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Phonte - The Life of Kings
Phonte - Who Loves You More
Phonte - We Go Off
Phil Wickham & Paul Baloche - Your Name
Édith Piaf - Ça ira (du film "Si Versailles m'était conté")
Édith Piaf - La Vie en rose (bonus track)
Édith Piaf - Les Trois Cloches (bonus track)
Édith Piaf - La Sérénade du pavé
Pink Lincolns - Victim's Rights
Overthrow - Dead Last
Overthrow - Where You Stand
Overthrow - Take By Force
Overthrow - Counter Productive
Overthrow - Reclaim
Overthrow - Resistance
Overthrow - All One Blood
Overthrow - React
Overthrow - Misguided
Overthrow - State Control
Los Panteras - Los Panteras
Édith Piaf - Je n'en connais pas le fin
Pinto - Blood Red Lips
Le Petit Ramon - Guapa
PHANTOM - Burning
PHANTOM - Hole In Your Face
PHANTOM - Dutch Pay
Édith Piaf - Paris 1949
Pink Feathers - Keep Pretending
Pillowfight - Get Your Shit Together
PitBull Fighter - ANIMAL
PitBull Fighter - Love Letter
PitBull Fighter - My Mouth Don't Have Chock
The Pixies Three - 442 Glenwood Avenue
Pitty - 8 ou 80
Pitty - Desconstruindo Amélia
Pitty - Água contida
Pitty - Emboscada
Pitty - Comum de dois
Pitty - Só de passagem
Pitty - O lobo
Pitty - Se você pensa
Pitty - Me adora
Pitty - Teto de vidro
Pitty - Admirável chip novo
Pitty - Máscara
Pitty - Do mesmo lado
Pitty - Temporal
Pitty - Semana que vem
Pitty - A saideira
Pitty - Anacrônico
Pitty - Memórias
Pitty - Aahhh...!
Pitty - Brinquedo torto
Pitty - Na sua estante
Pitty - Quem vai queimar?
Pitty - Guerreiros são guerreiros
Pitty - Querer depois
Pitty - Medo
Pitty - Só agora
Pitty - Trapézio
Pitty - Rato na roda
Pitty - A sombra
Pitty - Todos estão mudos
Pitbull feat. Usher & Afrojack - Party Ain't Over
Phonat - Ghetto Burnin'
Phonat - All This Time
Phonat - Never
Édith Piaf - Enfin le printemps, vise mon jules
Rick Pino - Martyr Song
Rick Pino - Kingdom of Heaven
Rick Pino - Lift Your Voice
Rick Pino - Nothing But the Blood
Rick Pino - Gorgeous Face
Rick Pino - You're Not Alone
Rick Pino - Fire of the Holy Ghost
Rick Pino - I am a Voice
Rick Pino - Show Us Your Glory
Pitty - Pouco
Pitty - Deixa ela entrar
Pitty - Pequena morte
Pitty - Um leão
Pitty - Lado de lá
Pitty - Olho calmo
Pitty - Boca aberta
Pitty - A massa
Pitty - Setevidas
Pitty - Serpente
Pitty - Pulsos (Ao Vivo)
Pitty - Anacrônico
Pitty - Déjá Vu
Pitty - Malditos Cromossomos
Pitty - Equalize
Pitty - I Wanna Be
Pitty - Seu Mestre Mandou
Pitty - Pulsos
Pitty - Ignorin'U
Pitty - Femme Fatale
Pitty - Pra onde ir
Pitty - O muro
Pitty - Deus lhe pague
Pitty - Suas armas
Pitty - Sob o Sol
Pitty - Just Now (Só agora)
Pitty - Digging the Grave
Pitty - 130 Anos
Pitty - Rainy
Pitty - O Porto
Pitty - La Javanaise
Pitty - Romeu
Pitty - Dançando
Pitty - Upside Down
Phive - Always Be Around (Think Sound)
Piano Tribute Players - Gimme More
Pixel Fix - I Want You the Same
The Phantoms - Into the Darkness
Édith Piaf - L´Accordeoiste
Édith Piaf - Pada Padam
Piper Saint - Where You Want To Be
Penal Colony - Product
Penal Colony - Blue 9
Penal Colony - Combine
Penal Colony - Drawn and Quartered
Penal Colony - Reconciled
Penal Colony - Organic
Penal Colony - Paste
Penal Colony - Gout
Penal Colony - Scoma
Penal Colony - Third Life
Penal Colony - Hypothalamus Now!
Penal Colony - Falling Down the Stairs
Penal Colony - Don't Let Them Forget to Tag Your Symptom
Penal Colony - Thee Unbearable Lightness Ov...
