Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1124:

Pastilla - Cierro Los Ojos
Pastilla - La Última Promesa
Pastilla - Colores
Pastilla - Secreto
Patience & Prudence - Tonight You Belong to Me
Patience & Prudence - A Smile and a Ribbon
Pavor - Inflictor of Grimness
Pavor - Perplexer: Perdition Projectile
Pavor - Wroth Volcanic Vent
Pavor - Furioso
Patience & Prudence - Dreamer's Bay
Pavor - A Schizoid Uglifier
Pavor - Crucified Hopes
Pavor - Inconsistent ClayBlood Totemist
Pavor - Dilettante's Dilemma
Patience & Prudence - Heavenly Angel
Pavor - A Pale Debilitating Autumn
Patience & Prudence - Little Wheel
Pavor - Total Warrior
Pavor - Corpses
Pavor - Careworn
Pavor - Pavor
Patience & Prudence - Golly Oh Gee
Pavor - Imperator of an Ashen Bane
Pavor - Fucked by Darkness
Pavor - Symbols of Depravity
Dolly Parton - Just as Good as Gone
Dolly Parton - Cracker Jack
Dolly Parton - Another Woman’s Man
Dolly Parton - Golden Streets of Glory
Dolly Parton - I Believe
Dolly Parton - Would You Know Him (If You Saw Him)
Dolly Parton - The Master’s Hand
Dolly Parton - Power in the Blood
Dolly Parton - Church in the Wildwood
Dolly Parton - Farther Along
Patchanka - Prove Do Meu Love
Patchanka - Babado Novo
Patchanka - Procurando O Ninho
Patchanka - Céu Da Terra
Patchanka - Pistoleira
Patchanka - Nega
Patchanka - Federal
Patchanka - Set Things in Motion
Patchanka - Tu vitamina
Patchanka - Minha Flora
Patchanka - Ciumenta
Patchanka - Katita
Patchanka - Merengue na fita
Patchanka - Gostosa
Patchanka - Neguinha
Patchanka - Isabela
Patchanka - Tribo Patchanka
Paige - Silhouettes
Paige - You've Got Guts (Shame We've Gotta Clean 'em Up)
Paige - The Only One
Paige - Dear Heartstrings...
Paige - Actions
Paige - This Is How We Roll!
Paige - Young Summer
Parole Trixi - Seid gegrüßt!
Dolly Parton - Pure and Simple
Dolly Parton - Never Not Love You
Dolly Parton - Kiss It (And Make It All Better)
Dolly Parton - Tomorrow Is Forever
Dolly Parton - Head Over High Heels
Dolly Parton - Forever Love
Dolly Parton - Mama
Dolly Parton - I Know You by Heart
Dolly Parton - Dump the Dude
Pasa - Takapihan lapset
Pasa - Outolintu
Pasa - Metsä yöhön vaihtuu
Pasa - Juuret
Pasa - Kesäheinä
The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Pay the Rope
The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Dirty Susan
The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Burn Your House Down
The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Wash the Ground
The Peculiar Pretzelmen - 6 Volt Car
The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Gone to Jericho
The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Undertaker
The Peculiar Pretzelmen - These Hands Are Clean
The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Pass the Kerosene
P.O.S. feat. Craig Finn - Safety in Speed (Heavy Metal)
Passion Pit - Folds in Your Hands
Passion Pit - To Kingdom Come
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
Passion Pit - Seaweed Song
Passion Pit - Take a Walk
Passion Pit - Carried Away
Passion Pit - Constant Conversations
Passion Pit - Cry Like a Ghost
Passion Pit - On My Way
Passion Pit - Hideaway
Passion Pit - Two Veils to Hide My Face
Passion Pit - Love Is Greed
Passion Pit - It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy
Passion Pit - Where We Belong
Passion Pit - Lifted Up (1985)
Passion Pit - Where the Sky Hangs
Passion Pit - All I Want
Passion Pit - Dancing on the Grave
Passion Pit - Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)
Passion Pit - My Brother Taught Me How to Swim
Passion Pit - Ten Feet Tall (II)
Passion Pit - Smile Upon Me
Passion Pit - I've Got Your Number
Passion Pit - Cuddle Fuddle
Passion Pit - Live to Tell the Tale
Passion Pit - Better Things
Passion Pit - Let Your Love Grow Tail
Passion Pit - The Reeling (original)
Passion Pit - The Reeling (Shuttle's Super club Mega mix'99)
Passion Pit - Batty Lashes
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Wawa dub)
Passion Pit - I'll Be Alright
Passion Pit - It's Not My Fault I'm Happy
Passion Pit - American Blood
Passion Pit - Ruin Your Day
Passion Pit - Carry On
Passion Pit - Almost There
Passion Pit - Where I Come From
Pata Negra - Bodas de sangre
Pata Negra - Pasa la vida
Pata Negra - Yo me quedo en Sevilla
Pata Negra - Camarón
Pata Negra - Calle Betis
Pata Negra - Juan Charrasqueado
Pata Negra - Bulerías de Juan El Camas
Out Cold - All I Want
Out Cold - Murder Black Corvette
Out Cold - Fingers Through the Glass
Out Cold - Shoulder to Shoulder
Out Cold - Sorrow
Out Cold - In and Out
Dominique Pauwels - Bucky op de Vloer
Keke Palmer - Footworkin'
Keke Palmer - First Crush
Keke Palmer - Skin Deep
Keke Palmer - Me, Myself, and I
Keke Palmer - All My Girlz
Keke Palmer - It's My Turn Now
Keke Palmer - Jumpin'
Keke Palmer feat. Cham - Tonight
Keke Palmer feat. Big Meech - Keep It Movin'
Keke Palmer - Love Letters
Keke Palmer - Rather Walk Alone
Keke Palmer - Love Me, Love Me Not
Keke Palmer feat. Kevin McCall - You Got Me
Keke Palmer - If 6 Were 9
Keke Palmer - Dance Alone
Keke Palmer - I Can't Sleep at Night
Keke Palmer - Takes Me Away
Keke Palmer - Animal
Keke Palmer - Top Of The World
Keke Palmer - New Boyfriend
Keke Palmer - Bottoms Up
Keke Palmer - Superjerkin' (On The Floor)
Keke Palmer - Keke's Love
Keke Palmer - Hard To Breathe
Keke Palmer - Get Out My Head
Keke Palmer - Edit (You Out Of My Life)
Keke Palmer - The Game Song
Keke Palmer - The One You Call
Keke Palmer - Melody for Cheaters
Keke Palmer - Slow Dance
Keke Palmer - Parachute
Keke Palmer - Shut Up (Stop Lyin')
Keke Palmer - Hologram
Keke Palmer - Walls Come Down
Keke Palmer - The Greatest
Keke Palmer - Keep It Movin'
Keke Palmer - Music Box
Keke Palmer - Friend Me Up
Keke Palmer - How Will I Know
Keke Palmer - Footwurkin'
Keke Palmer - Rainbow
Keke Palmer - Wake Up Call
Keke Palmer - Hood Anthem
Keke Palmer - Dip 2 Nite
Keke Palmer - Hands Free
Keke Palmer - Doubtful
Keke Palmer - Pressure
Las Hermanas Padilla - La culebra pollera
Otro Mambo - Siempre algo queda
Otro Mambo - Nada mal
Otro Mambo - Lejos
Otro Mambo - Nunca dudes, Sebastián
Otro Mambo - Dame allá
Jan Pawel - El Gran Pintor
Jan Pawel - Zapara
Jan Pawel - Hoy Los Muertos Están De Pie
Pachamama - Jamas (Peru)
Out-Or - Swap
Parlovr - Pen to the Paper
Parlovr - Speech Bubble/Thought Cloud
Parlovr - Do You Remember?
