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Piano Magic - Speed the Road, Rush the Lights
Piano Magic - Help Me Warm This Frozen Heart
Piano Magic - I Am the Teacher's Son
Piano Magic - The End of the Dark, Tired Year
Piano Magic - The Tollbooth Martyrs
Piano Magic - When I'm Done, This Night Will Fear Me
Piano Magic - Luxembourg Gardens
Piano Magic - Comets
Piano Magic - Postal
Piano Magic - Modern Jupiter
Piano Magic - The Season Is Long
Piano Magic - Certainty
Piano Magic - It's the Same Dream That Lasts All Night
Piano Magic - Already Ghosts
Piano Magic - Shot Through the Fog
Piano Magic - The Last Engineer
Piano Magic - England's Always Better (As You're Pulling Away)
Piano Magic - Soldier Song
Piano Magic - The King Cannot Be Found
Piano Magic - Halfway Through
Piano Magic - Saints Preserve Us
Piano Magic - Part-Monster
Piano Magic - To Be Swished / Dream of the UPS Driver
Phinehas - Thegodmachine: The Speaking Stone
Phinehas - Bad Blood
Phinehas - A Pattern in Pain
Phinehas - I Am the Lion
Phinehas - From One End of the Sky to the Other
Phinehas - Crowns
Phinehas - The Wishing Well
Phinehas - My Horses Are Many
Phinehas - Grace Disguises by Darkness
Phinehas - Pendulum
Phinehas - Thegodmachine: The Rider
Phinehas - Fleshkiller
Phinehas - The Deepest of Graves
Phinehas - Blood on My Knuckles
Phinehas - Twisted
Phinehas - Out of the Dust
Phinehas - The Blessing and the Curse
Phinehas - Manipulator's Wire
Phinehas - Salting the Mine
Phinehas - From a Burning Sun
Phinehas - WWII
Phinehas - Dead Choir
Phinehas - White Livered
Phinehas - Truth Be Told
Phinehas - Forever West
Phinehas - Tetelestai
Phinehas - Coup De Grâce
Phinehas - Seven
Phinehas - Iliaster (More Than Skin)
Phinehas - Evening Gray and Morning Red
Phinehas - Till the End
Phinehas - Grace Disguised by Darkness
Phinehas - Well If the Earths Are Stopped, Then the Fox Faces the Hounds
Phinehas - PanHammer
Phinehas - Enkindler
Phinehas - David and the Gate
Piero Pelù - Fuori di qui
Piero Pelù - Aquilone
Piero Pelù - Né buoni né cattivi
Piero Pelù - Perfetto difettoso
Piero Pelù - Homo europeus
Piero Pelù - Big-Bug
Piero Pelù - Il segno
Piero Pelù - Marrakesh Serenade
Piero Pelù - Stesso futuro
Piero Pelù - Tacabanda
Piero Pelù - Presente
Piero Pelù - U.D.S.
Piero Pelù - Amore immaginato
Piero Pelù - Resisti e stai
Piero Pelù - Gatte e topi
Piero Pelù - Storie
Piero Pelù - A la vida
Piero Pelù - Pappagalli verdi
Piero Pelù - Louisiana
Piero Pelù - Il volo
Piero Pelù - Maudit
Piero Pelù - Sparami
Piero Pelù - Animale di zona
Piero Pelù - Segni in faccia
Piero Pelù - Il tuo futuro
Piero Pelù - Raga' N' Roll Bueno
Piano Magic - The Sharpest Knife in the Drawer
Piano Magic - I Am the Sub-Librarian
Piano Magic - French Mittens
Piano Magic - The Biggest Lie
Piano Magic - There's No Need for Us to Be Alone
Piano Magic - Snowfall Soon
Piano Magic - Crown Estate
Piano Magic - Bad Patient
Piano Magic - Not Fair
Piano Magic - Dark Secrets Look for Light
Piano Magic - Snow Drums
Piano Magic - Judas
Piano Magic - The Slightest of Threads
Piano Magic - Sing Something
Piano Magic - Chemical (20mg)
Piano Magic - You Don't Need Me to Tell You
Piano Magic - A Secret Never Told
Piano Magic - Echoes on Ice
Piano Magic - The Journal of a Disappointed Man
Piano Magic - This Heart Machinery
Piano Magic - I Have Moved Into the Shadow
Piano Magic - Lights Come on at 3
Piano Magic - Stations
Piano Magic - A Book I Should Not Read
Perturbazione - Un anno in più
Perturbazione - Nel mio scrigno
Perturbazione - Leggere parole
Perturbazione - Battiti per minuto
Perturbazione - Qualcuno si dimentica
Perturbazione - Casa mia
Perturbazione - On/Off
Perturbazione - Brautigan (Giorni che finiscono)
Perturbazione - Controfigurine
Perturbazione - Giugno, dov'eri?
Perturbazione - See the Sky Above
Perturbazione - I Am F
Perturbazione - Where Were You When We Were Tearing Ourselves in Pieces?
Perturbazione - Tralala
Perturbazione - Happy New Age
Perturbazione - Another Huge Mistake
Perturbazione - Magik Mulatto
Perturbazione - Passed Away
Perturbazione - Lontano da qui
Perturbazione - Domenica interno notte
Perturbazione - Fake B-Movie Star
Perturbazione - La corda di vetro
Perturbazione - Dal silenzio
Perturbazione - Istruzioni per l'uso
Perturbazione - Mondo tempesta
Perturbazione - Del nostro tempo rubato
Perturbazione - Vomito!