Penal Colony - Unfinished Business
Penal Colony - Scion
Penal Colony - Inbetween 5 and 14
Penal Colony - The Hand of John Kemble
Penal Colony - Host Meets the Cell
Penal Colony - 21 Robot Man
Penal Colony - Clones (We're All)
Penal Colony - Halidified (Naked Men Only)
Penal Colony - Freemasons of Enochian Magick (Jack the Crowley)
Penal Colony - Free Masons of Enochian Magick
Penal Colony - Among the Living (Dominion of Noise remix by Mentallo & The Fixer)
Pink Martini & Saori Yuki - Yuuzuki (Evening Moon)
Pink Martini & Saori Yuki - Mayonaka No Bossa Nova (Midnight Bossa Nova)
The Peppermint Rainbow - Will You Be Staying After Sunday
The Peppermint Rainbow - Don't Wake Me Up in the Morning, Michael
Percy Hill - Beneath the Cover
Percy Hill - Wrong Side
Pitboss - Viking Sex
Pitboss - Mike Skis Voice
Lo' Pibitos - Despierta
Lo' Pibitos - El ritmo de la vida
Lo' Pibitos - Está en ti
Lo' Pibitos - El cielo espera
Lo' Pibitos - A punto caramelo
Danny Pelfrey & Rick Rhodes - Gangstas (sting)
Pikku-Orava - Would You Love a Monsterman
Édith Piaf - I Shouldn't Care (Je m'en fous pas mal)
Édith Piaf - Heaven Have Mercy (Miséricorde)
The Pettyfords - Aloha Means Goodbye
The Pettyfords - Kids and Parents Alike
The Pettyfords - I'd Rather Play Nintendo
The Pettyfords - So Stupid
The Pettyfords - Winnie Cooper
The Pettyfords - Gonna Kill Me Dead
The Pettyfords - Teen Centerfold
The Pettyfords - School's Out
The Pettyfords - Sarah's a Narcissist
The Pettyfords - She'd Rather Have Cavan
The Pettyfords - Prostitute Romance
The Pettyfords - 8 Bit Dream
Phenomena - Stop
Phenomena - Surrender
Phenomena - Did It All for Love
Phenomena - Jukebox
Phenomena - Emotion Mama
Phenomena - No Retreat - No Surrender
Phenomena - Move - You Lose
Édith Piaf - L'Hymme à l'amour
The Pinkerton Thugs - Factory Life
The Pinkerton Thugs - Never Say Die
The Pinkerton Thugs - Youth
The Pinkerton Thugs - Another Story
The Pinkerton Thugs - I Remember
The Pinkerton Thugs - Where the Money Goes
The Pinkerton Thugs - No Heroes No Justice
The Pinkerton Thugs - Brighter Day
The Pinkerton Thugs - Together
The Pinkerton Thugs - Don't Tread on Me
The Pinkerton Thugs - End of an Era
The Pinkerton Thugs - One Day
The Pinkerton Thugs - We Build Our Own Prisons
The Pinkerton Thugs - Russia
The Pinkerton Thugs - The Deal
The Pinkerton Thugs - The Social Monster
The Pinkerton Thugs - Cruelty Free
The Pinkerton Thugs - For the Warriors
The Pinkerton Thugs - The Struggle Continues
The Pinkerton Thugs - Battlecry
The Pinkerton Thugs - Ballad of the Slaughterhouse
The Pinkerton Thugs - Propaganda by the Deed
The Pinkerton Thugs - The Coldest War
The Pinkerton Thugs - In the Town Where I Was Born
The Pinkerton Thugs - Freedom
The Pinkerton Thugs - Shit
The Pinkerton Thugs - The Warfare Division
The Pinkerton Thugs - Punching Numbers
The Pinkerton Thugs - Suburbicide
The Pinkerton Thugs - Murdered by the FBI
Pink Fairies - Do It
Pink Fairies - Say You Love Me
Pink Fairies - Teenage Rebel
Pink Fairies - The Pigs of Uranus
Phenomena - So Near So Far
Phenomena - 60 Seconds
Phenomena - All That I Need
Petri Kosonen & Band - Olet mun kaikkeni
Pink Fairies - White Girls on Amphetamine
Édith Piaf - Je t'ai dans le peau
Berthe Sylva - Celosa
Pink Fairies - Waiting for the Icecream to Melt
Pink Fairies - When's the Fun Begin?
Pipedown - Losing the Sum
Pipedown - Knowledge the Weapon
Pipedown - Ammunition
Pipedown - Leviathan
Pipedown - Transmission
Pipedown - The Overworld
Pipedown - Order
Pipedown - Control
Pipedown - Sierra Leone
Pipedown - Muppet Goes to Washington
Pipedown - Voids
Pipedown - Risin' Up
Pipedown - Human & Human
Pipedown - Struggle
Pipedown - Coma
Pipedown - Horror
Pipedown - Mid Tempo Song
Pipedown - Frequency Nine
Pipedown - Progress Bomb
Pipedown - Respect
Édith Piaf - Johnny ? Tu n'es pas un ange
Perros Callejeros - Yo y el Wero
Perros Callejeros - Vidas perras
Papercuts - A Dictator's Lament
Papercuts - The Machine Will Tell Us So
Papercuts - A Peculiar Hallelujah
Papercuts - The Void
Papercuts - The Wolf
Papercuts - Dear Employee
Papercuts - John Brown
Papercuts - Summer Long
Papercuts - Take the 227th Exit
Papercuts - Do You Really Wanna Know
Papercuts - Do What You Will
Papercuts - I'll See You Later I Guess
Papercuts - Chills
Papercuts - The Messenger
Papercuts - Marie Says You've Changed
Papercuts - Winter Daze
Papercuts - Charades
Papercuts - Mockingbird
Paul Smith and the Intimations - Fluid Identity
Édith Piaf - Madeleine qui avait du cœur
Papercuts - Easter Morning
Pelleperssons Kapell - Auktionsvisa
