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Pink Floyd - In the Flesh (programme 1) (band demo)
Pink Floyd - The Show Must Go On (programme 1) (Roger Waters' demo)
Pink Floyd - Pompeii
Pink Floyd - The Happiest Days of Our Lives (programme 3) (band demo)
Pink Floyd - One of My Turns (programme 3) (band demo)
Pink Floyd - Hey You (programme 1) (band demo)
Pink Floyd - The Trial (programme 1) (band demo)
Pink Floyd - Don't Leave Me Now (programme 3) (band demo)
Pink Floyd - Waiting for the Worms (programme 1) (Roger Waters' demo)
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (programme 1) (Roger Waters' demo)
Pink Floyd - The Thin Ice (reprise) (programme 1) (band demo)
Pink Floyd - Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast: Rise and Shine - Sunny Side Up - Morning Glory
Pink Floyd - In the Flesh?, Part 2
Pink Floyd - Young Lust (programme 1, band demo)
Pink Floyd - Matilda's Mother
Pink Floyd - Goodbye Cruel World (programme 3, band demo)
Pink Floyd - In the Flesh?, Part 1
Pink Floyd - Teacher, Teacher (programme 1, band demo)
Pink Floyd - The Happiest Days of Our Lives (programme 2, band demo)
Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky (programme 1, band demo)
Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd: The Wall, Part 1-3 (Includes: Empty Spaces / Young Lust / One of My Turns / Another Bric
Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon, Part 3 (Includes: Money / Brain Damage / Eclipse)
Pink Floyd - Pigs on a Wing
Pink Floyd - Up Close: Pink Floyd, Part 1-1 (Includes: Hey You / Coming Back to Life / Learning to Fly)
Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon, Part 2 (Includes: Us and Them)
Pink Floyd - Up Close: Pink Floyd, Part 2-3 (Includes: Us and Them / Any Colour You Like / Brain Damage)
Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd: Off the Record, Part 3 (Includes: Us and Them / Any Colour You Like)
Pink Floyd - Money (Roger Waters demo)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 25th Anniversary Special: Intro
Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar / Wish You Were Here / Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts VI–IX
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
Pink Floyd - Set the Controls for the Heart...
Pink Floyd - Young Lust / One of My Turns
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine (1968-04-19: Piper Club, Rome, IT)
Pink Floyd - You’ve Gotta Be Crazy
Pink Floyd - Fearless (Interpolating “You’ll Never Walk Alone”)
Pink Floyd - Arnold Layane
Pink Floyd - Vera / Bring the Boys Back Home
Pink Floyd - Pigs on the Wing 2
Pink Floyd - Raving and Drooling, Part 4 (Includes: Learning to Fly / Sorrow / A Great Day for Freedom / Another
Pink Floyd - Pigs On The Wing (Part II)
Pink Floyd - Echoes (cut)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 25th Anniversary Special: End Credits
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine (1968-04-19)
Pink Floyd - Radio Announcment
Pink Floyd - Time (A Great Gig in the Sky)
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall 2
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall 1
Pink Floyd - Brain Damage (1974 British tour concert screen film)
Pink Floyd - Money (1974 British tour concert screen film)
Pink Floyd - Pigs – Three Different Ones
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall II
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 6–9
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall(Part Two)
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall, Part Three
Pink Floyd - Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast
Pink Floyd - Jugband Blues (BBC radio)
Pink Floyd - Murderotic Woman
Pink Floyd - Hey, You
Pink Floyd - Don’t Leave Me Now (programme 1) (Roger Waters' demo)
Pink Floyd - Breast Milky
Pink Floyd - Mother Fore
Pink Floyd - Don’t Leave Me Now (The Wall Work in Progress, Pt. 2, 1979) [Programme 3] [Band demo]
Pink Floyd - Mind Your Throats Please
Pink Floyd - The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Pink Floyd the Wall - Earls Court, 1980)
Pink Floyd - Goodbye Cruel World (band demo)
Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky (band demo)
Pink Floyd - Speak to Me / Breath
Pink Floyd - In the Flesh (demo #2)
Pink Floyd - Young Lust (demo)
Pink Floyd - Sexual Revolution (demo)
Pink Floyd - The Trial (demo)
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3 (demo #2)
Pierre-Yves Plat - Y'a d'la joie
Mikko Perkoila - Hyvää loppuelämää
Guadalupe Pineda - Regálame esta noche
Guadalupe Pineda - Si me comprendieras
Guadalupe Pineda - Mi camino hacia ti
Guadalupe Pineda - Bésame mucho
Guadalupe Pineda - Para comenzar
Guadalupe Pineda - Jacinto Cenobio
Guadalupe Pineda - Algo grande
Passi feat. Akhenaton - Le Sang de la Vendetta
Guadalupe Pineda - Solamente una vez
Guadalupe Pineda - Niña color tabaco
Guadalupe Pineda - Contigo en la distancia
Guadalupe Pineda - Madrigal
Guadalupe Pineda - Momento de amor
Guadalupe Pineda - Un poco mas
Guadalupe Pineda - Ansiedad
Guadalupe Pineda - Nosotros
Guadalupe Pineda - Tu voz
Guadalupe Pineda - Seguire mi viaje
Guadalupe Pineda - Amar y vivir
Guadalupe Pineda - Duerme
Guadalupe Pineda - Coincidir
Guadalupe Pineda - Mi México de ayer
Guadalupe Pineda - Yolanda
Guadalupe Pineda - La Borrachita
Guadalupe Pineda - Sabor a mí
Guadalupe Pineda - Te he de querer
Guadalupe Pineda - El breve espacio
Guadalupe Pineda - Cómo fue?