Perturbazione - Mao Zeitung
Perturbazione - Buongiorno buonafortuna
Perturbazione - Primo
Perturbazione - La fuga dei cervelli
Perturbazione - Io sono vivo voi siete morti
Perturbazione - Esemplare
Perturbazione - La cura del sonno
Perturbazione - L'elastico
Perturbazione - Cimiterotica
Perturbazione - Come in basso così in alto
Perturbazione - Last Minute
Perturbazione - La rosa dei 20
Perturbazione - Agosto
Perturbazione - Mi piacerebbe
Perturbazione - Iceberg
Perturbazione - Arrivederci addio
Perturbazione - Senza una scusa
Perturbazione - This Ain't My Bed Anymore
Perturbazione - Il senso della vite
Perturbazione - Cuorum
Perturbazione - Fiat lux
Perturbazione - Per te che non ho conosciuto
Perturbazione - I complimenti pretesi del come
Perturbazione - Meno di due
Perturbazione - E fora chiovi
Perturbazione - Portami via di qua, sto male
Perturbazione - Wonderful Life
Perturbazione - Uno senza
Perturbazione - Why Won't You Stay
Perturbazione - Il grande passo
Perturbazione - Non cercarmi
Piano Magic - Wintersport / Cross Country
Piano Magic - The Drowning of St Christopher
Piano Magic - Halloween Boat
Piano Magic - I Came to Your Party Dressed as a Shadow
Piano Magic - A Trick of the Sea
Piano Magic - Music won't save you from anything but silence
Perturbazione - Dieci anni dopo
Perturbazione - Chiedo alla polvere
Perturbazione - Spalle strette
Perturbazione - Animalia
Perturbazione - Se mi scrivi
Perturbazione - Se fosse adesso
Perturbazione - Canzone allo specchio
Perturbazione - La fine di qualcosa
Perturbazione - Seconda persona
Perturbazione - A luce spenta
Perturbazione - Quattro gocce di blu
Perturbazione - Il materiale e l'immaginario
Perturbazione - La vita davanti
Perturbazione - Musica X
Perturbazione - Diversi dal resto
Perturbazione - Mia figlia infinita
Perturbazione feat. Luca Carboni - I baci vietati
Perturbazione - Monogamia
Perturbazione feat. Erica Mou - Ossexione
Perturbazione feat. I cani - Questa è Sparta
Perturbazione - Legàmi
Perturbazione - Questa è Sparta
Pascal Pinon - Ekki Vanmeta
Pascal Pinon - Þerney (One Thing)
Pascal Pinon - Somewhere
Pascal Pinon - When I Can't Sleep
Pascal Pinon - Bloom
Pascal Pinon - Fernando
Pascal Pinon - Good And Bad Things
Pascal Pinon - Árstíðir
Pascal Pinon - Baldursbrár
Pascal Pinon - Ózonlagið
Pascal Pinon - Djöflasnaran
Pascal Pinon - I Wrote a Song
Pascal Pinon - New Beginning
Pascal Pinon - Moi
Pascal Pinon - En Þú Varst Ævintýr
Pascal Pinon - 53
Pascal Pinon - Orange
Pascal Pinon - Kertið Og Húsið Brann…
Pascal Pinon - 5 Hour Party People
Pineforest Crunch - Cup Noodle Song
Pineforest Crunch - Situation Endless
Pineforest Crunch - Queen of the Nineties
Pineforest Crunch - College Radio Listeners
Pineforest Crunch - Coronation
Pineforest Crunch - Happy Valentine
Petal - Camera Lens
Petal - Tommy
Petal - Heaven
Petal - Chandelier Thief
Petal - Feel
Petal - Sooner
Petal - The Fire
Petal - Shame
Petal - Nature
Petal - Camera Lens II
Petal - Photobooth
Petal - Silly Heart
Petal - i'm sorry
Petal - when i see you
Petal - left a mark
Petal - comeback
Paté de Fuá - Ninna e Pasquale
Paté de Fuá - La colegiala
Paté de Fuá - Triste historia
Paté de Fuá - El valsecito de Don Serafín
Paté de Fuá - Muñeca
Paté de Fuá - El supermercado
Paté de Fuá - El fantasma enamorado
Paté de Fuá - Con un ademán
Paté de Fuá - Celoso y desubicado
Paté de Fuá - Lo que pudo ser
Paté de Fuá - Viejo puerto
Paté de Fuá - Ojos brujos
Paté de Fuá - Paloma cruel
Paté de Fuá - Boquita pintada
Paté de Fuá - Mujer que te peinas
Paté de Fuá - La Lupita
Paté de Fuá - El vals del circo
Paté de Fuá - El soñador
Paté de Fuá - Madre querida
Paté de Fuá - Esquina de mi barrio
Paté de Fuá - Serenata
Paté de Fuá - Vamos a morir
Paté de Fuá - El extranjero
Paté de Fuá - Paloma querida
Paté de Fuá - Te conozco mascarita
Paté de Fuá - Mendigo del amor
Paté de Fuá - Mi corazón
Paté de Fuá - Princesita
Paté de Fuá - Más allá
Perturbazione - Dipende da te
Perturbazione - Trentenni
Perturbazione - Una festa a sorpresa
Perturbazione - Cara rubrica del cuore
Perturbazione - Cinico
Perturbazione - La prossima estate
Perturbazione - Are You Ready
Perturbazione - Robbery
Perturbazione - Sport Isn't Good for Love
Perturbazione - A Farm in Wales
Perturbazione - All Shook Up
Perturbazione - Ossexione
Perturbazione - L'unica
Perturbazione - L'Italia vista dal bar
Paté de Fuá - Sin razón, ni despedida
Paté de Fuá - Adónde Vas
Paté de Fuá - - El Tren De La Alegria
Paté de Fuá - - Yuyo Verde
Paté de Fuá - - La Canción Del Linyera
Pesta - Words of a Madman
The Pedrito Martinez Group - La Luna
The Pedrito Martinez Group - La Habana
The Pist - Ideas Are Bulletproof
Pinpoint - Family Life
Pieces of a Dream - Devotion
Pieces of a Dream - You and I
Pieces of a Dream - You
Pieces of a Dream - Theme From Mahogany
Pieces of a Dream - Goodbye Manhattan
Pieces of a Dream - Have a Little Faith
Pieces of a Dream - Love of My Life
Persefone - Mind as Universe
Persefone - The Great Reality
Persefone - The Majestic of Gaia
Persefone - Inner Fullness
Persefone - Upward Explosion
Persefone - Spiritual Migration
Persefone - Returning to the Source
Persefone - The Ground Book (intro)
Persefone - Fall to Rise
Persefone - Death Before Dishonour
Persefone - The Endless Path
Persefone - Purity
Persefone - Rage Stained Blade
Persefone - Kusanagi
Persefone - Shin-Ken, Part I
Persefone - Shin-Ken, Part II
Persefone - Sanctuary: Light and Grief
Persefone - The Whisper of Men
Persefone - Truth Inside the Shades
Persefone - Niflheim (The Eyes That Hold the Edge)
Persefone - Atemporal Divinity
Pitbull feat. TJR - Don’t Stop the Party
Pinwheel - Die Laughing
Persefone - Sanctuary Act I: Goddess'Wrath
Persefone - Sanctuary Act II: Light's Memories
Persefone - Sanctuary Act III: Exiled to the Void
Persefone - Underworld (The Fallen and the Butterfly)
Persefone - Seed (Core and Persefone)
Persefone - The Haunting of Human's Denial
Pillar Point - Dove
Pitbull feat. Danny Mercer - Outta Nowhere
Pieces of a Dream - Warm Weather
Pieces of a Dream - All About Love
Pieces of a Dream - We Are One
Pieces of a Dream - Yo Frat
Pieces of a Dream - Fo-Fi-Fo
Pieces of a Dream - It's Time for Love
Pitahati - Cahaya Dalam Buta
Pell - Monday Morning
Pell - Almighty Dollar
Pell - Café du monde
Pell - Queso
Pell - '93 Supreme
Pell - The Wild
Pell - Vanilla Sky 2.0
Pell - Incomplete
Pell - Dollar Store
Pell - Eleven 11
Pell - Now You Know
Pell - Little Things
Pell - Fresh Produce
Pell - The Never
Pell - Morning Light
Pell - Runaway
Pell - Gibberish
Pell - Wait on Me
Phanatik - B Side
Phanatik - Psych Check
Phanatik - Me?
