Beliebte Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1117:

Nouns - Fourteen
Nouns - I Feel as Though I’ve Failed
Nouns - Soccer Ball
Nouns - Fox Wound
Nouns - Closer
Nouns - Wreck
Nouns - Ghost Legs
Nouns - Little Slugger
Nouns - Ski Mask
Nouns - Daydream
Nouns - But I Can’t Stay Here
Nouns - Dogs
Nouns - Still Bummed
Nouns - School Bus
Nouns - Conch
Page France - The Ruby Ring Man
Page France - Wet Dog Afternoon
Page France - Mr. Violin and Dancing Bear
Page France - Pigeons
Page France - The Belly in the Fish
Page France - Rooster and Its Crow
Page France - The Joker's Joke
Page France - Circus Head (Nobody Knows)
Page France - Chariot
Page France - Jesus
Page France - Dogs
Page France - Elephant
Page France - Junkyard
Page France - Bush
Page France - Windy
Page France - Grass
Page France - Glue
Page France - Up
Page France - Finders
Page France - Trampoline
Page France - Goodness
Page France - Feather
Page France - Spine
Page France - Air Pollution
Page France - Ribs
Page France - Bridge
Page France - Rhythm
Page France - Love and Interuption
Page France - Slippery
Page France - We Remain as Two
Page France - So Sweetly Around Me
Page France - Mother
Page France - Gowans' Red Balloon
Page France - Ladder Man
Page France - The Saddest Ones
Page France - All Things, All Right
Page France - Say Wolf in the Summertime
Page France - Passengers Laughing
Page France - Give Him a Blanket
Page France - No One Likes a Bleeder
Anna Oxa - Un Emozione da Poco - Pagliaccio
Anna Oxa - A gentile richiesta
Anna Oxa - Di Questa Vita
Anna Oxa - Le Tue Ali
Anna Oxa - Ancora
Anna Oxa - Caruso
Anna Oxa - La Mia Corsa
Anna Oxa - Dama
Anna Oxa - Historias
Anna Oxa - Uomo dove sei
Anna Oxa - Sister
Anna Oxa - Take a Little Trip
Anna Oxa - Notte d'immagini
Anna Oxa - La vita dove va
Anna Oxa - Cambierò
Anna Oxa - Giovanni
Anna Oxa - Figlio
Anna Oxa - La mia coscienza
Anna Oxa - Oltre la montagna
Anna Oxa - Processo a me stessa
Anna Oxa - La musica è niente se tu non hai vissuto
Jay Park - New Breed (Intro)
Jay Park feat. Dok2 - Up and Down
Jay Park - Go
Jay Park - I Got Your Back
Jay Park - Star
Jay Park - Come On Over
Jay Park - I Can't Be Without You
Jay Park - Clap
Jay Park - Know Your Name
Jay Park - Level 1000
Jay Park - Bestie
Jay Park - AOM & 1llionaire
Jay Park - Wasted
Jay Park - William Hung
Jay Park - Carefree
Jay Park - Be With Me 2Night
Jay Park - BODY2BODY
Jay Park - Enjoy the Show
Jay Park - Do What We Do
Jay Park - Count On Me (Nothin' On You)
Jay Park - Demon
Jay Park - Appetizer
Jay Park - Welcome
Jay Park - Let's Make Up
Jay Park - Joah (Remastered)
Jay Park - Evolution
Jay Park - I Like 2 Party (Remastered)
Jay Park - Welcome (Remastered)
Jay Park - GGG
Jay Park - Sex Trip
Jay Park - In This B*tch
Jay Park - Seattle 2 Seoul
Jay Park - ME LIKE YUH
Jay Park - 2nd THOTS
Jay Park - REPLAY
Jay Park - AQUAMAN
Jay Park - I GOT THIS
Jay Park - Lotto
Jay Park - Life
Jay Park - My
Jay Park - Cha Cha Cypher
Jay Park - Bo$$
Pascal Parisot - Je reste au lit
Pascal Parisot - Tout va bien
Anna Oxa - La voce e il cuore
Anna Oxa - Biancaluna
Anna Oxa - Il bosco delle fate
Anna Oxa - Da così a così
Anna Oxa - Padroni del niente
Anna Oxa - Porco mondo
Anna Oxa - Fu quel che fu
Anna Oxa - Le casino
Anna Oxa - Notturno
Anna Oxa - Mille giorni di te e di me
Anna Oxa - Questi posti davanti al mare
Anna Oxa - Con il nastro rosa
Anna Oxa - Quando
Anna Oxa - Tienimi dentro te
Anna Oxa - Eri piccola
Anna Oxa - Ognuno
Anna Oxa - Senza
Anna Oxa - Non cambiare
Anna Oxa - Scene vere
Anna Oxa - Allora vinco
Anna Oxa - Figli di nessuno
Anna Oxa - Io non so dove
Parade the Day - Chemicals
Parade the Day - American Dream
Parade the Day - Now I'm Awake
Anna Oxa - Così va se ti va e questo finché mi andrà
Anna Oxa - Dove (It's Over)
Anna Oxa - Se devo andare via
Anna Oxa - Sara non piange mai
Anna Oxa - Un sogno in tasca
Anna Oxa - Notti per due
Anna Oxa - Un'altra me
Anna Oxa - Questa è la vita (Livin’ Thing)
Anna Oxa - Metropolitana
Anna Oxa - Toledo
Anna Oxa - Tu non sei l’America
Anna Oxa - Un click d’ironia
Anna Oxa - Controllo totale
Anna Oxa - Il pagliaccio azzurro
Anna Oxa - Colpo di fulmine
Anna Oxa - Mai dire mai
Anna Oxa - Tornerai
Anna Oxa - Dove
Anna Oxa - Un cielo a metà
Anna Oxa - Un click di ironia
Anna Oxa - E tu cantavi
Anna Oxa - C'è ancora un'avventura
Anna Oxa - Tu non ridi più
Anna Oxa - L'uomo che gioca
Anna Oxa - Estensione
Anna Oxa - Hi-Fi
Anna Oxa - Navigando
Anna Oxa - Uragano e nuvole
Pale 3 - Fly With Me
Pale 3 feat. Beth Hirsch - The Tunnel
Pale 3 - Four Days
Pale 3 - In My Head
Pale 3 - You Can’t Find Peace
Anna Oxa - Aspettando Quazim
Anna Oxa - Sono e sarò
Anna Oxa - Un'altra fiaba
Anna Oxa - Tenera immagine
Anna Oxa - L'ultima città
Anna Oxa - Sera di dicembre
Anna Oxa - Resta qui
Anna Oxa - Cielo di cristallo
Anna Oxa - Anna Goodbye
Anna Oxa - Senza di me
Anna Oxa - Pagliaccio azzurro - live 2001
Anna Oxa - Fatelo con me - live 2001
Anna Oxa - Leterno Movimento
Stuðmenn - Fönn fönn fönn
Egill Ólafsson - Ísland er land þitt
Stuðmenn - Slá í gegn
Egill Ólafsson - Ljósvíkingur
Oy - Dunno
Paarma - Älä luovuta
Paarma - Hyvä paimen
Paarma - Kuiskaile hiljaa
Paarma - Pidä liekkis
Johnny Pacheco - Soy hijo del Siboney
Rendy Pandugo - Sebuah Kisah Klasik
Paid & Live - All My Time (Mousse T.'s Bad Boy Extended)
Panic Room - Yasuni
Panic Room - Velocity
Josh Osho - Redemption Days
Josh Osho - Giants
Josh Osho - Footsteps
Josh Osho - Imperfections
Josh Osho - TMAIA
Josh Osho - Freewheel
Josh Osho - S.O.S.
