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Pale Grey - Seaside
Pale Grey - Bottle
Pale Grey - Spiral
Pale Grey - Shame
Pale Grey - Wolf
Pale Grey - Confession
Pale Grey - The Gold Rush
Pale Grey - Homeland
Charlie Parker - 52nd St. Theme
La Pegatina - Heridas de guerra
La Pegatina - Ni chicha ni limoná
La Pegatina - Nada que decir
La Pegatina - Una mirada
La Pegatina - La sombra
La Pegatina - No som d'aquí
La Pegatina - El revulsiu
La Pegatina - Apagafuegos
La Pegatina - La Marée monte
La Pegatina - Celestina
La Pegatina - Malifeta
La Pegatina - Bananeres
La Pegatina - Y se fue
La Pegatina - Aquí és Nadal i estic content
La Pegatina - Olivia
La Pegatina - Amantes de lo ajeno
Peaches & Herb - Reunited
Peaches & Herb - I Pledge My Love
Peaches & Herb - Bluer Than Blue
Peaches & Herb - Two Little Kids
Peaches & Herb - Close Your Eyes
Peaches & Herb - Let's Make a Promise
Peaches & Herb - For Your Love
Peaches & Herb - I Want to Stay Here
Peaches & Herb - When He Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)
Peaches & Herb - Ten Commandments of Love
The Panderers - Come On
Pax Romana - Waves
Charlie Parker - 'Round About Midnight
Charlie Parker - Ko Ko
Peaches & Herb - I Got a Groove On
Peaches & Herb - Remember
Peaches & Herb - Keep on Smiling
Peaches & Herb - When the Lights Go Out
Twila Paris - Jewels
Twila Paris - What Am I Without You?
Twila Paris - The Warrior Is a Child
Twila Paris - Runner
Twila Paris - The Joy of the Lord
Twila Paris - We Bow Down
Twila Paris - Run to You
Twila Paris - (I Am) Not Afraid Anymore
Twila Paris - The Time Is Now
Twila Paris - Faithful Friend
Twila Paris - Lifted Higher
Twila Paris - Hosanna
Twila Paris - All Things Work Together
Twila Paris - Messiah
Twila Paris - Enter In
Twila Paris - You Are Holy
Twila Paris - Hold Me Close
Peaches & Herb - Gypsy Lady
Twila Paris - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
Twila Paris - We Know Love
Twila Paris - I Can Do All Things
Twila Paris - Lord, I Need You
Twila Paris - Live to Praise
Twila Paris - Not Forgotten
Twila Paris - Love's Been Following You
Twila Paris - Hold On
Twila Paris - I Never Get Used to What You Do
Pauline - Allo le monde
Pauline - Ce n’était pas mon jour
Twila Paris - True Friend
Pauline - Mon côté fragile
Pauline - C’est pas toi qui m’auras
Pauline - Chacun
Pauline - Tous les jours
Pauline - Sauf ça
Pauline - Loin de là
Pauline - Laisser passer
Pauline - Je m’en vais
Esmé Patterson - Feel Right
Esmé Patterson - Francine
Esmé Patterson - Guadalupe
Esmé Patterson - Valentine
Esmé Patterson - Never Chase a Man
Esmé Patterson - Oh Let's Dance
Esmé Patterson - Tumbleweed
Esmé Patterson - What Do You Call a Woman?
Esmé Patterson - The Glow
Esmé Patterson - Bluebird
Esmé Patterson - A Dream
Esmé Patterson - Wildflower
Esmé Patterson - My Young Man
Esmé Patterson - Jessica
Esmé Patterson - The Swimmer
Esmé Patterson - Louder Than the Sound (The Band - 'Evangeline')
Twila Paris - Neverending Love
Twila Paris - For The Glory Of The Lord
Twila Paris - Fill My Heart
Twila Paris - Midwinter
Twila Paris - Alleluia, Christ is Born
Twila Paris - I Saw Three Ships
Twila Paris - Send Me
Danielle Peck - Findin' a Good Man
Danielle Peck - Isn't That Everything
Danielle Peck - Kiss You On the Mouth
Danielle Peck - Fallin' Apart
Danielle Peck - I Don't
Danielle Peck - Honky-Tonk Time
Danielle Peck - Thirsty Again
Danielle Peck - Only the Lonely Talkin'
Danielle Peck - A Woman Does Too
Danielle Peck - Somebody for You
Danielle Peck - Bad for Me
Danielle Peck - Brick by Brick
Danielle Peck - Lay Back Down
Danielle Peck - She Just Likes to Cry
Danielle Peck - That's What Angels Do
Danielle Peck - This Is Not Goodbye
Danielle Peck - You Like Me Better
Ritva Palukka - Vahanukke, laulava nukke
Les Paul - It's Been a Long, Long Time
Les Paul - How High the Moon
Les Paul - Just One More Chance
Les Paul - Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me
Les Paul - I Really Don't Want to Know
Les Paul - Whither Thou Ghoest
Les Paul - Hummingbird
Les Paul - Coquette (Transcription Recording)
Owlle - Fog
Owlle - Don't Lose It
Owlle - Like a Bow
Owlle - Your Eyes
Owlle - Ticky Ticky
Owlle - Creed
Owlle - Silence
Owlle - Disorder
Owlle - My Light Is Gone
Twila Paris - Come On In
Twila Paris - Once in a Life
Pegboard Nerds feat. Splitbreed - We Are One
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 1: Ending Theme
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 1: Fandango
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 1: A Trace of Blood
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 1: This Heart of Mine (I Pledge)
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 2: Undertow
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 2: Rope Ends
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 2: Chain Sling
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 2: Dryad of the Woods
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 3: Remedy Lane
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 3: Waking Every God
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 3: Second Love
Pain of Salvation - Chapter 3: Beyond the Pale
Pain of Salvation - What She Means to Me
Pain of Salvation - No Way
Pain of Salvation - She Likes to Hide
Pain of Salvation - Sisters
Pain of Salvation - Tell Me You Don't Know
Pain of Salvation - Sleeping Under the Stars
Pain of Salvation - Darkness of Mine
Pain of Salvation - Linoleum
Pain of Salvation - Curiosity
Pain of Salvation - Where It Hurts
Pain of Salvation - Road Salt
Pain of Salvation - Scarsick
Pain of Salvation - Spitfall
Pain of Salvation - Cribcaged
Pain of Salvation - America
Pain of Salvation - Disco Queen
Pain of Salvation - Kingdom of Loss
Pain of Salvation - Mrs. Modern Mother Mary
Pain of Salvation - Idiocracy
Pain of Salvation - Flame to the Moth
Pain of Salvation - Enter Rain
Pain of Salvation - Chapter I: Winning a War
Pain of Salvation - Chapter I: People Passing By