Pelleperssons Kapell - Låftamannen
Volker Pispers - Form und Inhalt
Placebo - Jesus’ Son
Placebo - Come Home
Placebo - Every You Every Me
Placebo - Too Many Friends
Placebo - 36 Degrees
Placebo - Taste in Men
Placebo - The Bitter End
Placebo - English Summer Rain
Placebo - Breathe Underwater
Placebo - Soulmates
Placebo feat. Alison Mosshart - Meds
Placebo - Bright Lights
Placebo - Song to Say Goodbye
Placebo - Infra-Red
Placebo - Running Up That Hill
Placebo - B3
Placebo - Teenage Angst
Placebo - You Don’t Care About Us
Placebo - Ashtray Heart
Placebo feat. Michael Stipe - Broken Promise
Placebo - Slave to the Wage
Placebo - This Picture
Placebo - Protege moi
Placebo - Because I Want You (Redux)
Placebo - Lazarus
Placebo - A Million Little Pieces
Placebo - Special Needs
Placebo - Dark Globe
Placebo - Hare Krishna
Placebo - Been Smoking Too Long
Placebo - Hug Bubble
Placebo - Flesh Mechanic (demo)
Placebo - Slackerbitch
Placebo - Eyesight to the Blind
Placebo - Miss Moneypenny
Placebo - Waiting for the Son of Man
Placebo - Then the Clouds Will Open for Me
Placebo - Mars Landing Party
Placebo - Leeloo
Placebo - Needledick
Placebo - Innocence of Sleep
Placebo - Leni
Placebo - Bubblegum
Placebo - Little Mo
Placebo - Drink You Pretty
Placebo - Uneedmemorethanineedyou
Placebo - Kitty Litter
Placebo - Battle for the Sun
Placebo - Devil in the Details
Placebo - Speak in Tongues
Placebo - Julien
Placebo - Happy You’re Gone
Placebo - Come Undone
Placebo - Kings of Medicine
Placebo - Unisex
Placebo - The Movie on Your Eyelids
Placebo - The Never-Ending Why
Placebo - Follow the Cops Back Home
Placebo - Meds
Placebo - Post Blue
Placebo - Blind
Placebo - Drag
Placebo - Days Before You Came
Placebo - Spite & Malice
Placebo - Passive Aggressive
Placebo - Blue American
Placebo - Commercial for Levi
Placebo - Narcoleptic
Placebo - Peeping Tom
Placebo - Black Market Blood (Hidden Track)
Édith Piaf - Correq' et reguyer
Édith Piaf - I' Etait Une Histoire D' Amour
Pia Fraus - Far Fade Whisper
Pia Fraus - No Need for Sanity
Placebo - Where Is My Mind
Placebo - Bigmouth Strikes Again
Placebo - Johnny and Mary
Placebo - The Ballad of Melody Nelson
Placebo - Holocaust
Placebo - Daddy Cool
Placebo - Jackie
Placebo - Scene of the Crime
Placebo - Hold On to Me
Placebo - Rob the Bank
Placebo - Exit Wounds
Placebo - Purify
Placebo - Begin the End
Placebo - Bosco
Placebo feat Majke Voss Romme aka Broken Twin - Every You Every Me
Placebo feat Joan as Police Woman - Protect Me From What I Want
Placebo - Where Is My Mind?
Placebo feat. David Bowie - Without You I’m Nothing
Placebo - I Do
Édith Piaf - Comme moi (Like Me)
Édith Piaf - Ja Hais Les Dimanches
Édith Piaf - Bravo Pourle Clown
PinMonkey - Love Sometimes
PinMonkey - Lonesome Pine Special
PinMonkey - Black Train
PinMonkey - Two Days From Knowing
PinMonkey - Cheap Motel
PinMonkey - Sweet Blossom
PinMonkey - Keep This Love
PinMonkey - Nothing But Livin'
Pharaoh Overlord - Devastator
Pitti Polak - Head Down
Pitti Polak - Silly Coincidence
Pitti Polak - Ain't Good Enough
Pitti Polak - Don't Come Home Before Midnight
Pitti Polak - Happy Doing Nothing
Pitti Polak - Poor, Stupid & Ugly
Pitti Polak - When You Know...
Édith Piaf - Fais Moi Valser
Placebo - Black Eyed
Placebo - Leni (audio only, over credits)
Placebo - Bionic
Placebo - Hang on to Your IQ
Placebo - I Know
Placebo - Lady of the Flowers
Placebo - Swallow / H K Farewell
Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts
Placebo - Something Rotten
Placebo - Plasticine
Placebo - I’ll Be Yours
Placebo - Second Sight
Placebo - Centrefolds
Placebo - Bullet Proof
Placebo - Allergic
Placebo - Bitter End
Placebo - Centerfolds
Orgi-E - Kommer snigende ind (Klamfyr), Part 2
Orgi-E - Gul feber
Orgi-E feat. Xander - Blinkende lygter
Orgi-E feat. Marwan - Få dine pistoler frem
Orgi-E - Singlepik
Orgi-E - River jern
Orgi-E - Moderne sigøjner
Orgi-E feat. Jooks - Mand 2.0
Orgi-E feat. Bjarke Winther - Milf
Orgi-E - City2musik (Hva glor du på)
Orgi-E - Kommer Snigende Ind (Klamfyr), Pt. 2
Orgi-E - Blinkende lygter
PFR - You Lord
PFR - Do You Want to Know Love
PFR - Pray for Rain
PFR - Walk Away from Love
PFR - Spinnin' Round
PFR - Goldie's Last Day
PFR - Great Lengths
PFR - Wonder Why
PFR - The Love I Know
PFR - Pour Me Out
PFR - Daddy Never Cried
PFR - Fight
PFR - Line of Love
PFR - Ordinary Day
PFR - Tried to Tell Her
PFR - Face to Face
PFR - Them
PFR - Kingdom Smile
PFR - Say
PFR - Garden
PFR - It's You Jesus
PFR - Trials Turned to Gold
PFR - Blind Man, Deaf Boy
PFR - See the Sun Again
PFR - The Grace of God
PFR - Last Breath