Guadalupe Pineda - Donde manda su amor
Guadalupe Pineda - Amanecí en Tus Brazos
Guadalupe Pineda - Cuando sale la luna
Guadalupe Pineda - Somos Novios
Pituquitos - El demonio y el alcohol
Pituquitos - Sé que me voy a quemar
Pestpocken - In Flammen
Parteum - O círculo
Parteum - Raciocínio quebrado
Parteum - Tudo que ainda pode ser
Parteum - Rumo
Parteum - A fórmula
Parteum - A Força da Sugestão
Parteum - A Bagunça das Gavetas
Parteum - 1995/1998/2001
Raúl Paz - Tengo
Raúl Paz - Havanization
Raúl Paz - Gente
Raúl Paz - Carnaval
Raúl Paz - Cariño
Raúl Paz - Revolución
Raúl Paz - Soledad
Raúl Paz - Mama
Raúl Paz - Buena suerte
Raúl Paz - Enamorado
Raúl Paz - Freaky
Raúl Paz - Nada
Raúl Paz - Sábado
Raúl Paz - Mujeres
Raúl Paz - Sexy
Raúl Paz - Nadie sabe
Raúl Paz - Chiquita
Raúl Paz - Te extraño
Raúl Paz - No me digas que no
Raúl Paz - Ella
Raúl Paz - Te enamores
Raúl Paz - En casa
Raúl Paz - 25 años
Raúl Paz - Le temps passe
Raúl Paz - No me incomodes
Raúl Paz - La ventana
Raúl Paz - Azul
Raúl Paz - Cubano
Raúl Paz - Solos
Raúl Paz - Canciones
Raúl Paz - Distancia
Raúl Paz - Loco loco
Raúl Paz - El balcón
Raúl Paz - Policía
Raúl Paz - Mango
Raúl Paz - La madrugada
Raúl Paz - El beso
Raúl Paz - Mulata
Raúl Paz - Mua mua mua
Raúl Paz - Llegaré
Raúl Paz - Mari y Juana
Raúl Paz - Película
Raúl Paz - Mi barrio
Raúl Paz - Chica mala
Raúl Paz - Apriétala
Raúl Paz - Amor con amor
Raúl Paz - La ventena
Pezz - M & M
Pezz - Fairytale
Pezz - Nita
Pezz - Mother's Native Instrument
Pezz - Bird in the Basement
Pezz - Recap
Pezz - When I Was a Little Girl
Pezz - Warmth of Windows
Pezz - Square Root of Me
Pezz - Absorbed
Pezz - New Orleans Is Stinking
Piet Piraat - Leve het piratenleven
Piet Piraat - Piet Piraat
Piet Piraat - Storm op zee
Piet Piraat - Het kraaiennest
Picture Frame Seduction - I'm Good Enough (For Me)
Peace Choir - Give Peace a Chance
The Plastic People of the Universe - Dvacet (20)
The Plastic People of the Universe - Spofa blues
PlanB - Plan B
The Plastic People of the Universe - 100 bodů
Squire Parsons - The Greatest of All Miracles
Paula Perry - Extra, Extra!!
Pinchers - No Ice Cream Loving
Philippine Violators - Sikat Na Si Pedro
Philippine Violators - Waiting
Philippine Violators - Sandali
Philippine Violators - Para sa 'yo
Philippine Violators - Lahat sa Tropa
Philippine Violators - Limbo
Philippine Violators - Ipako sa krus
Philippine Violators - Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!
Philippine Violators - Hindi Kana Bago
Philippine Violators - Dawncelia
Peder feat. Ane Trolle - White Lillies
Peder - Ghost of a Smile
Peder - Let's Pretend feat. Emma Sehested
Petti - Amaiur gaztelu baltza
Parichay - Kasam Se (I Swear)
Paradis - Instantané
Paradis - Recto verso
Paradis - Quand tu souris
Paradis - Toi et moi
Paradis - Mieux que tout
Paradis - Miroir (Un)
Paradis - Miroir (Deux)
Paradis - De semaine en semaine
Paradis - Contours
Paradis - Chacun pour soi
Paradis - Parfait Tirage
Paradis - La Ballade de Jim
Paradis - Hémisphère
Paradis - Je m'ennuie
Paradis - Le bal des oubliés
Paradis - Paradis
Paradis - Garde-le pour toi (Thee Loving Hand Mix Parts I + II)
Pitbull feat. Danny Mercer & Jamie Drastik - Outta Nowhere
Platinum Weird - Lonely Eyes
Platinum Weird - Happiness
Platinum Weird - Make Believe
Platinum Weird - Picture Perfect
Platinum Weird - If You Believe in It
Platinum Weird - Love Can Kill the Blues
Platinum Weird - I Pray
Platinum Weird - Piccadilly Lane
Platinum Weird - Goodbye My Love
Platinum Weird - Taking Chances
Platinum Weird - Will You Be Around (Original '74 Recording)
Plankton Dada Wave - Le gril
La Plage - Coup de boule
Plastique - Heaven Falls
Plastique - Blood on the Dance Floor
Plastique - One 2 III
Plastique - Butterflies
Plastique - Fistfights
Plastique - Envelop
Plastique - A Paper Cut From a Paper Kiss
Plastique - Stand Still
Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything
Omar Pedrini - Amore fragile
Omar Pedrini - La follia
Omar Pedrini - Ora che ci sei
Omar Pedrini - Ragazzo non aver paura
Peel - Natalie Somewhere
Peel - Everlife
Peel - Comes Down...OK
Peel - Breathe
Peel - The Morning After
Peel - Zena's Song
Peel - Loaded
Peel - Crack
Peel - (This Is) My Jesus
Peel - Neverending
Peel - Deep
The Pharcyde - Oh Shit
The Pharcyde - I’m That Type of Nigga
The Pharcyde - If I Were President (skit)
The Pharcyde - Soul Flower
The Pharcyde - Officer
The Pharcyde - Passing Me By
The Pharcyde - Otha Fish
The Pharcyde - Pack the Pipe
The Pharcyde - Return of the B-Boy
The Pharcyde - Pharcyde
The Pharcyde - Groupie Therapy
The Pharcyde - She Said
The Pharcyde - All Live
The Pharcyde - Hey You
The Pharcyde - Y?