Pain of Salvation - Chapter I: Oblivion Ocean
Pain of Salvation - Chapter II: Stress
Pain of Salvation - Chapter II: Revival
Pain of Salvation - Chapter II: To the End
Pain of Salvation - Chapter III: Circles
Pain of Salvation - Chapter III: Nightmist
Pain of Salvation - Chapter III: Plains of Dawn
Pegasus - Man On Mars
Pegasus - Rise up (Black Dog)
Pegasus - Waiting
Pegasus - Holding On To You
Pegasus - Technology
Pegasus - City Lights
Pegasus - Touch The Ground
Pegasus - Miss You Baby
Pegasus - Something In The Air
Pegasus - Go Out (And Get Her)
Pegasus - Skyline
Pegasus - Higher
Pegasus - Digital Kids
Pegasus - I Take It All
Pegasus - Last Night On Earth
Pegasus - Lay Low
Pegasus - Modern Time Inferno
Pegasus - Other Side
Pegasus - Symptoms
Pegasus - Light It Up
Pegasus - Free
Pegasus - Streets of My Hometown
Pegasus - Fragments
Pain of Salvation - Part of the Machine: Inside
Pain of Salvation - Part of the Machine: The Big Machine
Pain of Salvation - Spirit of Man: Handful of Nothing
Pain of Salvation - Spirit of Man: Water
Pain of Salvation - Karachay: Black Hills
Pain of Salvation - Karachay: Pilgrim
Pain of Salvation - Karachay: Shore Serenity
Pain of Salvation - Karachay: Inside Out
Pain of Salvation - Beyond the Mirror
Pain of Salvation - Road Salt Theme
Pain of Salvation - Softly She Cries
Pain of Salvation - Conditioned
Pain of Salvation - Healing Now
Pain of Salvation - To the Shoreline
Pain of Salvation - Break Darling Break
Pain of Salvation - Eleven
Pain of Salvation - 1979
Pain of Salvation - Of Salt
Pain of Salvation - The Deeper Cut
Pain of Salvation - Mortar Grind
Pain of Salvation - Through the Distance
Pain of Salvation - The Physics of Gridlock
Pain of Salvation - Chapter I. "As These Two Desolate Worlds Collide": Used
Pain of Salvation - Chapter I. "As These Two Desolate Worlds Collide": In the Flesh
Pain of Salvation - Chapter I. "As These Two Desolate Worlds Collide": Ashes
Pain of Salvation - Chapter I. "As These Two Desolate Worlds Collide": Morning on Earth
Pain of Salvation - Chapter II. "It All Catches Up on You When You Slow Down": Idioglossia
Pain of Salvation - Chapter II. "It All Catches Up on You When You Slow Down": Her Voices
Pain of Salvation - Chapter II. "It All Catches Up on You When You Slow Down": Dedication
Pain of Salvation - Chapter II. "It All Catches Up on You When You Slow Down": King of Loss
Pain of Salvation - Chapter III. "Far Beyond the Point of No Return": Reconciliation
Pain of Salvation - Chapter III. "Far Beyond the Point of No Return": Song for the Innocent
Pain of Salvation - Chapter III. "Far Beyond the Point of No Return": Falling
Pain of Salvation - Chapter III. "Far Beyond the Point of No Return": The Perfect Element
Pain of Salvation - Never Learn to Fly
Pain of Salvation - Timeweaver's Tale
Pain of Salvation - Holy Diver
Pain of Salvation - Chain Sling
Pain of Salvation - Perfect Day
Pain of Salvation - Falling Home
Les Paul - It's a Pity to Say Goodnight
Les Paul feat. Billy Gibbons - Bad Case of Lovin’ You
Les Paul feat. Richie Sambora - Let Me Roll It
Les Paul feat. Joe Perry, Mick Hucknall & Kenny Olson - I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
Peheiros - Susi sag mal saure Sahne
Pain of Salvation - On a Tuesday
Pain of Salvation - Tongue of God
Pain of Salvation - Angels of Broken Things
Pain of Salvation - The Taming of a Beast
Pain of Salvation - If This Is the End
Pain of Salvation - The Passing Light of Day
Pain of Salvation - Meaningless (intro)
Pain of Salvation - Silent Gold (demo)
Pain of Salvation - Full Throttle Tribe (intro)
Pain of Salvation - Reasons (intro)
Pain of Salvation - Prologue: Animae Partus ("I Am")
Pain of Salvation - I. Animae Partus: Deus Nova
Pain of Salvation - I. Animae Partus: Imago (Homines Partus)
Pain of Salvation - II. Machinassiah: Nauticus (Drifting)
Pain of Salvation - II. Machinassiah: Dea Pecuniae: I. Mister Money - II. Permanere - III. I Raise My Glass
Pain of Salvation - III. Machinageddon: Diffidentia (Breaching the Core)
Pain of Salvation - III. Machinageddon: Nihil Morari
Pain of Salvation - IV. Machinauticus: Latericius Valete
Pain of Salvation - IV. Machinauticus: Omni
Pain of Salvation - IV. Machinauticus: Iter Impius
Pain of Salvation - IV. Machinauticus: Martius/Nauticus II
Pain of Salvation - Ending Theme
Pain of Salvation - Fandango
Pain of Salvation - A Trace of Blood
Pain of Salvation - This Heart of Mine (I Pledge)
Pain of Salvation - Undertow
Pain of Salvation - Rope Ends
Pain of Salvation - Waking Every God
Pain of Salvation - Second Love
Pain of Salvation - Beyond the Pale
Charlie Parker - This Is Always
Party Pupils - Ms. Jackson
Pain of Salvation - Book I: Genesis: Brickwork, Part 1: I (Leaving Entropia T5 A)
Pain of Salvation - Book I: Genesis: Brickwork, Part 1: IV (Brickwork Descend 1)
Pain of Salvation - Book II: Genesister: Winning a War T5
Pain of Salvation - Book II: Genesister: Reconciliation T5
Pain of Salvation - Book II: Genesister: Oblivion Ocean T5
Pain of Salvation - Book II: Genesister: Undertow T5
Pain of Salvation - Book II: Genesister: Chainsling
Pain of Salvation - Book III: Genesinister: Brickwork, Part 2: VIII (Second Love)
Pain of Salvation - Book III: Genesinister: Brickwork, Part 2: IX (Ashes T5)
Pain of Salvation - Nightmist
Pain of Salvation - Handful of Nothing
Pain of Salvation - New Year's Eve
Pain of Salvation - Diffidentia (Breaching the Core)
Pain of Salvation - Hallelujah
Pain of Salvation - Used
Les Paul - Sleep
Pallers - The Kiss
Pain of Salvation - People Passing By
Pain of Salvation - Oblivion Ocean
Pain of Salvation - Revival
Pain of Salvation - To the End
Pain of Salvation - Circles
Pain of Salvation - Plains of Dawn
Pain of Salvation - Leaving Entropia (Epilogue)
Pain of Salvation - Chapter II: Never Learn to Fly
Pain of Salvation - Gone
Pain of Salvation - Black Hills
Pain of Salvation - If You Wait
Pain of Salvation - Yellow Raven
Pain of Salvation - !
