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Peace - Flirting USA
Peace - Fur
Peace - The Music Was to Blame
Peace - Follow Baby
Peace - Lovesick
Peace - Float Forever
Peace - Wraith
Peace - Drain
Peace - Waste of Paint
Peace - Step a Lil Closer
Peace - Toxic
Peace - Sugarstone
Peace - California Daze
Peace - Scumbag
Peace - Bloodshake
Peace - 1998 (Delicious)
Peace - Ocean's Eye
Peace - 2. Flirting USA
Peace - God's Gloves
Peace - I'm a Girl
PAY - Noia
PAY - Pakoman
PAY - Autoscatto dell'amore
PAY - Portami con te
PAY - Io dico che
PAY - Picchiami
PAY - Fallo piano
PAY - Ipermega
PAY - 1000 bambini cattivi
PAY - Piccola storia d'ammore
Perversity - Hallucinatory Mutilation
Perversity - Decomposition
Perversity - The Terrifying Jewel of Fear
Perversity - In the Garment of Lust
Perversity - Carnivorous Visions
Perversity - Insane Angelic Suffering
Perversity - Eyes of Primitivism Closed Forever
Perversity - An Averted Collapse
Pastorets Rock - La Pastora Caterina
Pastorets Rock - Marrameu
Pastorets Rock - La pastoreta
Pastorets Rock - El garrotín
Pastorets Rock - La Gallineta
Pastorets Rock - Ton pare no té nas
Pastorets Rock - Som de l'Oest (Lo Pardal Rocker).mp3
Peggio Punx - Pubblicità
Peggio Punx - Scemo
Peggio Punx - Non siamo come voi
Peggio Punx - Rumori
Peggio Punx - Disastro sonoro
Peggio Punx - Solitudine
Peggio Punx - La mia vita
Peggio Punx - Credi di...
Peggio Punx - Moda
Peggio Punx - Surreale
Peggio Punx - Sogni e illusioni
Peggio Punx - Vivi come vuoi
Peggio Punx - La tua lotta
Peggio Punx - Ci stanno uccidendo
Peggio Punx - Niente risposte
Peggio Punx - Le informazioni
Peggio Punx - Schiavitù
Peggio Punx - Piede selvaggio
Peggio Punx - Cosa cambierà
Peggio Punx - Verrà
Peggio Punx - Morte
Peggio Punx - No! Mai!
The Peppermint Kandy Kids - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Jay Perez - Tu Eres Para Mi
Jay Perez - Hombre En La Luna
Jay Perez - Fantasia
Jay Perez - Una Oportunidad
Jay Perez - Yo Tengo Un Amorcito
Jay Perez - Suavecito
Jay Perez - Tu Pagaras
Jay Perez - Quiero Ser Viejo
Jay Perez - Una Vez Mas
Jay Perez - Esos Ojitos
Jay Perez - Si Tu Ya Tienes Alguien
Jay Perez - Quiero
Jay Perez - Me and Mrs. Jones
Jay Perez - Que Bonito Es
Jay Perez - Eres Tu
Jay Perez - Pero Ya No Voy a Llorar
Jay Perez - The Day God Cried
Jay Perez - Fuiste Muy Mala
Jay Perez - No Quiero Estar Solo
Jay Perez - La Historia
Jay Perez - Este Amor
Jay Perez - Quien Sera
Jay Perez - Mil Botellas
Jay Perez - Always and Forever
Jay Perez - Ven a Mi
Jay Perez - Cariñito de Mi VIda
Jay Perez - You Wouldn't Be Gone
Jay Perez - Son Tus Miradas
Jay Perez - Ya Basta
Jay Perez - Amar Así
Jay Perez - Si Te Portas Mal
Jay Perez - Steel Rain
Peder feat. Anne Trolle - White Lilies
Parker Theory - Letting You In
Parker Theory - Shoe Song
Parker Theory - Swimming Back to You
Parker Theory - Always Been You
Parker Theory - I Made It
Parker Theory - It Doesn't Matter
Parker Theory - I'm Sorry
Parker Theory - So Far Away
Parker Theory - Don't Take This Wrong
Parker Theory - Broken
Parker Theory - Tomorrow
Parker Theory - She Said
Parker Theory - Can Anybody Hear Me Now
Parker Theory - Chutes and Ladders
Parker Theory - Story of You and Me
Parker Theory - Time and Space
Parker Theory - Airport Departure
Los Pérez García - Temporal
Los Pérez García - Ecos
Los Pérez García - Tomala
Los Pérez García - Cenizas
Los Pérez García - Magdalena (intro)
Los Pérez García - Llegando
Los Pérez García - Noche soñada
Los Pérez García - Perro salado
Los Pérez García - Trucos
Los Pérez García - Mala suerte
Los Pérez García - Perdido por perdido
Los Pérez García - Posdata
Los Pérez García - Entretiempo
Los Pérez García - Doble Carolina
Los Pérez García - Monoloco
Los Pérez García - Curarte
Los Pérez García - Tren fantasma
Los Pérez García - A callejear
Los Pérez García - Miro
Los Pérez García - Hablando solo
Los Pérez García - Sin dormir
Los Pérez García - Piedras rodando
Los Pérez García - Diez vasos
Los Pérez García - Gorilas
Los Pérez García - Contradicciones
Los Pérez García - Por esta noche
Los Pérez García - Un vals después de todo
Los Pérez García - Velitas
Jay Perez - Cuando Yo Te Amaba Tanto
Jay Perez - Tengo Que Verte
Jay Perez - Necesito Yo Saber
Jay Perez - Ella Es
Jay Perez - Si Tu Regresas
Jay Perez - Me He Dado Cuenta
Jay Perez - Por Última Vez
Perfect Tripod - Forever Now
Perfect Tripod - Meet Me in the Middle of the Air
Los Pérez García - Buenas noches
Los Pérez García - Ni tan Diablo ni tan santo
Los Pérez García - Ruta
Los Pérez García - Marfil
Los Pérez García - Desde el borde (Azulejos)
Los Pérez García - Para volver
Paloma - Luna de San Francisco
Perlla - Tremendo Vacilão
Perlla - Ja Não Somos Mais Livres
Perlla - Cansado
Perlla - Pára de Se Iludir
Perlla - Groove Dance
Perlla - Tudo Bem
Perlla - Males
Perlla - Eu Vou (extended)
Perlla - Motivos
Perlla - Menina Chapa-Quente
Perlla - Beijo de Cinema
Perlla - Agora Eu Tô Em Outra
Perlla - Filhinho de Papai
Perlla - Tanta Solidão
Perlla - Beijo de Despedida
Perlla - Pode Deletar
Perlla - Depois do Amor (Part. Esp.: Belo)
Daniela Pedali - Vorrei
Daniela Pedali - Mama
Daniela Pedali - Un giorno avrò
Daniela Pedali - Quando ami qualcuno
Daniela Pedali - Il rispetto
Daniela Pedali - Bugie
Daniela Pedali - Se soltanto tu mi amassi un pò
Pearly Queen - Alta Mira
Peeping Tom - Things Are Often...
