pond - Frond
Pond - Whatever Happened to the Million Head Collide
Pond - Xanman
Pond - O Dharma
Pond - Aloneaflameaflower
Pond - Midnight Mass (At the Market St. Payphone)
Pond - Waiting Around for Grace
Pond - Elvis' Flaming Star
Pond - Holding Out for You
Pond - Zond
Pond - Heroic Shart
Pond - Sitting Up on Our Crane
Pond - Outside Is the Right Side
Pond - Medicine Hat
Pond - Man It Feels Like Space Again
Pond - When It Explodes
Pond - Elegant Design
Pond - Sorry I Was Under the Sky
Pond - Sun and Sea and You
Pond - Allergies
Pond - You Broke My Cool
Pond - Moth Wings
Pond - Leisure Pony
Pond - Mystery
Pond - Dig Brother
Pond - Eye Pattern Blindness
Pond - Moreno's Blend
Pond - Gringolet's Drunken Baggage
Pond - Greens Pool
Pond - 30000 Megatons
Pissing Razors - Between Heaven and Hell
Pissing Razors - Ruin
Pissing Razors - You'll Never Know
Pissing Razors - Selfish
Pissing Razors - The Other Side
Pissing Razors - Regret
Pissing Razors - Choices
Pissing Razors - Voice of Reason
Pissing Razors - Wasteland
Pissing Razors - I've Tried
Pissing Razors - Keep to Myself
Pissing Razors - Born to Serve
Pissing Razors - Opportunidad
Pissing Razors - Open the Gates
Pissing Razors - World of One
Pissing Razors - Dodging Bullets
Pissing Razors - Permanent
Pissing Razors - Life of a Lunatic
Pissing Razors - Desperado
Pissing Razors - Broken Trust
Pissing Razors - Fall Away
Pissing Razors - Hanging On The Cross
Pissing Razors - Perseverance
Pissing Razors - The Threshold
Pissing Razors - Takedown
Pissing Razors - Two Face Devil
Pissing Razors - Replace The Day
Peter von Poehl - Tooth Fairy
Peter von Poehl - Travelers
Peter von Poehl - Virgin Mountains
Peter von Poehl - A Broken Skeleton Key
Peter von Poehl - Global Conspiracy
Peter von Poehl - Scorpion Grass
Peter von Poehl - Tooth Fairy, Part II
Peter von Poehl - The Lottery
Peter von Poehl - Little Creatures
Peter von Poehl - The Bell Tolls Five
Peter von Poehl - Parliament
Peter von Poehl - Forgotten Garden
Peter von Poehl - Near the End of the World
Peter von Poehl - Moonshot Falls
Peter von Poehl - Lost in Space
Peter von Poehl - Wombara
Peter von Poehl - Carrier Pigeon
Peter von Poehl - Dust of Heaven
Peter von Poehl - May Day
Peter von Poehl - Elisabeth
Polkadot Cadaver - Haunted Holiday
Polkadot Cadaver - A Wolf in Jesus Skin
Polkadot Cadaver - Purgatory Dance Party
Polkadot Cadaver - Deathwish
Polkadot Cadaver - Phantom Limb
Polkadot Cadaver - Long Strange Trip to Paradise
Polkadot Cadaver - Bring Me the Head of Andy Warhol
Polkadot Cadaver - Chloroform Girl
Polkadot Cadaver - What's the Worst Thing That Could Happen?
Polkadot Cadaver - Brainwash
Polkadot Cadaver - Pure Bedlam for Halfbreeds
Polkadot Cadaver - Sole Survivor
Polkadot Cadaver - Opus Dei
Polkadot Cadaver - Sea Grave
Polkadot Cadaver - Bloodsucker
Polkadot Cadaver - Starlight Requiem
Polkadot Cadaver - Stronger Than Weak
Polkadot Cadaver - Slaughterhouse Striptease
Polkadot Cadaver - Sex Offender
Polkadot Cadaver - Cake And Eat It Too
Polkadot Cadaver - Mongaloid
Polkadot Cadaver - Forever And A Day
Polkadot Cadaver - Last Call in Jonestown
Polkadot Cadaver - Phantasmagoria
Polkadot Cadaver - Painkiller
Polkadot Cadaver - Touch You Like Caligula
Polkadot Cadaver - Sheer Madness
Polkadot Cadaver - Impure Thoughts
Polkadot Cadaver - Rats and Black Widows
Polkadot Cadaver - Lunatic
Polkadot Cadaver - All the King's Men
Polkadot Cadaver - Animal Kingdom
Polkadot Cadaver - Transistors of Mercy
Polkadot Cadaver - Epilogue
Polkadot Cadaver - Blue Christmas
Polkadot Cadaver - 12 Days of Christmas, Repent!
Polkadot Cadaver - Sad Christmas Clown
Polkadot Cadaver - Christmas Angel
Polkadot Cadaver - Worship the Sun
Polkadot Cadaver - You Don’t Deserve a Goddamn Thing for Christmas
The Pistolas - Take It With a Kiss
The Pistolas - Green Light
Pissing Razors - Mistake No.1
Los Pies Negros - Luna Llena
Los Pies Negros - Sombras en la Oscuridad
Los Pies Negros - Jaque Mate
Los Pies Negros - No Pierdas el Control
Los Pies Negros - Una noche Mas
Los Pies Negros - Playa y Ska
Los Pies Negros - Corruptos
Los Pies Negros - Nena
Los Pies Negros - A beber ron
Los Pies Negros - Pesadilla
Los Pies Negros - Río
Los Pies Negros - De Huérfano a Rudo
Los Pies Negros - Bares y Alcohol
Los Pies Negros - Lejos de Mí
Los Pies Negros - Aborto
Los Pies Negros - Prisionero de VietCong
Los Pies Negros - Niño De Sangre Azul
Los Pies Negros - Consejo de un Amigo
Los Pies Negros - Interesado
Los Pies Negros - Janushi
Los Pies Negros - No Hay Vuelta Atras
Los Pies Negros - Cosa De Rude Boy
Los Pies Negros - Siempre Igual
Los Pies Negros - Rudy
La Playa Sextet - Salsa
Peter von Poehl - Going to Where the Tea-Trees Are
Enrico Pieranunzi - My Funny Valentine
Kazi Ploae - Cod rosu (cu Aforic si Cedry2k)
Kazi Ploae - Gorgone
Kazi Ploae - Diviziunea Tentei
Kazi Ploae - 6 Septembrie (cu DJ Faibo X)
Kazi Ploae - Antimaterie/Joi
Kazi Ploae - Zapada veche
Kazi Ploae - Nebulozitate (Bonus Track)
Kazi Ploae - Biki biki biki
Kazi Ploae - Nimic nu e concluzie
Kazi Ploae - Hârtie de împăturit muntele
Kazi Ploae - Presiune
Kazi Ploae - Nu mai sunt la modă
Kazi Ploae - Boschetari de lux
Kazi Ploae - Șapte ceruri
Kazi Ploae - Ziua anei
Pamela Polland - In My Imagination
Pamela Polland - Out of My Hands (Still in My Heart)
Pamela Polland - Sing-a-Song Man
Pamela Polland - When I Got Home
Pamela Polland - Please Mr. D.J.