Pain of Salvation - Chapter I: Thorn Clown
Pain of Salvation - Inside Out
Pain of Salvation - Part of the Machine: New Years Eve
Les Paul - Ro-Ro-Robinson
Les Paul - Love Sneakin' Up on You
Les Paul - Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo
Les Paul - So Into You
Pebbles - Giving You the Benefit
Pebbles - Backyard
Pebbles - Love Makes Things Happen
Pebbles - Why Do I Believe (prelude)
Pebbles - Why Do I Believe
Pebbles - Stay with Me
Pebbles - Girlfriend
Pebbles - First Step (In the Right Direction)
Pebbles - Mercedes Boy
Pebbles - Baby Love
Pebbles - Give Me Your Love
Le pecore nere - Ricordo un ragazzo
The Parlor - The Time of the Dragonflies
Panasuyo - Monte y Culebra
Panasuyo - Selva, Playa, Montaña y Sabana
Parts & Labor - Fractured Skies
Parts & Labor - Brighter Days
Parts & Labor - The Gold We're Digging
Parts & Labor - Satellites
Parts & Labor - Nowheres Nigh
Parts & Labor - Mount Misery
Parts & Labor - Little Ones
Parts & Labor - The Ceasing Now
Parts & Labor - Wedding in a Wasteland
Parts & Labor - Prefix Free
Parts & Labor - Solemn Show World
Parts & Labor - Fake Names
Parts & Labor - Outnumbered
Parts & Labor - Constant Future
Parts & Labor - A Thousand Roads
Parts & Labor - Rest
Parts & Labor - Pure Annihilation
Parts & Labor - Drastic Measures
Parts & Labor - A Pleasant Stay
Parts & Labor - New Buildings
Parts & Labor - Repair
Parts & Labor - Springtime Hibernation
Charlie Parker - Round Midnight
Stephen Pearcy - Round & Round XXX
Stephen Pearcy - Dr. Rock
Stephen Pearcy - Cry No More
Jemina Pearl & Iggy Pop - I Hate People
Robert Pattinson - Never Think
Mario Pelchat - Aimer
Mario Pelchat - Jamais deux sans toi
Mario Pelchat - Reste
Mario Pelchat - Mon refuge
Mario Pelchat - Des milliards de personnes
Mario Pelchat - Le monde où je vais
Mario Pelchat - Géant à genoux
Mario Pelchat - Le bleu du ciel
Mario Pelchat - À Juste Raison
Mario Pelchat - Voyager sans toi
Mario Pelchat - Ailleurs
Mario Pelchat - C'est la vie
Mario Pelchat - L'otage
Mario Pelchat - Quand on y croit
Mario Pelchat - Adeste Fideles
Mario Pelchat - Les Enfants Oubliés
Mario Pelchat - God Is Trying to Tell You Something
Mario Pelchat - Chantons Noël
Mario Pelchat - J'en veux encore
Mario Pelchat - Renaître à la vie
Mario Pelchat - Les cèdres du Liban
Mario Pelchat - Plus près de vous
Mario Pelchat - Un enfant
Mario Pelchat - Je n't'aime plus
Mario Pelchat - Te parler de ma vie
Mario Pelchat - À ta santé
Mario Pelchat - Je m'ennuie de toi
Pastiche - Sonic Boom
Mario Pelchat - M'Laisse Pas Tomber
Mario Pelchat - Quitte-Moi
Mario Pelchat - Fais Confiance
Mario Pelchat - Danser
Mario Pelchat - N'importe où
Palak Muchhal - Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
Palak Muchhal - Jeena Marna (Female)
Olivia Pedroli - The Day
Sarina Paris - Look at Us
Sarina Paris - Just About Enough
Sarina Paris - Love in Return
Sarina Paris - True Colors
Sarina Paris - True Love
Sarina Paris - All in the Way
Os Pedrero - Ai, Ai, Ai ...
Os Pedrero - Eu Odeio Trabalho
Os Pedrero - Cuspa Cerveja
Os Pedrero - Amor É Muito Bom
Os Pedrero - London Girl
Os Pedrero - Garotinha Interesseira
Os Pedrero - Cavera Y Macaco
Os Pedrero - Ritalina
Os Pedrero - Shirley Maclaine
Os Pedrero - Cuide De Mim
Os Pedrero - Rock Falido
Os Pedrero - Só Te Usei
Os Pedrero - Ah, Eu Se Fodi
Os Pedrero - Minha Nega
Os Pedrero - Cadê Você? (Bené Alves Cover)
Os Pedrero - Punk Girl
Os Pedrero - O Motoqueiro Doido
Os Pedrero - Modinha Libertina
Os Pedrero - My Wave
Os Pedrero - Menino com Doença
Os Pedrero - Fazer o que?