Peeping Tom - Silence
Perdition - The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight
Jacques Palminger & The Kings of Dub Rock - Worte nur Worte
Jacques Palminger & The Kings of Dub Rock - Deutsche Frau
Panóptica Orchestra - Complejo de Amor C/ Javier Mena
Panóptica Orchestra - Ven a Mi
Peppermint Creeps - Lesbian
Peppermint Creeps - Stupid
Peppermint Creeps - Walk
Peppermint Creeps - Turning Japanese
Peppermint Creeps - Pop Culture
Peppermint Creeps - Unreliable
Kyle Patrick - Go for Gold!
Kyle Patrick - Follow Your Heartbeat
Kyle Patrick - Baby Don't Board That Plane
Kyle Patrick - Ain't No Sunshine
Kyle Patrick - Wild Ways
Savannah Outen - Goodbyes
The Paul McKenna Band - Again for Greenland
The Paul McKenna Band - Silent Majority
The Paul McKenna Band - John Riley
The Paul McKenna Band - The Banks of Newfoundland
Carmen París - Agua que ha de correr
Carmen París - 25 años
Carmen París - Todo es pena
Carmen París - Cuerpo triste
Carmen París - Ave del paraiso
Carmen París - Zaragoza la romana
Carmen París - Mañana de carnaval
One Fine Day - Damn Right
One Fine Day - Not Ready to Go
One Fine Day - My Revolution
One Fine Day - Get Down
One Fine Day - She Bop
One Fine Day - Goodbye Reality
One Fine Day - Give It All
One Fine Day - Game Over
One Fine Day - Alien
One Fine Day - My Heart Is on Fire
One Fine Day - The Rebel
One Fine Day - Feel Again
One Fine Day - This Is Goodbye
One Fine Day - Heaven and the Sea
One Fine Day - Eat Your Lies
One Fine Day - Jimmy's Day
One Fine Day - Emily
One Fine Day - The Shadow
One Fine Day - Roll the Dice
One Fine Day - Fastball
One Fine Day - Sticks & Stone
One Fine Day - Snip and Sneak
One Fine Day - Stronghold
One Fine Day - 32 Runaway Road
One Fine Day - Johnny Rattlesnake
One Fine Day - Never Loose You Twice
One Fine Day - Make It Matter
One Fine Day - These Velvet Days
One Fine Day - Living for Yesterday
One Fine Day - Punkrock Sucks
One Fine Day - Chill And Refill
One Fine Day - Sorry
One Fine Day - Brain Fader Day
One Fine Day - Last Year
One Fine Day - Boobylicious
One Fine Day - Gloomy Plainsong
One Fine Day - Multi Messiah
One Fine Day - Feeble Alibi
One Fine Day - Last Farewell Smile
Darcy Perry Band - Here Comes Winter
Samuel Olivier - Viens ô Fils de l'homme
Samuel Olivier - Les cieux ouverts
Samuel Olivier - Saint
José Luis Perales - Canción de otoño
José Luis Perales - Me llamas
José Luis Perales - El amor
José Luis Perales - Un velero llamado Libertad
José Luis Perales - Quisiera decir tu nombre
José Luis Perales - Y te vas
José Luis Perales - Ella y él
José Luis Perales - Celos de mi guitarra
José Luis Perales - Te quiero
José Luis Perales - Tú como yo
José Luis Perales - Balada para una despedida
José Luis Perales - Sí
José Luis Perales - Como tu y yo
José Luis Perales - Canción para navidad
José Luis Perales - Compraré
José Luis Perales - Que pasará mañana
Perssons Pack - Dom är efter oss
Perssons Pack - Bura mig in
Perssons Pack - Krig och kärlek
Perssons Pack - Ikväll tar vi över stan
Perssons Pack - När du är ung
Perssons Pack - Det liv jag älskar
Perssons Pack - Det var han
Perssons Pack - Vilken underbar värld
Perssons Pack - Då är det inte jag
Perssons Pack - 20 dagar 20 nätter
Perssons Pack - En sekund i Sverige
Perssons Pack - Ungkarlsdimman
Perssons Pack - Spring, spring
Perssons Pack - Mördar-Anders
Perssons Pack - Brooklandsvägen
Perssons Pack - Han var min bäste vän
Perssons Pack - Rulla på, rulla på
Perssons Pack - Bara om min älskade väntar
Perssons Pack - Kaliforniens guld
Perssons Pack - Blod eller guld
Perssons Pack - Ensam blir ensam
Patent Pending - This Can't Happen Again
Patent Pending - Lights Out in Mississippi
Patent Pending - Demo for Dana
Patent Pending - Cheer Up Emo Kid
Patent Pending - Old and Out of Tune
Patent Pending - Samantha the Great
Patent Pending - Sleep Well My Angel
Patent Pending - The Safety of Sleeping In
Patent Pending - The L-Town Shakedown
Patent Pending - The June Spirit
Patent Pending - 30 Seconds of Silence
Patent Pending - I Already Know (She Dont Give A S*** About Me)
Patent Pending - Shake Weights & Moving Crates
Patent Pending - Cut, Copy, Paste
Patent Pending - We're Freakin' Out (Map to Tahiti)
Patent Pending - Douchebag
Patent Pending - Set the Sun on Fire
Patent Pending - This Love Can Save Us All
Patent Pending - Spin Me Around
Patent Pending - Second Family
Patent Pending - There Was a Time
Patent Pending - Let Go
Patent Pending - Hey Mario
Patent Pending - Battles
Patent Pending - Brighter
Patent Pending - All-Star Hipster
Patent Pending - Classic You
Patent Pending - The Whiskey, the Liar, the Thief
Patent Pending - Falling Out of Love
Patent Pending - Damn!