Josh Osho - Wishing Well
Josh Osho - Highlight of My Day
Josh Osho & Ghostface Killah - Redemption Days
Josh Osho & Childish Gambino - Giants
Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio - A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)
Ray Parker Jr. - Jamie
Ray Parker Jr. - Woman Out of Control
Ray Parker Jr. - Bad Boy
Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio - That Old Song
Ray Parker Jr. - Girls Are More Fun
Ray Parker Jr. - The Other Woman
Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio - Two Places at the Same Time
Ray Parker Jr. - In the Heat of the Night
Ray Parker Jr. - Let Me Go
Raydio - You Can’t Change That
Ray Parker Jr. - Stay the Night
Raydio - Jack And Jill (Back Up The Hill)
Ray Parker Jr. - (I Still Can’t Get Over) Loving You
Ray Parker Jr. - Two Places at the Same Time
Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio - You Can't Change That
Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio - A Woman Needs Love
Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio - Jack And Jill
Paralítikos - Mil Cadáveres
Paralítikos - Alas De cuervo
Paralítikos - La Caza
Paralítikos - El Mar Muerto
Paralítikos - El Tormento
Paralítikos - El Hombre Ahogado
Paralítikos - Lovecraft
The Overseer - Secrets
The Overseer - Dredge
The Overseer - Amend
The Overseer - Dreamer
The Overseer - Mendacious
The Overseer - Traitor
The Overseer - Vulture
The Overseer - Lost
The Overseer - Estrange
The Overseer - Absolve
The Overseer - Fragile Wings
The Overseer - Paper Thin Houses
The Overseer - The Structure / The Foundation
The Overseer - Finer Fiend
The Overseer - Deluded
The Overseer - Scarlet Wool
The Overseer - Death March
The Overseer - Uproot
The Overseer - Give Light to My Eyes
The Overseer - Depraved
Oôs Joôs - Bloemkôle
OVUM - No Where Now Here
Ingemar Olsson - Nkosi Sikelel'I/Gud Välsigna Afrika
Ingemar Olsson - Du vet väl om att du är värdefull
The Paragons - If
la pafklik - Gangstero esperantista
la pafklik - Jen la pafklik
la pafklik - Facilas
la pafklik - La povo
la pafklik - Komerca
la pafklik - Aliĝu al polico
Jay Owens - Movin' On
Jay Owens - Who Is in Control
Sam Parker - Adoration
Paul Panzer - Sinn des Lebens
Paul Panzer - Paul und Herr Muschi
Paul Panzer - Linus Q
Archer Park - I Still Wanna Jump Your Bones
Noblesse Oblige - Mata Hari
Noblesse Oblige - Runaway
Tzimis Panousis - Ena tragoudi gia ton cheimona
Tzimis Panousis - Kangela pantou
Tzimis Panousis - Obi-Obi-Bi
Overload feat. Shafqat Amanat Ali - Mahiya Ve
Overload - Dhamaal
Paradox - The Innocence of Childhood
Paradox - Lost My Pride
Paradox - Inside of Me
Paradox - My Own Words
Natalino Otto - In cerca di te (Solo me ne vo…)
Natalino Otto - Mamma voglio anch'io la fidanzata
Natalino Otto - La classe degli asini
Owen Beverly - Levanway
Owen Beverly - Love On Your Own Terms
Owen Beverly - Absalom
Owen Beverly - For Mia
Owen Beverly - Drunk Lover
Owen Beverly - Inside
Palehorse - Yes, I Do Own Clothes
Palehorse - Holy Trinity Church Student Bar
Palehorse - Mustn't Grumble
Palehorse - Look What Palehorse Has Done to Me
Palehorse - Don't Die on an Empty Stomach
Palace - Come In
Palace - We All, Us Three, Will Ride
Palace - Old Jerusalem
The Paris Sisters - Be My Boy
The Paris Sisters - What Am I To Do?