PFR - Name
PFR - Forever
PFR - Wait for the Sun
PFR - Fare Thee Well
PFR - Let Go
PFR - Didn't He
PFR - My Time
PFR - Forest
PFR - On and On
PFR - By Myself
PFR - Dying Man
PFR - Satisfied
PFR - I Don't Understand
PFR - Mercy Man
PFR - Shine
PFR - Amsterdam
PFR - Gone
PFR - All Ready
PFR - Missing Love
PFR - Closer
PFR - Even a Whisper
PFR - Language of the Soul
PFR - Me
Édith Piaf - Entre Saint-Ouen et Clignacourt
John Pizzarelli - Fascinatin' Rhythm
John Pizzarelli - I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
John Pizzarelli - Then I'll Be Tired Of You
John Pizzarelli - Straighten Up and Fly Right
John Pizzarelli - I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry
John Pizzarelli - They Can't Take That Away From Me
John Pizzarelli - But Not for Me
John Pizzarelli - Lullaby
John Pizzarelli - Sometimes I'm Happy
John Pizzarelli - Be My Baby Tonight
John Pizzarelli - I'm in the Mood for Love
John Pizzarelli - I Got Rhythm
John Pizzarelli - Kisses in the Rain
John Pizzarelli - Baby Just Come Home to Me
John Pizzarelli - A Lifetime or Two
John Pizzarelli - I Wouldn't Trade You
John Pizzarelli - S'Wonderful
John Pizzarelli - All of Me
John Pizzarelli - My Baby Just Cares for Me
John Pizzarelli - The Shadow of Your Smile
John Pizzarelli - Let There Be Love
Pitt Marvel - La gran ciutat
Pitt Marvel - Sr. Barbut
Pitt Marvel - Jesse James
Pitt Marvel - Telecomunicacions
Pitt Marvel - Desnonats
Édith Piaf - Johny tu n'es pas un ange
John Pizzarelli - Fools Fall in Love
John Pizzarelli - Beautiful Moons Ago
John Pizzarelli - I'm Your Guy
John Pizzarelli - Better Run Before It's Spring
John Pizzarelli - Look at Us
John Pizzarelli - Honey Pie
John Pizzarelli - Ring-A-Ding Ding
John Pizzarelli - I've Got You Under My Skin
John Pizzarelli - Yes Sir, That's My Baby
John Pizzarelli - It's Easy To Remember
John Pizzarelli - Nobody's Heart
John Pizzarelli - You've Got To Be Carefully Taught
Phone Calls From Home - When It's Over Now
Phone Calls From Home - A Reason to Love
Phone Calls From Home - Forget You
Phone Calls From Home - Still Holding On
Phone Calls From Home - Coming Back to the World
Phone Calls From Home - Light the Fuse
Phone Calls From Home - Crazy
Phone Calls From Home - Tonight I'm Over You
Phone Calls From Home - Gone
Phone Calls From Home - Stop and Start
Phone Calls From Home - Keep This Dream Alive
Phone Calls From Home - Photos of You
Phone Calls From Home - I Guess You Could Call It Love
Phone Calls From Home - Ever Told a Lie
Phone Calls From Home - Something to Believe (All Around)
Phone Calls From Home - 867-5309/Jenny
Phone Calls From Home - She's a Maniac
Phone Calls From Home - Wait to See This
John Pizzarelli - Slappin' the cakes on me
John Pizzarelli - You stepped out of a dream
John Pizzarelli - Take My Smile
Placebo - Brick Shithouse
Placebo - Ask for Answers
Placebo - Allergic (to Thoughts of Mother Earth)
Placebo - My Sweet Prince
Placebo - Scared of Girls
Placebo - Burger Queen / Evil Dildo
Placebo - Space Monkey
Placebo - Pierrot the Clown
Placebo - One of a Kind
Placebo - Drowning by Numbers
Placebo - Uneedmemorethanineedu
Placebo - All Apologies
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman - Chicken on the Rocks
Passage - In the Bioburbs
Passage - Creature in the Classroom
Passage - The Pins in the Bowels of the Charmed Design
Passage - Old Aunt Mary
Passage - Free Luvv, From Left Field
Passage - The Unstrung Harp
Passage - Jail 4 Lil Geniuses
Passage - Duck 'n' Cover
Passage - The Unspectacular Whiteboy Slave Song
Passage - Spring '97
Passage - Suffragette
Passage - Reagan's Chest
Passage - Scarefilm
Passage - Poem to the Hospital
Passage - Pail of Air
John Pizzarelli - Can't Buy Me Love
John Pizzarelli - Things We Said Today
John Pizzarelli - I've Just Seen a Face
John Pizzarelli - For No One
Phobos Corp. - One Eternal (Felicity's Song)
Phobos Corp. - This Divine Tragedy
John Pizzarelli - No More Lonely Nights
John Pizzarelli - My Valentine
John Pizzarelli - Rhode Island
Placebo - Slleping With Ghosts
Piina - Enkeleitä
Los Pixel - No pertenecer
Los Pixel - Ropa y pelo
Los Pixel - Rosas cortan tu destino
Los Pixel - Jamás dejaré
Los Pixel - Eso es normal
Los Pixel - Viviendo al día
Los Pixel - Mira a tu alrededor
Los Pixel - Te encontré
Los Pixel - Tú has venido
Los Pixel - Cualquier día como hoy
Los Pixel - No te vayas así
Grzegorz Turnau - Bracka
Ola Maurer - Szewczyk
Piwnica pod Baranami - Inteligencja miasta Walki
Jacek Wójcicki - Konie Apokalipsy
Leszek Wójtowicz - Moja Litania
Pizza Enrico - Mita sina sanoa?