Patent Pending - Another Day
Patent Pending - Until The Sun Comes Up
Patent Pending - Love Is Anarchy
Patent Pending - Six Feet
Patent Pending - Little Diamonds
Patent Pending - NSFW (.)(.)
Patent Pending - Started In My Head
Patent Pending - It's All Good Today
Patent Pending - Last Time That I Saw You
Patent Pending - Dating A Dick
Patent Pending - Keeper
Patent Pending - Riot Hearts Rebellion
Perssons Pack - Äkta hjärtan
Perssons Pack - Fribacka väg
Perssons Pack - Ett paradis längre ner
Perssons Pack - Somna in
Perssons Pack - En morgon mellan bergen
Perssons Pack - Skålen för er
Perssons Pack - Rio Libre
Perssons Pack - Gud, kan du verkligen mena det här?
Perssons Pack - Sista kvällen i april
Perssons Pack - Hanna
Perssons Pack - En sång om dej
Perssons Pack - Hon har kysst mej adjö
Perssons Pack - Bröllopsdag
Perssons Pack - En uslings medicin
Perssons Pack - Perssons dynamit
Perssons Pack - Guldhuggarland
Perssons Pack - Poker (Nio timmars spel)
Perssons Pack - Du går aldrig ensam
Perssons Pack - Tre stora blixtar
Perssons Pack - Vild som Jerry Lee
Perssons Pack - Ner, ner, ner
Perssons Pack - Små, små saker
Perssons Pack - Packets paradmarsch
José Luis Perales - Amor sin límite
José Luis Perales - La primera vez
José Luis Perales - Gente maravillosa
José Luis Perales - Amada mía
José Luis Perales - Desde que te quiero
José Luis Perales - Que canten los niños
José Luis Perales - Por amor
José Luis Perales - ¿A quién le importará?
José Luis Perales - Canción infantil (A mi hijo Pablo)
José Luis Perales - Como siempre
José Luis Perales - Qué pasará mañana (Me miras)
José Luis Perales - A ti, mujer
José Luis Perales - Denisse
José Luis Perales - Al ver pasar a María
Patent Pending - Yellow Snow
Patent Pending - Levittown Is For Lovers
Patent Pending - Bad News Bear
Patent Pending - Snake Eyes
Patent Pending - Tipperary
Patent Pending - Dying In Mt. Sinai
Patent Pending - Parting Gifts
Patent Pending - The Hoe-Down
Patent Pending - Red Martians Redux
Patent Pending - Donkey
Patent Pending - Sushi James
Patent Pending - Red Martians
Patent Pending - Fatty Magee's Saxophone Adventures
Patent Pending - 67 Dollars and No Sense
Patent Pending - I'm Not Alone
Patent Pending - Dance Till We Die
Patent Pending - Not Penny's Boat (Intro)
Patent Pending - She Only Wants My Blood
Patent Pending - Walk in Closet
Patent Pending - Sunset Summer
Patent Pending - Drop Dead
Patent Pending - Hey Six
Patent Pending - The Way You Make Me Shake
Patent Pending - Anti-Everything
Patent Pending - Air Underneath My Feet
Patent Pending - All Star
Patent Pending - Every Morning
Patent Pending - I Want It That Way
Patent Pending - Break Stuff
Patent Pending - Its All On Me
Patent Pending - $67 And No Sense
Patent Pending - Too Much to Think
Patent Pending - The Way I See It
Patent Pending - Tick Tick Boom
Patent Pending - We're Getting Weird
Patent Pending - My Princess Peach
Patent Pending - Boom Boom Pass The Mushrooms
Patent Pending - $ Maker
Patent Pending - Rainbow Road
Patent Pending - Therefore, I Party
Patent Pending - Dear Stacy, I Hate You
José Luis Perales - Melodía perdida
José Luis Perales - Tentación
José Luis Perales - La madre
José Luis Perales - Carta para María (A mi hija)
José Luis Perales - Hoy me acordé de ti
José Luis Perales - Mi último espectador
José Luis Perales - Mientras duermen los niños
José Luis Perales - Breve como la luz
José Luis Perales - Aún te quiero
José Luis Perales - Una canción llamada soledad
José Luis Perales - El invierno
José Luis Perales - Como duele el aire
José Luis Perales - Canción para Manuela
José Luis Perales - Morir por ti
José Luis Perales - Nunca sabré
José Luis Perales - Por que seguir viviendo
José Luis Perales - Tal vez quieras volver
José Luis Perales - Olvídame si puedes
José Luis Perales - Podré olvidar
José Luis Perales - Dices que soy un hombre triste
José Luis Perales - El ''snob''
José Luis Perales - El pregón
José Luis Perales - Así te quiero yo
José Luis Perales - La boda
José Luis Perales - No soy uno más
El Personal - ¡Niño Déjese Ahi!
El Personal - No Te Hagas
El Personal - Dale De Comer Al Conejito
El Personal - La Tapatia
El Personal - No Me Hallo
El Personal - Nosotros Somos Los Marranos
El Personal - Broche De Oro
José Luis Perales - Canción para un poeta (a Federico Muelas)
José Luis Perales - Un día más
José Luis Perales - Dices que soy hombre triste
José Luis Perales - Canción para un pequeño viajero
José Luis Perales - Pequeño gorrión
José Luis Perales - Recuerdo un tren
José Luis Perales - Yo también tuve 15 años
Parias - Parias
Parias - Dobosz
Parias - Kariery
Parias - Bezczelni
Parias - Drzazgi
Parias - Zostawiam
Parias - Moi ludzie
Parias - Kontrasty
Parias - Stąd do wieczności
Parias - Wzorowy
Parias - Plecak
Parias - W sekundę
José Luis Perales - Díme (pregúntale a Dios)
José Luis Perales - La música
José Luis Perales - Marruecos
José Luis Perales - S.O.S.
José Luis Perales - Señor X
José Luis Perales - La rutina
José Luis Perales - Como decirte
José Luis Perales - Desamor
José Luis Perales - Es más joven que tú
José Luis Perales - De no ser lo que soy
José Luis Perales - Ecos de sociedad
José Luis Perales - Aquella mujer
José Luis Perales - Javier
Thomas Pedersen - Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams)
Perfect View - Home of the Brave
José Luis Perales - Y, ¿cómo es él?