Pamela Polland - Abalone Dream
Pamela Polland - The Rescuer
Pamela Polland - Sugar Dad
Pamela Polland - The Dream (For Karuna)
Pamela Polland - Texas
Pamela Polland - Lighthouse
Andris Petruska - Keleti pályaudvar
Andris Petruska - Szent Gellért tér
Ploštín Punk - Hotel Permon
Ploštín Punk - Nákup mesiaca
Ploštín Punk - Tu rú ru
Ploštín Punk - Uprostred Arktídy
Ploštín Punk - Oprel som au pair
Ploštín Punk - Tá panenka je výr skalný
Ploštín Punk - Leonardo
Ploštín Punk - Zinajda
Ploštín Punk - Nápoj lásky
Ploštín Punk - Kostner
Ploštín Punk - Total kakao
Ploštín Punk - Za mnou žiadna nezaberie
Ploštín Punk - Pre tie krepsilónky biele
Ploštín Punk - Sedem rokov na kvete
Ploštín Punk - Speedy Gonzales
Ploštín Punk - Buchnutý (Now I'm Fall in Love)
Ploštín Punk - Aranka (Arakain) Španielka
Poldoore - Sweet Memories
Poldoore - Heard It All Before
Poldoore - But I Do
Poldoore - Ain't No Sunshine
Plastiscines - I Could Rob You
Plastiscines - Barcelona
Plastiscines - Bitch
Plastiscines - Camera
Plastiscines - From Friends to Lovers
Plastiscines - Time to Leave
Plastiscines - I Am Down
Plastiscines - Another Kiss
Plastiscines - Pas avec toi
Plastiscines - Runnaway
Plastiscines - Coney Island
Plastiscines - Loser
Plastiscines - Shake (Twist Around the Fire)
Plastiscines - La Règle du jeu
Plastiscines - Rake
Plastiscines - Lost in Translation
Plastiscines - Blue Jeans
Plastiscines - Coming to Get You
Poor Moon - Clouds Below
Poor Moon - Phantom Light
Poor Moon - Same Way
Poor Moon - Waiting For
Poor Moon - Heaven's Door
Poor Moon - Pulling Me Down
Poor Moon - Bucky Pony
Poor Moon - Come Home
Poor Moon - Birds
Plastic Little - Hi Bitches
Plastic Little - Crambodia
The Partysquad - Het is aan
The Partysquad - Wat wil je doen
The Partysquad - Je bent van mij
The Partysquad feat. Brainpower - Non stop
The Partysquad - Dat is die shit
Ali B, Yes-R & The Partysquad - Rampeneren
The Partysquad - De bazen van de club
Afrojack & The Partysquad - Drop Down (Do My Dance)
The Partysquad - Stuk
Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso vs. Salem Al Fakir - It's True
Laidback Luke & Diplo - Hey
Major Lazer - Pon de Floor
DJ Class - I'm The Shit
Dio - Aye
The Partysquad - Non Stop
The Partysquad - Rampeneren (op de vloer)
The Partysquad - Wat wil je doen (videoversie a cappella)
The Partysquad - Lighterman
The Partysquad - CrazyFunkyStyle
Belle Perez - El Mundo Bailando
Belle Perez - Gotitas de Amor
Belle Perez - Amor Latino
Belle Perez - Quién eres
Belle Perez - Ay Mi Vida
Belle Perez - Mi primer amor
Belle Perez - Fiesta
Belle Perez - Hola Mundo
Belle Perez - Hotel California
Belle Perez - Bailaremos
Belle Perez - Gloria Estefan Medley
Belle Perez - El Ritmo Caliente
Belle Perez - Fragilidad
Belle Perez - Tu Y Yo
Belle Perez - Demasiado Corazón
Belle Perez - Don't Play With My Heart
Belle Perez - La Bamba
Belle Perez - Volverás
Belle Perez - Sobreviviré
Belle Perez - Espana Mia
Belle Perez - Devorame
Belle Perez - Dime Que Tu Quieres
Belle Perez - Tu
Belle Perez - Amame
Belle Perez - Djolei Djolei
Belle Perez - Gipsy Kings (medley)
Belle Perez - Honeybee
Belle Perez - This Crazy Feeling
Belle Perez - Hang on to Yourself
Belle Perez - How Can I Tell You
Belle Perez - The Way You Are
Belle Perez - What Am I to Do
Belle Perez - Something You Should Know
Belle Perez - You Make Me Feel So Good
Belle Perez - Olvidar Y Besar
Belle Perez - Corazón
Belle Perez - Hello World(nordic radio mix)
Peter Breinholt & Big Parade - You Wear Flowers
Peter Breinholt & Big Parade - Knocking on My Door
Belle Perez - Dime
Belle Perez - Loca de Amor
Belle Perez - Light of My Life
Belle Perez - Everything
Belle Perez - Me and You
Belle Perez - Planet of Love
Belle Perez - Kiss and Make Up
Belle Perez - Hoy, Le Pido a Dios
Belle Perez - Que Viva La Vida
Belle Perez - Ave Maria (karaoke)
Belle Perez - Enamorada (karaoke)
Belle Perez - Hi There It Is Me Again
Belle Perez - It Must Have Been Love
Belle Perez - Mamacita
Belle Perez - Never Ever
Belle Perez - Real Love
Belle Perez - Feelings
Belle Perez - Cuba medley
Belle Perez - Caramba Carambita
Belle Perez - A mi manera
Belle Perez - Baila este Ritmo
Tefla & Jaleel - Wenn Zonis reisen...