Parlovr - Just Marriage
Parlovr - Holding On To Something
Parlovr - Now That You're Gone
Parlovr - Married On A Sunday
Parlovr - You Only Want It 'Cause You're Lonely
Parlovr - 4000
Parlovr - Fisticuffs And Affidavits
Parlovr - Amaze-Me-Jane
Parlovr - General Hell (True Love Fades)
Parlovr - Bad Faith
Parlovr - It Only Happens To The Ones In Love
PBH Club - Die Besten
PBH Club - Waste My Time
PBH Club - Mehr Meer
PBH Club - Radical
PBH Club - Alles Schon Bereit
PBH Club - PBH Club
PBH Club - Revolution
PBH Club - Old friend
PBH Club - Just leave
PBH Club - Desperation
PBH Club - Any happier now?
PBH Club - Life
Paranormal Attack - Be With You
Paranormal Attack - Make Some Noise
Paranormal Attack - Wild
Paranormal Attack - The Pill
Paranormal Attack - You And Me
Paranormal Attack - We Got The Power
Paranormal Attack - Come Along
Paranormal Attack - No More Conversations
Paranormal Attack - Walking in the Sun
Paranormal Attack - My Beats Gonna Rock You
Dolly Parton - Put a Little Love in Your Heart
Dolly Parton - I’ll Make Your Bed
Dolly Parton - Cross My Heart
Dolly Parton - Slow Dancing With the Moon
Dolly Parton - Green-Eyed Boy
Dolly Parton - Speakin’ of the Devil
Dolly Parton - What Is It My Love
Dolly Parton - Blue Grace
Dolly Parton - Dirty Job
Dolly Parton - Fish Out of Water
Dolly Parton - Burning
Dolly Parton - Livin’ a Lie
Dolly Parton - Burning to Burned
Paraluman - How Could I
Paraluman - In Lab
Paraluman - Teka
Paraluman - Emily
Dolly Parton - Save the Last Dance
Kasey Chambers - Little Sparrow
Sinéad O’Connor - Dagger Through the Heart
Path of Destiny - Walk to Hell
Path of Destiny - The Beast
Path of Destiny - Armageddon
Path of Destiny - Scars of Tyranny
Path of Destiny - Blood on Your Hands
Path of Destiny - Parasite God
Path of Destiny - Stillborn Future
Path of Destiny - Unleashed Memories
Dolly Parton - You’ll Always Be Special to Me
Dolly Parton - I’ll Never Forget
Dolly Parton - Behind Closed Doors
Dolly Parton - Before the Next Teardrop Falls
Dolly Parton - Peace Train
Dolly Parton - Satin Sheets
Dolly Parton - Don’t Let Me Cross Over
Dolly Parton - More Than Their Share
Dolly Parton - I’m Doing This for Your Sake
Dolly Parton - When Possession Gets Too Strong
Renee Olstead - Summertime
Renee Olstead - Taking a Chance on Love
Renee Olstead - Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby
Renee Olstead - Someone to Watch Over Me
Renee Olstead - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Renee Olstead - A Love That Will Last
Renee Olstead - Meet Me, Midnight
Renee Olstead - Sunday Kind of Love
Renee Olstead - What a Difference a Day Makes
Renee Olstead - Midnight Man
Renee Olstead - My Baby Just Cares for Me
Renee Olstead - When I Fall in Love
Renee Olstead - Thanks for the Boogie Ride
Renee Olstead - Hold Me Now
Renee Olstead - Hit the Road Jack
Renee Olstead - You've Changed
Renee Olstead - Ain't We Got Fun
Renee Olstead - Nothing but the Blame
Renee Olstead - What a Wonderful World
Renee Olstead - Over the Rainbow
Dale Oliver - Jeff Jarrett (My World)
Dale Oliver - AJ Styles (I Am)
Dale Oliver - Gold Metal (Kurt Angle)
Dale Oliver - "I Am" AJ Styles
Dale Oliver - "Marvelous Me" Scott Hall
Dolly Parton - Mammie
Leon Parker - Body Movement I
Leon Parker - Body Movement II
Parlours - Liars
Parlours - Dreamers
Parlours - Slowly From the Earth
Parlours - I Dream of Chicago
Parlours - I Think I'll Call You Mine
Parlours - So Still
Parlours - I Don't Mind
Parlours - What's Your Name
Papa Mali - South Austin Lullaby
Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton - Making Plans
Guy Pearce - Storm
Guy Pearce - Broken Bones
Natalia Molina - Por si cambias
Natalia Molina - Calma
Natalia Molina - Revancha
Natalia Molina - La Fractura
Natalia Molina - Alma
Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpio
Kenny Rogers feat. Dolly Parton - Love Is Strange
Andrea Parodi - La neve nel tempo
Andrea Parodi - Carolina
Andrea Parodi - Il killer del Tennessee
Andrea Parodi - L'ultimo sole
Andrea Parodi - Le piscine di Fecchio
Andrea Parodi - Lui non c'è più
Andrea Parodi - Storie di altri tempi
Andrea Parodi - I rododendri della sera
Andrea Parodi - A est della notte
Dolly Parton - Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Dolly Parton - Me and Bobby McGee
Dolly Parton - The Cruel War
Dolly Parton - Turn, Turn, Turn
Dolly Parton - The Greatest Days of All
Dolly Parton - A Lot of You Left in Me
Dolly Parton - Second Best
Dolly Parton - A Little at a Time
Dolly Parton - Something’s Burning
Dolly Parton - Wait ’Til I Get You Home
Dolly Parton - The Moon, the Stars and Me
Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colours
Dolly Parton - Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No.8)
Dolly Parton - She Don't Love You (Like I Love You)
Dolly Parton - Romeo
Dolly Parton - A Habit I Can't Break
Dolly Parton - My Country 'tis of Thee
Dolly Parton - Thought I Couldn't Dance
Dolly Parton - Real Love
Dolly Parton - Bobbys Arms
Dolly Parton - Mule Skinner Blues
Dolly Parton - He's Alive
Dolly Parton - Love, Your So Beautiful Tonight
Dolly Parton - Think About Love (Think About Me)
Dolly Parton - Little Blossoms
Dolly Parton - Love Is Only as Strong as Your Weakest Moment
Dolly Parton - Love Isn't Free
Dolly Parton - Full Circle
Dolly Parton - More Where That Came From
Dolly Parton - Why Can't We
Dolly Parton - Send Me the Pillow
Dolly Parton - A Cowboy's Way