José Luis Perales - No se, no se
José Luis Perales - Muchacho solitario
José Luis Perales - El amo y el mozo
José Luis Perales - Mi pueblo se está muriendo
Onkel Tuka - Lille Mari
Onkel Tuka - Fattigmanns entre
PENICILLIN - love & peace
PENICILLIN - Butterfly
PENICILLIN - fantasia
PENICILLIN - Japanese Industrial Students
PENICILLIN - hyper chord
PENICILLIN - Grind Candy
PENICILLIN - God of grind
PENICILLIN - Sincerely Yours
PENICILLIN - prologue
PENICILLIN - Love ghost is born in the dope zone
PENICILLIN - Tsumetai Kaze
PENICILLIN - Never Ending Story -20th Ver.-
PENICILLIN - Melody -20th Ver.-
PENICILLIN - Dragon Hearts
PENICILLIN - Desire -20th Ver.-
PENICILLIN - true sky
PENICILLIN - earth born
PENICILLIN - Blue Moon(Live at Nakano Sunplaza March 27th 1998)
PENICILLIN - meke love
Perri - No Place To Go
Oxiplegatz - A Black Hole Is Swallowing the Sun...
Oxiplegatz - They Learned of Its Existence...
Oxiplegatz - For Persistence...
Oxiplegatz - Bringer Of Obliteration...
Oxiplegatz - Into Nowhere...
Oxiplegatz - So It's Our Final Hour...
Oxiplegatz - The Light From the Perishing Sun...
Oxiplegatz - No Longer Will We Be the Meek Ones...
Oxiplegatz - How Could We Ever Know...
Oxiplegatz - Head For That Star...
Oxiplegatz - As One Surveys This Ocean...
Oxiplegatz - The Iondrive a Silent Vibration...
Oxiplegatz - Several Planets in Orbit...
Oxiplegatz - No Clue to Where This Jump Is Taking Them...
Oxiplegatz - Turning Up The Power, Accelerating Again...
Oxiplegatz - This Time Passage Was Violent...
Oxiplegatz - Rings, Spread Like Rippled Water...
Oxiplegatz - They Stare Unblinking...
Oxiplegatz - Eternal Night...
Oxiplegatz - How Many Worlds...
Oxiplegatz - These Beings Failed and Perished...
Oxiplegatz - Ahead Once More...
Oxiplegatz - This Journey Has Taken Us...
Oxiplegatz - The Moon Was Laid in Orbit...
Oxiplegatz - Can This Be What We Hope For...
Oxiplegatz - Teraform - Alter The Enviroment...
Oxiplegatz - And So One Day the Sleepers Waken...
Oxiplegatz - Starseed
Oxiplegatz - Northern Stars
Oxiplegatz - His Time Has Come
Oxiplegatz - I See It Now...
Oxiplegatz - Conclusion
Oxiplegatz - Lust for Life
Oxiplegatz - Numb
Oxiplegatz - Departure
Oxiplegatz - Vision
Oxiplegatz - Adrift
Oxiplegatz - Battle of Species
Oxiplegatz - First Contact, Conflict
Oxiplegatz - Aftermath
Oxiplegatz - Quest
Oxiplegatz - Graveyard Dream
Oxiplegatz - Usurpers
Oxiplegatz - The End Is Nigh
Oxiplegatz - Abandon Earth
Oxiplegatz - Journey
José Luis Perales - Si quieres encontrarme
José Luis Perales - Rosali
José Luis Perales - Carlo Carusso
José Luis Perales - Qué habrá sido de el
José Luis Perales - Mis tópicos
José Luis Perales - Corazón Caribe
José Luis Perales - Acosado
José Luis Perales - Los guerreros
José Luis Perales - No sé si es cierto
José Luis Perales - El soñador
José Luis Perales - Compro
José Luis Perales - Un minuto de amor
José Luis Perales - No hay preguntas
José Luis Perales - No se puede tocar
José Luis Perales - La chica de la playa
José Luis Perales - La música de salsa
José Luis Perales - Amor de otoño
José Luis Perales - Escuchando esa música
José Luis Perales - Porque esta soledad (con alejandro fernández)
José Luis Perales - La carcel del amor (con ana gabriel)
José Luis Perales - Ay amor (con mocedades)
José Luis Perales - Ámame
Pegasus Bridge - Ribena
Pegasus Bridge - Yoko
Pegasus Bridge - Like Dogs
Pegasus Bridge - Violence
Pegasus Bridge - Skinny
Pegasus Bridge - Paris
Pegasus Bridge - Wishing She Was You
Julian Ovenden & Katharine McPhee - Our Little Secret
Pete Astudillo - Como Te Extraño
Pete Astudillo - Yo Estaré A Tu Lado
Pesoa - En Blanc
Pesoa - Angelina
Pesoa - Peur d'oublier
Pesoa - Mauvais coups
Trey Parker - That's All I'm Asking For
Trey Parker - When I Was on Top of You
Trey Parker - Let's Build a Snowman
Trey Parker - The End of an Act
Trey Parker - Shpadoinkle
Trey Parker - The Trapper Song
Robert Paul - Toppers van toen
Robert Paul - Heb ik daar m'n schoenen voor gepoetst!