Plattenpapzt - Get Connected
Plattenpapzt - Best Unsigned Cats
Plattenpapzt - Wenn Zonis Reisen
Plattenpapzt - Kool Savas-King of Rap
Plattenpapzt - Für die Straßen
Belle Perez - Medley - Hello World
Belle Perez - Sobrevivre
Belle Perez - Hello World Medley
Belle Perez - Caramba
PENTAGON - Wake up (Intro)
PENTAGON - Pretty Pretty
PENTAGON - Lose Yourself
PENTAGON - Can You Feel It
Popof - My Toyz
Piotr Bukartyk - Niestety trzeba mieć ambicję
Piotr Bukartyk - Sznurek
Piotr Bukartyk - W sprawie sztuki filmowej
Piotr Bukartyk - Kobiety jak te kwiaty
Piotr Bukartyk - W życiu liczy się porządek
Piotr Bukartyk - Bida z nędzą
Piotr Bukartyk - Nie mówię kto
Piotr Bukartyk - Co to za film?
Piotr Bukartyk - Nic na siłę
Piotr Bukartyk - Z tylu chmur
Piotr Bukartyk - Serce na patyku
Piotr Bukartyk - Dokładnie ten sam smak
Piotr Bukartyk - Piasku ziarenka
Piotr Bukartyk - Na twarz
Piotr Bukartyk - Reszta dla pana
Piotr Bukartyk - Kruchy jest człowiek
Piotr Bukartyk - Przy szosie na Augustów
Piotr Bukartyk - No to masz
Piotr Bukartyk - Coś jakby kolęda
Piotr Bukartyk - Tak juz jest
Piotr Bukartyk - Piosenka z praniem w tle
El Polaco - Una noche mas
El Polaco - Atrapado en tus redes
El Polaco - Solo pienso en ti
El Polaco - Ahora regresas tu
El Polaco - Veni veni
El Polaco - Hermano mio
El Polaco - Regresa mi amor
El Polaco - Por volverte a ver
El Polaco - Te aprovechas de mi
El Polaco - Me robaste el corazon
El Polaco - A huella
Phantom Buffalo - Golden Finish
Phantom Buffalo - A Hilly Town
Phantom Buffalo - Wilamena
Phantom Buffalo - Domestic Pet Growing Seeds
Phantom Buffalo - Anywhere With Oxygen
Phantom Buffalo - The Missing Parachute
Phantom Buffalo - Ask Your Grandmother
Phantom Buffalo - Catfish
Phantom Buffalo - Wimp Souffle'
Phantom Buffalo - Cheer Up My Man
Phantom Buffalo - Parastic Wedding Vows
Poor Man's Riches - Energy
Poor Man's Riches - Break Me
Poor Man's Riches - Without You
Poor Man's Riches - Hand of Grace
Poor Man's Riches - For the Taking
Poor Man's Riches - Motions
Poor Man's Riches - Second Skin
Poor Man's Riches - Wheels of Disbelief
Poor Man's Riches - Unwound
Poor Man's Riches - Praise You
Poor Man's Riches - Distant Shores
Pink Martini - Hang On Little Tomato
Pink Martini - The Gardens of Sampson & Beasley
Pink Martini - Veronique
Pink Martini - Dansez-vous
Pink Martini - Lilly
Pink Martini - Autrefois
Pink Martini - U Plavu Zoru
Pink Martini - Clementine
Pink Martini - Kikuchiyo To Mohshimasu
Pink Martini - Aspettami
Pink Martini - Sympathique (version inédite)
Pink Martini - Amado Mio
Pink Martini - Song of the Black Lizard
Pink Martini - Never on Sunday
Pink Martini - Everywhere
Pink Martini - Mar desconocido
Pink Martini - Taya Tan
Pink Martini - City of Night
Pink Martini - Ojalá
Pink Martini - Bukra Wba'do
Pink Martini - Cante e dance
Pink Martini - Hey Eugene
Pink Martini - Syracuse
Pink Martini - Dosvedanya mio bombino
Pink Martini - Ninna nanna
Pink Martini - Splendor In The Grass
Pink Martini - Où est ma tête?
Pink Martini - Sunday Table
Pink Martini - Over the Valley
Pink Martini - Tuca Tuca
Pink Martini - Bitty Boppy Betty
Pink Martini - Piensa en mí
Pink Martini - New Amsterdam
Popbitch - Erotic City
Pasabordo - Te quiero amar
Pasabordo - Para ti
Pasabordo - Quisiera
Pasabordo - Si tu me Dejas
Pasabordo - Me llenas tu
Pasabordo - Tan bonita
Pasabordo - Hasta el cielo
Pasabordo - Hoy vuelves
Pasabordo - Me gusta
Pasabordo - No te cases
Pasabordo - Cantinero
Pasabordo - Ya para que
Pasabordo - El calendario
Pasabordo - Por estar contigo
Pasabordo - Por ti
Pasabordo - La chica play
Pasabordo - Donde diablos
Pasabordo - Hoy
Pasabordo - Desde que te fuiste
Pasabordo - Lo que me queda
Pasabordo - Quisiera Feat J Balvin
Pink Martini - ¿Donde Estas Yolanda?