Os Pedrero - Toco de Gabriela
Os Pedrero - Suzana
Os Pedrero - Rodovia da Morte
Os Pedrero - A iniciação de Cristina
Os Pedrero - Jhenny Paula
Os Pedrero - Eu Nunca Vou Parar de Beber
Os Pedrero - Latifundio do Amor
Os Pedrero - Estilo Selvagem Rock N Roll
Os Pedrero - Please, Please, Please
Os Pedrero - Menudo Capixaba
Os Pedrero - Abertura Paraguaya de Malhaçon
Os Pedrero - So Much
Os Pedrero - Canção do Corno Jovem Rebelde
Os Pedrero - Wanna Be a Poser
Mario Pelchat - Je suis un chanteur
Mario Pelchat - Perdu l'envie d'aimer
Mario Pelchat - La Bête immonde
Mario Pelchat - Danse mon Esmeralda
Mario Pelchat - Je ne t'aime plus
Mario Pelchat - Arrêtez-les
Michaela Pašteková - So mnou nikdy nezostarneš
Pen of Chaos - Cabrelbeuk
Benny Carter - Tea for Two
Rahsaan Patterson - The Best
Rahsaan Patterson - Don't Run So Fast
Rahsaan Patterson - You Make Life So Good
Rahsaan Patterson - Yeah Yeah Yeah
Rahsaan Patterson - Separate
Rahsaan Patterson - Treat You Like a Queen
Rahsaan Patterson - Sure Boy
Rahsaan Patterson - Digging Your Scene
Rahsaan Patterson - Do You Feel the Way I Do
Rahsaan Patterson - The Moment
Rahsaan Patterson - The Day
Rahsaan Patterson - It's Alright Now
Rahsaan Patterson - Get Here
Rahsaan Patterson - So Right
Rahsaan Patterson - It Ain't Love
Rahsaan Patterson - I Only Have Eyes for You
Rahsaan Patterson - Crazy (Baby)
Rahsaan Patterson - Stay With Me
Rahsaan Patterson - Christmas at My House
Paradox - Sexy
Paradox - Star
Paradox - Miss Miss
Paradox - Honey Bee
Paris Angels - Oh Yes
Rahsaan Patterson - Cloud 9
Rahsaan Patterson - Delirium (Comes & Goes)
Rahsaan Patterson - Feels Good
Rahsaan Patterson - Pitch Black
Rahsaan Patterson - Deliver Me
Rahsaan Patterson - Soul Free
Rahsaan Patterson - My Sweetheart
Rahsaan Patterson - Don't Wanna Lose It
Rahsaan Patterson - Come Over
Rahsaan Patterson - Tears Ago
Rahsaan Patterson - One More Night
Rahsaan Patterson - So Fine
Rahsaan Patterson - Stop By
Rahsaan Patterson - Can't We Wait
Rahsaan Patterson - Stay a While
Rahsaan Patterson - Joy
Rahsaan Patterson - Spend the Night
Lynsey de Paul - Sugar Me
Lynsey de Paul - Storm in a Teacup
Pain - Designed to Piss You Off
Pain - Call Me
Pain - A Wannabe
Pain - Black Knight Satellite
Pain - Coming Home
Pain - Final Crusade
Pain - Natural Born Idiot
Pain - Starseed
Pain - Same Old Song
Pain - Zombie Slam
Pain - Suicide Machine
Pain - End of the Line
Pain - The Great Pretender
Pain - Dirty Woman
Pain - Monkey Business
Pain - Shut Your Mouth
Pain - Don’t Count Me Out
Pain - Nothing
Pain - The Tables Have Turned
Pain - Not Afraid to Die
Pain - Dancing With the Dead
Pain - Tear It Up
Pain - Bye/Die
Pain - My Misery
Pain - A Good Day to Die
Pain - Stay Away
Pain - The Third Wave
Pain - On and On
Pain - Just Hate Me
Pain - Supersonic Bitch
Pain - On Your Knees
Pain - Greed
Pain - Breathing In, Breathing Out
Pain - Eleanor Rigby
Pain - Close My Eyes
Pain - Injected Paradise
Pain - Expelled
Pain - Pull Me Under
Pain - Save Me
Pain - The Game
Pain - Fade Away
Lynsey de Paul - Dancing on a Saturday Night
Lynsey de Paul - Tigers and Fireflies
Lynsey de Paul - Rock Bottom
Pain - Delusions
Pain - Parallel to Ecstasy
Pain - Crashed
Pain - She Whipped
Pain - Let Me Out
Pain - Psalms of Extinction
Pain - Have a Drink on Me
Pain - Walking on Glass
Pain - Feed the Demons
Pain - Bitch
Pain - Follow Me
Pain - Don't Care
Pain - It's Only Them
Pain - I’m Goin' In
Pain - Reach Out (and Regret)
Pain - Generation X
Pain - No One Knows
Pain - Not Your Kind
Pain - Feed Us
Pain - On Your Knees (Again)
Pain - Rope Around My Neck
Pain - Learn How to Die
Pain - Don’t Let Me Down
Pain - Breathe
Pain - Choke on Your Lies
Pain - The Last Drops of My Life
PAPA - Papa
PAPA - Put Me to Work
PAPA - Young Rut
PAPA - Forgotten Days
PAPA - Cotton Candy
PAPA - If the Moon Rises
PAPA - Get Me Through the Night
PAPA - If You're My Girl, Then I'm Your Man
PAPA - I Am the Lion King
PAPA - Ain't It So
PAPA - Let's Make You Pregnant
Charlie Parker - Embraceable You (Late Saturday Night, Sunday September 18, 1949 - Jazz at the Philharmonic)
Charlie Parker - I Didn’t Know What Time It Was (Tuesday June 6, 1950 - Charlie Parker and His Orchestra)
Charlie Parker - April in Paris (Late Saturday Night, Sunday September 17, 1950 - Charlie Parker With Strings, Featur
Pain - Save Your Prayers
Pain - Play Dead
Pain - Computer God
Pain - Just Think Again
Pain - We Want More
Pain - Leave Me Alone
Pain - Monster
Pain - Season of the Reaper
Pain - Crawling Thru Bitterness
Pain - I Don’t Care
Pain - Don't Let Me Down
Pain - Does It Really Matter
Pain - Bottle's Nest
Pain - Here Is The News (Electric Light Orchestra Cover Song)
Pain - Live Fast / Die Young (It's a Cynic Paradise)
Pain - Live Fast/Die Young
Peggy Sue - I Read It in the Paper
Peggy Sue - The Remainder
Peggy Sue - Fossils
Peggy Sue - The Shape We Made
Peggy Sue - Fools Rush In
Peggy Sue - My Boyfriend's Back
Peggy Sue - Hit the Road Jack
Peggy Sue - Torture
Peggy Sue - Just the Night
Peggy Sue - Idle
Peggy Sue - Eisenstein
Peggy Sue - New Song
Peggy Sue - Lover Gone
Pat Berning - Dans ta maison
Pearl and the Beard - Reverend
Pearl and the Beard - Sweetness
Pearl and the Beard - Prodigal Daughter
Pearl and the Beard - The Lament of Coronado Brown
Pearl and the Beard - Douglas Douglass
Pearl and the Beard - Jasper Christmas
Pearl and the Beard - Swimming
Pearl and the Beard - 40K
Pearl and the Beard - Black Hole of Calcutta
Pearl and the Beard - James
Pearl and the Beard - Devil's Head Down
Pearl and the Beard - River
Pearl and the Beard - Lost In Singapore
Pearl and the Beard - Donny & Johnny
Pearl and the Beard - Dumb Lovers
Pearl and the Beard - Voice In My Throat
Pearl and the Beard - Vessel
Pearl and the Beard - Twice Today
Pearl and the Beard - Oh. Death!