The Partridge Family - Come On Get Happy
The Partridge Family - Doesn't Somebody Want to Be Wanted
The Partridge Family - I’ll Meet You Halfway
The Partridge Family - I Woke Up in Love This Morning
The Partridge Family - Cherish
The Partridge Family - It's One of Those Nights
The Partridge Family - I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
The Partridge Family - Am I Losing You
The Partridge Family - Could It Be Forever
The Partridge Family - Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque
The Partridge Family - Echo Valley 2-6809
The Partridge Family - Summer Days
The Partridge Family - Looking Through the Eyes of Love
The Partridge Family - How Long Is Too Long
The Partridge Family - I Really Want to Know You
The Partridge Family - Only a Moment Ago
The Partridge Family - I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
The Partridge Family - I'm on the Road
The Partridge Family - Somebody Wants to Love You
The Partridge Family - Singing My Song
The Partridge Family - Brown Eyes
The Partridge Family - You Don't Have to Tell Me
The Partridge Family - I Would Have Loved You Anyway
The Partridge Family - Friend and a Lover
The Partridge Family - Walking in the Rain
The Partridge Family - Take Good Care of Her
The Partridge Family - Together We're Better
The Partridge Family - Maybe Someday
The Partridge Family - We Gotta Get Out of This Place
The Partridge Family - Storybook Love
The Partridge Family - Something's Wrong
The Partridge Family - As Long as You're There
Art Pepper - Abstract Art
Art Pepper - Over the Rainbow
Teresa Parodi - Novenario
Teresa Parodi - La negra Ulogia
Teresa Parodi - El otro país
Teresa Parodi - María Pilar
Teresa Parodi - Canción para Verónica
Teresa Parodi - Canción para Federico
Teresa Parodi - Con el alma en vilo
Teresa Parodi - La margarita
The Partridge Family - Baby I Love, Love, I Love You
The Partridge Family - Sunshine
The Partridge Family - Let the Good Times In
The Partridge Family - Together (Havin' a Ball)
The Partridge Family - Roller Coaster
The Partridge Family - It’s One of Those Nights (Yes Love)
The Partridge Family - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
The Partridge Family - My Christmas Card to You
The Partridge Family - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
The Partridge Family - You Are Always on My Mind
The Partridge Family - I'm Here, You're Here
The Partridge Family - Umbrella Man
The Partridge Family - Morning Rider on the Road
The Partridge Family - There's No Doubt in My Mind
The Partridge Family - She'd Rather Have the Rain
The Partridge Family - I'll Leave Myself a Little Time
Luis Pescetti - Nueva Canción Del Vampiro
Luis Pescetti - El Niño Caníbal
Luis Pescetti - Mamá, No Qiero Que Hoy Vayas Al Trabajo
Luis Pescetti - Pastel de chocolate sin cáscara
Luis Pescetti - Soy invisible
Luis Pescetti - ¡ay, lilí!
Luis Pescetti - Chiste del enanito
Luis Pescetti - ¡bua ja ja ja ja!
Luis Pescetti - El vampiro negro
Luis Pescetti - Verde verde
Luis Pescetti - El cura de mi pueblo
Luis Pescetti - Una niña de cuatro
The Pearlfishers - Across the Milky Way
The Pearlfishers - Sweet William
The Pearlfishers - Is It Any Wonder?
The Pearlfishers - Once There Was a Man
The Pearlfishers - Strawberries in the Snow
The Partridge Family - Girl, You Make My Day
The Partridge Family - Every Little Bit O' You
The Partridge Family - Something New Got Old
The Partridge Family - Last Night
The Partridge Family - It's All in Your Mind
The Partridge Family - Hello, Hello
The Partridge Family - There'll Come a Time
The Partridge Family - If You Ever Go
The Partridge Family - Every Song is You
The Partridge Family - One Day at a Time
The Partridge Family - As Long as There's You
The Partridge Family - It's a Long Way to Heaven
The Partridge Family - It Means I'm in Love With You
The Partridge Family - Come on Love
The Partridge Family - It Sounds Like You're Saying Hello
The Partridge Family - It's You
The Partridge Family - Looking for a Good Time
The Partridge Family - Oh No Not My Baby
The Partridge Family - I Wouldn't Put Nothing Over on You
The Partridge Family - Where do We Go From Here
The Partridge Family - Alone Too Long
The Partridge Family - I Heard You Singing Your Song
The Partridge Family - I’ll Never Get Over You
The Partridge Family - That’s the Way It Is With You
The Pearlfishers - Even on a Sunday Afternoon
The Pearlfishers - Cherry Sky
The Pearlfishers - Banana Sandwich
The Pearlfishers - Night Breeze
The Pearlfishers - Everyday Storms
The Pearlfishers - Away From It All
The Pearlfishers - Snowboardin'
The Pearlfishers - Snow Plus Christmas
Passenger of Shit - Panagiotis Cover
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen - Miljoonan markan pakarat
Pamela - İstanbul
Pamela - Çok Güçlü Olmak Lazım
Pamela - Mavi Cinayet
Pamela - Ölüme Hasret
Pamela - Aşk Sevgiden Beter
Pamela - Fırtınalar
Pamela - Hayat (Artık Bana da Güler)
Pamela - Muhabbet Bağına Girdim Bu Gece (Ararım Sorarım)
Pamela - Artık Birşeyler Yapmak Lazım (İstanbul'dan Gitmek)
Pamela - Aşk Yoruyor
Pamela - Seviyorum Sensiz (Ankara'da)
Pamela - Merdiven (İhanet Gerek)
Pamela - Gerçek Hayat
Pamela - Ah Ben!
Pamela - Say What You Want
Pamela - Benim Farkım
Pamela - O Zaman Gel
Pamela - Ben Ölmeden Önce
Pamela - Uff!
Pamela - Ayrılamayız Biz
Pamela - Sevgi Yalanları
Pamela - Kendimi Sevmek
Pamela - Şuna da Bak
Pamela - Eğer Dinlersen
Pamela - Beni de mi İstanbullu Zannettin
Penélope - Mi Casa, Su Casa
Penélope - Jr.
Penélope - Circo
Penélope - Tão Seu
Penélope - A Fórmula do Amor
Penélope - Eu Tenho uma Camiseta Escrita Eu Te Amo
Penélope - Continue Pensando Assim
Peter Punk - A letto con Selen
Peter Punk - Chi non salta...
Peter Punk - Salta la testa
Peter Punk - Chi sei?
Peter Punk - La radio dello zio
Peter Punk - Il buffone di corte
Peter Punk - N.N.C.M.
Peter Punk - Undici
Peter Punk - Quello che mi va
Peter Punk - Bacchetta magica
Peter Punk - Tentazioni
Peter Punk - Ganja
Peter Punk - Grazie a tutti
Peter Punk - Noi siamo liberi
Peter Punk - La città
Peter Punk - Via da qui
Peter Punk - Alien Ska
Peter Punk - Sbandati
Peter Punk - Ripetente
Peter Punk - Caro amico
Peter Punk - Ragazza speciale
Peter Punk - L'opportunità
Peter Punk - Adios Amigos
Peter Punk - Diplomati
Peter Punk - Daitarn III
Peter Punk - Giuseppe
Peter Punk - Falsa realtà
Peter Punk - Bevo bevo
Peter Punk - Impossibile
Peter Punk - Bravo papà
Peter Punk - Alberi di Natale
Peter Punk - El niño
Peter Punk - Sarò pornostar!
Peter Punk - Dog Friend
Peter Punk - Senza cuore
Peter Punk - T. A. R. P. A. P.