Pizza Enrico - Mita jaljelle jaa
Pigmy - Piedras y guisantes
Pigmy - Papel de plata
Placebo - Teenage Angst (Amsterdam V.P.R.O. session)
Petit Fantôme - Aujourd'hui c'est les Vacances
Pablo Ardouin Ensemble - Perfecto Amor
Édith Piaf - J'ai danser avec l'amour
Antonio de Pinto - Ventanas
Antonio de Pinto - Todo eres tú
Antonio de Pinto - Auxi va
Antonio de Pinto - Si hoy muero por ti
Pillar - Bring Me Down
Pillar - Rewind
Pillar - Underneath It All
Pillar - Dirty Little Secret
Pillar - Staring Back
Pillar - Aftershock
Pillar - Stay Up
Pillar - Further From Myself
Pillar - Fire on the Inside
Pillar - Whatever It Takes
Pillar - Secrets and Regrets
Pillar - Better Off Now
Pillar - Not Without a Fight
Pillar - Will You Be There
Pillar - Shine
Pillar - Call to Action
Pillar - You Will Lose It All
Pillar - For the Love of the Game
Pillar - Turn It Up
Pillar - The Runaway
Édith Piaf - Les les amants d'un jour
Pillar - Crossfire
Pillar - Live for Him
Pillar - You Should Know
Pillar - Above
Pillar - Something Real
Pillar - Unity
Pillar - Reaching Out
Pillar - Galactic Groove
Pillar - All Day Everyday
Pillar - Father
Pillar - One Love Revolution
Pillar - Disconnect
Pillar - Nails
Pillar - We Ride
Pillar - Shooting Star
Pillar - Unafraid
Pillar - Paratrooper
Pillar - Embrace the Chaos
Pillar - Lion Leads the Way
Pillar - More Alive
Pillar - Don't Cry Forever
Pillar - Secret Agent
Pillar - Bow Down
Pillar - Beautiful Savior
Pillar - Reachin' Out
Pillar - Further
Pillar - Dangerous
Pillar - Our Escape
Placebo - I'll Be Yours (version 4am)
Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing
Placebo - Broken Promise
Placebo - Paycheck (demo)
Placebo - Every You and Every Me
Placebo - Swallow (mixed by Designer and U-Sheen)
Placebo - 36 Degrees 2005
Placebo - Burger Queen Français
Placebo - Johnny & Mary
Placebo - For What It's Worth (demo)
Placebo - Infra Red
Placebo - Protège-moi
Placebo - Fuck U
Placebo - Bubblegun
Placebo - The Never-Ending Why (SFR live)
Placebo - Bigmouuth Strikes Again
Placebo - Blind (Redux)
Placebo - Long Division
Placebo - Pierrot the Clown (demo)
Placebo - Black Market Music
Placebo - Breathe Underwater (Slow)
Placebo - Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Placebo - Je t'aime moi non plus
Placebo - Twenty Years (Redux)
Placebo - Burger Queen
Placebo - Every You, Every Me
Placebo - Bruise Pristine (demo 1995)
Placebo - Allergic to Thoughts
Placebo - Evil Dildo
Placebo - I Know (Demo 96)
Placebo - Nancy Boy (Demo 96)
Placebo - Protect Me
Placebo - Teenage Angst (demo 1996)
Placebo - Bruise Pristine (Demo 95)
Placebo - In the Cold Light of Morning (demo)
Placebo - Slave to the Wave
Placebo - Drag (Redux)
Placebo - Every You Every Me (Infected by the Scourge of the Earth)
Placebo - The Metric System
Placebo - Come Home (Demo 96)
Placebo - 36 Degrees (Demo 95)
Placebo - Monster Truck
Placebo - 2468
Placebo - Soulmates (Redux)
Placebo - Carbon Kid
Placebo - Kitsch Object
Placebo - The Extra
Placebo - Time Is Money
Placebo - I Know You Want to Stop
Placebo - I.K.W.Y.L
Placebo - Every Me Every You
Placebo - Pity Party (Of One)
Placebo - Wouldn’t It Be Good
Placebo - Flesh Mechanic
Placebo - Burger Queen (Longue version Francaise 6:18)
Placebo - Song #6
Placebo - Twenty Years (piano version live at Evening Urgant, Moscow 2016)
Peneři Strýčka Homeboye - Udělejte bordel
Peneři Strýčka Homeboye - Můj rap, můj svět
Peneři Strýčka Homeboye - Všichni jsou už v Německu
Peneři Strýčka Homeboye - Vim já?
Peneři Strýčka Homeboye - Intro
Peneři Strýčka Homeboye - Společný zájmy
Édith Piaf - La foule (1960)
Édith Piaf - L'accordéoniste (1954)
Édith Piaf - La vie en rose (1954)
Picari - Kali nifta
Silvério Pessoa - Micróbio do Frevo
Brandan Perry - Sloth
Brandan Perry - Archangel
Pit10 - Yine Boş
Pit10 - Kara Kutu
Pit10 - Birden
Pit10 - Yaşıyorum - Ölüyorum
Pit10 - Yarından Öncesi Yok
Pit10 - Hadi Konuş!
Pit10 - Kalsın
Pit10 - Folyo
Pit10 - Düşündükçe
Papkasseshow - Kender du det (Mona mona)
DJ Piccolo - Sometimes (Klubbhoppers cut)
Pirupa - Party Non Stop (vocal)
Mike Pinder - Free as a Dove
Mike Pinder - You'll Make it Through
Mike Pinder - I Only Want to Love You
Mike Pinder - Someone to Believe In
Mike Pinder - Carry On
Mike Pinder - Air
Mike Pinder - Message
Mike Pinder - The Seed
Mike Pinder - The Promise
Mike Pinder - The Power of Love (Can Survive)
Mike Pinder - You Can't Take Love Away
Mike Pinder - The Best Things in Life
Mike Pinder - Hurry on Home
Mike Pinder - Among the Stars
Mike Pinder - Upside Down
Mike Pinder - The World Today
Pet - Lil' Boots
Picture House - Somebody Somewhere
Picture House - Do I Believe You
Picture House - Don't Believe Me
Picture House - The World & His Dog
Picture House - Fan Club
Picture House - 15th Time
Picture House - Moments Like These
Picture House - Worldwide TV
Picture House - I Know Better Now
Picture House - Empty Nest
Édith Piaf - Je ne regrette rien
Per Vers - Black Power
Per Vers - Smuk kamp
Per Vers - Hygopat
Per Vers - Hav det godt
Per Vers - Uden navn
Per Vers - Find mig her
Per Vers - Big bang
Per Vers - Gennem væggen
Per Vers - Dum
Per Vers - Det var midt i julenat
Photon Band - Anything for You
Pidżama Porno - Każdy nowy dzień rodzi nowe paranoje
Pidżama Porno - Koszmary. Koszmarów 4 pary
Pidżama Porno - Bułgarskie Centrum Hujozy
Pidżama Porno - Wódka
Pidżama Porno - Egzystencjalny paw
Pidżama Porno - Wirtualni chłopcy
Pidżama Porno - Józef K.