The Paris Sisters - Dream Lover
The Paris Sisters - Some of Your Lovin'
Eliseo Parra - Hagan el favor, señores
Eliseo Parra - El reloj de Valdetorres
Eliseo Parra - Yo me quería casar
Orator - First Born of Sataninsam
Orator - Satanachesh Grimore
Orator - Gnosis Stained Khadga
Orator - In Tamas They Dwell
Orator - Necrocosmic Apparitions
Orator - Bestial Death (Merciless Cover)
Orator - Rites of Grand Renunciation
Orator - Last Emissaries of Doom Tantra
P.A.R.D. - Hug
P.A.R.D. - Huli Ka Balbon
P.A.R.D. - Saging
P.A.R.D. - Kwek Kwek Song
P.A.R.D. - Hugot
Paradigm Blue - Atlantis
Ozo - Listen To The Buddah
Papercranes - Treasure
Papercranes - Curtain Song
Papercranes - Here
Papercranes - Knew You When
Papo Vazquez - Valz de los Invisibles
Paul Paljett - Guenerina
Paul Paljett - Vino, Vino
Paraíso - Makoki
Paraíso - Para ti
Otavalos Indians - Flying Condor
paniq - Neurons: Fire at Will
paniq - Elektronische Musik
paniq - Heavy Working Robot
paniq - Life (The Little Song)
paniq - Heilige Säure
paniq - Rattengift
paniq - Sie ist tot
paniq - Ich mag die Drogen
paniq - Doofe Nuss
paniq - Der Moment
paniq - Ulysergum
paniq - Plugged Unfunk
paniq - Swinging Shiva
Morgan Page feat. Lissie - Open Heart [Bonus Acoustic Mix]
Will Pan - How Are You
Will Pan - I Like You Like That
Will Pan - Pan@sonic
Will Pan - Just When I Need You Most
Will Pan - U U U
Will Pan - X Spy
Will Pan - Kiss Me 123
Will Pan - Shut Up
Will Pan - Wu Ha
Will Pan - Baby Bye
Will Pan - Everytime's Goodtime
Will Pan - Good Love
Will Pan - Just When I Needed You Most
Will Pan - Tell Me
Will Pan - Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
Will Pan - Be With You
Will Pan - Do That To Me One More Time
Orlando - Just for a Second
Orlando - Contained
Orlando - Afraid Again
paniq - Cease and Desist
paniq - I Hope You Are Believing
paniq - Masagin
paniq - Der Weise
Obsequiae - Autumnal Pyre
Obsequiae - Until All Ages Fall
Obsequiae - Pools of a Vernal Paradise
Obsequiae - Anlace and Heart
Obsequiae - In the Absence of Light
Obsequiae - Wilweorthunga
Öröm - Csöndben
Öröm - Sírok között
Öröm - Levél
Öröm - Hangok
Öröm - Egyszer
Öröm - Mélyen legbelül
Öröm - ...
Öröm - Beteljesedés
Jake Owen - Anywhere With You
Jake Owen - Keepin’ It Country
Jake Owen - Wide Awake
Jake Owen - Barefoot Blue Jean Night
Jake Owen - Heaven
Jake Owen - Apple Pie Moonshine
Jake Owen - The Journey of Your Life
Jake Owen - Settin’ the World on Fire
Jake Owen - The One That Got Away
Jake Owen - Tell Me
Jake Owen - Eight Second Ride
Jake Owen - Easy Does It
Jake Owen - Don’t Think I Can’t Love You
Jake Owen - Who Said Whiskey (Was Meant to Drink a Woman Away)
Jake Owen - Green Bananas
Jake Owen - Anything for You
Jake Owen - Every Reason I Go Back
Jake Owen - Days of Gold
Jake Owen - 1972
Jake Owen - Ghost Town
Jake Owen - Life of the Party
Jake Owen - Good Timing
Jake Owen - Tall Glass of Something
Jake Owen - One Little Kiss (Never Killed Nobody)
Jake Owen - Tipsy
Jake Owen - Sure Feels Right
Jake Owen - After the Music’s Stopped
Jake Owen feat. Florida Georgia Line - Summer Jam
Jake Owen - Surefire Feeling
Jake Owen - American Love
Jake Owen - After Midnight
Jake Owen - Where I Am
Jake Owen - Everybody Dies Young
Jake Owen - VW Van
Jake Owen - Good Company
Jake Owen - LAX
Jake Owen - If He Ain't Gonna Love You
Jake Owen - When You Love Someone
Jake Owen - You Ain't Going Nowhere
Jake Owen - American Country Love Song
Jake Owen - The Bad in Me
Jake Owen - Something About a Woman
Jake Owen - Startin’ With Me
Jake Owen - Yee Haw
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Agrypnia
Jake Owen - Hard Not to Love You
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Liquid
Jake Owen - The Bottle and Me
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Teiresias
Jake Owen - Places to Run
Jake Owen - Long Night With You
Jake Owen - You Can Thank Dixie
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Rua da Bella Vista
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Agia Nostalgia
Jake Owen - Nothin' Grows in Shadows
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Astro Tou Proinou
Jake Owen - Nobody Feelin' No Pain
Jake Owen - Alone With You
Jake Owen - Steal My Kisses
Jake Owen - Pass a Beer
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Lykos kakos
Jake Owen - What We Ain't Got
Jake Owen - Beachin'
Jake Owen - Drivin' All Night
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Oneiro
Jake Owen - I Like You A Lot (Bonus Track)
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Tria roumpagiat
Jake Owen - Real Life
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - San Michele
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Sara
Thanasis Papakonstantinou - N Trata (Boat)
paniq - Fuckin' Aye Reloaded 4.0
paniq - Niemals sterben
paniq - Zum Projekt
paniq - Anybody Out There
paniq - Enemies of Freedom
Johnny Otis - Since I Met You Baby
Johnny Otis - Double Crossing Blues
Johnny Otis - Telephone Baby
Parkway Drive - Deadweight
Parkway Drive - Guns for Show, Knives for a Pro
Parkway Drive - Picture Perfect, Pathetic
Parkway Drive - It’s Hard to Speak Without a Tongue
Parkway Drive - A Cold Day in Hell
Parkway Drive - Old Ghost / New Regrets
Parkway Drive - Blue and the Grey
paniq - Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me
paniq - Cubeword
paniq - Perplexer - Acid Folk
paniq - Sand
paniq - Mein Herz Klopft
paniq - What Did You Just Give Me?