Dolly Parton - As Long as I Live
Dolly Parton - Savin' It for You
Dolly Parton - If I Lost My Mind
Dolly Parton - It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
Dolly Parton - God's Coloring Book
Dolly Parton - Send Me the Pillow (That You Dream On)
Dolly Parton - Rockin' Tears
Dolly Parton - The Last Thing on My Mind
Dolly Parton - We'll Get Ahead Someday
Dolly Parton - The Pain of Loving You
Dolly Parton - Possum Holler
Dolly Parton - Is It Real
Dolly Parton - The Flame
Dolly Parton - The Fighting Kind
Dolly Parton - Two of a Kind
Dolly Parton - All I Need Is You
Dolly Parton - Curse of the Wild Weed Flower
Dolly Parton - Today, Tomorrow and Forever
Dolly Parton - There'll Be Love
Dolly Parton - It's Too Late to Love Me Now
Dolly Parton - Peace Train/Isitimela Sokuthula
Dolly Parton - JJ Sneed
Dolly Parton - Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man
Dolly Parton - Love Is Strange
Dolly Parton - When I Get Where I'm Going
Dolly Parton - I'll Oilwells Love You
Dolly Parton - Last Night's Lovin'
Dolly Parton - Control Yourself
Dolly Parton - I've Known You All My Life
Dolly Parton - My Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
Dolly Parton - What Do You Think About Lovin'
Dolly Parton - Do I Evere Cross Your Mind
Dolly Parton - Bridge
Dolly Parton - If Teardrops Were Pennies
Dolly Parton - Is Forever Longer Than Always
Dolly Parton - Island in the Stream
Dolly Parton - If You Go, I'll Follow You
Dolly Parton - Better Move It On Home
Dolly Parton - Potential New Boyfiend
Dolly Parton - Nobody but You
Dolly Parton - I Will Allways Love You
Dolly Parton - Burning the Midnight Oil
Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You (original)
Dolly Parton - Together Always
Dolly Parton - We Found It
Dolly Parton - To Daddy (original)
Dolly Parton - Sweet Summer Loving
Dolly Parton - You Can't Make Old Friends
Dolly Parton - Two Dokrs Down
Dolly Parton - D-I-V-O-R-C-E
Dolly Parton - I Can't Help Myself
Dolly Parton - Winter Wonderland / Sleigh Ride
Dolly Parton - I Don’t Wanna Throw Rice
Dolly Parton - Please Don’t Stop Loving Me
Dolly Parton - I’ll Put If Off Until Tomorrow
Dolly Parton - Everything’s Beautiful
Dolly Parton - Travelin’ Thru
Dolly Parton - He’s a Go-Getter
Dolly Parton - Can’t Be That Wrong
Dolly Parton - I’m Sixteen
Dolly Parton - Say Forever You’ll Be Mine
Pawnshop Orchestra - Blumen begreifen
Pedro the Lion - Of Up And Coming Monarchs
Pedro the Lion - Big Trucks
Pedro the Lion - Suspect Fled the Scene
Pedro the Lion - Bad Diary Days
Pedro the Lion - The Longest Winter
Pedro the Lion - Of Minor Prophets and Their Prostitute Wives
Pedro the Lion - Secret of the Easy Yoke
Pedro the Lion - The Well
Pedro the Lion - Promise
Pedro the Lion - Options
Pedro the Lion - Rapture
Pedro the Lion - Penetration
Pedro the Lion - Indian Summer
Pedro the Lion - Progress
Pedro the Lion - Rehearsal
Pedro the Lion - Second Best
Pedro the Lion - Priests and Paramedics
Pedro the Lion - Rejoice
Pedro the Lion - Bands With Managers
Pedro the Lion - Foregone Conclusions
Pedro the Lion - The Fleecing
Pedro the Lion - Discretion
Pedro the Lion - Keep Swinging
Pedro the Lion - Transcontinental
Pedro the Lion - A Simple Plan
Pedro the Lion - Start Without Me
Pedro the Lion - Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Pedro the Lion - A Mind of Her Own
Pedro the Lion - Eye on the Finish Line
Pedro the Lion - Bad Things to Such Good People
Carlton Pearson - Jubilee!
Carlton Pearson - Come into This House
Carlton Pearson - Mighty God
Carlton Pearson - We Declare Your Glory
Carlton Pearson - All the Way
Carlton Pearson - To Him Who Sits on the Throne
Carlton Pearson - We'll understand it better by and by
Carlton Pearson - Near The Cross
Carlton Pearson - Catch On Fire
Peau - An Apple a Day
Pedro the Lion - June 18, 1976
Pedro the Lion - April 6, 2039
Pedro the Lion - Letter From a Concerned Follower
Pedro the Lion - Criticism as Inspiration
Pedro the Lion - Of Minor Propehts and Their Prostitute Wives
Pedro the Lion - Nothing
Pedro the Lion - When They Really Get to Know You, They Will Run
Pedro the Lion - Helicopter
Pedro the Lion - Whole
Pedro the Lion - Almost There
Pedro the Lion - Lullaby
Pedro the Lion - Backwoods Nation
Paper Tongues - Get Higher
Paper Tongues - What If
Paper Tongues - Everybody
Paper Tongues - Strongest Flame
Paper Tongues - Rich and Poor
Paper Tongues - Love Like You
Paper Tongues - One More Mile
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Pleasure
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - It's a Happening Thing
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - I'm a Fool
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Foolhearted Woman
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Naturally (Wintry Ways)
Parra for Cuva - Devi
Parra for Cuva - Majouré
Parra for Cuva - Wicked Games
Peeping Tom - Five Seconds
Peeping Tom feat. Rahzel & Dan the Automator - Mojo
Peeping Tom - Don't Even Trip
Peeping Tom feat. Kool Keith - Getaway
Peeping Tom - Your Neighborhood Spaceman
Peeping Tom feat. Massive Attack - Kill the DJ
Peeping Tom - Caipirinha
Peeping Tom - How U Feelin?
Peeping Tom - Sucker
Peeping Tom feat. Dub Trio - We're Not Alone
Peeping Tom - Mojo
Peeping Tom - Celebrity Death Match
Peeping Tom - We're Not Alone
Peeping Tom - We're Not Alone (Dan the Automator redux)
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - What Did I Do Wrong?