David Paton - Magic
David Paton - The Bonnie Blue Bonnets
David Paton - This Honest Land
Passionworks - Sunny Day
Passionworks - Flying
Passionworks - Blue Play
Passionworks - Angels Crossing
Passionworks - The Queen
Passionworks - The Swallow
Passionworks - Liar
Passionworks - Falling
Passionworks - Close to Life
Passionworks - Sad
Passionworks - I'll Never Be (Satisfied)
Passionworks - Lying on the Floor
Passionworks - Waiting for You
Passionworks - Prisoner
Passionworks - Outside
Passionworks - Beating His Children
Passionworks - I Feel I Ain't Fine
Passionworks - Breaking Away
Passionworks - Game Over
Passionworks - Passion Play
Passionworks - Mama
Passionworks - Get Away
Passionworks - Invisible Child
Passionworks - Surrender
Charles Parker - Greensleevs
Panza - Infanticidio
Panza - Sonrisas de plastilina
Panza - Crucigramas
Panza - Trueno II
Panza - Retro
Panza - Panza (en vivo)
Panza - Control de acceso
Panza - Amor bidet (en vivo)
Panza - Trueno (en vivo)
Panza - Primer círculo (en vivo)
Panza - Fea (en vivo)
Panza - Ceremonial y protocolo (en vivo)
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - Those Who Were
Penicos de Prata - Balofas Carnes
Van Dyke Parks - Vine Street
Van Dyke Parks - Palm Desert
Van Dyke Parks - Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Van Dyke Parks - All Golden
Van Dyke Parks - Van Dyke Parks
Van Dyke Parks - Public Domain
Van Dyke Parks - The Attic
Van Dyke Parks - Pot Pourri
Van Dyke Parks - Jack Palance
Van Dyke Parks - Bing Crosby
Van Dyke Parks - Steelband Music
Van Dyke Parks - Be Careful
Van Dyke Parks - John Jones
Van Dyke Parks - FDR in Trinidad
Van Dyke Parks - Sweet Trinidad
Van Dyke Parks - Occapella
Van Dyke Parks - Sailin' Shoes
Van Dyke Parks - Riverboat
Van Dyke Parks - Ode to Tobago
Van Dyke Parks - Your Own Comes First
Van Dyke Parks - G-Man Hoover
Van Dyke Parks - Hold Back Time
Van Dyke Parks - Black Gold
Van Dyke Parks - The All Golden
Van Dyke Parks - Clang of the Yankee Reaper
Van Dyke Parks - City on the Hill
Van Dyke Parks - Pass That Stage
Van Dyke Parks - Another Dream
Van Dyke Parks - You're a Real Sweetheart
Van Dyke Parks - Love Is the Answer
Van Dyke Parks - Iron Man
Van Dyke Parks - Tribute to Spree
Van Dyke Parks - Soul Train
Paved in Skin - Good for Nothing
Paved in Skin - Just Like You
Paved in Skin - Scars
Paved in Skin - Untitled Addiction
Paved in Skin - Flood
Paved in Skin - Pox
Paved in Skin - The Secret of Happiness
Passé Simple - Viens vers moi
Patchwork - Marsmellow
Gabino Pampini - A nuestro modo
Gabino Pampini - Cuerpo de guitarra
Gabino Pampini - La luna y el toro
Gabino Pampini - Cuando florescan las amapolas
Paolo Pavan - What's Up
Bernie Paul - Lucky
Bernie Paul - Oh No No
Bernie Paul - Night After Night
Bernie Paul - Jessie Was a Dreamer
Bernie Paul - Everybody's Rocking
Bernie Paul - Caroline
Bernie Paul - Attenzione - Go Go Radio
Pathways - Miserae
Pathways - Famine
Van Dyke Parks - Opportunity for Two
Van Dyke Parks - Come Along
Van Dyke Parks - I Ain't Goin' Home
Van Dyke Parks - Many a Mile to Go
Van Dyke Parks - An Invitation to Sin
Van Dyke Parks - Home
Van Dyke Parks - After the Ball
Van Dyke Parks - Look Away
Van Dyke Parks - Hominy Grove
Van Dyke Parks - Tokyo Rose
Van Dyke Parks - Yankee Go Home
Van Dyke Parks - Cowboy
Van Dyke Parks - Manzanar
Van Dyke Parks - Calypso
Van Dyke Parks - White Chrysanthemum
Van Dyke Parks - Trade War
Van Dyke Parks - Out of Love
Van Dyke Parks - One Home Run
Bonnie Raitt - Wha' She Go Do
The Mojo Men - Sit Down I Think I Love You
Parva - Heavy
Parva - Good Bad Right Wrong
Parva - Couldn't Contain
Parva - TV
Parva - Country in C
Parva - Hessles
Parva - Sitting on the Prince of Wales
Parva - Don't Get Me Wrong
Parva - Panic Attack
Parva - Put Me on the Cover of Your Magazine
Parva - Vending Machine
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - Rope Bridge Crossing
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - City of No Sun
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - That Was My Veil
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - Urn With Dead Flowers in a Drained Pool
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - Civil War Correspondent
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - Taut
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - Heela
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - Is That All There Is?
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - Lost Fun Zone
Van Dyke Parks - Orange Crate Art
Steven Padin - Smile, Present
Parade - Like You
Parade - Ticking On It
Parade - Perfume
Parade - Just A Girl
Parade - Knock On My Door
Parade - Stars
Parade - Mr Right Now
Parade - Shoes
Parade - Pretty Ugly
Parade - Weatherman
Parade - Yes You Are
Parade - Rokstar
Parade - Rollercoaster
Parade - Louder (Steve Smart & Westfunk cut-up dub)
Parade - Light Me Up
Peine Perdue - Noyés
Peine Perdue - Paradis
Peine Perdue - Disparition fantôme
Bart Peeters & The Radios - I'm Into Folk
Pegboy - Sinner Inside
Pegboy - You
Pegboy - Strong Reaction
Pegboy - Not What I Want
Pegboy - Superstar
Pegboy - Field of Darkness
Pegboy - Hardlight
Patsy - Read Between the Lines
Patsy - Right to Be Wrong
Patsy - I Can't Sleep
Patsy - The Right Time
Patsy - Knock It Off (interlude)
Patsy - Higher Learning
Patsy - The Silence of My Dreams
Patsy - Cette force en lui
Patsy - Liverpool
Peja - Czas hardcoru
Ben Onono - Blink
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - Unpredictable
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - My Little Rock 'n Roll
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - Murder Me
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - Free
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - City
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - Like Jimmy Dean
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - Play the Part
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - Violent Complex
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - Solitude
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - Sweet Nothing
Ashton Nyte and the Accused - Headspace
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Tá calor
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Açucar em mim
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Balança mais não para
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Arreia
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Vem vem
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Fama de pegador
Pedro Paulo & Alex - É nóis que tá
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Histórias pra contar
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Do nada
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Sem resposta
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Tá que tá
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Tome love
Pedro Paulo & Alex - República pingaiada
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Qué namora eu
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Loka loka
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Vixi não me conhece
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Hoje eu tô pro crime
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Ela bebi, trupica e não cai
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Guenta pressão
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Quem falou que eu não amo
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Ainda não acabou
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Jeitão PPA
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Quando eu acordar
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Aperte o play
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Que vontade que dá
Pedro Paulo & Alex - De 4 paredes
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Big Jhow & mano Jhow
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Tá me provocando
Pedro Paulo & Alex - Muda A Batida
Dawn Penn - The First Cut Is the Deepest
Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (No No No)
Carla Olson - Del Gato
Sébastien Patoche - Intro
Sébastien Patoche - Quand il pète il troue son slip
Sébastien Patoche - La Cartouche
Sébastien Patoche & Connexion Béké - Zizicoptère
Sébastien Patoche - Tu l'as vu ?