Parkway Drive - Destroyer
Parkway Drive - Dying to Believe
Parkway Drive - Vice Grip
Parkway Drive - Crushed
Parkway Drive - Fractures
Parkway Drive - Writings on the Wall
Parkway Drive - Bottom Feeder
Parkway Drive - The Sound of Violence
Parkway Drive - Vicious
Parkway Drive - Dedicated
Parkway Drive - A Deathless Song
Parkway Drive - …
Parkway Drive - Smoke 'em If Ya Got 'em
Parkway Drive - You're Over
Parkway Drive - Don’t Close Your Eyes
Parkway Drive - You’re Over
Parkway Drive - Into the Dark
Parkway Drive - Devil's Calling
Parra for Cuva feat. Anna Naklab - Wicked Games
Florent Pagny - Dors
Florent Pagny - Sierra Cuadrada
Florent Pagny - Mourir les yeux ouverts
Florent Pagny - Loin de toi
Florent Pagny - Protection
Florent Pagny - Combien ça va
Florent Pagny - Chanter
Florent Pagny - Sólo le pido a Dios
Florent Pagny - Je trace
Florent Pagny - Ailleurs Land
Florent Pagny - Ma liberté de penser
Florent Pagny - La Folie d’un ange
Florent Pagny - Le Feu a la peau
Florent Pagny - Sauf toi
Florent Pagny - Demandez à mon cheval
Florent Pagny - Mon amour oublie que je l’aime
Florent Pagny - Guérir
Florent Pagny - Sur mesure
Florent Pagny - Bienvenue chez moi
Florent Pagny - Si tu veux m'essayer
Florent Pagny - Ça fait des nuits
Florent Pagny - Tue-moi
Florent Pagny - Est-ce que tu me suis ?
Florent Pagny feat. Johnny Hallyday - Jamais
Florent Pagny - Oh Happy Day
Florent Pagny - Merci
Florent Pagny - La Chanson de Jacky
Pargochy - Lisoi (Trio Ambisi cover)
Pargochy - Dignity
Pargochy - Shackles of Revenge
Pargochy - Tempest Wrath
Florent Pagny - Le Mur
Florent Pagny - Je suis
Florent Pagny - Là où je t'emmènerai
Florent Pagny - Comme l'eau se souvient
Florent Pagny - Désolé
Florent Pagny - Ça change un homme
Florent Pagny - Vivons la paix
Florent Pagny - J'ai beau vouloir
Florent Pagny - Envers et contre moi
Florent Pagny - À tout peser à bien choisir
Florent Pagny - De part et d'autre
Florent Pagny - Compter les bisons
Florent Pagny - Et un jour une femme
Florent Pagny - L'Air du temps
Florent Pagny - Io le canto per te
Florent Pagny - Jolie môme
Florent Pagny - Un ami
Florent Pagny - Les Parfums de sa vie (Je l'ai tant aimée)
Florent Pagny feat. David Hallyday - We Are the Champions
Florent Pagny - Amsterdam
Florent Pagny - Vent d'orient
Florent Pagny - Les Hommes qui doutent
Florent Pagny - Comment je saurai
Florent Pagny - Y'a pas un homme qui soit né pour ça
Florent Pagny - Les Ombres
Florent Pagny - La Solitude
Florent Pagny - Dix choses
Florent Pagny - Le temps joue contre nous
Florent Pagny - La Légende de Carlos Gardel
Florent Pagny - Les Murs porteurs
Florent Pagny - Combien de gens
Florent Pagny - Vieillir avec toi
Florent Pagny - Après nous
Florent Pagny - Parle
Florent Pagny - Condoléances
Florent Pagny - On sera là
Florent Pagny - Souviens-toi
Mica Paris - Let Me Inside
Mica Paris - Whisper a Prayer
Mica Paris - My One Temptation
Mica Paris - Let's Stay Together
Imelda Papin - Habang May Panahon
Imelda Papin - Kailangan Ko
Imelda Papin - Minsan
Imelda Papin - Bakit Mo Pa Inibig
Imelda Papin - Iniibig Ko Ang Iniibig Mo
Imelda Papin - Isang Linggong Pag-Ibig
Imelda Papin - Hindi Ko Kaya
Imelda Papin - Bakit Kaya
Orange Sector - Ein neues Kleid
Orange Sector - Life's a Bitch (And Then You Die)
Orange Sector - Der Maschinist
Florent Pagny - On n'oublie pas d'où l'on vient
Florent Pagny - La poupée qui fait non
Florent Pagny - Pas de Boogie Woogie
Florent Pagny - Nessun dorma (extrait de 'Turandot' de Puccini)
Florent Pagny - Volo di notte
Florent Pagny - Silenzio e pace
Florent Pagny - The Day We Made God Cry
Florent Pagny - Una nube blanca
Florent Pagny - Amar y Amar
Florent Pagny - Te puedo Acompañar
Florent Pagny - No pasa nada
Florent Pagny - Que nadie sepa mi sufrir
Florent Pagny - Si tu n'aimes pas Florent Pagny
Florent Pagny - Te jeter des fleurs
Florent Pagny - C'est le soir que je pense ma vie
Florent Pagny - Je laisse le temps faire
Florent Pagny - 8ème merveille
Florent Pagny - Tout et son contraire
Florent Pagny - J'ai arrêté de rêver
Florent Pagny - La Paix
Florent Pagny - Chacun est un cas
Mica Paris - You Can Make a Wish
Mica Paris - Where Is the Love (Duet With Will Downing)
Mica Paris - I Never Felt Like This Before
Orange Sector - Prisoner
Orange Sector - Proximity
Florent Pagny - Dónde Va La Vida
Florent Pagny - Viviré
Florent Pagny - Volver A Cantar