The Paperboys - Crashing Down
The Paperboys - Oh Maria
The Paperboys - Save Me
Peach - Spasm
Peach - Catfood
Peach - Velvet
Peach - You Lied
Eddie Palmieri - Muñeca
Eddie Palmieri - Vamonos Pal Monte
Eddie Palmieri - Si Hecho Palante
Passion Noire - Sometimes
Our Hollow, Our Home - Rest Assured
Our Hollow, Our Home - Aversion
Our Hollow, Our Home - I Am The Eulogy
Our Hollow, Our Home - For What It's Worth
Our Hollow, Our Home - If Those Were Guns, Reggie Be Dead
Our Hollow, Our Home - Heisenberg
Our Hollow, Our Home - Shipwreck City
Randy Owen - Like I Never Broke Her Heart
Randy Owen - Braid My Hair
Randy Owen - Let's Pretend We're Strangers for the Night
Eddie Palmieri - Malagueña salerosa
Kenny Parchman - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Eddie Palmieri - 17.1
Eddie Palmieri - Tirándote Flores II
The Paperboys - Come Tella Me
The Paperboys - California
The Paperboys - Fragile
The Paperboys - Hey Man
The Paperboys - On The Low with Sofian
The Paperboys - Change My Stars with Keith
The Paperboys - It Ain't So Strange
The Paperboys - Fly Away (The Great Escape) with Keith
Partizan - Volim Crno-bele
Partizan - Kad igra Partizan
Eddie Palmieri - Solo pensar en ti
Pay money To my Pain - Here I’m singing
Pay money To my Pain - Position
Pay money To my Pain - Price to pay
Pay money To my Pain - The answer is not in the TV
Pay money To my Pain - Same as you are
Pay money To my Pain - Bury
Pay money To my Pain - gene
Pay money To my Pain - Sweetest vengeance
Pay money To my Pain - Last wine
Pay money To my Pain - Respect for the dead man
Pay money To my Pain × KYONO from WAGDUG FUTURISTIC UNITY/T.C.L - God drive
Pay money To my Pain - Invisible night ~murderer~
Pay money To my Pain - Resurrection
Pay money To my Pain - Innocent in a silent room
Pay money To my Pain - Illumination
Pay money To my Pain - Voice
Pay money To my Pain - Rain
Pay money To my Pain - This life
Pay money To my Pain - Weight of my pride
Pay money To my Pain - Drive
Pay money To my Pain - Relive
Pay money To my Pain - Deprogrammer
Pay money To my Pain - 13 monsters
Pay money To my Pain - Atheist
Pay money To my Pain - Wallow in self pity
Pay money To my Pain - Greed
Pay money To my Pain - Hourglass
Pay money To my Pain - In the blink of an eye
Pay money To my Pain - Gift
Pay money To my Pain - Pictures
Pay money To my Pain - dilemma
Pay money To my Pain - Another day comes
Pay money To my Pain - Paralyzed ocean
Pay money To my Pain - Unforgettable past
Pay money To my Pain - Train
Pay money To my Pain - Reflection
Pay money To my Pain - Home
Pani Galewska - He Wrote Me One Day
Peia - Blessed We Are
Carey Ott - Shelf Life
Carey Ott - I Wouldn't Do That to You (snippet)
Carey Ott - Hard to Change
Carey Ott - Mother Madam
Frank Patterson - The Rose of Tralee
Frank Patterson - I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
Frank Patterson - Red Sails in the Sunset
Pay money To my Pain - Against the pill
Pay money To my Pain - From here to somewhere
Pay money To my Pain - Anxiety
Pay money To my Pain - Butterfly soars
Pay money To my Pain - Black sheep
Pay money To my Pain - Close the door
Pay money To my Pain - God drive
Dolly Parton with Vince Gill - I Will Always Love You
Ozi Batla - Put It on Wax
Eddie Palmieri - Bajo con Tumbao
Eddie Palmieri - Palo Pa' Rumba
Partenaire Particulier - Elle est partie
Partenaire Particulier - Une autre nuit
Partenaire Particulier - Partenaire particulier
Partenaire Particulier - Tiphaine
Partenaire Particulier - Je n'oublierai jamais
Partenaire Particulier - L'armée
Partenaire Particulier - Paris s'endort
Partenaire Particulier - L'Amour à trois
Partenaire Particulier - Tiphaine (quand tu me téléphones)
Zeca Pagodinho - Posso Até Me Apaixonar
Zeca Pagodinho - Não Sou Mais Disso
Zeca Pagodinho - Seu Balancê
Zeca Pagodinho - Vai Vadiar
Zeca Pagodinho - Rugas
Zeca Pagodinho - Chico não vai na corimba
Zeca Pagodinho - Saudade Louca
Zeca Pagodinho - Camarão que dorme a onda leva / São José de Madureira / Dor de amor
Zeca Pagodinho - Sapopemba E Maxambomba
Zeca Pagodinho - Minha Fé
Zeca Pagodinho - Samba Pras Moças
Zeca Pagodinho - Pra São Jorge
Zeca Pagodinho - À Vera
Zeca Pagodinho - Ninguém Merece
Zeca Pagodinho - Dona Esponja
Zeca Pagodinho - Quem é Ela
Zeca Pagodinho - Zeca, Cadê Você?