Phanatik - Shot Clock (Brand New Day)
Phanatik - The Amazingrace
Phanatik - Odd Job
Phanatik - Press On
Phanatik - The Incredible Walk
Phanatik - Hip-Hop Music
Phanatik - Come Home
Phanatik - In Here
Pierre De Reeder - That's the Way That It Was
Pink Turns Blue - Can't Be Love
Pink Turns Blue - Last Day on Earth
Pink Turns Blue - True Love (After All)
Pink Turns Blue - Now We'll Go
Pink Turns Blue - Break It
Pink Turns Blue - Your Master Is Calling
Pink Turns Blue - I Coldly Stare Out
Pink Turns Blue - Walking on Both Sides
Pink Turns Blue - Moon
Pink Turns Blue - Seven Years
Pink Turns Blue - If Two Worlds Kiss
Pink Turns Blue - Catholic Sunday
Pink Turns Blue - Missing You
Pink Turns Blue - Pressurized
Pink Turns Blue - The First
Pink Turns Blue - The Lost Son (Phoenix)
Pink Turns Blue - Wanderers
Pink Turns Blue - True Love
Pink Turns Blue - Animal Life
Pink Turns Blue - Can Love Survive
Pink Turns Blue - Feel My Soul
Pink Turns Blue - Fairy Said
Pink Turns Blue - Storm Rider
Pink Turns Blue - Stars Collide
Pink Turns Blue - Ah Love
Pink Turns Blue - True Moment
Pink Turns Blue - State of Mind
Pink Turns Blue - When It Rains
Pink Turns Blue - A Moment Sometimes
Pink Turns Blue - The Curse
Pink Turns Blue - Cult of the Beautiful
Pink Turns Blue - Celebration's Day
Édith Piaf - Je ne veux plus laver la vaisselle
Édith Piaf - Mon légionnaire
Édith Piaf - Le Fanion de la légion
Édith Piaf - Je m'en fous pas mal
Édith Piaf - Je hais les dimanches
Édith Piaf - Padam... Padam
Édith Piaf - Jezebel
Édith Piaf - À l'enseigne de la fille sans cœur
Édith Piaf - La Goualante du pauvre Jean
Édith Piaf - L’Homme à la moto
Édith Piaf - Les Amants d'un jour
Édith Piaf - Comme moi
Édith Piaf - La foule
Édith Piaf - Mon manège à moi
Édith Piaf - Un étranger
Édith Piaf - Milord
Édith Piaf - Exodus
Édith Piaf - Mon Dieu
Édith Piaf - Fallait-il ?
Édith Piaf - Tiens v'là un marin
Édith Piaf - L'Homme de Berlin
Édith Piaf - Non, je ne regrette rien
Édith Piaf - Polichinelle
Édith Piaf - Toujours aimer
Édith Piaf - T'es beau, tu sais
Édith Piaf - C'est l'amour
Édith Piaf - À quoi ça sert l'amour
Édith Piaf - Les Mots d'amour
Édith Piaf - Les flonflons du bal
Pink Turns Blue - Aerdt
Pink Turns Blue - Bounce Up and Down
Pink Turns Blue - High And Wasted
Peace and Love - Latin Feelin
Pink Turns Blue - S.Day
Pink Turns Blue - Marcella (Escape With Romeo)
Pink Turns Blue - No More Reason...