Peter Punk - Criminale
Peter Punk - Vuoi di più
Peter Punk - Senza regole
Peter Punk - Antieroi
Peter Punk - Utopia
Peter Punk - S. Remo?
Peter Punk - Peter Punk
Peter Punk - Frankestein G.M.
Peter Punk - Peso forma
Peter Punk - Riscatto
Peter Punk - Nero su bianco
Peter Punk - Nuova vocazione
Peter Punk - Doppio gioco
Peter Punk - Il rappresentante
Peter Punk - Senza tetto
Peter Punk - Pregiudizi
Peter Punk - Interessi
Peter Punk - Indipendente
Peter Punk - Daitan III
Pepper Sands - Win Big Lose More (Cherries Jubilee)
Pepper Sands - So Fine
Pepper Sands - Speak Too Soon
Pepper Sands - Last Night at Sea
Pepper Sands - Can U Tell
Pepper Sands - Yesterday Is Mine
Pepper Sands - Ballade of Joe
Pepper Sands - Forever Wonder
Pepper Sands - Myth
Pepper Sands - Blue Skies
Pepper Sands - Touch Apart
Pepper Sands - Make No Mistake
Sibel Pamuk - Al Yazmalim
Sibel Pamuk - Ya Rab Bu Ne Derttir
Sibel Pamuk - Gitme Turnam
Sibel Pamuk - Sari Gelin
Sibel Pamuk - Geceler Yarim Oldu
Sibel Pamuk - Eledim Eledim
Perfect Stranger - Remember the Ride
Perfect Stranger - One More Reposession
Perfect Stranger - Who Are You
Perfect Stranger - Cut Me Off
Perfect Stranger - I Am a Stranger Here Myself
Perfect Stranger - Even the Jukebox Can't Forget
Perfect Stranger - Fire When Ready
Perfect Stranger - One More Repossession
De Paladijns - Belofte maakt schuld
De Paladijns - Ciao Ciao Tino
Pentakill - Lightbringer
Pentakill - Deathfire Grasp
Pentakill - Last Whisper
Pentakill - The Prophecy
Pentakill - Thornmail
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Nobody's Fault but Mine
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - No Quarter
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - The Rain Song
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Since I’ve Been Loving You
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - The Battle of Evermore
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Wah Wah
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - That's the Way
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Four Sticks
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Shining in the Light
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Upon a Golden Horse
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Blue Train
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Please Read the Letter
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Heart in Your Hand
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Burning Up
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - When I Was a Child
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - House of Love
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Sons of Freedom
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Thank You
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Yallah
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Since I've Been Loving You
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - When the Levee Breaks
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - The Window
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Whiskey From the Glass
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Hey Hey What Can I Do
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Shake My Tree
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Battle of Evermore
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Going to California
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - City Don’t Cry
Art Pepper - Begin The Beguine (Alt take)
Brian Peters - Young Hunting
Paradise Regained - Boston
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Black Dog Bliss
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Kemikal
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Caveman
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Satellite Lullaby
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Zeroes and Ones
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Monster Song
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Das Neue Konzept
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Warzaw
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - G.O.D. (On Vacation)
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Skinny and White
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - The Other Life Form
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - What's Wrong
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Futurehead
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - This Is Trash
Peace, Love & Pitbulls - A. Psycho
Pandora's Box - The Invocation
Pandora's Box - Twentieth Century Fox
Pandora's Box - Safe Sex
Pandora's Box - Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)
Pandora's Box - I've Been Dreaming Up a Storm Lately
Pandora's Box - It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Pandora's Box - The Want Ad
Pandora's Box - My Little Red Book
Pandora's Box - The Future Ain't What It Used to Be
Pattie Darcy, Marc Shaiman - Mrs. Von Tussle Says
Tom Zé - Jimmy, Renda-Se
Peppino Gagliardi - Che vuole questa musica stasera
Luigi Tenco - Il mio regno
Pascow - The Strongest of the Strange
Pascow - Äthiopien die Bombe
Pascow - Je ne sais pas wo's lang geht
Pascow - Wenn Mila schläft
Pascow - An die Maulwürfe
Pascow - Herz
Pascow - Mond über Moskau
Pascow - Deine Bastards
Pascow - Wir glauben an gar nichts und sind nur hier wegen der Gewalt
Pascow - Too doof too fuck
Pascow - 2,5 Minuten echte Gefühle
Pascow - Ein.Bahn.Strasse
Pascow - the Weltordnung is the fuck
Pascow - Toulousi
Pascow - Coke Zero Zero (for freedom)
Pascow - Joe Strummers Gewissen
Pascow - Meine Macht für Niemand
Pascow - Zuviel für Berlin
Pascow - Internett
Pascow - Paris fällt
Pascow - Schwerter zu Clubsmartkarten
Pascow - Kierkegaard und BWL
Pascow - Medizin
Pascow - If The Kids Are Arschlöcher
Pascow - Poison au cœur, mademoiselle
Pascow - Annabelle
Pascow - Gefühlsbulldozer
Pascow - Nach Hause
Pascow - Black Wind Kohle und Stahl
Pascow - Wenn die das machen
Pascow - Trampen nach Norden
Pascow - Irgendein Film
Pascow - Generation Nokia
Pascow - Fuck Off
Alice Peacock - Alabama Boy
Alice Peacock - Leading With My Heart
Alice Peacock - Bliss
Alice Peacock - I'll Start With Me
Alice Peacock - I Hear You Say
Alice Peacock - I'll Be the One
Alice Peacock - Imagination
Alice Peacock - Some Things Get Lost
Alice Peacock - Parallel Life
Alice Peacock - Into the Light
Alice Peacock - All Consuming Love
Alice Peacock - Boy in the Backseat
Alice Peacock - Send My Heart Back Home
Alice Peacock - Northern Star
Alice Peacock - Different From the Rest
Alice Peacock - Baby Come Back
Alice Peacock - Time
Alice Peacock - Anyone but Me
Alice Peacock - Runaway Day
Alice Peacock - Love
Alice Peacock - I'm Still Here
Alice Peacock - Finding My Way
Alice Peacock - Who Am I
Alice Peacock - If You Could Only See Your Eyes
Alice Peacock - All About Me
Alice Peacock - Real Life
Alice Peacock - Hard Way
Alice Peacock - Do What I Can Do
Alice Peacock - Lovely
Alice Peacock - I Am Mary
Alice Peacock - Fairborn
Alice Peacock - Wrong Time
Alice Peacock - Love Remains
Alice Peacock - My Love I Will
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Oportunistas
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Tantas escaleras
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Por colectora
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Otra vuelta de tuerca
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Historias
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿De dónde vengo?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Hacia dónde voy?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Casualidad o causalidad?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Qué carajo es el amor?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Quiero tener razón o ser feliz?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Qué vicios tengo?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Dónde esconder tantas manos?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Cómo pudo entrar en mi?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Vivir a conciencia esta lección?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Qué es Dios?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Qué hago yo esperando un puto as?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Me juego el corazón?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - ¿Qué pretendo no saber?