Zeca Pagodinho - O Pai Coruja
Zeca Pagodinho - O Que Resta de Nós
Zeca Pagodinho - Coração Feliz
Zeca Pagodinho - Cavaco E Sapato
Zeca Pagodinho - Cachorro
Zeca Pagodinho - O Biscateiro
Zeca Pagodinho - Dizer Não Pro Adeus
Zeca Pagodinho - Vida da Gente
Zeca Pagodinho - Camarão que dorme a onda leva
Zeca Pagodinho - Mulheres
Zeca Pagodinho - Bagaço da Laranja
Zeca Pagodinho - Mulher do Aníbal
Zeca Pagodinho - Maneiras
Zeca Pagodinho - Feijoada Completa
Zeca Pagodinho - Água da Minha Sede
Zeca Pagodinho - Nunca vi você tão triste
Zeca Pagodinho - Vacilão
Zeca Pagodinho - A paisagem
Zeca Pagodinho - Perfeita harmonia
Zeca Pagodinho - Preservação das raízes
Zeca Pagodinho - Pagodeiro fino trato
Zeca Pagodinho - A ponte
Zeca Pagodinho - Os papéis
Zeca Pagodinho - Shopping móvel
Zeca Pagodinho - Cabocla Jurema
Wild Party - When I Get Older
Wild Party - Outright
Wild Party - Take My Advice
Wild Party - Life's Too Short
Wild Party - Connect the Dots
Wild Party - Violet
Wild Party - Walkin
Wild Party - Nicely Done
Wild Party - New Light
Wild Party - Lo-Fi Children
Wild Party - First Two Days With You
Wild Party - Chasin' Honey
Parakletos - Se Guds Lamm
Parakletos - Frestelsen
Parakletos - Fader Vår
Parakletos - Äktenskapsbryterskan
Parakletos - Nattvarden - Herrens Måltid
Parakletos - Skapelsens Krona
Parakletos - Den Eviga Morgonen Gryr
Nicki Parrott - Bésame mucho
Nicki Parrott - Waltzing Matilda
Nicki Parrott - I Never Had a Change
Nicki Parrott - I Will Wait for You
Nicki Parrott - If You Go Away - Ne Me Quitte Pas
Nicki Parrott - Lullaby of the Leaves
Frankie Paul - Row the Boat
Frankie Paul - Here I Go Again
Zeca Pagodinho - Meu modo de ser
Zeca Pagodinho - Salve este mundo, menino
Zeca Pagodinho - Pra Gente Se Amar
Zeca Pagodinho - Tá ruim, mas tá bom
Zeca Pagodinho - Letreiro
Zeca Pagodinho - Caviar
Zeca Pagodinho - Calangueei
Zeca Pagodinho - Amor, não me maltrate
Zeca Pagodinho - Belo encontro
Zeca Pagodinho - Chove, é o céu que chora
Zeca Pagodinho - Debaixo do meu chapéu
Zeca Pagodinho - Nega Judite
Zeca Pagodinho - Riquezas do Brasil (samba de enredo)
Zeca Pagodinho - Minta Meu Sonho
Zeca Pagodinho - Coração Dividido
Zeca Pagodinho - Hora Da Partida
Zeca Pagodinho - Boemio Feliz
Zeca Pagodinho - Formiga Miuda / Shopping Samba
Zeca Pagodinho - Zé Inácio, Pai Véio
Zeca Pagodinho - Filial Da Matriz
Zeca Pagodinho - Pot-Pourri Da Velha Guarda
Zeca Pagodinho - Não há mais jeito
Zeca Pagodinho - Normas da casa
Zeca Pagodinho - Se eu pedir pra você cantar
Zeca Pagodinho - Falsas juras / Pecadora / Manhã brasileira
Zeca Pagodinho - Êta povo pra lutar
Zeca Pagodinho com Jorge Ben Jor - Ogum
Zeca Pagodinho - Terreiro em Acari
Zeca Pagodinho - Sincopado ensaboado
Zeca Pagodinho - Sujeito pacato
Zeca Pagodinho - Então leva
Zeca Pagodinho - Pra ninguém mais chorar
Zeca Pagodinho - Sempre atrapalhado
Zeca Pagodinho - Sambou... Sambou
Zeca Pagodinho - Mania Da Gente
Zeca Pagodinho - Lavadeira
Zeca Pagodinho - Alô, Gatinha!
Zeca Pagodinho - Falange Do Ere
Zeca Pagodinho - Aonde Quer Que Eu Vá
Zeca Pagodinho - Nascido E Mal Pago
Zeca Pagodinho - Não Te Darei Esse Prazer
Zeca Pagodinho - Eu Prefiro Acreditar
Pedrina y Rio - Canción de Eli
Pedrina y Rio - Serás
Pedrina y Rio - Más feliz
Pedrina y Rio - Pelón
Pedrina y Rio - Enamorada
Pedrina y Rio - Trompo
Pedrina y Rio - Malo
Pedrina y Rio - Mirándote
Pedrina y Rio - Pedacito de mi vida
Pedrina y Rio - Yo te adoré
Frankie Paul - Pass the Tu-Sheng Peng
Zeca Pagodinho - Casal Sem Vergonha
Zeca Pagodinho - Ah Leque
Zeca Pagodinho - Cabelo no pao Careca
Zeca Pagodinho - Vê Se Me Erra
Zeca Pagodinho - Feira De Acari
Zeca Pagodinho - Ainda é tempo para ser feliz
Zeca Pagodinho - Prova de Amor
Zeca Pagodinho - Lama nas Ruas
Zeca Pagodinho - Insensato Destino
Zeca Pagodinho - Samba para as moças
Zeca Pagodinho - Vai com Deus
Zeca Pagodinho - Largo da Carioca
Zeca Pagodinho - Fumo do Bom
Zeca Pagodinho - Falsa Alegria
Zeca Pagodinho - Um dos Poetas do Samba
Zeca Pagodinho - Vou Botar Teu Nome na Macumba
Zeca Pagodinho - Conflito
Zeca Pagodinho - Jiló com pimenta
Zeca Pagodinho - Dona Encrenca
Zeca Pagodinho - Velho ditado
Zeca Pagodinho - Boi
Zeca Pagodinho - Beija-me
Zeca Pagodinho - Ratatúia
Zeca Pagodinho - Quando a gira girou
Zeca Pagodinho - Cabo, meu pai
Zeca Pagodinho - Exaustino
Zeca Pagodinho - Sururu na feira
Zeca Pagodinho - Minha meu sonho
Zeca Pagodinho - Tive sim
Zeca Pagodinho - Ai que saudade do meu amor
Zeca Pagodinho - Patota de Cosme
Zeca Pagodinho - O Penetra
Zeca Pagodinho - Lá Vai Marola
Zeca Pagodinho - Comunidade Carente
Zeca Pagodinho - Vai Vadiar / Coração em Desalinho
Zeca Pagodinho - Pago Pra Ver
Zeca Pagodinho - Moenda Velha
Zeca Pagodinho - Mandei um toque
Zeca Pagodinho - Cada um no seu cada um
Zeca Pagodinho - Alô mundo
Zeca Pagodinho - Frio de uma solidão
Peacherine Ragtime Orchestra - Russian Rag
Paradise Oskar - Jimmy's Song
Paradise Oskar - Just Leave
Paradise Oskar - Miss Nobody
Paradise Oskar - The Invisible Ones
Pegasuses-XL - Marathon Mansion
Zeca Pagodinho - Tristeza (A Tristeza Me Persegue)
Zeca Pagodinho - Despensa Vazia
Zeca Pagodinho - Coroa Avançada
Zeca Pagodinho - Só chora quem mama
Zeca Pagodinho - Dono da dor
Los Payasonicos - Paysonicumbia
Los Payasonicos - Los Castigados
Los Payasonicos - Mi Pansita
Los Payasonicos - Señor Locutor
Los Payasonicos - Ah Pa ´ Vacaciones
Los Payasonicos - Chida Patineta
Los Payasonicos - Una Oportunidad
Zeca Pagodinho - Ogum
Zeca Pagodinho - Taj mahal
Zeca Pagodinho - Se ela não gosta de mim
Zeca Pagodinho - Hoje é Dia de Festa
Zeca Pagodinho - Coco de catolé
Zeca Pagodinho - A Sogra
Zeca Pagodinho - Parabólica
Zeca Pagodinho - Água no coco
Zeca Pagodinho - Não foi ela
Zeca Pagodinho - Nega dadivosa
Zeca Pagodinho - Com que Roupa?