Florent Pagny - Encore
Florent Pagny - Habana
Florent Pagny - Agua Salada
Florent Pagny - Voz De Bolero
Florent Pagny - Dónde Están
Florent Pagny - Mais Où S'En Va La Vie
Florent Pagny - Sos amor
Florent Pagny - Hygiaphone
Florent Pagny - Quand j'etais chanteur
Florent Pagny - Une seule journee passee sans elle
Florent Pagny - Chère amie (Toutes mes excuses)
Florent Pagny - Voilà c'est fini
Florent Pagny - Partir
Florent Pagny - J'te jure
Florent Pagny - Je resterai là
Florent Pagny - L'Aigle noir
Florent Pagny - El día que me quieras
Florent Pagny - Gracias a la vida
Florent Pagny - Quizás
Florent Pagny - A la huella a la huella
Florent Pagny - Un vestido y un amor
Florent Pagny - Los años
The Orphans - Anorexic Mind
The Orphans - For An Old Kentucky Anarchist
Paradise Lost - Mortals Watch the Day (Rock Show 1992)
Paradise Lost - I Am Nothing
Paradise Lost - Fader
Paradise Lost - Look at Me Now
Paradise Lost - Illumination
Paradise Lost - Something Real
Paradise Lost - Divided
Paradise Lost - Sell It to the World
Paradise Lost - Never Again
Paradise Lost - No Reason
Paradise Lost - World Pretending
Paradise Lost - Sway
Paradise Lost - Gone
Paradise Lost - Waiting for God
Paradise Lost - Enchantment
Paradise Lost - Hallowed Land
Paradise Lost - The Last Time
Paradise Lost - Forever Failure
Paradise Lost - Once Solemn
Paradise Lost - Shadowkings
Paradise Lost - Elusive Cure
Paradise Lost - Yearn for Change
Paradise Lost - Shades of God
Paradise Lost - Hands of Reason
Paradise Lost - I See Your Face
Paradise Lost - Jaded
Paradise Lost - The Rise of Denial
Christopher Parkening - The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I: Prelude and Fugue No. 9 in E major, BWV 854: Prelude
Christopher Parkening - Etude No. 1 in E minor - H. Villa-Lobos
Parachute - All That I Am
Parachute - Back Again
Parachute - She (For Liz)
Parachute - The Mess I Made
Parachute - Ghost
Parachute - Words Meet Heartbeats
Parachute - White Dress
Parachute - Something To Believe In
Parachute - Forever And Always
Parachute - What I Know
Parachute - American Secrets
Parachute - Kiss Me Slowly
Parachute - Halfway
Parachute - Philadelphia
Parachute - Without You
Parachute - What Side of Love
Parachute - Jennie
Parachute - Everything
Parachute - Lonely with Me
Parachute - Love Me Anyway
Parachute - New Orleans
Parachute - When You Move
Parachute - Getaway
Parachute - Crave
Parachute - What Breaks My Heart
Parachute - Waking Up
Parachute - Meant To Be
Parachute - Can't Help
Parachute - Drive You Home
Parachute - Hurricane
Parachute - Overnight
Parachute - Didn't See It Coming
Parachute - The Other Side
Parachute - Waiting For That Call
Parachute - The Only One
Parachute - Disappear
Parachute - Higher
The Pale Pacific - Sucker Punch
The Pale Pacific - Fortune Folds
The Pale Pacific - Your Parents' House
The Pale Pacific - Back to You
Florent Pagny - Questions sans réponse
Florent Pagny - Reste chez toi
Florent Pagny - Pour la vie
Florent Pagny - Emergency
Florent Pagny - Heureux de vivre
Florent Pagny - J'irais quand même
Florent Pagny - Loin
Florent Pagny - Et maintenant
Florent Pagny - Le Cul de Lucette
Florent Pagny - À bicyclette
Florent Pagny - Le Jazz et la Java
Florent Pagny - Guide Me Home
Paradise Lost - Mortals Watch the Day
Paradise Lost - Joys of the Emptiness
Paradise Lost - Your Hand in Mine
Paradise Lost - Widow
Paradise Lost - Shallow Seasons
Paradise Lost - Pity the Sadness
Paradise Lost - As I Die
Paradise Lost - True Belief
Paradise Lost - Say Just Words
Paradise Lost - Blood of Another
Paradise Lost - Disappear
Paradise Lost - Lydia
Paradise Lost - Dying Freedom
Paradise Lost - The Sufferer
Paradise Lost - Soul Courageous
Paradise Lost - One Second
Paradise Lost - This Cold Life
Paradise Lost - As Horizons End
Paradise Lost - I Remain
Paradise Lost - First Light
Paradise Lost - Frailty
Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us
Paradise Lost - Living With Scars
Paradise Lost - Last Regret
Paradise Lost - Universal Dream
Paradise Lost - In Truth
Paradise Lost - Cardinal Zero
Parachute - She is Love (Full Band)
Parachute - Be Here
Parachute - Losing Sleep
Parachute - What Child Is This
Parachute - Winterlove
Parachute - Hearts Go Crazy
Parachute - Strange World
Dreaming in Oceans - This Is Like Kissing a Train Track
Dreaming in Oceans - Oh Yeah Totally