The Pharcyde - Moment In Time
The Pharcyde - The Hustle
The Pharcyde - Devil Music
The Pharcyde - Knew U
Pisschrist - Punk Is Love
The Pharcyde - Network
The Pharcyde - Somethin'
The Pharcyde - Misery
The Pharcyde - Blaze
The Pharcyde - Rush
The Pharcyde - Guestlist
The Pharcyde - Evolution
The Pharcyde - Frontline
The Pharcyde - World
The Pharcyde - Just Don't Matter
The Pharcyde - Pandemonium
The Pharcyde - Soul Flower (Dogs B*ll*cks)
The Pharcyde - Emerald Butterfly
The Pharcyde - On the D.L.
The Pharcyde - Drop (extended vocal)
The Pharcyde - Agenda
The Pharcyde - Runnin' (Philippians remix instrumental)
The Pharcyde - It's All Good
Hana Pertiwi - Kasih Pada Papa Dan Mama
Hana Pertiwi - Untukmu Ayah
One Bad Son - Satellite Hotel
One Bad Son - Love / Sick / Love
One Bad Son - Psycho Killer
One Bad Son - The Outlaw Josey Wales
One Bad Son - She's on Fire
One Bad Son - It Ain't Right
One Bad Son - Scarecrows
One Bad Son - Retribution Blues
An Pierlé & White Velvet - Jupiter
An Pierlé & White Velvet - How Does It Feel
An Pierlé & White Velvet - Good Year
An Pierlé & White Velvet - I Love You
An Pierlé & White Velvet - Not the End
An Pierlé & White Velvet - Tenderness
An Pierlé & White Velvet - It's Got to Be Me
An Pierlé & White Velvet - Snakesong
An Pierlé & White Velvet - Mexico
An Pierlé & White Velvet - Cold Winter
An Pierlé & White Velvet - Closing Time
An Pierlé & White Velvet - (Il est 5 heures) Paris s'eveille
An Pierlé & White Velvet - The Days of Pearly Spencer
The Pinholes - Sunshine
The Pinholes - Preferably
Pink Mink - Seekin' Scott Seekins
Jerry Paper - Comma for Cow
Jerry Paper - Wastoids
Jerry Paper - Chameleon World
Jerry Paper - Synthesized Mind
Jerry Paper - "Ow!"
Jerry Paper - Real. Now. Love.
Jerry Paper - Too
Jerry Paper - Everything is Shitty
Jerry Paper - Is This It
Phobia - Vengeance Will Be Mine
Phobia - I Reject
Phobia - Cruel
Phobia - Death to False Punks
Phobia - So Full of Hate
Phobia - Scientific Fraud
Phobia - Slaying Bastards
Phobia - Get the Fuck Out!
Phobia - Drunken Spree of Violence
Phobia - Your Turn Next
Phobia - Yankee Swine
Phobia - Fascist Smash Face
Phobia - Wars With Us
Phobia - Never
Phobia - Kill to Love
Phobia - War of the Sexes
Phobia - Enemy of the State
Phobia - Numb
Pity Sex - Wind-Up
Pity Sex - Keep
Pity Sex - Drown Me Out
Pity Sex - Smoke Screen
Pity Sex - Hollow Body
Pity Sex - Sedated
Pity Sex - Honey Pot
Pity Sex - Drawstring
Pity Sex - St. John's Wort
Pity Sex - Fold
Pity Sex - A Satisfactory World for Reasonable People
Pity Sex - Burden You
Pity Sex - Bonhomie
Pity Sex - What Might Soothe You?
Pity Sex - Plum
Pity Sex - Orange and Red
Pity Sex - White Hot Moon
Pity Sex - Pin a Star
Pity Sex - Wappen Beggars
Pity Sex - Pillow Talk
Pity Sex - Glue
Pity Sex - Coca Cola
Pity Sex - Flower Girl
Pity Sex - Hole Away
Pity Sex - When You’re Around
Pentágono - É O Moio
Pentágono - Se Mova
Pentágono - Pelo Que Eu Sei
Pentágono - Presságio
Pentágono - Já Não Sei
Pentágono - Lembranças
Pentágono - Assim Seja
Pentágono - Time Do Loko Tá Na Casa
Pentágono - Do Senhor
Pentágono - Swing
Pentágono - Vou Me Jogar
Pentágono - Despedida
Phobia - Selfish Minds
Phobia - Blind Arrogance
Phobia - Vicious Social Order
Phobia - Fuck What You Think
Phobia - Filth and Vehemence
Phobia - Sick Life
Phobia - Contest to Amend
Phobia - Exterminate to Emancipate
Phobia - Ailing Addiction
Phobia - Visual Patriot
Phobia - Restraint and Riot
Phobia - Kill Off
Phobia - Humanities Struggle
Phobia - Evil Minds
Phobia - Loud Proud and Punk as Fuck
Phobia - Reconstruct
Phobia - Your Way
Phobia - Fraud Face
Phobia - Spine
Phobia - Oblivious
Petrified Alien Brain - Cortez the Killer
Planningtorock - Let’s Talk About Gender Baby
Planningtorock - Misogyny Drop Dead
Planningtorock - Going Wrong
Planningtorock - The Breaks
Planningtorock - Living It Out
Planningtorock - #9
Planningtorock - Bolton Wanderer
Planningtorock - Destination Departure
Platon Karataev - Orange Nights
Platon Karataev - Elevator
Platon Karataev - Rust
Tha Playah - Why So Serious?
Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Requiem of the Fallen
Tha Playah - My Misery
The Pettit Project - You're Champagne and I'm Shiznit
The Pettit Project - Katie
The Pettit Project - Oh, I'll Get Her Alright
The Pettit Project - Guess I Gotta Guess
The Pettit Project - Scott and Connor Are Both Dorks
The Pettit Project - Simple Song, Simple Plan
The Pettit Project - Stupid Christmas Song
The Pettit Project - Fully Aware, Fully Prepared
The Pettit Project - I'm Down With That
The Pettit Project - Jump, Baby
The Pettit Project - Cutie Stalker McCutie-Stalk
The Pettit Project - How do You Giftwrap a Young Boy's First Broken Heart?
