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Little Richard - If You're Happy and You Know It
Little Richard - Rose Mary
Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul - Angel Eyes
Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul - Fear
Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul - Freedom
Little Willie John - Bill Bailey
Liverpool Express - Every Man Must Have a Dream
Living Colour - Open Letter to a Landlord
Living Colour - What's Your Favorite Color? (Theme Song)
Llama Farmers - Movie
Lloyd Cole - I Didn't Know That You Cared
Lloyd Cole - Mainstream
Lloyd Cole - Margo's Waltz
Lloyd Cole - To the Church
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Charlotte Street
LMC - Take Me to the Clouds Above
Lobo - Let It Be Me
Lobo - One and the Same Thing
Lobo - Way I Came In
Loleatta Holloway - Good Vibrations
London Session Orchestra (The) - I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen
London Symphony Orchestra - Canto siboney, song for voice & piano
London Symphony Orchestra - Carol of the Bells
London Symphony Orchestra - Musica Proibita
London Symphony Orchestra - Sogno
London Symphony Orchestra - Tù Quieres Volver
Lone Justice - Inspiration
Lonelyhearts, The - Walk the Miles
Longcut, The - Tell You So
Longview - Hemlocks and Primroses
Lonnie Donegan - Pick a Bale of Cotton
Lori Carson - Twisting My Words
Lori Johnson - Mockingbird
Lorrie Morgan - Gonna Leave the Light On
Lorrie Morgan - In Tears
Lorrie Morgan - Steppin' Stones
Lorrie Morgan - What Part of No
Los Campesinos - No Tetris
Los Campesinos - Songs About Your Girlfriend
Los Enemigos - Na de Na
Los Kumbia Kings - I Wish
Los Nocheros - De Cal y de Arena
Los Nocheros - Ojos de Mujer Morena
Los Prisioneros - Exijo Ser Un H
Los Tigrillos - El Chico del Apartamento 512
Los Titanes de Durango - El Enamorado
Los Tres - Me Rompió el Corazón
Los ZappinG - Vietnam
Lost Sounds (The) - Tyrant's Head
Lou Christie - If I Fell
Lou Christie - To Be Loved (Forever)
Lou Gramm - Lover Come Back
Lou Gramm - Second Chance
Lou Rawls - A Song for You
Lou Rawls - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Lou Rawls - Sad Song
Lou Rawls - Wind Beneath My Wings
Louis Aguilar - Hurt
Louis Aguilar - Love
Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars - Go Down Moses
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra - Georgia on My Mind
Louis Jordan - A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But a Bird
Louis Jordan - Ration Blues
Louis Prima - All Through the Day
Louis Prima - Felicia No Capicia
Louis Prima - I
Louis Prima - Jump Jive And Wail
Louis Prima - Jump, Jive an' Wail
Louis Prima - Just a Little Fond Affection
Louis Prima - That's the Way It Goes
Louis Prima - The Broken Record
Louis Prima - The Music Goes 'Round and 'Round
Louis Prima - Wonderland by Night
Louis Prima & His Orchestra - Just a Gigolo (I Ain't Got Nobody)
Louis Prima & His Orchestra - The Blizzard
Louisiana Red - Death of Ealase
Louvin Brothers (The) - The Christian Life
Louvin Brothers (The) - The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea
Love And Rockets - The Dog-End of a Day Gone By
Love Unlimited Orchestra - I've Found Someone
Love Unlimited Orchestra - I've Got So Much to Give
Loveletter - Love
Lovely Bad Things (The) - Hear or Anywhere
Lovemongers - Battle of Evermore
Lowercase - Severance Denied
Luba - The Best Is Yet to Come
Lucha Villa - Amor de un Rato
Lucha Villa - Ella Te Va a Decir Adiós
Lucha Villa - Ella Te Va a Decir Adios
Lucha Villa - Eres Divino
Lucha Villa - Hoy Por Fin
Lucha Villa - Inocente Pobre Amiga
Lucha Villa - Juro Que Nunca Volvere
Lucha Villa - La Mas Querida
Lucha Villa - La Muerte del Palomo
Lucha Villa - Me Cai de la Nube
Lucha Villa - Me Nace del Corazon
Lucha Villa - Muy Enamorado
Lucha Villa - No Discutamos
Lucha Villa - No Me Amenaces
Lucha Villa - No Me Dejes Nunca, Nunca, Nunca
Lucha Villa - No Me Olvides
Lucha Villa - Resulta
Lucha Villa - Si Nos Dejan
Lucha Villa - Siempre en Mi Mente
Lucha Villa - Siete Versos
Lucha Villa - Te Voy a Olvidar
Lucha Villa - Tu Abandono
Lucha Villa - Tu Sigues Siendo el Mismo
Lucha Villa - Ya No Me Busques Mas
Lucha Villa - Ya No Me Interesas
Lucha Villa - Ya No Me Vuelvo a Enamorar
Lucky Devils (The) - I'm Goin' Home
Lucky Dube - Changing World
Lucky Dube - Cool Down
Lucky Dube - Monster
Lucky Dube - Number in the Book
Lucky Dube - Shosholoza
Lucky Dube - The Bully
Lucky Peterson - We'll Be Together
Lucky Soul - One Kiss Don
Lucky Thompson - Chewin' Mama Blues
Lucky Thompson - Long John Blues
Lucky Thompson - Mellow Mama Blues
Lucy Kaplansky - What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?