Phillip Phillips - Man on the Moon
Phillip Phillips - Hold On
Phillip Phillips - Tell Me a Story
Phillip Phillips - Get Up Get Down
Phillip Phillips - Where We Came From
Phillip Phillips - Drive Me
Phillip Phillips - Wanted Is Love
Phillip Phillips - Can’t Go Wrong
Phillip Phillips - So Easy
Phillip Phillips - Hazel
Phillip Phillips - Wicked Game
Phillip Phillips - Searchlight
Phillip Phillips - Raging Fire
Phillip Phillips - Lead On
Phillip Phillips - Alive Again
Phillip Phillips - Fool For You
Phillip Phillips - Thicket
Phillip Phillips - Fly
Phillip Phillips - Unpack Your Heart
Phillip Phillips - Face
Phillip Phillips - Midnight Sun
Phillip Phillips - Don't Trust Me
Phillip Phillips - Armless Crawler
Phillip Phillips - Crazy
Phillip Phillips - Take Me Away
Phillip Phillips - Have You Ever Seen the Rain (American Idol Performance)
Phillip Phillips - The Letter (American Idol Performance)
Phillip Phillips - Still Rainin' (American Idol Performance)
Phillip Phillips - That's All (American Idol Performance)
Phillip Phillips - In the Midnight Hour (American Idol Performance)
Phillip Phillips - Man of the Moon
Phillip Phillips - Thriller
Peyton - A Higher Place
Peyton - I'll Rise
Édith Piaf - La Rue aux chansons
Édith Piaf - Mon ami m'a donné
Édith Piaf - Monsieur et madame
Édith Piaf - Le "Ça ira"
Édith Piaf - Avec ce soleil
Édith Piaf - Mea culpa
Édith Piaf - L'Homme au piano
Édith Piaf - Retour
Édith Piaf - Serenade du pavé
Édith Piaf - Un grand amour qui s'achève
Édith Piaf - Miséricorde
Édith Piaf - Une Dame
Édith Piaf - Je sais comment
Édith Piaf - Hymne à l'amour
Édith Piaf - La P'tite Marie
Édith Piaf - Chante-moi
Édith Piaf - T'es l'homme qu'il me faut
Édith Piaf - Non la vie n'est pas triste
Édith Piaf - Paris
Édith Piaf - Il pleut
Édith Piaf - My Lost Melody
Édith Piaf - Le Métro de Paris
Édith Piaf - Marie Trottoir
Édith Piaf - Le billard électrique
Édith Piaf - Embrasse-moi
Édith Piaf - Il a chanté
Édith Piaf - C'est un gars
Édith Piaf - Le Prisonnier de la tour
Édith Piaf - Je me souviens d'une chanson
Édith Piaf - Inconnu excepté de Dieu
Édith Piaf - Je m'imagine
Édith Piaf - Cri du cœur
Édith Piaf - Roulez tambours
Édith Piaf - Le petit brouillard
Édith Piaf - Toi tu l'entends pas
Édith Piaf - Mon vieux Lucien
Édith Piaf - La Ville inconnue
Édith Piaf - Les Blousses blanches
Édith Piaf - Monsieur incognito
Édith Piaf - Le Chant d'amour
Édith Piaf - J'en ai tant vu
Édith Piaf - C'était pas moi
Édith Piaf - Le rendez-vous
Édith Piaf - Emporte-moi
Édith Piaf - Elle a dit
Édith Piaf - Les Croix
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Because I'm Forgiven
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Let the Worshippers Arise
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Be the Praise of My Heart
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Awake My Soul (Christ Is Formed in Me)
Phillips, Craig & Dean - I'm Making Melody
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Wonderful Merciful Savior
Phillips, Craig & Dean - One Way
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Top Of My Lungs
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Saved The Day
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Amazed
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Because Of That Blood
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Let The Redeemed
Phillips, Craig & Dean - That's My Lord
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Let My Words Be Few
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Pour My Love on You
Phillips, Craig & Dean - The Voice Of The Lord
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Your Grace Still Amazes Me
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Great and Glorious
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Our God Is Here
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Great I Am
Phillips, Craig & Dean - When the Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor)
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Tell Your Heart to Beat Again
Phillips, Craig & Dean - I Choose to Believe
Phillips, Craig & Dean - These Bones
Phillips, Craig & Dean - All Is Well
Perfume - Cosmic Explorer
Perfume - Next Stage with YOU
Perfume - STORY
Perfume - FLASH
Perfume - Sweet Refrain
Perfume - Baby Face
Perfume - STAR TRAIN
Perfume - Pick Me Up
Perfume - Cling Cling
Perfume - Hold Your Hand
Perfume - Clockwork
Perfume - 1mm
Perfume - Mirai no Museum
Perfume - Party Maker
Perfume - Daijyobanai
Perfume - Dream Land
Perfume - MY COLOR
Perfume - Toki no Hari
Perfume - Nee
Perfume - Kokoro No Sports
Perfume - Fushizen na Girl
Perfume - Baby cruising Love
Perfume - Dream Fighter
Perfume - Puppy love
Perfume - Speed of Sound
Perfume - Spending all my time -Video Clip-
Perfume - Linear Motor Girl
Perfume - Perfect Star Perfect Style
Perfume - Kasuka na Kaori -Video Clip-
Perfume - Inryoku
Perfume - Daijobanai
Perfume - Laser Beam -Video Clip FULL Ver.-
Perfume - Computer Driving
Perfume - Kokoro no Supotsu
Perfume - Hold Your Hand - Original Instrumental -
Perfume - DISPLAY
Perfume - Relax In The City -Video Clip-
Perfume - TOKYO GIRL
Phillips, Craig & Dean - From the Inside Out
Phillips, Craig & Dean - The Distance
Phillips, Craig & Dean - When Grace Walks In
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Spirit of God Is Here
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Nothing to Prove
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Let God Be God
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Great Are You Lord
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Name Above All Name
Phillips, Craig & Dean - My Praise
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Every Day
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Lord Let Your Glory Fall
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Only You
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Fall Down
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Freedom of the Sea
Phillips, Craig & Dean - I Want To Be Just Like You
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Shine on Us
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Mercy Came Running
Phillips, Craig & Dean - The Concert of the Age
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Midnight Oil
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Build A Bridge of Love
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Crucified With Christ
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Restoration
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Freedom's Never Free
Phillips, Craig & Dean - When God Ran
Phillips, Craig & Dean - A Place Called Grace
Phillips, Craig & Dean - I've Got You Covered
Phillips, Craig & Dean - I Need You
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Table of Grace
Pharao - There Is a Star
Pharao - King Pharao
Pharao - I Show You Secrets
Pharao - World of Magic
Pharao - Dance of the Snake
Pharao - Eternity
Pharao - Gold in the Pyramid
Pharao - Beautiful Flower of the Bad
Pharao - We Got the Key
Pharao - It's Your Way
Pharao - Rave Like an Egyptian
Pharao - Christmasland
Pharao - Wish I Could Fly
Pharao - Temple of Love
Pharao - I Can't Wait
Pharao - It's a Wonder
Pharao - You Are My Man
Pharao - Once Upon A Time
Pharao - Love Is a Miracle
Pharao - Pick Me Up
Pharao - Back Home Again
Pharao - Silence Is Golden
Pharao - Dreams on Golden Wings
Édith Piaf - Les Prisons du Roy
Édith Piaf - Une valse
Édith Piaf - Les Amants de Venise
Édith Piaf - Et moi...