The Pettit Project - 99 Lives
The Pettit Project - Disclaimer
The Pettit Project - 3 Cheers 4 Me
The Pettit Project - Mistletopriation of Funds
Phat Chance - Sunshine Daylight
Phat Chance - Just a Little
Phat Chance - Without You
Phat Chance - All Comes Down
Phat Chance - Give You Everything
Phat Chance - Love Somebody
The Platters - Only You (and You Alone)
The Platters - The Great Pretender
The Platters - Winner Take All
The Platters - Heaven on Earth
The Platters - I Give You My Word
The Platters - On My Word of Honour
The Platters - I’m Sorry
The Platters - He's Mine
The Platters - I Wanna
The Platters - The Mystery of You
The Platters - Helpless
The Platters - Goodnight, Sweetheart, It's Time to Go
The Platters - Twilight Time
The Platters - You're Making a Mistake
The Platters - It's Raining Outside (Chove La Fora)
The Platters - For the First Time (Come Prima)
The Platters - No Matter What You Are
The Platters - Sixteen Tons
The Platters - Enchanted
The Platters - Wish It Were Me
The Platters - My Secret
The Platters - Sleepy Lagoon
The Platters - Ebb Tide
The Platters - To Each His Own
The Platters - It's Magic
The Platters - (You've Got) The Magic Touch
The Platters - You'll Never Never Know
The Platters - On My Word of Honor
The Platters - With This Ring
The Platters - Moonlight on the Colorado
The Platters - Only You
The Platters - Pledging My Love
The Platters - I Love You 1.000 Times
The Platters - Washed Ashore
Los Picantes - Falso Amor
Los Picantes - La Horita De Colacion
Los Picantes - Papito Corazón
Los Picantes - Gueona Una Vez
Los Picantes - El Golazo
Los Picantes - La Tula Chica
Los Picantes - La Trepadora
Los Picantes - Che Tu Madre
Los Picantes - La Tortillera
Los Picantes - Mostazeros
Los Picantes - El Catrasca
Los Picantes - El Champañazo
Los Picantes - Cueca Picante
Los Picantes - El Zapateo Del Copuchento
Los Picantes - La Reina Del Cahuin
Los Picantes - Tu Eres
Los Picantes - Que Te Pasa Con El Cabro Chico
Los Picantes - Tula Misma De Siempre
Los Picantes - Mentirosa Reculia
Los Picantes - La Vieja Come Hombre
Los Picantes - Borrón Y Cuenta Nueva (C/ Xuxada)
Los Picantes - Se Le Cayó El Jabón
Los Picantes - Esclavo Moderno
Los Picantes - El Bolsero
Los Picantes - Borrón Y Cuenta Nueva (S/ Xuxada)
Los Picantes - Los Hermanitos de Nacimiento
Los Picantes - Guaracha del Curao
Los Picantes - Cueca del Peo
Los Picantes - Viva Chile soy Picante
Los Picantes - Cueca del Micrero
Los Picantes - Cueca del Minero
Papas Fritas - Hey Hey You Say
Papas Fritas - Small Rooms
Papas Fritas - Rolling in the Sand
Papas Fritas - Live by the Water
Papas Fritas - Words to Sing
Papas Fritas - Sing About Me
Papas Fritas - Just to See You
Papas Fritas - Captain of the City
Papas Fritas - Weight
Papas Fritas - Guys Don't Lie
Papas Fritas - Holiday
Papas Fritas - Wild Life
Papas Fritas - Passion Play
Papas Fritas - TV Movies
Papas Fritas - My Revolution
Papas Fritas - Kids Don't Mind
Papas Fritas - Smash This World
Papas Fritas - Lame to Be
Papas Fritas - Possibilities
Papas Fritas - My Own Girlfriend
Papas Fritas - Explain
Papas Fritas - Afterall
Papas Fritas - Way You Walk
Papas Fritas - Let’s Go Down to the Town Oasis
Papas Fritas - Do the Move
Papas Fritas - Book of Love
Papas Fritas - Questions
Papas Fritas - Love Just Don't Quit
Papas Fritas - Girl
Papas Fritas - People Say
Papas Fritas - What Am I Supposed to Do?
Papas Fritas - Far From an Answer
Papas Fritas - I Believe in Fate
Papas Fritas - It's Over Now
Papas Fritas - Beside You
Papas Fritas - Another Day
Papas Fritas - Lost in a Dream
Papas Fritas - We've Got All Night
The Platters - Blue Christmas
The Platters - Come Home for Christmas
The Platters - Winter Wonderland
The Platters - For Ault Lang Syne
The Platters - Roses of Picardy
The Platters - Tell the World
The Platters - Only You (alt. take)
The Platters - The Wonder of You
The Platters - Delilah
The Platters - Unchained Melody
The Platters - Don't Blame Me
The Platters - Love Must Go On
The Platters - Mack the Knife
The Platters - Love Me Tender
The Platters - Tumbling Tumbleweeds
The Platters - She's Mine
The Platters - If I Didn't Care
The Platters - The World Is Not My Home
The Platters - Put Your Hand in the Hand
Pimsleur - Unit 19
Pimsleur - Unit 18
Pimsleur - Unit 30
Pimsleur - Unit 15
Pimsleur - Lesson 09
Pimsleur - Unit 14
Pimsleur - Lesson 23
Pimsleur - Unit 17
Pimsleur - Unit 16
Pimsleur - Unit 10
Pimsleur - Unit 11
Pimsleur - Unit 12
Pimsleur - Unit 20
Pimsleur - Unit 13
Pimsleur - Lesson 02
Pimsleur - 11
Pimsleur - Unit 02
Pimsleur - Lesson 01
Pimsleur - Unit 03
Pimsleur - Lesson 10
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 14
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 16
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 20
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 10
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 13
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 15
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 17
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 19
Pimsleur - Unit 06
Pimsleur - Unit 04
Pimsleur - Unit 08
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 04
Pimsleur - Unit 07
Pimsleur - Unit 05
Pimsleur - Unit 09
Pimsleur - Reading Lesson 05