Sébastien Patoche - En voiture Simone
Sébastien Patoche feat. Léa Léonard - Le Panard
Sébastien Patoche - La Moustache au chocolat
Sébastien Patoche - Emplacement n°10
Sébastien Patoche - La Tournée du patron
Sébastien Patoche - I love toi
Sébastien Patoche - On va la foutre au fond
Sébastien Patoche - Look d'enfer
Sébastien Patoche - La Dernière Goutte
Sébastien Patoche - Skit #1
Sébastien Patoche - Nanar
Sébastien Patoche - Le Dancefloor
Sébastien Patoche - La Crotte de nez
Sébastien Patoche - La Renault 18 American
Sébastien Patoche - Combien de temps
Sébastien Patoche présente Jimmy Foxtrot - Beau black
Pentacle - Into the Fiery Jaws
Pentacle - Walking Upon Damnation's Land
Pentacle - Immolated in Flames
Pentacle - Legion of Doom
Pentacle - Prophet of Perdition
Vanessa Paradis & -M- - La Seine
The Paper Garden - I Hide
Penknifelovelife - Jodie Ingram Will Kill Anyone With a Heart
Penknifelovelife - There Is Nothing More Romantic Than Watching the World Die
Penknifelovelife - On the Contrary, Everything Is Going to Be Bad
Penknifelovelife - Touch Me Again and I Will Stab a Screwdriver Into Your Face
Penknifelovelife - Just Enough Newspaper Cutouts Left (To Know Who This Is About)
Patty & The Emblems - Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
Janet Paschal - I Give You Jesus
Janet Paschal - Another Soldier's Coming Home
Janet Paschal - Written In Red
Janet Paschal - I Am Not Ashamed
Penfold - June
Penfold - M
Penfold - I'll Take You Everywhere
Penfold - Tuesday
Penfold - Traveling Theory
Penfold - Breathing Lessons
Penfold - Amateur Standing
Penfold - The Secret Nine
Penfold - Sea of Crisis
Penfold - Our First Taste of Escape
Penfold - May I Have This Dance
Penfold - The Sound of Jazz
Penfold - Brilliance
Penfold - Kissing the Nightmare
Penfold - Reflexivity
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Meow Meow Introduces the Grand Theft Orchestra
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Trout Heart Replica
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - The Living Room (B-Side)
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Ukulele Anthem (B-Side)
Pearl - J'ai des choses à te dire
Pawws - Slow Love
Pawws - Sugar
Pawws - Give You Love
Paco Pil - Viva la fiesta
Paco Pil - Party en la Enterprise
Raimonds Pauls - Tu esi korī
Raimonds Pauls - Viss nāk un aiziet tālumā
Paulo Sergio - Pelo Amor de Deus
Paulo Sergio - Não Consigo Esquecer Você
Paulo Sergio - Distância Ingrata
Paulo Sergio - Veja
Paulo Sergio - Sou Feliz Morrendo Assim
Paulo Sergio - Não Vou Querer
Paulo Sergio - Não Fico Aqui
Paulo Sergio - Por Tudo Que Há de Mais Sagrado
Paulo Sergio - Não Brinque Comigo
Paulo Sergio - Amor Sem Fim
Paulo Sergio - Menina Triste
Paulo Sergio - Manhã de Esperança
Paulo Sergio - No Dia em Que Parti
Paulo Sergio - Gosto Muito de Você
Paulo Sergio - Sorri Meu Bem
Paulo Sergio - Se Você Voltar
Paulo Sergio - Não Sei Te Esquecer
Paulo Sergio - Pro Diabo os Conselhos de Vocês
Paulo Sergio - Não Me Trate Como um Cão
Paulo Sergio - Doce Ilusão
Paulo Sergio - Do Nosso Amor
Paulo Sergio - Amor Tem Quer Ser Amor
Paulo Sergio - Viver
Paulo Sergio - O Amanhã Espera Por Nós Dois
Paulo Sergio - Faça o Que Quiser de Mim
Paulo Sergio - Sai de Mim
Paulo Sergio - Felicidade Pra Dois
Paulo Sergio - Vou Ver Meu Amor
Harijs Spanovskis - Trīs lietas
Paulo Sergio - Não Creio em Mais Nada
Paulo Sergio - Preciso Acreditar
Paulo Sergio - Não Importa o Que os Outros Falam
Paulo Sergio - Eu Quero Ver Você Viver Sem Mim
Paulo Sergio - Não Precisa Deixar Nada
Paulo Sergio - A Procura de um Novo Amor
Paulo Sergio - Fujo de Mim
Paulo Sergio - O Quanto Eu Te Amo
Paulo Sergio - Eu Venho de Longe Só Por Causa de Você
Paulo Sergio - Você é o Problema
Paulo Sergio - Nos Braços Teus
Paulo Sergio - A Minha Vida Pertence a Mim
Paulo Sergio - Alfaiate
Paulo Sergio - E o Destino Desfolhou
Paulo Sergio - Ficar Nunca Mais
Paulo Sergio - Agora Quem Parte Sou Eu
Paulo Sergio - Fiz Um Mundo Pra Nós Dois
Paulo Sergio - Idioma do Amor
Paulo Sergio - Uma História um Caminho
Paulo Sergio - Com é Que Eu Vou Poder Viver Tão Triste
Paulo Sergio - Capela
Paulo Sergio - Nem Mesmo Cristo
Paulo Sergio - Falta Alguém em Nossa Vida
Paulo Sergio - A Fera de Olhos Mansos
Paulo Sergio - Aquele Tempo Bom
Paulo Sergio - Mesmo Que Seja o Último Adeus
Paulo Sergio - Índia
Paulo Sergio - Máquinas Humanas
Paulo Sergio - O Retratinho
Paulo Sergio - Rosana
Paradise Fears - More Than Lust
Paradise Fears - Violet
Paradise Fears - Waste of Time
Paradise Fears - Last Breath
Paradise Fears - Just a Feeling
Paradise Fears - Get to You
Paradise Fears - Advice
Paradise Fears - Here to Stay
Paradise Fears - I Tried
Paradise Fears - What You Want Me To
Paradise Fears - Yours Truly
Paradise Fears - Intro
Paradise Fears - Battle Scars
Paradise Fears - What Are You Waiting For
Paradise Fears - Warrior
Paradise Fears - Lullaby
Paradise Fears - Fought for Me
Paradise Fears - Used
Paradise Fears - Hear Me Out
Paradise Fears - Now Or Never
Paradise Fears - Fall on Me
Paradise Fears - Sanctuary
Paradise Fears - Where to Begin
Paradise Fears - Back to Life
Paradise Fears - Who We Were With
Paradise Fears - Talk About It
Paradise Fears - You to Believe In
Paradise Fears - Guard (Interlude)
Paradise Fears - Sentiment
Paradise Fears - Next to Me
Paradise Fears - Sleep
Paradise Fears - Say My Name
Paradise Fears - Reunion
Penny & The Quarters - You and Me
Paradise Fears - Die Young
Paradise Fears - Too Close
Paradise Fears - One Headlight
Paradise Fears - Same Love
Paradise Fears - Kid in Demand
Paradise Fears - Payphone
Paradise Fears - Call Me Maybe
Paradise Fears - Both of Us
Paulo Sergio - Não Quero Você
Paulo Sergio - Minhas Saudades, Meus Defeitos
Paulo Sergio - Multicolorida
Paulo Sergio - Vida Pra Que?