Édith Piaf - Sœur Anne
Édith Piaf - N'y va pas Manuel
Édith Piaf - Dans leurs baisers
Édith Piaf - Le Droit d’aimer
Édith Piaf - L’Accordéoniste
Phillips, Craig & Dean - For All the World
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Christian
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Where It's Always Been
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Ain't It Just Like Love
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Thank You for Praying
Phillips, Craig & Dean - This Is How It Feels to Be Free
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Just One
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Where Strength Begins
Phillips, Craig & Dean - A Time Such as This
Phillips, Craig & Dean - New Mercy
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Made Up Mind
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Let the Blood Speak for Me
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Will You Love Jesus More
Pentágono - Tá Teno
Pentágono - Beaba
Pentágono - Amanhã
Pentágono - Noiz É Nêgo
Pentágono - Me Ensinou
Pentágono - Viver
Pentágono - Incandescer
Pentágono - Não Dá Mais
Pentágono - Por Onde For
Pentágono - Te Extraño
Pentágono - Hotel California
Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time
Phillips, Craig & Dean - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Great Great God
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Let It Be Known
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Voices from the Other Side
Phillips, Craig & Dean - High Above it All
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Hope Has a Name
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Join the Song
Phillips, Craig & Dean - If Not For Grace
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Jesus, Only Jesus
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Throne of Praise
Phillips, Craig & Dean - What Hope Feels Like
Phillips, Craig & Dean - Come As You Are
peters. - Letzte Chance vorbei
peters. - Auffallen durch Umfallen
peters. - Zeit als Monument
peters. - Zitronenwalzer
peters. - Diskretion
peters. - Zur Lage der Nation
peters. - Pferdefüsse
peters. - Weisses Jacket und weisse Hose
Patto - Hold Your Fire
Patto - You, You Point Your Finger
Patto - See You at the Dance Tonight
Patto - Air Raid Shelter
Patto - Tell Me Where You've Been
Patto - Get Up and Do It
Patto - The Man
Patto - Red Glow
Patto - Money Bag
Patto - Sittin' Back Easy
Monsieur Periné - La tienda de sombreros
Monsieur Periné - La ciudad
Monsieur Periné - Suin romanticón
Monsieur Periné - Sabor a mí
Monsieur Periné - Cou cou
Monsieur Periné - Huracán
Monsieur Periné - La playa
Monsieur Periné - Ton silence
Monsieur Periné - Be Pop
Monsieur Periné - Nada puro hay
Monsieur Periné - La muerte
Monsieur Periné - Swing With Me
Monsieur Periné - Nuestra canción
Monsieur Periné - No hace falta
Monsieur Periné - Tu m'as promis
Monsieur Periné - Turquesa menina
Monsieur Periné - Déjame vivir
Monsieur Periné - Año bisiesto
Monsieur Periné - Cempasuchil Monsieur Periné
Monsieur Periné - Viejos amores
Monsieur Periné - Incendio
Monsieur Periné - Marinero Wawani
Monsieur Periné - Lloré
Monsieur Periné - Mi libertad
Dan Penn - It Tears Me Up
Dan Penn - Do Right Woman Do Right Man
Dan Penn - I'm Your Puppet
Édith Piaf - Chanson de Catherine
Édith Piaf - Les Grognards
Édith Piaf - Kiosque à journaux
Édith Piaf - Tout fout le camp
Édith Piaf - Partance
Édith Piaf - Reste
Édith Piaf - Le Bruit des villes
Édith Piaf - Les Gens
Édith Piaf - Browning
Édith Piaf - C'était une histoire d'amour
Édith Piaf - De l'autre côté de la rue
Picturesque - One of Us
Picturesque - Just Exist
Picturesque - Monstrous Things
Picturesque - Speak Softly
Picturesque - Who We Are
Picturesque - Unannounced
Picturesque - Fake Fiction
PH3 - Telefon
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Banned From the Pubs
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Run Like Hell
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Zombie Creeping Flesh
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - No Invitation
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - The Jinx
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Trapper Ain't Got a Bird
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Wimpeez
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Never Made It
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Blown Out Again
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Rotting in the Fart Sack
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Ten Deadly Sins
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Spirit of Keith Moon
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Alcohol
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Vicars Wank Too
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - All About Love
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Supermodels
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Shake My World
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Mr. Mortage
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Temptation
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Jetsetter
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Love Is Dead
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Crying in the Snow
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Dog Society
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Bad Loser
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Let's Do Lunch
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Spacecake
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Busy Doing Nothing
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Cringe
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Shit British Tour
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - The Gardener
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Launch 'em Now
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Reality Calling
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - The Man Who Did Nothing
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Bare Necessities
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Weekend Warrior
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - V.D.U. Head
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Shit at It
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Tuinal Shuffle
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Goodbye Forever
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Latent Psychosis
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Riot
Partiet - Hon
Partiet - Bra vibe
Partiet - Problemformuleringsprivilegiet
Partiet - Estelle
Partiet - Kulturpolitik
Partiet - Ensamkommande flyktingbanan
Partiet - Tråkiga killen
Partiet - Zombies
Partiet - Som en karl
Partiet - Ge inte upp
Partiet - Du och jag mot världen
Partiet - Korten på bordet
Partiet - Partiledaren
Partiet - Ego
Partiet - Pappas pappa
Partiet - Säg upp dig
Partiet - Han Är Köpt
Partiet - Inatt Jag Drömde
Édith Piaf - Dans ma rue
Édith Piaf - Les Gars qui marchaient
Édith Piaf - Le petit homme
Édith Piaf - C'est toi le plus fort
Édith Piaf - La Vie en rose (en anglais)
Édith Piaf - N'y vas pas manuel
Édith Piaf - Qu'as-tu fait John ?
Édith Piaf - Mon apéro
Édith Piaf - Les Deux Rengaines
Édith Piaf - Si Tu Partais
Édith Piaf - L'Hymne à l'amour
Édith Piaf - Monsieur Le Noble
Édith Piaf - Les Flons flons du bal
El petit de Cal Eril - Cendres
El petit de Cal Eril - Cau la neu
El petit de Cal Eril - Vol
El petit de Cal Eril - Partícules de déu
El petit de Cal Eril - Dol
El petit de Cal Eril - Volant
El petit de Cal Eril - Poca pena
El petit de Cal Eril - Decapitació I
El petit de Cal Eril - Decapitació II
El petit de Cal Eril - Busca i captura
El petit de Cal Eril - Vol i dol
El petit de Cal Eril - Partícules de déu II
El petit de Cal Eril - La figura del 8
El petit de Cal Eril - Amb tot
El petit de Cal Eril - Lleida frega Fraga
El petit de Cal Eril - Com un plom
El petit de Cal Eril - Estramoni (Finis laus deo)
El petit de Cal Eril - R. Lee
El petit de Cal Eril - La perla
El petit de Cal Eril - Gribi bestial
El petit de Cal Eril - Oh! fresc
El petit de Cal Eril - Ei! sents com refila l'òliba?