Pixinguinha - Os Oito Batutas
Martinho da Vila - Patrão, prenda seu gado
Brendan Perry - Medusa
Brendan Perry - Babylon
Brendan Perry - Wintersun
Brendan Perry - Utopia
Brendan Perry - This Boy
Brendan Perry - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Brendan Perry - Crescent
The Platters - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Pixinguinha - Já te digo
Pixinguinha - Ingénuo
Pixinguinha - Um a Zero
Pixinguinha - Vou Vivendo
Pixinguinha - Yaô
Piebald - King of the Road
Piebald - Just a Simple Plan
Piebald - American Hearts
Piebald - Long Nights
Piebald - Fear and Loathing on Cape Cod
Piebald - Karate Chops for Everyone but Us
Piebald - Rich People Can Breed
Piebald - It's Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better
Piebald - The Stalker
Piebald - Sex Sells and (Unfortunately) I'm Buying
Piebald - The Benefits of Ice Cream
Piebald - Human Taste Test
Piebald - The Jealous Guy Blues
Piebald - All Senses Interlude
Piebald - Haven't Tried It
Piebald - Giving Cup
Piebald - Part of Your Body Is Made Out of Rock
Piebald - The Song That Launched a Thousand Ships
Piebald - Put Your Slippers On Instead
Piebald - Get Old or Die Trying
Piebald - All Senses Lost
Piebald - The Six Eighter
Piebald - Opener
Piebald - A Friend of Mine
Piebald - There's Always Something Better to Do
Piebald - Strangers
Piebald - Oh, the Congestion
Piebald - Shark Attack
Piebald - On and On
Piebald - Getting Mugged and Loving It
Piebald - Life on the Farm
Piebald - Nature Wins
Piebald - Roll On
Piebald - Fear and Loathing in Cape Cod
Piebald - Look, I Just Don't Like You
Piebald - You Wouldn't Be a Piece Without Your Moustache
Piebald - Rock Revolution
Piebald - The King
Piebald - All You Need Is Drums to Start a Dance Party
Gene Pittney - (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
Gene Pittney - Town Without Pity
Gene Pittney - Half Heaven, Half Heartache
Gene Pittney - Mecca
Gene Pittney - True Love Never Runs Smooth
Gene Pittney - That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
Gene Pittney - Yesterday's Hero
Gene Pittney - It Hurts To Be In Love
Gene Pittney - I'm Gonna Be Strong
Gene Pittney - Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
Gene Pittney - Princess In Rags
Gene Pittney - Backstage
Gene Pittney - Maria Elena
Jaimee Paul - Skyfall
The Platters - Alone In The Night
The Platters - Harbour Lights
The Platters - It isn’t Right
Jaimee Paul - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Jaimee Paul - Sunday Kind of Love
Photek - Can’t Come Down
Piebald - Protagonist
Piebald - Watch Her Flow
Piebald - Time Lost
Piebald - Pretty Face
Piebald - Deflated
Piebald - Hillary Dresser
Piebald - Vacuum
Piebald - You Won't Be Seeing Me Again
Piebald - Aftershave
Piebald - Our Very Own Employment Office
Piebald - Small Town Outside of Boston
Piebald - Sandpaper Steering Wheel
Piebald - The Sea and a Lifesaver
Piebald - New Coke
Piebald - Part II: The Noreaster
Piebald - Holden Caufield
Piebald - Dirty Harry and the Thunderbolts
Piebald - Still We Let It Choke Us
Piebald - We Cannot Read Poetry
Piebald - We Believe in Karma
Piebald - Mess With the Bulls
Piebald - Rules for Mules
Piebald - Giddy Like a Schoolgirl
Piebald - If Marcus Garvey Dies, Then Marcus Garvey Lives
Piebald - Mount Pleasant
Piebald - Location Is Everything
Piebald - Fat and Skinny Asses
Piebald - In Like a Lamb and Out Like a Lion
Piebald - Holden Caulfield
Piebald - If Marcus Garvey Dies, Marcus Garvey Lives
Piebald - They Don't Understand Us at the Academy
Piebald - David Lee Rock
Piebald - Where Have All the Classics Gone
Piebald - No One Else
The Platters - If I Had a Love
David Phelps - I Cry, You Care
David Phelps - End of the Beginning
David Phelps - Someone Who Cares
David Phelps - Freedom Song
David Phelps - Miles and Miles Away
David Phelps - No More Night
David Phelps - Let the Glory Come Down
David Phelps - My Child Is Coming Home
David Phelps - The Wind and the Waves
David Phelps - The Singer
David Phelps - Hark the Herald!
David Phelps - Lully, Lullay With What Child Is This
David Phelps - Away in a Manger With Sleep Little Baby
David Phelps - One King
David Phelps - Mary, Did You Know?
David Phelps - If Everyone Believed
David Phelps - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
David Phelps - If Christmas Never Came
David Phelps - Silent Night
David Phelps - O Holy Night
David Phelps - Joy, Joy
David Phelps - Jesus, What a Wonderful Child
David Phelps - Do You Hear What I Hear?
David Phelps - Tonight
David Phelps - Manger Medley
David Phelps - I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
David Phelps - Joy to the World/ For Unto Us
David Phelps - I Want To Know What Love Is
David Phelps - I Just Call You Mine
David Phelps - End of the Line
David Phelps - Moonlight
David Phelps - Higher
David Phelps - Fly to You
David Phelps - Your Love
Photek - Sleepwalking
Piebald - Chris Rodgers
Piebald - 8 A.M. Departure
Piebald - Two Rocking Chairs On A Porch
Photek - Love & War
Pleasantry - Owls
Pleasantry - Spent
Pleasantry - Habit
Pleasantry - Nothing's There
Pleasantry - Farewell Waltz
Pleasantry - Swan Song
Pleasantry - False Realities
Pleasantry - Terminals
David Phelps - The Singer (Let There Be Light)
David Phelps - Hallelujah!