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Duda
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Maldito y cortamambo
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Peldaño
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Saber cuando parar (Candombe I)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Cubano
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Cerveza
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Oscarcito
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - La casada
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Resulta imposible (Candombe II)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Rompecabezas de amor
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Inercia
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Ansiedad
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Lo que tenga que ser
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Milagroso eslabón
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Artesano
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Saber hacer
Luis Pastor - Canción marinera
Luis Pastor - Nanas del ché
Luis Pastor - Mar de lágrimas
Luis Pastor - Los caminos del amor
Luis Pastor - Quisiera un verso manchado
Pascow - Die Realität ist schuld, dass ich so bin
Pascow - Im Raumanzug
Pascow - Diene der Party
Pascow - Lettre noir
Pascow - Fliegen
Pascow - Castle Rock
Pascow - Zeit des Erwachens
Pascow - Briefe an Patti Smith
Pascow - Zwickau sehen und sterben
Pascow - Gespenster
Pascow - Häuser der Reichen
Pascow - Hamburg
Pascow - Thom York Das Hat Uns Die Intro Eingebrockt
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Viejo Karma!
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Leer y escribir!
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Fuerza, locura y libertad!
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Loco no discrimines!
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Gobiernos procaces!
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Nació Bonavena
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Los 60
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - El héroe
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - La pasión (2da parte)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Las paces
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Enseñanza
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Último round
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Siempre llegando
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - La experiencia
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Hasta acá nos ayudó Dios
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Lo que no se ve
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Diosa de la transformación
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Cambios de tiempo
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - El fondo de tu vida
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Clasica y moderna (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Contra viento y marea (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Miedo a equivocarme (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Lo más lindo (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - El hombre mosca (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Loco por volverla a ver (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - El cowboy (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Resulta imposible
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - El ratón (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Sólo Dios (Almafuerte)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - El sensei
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Contra viento y marea
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Muchas cosas (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Solo te pido (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Los oportunistas (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Amar y envejecer (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - La casada (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Vuelta de tuerca (acústico)
Las Pastillas del Abuelo - Desde la postura (acústico)
Luis Pastor - Mi guitarra
Luis Pastor - Caracol de mi trsiteza (Martirio)
Pandit - Pack Your Bags
Pandit - Kodiak
Papas da Língua - Democracy
Papas da Língua - Essa Não é a Sua Vida
Papas da Língua - Calor da Hora
Papas da Língua - Espelho Meu
Papas da Língua - Viajar
Papas da Língua - Um Dia de Sol
Papas da Língua - Blusinha Branca
Papas da Língua - Lua Cheia / Fica Doida
Papas da Língua - Ela Vai Passar
Papas da Língua - Pó de Pimenta
Papas da Língua - Eu Sei
Papas da Língua - Pra Gente Passear
Papas da Língua - Pequeno Grande Amor
Papas da Língua - Disco Rock
Papas da Língua - Oba Oba
Papas da Língua - Juliana
Papas da Língua - Te Peguei
Papas da Língua - O Amor Se Escondeu
Papas da Língua - Não Consigo Mais Sonhar
Papas da Língua - Vou Mudar
Papas da Língua - Nas Tuas Mãos
Papas da Língua - Só Se for Agora
Papas da Língua - Falar De Amor
Papas da Língua - Diga Sim
Papas da Língua - Balada Do Amor Perdido
Papas da Língua - Baby
Papas da Língua - Solidão
Papas da Língua - Demais Amor!
Papas da Língua - Corro Demais
Papas da Língua - Vou Empurrá
Papas da Língua - Garotas Do Brasil
Papas da Língua - Tentação
Papas da Língua - Em Setembro
Papas da Língua - Diga Que Vai
Papas da Língua - Pet Semataty
Papas da Língua - Quase Bom
Papas da Língua - Perto de Mim
Papas da Língua - Super Herói (Superstar)
Papas da Língua - No Carlor da Hora
Papas da Língua - Universo Colorido
Manny Oquendo y Libre - Que Humanidad
Manny Oquendo y Libre - Oquendo y Libre
Percubaba - Oubabaou
Percubaba - Faya dub
Percubaba - Echos d'afrique
Percubaba - G8
Percubaba - Bizness du mensonge
Percubaba - Antistatiq
Percubaba - Beat sanguinaire
Percubaba - La Tele-commande
Percubaba - Anomaly I
Percubaba - Pates O'beurre
Percubaba - Gorazde
Percubaba - Pas d'talent
Percubaba - Hypocrisy
Percubaba - Element
Percubaba - Responsable sanitaire
Percubaba - Le Meka
Percubaba - Qui es-tu ?
Percubaba - Les Schtroumpfs par terre
Percubaba - Quand la ville se meurt
Percubaba - International Dub
Percubaba - Le Choix
Percubaba - Dramatik
Percubaba - Jamaïcan
Percubaba - Crazy Babylon
Percubaba - Des textes
Pantha du Prince - Stick to My Side
Jennifer Peña - Cumba Iho
Jennifer Peña - Para olvidarte de mí
Jennifer Peña - Hasta el fin del mundo
Jennifer Peña - Ya verás
Jennifer Peña - Como saber
Jennifer Peña - No hay nadie igual como tú
Jennifer Peña - Vivo y muero en tu piel (cumbia norteña)
Jennifer Peña - Si tú te vas
Jennifer Peña - Por un beso
Jennifer Peña - Abrázame y bésame
Jennifer Peña - You Say
Jennifer Peña - Contigo otra vez
Jennifer Peña - Te acordarás de mí
Jennifer Peña - Vuelve
Jennifer Peña - No te voy a perdonar
Jennifer Peña - Tengo miedo
Jennifer Peña - ¿Qué voy hacer sin ti?