El petit de Cal Eril - El gat s'està fotent el colom
El petit de Cal Eril - Sant Pere
El petit de Cal Eril - La fi
El petit de Cal Eril - Muntanyes màgiques
El petit de Cal Eril - Què en farem?
El petit de Cal Eril - Oh! fredes
El petit de Cal Eril - Obriu les mans
El petit de Cal Eril - I tantes figues
El petit de Cal Eril - Els gats 2
El petit de Cal Eril - Mandolines tralarí
El petit de Cal Eril - I les sargantanes al sol...
El petit de Cal Eril - L'amistat del calamar
El petit de Cal Eril - Amic dels animals
El petit de Cal Eril - L'elefant
El petit de Cal Eril - Els meus peücs
El petit de Cal Eril - Aeris
El petit de Cal Eril - ...i al sol...
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Student Wankers
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Transvestite
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Elvis Is Dead
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Maniac
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Smiling Through the Tears
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Shit at It (outro)
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Easter Bank Holiday '83
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Keep Britain Untidy
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - One Night Stand
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Tupperware Party
El petit de Cal Eril - El senyal
El petit de Cal Eril - Els altres
El petit de Cal Eril - El punt
PELbO - Space Monkey
Grant‐Lee Phillips - You're a Pony
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Heavenly
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Squint
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Nothin' Is for Sure
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Good Morning Happiness
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Strangest Thing
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Little Moon
Grant‐Lee Phillips - It Ain't the Same Old Cold War Harry
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Seal It With a Kiss
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Nightbirds
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Violet
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Buried Treasure
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Blind Tom
Grant‐Lee Phillips - One Morning
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Older Now
Grant‐Lee Phillips - The Sun Shines on Jupiter
Grant‐Lee Phillips - See America
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Humankind
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Love's a Mystery
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Sadness Soot
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Spring Released
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Mobilize
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Sleepless Lake
Grant‐Lee Phillips - April Chimes
Grant‐Lee Phillips - I Often Dream of Trains
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Love My Way
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Under the Milky Way
Grant‐Lee Phillips - City of Refuge
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Boys Don't Cry
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Oral Annie
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - We're Too Drunk
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Pick Yer Nose (and Eat It)
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Snakebite
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Breast Cancer
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Child Molester
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Porno Queen
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Being Sick
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Excuses
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Beat Up the Mods
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Get 'em In (And Get 'em Off)
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Rock 'n' Roll Is Shit
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Smash 'n' Grab Raid
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Shit Stirrer
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Intensive Care
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Pissed Punks (Go for It)
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Keys to the City
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Guest List
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Runaway
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Soft Asylum (No Way Out)
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Fountain of Youth
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Hidden Hand
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Dream in Color
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Chain Lightning
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Raise the Spirit
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Same Blue Devils
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Killing a Dead Man
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Johnny Guitar
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Return to Love
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Tennessee Rain
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Smoke and Sparks
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Moccasin Creek
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Holy Irons
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Yellow Weeds
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Loaded Gun
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Just Another River Town
Grant‐Lee Phillips - No Mercy in July
Grant‐Lee Phillips - San Andreas Fault
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Find My Way
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Mona Lisa
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Waking Memory
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Lily-a-Passion
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Dirty Secret
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Always Friends
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Calamity Jane
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Josephine of the Swamps
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Far End of the Night
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Susanna Little
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Wish I Knew
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Hickory Wind
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Vanishing Song
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Fools Gold
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Black Horses in a Yellow Sky
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Ballad of Cathain
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Winterglow
Grant‐Lee Phillips - Sunday Best
Édith Piaf - J'm'en fou pas mal
Pink Guy - Ramen King
Santa’s Brother - Peanutbutter
Pink Guy - Anal Beads
Pink Guy - Big Mama
Pink Guy - Bitches Aint Shit
Santa’s Brother - Dick Pays Rent
Pink Guy - Birth of Boss
Pink Guy - Do the Salamander
Pink Guy - Erectile Dysfunction
Pink Guy - Fried Rice
Pink Guy - Fuck the Police
Pink Guy - Kill Yourself
Pink Guy - Balls
Pink Guy - Frank Says
Pink Guy - Crazy Nigga
Pink Guy - Bad Words
Santa’s Brother - Watermelon Pussy
Pink Guy - Gay Mickey
Pink Guy - Ladies Man
Pink Guy - It’s Okay to Eat Whale
Pink Guy - Jungle Boy, Part 1
Pink Guy - Douchebag
Pink Guy - FF and the Crew
Pink Guy - Loser
Santa’s Brother - Pussy Doe
Pink Guy - Some Shit
Pink Guy - Steve
Pink Guy - Taco Bell
Pink Guy - Took It in the Bottom
Pink Guy - Tribute to Ronald
Pink Guy - U Got a Frend
Pink Guy - Who’s the Sucker
Pink Guy - Gibe de Pusi Boss
Pink Guy - In da Womb
Pink Guy - Friendzone
Pink Guy - Filthy
Pink Guy - Pussy Tonight
Pink Guy - Who's the Sucker
Pink Guy - Nickelodeon Girls
Pink Guy - She's So Nice
Pink Guy - Dog Festival Directions
Pink Guy - Hot Nickel Ball on a Pussy
Pink Guy - Smd
Pink Guy - Stfu
Pink Guy - Rice Balls
Pink Guy - White Is Right
Pink Guy - Dora the Explora
Pink Guy - Flex Like David Icke
Pink Guy - Another Earth
Pink Guy - High School Blink193
Pink Guy - I Do It for My Hood
Pink Guy - Pink Life
Pink Guy - Fried Noodles
Pink Guy - Are You Serious
Pink Guy - Hand on My Gat
Pink Guy - We Fall Again
Pink Guy - Goofy's Trial
Pink Guy - Dumplings
Pink Guy - Help
Pink Guy - I Have a Gun
Pink Guy - Uber Pussy
Pink Guy - Furr
Pink Guy - Meme Machine
Pink Guy - I Will Get a Vasectomy
Pink Guy - Be Inspired
Pink Guy - Gays 4 Donald
Pink Guy - Small Dick
Pink Guy - D I C C W E T T 1
Pink Guy - Please Stop Calling Me Gay
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Talk Show
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Toy Boy
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - I'd Rather Jack
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Never Gonna Give You Up
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Too Many Broken Hearts
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - I Lust for the Digusting Things in Life
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - September Part 2
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - He's On The Whisky (Watch Out)
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Trapper Ain't Got a Bird (dub)
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Elvis Is Dead (Vaultage '78)
PINK SAPPHIRE - Little Sister
PINK SAPPHIRE - Dreaming Train
PINK SAPPHIRE - Shining Star
PINK SAPPHIRE - Pink / White X'mas
PINK SAPPHIRE - For the Earth
PINK SAPPHIRE - Dear my best friend
PINK SAPPHIRE - Keep On Rollin’
Ludo Pin - Et je m'ouvre
Édith Piaf - Quand tu dors
Édith Piaf - Y a pas d'printemps
Édith Piaf - Don't cry
Édith Piaf - Dany
Édith Piaf - Tous les amoureux chantent
Édith Piaf - Le ciel est fermé
Phixx - Hold on Me
Phixx - Original Sin
Phixx - Superstar
Phixx - Judgement Day
Phixx - Red Light
Phixx - Relentless
Phixx - Voyeur
Phixx - Temptation
Phixx - Let's Go All the Way
Phixx - City of the Night
Phixx - When I Fall
Phixx - Don't Walk Out
Phixx - Eyes Wide Open
Phixx - Synchronised
Phixx - Creepin'
Pitbull feat. Shakira - Get It Started
Philémon - Série Zouk
Philémon - Comment s'appelle-t-elle ?