Pidżama Porno - Rockin’ in the Free World
Pidżama Porno - Kotów kat ma oczy zielone
Pidżama Porno - Nikt tak pięknie nie mówił, że się boi miłości
Pidżama Porno - Nie wszystko co pozytywne jest legalne
Pidżama Porno - Droga na Brześć
Pidżama Porno - Marchef w butonierce
Pidżama Porno - Chłopcy idą na wojnę
Pidżama Porno - Tom Petty spotyka Debbie Harry
Pidżama Porno - Taksówki w poprzek czasu
Pidżama Porno - Bon ton na ostrzu noża
Pidżama Porno - Noc jak noc
Pidżama Porno - Brudna forsa
Pidżama Porno - Pryszcze
Pidżama Porno - Zabiłem go
Pidżama Porno - Chcąc pokonać Babilon
Pidżama Porno - Nocny gość
Pidżama Porno - Styropian
Pidżama Porno - Do Nieba Wzięci
Pidżama Porno - Gorzka
Pidżama Porno - Koka koka, hera hera
Pidżama Porno - Złodziej zapalniczek
Pidżama Porno - Gdy Zostajesz U Mnie Na Noc
Pidżama Porno - Wściekła Mariola
Pidżama Porno - Durna 6, Mądra 11
Pidżama Porno - Wieczność (na dachach świata)
Pidżama Porno - Między czarnym i czerwonym
Pidżama Porno - Spokój i ręce
Pidżama Porno - Miejscy partyzanci
Pidżama Porno - Hymn pokoju
Pidżama Porno - Strzelaj lub emigruj
Pidżama Porno - Kilka zdań o Hitlerjugend
Pidżama Porno - Permanentna rewolucja
Pidżama Porno - Kocięta i szczenięta
Pidżama Porno - Co za dzień
Pidżama Porno - Maszerujemy naprzód (Odlotowa Dorota)
Pidżama Porno - Pasażer
Pidżama Porno - Film o końcu świata
Édith Piaf - Bravo Pur Le Clown
Pidżama Porno - Gnijąca modelka w taksówce
Pidżama Porno - Ezoteryczny Poznań
Pidżama Porno - 28 (One Love)
Pidżama Porno - Stąpając po niepewnym gruncie
Pidżama Porno - Ksero z kota
Pidżama Porno - Czekając na trzęsienie ziemi
Pidżama Porno - Porządek panuje w Warszawie
Pidżama Porno - Nasze nogi są jak z gumy
Pidżama Porno - Ballada o krwi prawdziwej
Pidżama Porno - Kiedy praży się Paryż
Pidżama Porno - Browarne bulwary
Pidżama Porno - Trzymając się za ręce
Pidżama Porno - Terrorystka Frania
Pidżama Porno - Tyle dróg
Pidżama Porno - Fucking in the Church
Pidżama Porno - Katarzyna ma katar
Pidżama Porno - Codzienność
Pidżama Porno - Wojna nie jest twoim stanem naturalnym
Pidżama Porno - Świńska procesja
Pidżama Porno - List do żołnierza
Pidżama Porno - Szalone lato
Pidżama Porno - Outsider
Pidżama Porno - Nimfy (Baby)
Pidżama Porno - Czas czas czas
Pidżama Porno - Koszmarów cztery pary
Pidżama Porno - News from Tienanmen
Jack Payne & His Orchestra - What More Can I Ask?
Pitch Slapped - Because of You
Pitch Slapped - Without Your Love
Pitch Slapped - Got To Get You Into My Life
Pitch Slapped - Breakeven
Mike Phillips - Party With Mike Phillips
Pidżama Porno - Gdy zostaniesz u mnie na noc (Po co)
Pidżama Porno - Jesienna deprecha
Pidżama Porno - Ach co za dzień
Pidżama Porno - Nienawidzę twojej generacji
Pidżama Porno - Złodzieje zapalniczek
Pidżama Porno - Będzie co ma być
Pidżama Porno - Anti Fa
Pidżama Porno - Spokój w głowach
Pidżama Porno - Bal u senatora '93
Pidżama Porno - Tom Petty potyka się o Debbie Harry - wersja żywa
Pidżama Porno - Gloria
Pidżama Porno - Nocny gość - wersja Wampira Janowskiego
Pi - Çok da Umrumda
Pitch Black - Disturbing the Peace
Pitch Black - Break Point
Pitch Black - Divine Not Human
Pitch Black - Lost in Words
Pitch Black - Standards of Perfection
Pitch Black - Suffochate
Pitch Black - Pitch Black
Édith Piaf - Le bleu de tes yeux
Édith Piaf - Toujours aimer (Always Loving)
Édith Piaf - C'est l'amour (It's Love)
Planet Patrol - Cheap Thrills
Lou Pardini - Take It Away
Lou Pardini - What Might Have Been
Paris Combo - Mais que fait la NASA ?
Paris Combo - Attraction
Los Pepes - Detrás de mí
Paris Combo - Pourquoi les vaches...