Pink Martini - Ma Solitude (featuring Georges Moustaki)
Pink Martini - How Long Will It Last? (featuring Michael Feinstein)
Pink Martini - Moon River (featuring Gus Van Sant)
Pink Martini - The Man With The Big Sombrero
Pink Martini - Auld Lang Syne
Pink Martini - Shchedryk (Ukrainian Bell Carol)
Pink Martini - Elohai, N'tzor
Pink Martini - We Three Kings
Pink Martini - A Snowglobe Christmas
Pink Martini - Ocho Kandelikas (Eight Little Candles)
Pink Martini - Ich dich liebe
Pink Martini - Quizás, quizás, quizás
Pink Martini - Omide zendegani
Pink Martini feat. Ari Shapiro - Yo te quiero siempre
Pink Martini - Je ne t’aime plus
Pink Martini - Până când nu te iubeam
Pink Martini - She Was Too Good to Me
Pink Martini - Sway
Pink Martini - Kitty Come Home
Pink Martini feat. Rufus Wainwright - Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again
Pink Martini - Joli garçon
Pink Martini - The Butterfly Song
Pink Martini - Solidão
Pink Martini - Let's Never Stop Falling in Love
Pink Martini - Anna
Pink Martini - Dosvedanya Mio Bambino
Pink Martini - Je ne veux pas travailler
Pink Martini - But Now I'm Back
Pink Martini - And Then You're Gone
Pink Martini - Children of Piraeus (from Never on Sunday)
Pink Martini - Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again
Pink Martini - What'll I Do?
Pink Martini - Üsküdar'a gider iken
Pink Martini - Yo te quiero siempre
Pink Martini - Uskudar'a gider lken
Polynesian Cultural Center - Samoa-Siva Naifi Afi
Pol 3.14 - Bipolar
Pol 3.14 - Paracaidas
Pol 3.14 - Lo Que No Ves
Pol 3.14 - Simplemente
Pol 3.14 - Piensa
Pol 3.14 - La Terminal
Pol 3.14 - Hoy Está Bien
Pol 3.14 - Astronauta
Pol 3.14 - Sobrenatural
Pitman - Mr. Pitiful
Pitman - Girls
Pligten Kalder - Jeg Har Fundet Mine Nøgler
Pligten Kalder - Tre ældre kvinder på en tom bøssebar i november
Ploho - 1991
Poe - Terrible Thought
Poe - Terrified Heart
Poe - Not a Virgin
Poe - Hey Pretty
Poe - Dear Johnny
Poe - Could've Gone Mad
Poe - Lemon Meringue
Poe - Spanish Doll
Poe - House of Leaves
Poe - Amazed
Poe - If You Were Here
Poe - Trigger Happy Jack (Drive by a Go‐Go)
Poe - Another World
Poe - Fingertips
Poe - Beautiful Girl
Poe - Junkie
Poe - Fly Away
Poe - Holiday Song
Poe - Intro
Poe - Rise & Shine
Poe - Rise & Shine (Levar's Lullabye)
Poe - Trigger Happy Jack
Poe - A Rose Is a Rose
Poe - Jane Says
Poe - Padre Fear
Poe - Hello (Tribal Dub)
Poe - How Long
Poe - Angry Johhny
Poe - 5&1/2 Minute Hallway
Pohlman - Musik
Pohlman - Wenn es scheint, dass nichts gelingt
Pohlman - Flüchten
Pohlman - Die Liebe
Pohlman - Bitte folgen sie dem Licht
Pohlman - Mädchen und Rabauken
Pohlman - Das Glück
Pohlman - Fliegende Fische
Pohlman - Teufel
Pohlman - Bruce Lee
Pohlman - Was geschieht
Pohlman - Mördersong
The Peep Tempel - Carol
Carlos Ponce - Escúchame
Carlos Ponce - Sigues conmigo
Carlos Ponce - Hay algo en tí
Carlos Ponce - Me muero, me muero
Carlos Ponce - Si te vas
Carlos Ponce - Vuelve a mi
Carlos Ponce - Canción de cuna
Carlos Ponce - Canela
Carlos Ponce - Concebido sin pecado
Carlos Ponce - Mia
Carlos Ponce - Llévame contigo
Carlos Ponce - Quiero
Carlos Ponce - Rezo
Carlos Ponce - Recuerdo
Carlos Ponce - Será
Carlos Ponce - Decir adiós
Carlos Ponce - Todo por tu amor
Carlos Ponce - Quiero más
Carlos Ponce - Amelia
Carlos Ponce - Te vas
Plume - Ma porte de shed
Pi Ja Ma - Radio Girl
The Peak Show - Lighter Now
The Peak Show - Cemetery Boys
The Peak Show - It's Rain
The Peak Show - Lettenem Know
The Peak Show - Poke Me With a Fork
The Peak Show - Straight Lines
The Peak Show - O'Day
The Peak Show - Flow
The Peak Show - Go Back
The Peak Show - The Crapper (Halloween 2001)
The Peak Show - Junk Drawer
The Peak Show - Ringin' and Ringin'
The Peak Show - Tell Me
Julie Peel - Living in a Movie
Julie Peel - Sister
Julie Peel - Unfold
Julie Peel - Near the Sun
The Pipkins - Gimme Dat Ding
Pony Boy - The Devil in Me
Adela Popescu - Iubire ca în filme
Adela Popescu - Pe limba mea
Adela Popescu - Vom uita
Adela Popescu - Visele noastre
Adela Popescu - Lacrimi de iubire
Adela Popescu - O lume de străini
Adela Popescu - Din iubire
Adela Popescu - Numai pentru tine
Adela Popescu - Poveste
Adela Popescu - Mâine vine iar
Adela Popescu - Amore, amore
Adela Popescu - Hai să iertăm
Adela Popescu - Ce vrei din mine
Adela Popescu - Unde e?ti
Adela Popescu - De te-am min?it
Adela Popescu - Mai r?mâi
Adela Popescu - O clip?
Po! - A Lovely Letter
La Plebe - Mi tierra
La Plebe - Runnin’
La Plebe - Pinches fronteras
La Plebe - Run Joe
La Plebe - Cerdos al marchar
La Plebe - El infeliz
La Plebe - S.O.B.