Jennifer Peña - Chica preferida
Jennifer Peña - Perdóname
Jennifer Peña - Cosquillitas
Jennifer Peña - Eres todo en mi vida
Jennifer Peña - Soy así (The Tequila Song)
Jennifer Peña - Ladrón
Jennifer Peña - Tuya
Jennifer Peña - Marzo 17
Jennifer Peña - Cobarde mi verdad
Jennifer Peña - Tus besos
Jennifer Peña - Cuando tu pasas
Jennifer Peña - Brisas suaves
Jennifer Peña - Como entender
Jennifer Peña - El momento
Jennifer Peña - Tu mejor amiga
Los Petersellers - Homenaje a Los Ramones
Los Petersellers - Somos Los Petersellers
Los Petersellers - Manolo es gay
Los Petersellers - Cousteau, le Comandant
Los Petersellers - Uma Thurman me toca la banana
Los Petersellers - En Segovia
Los Petersellers - Indeleble
Los Petersellers - La Petercanción
Los Petersellers - Super-Disco-Chino
Los Petersellers - Mazinger-Z
Los Petersellers - Intelectual
Paceshifters - Davis
Paceshifters - I Ain't You
Paceshifters - Dad
Jennifer Peña - Corazón bandido
Jennifer Peña - Apapachándonos
Jennifer Peña - Entre el delirio y la locura
Jennifer Peña - Enséñame
Jennifer Peña - Ven a mí
Jennifer Peña - Me piden
Jennifer Peña - Tonto
Jennifer Peña - Pura dulzura
Jennifer Peña - Un amor así
Jennifer Peña - Tu castigo
Jennifer Peña - Fallaste tú
Jennifer Peña - Si no me quieres, dímelo
Raúl Orellana - Gypsy Rhythm
Raúl Orellana - My Sun Will Get You
ONE☆DRAFT - Letter
Jennifer Peña - A pesar de todo
Jennifer Peña - El Dolor De Tu Presencia Version Cumbia
Jennifer Peña - Entre El Delirio Y La Locura Version Grupera
Jennifer Peña - Tú Me Completas Version Cumbia
Pearls Before Swine - I Saw the World
Pearls Before Swine - Suzanne
Pearls Before Swine - Playmate
Pearls Before Swine - Sonnet #65
Pearls Before Swine - Raindrops
Pearls Before Swine - City of Gold
Pearls Before Swine - Nancy
Pearls Before Swine - Simple Things
Pearls Before Swine - Bird on a Wire
Pearls Before Swine - Island Lady
Pearls Before Swine - Epitaph
Paul Dateh - Without You Here (Song for Jessie & Jacob)
Pearls Negras - O Futuro
Pearls Negras - Pensando Em Voce
Pearls Negras - Guerreira
Tom Demac - The More Things Change (Agnes Wales Beatdown Reshake)
Parliament - Mothership Connection (Star Child)
Parliament - Unfunky UFO
Parliament - Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication
Parliament - Handcuffs
Parliament - Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples
Parliament - Prelude
Parliament - Gamin' on Ya
Parliament - Dr. Funkenstein
Parliament - Getten' to Know You
Parliament - Do That Stuff
Parliament - Everything Is on the One
Parliament - I've Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)
Parliament - Funkin' for Fun
Parliament - Bop Gun (Endangered Species)
Parliament - Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk (Pay Attention-B3M)
Parliament - Wizard of Finance
Parliament - Funkentelechy
Parliament - Placebo Syndrome
Parliament - Flash Light
Parliament - Chocolate City
Parliament - Ride On
Parliament - Together
Parliament - Side Effects
Parliament - What Comes Funky
Parliament - Let Me Be
Parliament - I Misjudged You
Parliament - Big Footin'
Pearls Before Swine - The Jeweler
Pearls Before Swine - Look Into Her Eyes
Pearls Before Swine - Sail Away
Pearls Before Swine - The Old Man
Pearls Before Swine - Song About a Rose
Pearls Before Swine - Margery
Pearls Before Swine - These Things Too
Pearls Before Swine - Tell Me Why
Pearls Before Swine - Riegal
Pearls Before Swine - When the War Began
Pearls Before Swine - Footnote
Pearls Before Swine - Frog in the Window
Pearls Before Swine - I'm Going to the City
Pearls Before Swine - If You Don't Want To (I Don't Mind)
Pearls Before Swine - Green and Blue
Pearls Before Swine - Mon Amour
Pearls Before Swine - Wizard of Is
The Perceptionists - Let’s Move!!
The Perceptionists - People 4 Prez
The Perceptionists - Blo
The Perceptionists - Memorial Day
The Perceptionists - Love Letters
The Perceptionists - Black Dialogue
The Perceptionists - Frame Rupture
The Perceptionists - What Have We Got to Lose?!?
The Perceptionists - Party Hard
The Perceptionists feat. Phonte of Little Brother - 5 O’Clock
The Perceptionists - Breathe in the Sun
The Perceptionists - Let's Move
Parliament - Up for the Down Stroke
Parliament - Testify
Parliament - The Goose
Parliament - Presence of a Brain
Parliament - Mr. Wiggles
Parliament - Rumpofsteelskin
Parliament - (You're a Fish and I'm A) Water Sign
Parliament - One of Those Funky Things
Parliament - Liquid Sunshine
Parliament - The Motor-Booty Affair
Parliament - Deep
Parliament - Put Love in Your Life
Parliament - Little Ole Country Boy
Parliament - Nothing Before Me but Thang
Parliament - Livin' the Life
Parliament - The Silent Boatman
Parliament - Theme From the Black Hole
Parliament - The Big Bang Theory
Parliament - Agony of Defeet
Jennifer Paige - Crush
Jennifer Paige - Questions
Jennifer Paige - Always You
Jennifer Paige - Get to Me
Jennifer Paige - Busted
Jennifer Paige - Sober
Jennifer Paige - Between You and Me
Jennifer Paige - Let it Rain
Jennifer Paige - Just to Have You
Jennifer Paige - Somewhere, Someday
Jennifer Paige - These Days
Jennifer Paige - Here With Me
Jennifer Paige - Stranded
Jennifer Paige - Make Me
Jennifer Paige - Way of the World
Jennifer Paige - Not This Time
Jennifer Paige - Feel So Far Away
Jennifer Paige - The Edge
Jennifer Paige - Tell Me When
Jennifer Paige - Stay the Night
Jennifer Paige - Vapor
Jennifer Paige - While You Were Gone