Zeca Pagodinho - Cuidado Com A Inveja
Zeca Pagodinho - O Sol E A Brisa
Zeca Pagodinho - Chamego De Pai
Panama Wedding - Uma
Panama Wedding - All of the People
Zeca Pagodinho - Melhor Solução
Panama Wedding - Trust
Zeca Pagodinho - Por Querer, Sem Querer
Zeca Pagodinho - O Samba
Zeca Pagodinho - Só O Ôme
Zeca Pagodinho - Gosto Que Me Enrosco
Zeca Pagodinho - Preciso Me Encontrar – Part.: Marisa Monte
Zeca Pagodinho - O Sol Nascerá (à Sorrir)
Zeca Pagodinho - Diz Que Fui Por Aí
Zeca Pagodinho - Madame
Zeca Pagodinho - Foi Um Rio Que Passou Em Minha Vida - Part.: Paulinho Da Viola
Zeca Pagodinho - Trem Das Onze
Zeca Pagodinho - Aquarela Brasileira
Zeca Pagodinho - Pimenta No Vatapá
Zeca Pagodinho - Vem Chegando A Madrugada / Quem Parte Leva Saudade
Parcels - Herefore
Parcels - Clockscared
Parcels - Anotherclock
Parcels - Myenemy
Parcels - Older
Zeca Pagodinho - Talarico, Ladrão De Mulher
Zeca Pagodinho - Pixote
Zeca Pagodinho - Manera, Mane
Zeca Pagodinho - Sem endereço
Zeca Pagodinho - Feristes um coração
Zeca Pagodinho - Tempo de Don-Don
Zeca Pagodinho - Gota de esperança
Zeca Pagodinho - Testemunha ocular
Zeca Pagodinho - Colher de pau
Vina Panduwinata - Sejujurnya
Vina Panduwinata - Bawa Daku
Vina Panduwinata - Surat Cinta
Vina Panduwinata - Aku Melangkah Lagi
Vina Panduwinata - September Ceria
Vina Panduwinata - Suara Hati Yang Damai
Vina Panduwinata - Kisah Insani
Vina Panduwinata - Aku Makin Cinta
Vina Panduwinata - Satu Dalam Nada Cinta
Vina Panduwinata - Biru
Vina Panduwinata - Kumpul Bocah
Vina Panduwinata - Cium Pipiku
Vina Panduwinata - Dua Anak Manusia
Vina Panduwinata - Burung Camar
Vina Panduwinata - Di Dadaku Ada Kamu
Vina Panduwinata - Logika
Vina Panduwinata - Kring-Kring
Vina Panduwinata - Wow
Vina Panduwinata - Sungguh
Vina Panduwinata - Selamat Malam
Vina Panduwinata - Cinta Ada Disini
Vina Panduwinata - Jangan Ragu
Vina Panduwinata - Mohon Ampun
Projeto Peixe Morto - O soco racional
Projeto Peixe Morto - Carta de Goldmund a Narciso
Zeca Pagodinho - Sambra Pras Moças
Zeca Pagodinho - Quais, Quais, Quais
Zeca Pagodinho - Samba no Chão
Zeca Pagodinho - Pot- Pourri
Zeca Pagodinho - Minha Fama Ninguém Tira
Zeca Pagodinho - Em nome da alegria
Zeca Pagodinho - Cativeiro do Amor
Zeca Pagodinho - Mão Fina
Zeca Pagodinho - Portela sem Vaidade
Zeca Pagodinho - Bamba no Feitiço
Zeca Pagodinho - Coração Em Desalinho (Ao Vivo)
Zeca Pagodinho - Leilão
Zeca Pagodinho - Sem compromisso
Zeca Pagodinho - Gavião calçudo
Zeca Pagodinho - Festa da vinda
Zeca Pagodinho - Abrigo de vagabundo
Zeca Pagodinho - Nêga manhosa
Zeca Pagodinho - Garrafeiro
Zeca Pagodinho - O Samba Nunca foi de Arruaca
Zeca Pagodinho - S.P.C.
Zeca Pagodinho - Quando eu contar (iaiá)
Zeca Pagodinho - Brincadeira tem hora
Zeca Pagodinho - Maneca Telecoteco
Zeca Pagodinho - Ogum (Com Jorge Bem Jor)
Zeca Pagodinho - Vou procurar Esquecer (Part.Esp. Velha-Guarda da Portela)
Zeca Pagodinho - Quando eu Contar(IaIá) / Brincadeira Tem Hora
Zeca Pagodinho - Sambou... Sambou (Com João Donato)
Zeca Pagodinho - Insensato Destino (Com Almir Guineto)
Zeca Pagodinho - Bagaco da Laranja (Com Jovelina Perola Negra)
Zeca Pagodinho - Chibatas do Destino
Zeca Pagodinho - Sem Essa de Malando Agulha
Zeca Pagodinho - Judia de Mim (Com Sandra de Sa)
Zeca Pagodinho - Depois do Temporal
Zeca Pagodinho - Guiomar
Zeca Pagodinho - Minha
Zeca Pagodinho - Pra você menina
Zeca Pagodinho - Em Um Outdoor (Ao Vivo)
Zeca Pagodinho - Desacerto
Zeca Pagodinho - Hoje sei que te amo
Zeca Pagodinho - Vida da minha vida
Zeca Pagodinho - Poxa
Zeca Pagodinho - Candeeiro da vovó
Zeca Pagodinho - Orgulho do vovô
Zeca Pagodinho - O puxa saco
Zeca Pagodinho - Um real de amor
Zeca Pagodinho - Pela casa inteira
Zeca Pagodinho - Chama de saudade
Zeca Pagodinho - Verdade / Deixa a vida me levar
Zeca Pagodinho - Piston de gafieira
Zeca Pagodinho - Inocente fui eu
Zeca Pagodinho - Academia do samba
Zeca Pagodinho - Tarzan, o filho do alfaiate
Zeca Pagodinho - Coração em dsalinho
Pants Pants Pants - Stay in School (Don't Play the Fool)
Peha - Experiment
Peha - Vodopád
Peha - Hypnotická
Peha - Zajtra ráno
Peha - Stotisíc chrobákov
Peha - Tak si vravím
Peha - Ako nočný motýľ
Peha - V hlbinách
Peha - Za tebou
Peha - Deň medzi nedeľou a pondelkom
Peha - Opýtaj sa
Peha - Chodec na lane
Peha - Spomaľ
Peha - Príliš veľa sentimentu
Peha - Renesancia
Peha - Bolo, je a bude
Peha - Vaňa plná piraní
Peha - Hlava vinná, telo nevinné
Peha - Polnočné poludnie
Peha - Recy - veci
Peha - Dobre zlý a zle dobrý
Peha - Všetko s mierou
Peha - Krajinou
Peha - Dážď
Peha - Dvaja páni
Peha - Ani neviem
Peha - Neúplná
Peha - Keď mi raz patológ...