Paris Combo - Avril
Paris Combo - Rétroviseur
Paris Combo - Fibre de verre
Paris Combo - High, Low, In
Paris Combo - Etoile pâle
Paris Combo - Touriste d'une vie
Paris Combo - Baguée
Paris Combo - Prête à porter
Paris Combo - Aléas
Paris Combo - Je ne sais qui fumer
Paris Combo - Living Room
Paris Combo - Señor
Paris Combo - On n'a pas besoin
Paris Combo - Je rêve encore
Paris Combo - Valse d'amour
Paris Combo - Je te vois partout
Paris Combo - Lux
Paris Combo - Goodbye Pinocchio
Paris Combo - Tout excusé
Paris Combo - Comptez sur moi
Paris Combo - Les cailloux blancs
Paris Combo - Chaque fois
Paris Combo - Le magasin de porcelaine
Paris Combo - Ce que j'aime, c'est le début
Édith Piaf - Johnny tu n’es pas un ange
Édith Piaf - Pour qu’elle soit jolie ma chanson (from “Boum sur Paris”)
Édith Piaf - Salle d’attente
Édith Piaf - C’est un homme terrible
Édith Piaf - Le Vieux Piano (The Old Piano)
Édith Piaf - L'Homme à moto
Édith Piaf - Tu me fais tourner la tête
Édith Piaf - L ccord oniste
Édith Piaf - Hymne l'amour
Édith Piaf - La Via En Rose
Édith Piaf - Mon Dieu (En anglais)
Édith Piaf - A quoi c,a sert l'amour
Édith Piaf - Paris (du film "L'Homme aux mains d'argile")
Édith Piaf - Le roi a fait battre tambour (Avec Les Compagnons de la Chanson)
Édith Piaf - Dans les prisons de Nantes (avec Les Compagnons De La Chanson)
Édith Piaf - Amants d'un jour
Édith Piaf - Johnny tu n'est pas un ange
Édith Piaf - Enfin le printemps (Vises mon Jules)
Édith Piaf - Un refrain courait dans les rue
Édith Piaf - Mea Culpa (My Fault) (Mi Culpa)
Édith Piaf - Ouragan (Huracán)
Édith Piaf - Ce Lui Qui Ne Savait Pas Pleurer
Édith Piaf - Hymne à l'amour (version Anglaise)
Édith Piaf - Un Monseieur Me Suit Dans La Rue
Édith Piaf - Les Deux Copains Édith Piaf
Édith Piaf - Les Trois Cloches Édith Piaf
Édith Piaf - La Vie en Rose Édith Piaf
Édith Piaf - C'Etait une Histoire d'Amour Édith Piaf
Édith Piaf - L' Accordeoniste
Édith Piaf - Enfin, le printemps
Édith Piaf - 'chand' d'habits
Gustavo José Pena Casanova - Milonga para una niña
Tiye Phoenix - Too Late for Us
Pixote - Brilho de Cristal/É de Arrepiar/Saudades de Nós
Pixote - Franqueza/Tão Inocente/Tudo por Você
Pixote - Mande um sinal
Pixote - Bateu Levou
Pixote - Coisas do Amor (Fã de Carteirinha)/Você Pode
Pixote - Meu Amor
Pixote - Beijo Doce/Só Alegria
Pixote - Que Maravilha/Cada um Cada um (A Namoradeira)
Pixote - Insegurança
Pixote - Vai Valer a Pena
Pixote - Já é Madrugada
Pixote - Adeus Solidão
Pixote - O Amor não tem Culpa
Pixote - Fissura
Pixote - Idem/Frenesi/Nuance
Pixote - Vem pro meu samba
Pixote - A Lua e Eu
Pixote - Faz Tanto Tempo
Pixote - Frenesi
Pixote - Ta Bom Demais
Pixote - Beijo Doce(live)
Pixote - Saudade de Nos(live)
Pixote - Tão Inocente(live)
Pixote - Cego de Amor
Pixote - Brilho de Cristal
Pixote - Mexe-Mexe
Pixote - Franqueza(live)
Pixote - Tudo Por Voce(live)
Pixote - Sigilo de Amor
Pixote - Pira
Pixote - Coisas do Amor (Fã de Carteirinha)
Pixote - Love Perfeito
Pixote - Pixote
Pixote - Leve Impressão
Planeet - Lõpmatus
Der Plan - Hans und Gabi
Der Plan - Deutschland bleiche Mutter
Piramis - A becsület
Piramis - Ha volna két életem
Piramis - Gyere közelebb
Piramis - A dal
Piramis - Emelj Fel A Szívedig
Piramis - Hozd el a tegnapot
Piramis - 2 Másnap Olyan Hatalmas Lett A Világ
Piramis - 7 Mondj Egy Mesét
Piramis - 1 Szállj Fel Magasra
Piramis - 3 Szabadnak Születtem
Piramis - 4 Ajándék
Piramis - 8 Kívánj Igazi Ünnepet
Piramis - Boldog ember
Pitbull feat. Mohombi & PLAYB4CK - Sun in California
The Perms - The Parent Thing
The Perms - Aberdeen
Der Plan - Alte Pizza
Der Plan - Da vorne steht ne Ampel
Der Plan - Gummitwist
Der Plan - Komm zurück!
Photophobia - When Life Run on Razorblades...
Photophobia - If My World Ends Without You
Photophobia - I Buried Myself at the Edge of the Sky
Eila Pienimäki - Tulenliekki
Eila Pienimäki - Älä lähde pois
Gaizka Peñafiel - Itsasargia
Pilgerhertz - Arschtief im Archiv
Red Peters - Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)
Red Peters - The Two Gay Irishmen
Red Peters - Ballad of a Dog Named Stains
Red Peters - You Promised Me the Moon (But I Preferred Uranus)
Red Peters - You Promised the Moon (but I Prefer Uranus)
Red Peters - The Closing Song
Red Peters - How's Your Whole Family? (LP)
Red Peters - Holy Shit, It’s Christmas!
Jodi Picoult - 026
Die Piraten - Wir lagen vor Madagaskar
Pig & Dan - Sympathy For The Devil
Pictures and Sound - The Last Ocean
Pictures and Sound - It's You
Pictures and Sound - 100 Directions
Phats & Small - Tonite
Phats & Small - Sun Comes Out
Phats & Small - Night Like This
Phats & Small - If Only You
Phats & Small - I Can't Sleep Tonight
Phats & Small - Change
Cunnie Williams - Saturday
Da Click - Good Rhymes
Rose Royce - Carwash '98
Phats & Small - September '99
DJ Payback Garcia - Intro
Pixie Paris - Es Rappelt Im Karton
Pitch Black - It's All Real
Pitch Black - Got It Locked
Pitch Black - Good Times
Phonique - Feel What You Want
Phonique - You, That I'm With
Phonique - Endless Love
Phonique - Our Time Our Chance
PipeCut Wedding - Let me hear your voice
Danny Pelfrey - Better Than I
Danny Pelfrey - Bloom
Danny Pelfrey - More Than You Take
Astor Piazzolla & Roberto Goyeneche - El gordo triste
The Pine Hill Project - Such Sweet Angels
Pink Military - Degenerated Man
Pink Military - I Cry
Pink Military - Did You See Her?
Pink Military - Wild West
Pink Military - Living in a Jungle
Pink Military - Dreamtime
Pink Military - War Games
Pink Military - Do Animals Believe in God?
Monte Pittman - Before the Mourning Sun
Pitch Perfect - The Rolling Stones
Pitch Perfect - Hotel California
Pitch Perfect - Frensh Kiss
Pitch Perfect - Joy of the Egyptians
Pitch Perfect - Kissing
Pitch Perfect - Classic Fantastic
Pitch Perfect - The Final Count Down
Plan B - Intro
Plan B - Tarde en la noche
Plan B - ¿Por qué te demoras?