Paulo Sergio - Noite Cheia de Estrelas
Paulo Sergio - Quem Sabe Muito, Perde Mais
Paulo Sergio - Quero Ver Você Feliz
Paulo Sergio - Só Hoje
Paulo Sergio - Vida Sem Graça
Paulo Sergio - Nordeste 1920
Paulo Sergio - Eu Te Amo Tanto, Tanto
Paulo Sergio - As Aparências Enganam
Paulo Sergio - Não Vou Deixar
Paulo Sergio - Nem o Tempo Pode Apagar
Raimonds Pauls - Es rakstu Dženijai
Peach Hips - Moon Revenge
Simon Paul - Under African Skies
Simon Paul - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Simon Paul - You Can Call Me Al
Dolly Parton with Ricky Van Shelton - Rockin' Years
François Peglau - Holidays
François Peglau - Salvación mariachi
François Peglau - Costa Rica
François Peglau - Lonesome Café
François Peglau - La vida es un misterio
François Peglau - La fiesta terminó
François Peglau - Dubai
François Peglau - Dejanos una canción
François Peglau - I Wonder
François Peglau - Terminal
François Peglau - Who Wants to Go?
François Peglau - One Minute to Midnight Dream [So Sad]
François Peglau - I'll Never Be Alain Delon
François Peglau - IF You Want Their Way of Life
François Peglau - Spring Lovers Song (Si Tu Quieres)
François Peglau - God & The Unconscious Want Me Dead
François Peglau - I'm Down
François Peglau - We Know We Won't Make It
François Peglau - Everybody Loves Me
François Peglau - Sundays Ukelele Song
People Without Shoes - Ghettonetics
Tess Parks - Somedays
Paul Parker - Right on Target
Paul Parker - Shot in the Night
Paul Parker - Baby You Can Have My Lovin' Anytime
Paul Parker - Without Your Love
Paul Parker - Pushin' too Hard
Alan Parker - Love of a Lifetime 2
Alan Parker - When We Were Young 1
A Pale Horse Named Death - As Black As My Heart
A Pale Horse Named Death - To Die In Your Arms
A Pale Horse Named Death - Heroin Train
A Pale Horse Named Death - Devil In The Closet
A Pale Horse Named Death - Cracks In The Walls
A Pale Horse Named Death - Bad Dream
A Pale Horse Named Death - Bath In My Blood (Schizophrenia In Me)
A Pale Horse Named Death - Pill Head
A Pale Horse Named Death - Meet The Wolf
A Pale Horse Named Death - Serial Killer
A Pale Horse Named Death - When Crows Descend Upon You
A Pale Horse Named Death - Die Alone
A Pale Horse Named Death - Shallow Grave
A Pale Horse Named Death - The Needle in You
A Pale Horse Named Death - In the Sleeping Death
A Pale Horse Named Death - Killer by Night
A Pale Horse Named Death - Growing Old
A Pale Horse Named Death - Dead of Winter
A Pale Horse Named Death - Devil Came With a Smile
A Pale Horse Named Death - Day of the Storm
A Pale Horse Named Death - DMSLT
A Pale Horse Named Death - Cold Dark Mourning
Pascal - Jävla Bengt
Pascal - Dö inte nu
Pascal - Jonnie
Pascal - Sjuk
Pascal - Motorväg
Pascal - Förbi fabriken
Pascal - Kom inte till mig
Pascal - Ensam på en krog i Hamburg
Pascal - Stort och vackert
Pascal - Längtar efter dig
Pascal - Jag vill ha allt
Pascal - Cadillac
Pascal - Oslo
Pascal - Älska Mig/Skjut mig!
Pascal - Kom ner
Pascal - Rödlätta man
Pascal - Ökenryttaren
Pascal - Smärtstillande
Pascal - Min enda vän
Pascal - Galgberget
Pascal - Nyår
Pascal - Måne över Fårösund
Pascal - Dansa
Pascal - En död man
Pascal - Ge upp
Pascal - Orkanen närmar sig
Pascal - Stanna här
Pascal - Inte redo
Pascal - Tyst här i mörkret
Pascal - Kyss mig!