Peha - Diabol, anjel
Gatto Panceri - Le tue mani
Gatto Panceri - Mia
Gatto Panceri - Non credo nella gente ma in ogni uomo
Gatto Panceri - Anch'io
Gatto Panceri - Io sto bene dove sto
Gatto Panceri - Vengo e ti porto via
Gatto Panceri - C'è da fare
Gatto Panceri - Ti dirò che mi manchi
Gatto Panceri - Gio'
Gatto Panceri - I miei sogni
Gatto Panceri - Ridatemi l'anima
Gatto Panceri - Confine
Gatto Panceri - Alla prossima
Gatto Panceri - Bella forte e semplice
Gatto Panceri - 7 settembre di un anno fa
Gatto Panceri - Tempio greco
Gatto Panceri - Boomerang
Gatto Panceri - The verde
Gatto Panceri - Stupida canzone
Gatto Panceri - Sorridi
Gatto Panceri - Il rumore delle ali delle farfalle
Gatto Panceri - Nylon
Gatto Panceri - Accarezzami domani (acustica)
Bill Pekar - First Five Years
Bill Pekar - The Koozie Song
Bill Pekar - Colors Are All The Same
Bill Pekar - The Drunk Driver Song
Pedestrian - Unconscious
Pedestrian - Dirty Brains
Hanna Pakarinen - It Ain't Me
Hanna Pakarinen - Go Go
Hanna Pakarinen - Leave Me Alone
Hanna Pakarinen - Tell Me What to Do
Hanna Pakarinen - You Don't Even Know My Name
Hanna Pakarinen - Heart Beating Steady
Hanna Pakarinen - Tears You Cry
Hanna Pakarinen - Free
Hanna Pakarinen - It Ain't Gonna Happen
Hanna Pakarinen - Lovers
Hanna Pakarinen - Hard Luck Woman
Hanna Pakarinen - Olipa kerran elämä
Hanna Pakarinen - Jokapäiväinen
Hanna Pakarinen - Sydän tuli vastaan
Hanna Pakarinen - Pieni prinsessa
Hanna Pakarinen - When I Become Me
Hanna Pakarinen - Run
Hanna Pakarinen - Fearless
Hanna Pakarinen - How Can I Miss You
Hanna Pakarinen - Ejected
Hanna Pakarinen - Love's Run Over Me
Hanna Pakarinen - Don't Hang Up
Hanna Pakarinen - Save My Life Tonight
Hanna Pakarinen - Sorry
Hanna Pakarinen - Superhero
Hanna Pakarinen - Love Is Like a Song
Hanna Pakarinen - Stronger Without You
Hanna Pakarinen - Wasted
Hanna Pakarinen - Tears in Your Eyes
Hanna Pakarinen - We Don't Speak
Hanna Pakarinen - Damn You
Hanna Pakarinen - Kiss of Life
Hanna Pakarinen - Paralysed
Hanna Pakarinen - One Way or Another
Pearl - Like a Video Game
Pearl - Speechless
El Pele & Vicente Amigo - Iré Con El Viento
El Pele & Vicente Amigo - Sevillanas Del Pañuelo
Hanna Pakarinen - Almost Real
Hanna Pakarinen - Shout It Out Loud
Hanna Pakarinen - Liar
Hanna Pakarinen - Rescue Me
Hanna Pakarinen - A Thief That Holds My Heart
Hanna Pakarinen - Love in a Million Shades
Hanna Pakarinen - Make Believe
Hanna Pakarinen - Maybe It's a Good Thing
Hanna Pakarinen - Prinsessa Armaada
Hanna Pakarinen - Sinut kokonaan
Hanna Pakarinen - Se yksi ainoa
Hanna Pakarinen - Hetken pieni liekki
Hanna Pakarinen - Yksinäinen morsian
Hanna Pakarinen - Kolme pientä sanaa
Hanna Pakarinen - Miehet
Hanna Pakarinen - Paperimiehen tytär
Hanna Pakarinen - Maailman ihanin mies
Hanna Pakarinen - Miten pilviin piirretään
Hanna Pakarinen - Nyt on mun vuoro
Hanna Pakarinen - Tulin voittamaan
Gatto Panceri - Lo so, lo sai
Gatto Panceri - Di te
Gatto Panceri - Troppo tutto
Padang Food Tigers - Rise Before the Rain
Gatto Panceri - Prendimi
Gatto Panceri - Il nido
Gatto Panceri - Respirarti
Gatto Panceri - Ruvida
Gatto Panceri - Se questo è vivere
Gatto Panceri - E' solo musica
Gatto Panceri - Passaporto
Gatto Panceri - Di ogni uomo ma non di me
Gatto Panceri - Gioia
Gatto Panceri - Che cos'è che mi porta
Gatto Panceri - Nebbia trasparente
Gatto Panceri - Sinceramente non ho bisogno di...