La Plebe - Siempre unidos
La Plebe - Campesino
La Plebe - Jaulas
La Plebe - Soledad
La Plebe - Guerra sucia
La Plebe - Opresion
La Plebe - Venas abiertas
La Plebe - Bella ciao
La Plebe - No no
La Plebe - Been drinkin'
La Plebe - Hijo mío
Pöllöt - Hiihtoloma
Pöllöt - Tapetaan aikaa
André Popp - Shade of Blue
Pimeys - Pimeys
Pimeys - Rakennukset
Pimeys - Igor, Boris, Hugo ja mä
Pimeys - Asema
Pimeys - Näin sinut unessa
Pimeys - Helsinki
Pimeys - Siitä on jo kauan
Pimeys - Veli
Pimeys - Katalonia
Pitbullfarm - Army of Assholes
Pitbullfarm - Die Tired
Pitbullfarm - Love Song
Pitbullfarm - Human Erection
Pitbullfarm - I Wanna See You Dead
Pitbullfarm - Deranged Desperado
Pitbullfarm - Thursday Is Friday
Pitbullfarm - Hillbilly Hepcat
Pitbullfarm - White Trash Gigolo
Pitbullfarm - Muumipeikon Kyrpä
Pitbullfarm - Where Have All the Bootboys Gone
Plush - Trouble
Plush - Erla
Plush - Iris
Plush - Jet Life
Plush - Rage on
Popperklopper - Leben im KZ
Popperklopper - Aufrechter Deutscher
Popperklopper - No Chance
Popperklopper - Fremde Bekannte
Popperklopper - Frust
Popperklopper - Laufrad
Popperklopper - Das deutsche Heer
Popperklopper - Hoffnung
Popperklopper - 1000 Opfer
Popperklopper - Veteran
Popperklopper - Gewalt
Popperklopper - Geoutet
Popperklopper - Lovesong
Popperklopper - Kein Mord
Popperklopper - Rache der Natur
Popperklopper - Jeden Tag 'ne gute Tat
Popperklopper - Wie oft?
Popperklopper - Die kalte Stadt
Popperklopper - Perverse Welt
Popperklopper - Nur ein Verdacht
Popperklopper - Break Out
Popperklopper - Klar sehen
Popperklopper - Walk On
Popperklopper - Kein Mensch
Popperklopper - Ohne Rücksicht
Popperklopper - Verhör
Popperklopper - We Want You
Popperklopper - Am Fest der Liebe
Popperklopper - Nix Neues in Poona
Poor Old Shine - Weeds or Wildflowers
Poor Old Shine - Footsteps in My Ear
Poor Old Shine - Country Pocket
Poor Old Shine - Ghosts Next Door
Poor Old Shine - Right Now
Poor Old Shine - Empty Rocking Chair
Poor Old Shine - Love Song
Poor Old Shine - Tear Down the Stage
Sol Pereyra - Comunmixta
Sol Pereyra - Clase media
Sol Pereyra - Final
Sol Pereyra - Gusano y mariposa
Sol Pereyra - Mandolín
Sol Pereyra - Hilo de sol
Sol Pereyra - La tormenta
Sol Pereyra - Perdedores
Sol Pereyra - Tita
Sol Pereyra - Bla bla bla
Sol Pereyra - Te fuiste
Sol Pereyra - El amor es así
Sol Pereyra - Reggaetonta
Sol Pereyra - Hace horas
Sol Pereyra - Actos fallidos
Sol Pereyra - Me olvidé
Sol Pereyra - Agua
Sol Pereyra - Ay
Sol Pereyra - Celosa
Sol Pereyra - Loca
Sol Pereyra - Nadie te preguntó
Sol Pereyra - Ofelia
Sol Pereyra - Mente superior
Popperklopper - Weltkrieg 3
Popperklopper - Konform
Popperklopper - Deutsches Heer
Popperklopper - I Don't Care
Popperklopper - Otto B.
Popperklopper - The great egalitarian
Popperklopper - Konsum
Popperklopper - Sun + Fun
Popperklopper - Never Be The Same
Popperklopper - Verdammt
Popperklopper - Prolos
Popperklopper - Ungehörte Schreie
Popperklopper - Angst
Popperklopper - Keine Geheimnisse
Popperklopper - Vorbei
Popperklopper - Desert Sun
Popperklopper - Waiting
Popperklopper - Blackout
Popperklopper - Rebel
Popperklopper - Konform II
Popperklopper - Sein Grober Tag
Popperklopper - Emergency
Popperklopper - Family Values
Pirates of the Mississippi - Rollin' Home
Pirates of the Mississippi - Speak of the Devil
Pirates of the Mississippi - Feed Jake
Pirates of the Mississippi - Jolly Roger/Pirates of the Mississippi
Pirates of the Mississippi - Don't Quit Your Day Job
Pirates of the Mississippi - Room at the Bottom
Pirates of the Mississippi - Ain't Got No Idea
Pirates of the Mississippi - All That Your Eyes See
Pirates of the Mississippi - My Kinda Woman
Pirates of the Mississippi - Some Things Never Change
Pirates of the Mississippi - Mississippi Homegrown
Pirates of the Mississippi - A Street Man Named Desire
Pirates of the Mississippi - The Hard Side of Love
Pirates of the Mississippi - Just for You
Pirates of the Mississippi - Fighting for You
Pirates of the Mississippi - Til I'm Holding You Again
Pirates of the Mississippi - Too Much
Playground - 1994
Pirates of the Mississippi - Georgia Peaches
Pirates of the Mississippi - This Ain't the Denver I Remember
Pirates of the Mississippi - Nashville Nights/Redneck Blues
Pirates of the Mississippi - The Storm
Pirates of the Mississippi - Uncommon Man
Pirates of the Mississippi - Honky Tonk Highway
Pirates of the Mississippi - Weakness For The Weekend
Pirates of the Mississippi - I Think Locally
Pirates of the Mississippi - Rodeo Queen
Pirates of the Mississippi - When Her Love Was Mine
Pirates of the Mississippi - 911
Pirates of the Mississippi - Let The Joneses Win