David Phelps - Heaven Only Knows
David Phelps - No Greater Love
David Phelps - He's Alive
David Phelps - Do We Hear God Speak
David Phelps - Legacy Of Love
David Phelps - Gentle Savior
David Phelps - Love Goes On
David Phelps - God Will Take Care of You
David Phelps - Satisfaction
David Phelps - Revelation
David Phelps - Heart of Hearts
David Phelps - Break Free
David Phelps - With His Love (Sing Holy)
David Phelps - The Name Lives On
The Platters - I Only Have Eyes for You
The Platters - Embraceable You
The Platters - Memories
Los Pedernales - Amor y Ternura
Albert Pla - La platja
Albert Pla - Papa, jo vull ser torero
Albert Pla - La sequia
Albert Pla - Vida d'un gat
Albert Pla - L'home que ens roba les nòvies
Albert Pla - Crim d'amor
Albert Pla - La nana de l'Antonio
Albert Pla - Vocació de suicida
Albert Pla - La violació
Albert Pla - El legat del pastor
Albert Pla - Mi camello
Albert Pla - El gallo Eduardo Montenegro
Albert Pla - Joaquín el necio
Albert Pla - El bar de la esquina
Albert Pla - Carta al Rey Melchor
Albert Pla - Sufre como yo
Albert Pla - La dejo o no la dejo
Albert Pla - El lado más bestia de la vida
Albert Pla - El sol de verano
Albert Pla - Historia del 600
Albert Pla - L'Eva i l'Eugeni
Albert Pla - Sexy
Albert Pla - La caixa de música
Albert Pla - La fàbrica crema
Albert Pla - El quarto dels trastos
Albert Pla - La barricada del Santpaucentdeu
Albert Pla - El capellà del poble
Albert Pla - La diferencia
Albert Pla - Hongos
Albert Pla - Buscando
Albert Pla - Ciego
Albert Pla - Soñando
Albert Pla - Corazón
Albert Pla - Transparente
Albert Pla - Malos pensamientos
Albert Pla - Fantasma
Albert Pla - La colilla
Albert Pla - Bona nit
Albert Pla - El bosc
Albert Pla - Virgo vamp
Albert Pla - Home com cal
Albert Pla - Era Perkins
Albert Pla - Tres acords contra la sida
Albert Pla - Gos blus
Albert Pla - Moro, moro
Albert Pla - Viva Espanya
Albert Pla - Un as en la manga
Albert Pla - Lefa
Albert Pla - Nueva York
Albert Pla - La Dama de la Guadaña
Albert Pla - Salsa Pa'l Nene
Albert Pla - Nuestro jardín
Albert Pla - Enterrador de cementerios
Albert Pla - Diarrea mental
Albert Pla - Marcelino Arroyo del Charco
Albert Pla - El camión de la basura
Albert Pla - Lola la loca
Albert Pla - Pepe Botika
Albert Pla - Que mas me da si da o no da
Albert Pla - Mañana lo dejo
Albert Pla - Alboraya
Albert Pla - Dorm
Albert Pla - Somnis
Albert Pla - Somiatruites
Albert Pla - Primer amor
Douglas Pipes - Opening / Titles
Douglas Pipes - End Credits: Gruss vom Krampus / Krampus Karol of the Bells
Albert Pla - Puedo empezar
Albert Pla - Mi esqueleto
Albert Pla - Take a Walk on the Wild Side
Albert Pla - Pobre muchacha
Albert Pla - Devoro
Albert Pla - Mujer mala
Albert Pla - No quise hacerle daño
Albert Pla - Maldita ciudad
Albert Pla - Como una nube
Albert Pla - No
Pimpadelic - White Trash
Pimpadelic - Vegas
Pimpadelic - Rebel Out Of Me
Playa Gótica - Reptil no gentil
Alexandre Pires - Usted se me llevó la vida
Alexandre Pires - Si tú me amaras
Alexandre Pires - Demasiado fuerte
Alexandre Pires - Necesidad
Alexandre Pires - Es por amor
Alexandre Pires - Como una ola en el mar
Alexandre Pires - Que llueva pa'rriba
Alexandre Pires - Ni un poquito de piedad
Alexandre Pires - Abandono
Alexandre Pires - Vem me Amar
Alexandre Pires - Eu Ainda Não Sei
Alexandre Pires - Ai,Coração
Alexandre Pires - Estrela Guia
Alexandre Pires - Para Viver Aquilo
Alexandre Pires - Neguinho Danado
Alexandre Pires - En El Silencio Negro de la Nouche
Alexandre Pires - Hey
Alexandre Pires - Lo mejor de tu vida
Alexandre Pires - Pobre diablo
Alexandre Pires - Momentos
Alexandre Pires - Tira ela de mim (Quitame ese hombre)
Alexandre Pires - Sair da solidão
Alexandre Pires - Eva meu amor (Everytime You Go Away)
Alexandre Pires - Boca a boca
Alexandre Pires - Cuidado com o negão
Alexandre Pires - Dessa vez
Alexandre Pires - Mulher de hoje em dia
Alexandre Pires - A vida me deu você
Alexandre Pires - Eu te perdi
Plej - You
Pigbag - Big Bag
The Platters - I Don't Know Why
Alexandre Pires - Você roubou a minha vida
Alexandre Pires - Sem teu amor nada é igual
Alexandre Pires - Se ela me amasse
Alexandre Pires - É por amor
Alexandre Pires - Se chove pra cima
Alexandre Pires - Longe de você
Alexandre Pires - Por um amor de mulher
Alexandre Pires - Dois loucos enamorados
Alexandre Pires - Esa Tal Libertad
Alexandre Pires - Amor Perfecto
Alexandre Pires - Aguanta Corazón
Alexandre Pires - Dulce Obsesión
Alexandre Pires - Bye, Bye Tristeza
Alexandre Pires - Es Parte de Mi Show
Alexandre Pires - Eterna Namorada
Alexandre Pires - Putz, Putz
Alexandre Pires - O Que Você Fez
Alexandre Pires - Fofoca
Alexandre Pires - Carinha Bonitinha, Na Telinha
Alexandre Pires - Ao Sentir O Amor
Alexandre Pires - É Hoje
Alexandre Pires - Me Cansei de Viver Assim
Alexandre Pires - Vocês Conhecem Zumbi
Alexandre Pires - Diga Não Às Drogas
Alexandre Pires - G. L. B. T. (Liberdade de Expressão)
Alexandre Pires - Amor verdadero
Alexandre Pires - Cuando acaba el placer
Alexandre Pires - Cuando es amor
The Platters - I'll Take You Home Again, Katheleen
Alexandre Pires - Mi mitad
Alexandre Pires - Quitemonos la ropa
The Platters - Are You Sincere?