Lucy Kaplansky - Today's the Day
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles - 36th
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles - Chinese Lanterns
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles - Connect the Dots
Lucy Rose - Bull to the Red
Lucybell - Amanece
Lucybell - Angel
Lucybell - Electrico Cariño
Lucybell - Entre el Sol y Dos Ojos
Lucybell - Esperanza
Lucybell - Hoy So
Lucybell - Mírate en Mí
Lucybell - Mi Corazón
Lucybell - Sentir
Lucybell - Si No Sé Abrir Mis Manos
Lucybell - Sol Invisible
Lucybell - Tú Sangre
Lucybell - Ten Paz
Lucybell - Ver
Lucybell - Verde Invierno
Lucybell - Viajar
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Alfil, Ella No Cambia Nada
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Como un Perro
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Jazmín
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Jazmin
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ropa Violeta
Luis Alberto Spinetta - Una Sola Cosa
Luis Eduardo Aute - Ay de Ti, Ay de Mi
Luis Eduardo Aute - Cada Vez Que Me Amas
Luis Eduardo Aute - Cuatro y Diez
Luis Eduardo Aute - La Belleza
Luis Eduardo Aute - Las Cuatro y Diez
Luis Eduardo Aute - Libertad
Luis Eduardo Aute - Prodigios
Luis Eduardo Aute - Sin Tu Latido
Luis Russell - Confessin' (That I Love You)
Luis Russell - Our Monday Date
Luka Bloom - Keeper of the Flame
Luke Kelly - Tramps and Hawkers
Lulu - Dream Lover
Lulu - How 'Bout Us, song
Lulu - Re-Light My Fire
Lulu - She Will Break Your Heart
Lulu - Watch That Man
Lulu and the Lampshades - Feet to the Sky
Lulu Santos - Condicao
Lulu Santos - Made in Brazil
Lulu Santos - Tão Bem
Luna - Dream Baby Dream
Luna - Hello Little One
Luna - It's Bringing You Down
Luna - Thank You for Sending Me an Angel
Luna - Thank-You for Sending Me an Angel
Lunch Ray - Don't Die
Lungfish - Mated
Lupita d'Alessio - Mi Corazon Es un Gitano
Lupita d'Alessio - Que Bien Que Me Engañaste
Luther Ingram - If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want to Be Right
Lycia - The Burning Circle
Lydia Lunch - Lightning's Girl
Lynn Morris Band - What Was I Supposed to Do?
Lynsey de Paul - Love Bomb
Paul Anka - Pennies From Heaven
Paul Anka - Les Filles De Paris (French Version)
Enrico Ruggeri - Aspettando I Superuomini
Dargen D'Amico - Due Come Noi
Dargen D'Amico - Il Corriere Contromano
Nesli - Davanti Agli Occhi
La Vida Boheme - Hornos Del Cal
La Vida Boheme - Aún
Jonny Fritz - Wrong Crowd
Granger Smith - The Country Boy Song
Statesboro Revue - Another Day In Rome
Carlos Whittaker - Love
Foxfires - A Perfect Storm
This Is Our Year - Danger To The World
This Is Our Year - Flight 815
Braces (The) - Mouthbreather
Saintly Rows - In Parting
Chase This City - I Could Just Cave Right In
Offseason (The) - Thanks For Nothing