Plan B - La nena de papá
Plan B - Si no le contesto
Plan B - Es un secreto
Plan B - El amor no existe
Plan B - Nos fuimos discoteca
Plan B - El que la hace la paga
Plan B - House of Pleasure
Plan B - Outro
Plan B - Fronteo
Plan B - Choca
Plan B - Pa'l piso
Plan B - Fanática sensual
Plan B - Matadero
Plan B - Mi vecinita
Plan B - Juegas con mi mente
Plan B - ¿Dónde los consigo?
Plan B - Soy y seré
Plan B - Zapatito roto
Plan B - Dame una noche
Plan B - Sátiro
Plan B - Love and Sex
Plan B - Llorarás feat Rkm & Ken Y
Plan B - Mis canciones hablan de sexo feat. J King & Meximan
Plan B - Parisera Feat. De La Ghetto
Plan B - Qué me pasó?
The Pinks - Hur gör du
The Pinks - 12 23 05
The Pinks - Lita på mej
The Pinks - Lucky Luke
The Pinks - Vi är ett folk
The Pinks - Linda
The Pinks - Namn Och Nummer
Pipes and Pints - City by the Sea
Pipes and Pints - All I Know
Pipes and Pints - Kensington Club
Pipes and Pints - Bad Times
Pipes and Pints - Fight the Fight
Pipes and Pints - When the Pipers Play
Pipes and Pints - Heaven and Hell
Pipes and Pints - Braveheart
Pipes and Pints - Criticized
Pipes and Pints - Where Is My America
Pipes and Pints - Calling Me
Pipes and Pints - Never Let You Down
Pipes and Pints - One Connection
Pipes and Pints - Right or Wrong
Pipes and Pints - Found and Lost
Pipes and Pints - Runaway
Pipes and Pints - Warpath 82
Pipes and Pints - Lets Go
Pipes and Pints - She's the One
Wolfgang Petry - Der Himmel brennt
Wolfgang Petry - Wieso und weshalb...
Wolfgang Petry - Sommer in der Stadt
Wolfgang Petry - Sieben Tage, sieben Nächte
Wolfgang Petry - Ganz oder gar nicht
Wolfgang Petry - Frei für Dich
Wolfgang Petry - Jessica
Wolfgang Petry - Bronze, Silber und Gold
Wolfgang Petry - Tu's doch
Wolfgang Petry - Gianna
Wolfgang Petry - Sehnsucht nach Dir
Wolfgang Petry - Scheissegal
Wolfgang Petry - Ruhrgebiet
Wolfgang Petry - Denn eines Tages vielleicht
Wolfgang Petry - Die Jahre mit euch
Wolfgang Petry - Verlieben, verloren, vergessen, verzeih’n
Wolfgang Petry - Augen zu und durch
Wolfgang Petry - So ein Schwein...
Wolfgang Petry - Co-Co (Ho Chi Kaka Ho)
Wolfgang Petry - Weiber
Wolfgang Petry - Auf den Mond schießen
Wolfgang Petry - Nur ein kleines Stück Papier
Wolfgang Petry - Denn eines Tags vielleicht
Wolfgang Petry - Nichts von alledem
Wolfgang Petry - Mein Zuhaus
Wolfgang Petry - 1000 und 1 Nacht (Zoom)
Wolfgang Petry - Ich will noch mehr
Wolfgang Petry - Mein Revier
Wolfgang Petry - Ich will mehr
Wolfgang Petry - Wieso und weshalb
Wolfgang Petry - Weiß der Geier
Wolfgang Petry - Verlieben, verloren...
Wolfgang Petry - Wer die Augen schließt
Phife Dawg - Alphabet Soup
Phife Dawg - The Club Hoppa
Phife Dawg - Ben Dova
Phife Dawg - Ventilation
Phife Dawg - Melody Adonis
Phife Dawg - Lemme Find Out
Phife Dawg - Nutshell
The Persuaders - Thin Line Between Love and Hate
The Persuaders - Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)
The Persuaders - Some Guys Have All the Luck
The Persuaders - Can't Go No Further and Do No Better
The Persuaders - Trying Girls Out
Wolfgang Petry - Hab' noch lange nicht genug
Wolfgang Petry - Alles würd' ich tun für Dich
Wolfgang Petry - Bis irgendwann
Wolfgang Petry - Es kommt sowieso ganz anders
Wolfgang Petry - Millionär
Wolfgang Petry - Das darf doch nicht wahr sein
Wolfgang Petry - Der Sommer von damals
Wolfgang Petry - Doch ich will Dich
Wolfgang Petry - Wieder zurück
Wolfgang Petry - Dieses Lied ist für Euch
Wolfgang Petry - Ich schaff' das schon
Wolfgang Petry - Du bist fort
Wolfgang Petry - Wie beim ersten Mal
Wolfgang Petry - Der "Nie genug" Hitmix
Wolfgang Petry - Jeder Freund ist auch ein Mann
Wolfgang Petry - Du tust mir gut
Wolfgang Petry - Geil, geil, geil wir sind die größten
Wolfgang Petry - Ich heb das Glas
Wolfgang Petry - Der letzte seiner Art
Wolfgang Petry - Du machst aus mir 'ne Achterbahn
Wolfgang Petry - Da sind diese Augen - Tanzbar!
Wolfgang Petry - Einmal noch - Tanzbar!
Wolfgang Petry - Ich hab' dich immer schon geliebt
Wolfgang Petry - 7 Tage, 7 Nächte 7 Wunder
Wolfgang Petry - Epoche
Wolfgang Petry - Pflicht
Wolfgang Petry - Na dann, gute Nacht
Wolfgang Petry - Ich will das alles nicht mehr
Wolfgang Petry - Du mit mir
Wolfgang Petry - Nichts wie weg - und schluß mit Liebe
Wolfgang Petry - Schwarz oder weiß