Raimonds Pauls - Lecam pa vecam
Raimonds Pauls - Baltā dziesma
Pauline London - The Shadow of Your Smile
Pauline London - Love Can Sing
Paulini - By My Side
Paulini - Fly
Paulini - Not Another Love Song
Paulini - Hung Over You
Paulini - Forget That
Paulini - Rough Day
Paulini - Married Man
Paulini - I Believe
Paulini - Last Love
Paulini - Superwoman
Paulini - Who Will I Run To
Paulini - Scarless
Paulini - Fireman
Raimonds Pauls - Vernisāža
Sandi Patty - Give Him the Glory
Sandi Patty - Sing to the Lord
Sandi Patty - We Will See Him as He Is
Sandi Patty - Cradle Song
Sandi Patty - Wonderful Lord
Sandi Patty - Via Dolorosa
Sandi Patty - Shine Down
Sandi Patty - Pour on the Power
Sandi Patty - Glorious Morning
Sandi Patty - Purest Praise
Sandi Patty - In the Name of the Lord
Sandi Patty - They Could Not
Sandi Patty - Love in Any Language
Sandi Patty - Upon This Rock
Sandi Patty - Smile
Sandi Patty - Silver Bells
Pascal & Pearce - DESPERADO
Pascal & Pearce - JERICHO
Pascal & Pearce feat. Juliet Harding - Disco Sun
Peanut Butter Wolf feat. Planet Asia - In Your Area
Peanut Butter Wolf - Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats
S.O.U.L. - Peace of Mind
Quasimoto - Jazz Cats, Part 1
Spoonie Gee - Love Rap
Marley Marl feat. MC Shan - Marley Marl Scratch
Sandi Patty - I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Stezo - It's My Turn
Sandi Patty - That's the Love of God
Sandi Patty - Forever Friends
Sandi Patty - The Day He Wore My Crown
Sandi Patty - The Home of the Lord
Sandi Patty - In the Garden Medley: In the Garden / Just a Closer Walk With Thee / What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Park - Gasoline Kisses for Everyone
Park - Day One and Counting
Park - Pomona for Empusa
Park - Conversations With Emily
Park - Which Wrist First
Park - Numerous Murders
Park - Dear Sweet Impaler
Park - Your Latest Victim
Park - This Would Be Easier If You Would Just Die
Park - Codex Avellum
Park - The Ghost You Are
Park - Trivet
Park - S Is for Susan
Park - At Breakneck Speed
Park - Swell
Park - Know Your Enemy
Park - Clue Me In
Park - Wreck Simple
Park - Here on and Out
Park - Cover Up
Park - [untitled]
Park - The Trophy Wife
Park - Mississippi Burning
Park - Who Is Aliandra
Park - Angles and Errors
Park - Chica Chica
Park - La Amoureux
Park - Irukandji
Park - Intro
Park - Hide and Seek
Grandmaster Flash - New Adventures of Grandmaster Flash
Peanut Butter Wolf - Styles Crew Flows Beats
Peanut Butter Wolf - Run the Line
Raimonds Pauls - Manai dzimtenei
Raimonds Pauls - Muļķe sirds
Raimonds Pauls - Kūko, kūko dzeguzīte
Raimonds Pauls - Mežrozīte
Aija Kukule - Dāvāja Māriņa
Remix - Kā senā dziesmā
Zigfrīds Muktupāvels - Mēmā dziesma
Park - Ghost Boy
Park - Faster Than Rapid
Park - Class Of Coleco
Park - 1000 Yard Stare
Park - One Clear Shot
Park - Omnibus
Park - Last Time Everything
Park - Lindsay
Park - Arcee Springer
Park - Scene 14
Raimonds Pauls - Ar mani atkal runā kaijas
Park - South For Winter
Park - At That Particular Moment
Park - Too Far From North Shore
Park - Nice Night for a Fist Fight
Park - Sorry
Park - If You Could Concentrate
Park - How to Revive
Park - Racing a Train
Peanut Butter Wolf - In Your Area
Peanut Butter Wolf - Hold Up
Peanut Butter Wolf - Definition of Ill
Peanut Butter Wolf - Definition of Ill (remix a cappella)
Vangelis Papathanassiou - Come On
Vangelis Papathanassiou - He-o
Sandi Patty - Make His Praise Glorious
Sandi Patty - Come Let's Worship Him
Sandi Patty - No Other Name
Sandi Patty - Almighty God
Sandi Patty - Love Will Be Our Home
Sandi Patty - Find It on the Wings
Sandi Patty - Make It 'til Tomorrow
Sandi Patty - When I Heal
Sandi Patty - Where the Nails Were
Sandi Patty - Build My World Around You
Sandi Patty - If I Want To
Sandi Patty - Safe Harbour
Sandi Patty - God Is Walking Me Through
Sandi Patty - Through the Eyes of a Child
Sandi Patty - Imagine (How God Can Sing)
Sandi Patty - Wonderful One
Sandi Patty - Fields of Mercy
Sandi Patty - Alleluia
Sandi Patty - You Have Been So Good
Sandi Patty - How Beautiful
Sandi Patty - The Majesty and Glory of Your Name
Sandi Patty - Peace Be Still
Johnny Pacheco & Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez - Mujer ingrata
Johnny Pacheco & Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez - Moreno
Johnny Pacheco & Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez - Blanca
Harijs Spanovskis - Laba dziesma par dzīvošanu
Harijs Spanovskis & Jānis Paukštello - Es šodien esmu laimīgs
Normunds Rutulis & Krista Teivāne - Par to (Raudāja māte...)
Raimonds Pauls - Pelnrušķīte
Mirdza Zīvere - Es aiziet nevaru
Peggy's Leg - Just Another Journey
Sandi Patty - I Will Rejoice
Sandi Patty - Unexpected Friends
Sandi Patty - I'll Give You Peace
Sandi Patty - Rejoice
Sandi Patty - I Lift My Hands
Sandi Patty - Who Will Call Him King of Kings
Sandi Patty - O Calvary's Lamb
Sandi Patty - Artist of My Soul
Sandi Patty - Breathe on Me
Sandi Patty - You Love Me
Sandi Patty - You Set Me Free
Sandi Patty - Birds Still Dance
Sandi Patty - You Alone
Sandi Patty - I Will Sing the Wondrous Story
Sandi Patty - Come to Me
Sandi Patty - Doxology
Sandi Patty - Little Narrow Gate
Sandi Patty - Home Will Find You
Sandi Patty - Long Look
Sandi Patty - All the Stars
Sandi Patty - The Dilemma
Sandi Patty - Forest of Fears
Sandi Patty - In the Tenderlands
Sandi Patty - Love Can Open the Door
Sandi Patty - No Place to Lay My Head
Sandi Patty - It's Your Song Lord
Sandi Patty - I Could Never Have Imagined
Sandi Patty - The Gift Goes On
Sandi Patty - Christmas Was Meant for Children
Imants Skrastiņš - Es mīlu tevi
Sandi Patty - Bethlehem Morning
Sandi Patty - Go Without Knowing
Sandi Patty - Shine
Sandi Patty - Wings of Peace
Sandi Patty - Once and for All
Sandi Patty - Candles
Sandi Patty - One More Song for You
Sandi Patty - These Are the Days
Sandi Patty - Let There Be Praise
Sandi Patty - Shepherd of My Heart
Sandi Patty - King of Glory
Sandi Patty - The Lord's Prayer
Sandi Patty - Star of Bethlehem
Andris Bērziņš - Svētvakars
Ingus Pētersons - Varavīksne
Raimonds Pauls - Nepasauc, nepiesauc mani vēl
Sandi Patty - "Our First Offical Visitor!"
Raimonds Pauls - Kā sniegi kalnu galotnēs
Peaches - I Don't Give A ...
Peaches - I'm the Kinda
Peaches - I U She
Peaches - Operate
Peaches - Tombstone, Baby
Peaches feat. Mignon - Shake Yer Dix
Peaches - Stuff Me Up
Peaches - Back It Up, Boys
Peaches - The Inch
Peaches - Bag It
Peaches - Gay Bar
Peaches - Sex (I’m A)
Peaches - Talk to Me