Alexandre Pires - Bum, bum, bum
The Platters - The Great Pretender [1964, lead vo. Sonny Turner]
The Platters - The Gypsy [1964, lead vo. David Lynch]
The Perfects - Girls That Dance
Alexandre Pires - A Musa das Minhas Cançoes
Alexandre Pires - Dom de Familia
Alexandre Pires - Sonhei com Voce - So Liguei Pra Dizer Que Te Amo
Alexandre Pires - Ser Flamengo
Alexandre Pires - Eu Quero Apenas
Alexandre Pires - Sai da Minha Aba
Alexandre Pires - Eva, Meu Amor
Alexandre Pires - Dessa Vez Eu Me Rendo
Alexandre Pires - Só por um Momento
Alexandre Pires - Delírios de Amor (Participação Especial: Ivete Sangalo)
Alexandre Pires - Medley SPC (Quando é Amor / Amor Verdadeiro / Minha Metade)
Alexandre Pires - A Deus eu peço (Participação Especial: Yolá Araújo e Anselmo Ralph)
Alexandre Pires - Cigano
Alexandre Pires - Depois do Prazer (Participação Especial: Alcione)
Alexandre Pires - Deus Eu Peço
Alexandre Pires - A Gozar La Vida
Alexandre Pires - Como una ola
Alexandre Pires - Você Virou Saudade
Alexandre Pires - Custe O Que Custar
Alexandre Pires - A Deus eu Peço (Part.: Yola Araújo e Anselmo Ralph)
Alexandre Pires - Ay! Corazón
Alexandre Pires - Delirios de Amor (Part.: Grupo Revelação)
Alexandre Pires - Sem Pensar
Alexandre Pires - Final Feliz
Alexandre Pires - Essa Tal Liberdade
Alexandre Pires - Leve Tudo Com Você
Alexandre Pires - Kong - Part. Mr. Catra
Alexandre Pires - Te Amar Sem Medo (Part.: Perla)
Alexandre Pires - Todavía
Alexandre Pires - Você Não Vai Escapar
Alexandre Pires - Sissi
Alexandre Pires - Dos Locos Enamorados
Alexandre Pires - Mulher Das Estrelas
Alexandre Pires - Prisioneros De Amor
Alexandre Pires - Sólo Lo Que Me Falta
Alexandre Pires - Estrela Cadente (Part.: Ivete Sangalo)
Alexandre Pires - Eu Sou O Samba ? Part. Esp. Seu Jorge
Alexandre Pires - Quem É Você
Alexandre Pires - Vida Engraçada
Alexandre Pires - Chumbo Trocado
Alexandre Pires - Depois do Prazer (Part.: Alcione)
Alexandre Pires - Demasiado afuera
The Platters - All the Things You Are
Tom Pintens - Er Is Das Pop
Tom Pintens - In Charleroi
Tom Pintens - Al Die Tijd
Tom Pintens - K
Mercedes Peón - Marabilla
Mercedes Peón - Ben linda
Mercedes Peón - Aiché
Mercedes Peón - A miña
Mercedes Peón - Paralá
Mercedes Peón - Ajárrate
Plastiq Phantom - A Simple Chaos
Gennaro Cosmo Parlato - Cicale
Gennaro Cosmo Parlato - L'estate sta finendo
Gennaro Cosmo Parlato - Messaggio
Gennaro Cosmo Parlato - Non succederà più
Gennaro Cosmo Parlato - Caffè nero bollente
Gennaro Cosmo Parlato - Comprami
Gennaro Cosmo Parlato - Ninna nanna
The Platters - Smoke Gets in Yoiur Eyes
Nikki Ocean - Don't Cha
Nikki Ocean - Californication
DJ Phantasma - Welcome to the Club (Love maxi cut)
Pink Coffee - Coffee Break
Pink Coffee - Another Brick in the Wall
The Platters - The Platters Mix: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / The Great Pretender / Twilight Time / Harbour Lights / O
The Platters - Red Sail in the Sunset
The Platters - Twiling Time
The Platters - So Many Tears
The Platters - Duke of Earl
The Platters - Shine on Harvest Moon
The Platters - Earth Angel
The Platters - Stay as Sweet as You Are
The Platters - Goodnight Sweetheart
The Platters - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
The Platters - The Glory of Love
The Platters - Darktown Strutters Ball
The Platters - Great Pretender
The Platters - Magic Touch
The Platters - I’m Just a Dancing Partner
PIH - Dobry Wieczór Polska gośc. Miodu
PIH - Kochaj, Nienawidź, Daj Żyć, Próbuj Zabić
PIH - Semper Fidelis (Nadal)
PIH - Ulice Bez Jutra
PIH - Nigdy Jak Niewolnik, Zawsze Jak Król
PIH - Brud
PIH - Echo (Uśmiech Przez Łzy) gośc. Miodu
PIH - Śmierć Nas Nie Rozłączy
PIH - Zawsze Muszę Coś Spierdolić gośc. Peja
PIH - Czarny Kruk (Złapany W Zamkniętym Rozdziale Życia)
PIH - Nie Żałuj Mnie
PIH - Krew, Pot i Łzy
PIH - Pocałunek Śmierci
PIH - To Tylko Skit
PIH - Wiesz Kto Ma Ogień
Chris Phillips & Alexia Phillips - Always Thinking of You
John Phillips - Oh Virginia
John Phillips - Zulu Warrior
John Phillips - California Dreamin'
Playaz Circle - #1 Trap Pick
Playaz Circle - Duffle Bag Boy
Playaz Circle - Paper Chaser
Playaz Circle - Look What I Got
Playaz Circle - Stupid
Playaz Circle - Yeah We Gettin' Rich
Playaz Circle - Big Dawg
Playaz Circle - Ghetto
Playaz Circle - We Workin'
Playaz Circle - U Can Believe It
Playaz Circle - Loved
Maceo Plex - Vibe Your Love
Maceo Plex - Bring It Back
Maceo Plex - Frisky
Maceo Plex - Galactic Cinema
John Phillips - Topanga Canyon
John Phillips - Someone's Sleeping
John Phillips - Drum
Pistol Grip - Cruxcifixion Politix
Pistol Grip - Runnin From the Gun
Pistol Grip - Aristocratic State
Pistol Grip - Adrenaline
Pistol Grip - Claustrophobia
Pistol Grip - Bourgeoisie
Pistol Grip - Get Up to Get Shot Down
Pistol Grip - P.O.W.