Pirates of the Mississippi - Country
Plastik Joy - Hands
Pint Shot Riot - Somebody Save Me
Pint Shot Riot - Not Thinking Straight
Pint Shot Riot - Nothing From You
Pint Shot Riot - Twisted Soul
Pint Shot Riot - Hazy Days
Pint Shot Riot - Money
Pint Shot Riot - Hold On
Pint Shot Riot - Come Back to Me
Pint Shot Riot - Starting to Fly
Pint Shot Riot - Six Years, Three Weeks
Pint Shot Riot - Sing a Song for Me
Pint Shot Riot - Punches, Kicks, Trenches & Swords
Pint Shot Riot - Holes
Pint Shot Riot - Start Digging
Dulce Pontes - Se Voares Mais ao Perto
Dulce Pontes - Povo Que Lavas no Rio
Dulce Pontes - Lágrima
Dulce Pontes - Que Amor Não Me Engana
Dulce Pontes - Laurindinha
Dulce Pontes - As Sete Mulheres do Minho
Dulce Pontes - Novo Fado da Severa
Dulce Pontes - Estranha Forma de Vida
Dulce Pontes - Zanguei-me Com o Meu Amor
Dulce Pontes - Achégate a Mim Maruxa
Dulce Pontes - Os Índios da Meia-Praia
Dulce Pontes - Alma Guerreira (Fogo)
Dulce Pontes - Fado-Mãe
Dulce Pontes - Tirioni
Dulce Pontes - O primeiro Canto
Dulce Pontes - O que for, há-de ser (Ar)
Dulce Pontes - Modinha das Saias
Dulce Pontes - Garça perdida
Dulce Pontes - Velha Chica
Dulce Pontes - Ai Solidom
Dulce Pontes - Suite da Terra
Dulce Pontes - É tão grande o Alentejo
Dulce Pontes - Pátio dos Amores
Dulce Pontes - Porto de mágoas
Dulce Pontes - Ondeia (Água)
Dulce Pontes - O Infante
Dulce Pontes - Mãe Preta
Dulce Pontes - Fado Português
Dulce Pontes - Gaivota
Dulce Pontes - Lela
Dulce Pontes - Meu Alentejo
Dulce Pontes - Senhora do Almortão
Dulce Pontes - Verdes Anos
Dulce Pontes - Filho Azul
Dulce Pontes - Hora de Fechar
Dulce Pontes - A Ilha do meu Fado
Dulce Pontes - Fadinho Serrano
Dulce Pontes - Medo
Dulce Pontes - Uma Mulher Na Cidade
Dulce Pontes - No Ano Que Vem
Dulce Pontes - Por Esse Mar
Dulce Pontes - Amor a Portugal
Dulce Pontes - O Mar E Tu
William Pitt - Funny Girl
Pillow Talk - We All Have Rhythm
Dulce Pontes - A cantiga do bandido
Dulce Pontes - Cavalo de cordel
Dulce Pontes - No teu poema
Dulce Pontes - A sul da América
Dulce Pontes - Oh! Barca branca
Dulce Pontes - Tinta da china (papel vegetal)
Dulce Pontes - Baldes de água fria
Dulce Pontes - Lusitana Paixão
Dulce Pontes - Cuidei Que Tinha Morrido
Dulce Pontes - Brisa do Coração
Dulce Pontes - Fado da Sina
Dulce Pontes - Se voaras mais ao perto
Dulce Pontes - A Brisa Do Coração
Dulce Pontes - Palhaços Encapuçados
Poju - Panokset kovenee
Poju - Haluu sitä miestä
Poju - Anteeksi
Poju - Hyvät herrat ja naiset
Poju - Alivoimamaali
Poju - Poika (saunoo)
Poju - Pitkä matka, pienet askeleet
Poju feat. Sakari Kuosmanen - Kipinä
Pommez Internacional - La Celebracion
PHOX - Calico Man
PHOX - Leisure
PHOX - Slow Motion
PHOX - 1936
PHOX - Laura
PHOX - Kingfisher
PHOX - Shrinking Violets
PHOX - Satyr and the Faun
PHOX - Noble Heart
PHOX - Raspberry Seed
PHOX - In Due Time
PHOX - Blue and White
PHOX - Espeon
PHOX - Laura (Oh, Girl)
PHOX - Barside
Rose Cora Perry - Off of the Pages
Rose Cora Perry - For What It's Worth
Rose Cora Perry - Don't
Rose Cora Perry - Rockstar
Rose Cora Perry - All That's Left Is Gone
Rose Cora Perry - Mad World
Rose Cora Perry - Blind Wishing I Could See
Rose Cora Perry - Come What May
Rose Cora Perry - For Those Who Have Departed
Rose Cora Perry - In Love & Life
Rose Cora Perry - Unspoken Words
Rose Cora Perry - Save You
Rose Cora Perry - [untitled]
Rose Cora Perry - Why
Rose Cora Perry - Ambiguity
Rose Cora Perry - Infliction/Affliction
Rose Cora Perry - Be With You
Rose Cora Perry - Alone
Rose Cora Perry - Love, Hate & Everything in Between
Rose Cora Perry - Escaping You (I'm Lost Here & Now)
Rose Cora Perry - La La Love
Axl Peleman - Dagget Wet
Axl Peleman - Pa
Phoenix Effect - Broken Promises
Phoenix Effect - A Perfectly Good Day
Phoenix Effect - Carry Me
Phoenix Effect - Bye Bye Arizona
Phoenix Effect - Hey You
Phoenix Effect - Lucky Star
Phoenix Effect - King See No Evil
Phoenix Effect - My Heart Is Beating Drum
Phoenix Effect - Flashbacks n' Memories
Phoenix Effect - Magic
The Politik - Mistaken
Pop Shuvit - Set You on Fire
Pop Shuvit - Pump Up the Stereo
Pop Shuvit - Old Skool Rocka
Pop Shuvit - Rockera
Pop Shuvit - Nebula 11
Pop Shuvit - Mimpi Terakhir Dunia
Pop Shuvit - Oh! Sizuka
Pop Shuvit - Seperti Syurgamu
Pop Shuvit - Liar Lara
Pop Shuvit - Aci Aci Buka Pintu (P. Ramlee Tribute)
Pop Shuvit - Marabahaya
Pop Shuvit - Suara Kaki Lima
Pop Shuvit - Journey
Pop Shuvit - Pop Shuvit
Pop Shuvit - Slip Away
Pop Shuvit - Jump
Pop Shuvit - Skaters' Anthem
The Picturebooks - Imaginary Horse
The Picturebooks - Your Kisses Burn Like Fire
The Picturebooks - 1000 Years of Doing Nothing
The Picturebooks - E.L.I.Z.A.B.E.T.H.