Gatto Panceri - Un quintale di sensibilità
Gatto Panceri - Io, mamma, José e Gesù
Gatto Panceri - Alza il volume
Katie Pederson - Consistency
Katie Pederson - Loose Ends
Katie Pederson - Who I Want to Be
Katie Pederson - Different Couches
Katie Pederson - Over You
Katie Pederson - Here
Katie Pederson - Don't Want You Back
Katie Pederson - I Will Sing
Katie Pederson - 22
PARAN - Remember
PARAN - Forever Loving You
PARAN - I Lay My Love On You
PARAN - Don't Cry
Graham Parker & The Figgs - Nothing's Gonna Pull It Apart
Graham Parker & The Figgs - Devil's Sidewalk
Graham Parker & The Figgs - Fool's Gold
Graham Parker & The Figgs - Take Everything
Path Unknown - Viral Parasitoid
Path Unknown - Sit & Wonder
Parasite Single - Automatic Hands
Parasite Single - The Sun Inside of Us
Parasite Single - From a Distance
Partners-N-Crime - Give Me Some
Partners-N-Crime - Talk That Shit Now (Fuck U & LV)
Partners-N-Crime - Lock Up the Lab
Partners-N-Crime - Gucci
Partners-N-Crime - Come Smoke
Partners-N-Crime - Up Early in the Morning
Partners-N-Crime - We Don't Luv'em Thoe
Partners-N-Crime - Do What'cha Do
Partners-N-Crime - Touch Yo Toe's
Partners-N-Crime - I've Been Watching You
Partners-N-Crime - Take Me Home
Partners-N-Crime - I Like the Way
Paco - Amor De Mis Amores (La Foulle Kurz)
Laura Pausini & Hélène Ségara - On n'oublie jamais rien, on vit avec
Partibrejkers - Sloboda ili ništa
Partibrejkers - Dugo te nema
Partibrejkers - Lobotomija
Partibrejkers - Koliko je sati
Partibrejkers - 1000 godina
Partibrejkers - Stoj Džoni
Partibrejkers - Put
Partibrejkers - Mesečeva kći
Partibrejkers - Kreni prema meni
Partibrejkers - Ono što pokušavam
Partibrejkers - Hoću da znam
Partibrejkers - Javi se
Partibrejkers - Molitva
Partibrejkers - Najbolje se putuje
Partibrejkers - Ja hoću da te volim (kako)
Partibrejkers - Daleko od očiju
Partibrejkers - Ja sam doktor
Partibrejkers - Ti si moja sreća
DJ Paul & Lord Infamous - Long N Hard
Pele - Hospital Sports
Padre Jony - Pescador de hombres
Padre Jony - Globalización alternativa
Padre Jony - Amigo
Padre Jony - El príncipe de la paz
Pela - Waiting on the Stairs
Pela - Lost to the Lonesome
Pela - Drop Me Off
Pela - The Trouble With River Cities
Pela - Song Writes Itself
Pela - Your Desert's Not a Desert at All
Pela - Rooftops (Moth Song outro)
Pela - Anytown Graffiti
Pela - Trouble With River Cities
Pela - Episodes (Diphenhydramine)
The Pax Cecilia - The Tragedy
The Pax Cecilia - The Progress
The Pax Cecilia - The Machine
The Pax Cecilia - The Water Song
The Pax Cecilia - The Hymn
Pearly Gate Music - I Woke Up
Pearly Gate Music - Daddy Wrote You Letters...
Pearly Gate Music - Bad Nostalgia
Partibrejkers - Razmetljivko
Partibrejkers - Želim da svane
Partibrejkers - Gramzivost i pohlepa
Paper & Places - Live & Let Go
Paper & Places - Whisper Whisper
The Peekers - Natural Boy
Paza - Sosmall
Paulo FG - Pasta con tostones
Paulo FG - Confio En Ti
Paulo FG - Te bote
Paulo FG - Jura
Paulo FG - Fue un error
Paulo FG - Esa amiga
Paulo FG - Te deseo suerte
Paulo FG - Hay algo en ti
Paulo FG - Te deseo suerte (salsa)
Paulo FG - Hace tiempo
Paulo FG - Preguntele a ella
Partibrejkers - Ako si
Partibrejkers - Hiljadu godina
Partibrejkers - Sitna lova
Paffendorf - Under My Skin
Paffendorf - On & On
Paffendorf - Lalala Girl
Los Pasteles Verdes - Recuerdos de una noche
Los Pasteles Verdes - Angelitos negros
Los Pasteles Verdes - Te amo y no soy correspondido
Los Pasteles Verdes - Mi amor imposible
Los Pasteles Verdes - Emmanuelle
Los Pasteles Verdes - Escandalo
Los Pasteles Verdes - Flor sin retono
Los Pasteles Verdes - Nuestro juramento
Los Pasteles Verdes - Te amo me amas
Los Pasteles Verdes - Luz y sombra
Los Pasteles Verdes - El solitario
Los Pasteles Verdes - El presidiario
Los Pasteles Verdes - Traicionera
Los Pasteles Verdes - Es de noche y es mejor
Los Pasteles Verdes - Vuelvo a casa
Los Pasteles Verdes - No se que Tengo no Se
Los Pasteles Verdes - El final que no llegó
Los Pasteles Verdes - Amada mía
Paul Peterson - Amy
Adrian Orange & Her Band - Give to Love What's Love's
Adrian Orange & Her Band - A Flower's Is Mine
Adrian Orange & Her Band - Unconvincing Seranade
Original 3 - Sunglasses at Night 2002
La Pegatina - L'encanteri
La Pegatina - Miranda
La Pegatina - Sun Bay
La Pegatina - Lo ignoró
La Pegatina - Gat rumberu
La Pegatina - Alosque
La Pegatina - A morriña
La Pegatina - ¡Qué bonito es el amor!
La Pegatina - Mandarinas y pomelos
La Pegatina - Lerei
La Pegatina - La Negra
La Pegatina - Los niños de la Renfe
La Pegatina - Minha rua
La Pegatina - La toalla
La Pegatina feat. Baciamolemani - Non è facile
La Pegatina - El curandero
La Pegatina - La ciudad de los gatos negros
La Pegatina - Il y a
La Pegatina feat. Romi Anauel - No hi ha ningú
La Pegatina - Mamma mia
La Pegatina - Lléname de veneno
La Pegatina - Lloverá y yo veré
La Pegatina - Flors i violes
La Pegatina feat. Esne Beltza - Ara ve lo bo
La Pegatina - Sweet culito
La Pegatina - Sueños de sirena
La Pegatina - Je ne t'aime pas
La Pegatina - O camareiro
La Pegatina - Despierto
La Pegatina - ¿Cómo explicarte?
La Pegatina - Petrolero
La Pegatina - I digueu
La Pegatina - No a la guerra
La Pegatina - Gran hermano
La Pegatina - La Sorranchera
La Pegatina - La voisine
La Pegatina - Busco
La Pegatina - El cáliz de fuego
La Pegatina - Janoneva
La Pegatina - Lacón con grelos
La Pegatina - Sólo por una vez
La Pegatina - Foxy & Billy
La Pegatina - Recuerdos
La Pegatina - Mari Carmen
La Pegatina - Y si voy
La Pegatina - Molta merda i massa teatre
La Pegatina - Jai eta dantza
La Pegatina - Chocholoco
La Pegatina - Si de nit
La Pegatina - Ajo y agua
La Pegatina - Luces en el bar
La Pegatina - Imagina
La Pegatina - Mal de planxa
Pelson - Nonstop bez snu
Pelson - Ona i on
Pelson - Sen na jawie (ft. Grizzlee)
Pelson - Kinematografia (ft. Eldo)
Pelson - Ostatni dzień
Pelson - Czarno-biały (ft. Kubson)
Pelson - Wierny sobie
Pelson - O niej (ft. Hades)
Pecadores - Deus é Fiel
Pecadores - Padre
Pecadores - Possessed
Pecadores - Macumbaria
Pecadores - Man of God
Pecadores - Kapitalist Gott
Pecadores - 10% for Jesus
Pecadores - 999
Pecadores - Priest
Charlie Parker - Au Privave
Charlie Parker - Parker's Mood
Pale Grey - Dead Line