Pistol Grip - Fuck the P.M.R.C.
Pistol Grip - Scoundrels
Pistol Grip - Missionary
Pistol Grip - Righteous Vigilante
Pistol Grip - LA City Jinx
Pistol Grip - Sweet & Sour of a Knife
Pistol Grip - Empty Shells
Pistol Grip - Black Heart
Pistol Grip - 1997
Pistol Grip - A Murder of Crows
Pistol Grip - Marshburn Ave
Pistol Grip - Gypsy
Pistol Grip - Broken Radio
Pistol Grip - Damned of Tomorrow
Pistol Grip - Another Face to Hate
Pistol Grip - The Rebels Are Dead
Pistol Grip - When the Ink Runs Dry
Pistol Grip - Closing Time
Pitchshifter - 2nd Hand
Pitchshifter - Genius
Pitchshifter - Civilised
Pitchshifter - Subject to Status
Pitchshifter - W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.
Pitchshifter - Please Sir
Pitchshifter - Disposable
Pitchshifter - A Better Lie™
Pitchshifter - Innit
Pitchshifter - What’s in It for Me?
Pitchshifter - I Don’t Like It
Pitchshifter - Condescension
Pitchshifter - Wafer Thin
Pitchshifter - Keep It Clean
Pitchshifter - Forget the Facts
Pitchshifter - Hidden Agenda
Pitchshifter - Scene This
Pitchshifter - Dead Battery
Pitchshifter - As Seen On TV
Pitchshifter - Chump Change
Pitchshifter - Stronger
Pitchshifter - Stop Talking (So Loud)
Pitchshifter - Eight Days
Pitchshifter - Misdirection
Pitchshifter - Shutdown
Pitchshifter - Whatever
Pitchshifter - Screenshot
Pitchshifter - We Know
Pitchshifter - Super-Clean
Pitchshifter - Slip
Pitchshifter - Introductory Disclaimer
Pitchshifter - Underachiever
Pitchshifter - Virus
Pitchshifter - Product Placement
Pitchshifter - Hangar 84
Pitchshifter - Whiteout
Pitchshifter - Phoenixology
Pelle Miljoona & Avoimet Ovet - Avoimet ovet
Pitchshifter - Triad
Pitchshifter - Diable
Pitchshifter - To Die Is Gain
Pitchshifter - Shen-an-doah
Pitchshifter - Lesson One
Pitchshifter - Ephemerol
Pitchshifter - (A Higher Form of) Killing
Pitchshifter - Cathode
Pitchshifter - Gatherer.of.Data
Pitchshifter - Un-United Kingdom
The Blueprint - Sans Chorus
Pitchshifter - NCM
Pitchshifter - A Better Lie
Pitchshifter - (We're Behaving Like) Insects
Pitchshifter - Trancer
Pitchshifter - Voted Least Likely to Succeed
Pitchshifter - Touch Me I'm Sick
Pitchshifter - Gritter
Pitchshifter - Dry Riser Inlet
Pitchshifter - Kerosene
Pitchshifter - Tendrill (version) / [untitled] / Silo
Pitchshifter - Deconstruction
Pitchshifter - Microwaved (2000-07-25: CBGB, New York City, USA)
Pitchshifter - Everything Sucks (Again)
Pitchshifter - W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. (c1997: Germany)
Pitchshifter - Everything’s Fucked
Simon Patterson - Northern Lights
Phone-EG - Better Run
Phone-EG - Phone E's Revenge
Phone-EG - I Rate It
Phone-EG - Frass
Phone-EG - Tommy Hilfiger
Phone-EG - Run Up In Your Spot
Phone-EG - Phone E's Revenge 2
Phone-EG - Bucket Hat On
Phone-EG - Cheesed
Platina Jazz - Genesis of Aquarion
Platina Jazz - Stolen Moments
Platina Jazz - 1/2
Platina Jazz - Gotta knock a little harder
Pērkons - Pie baltas lapas
Pērkons - Balāde par gulbi
Pērkons - Tā gribējās man saules lēkta
Pērkons - Labu vakar
Pērkons - Zaļā dziesma
Pērkons - Baletomānija
Pērkons - Neatvadīsimies
Pērkons - Slidotava
Pērkons - Mana dienišķā dziesma
Pērkons - Mēs pārtiekam viens no otra
Pērkons - Gandrīz tautas dziesma
Piotta - Odio gli indifferenti
Piotta - Goccia dopo goccia
Piotta - A testa alta
Piotta - Mai mai mai
Piotta - Sabotaggio
Piotta - S(u)ono diverso
Piotta - Ti amo ti odio
Piotta - Troppo avanti
Piotta - Spingo io
Piotta - La grande onda
Piotta - Sei meglio te
Piotta - Giovani d'oggi
Piotta - Questa è la tua notte
Piotta - Hey
Piotta - Pazzo di te
Piotta - Un'altra volta