The Picturebooks - The Rabbit and the Wolf
The Picturebooks - Learn It the Hard Way
The Picturebooks - These Bridges I Must Burn
The Picturebooks - Fever
The Picturebooks - All of My Life
The Picturebooks - PCM Diamond
Mr. Polska - Bolle man
Mr. Polska - 1 miljoen vrienden
Mr. Polska - Jochie
Mr. Polska feat. Ronnie Flex - Soldaatje
Mr. Polska - Ogen zeggen ijs
Mr. Polska feat. Jebroer - In een kreukel
Mr. Polska - Onzekere glimlach
Mr. Polska - Slonsje
Mr. Polska - Outro
Mr. Polska feat. Jebroer & Digitzz - Uit me plaat
Mr. Polska - Allermooiste feestje
Mr. Polska - Respecteer mijn gezicht
Mr. Polska - Hallo welvaart
Mr. Polska - De libi
Mr. Polska feat. Ronnie Flex - Ravotten
Mr. Polska - Dekentje
Mr. Polska feat. Ronnie Flex - 10K wolken
Mr. Polska - Vibe
Mr. Polska - Wij falen soms (mooie dingen)
Mr. Polska - Discodochter
Mr. Polska - Ultra traan
Mr. Polska - Survivaltocht
Mr. Polska - No Way Home
Mr. Polska - Nelson Mandela met je
Mr. Polska - Leg een traantje
Mr. Polska - Technologee
Mr. Polska - Beetje denken
Mr. Polska - Op de bankerte
Mr. Polska - Opa De Jager (Blaas de Bosfluit)
Mr. Polska - Boswachter
Mr. Polska - Gustav
Joelho de Porco - Vai Fundo
Joelho de Porco - Home do Imposto de Renda
Joelho de Porco - Mardito Fiapo de Manga
Joelho de Porco - Vigilante Rodoviario
Joelho de Porco - Hora de Dormir
Pikku Kukka - Jos ei sua täällä olisi
Pikku Kukka - Kuljen jäätä pitkin
Pikku Kukka - Kevätyö, majnatt
Conchita Piquer - Romance de la Reina Mercedes
Caroline Pennell - We’re Going To Be Friends (The Voice Performance)
Caroline Pennell - Tell Myself
Caroline Pennell - Nobody's Home
Caroline Pennell - Dog Days Are Over (The Voice Performance)
Caroline Pennell - Reaching Out
Caroline Pennell - Anything Could Happen
Caroline Pennell - Mess
Caroline Pennell - Leaving On a Jet Plane (The Voice Performance)
Caroline Pennell - The Race
Caroline Pennell - As Long as You Love Me
Caroline Pennell - The Way I Am (The Voice Performance)
The Poppy Family - There's No Blood in Bone
The Poppy Family - You Took My Moonlight Away
The Poppy Family - That's Where I Went Wrong
The Poppy Family - Where Evil Grows
The Poppy Family - I Was Wondering
The Poppy Family - I'll See You There
The Poppy Family - I Thought of You Again
The Poppy Family - Which Way You Goin' Billy?
The Poppy Family - No Good to Cry
Pink & Brown - I Looked Into the Chi-chi
Polock - High on Life
Polock - Fireworks
Polock - Nice to Meet You
Polock - Not So Well
Polock - Sometimes
Polock - Faster Love
Polock - Tender Lies
Polock - Nightshot
Polock - Everlasting
Polock - Tangles
Polock - Memories of Lu
Polock - Internet Porn
Polock - Rising Up
Polock - Take Your Panties
Polock - Freak City
Polock - Hockney
Platypus - Standing In Line
Platypus - Nothing to Say
Platypus - Platt Opus
Platypus - I'm With You
Platypus - Willie Brown
Platypus - Bye Bye
Platypus - Oh God
Platypus - Better Left Unsaid
Platypus - The Tower
Platypus - Gone
Piano Squall - Bratja
Pinn - Niños Nada Mas
Popsie - Single
Popsie - The Way We Live
Popsie - Joyful Life
Popsie - Rough Enough
Popsie - 24seven
Popsie - Coffee Kisses
Popsie - Love Technology
Popsie - I'm Not Your Property
Popsie - Sea of Tears
Popsie - Latin Lover
Popsie - Dump the Zero (Get a Hero)
Popsie - Year 2000
Poor Rich Ones - This Great Standing Still
Poor Rich Ones - Special Angel
Poor Rich Ones - Drown
Federico Poggipollini - Solo per un giorno
Federico Poggipollini - Cancellando ogni distanza
Federico Poggipollini - Il personaggio
Federico Poggipollini - Qualcosa di me
Federico Poggipollini - Tutto si muove
Federico Poggipollini - Con loro sono nato
Federico Poggipollini - Nella fretta dimentico
Federico Poggipollini - Il momento
Federico Poggipollini - Tra di noi
Federico Poggipollini - Bologna e piove
Federico Poggipollini - Attraverso
Federico Poggipollini - Insomma vorrei
Federico Poggipollini - Voglio il paradiso
Federico Poggipollini - Due
Federico Poggipollini - Una ferita da guarire
Federico Poggipollini - Piccola
Federico Poggipollini - Maela
Federico Poggipollini - Uscire fuori
Federico Poggipollini - L'angolo dei sogni
Federico Poggipollini - Verso oriente
Federico Poggipollini - Come il vento
Federico Poggipollini - Finisce sempre così
Pocket Biscuits - Yellow Yellow Happy
Pocket Biscuits - Rapturous Blue
Pocket Biscuits - Red Angel
Picolo - Me faltastes
Picolo - Así me expreso
Po' Girl - Skies of Grey
Po' Girl - Go on and Pass Me By
Po' Girl - Angels of Grace
Po' Girl - Drive All Night
Po' Girl - To the Angry Evangelist
Po' Girl - Home to You
Po' Girl - Green Apples
Po' Girl - 9 Hrs to Go
Po' Girl - Old Mountain Line
Po' Girl - So Lazy