Édith Piaf - Non, je ne regrette rien, La disparition de Louis Leplée
Anne Pigalle - A Crack In The Ocean
Petite League - Tylenol
Petite League - Little Fourth of July
Petite League - My Black Lungs
Petite League - Not Always Happy
Penumbra - Tragical Memories
Penumbra - Cursed Destiny
Penumbra - Seclusion
Penumbra - The Prophetess
Penumbra - Hope
Penumbra - Crimson Tail
Penumbra - Conception
Penumbra - Enclosed
Penumbra - Neutral
Penumbra - Priestess of My Dreams
Penumbra - Moaning on Earth
Penumbra - Insurrection
Penumbra - Testament
Penumbra - The Young Martyr
Penumbra - A Torrent of Fears
Penumbra - Pie Jesu
Penumbra - Save my world
Penumbra - Avalon
Penumbra - Intro
Penumbra - Lycanthrope
Penumbra - New Scaring Senses
Penumbra - Bloody Experience
Penumbra - Falling Into My Soul
Penumbra - Turn Them Off
Penumbra - Doppleganger
Penumbra - Underwater Dream
Oslo Gospel Choir - Celebrate
Oslo Gospel Choir - Come Let Us Sing
Oslo Gospel Choir - Prayer for the City
Oslo Gospel Choir - Shine Your Light
Oslo Gospel Choir - Eternal Sunshine
Oslo Gospel Choir - God So Loved the World
Oslo Gospel Choir - That's Why I Sing
Oslo Gospel Choir - On the Cross of Calvery
Oslo Gospel Choir - My Tribute
Oslo Gospel Choir - Lys imot mørketida
Oslo Gospel Choir - Nordnorsk julesalme
Oslo Gospel Choir - Kviskre ei bønn
Oslo Gospel Choir - Himmel og jord møtes i natt
Oslo Gospel Choir - Gjeterfolk i våre lier
Oslo Gospel Choir - Det kimer nå til julefest
Oslo Gospel Choir - Høyt under himmelens stjerner
Oslo Gospel Choir - Deilig er jorden
Oslo Gospel Choir - O heliga natt
The Pine Box Boys - I Kept Her Heart
The Pine Box Boys - The Beauty in Her Face
The Pine Box Boys - Will You Remember Me
The Pine Box Boys - More Pride Than Priors
The Pine Box Boys - Massacre on Confusion Hill?
Oslo Gospel Choir - Bless the Lord
Oslo Gospel Choir - Father
Oslo Gospel Choir - We Lift Our Hands
Oslo Gospel Choir - I Surrender All
Oslo Gospel Choir - Open the Eyes of My Heart
Oslo Gospel Choir - Sweetest Name I Know
Oslo Gospel Choir - Holy Is the Lamb
Oslo Gospel Choir - Draw Me Close
Oslo Gospel Choir - Holy Spirit I Thirst for You
Oslo Gospel Choir - Forever
Oslo Gospel Choir - In Your Arms
Oslo Gospel Choir - His Name Will Shine
Oslo Gospel Choir - Sweet Jesus
Oslo Gospel Choir - Get Together
Oslo Gospel Choir - Never Gonna Lose My Way
Oslo Gospel Choir - Oh Happy Day
Oslo Gospel Choir - Credo
Oslo Gospel Choir - Agnus Dei
Oslo Gospel Choir - Navnet Jesus blekner aldri
Oslo Gospel Choir - O Jesus du som fyller alt i alle
Oslo Gospel Choir - Hellig, hellig, hellig
Oslo Gospel Choir - Mariavise
Oslo Gospel Choir - Noen må våke i verdens natt
The Pine Box Boys - Stab!