Dreaming in Oceans - If I See You Again Your Gunna Loose Your Fucking Jaw
Antonio Orozco - La cuestión
Antonio Orozco - Por que no les devuelves el sol
Antonio Orozco - Tan lejos y tan cerca
Antonio Orozco - Un reloj y una vela
Antonio Orozco - Disfruta del silencio
Antonio Orozco - Déjame
Antonio Orozco - Quiero ser
Antonio Orozco - Solamente verdades
Antonio Orozco - Ramón y su caja de música
Antonio Orozco - Caterine
Antonio Orozco - La distancia es el olvido
Antonio Orozco - Tú me das
Antonio Orozco - Escúchame
Parasol Caravan - Rising
Parasol Caravan - Veneer
Parasol Caravan - Diarancor
Parasol Caravan - Snash
Parasol Caravan - Self Mastery
Parasol Caravan - Black Monolith
Parasol Caravan - Time Bender
Parasol Caravan - New Stone
Florent Pagny - Je parle même pas d'amour
Florent Pagny - N'importe quoi
Paradise Lost - Nothing Sacred
Paradise Lost - In All Honesty
Paradise Lost - Harbour
Paradise Lost - Ordinary Days
Paradise Lost - Permanent Solution
Paradise Lost - Behind the Grey
Paradise Lost - Wreck
Paradise Lost - Made the Same
Paradise Lost - Deep
Paradise Lost - Year of Summer
Paradise Lost - Host
Paradise Lost - Forging Sympathy
Paradise Lost - Weeping Words
Paradise Lost - Poison
Paradise Lost - Christendom
Paradise Lost - Sweetness
Antonio Orozco - Llévatelo
Antonio Orozco - No hay más
Antonio Orozco - Pasó
Antonio Orozco - Aire en las espaldas
Antonio Orozco - Y no hay manera
Antonio Orozco - Es mi momento
Antonio Orozco - Yo sé de ti
Antonio Orozco - Ya lo sabes
Antonio Orozco - Un lugar
Antonio Orozco - PIDEME
Antonio Orozco - PODRIA SER
Antonio Orozco - MIRATE
Antonio Orozco - MI HEROE
Antonio Orozco - POR PEDIR PEDI
Antonio Orozco - HOY SERA
Antonio Orozco - SE ME OLVIDO
Antonio Orozco - TANTAS DUDAS
Antonio Orozco - PARA TI LO TENGO TODO
Antonio Orozco - TENERTE ES COMO SER
Paquito Guzmán - Que Voy Haver Sin Ti
Paquito Guzmán - Esa Mujer
Paquito Guzmán - Se Nos Rompio El Amor
Antonio Orozco - 1 El Viaje
Antonio Orozco - 3 Siempre Imperfectos
Antonio Orozco - 4 No Hay M+s
Antonio Orozco - 11 Ya Lo Sabes (Featuring – Luis Fonsi)
Antonio Orozco - Te necesito Mmás que Nnunca
Antonio Orozco - Soldado 229 (con Iván Ferreiro)
Antonio Orozco - Hoy todo va al revés (con Toteking)
Antonio Orozco - Por qué no les devuelves el sol (con Youssou N'Dour)
Antonio Orozco - Eres
Antonio Orozco - Volver a empezar
Antonio Orozco - Aire
Antonio Orozco - Siempre fue mucho más fácil
Antonio Orozco - Temblando
Antonio Orozco - Dos orillas
Antonio Orozco - Voces
Antonio Orozco - Será
Antonio Orozco - Llegará
Paradise Lost - Ash & Debris
Paradise Lost - Praise Lamented Shade
Paradise Lost - Requiem
Paradise Lost - Unreachable
Paradise Lost - Sedative God
Paradise Lost - Sane
Paradise Lost - Take Me Down
Paradise Lost - How Soon Is Now?
Paradise Lost - Albino Flogged in Black
Hope Partlow - Who We Are
Hope Partlow - Don't Go
Hope Partlow - Crazy Summer Nights
Hope Partlow - Sick Inside
Hope Partlow - Girlfriend
Hope Partlow - Like You Do
Hope Partlow - I Believe In You
Hope Partlow - It's Too Late
Hope Partlow - Cold
Hope Partlow - Through It All
Hope Partlow - Everywhere But Here
Hope Partlow - Let Me Try
Paradise Lost - Embraced
Paradise Lost - The Word Made Flesh
Paradise Lost - Solitary One
Paradise Lost - Fear of Impending Hell
Paradise Lost - Honesty in Death
Paradise Lost - In This We Dwell
Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol
Paradise Lost - Worth Fighting For
Paradise Lost - The Glorious End
Paradise Lost - Don't Belong
Paradise Lost - Close Your Eyes
Paradise Lost - Grey
Paradise Lost - Forever After
Paradise Lost - Sun Fading
Paradise Lost - Accept the Pain
Paradise Lost - Shine
Paradise Lost - Over the Madness
Florent Pagny - L'Homme à la moto
Florent Pagny - Finché pace non avró
Florent Pagny - Merci (normal)
Florent Pagny - Les parfums de sa vie
Florent Pagny - Là-bas
Florent Pagny - Qu'est-ce qu'on fait
Florent Pagny - Ça va vite
Florent Pagny - Combien de gens (acoustique)
Florent Pagny - Vieillir avec toi (acoustique)
Florent Pagny - Les Murs porteurs (acoustique)
Paradise Lost - Isolate
Paradise Lost - Erased
Paradise Lost - Two Worlds
Paradise Lost - Pray Nightfall
Paradise Lost - Primal
Paradise Lost - Perfect Mask
Paradise Lost - Mystify
Paradise Lost - No Celebration
Paradise Lost - Self-Obsessed
Paradise Lost - Symbol of Life
Paradise Lost - Channel for the Pain