Po' Girl - Ain't Life Sweet
Po' Girl - Tell Me a Story
Po' Girl - Mercy
Po' Girl - Take the Long Way
Po' Girl - Prairie Girl Gone
Po' Girl - South of Nowhere
Po' Girl - Part Time Poppa
Po' Girl - Driving
Po' Girl - Corner Talk
Po' Girl - I've Got Time
Po' Girl - Walk on and Sing
Po' Girl - Kathy
Po' Girl - Montana
Po' Girl - When We Are Love
Po' Girl - Pink Shoes
Po' Girl - Follow Your Bliss
Po' Girl - Western Skies
Po' Girl - Maudite Guerre
Po' Girl - Go Easy
Po' Girl - In the Days
Po' Girl - To the Morning
Po' Girl - Kiss Me in the Dark
Po' Girl - Fernanda
Po' Girl - As Long as We Go
Po' Girl - Benediction
Pornorama - Kicking in Side Effects
Pornorama - Lofi
Pornorama - Better Off Dead
Pornorama - Eddy & Irene
Pornorama - Moisture
Nicola Piovani - 'O re
Po' Girl - Deer in the Night
Po' Girl - Dig Me a Hole
Po' Girl - Bloom
Po' Girl - Gandy Dancer
Po' Girl - Grace
Po' Girl - Shorty Town
Po' Girl - Isobel
Po' Girl - Things We Believe In
Po' Girl - Gasoline
Po' Girl - Sing Away
Po' Girl - No Shame
Po' Girl - Fool
Po' Girl - How the Poet Goes
Luke Pilgrim - Back Road Lullaby
Toncho Pilatos - Tommy Lyz
Polaris at Noon - Time
Johnny Polygon - Purple Mess
Johnny Polygon - Normal
Johnny Polygon - Landscapes
Johnny Polygon - Brainpowder
Johnny Polygon - Lovesick (Super Nintendo)
Johnny Polygon - Kosher
Johnny Polygon - Magenta
Johnny Polygon - How It Feels (Change Your Mind)
Johnny Polygon - Super No Lye
Johnny Polygon - Sir John Pol's Exit
Johnny Polygon - The Other F Word
Tom Waits - You Can Never Hold Back Spring
Iggy Pop and James Williamson - Johanna
Iggy Pop and James Williamson - Consolation Prizes
Nicola Piovani - La canzone di Pinocchio (Pinocchio's Song - Vocals by Roberto Benigni)
Nicola Piovani - Alla fine della storia
Ebru Polat - İnanamıyorum
Ebru Polat - Seni Aldattım
Ebru Polat - Aşk Bitti
Ebru Polat - Yılan
Ebru Polat - Para
Ebru Polat - Delikanlı Kız
Ebru Polat - Kalp Ayazı ( Club Mix )
Pigloo - Le Ragga des pingouins
Pigloo - Ça plane pour moi (Le Twist)
Pigloo - Tous les pingouins avec moi (Oh oh !)
Pigloo - La Baleine grise
Pigloo - Les Manchots et les Pingouins
Pigloo - Le Grand Rassemblement
Pigloo - La banquise s'en va
Pigloo - Moi, j'aime skier
Pigloo - Papa Pinguin
Pigloo - Der Pinguin-Rap (La Danse des canards)
Pigloo - Bizoo d'eskimo
Pigloo - Gla gla gla (il fait froid sur la banquise)
Pigloo - La Danse des canards (version originale)
Nicola Piovani - Beautiful That Way
Joel Plaskett - Every Time You Leave
Joel Plaskett - You Let Me Down
Joel Plaskett - Pine, Pine, Pine
Joel Plaskett - Wait, Wait, Wait
Joel Plaskett - Drifters Raus
Joel Plaskett - Run, Run, Run
Joel Plaskett - Safe in Your Arms
Joel Plaskett - Shine On, Shine On, Shine On
Joel Plaskett - Sailors Eyes
Joel Plaskett - Heartless, Heartless, Heartless
Joel Plaskett - In the Blue Moonlight
Joel Plaskett - Down, Down, Down
Joel Plaskett - Beyond, Beyond, Beyond
Joel Plaskett - Demons
Joel Plaskett - New Scotland Blues
Joel Plaskett - Rewind, Rewind, Rewind
Joel Plaskett - Precious, Precious, Precious
Joel Plaskett - Deny, Deny, Deny
Joel Plaskett - Our Place in the Sun
Joel Plaskett - Lazy Bones
Joel Plaskett - All the Way Down the Line
Joel Plaskett - Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'
Joel Plaskett - On & On & On
Joel Plaskett - Happen Now
Joel Plaskett - Lying on a Beach
Joel Plaskett - Truth Be Told
Joel Plaskett - Wishing Well
Joel Plaskett - Non-Believer
Joel Plaskett - Nina and Albert
Joel Plaskett - Paralyzed
Joel Plaskett - Natural Disaster
Joel Plaskett - Love This Town
Joel Plaskett - When I Have My Vision
Joel Plaskett - Forever in Debt
Joel Plaskett - Weigh It Down
Joel Plaskett - She Made a Wreck Outta Me
Joel Plaskett - In Need of Medical Attention
Joel Plaskett - Goodbye, Doctor
Sylvia Plath - Lady Lazarus
Sylvia Plath - On The Decline Of Oracles
Sylvia Plath - Ariel
Sylvia Plath - On The Plethora Of Dryads
Sylvia Plath - On The Difficulty Of Conjuring Up A Dryad
Sylvia Plath - November Graveyard
Sylvia Plath - Daddy
Poets & Pornstars - Rock and Roll
Poets & Pornstars - Get Your Kicks
Poets & Pornstars - Strange
Poets & Pornstars - In the Dark
Poets & Pornstars - War on Gravity
Poets & Pornstars - Monkey
Poets & Pornstars - Partners in Crime
Poets & Pornstars - Spy Vs. Spy
Poets & Pornstars - Earthman
Joel Plaskett - On The Rail
Joel Plaskett - Extraordinary
Joel Plaskett - Come on Teacher
Joel Plaskett - A Million Dollars
Joel Plaskett - Black Sheep Boy
Joel Plaskett - On a Dime
Pixx - Deplore
Pixx - Flee
Pixx - Fall In
Pixx - A Way to Say Goodbye
Pixx - Baboo
Mr Pookie - Introduction
Mr Pookie - Crook Playa
Mr Pookie - Southern Made Playa