Leila Pinheiro - A Primeira Vez
Leila Pinheiro - Discussão
Leila Pinheiro - Amor Certinho
Leila Pinheiro - Este Seu Olhar
Leila Pinheiro - Folha De Papel
Leila Pinheiro - Samba Da Pergunta
Leila Pinheiro - Chega De Saudade
Leila Pinheiro - Sabe Você
Leila Pinheiro - Hoje
Leila Pinheiro - E muito mais
Leila Pinheiro - Nuestro Juramento
Leila Pinheiro - Pela Ciclovia
Leila Pinheiro - Deu no que deu
Leila Pinheiro - Tiranizar
Leila Pinheiro - A Vida Que a Gente Leva
Leila Pinheiro - Onde Deus possa me ouvir
Leila Pinheiro - Coisas do Brasil
Leila Pinheiro - Acalanto
Leila Pinheiro - Monte Castelo
Leila Pinheiro - Quem te viu, quem te vê
Leila Pinheiro - Chorar de mal de amor
Leila Pinheiro - Todo Amor que Houver Nessa Vida
Leila Pinheiro - Podres Poderes
Leila Pinheiro - Besame
Leila Pinheiro - Änïmä
Pierrot Lunaire - Raipure
Pierrot Lunaire - Invasore
Pierrot Lunaire - Il re di Raipure
Pierrot Lunaire - Sotto i ponti
Pierrot Lunaire - Arlecchinata
Pierrot Lunaire - La saga della primavera
Oslo Gospel Choir - Let the Sun Shine
Oslo Gospel Choir - Open Up My Heart
Oslo Gospel Choir - You Are the Light
Oslo Gospel Choir - Soon I Will Be Home
Oslo Gospel Choir - Crouch-Medley
Leila Pinheiro - Todos os Sentidos
Leila Pinheiro - Besame Mucho
Leila Pinheiro - Bom humor
Leila Pinheiro - Pra que Chorar; Tem Dó; Samba da Bênção
Leila Pinheiro - Lenço
Leila Pinheiro - Call me (É só Chamar)
Leila Pinheiro - Abandono
Leila Pinheiro - Sacode Carola
Leila Pinheiro - Catavento e girassol
Leila Pinheiro - Índios
Leila Pinheiro - O teatro dos vampiros
Leila Pinheiro - Espere por mim morena
Leila Pinheiro - Lembra de mim
Leila Pinheiro - Mais uma boca
Leila Pinheiro - Feliz
Leila Pinheiro - Vento no litoral
Oslo Gospel Choir - I Wanna Be Ready
Oslo Gospel Choir - We Give Thanks
Oslo Gospel Choir - Amazing Grace
Leila Pinheiro - O amor em paz, Meditação, Corcovado, Ela é carioca
Leila Pinheiro - Ilusão à-toa, O que é amar
Leila Pinheiro - Ah! Se eu pudesse, O barquinho, Você, Nós e o mar
Leila Pinheiro - Mentiras, Até quem sabe
Leila Pinheiro - Tudo Bem
Leila Pinheiro - Um Dia, Um Adeus
Leila Pinheiro - Tudo Azul do Mar
Oslo Gospel Choir - The new millenium
Oslo Gospel Choir - There's a light
Oslo Gospel Choir - In his hands
Oslo Gospel Choir - My life is in your hands
Leila Pinheiro - Bom dia Belem
Pilot - What Goes Up
Pilot - Magic
Pilot - January
Pilot - Call Me Round
Pilot - Do Me Good
Pilot - Just a Smile
Pilot - Don't Speak Loudly
Pilot - You're My No. 1
Pilot - High Into the Sky
Pilot - Dear Artist
Pilot - Running Water
Pilot - First After Me
Pilot - Canada
Pilot - Penny in My Pocket
Pilot - Steps
Pilot - Lucky for Some
Pilot - Lovely Lady Smile
Pilot - Over the Moon
Pilot - Auntie Iris
Pilot - Sky Blue
Pilot - Trembling
Oslo Gospel Choir - You Are Holy
Oslo Gospel Choir - Shout To The Lord
Oslo Gospel Choir - Breathe
Oslo Gospel Choir - Ancient Of Days
Oslo Gospel Choir - God Will Make A Way
Oslo Gospel Choir - Power of Your Love
Oslo Gospel Choir - Joy To My Soul
Oslo Gospel Choir - Bless The Lord (postludium)
Oslo Gospel Choir - A human right
Pilot - Love Is
Pilot - To You Alone
Pilot - Get Up and Go
Pilot - Library Door
Pilot - One Good Reason Why
Pilot - There's a Place
Pilot - Monday Tuesday
Ingrid Peters - Er ist perfekt
Ingrid Peters - Musik ist Gefühl
Ingrid Peters - Was ist, wenn...
Ingrid Peters - Du bist einfach Wahnsinn
Ingrid Peters - Weit
Édith Piaf - Tout fout l'camp
Édith Piaf - La Valse de Paris
Édith Piaf - J'ai qu'à l'regarder (prise inédite)
Édith Piaf - Sophie
Édith Piaf - I Shouldn't Care
Édith Piaf - 'cause I Love You
Édith Piaf - One Little Man (Un petit homme)
Édith Piaf - Heaven Have Mercy
Édith Piaf - Un étranger [première version]
Édith Piaf - Le Ballet des cœurs
Édith Piaf - C'est un homme terrible
Édith Piaf - Tatave
Édith Piaf - Ouragan
Édith Piaf - Je suis à toi
Édith Piaf - Les Amants merveilleux
Édith Piaf - Des histoires
Édith Piaf - Dans leur baiser
Édith Piaf - Faut pas qu'il se figure
Édith Piaf - No Regrets
Édith Piaf - Les bleuets d'azur
Édith Piaf - Ça fait drôle
Édith Piaf - Traque
Édith Piaf - Elle avait son sourire
Édith Piaf - Sans y penser
Édith Piaf - Un dimanche à Londres
Édith Piaf - Où sont-ils, mes petits copains ?
Édith Piaf - L'Escale
Édith Piaf - J'suis mordue (Carol - Delaunee - Lenoir)
Édith Piaf - Heaven Have a Mercy
Ingrid Peters - Mach was Du willst
Ingrid Peters - Über die Brücke geh'n (Version 2002)
Ingrid Peters - Komm doch mal 'rüber
Ingrid Peters - Schmeiß den Kuckuck aus dem Nest
Ingrid Peters - Nicht zu fassen (Under Fire)
Ingrid Peters - Ich hab' nie Langeweile mit der Nachbarschaft
Ingrid Peters - Komm doch mal rüber
Ingrid Peters - Eines Tages vielleicht
Pirritx eta Porrotx - Maite Zaitut
Phonte - Dance in the Reign
Phonte - The Good Fight
Phonte feat. Jeanne Jolly - Everything Is Falling Down
Phonte feat. eLZhi - Not Here Anymore
Phonte - Eternally
Phonte - Sendin My Love
Phonte - Ball and Chain
Phonte - To Be Yours
Phonte feat. Carlitta Durand - Gonna Be a Beautiful Night