Paradise Lost - Xavier
Patrick Park - Thunderbolt
Patrick Park - Honest Skrew
Patrick Park - Sons of Guns
Patrick Park - Nothing's Wrong
Patrick Park - Your Smile's a Drug
Patrick Park - Something Pretty
Patrick Park - Silver Girl
Patrick Park - Desperation Eyes
Patrick Park - Past Poisons
Patrick Park - Bullets by the Door
Patrick Park - Home for Now
Patrick Park - Life Is A Song
Patrick Park - Time for Moving On
Patrick Park - Here We Are
Patrick Park - Arrive Like a Whisper
Patrick Park - Nothing's Lost
Patrick Park - Pawn Song
Patrick Park - Saint With a Fever
Patrick Park - One Body Breaks
Patrick Park - There's a Darkness
Patrick Park - Everyone's in Everyone
Patrick Park - You'll Get Over
Patrick Park - The Lucky Ones
Patrick Park - Blackbird Through the Dark
Patrick Park - You're Enough
Patrick Park - Come What Will
Patrick Park - Silence and Storm
Patrick Park - You Were Always the One
Patrick Park - Starry Night
Patrick Park - Time Won't Wait
Patrick Park - The Long Night
Patrick Park - I Remember
Patrick Park - Before We Are Lost
Patrick Park - Life's a Song
Patrick Park - Stay With Me Tomorrow
Patrick Park - We Fall Out of Touch
Dolly Parton feat. The Jordanaires - Save the Last Dance for Me
Tommy Overstreet - I'll Never Break These Chains
Tommy Overstreet - Heaven Is My Woman's Love
Tommy Overstreet - Send Me No Roses
Palomo - Intenté olvidarte
Palomo - Me quedaré
Palomo - Déjame ser
Palomo - No me conoces aún
Palomo - Escúchame
Palomo - Será que no me amas
Palomo - Es tu amor
Palomo - Nos faltó
Palomo - No me conoces aún (versión ranchera)
Palomo - A cambio de qué
Palomo - Maldita Soledad (Balada)
Palomo - Mas Allá De Todo (Cumbia)
Palomo - Decir Adiós (Cumbia)
Palomo - Lo Prohibido Del Amor (Ranchera)
Palomo - De Tal Manera (Balada)
Palomo - Hazle El Amor A Mi Corazón (Balada)
Palomo - Dame (Cumbia)
Palomo - Solo Dime (Ranchera)
Palomo - De Uno Y De Todos Modos (Bolero)
Palomo - Tu Primera Vez (Ranchera)
Palomo - Te metiste en mi cama
Palomo - De uno y de todos los modos
Palomo - Yo te propongo
Palomo - No me queda más
Palomo - Se que llorarás
Palomo - Y sufrirás
Palomo - El otro
Palomo - El infiel más fiel (versión vals)
Palomo - No llores más
Palomo - Por siempre contigo
Palomo - No todo irá bien
Palomo - Quiero más de ti.
Palomo - Mi linda niña
Oranges & Lemons - Raspberry heaven
Oranges & Lemons - Soramimi Cake (off vocal)
Oranges & Lemons - Raspberry heaven (off vocal)
Paradise Lost - Victim of the Past
Paradise Lost - Red Shift
Paradise Lost - No Hope in Sight
Paradise Lost - Terminal
Paradise Lost - An Eternity of Lies
Paradise Lost - Punishment Through Time
Paradise Lost - Beneath Broken Earth
Paradise Lost - Sacrifice the Flame
Paradise Lost - Flesh From Bone
Paradise Lost - Cry Out
Paradise Lost - Return to the Sun
Paradise Lost - Ending Through Changes
Paradise Lost - Never Take Me Alive
Paradise Lost - Loneliness Remains
Paradise Lost - The Last Fallen Saviour
Paradise Lost - Back on Disaster
Paradise Lost - Missing
Paradise Lost - Silent in Heart
Paradise Lost - Gothic 2013
Paradise Lost - Our Saviour 2013
Paradise Lost - I Despair
Paradise Lost - Cruel One
Paradise Lost - Through the Silence
Paradise Lost - Sanctamonious You
Paradise Lost - A Side You'll Never Know
Paradise Lost - Laid to Waste
Paradise Lost - Master of Misrule
Paradise Lost - The Hour
Paradise Lost - Slave
Paradise Lost - Another Desire
Paradise Lost - Rape of Virtue
Paradise Lost - Leave This Alone
Paradise Lost - Forever Failure (Promo video)
Paradise Lost - One Second (Promo video)
Paradise Lost - Self Obsessed
Paradise Lost - Embers Fire (Promo video)
Paradise Lost - So Much Lost
Paradise Lost - Its Too Late
Paradise Lost - Deus
Paradise Lost - I Can Hate You
Paradise Lost - Shallow Season
Paradise Lost - For All You Leave Behind
Paradise Lost - All This Was
Paradise Lost - Shadow Kings
Paradise Lost - In Nomine Satanas
Paradise Lost - Forever Failure (unreleased live tracks recorded in Germany in 1995)
Paradise Lost - Rise of Denial
Paradise Lost - Never Look Away
Paper Bird - Colony
Paper Bird - Cryptozoology
Paper Bird - That's How It Works I
Paper Bird - None of the Above
Paper Bird - Matchstick Man
Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Tinkertrain
Ozzy Osbourne - Desire
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
Ozzy Osbourne - S.I.N.
Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser
Ozzy Osbourne - Time After Time
Ozzy Osbourne - Zombie Stomp
Ozzy Osbourne - Road to Nowhere
Ozzy Osbourne - Let It Die
Ozzy Osbourne - Let Me Hear You Scream
Ozzy Osbourne - Soul Sucker
Ozzy Osbourne - Life Won't Wait
Ozzy Osbourne - Diggin' Me Down
Ozzy Osbourne - Crucify
Ozzy Osbourne - Fearless
Ozzy Osbourne - Time
Ozzy Osbourne - I Want It More
Ozzy Osbourne - I Love You All
Ozzy Osbourne - Hand of the Enemy
Ozzy Osbourne - One More Time
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon
Ozzy Osbourne - Fairies Wear Boots
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop
Ozzy Osbourne - Lay Your World on Me
Ozzy Osbourne - The Almighty Dollar
Ozzy Osbourne - 11 Silver
Ozzy Osbourne - Civilize the Universe
Ozzy Osbourne - Here for You
Ozzy Osbourne - Countdown's Begun
Ozzy Osbourne - Trap Door
Ozzy Osbourne - I Can't Save You
Ozzy Osbourne - Nightmare
Ozzy Osbourne - Perry Mason
Ozzy Osbourne - I Just Want You
Ozzy Osbourne - Ghost Behind My Eyes
Ozzy Osbourne - Thunder Underground
Ozzy Osbourne - Tomorrow
Ozzy Osbourne - My Little Man
Ozzy Osbourne - My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
Ozzy Osbourne - Old L.A. Tonight
Para One - Musclor
Para One feat. Irfane & Teki Latex - Every Little Thing
Para One feat. Jaw - When the Night
Para One - Slow Down
Orkest Zonder Naam - Pompernikkel
Orkest Zonder Naam - Eens kom de dag
Orkest Zonder Naam - Ik tel de knopen van mijn jas
Orkest Zonder Naam - Als na regen de zon schijnt
Orkest Zonder Naam - Kleine nachtegaal
Orkest Zonder Naam - Zeeman, je droomt van Hawaii
Orkest Zonder Naam - Punterliedje
Orkest Zonder Naam - Addio, donna grazia
Orkest Zonder Naam - Het lied van de IJssel
Orkest Zonder Naam - Wat heb je met m'n hart gedaan Dolores
Orkest Zonder Naam - Im Hafen von Adano
Orkest Zonder Naam - Goodnight Irene
Orkest Zonder Naam - Het ding
Orkest Zonder Naam - Zaterdags in Zweden
Orkest Zonder Naam - De zuiderwind waait
Orkest Zonder Naam - Ga je mee naar Zwitserland
Orkest Zonder Naam - Wipneus en kersemond
Ozzy Osbourne - Gets Me Through
Ozzy Osbourne - Facing Hell
Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer
Ozzy Osbourne - That I Never Had
Ozzy Osbourne - Junkie
Ozzy Osbourne - Running Out of Time
Ozzy Osbourne - Black Illusion
Ozzy Osbourne - Can You Hear Them?
Ozzy Osbourne - Now You See It (Now You Don't)
Ozzy Osbourne - Centre of Eternity
Ozzy Osbourne - So Tired
Ozzy Osbourne - Slow Down
Ozzy Osbourne - Waiting for Darkness
Ozzy Osbourne - Spiders
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Know
Ozzy Osbourne - Over the Mountain
Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again
Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Babies
Ozzy Osbourne - Breakin' All the Rules
Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin
Ozzy Osbourne feat. Kelly Osbourne - Changes
Ozzy Osbourne - Secret Loser
Ozzy Osbourne - Never Know Why
Ozzy Osbourne - Thank God for the Bomb
Ozzy Osbourne - Never
Ozzy Osbourne - Killer of Giants
Ozzy Osbourne - Fool Like You
Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the Dark
Les Parisiennes - Il fait trop beau pour travailler
Les Parisiennes - L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur
Les Parisiennes - La De Dion Bouton
Les Parisiennes - Les chemises de l'archiduchesse
Les Parisiennes - Ca vaut mieux que d'attraper la scarlatine
Les Parisiennes - Le tunnel sous la Manche
Les Parisiennes - Le temps du lumbago
Les Parisiennes - L'Amérique, ça n'est pas le Pérou
Outloud - Waiting for Your Love
Outloud - Someday
Outloud - We Run
Outloud - This Broken Heart
Outloud - Lovesigh
Outloud - I Was So Blind
Outloud - All in Vain
Ovuca - Napa Auto Parts
Ovuca - King Rupa Rupa
Ozzy Osbourne feat. Randy Rhoads - Paranoid
Ozzy Osbourne - In My Life
Ozzy Osbourne - Go Now
Ozzy Osbourne - Woman
Ozzy Osbourne - Good Times
Ozzy Osbourne - Sunshine of Your Love
Ozzy Osbourne - Working Class Hero
Ozzy Osbourne - Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne - N.I.B.
Ozzy Osbourne - Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne - Iron Man / Children of the Grave
Paris Avenue - I Want You
Paris Avenue - In My Mind (Simmons & Christoper dub)
Paktofonika - Na mocy paktu
Paktofonika - Priorytety
Paktofonika - Gdyby…
Paktofonika - Ja to ja
Paktofonika - Powierzchnie tnące
Paktofonika - ToNieMy
Paktofonika - Popatrz
Paktofonika - Chwile ulotne
Paktofonika - WC
Paktofonika - Nowiny
Paktofonika - Nie ma mnie dla nikogo
Paktofonika - Jestem Bogiem
Paktofonika - Lepiej być nie może
Paktofonika - W moich kręgach
Paktofonika - 2 kilo
Paktofonika - Play + Rec
Paktofonika - C.D. Kinematografii
Paktofonika - Dla pewnego swego
Paktofonika - A robi się to tak
Paktofonika - Mechaniczna pomarańcza
Paktofonika - Tak jak telewizor
Paktofonika - Aż strach pomyśleć
Paktofonika - Wielka gra
Paktofonika - Ja to ja 2 (dokuadnie tak!)
Paktofonika - Dejot rusza czarne puyty
Paktofonika - Wielkie dzięki
Paktofonika - W peunej gotowości
Paktofonika - Znikam
Paktofonika - C.D. Kinematografii (Sot)
Paktofonika - Le Sie Zmahauem
Paktofonika - Wielka Gra (Fisz)
Paktofonika - Stauo sie !!! (Rah solo)
Paktofonika - T.J.Telewizor (Mag solo)
Paktofonika - Esperanto (Fks solo)
Paktofonika - Intro
Ozzy Osbourne - You Can't Kill Rock and Roll
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Want to Change the World (demo)
Ozzy Osbourne - Mama, I'm Coming Home (demo)
Ozzy Osbourne - Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N.) (demo)
Ozzy Osbourne - See You on the Other Side (demo)
Ozzy Osbourne - Walk on Water (demo)
Ozzy Osbourne feat. Was (Not Was) - Shake Your Head (Let's Go to Bed)
Ozzy Osbourne - For Heaven's Sake 2000
Ozzy Osbourne feat. Dweezil Zappa - Stayin' Alive
Ozzy Osbourne - Dog, the Bounty Hunter
Ozzy Osbourne - No Bone Movies
Ozzy Osbourne - Little Dolls
Ozzy Osbourne - S.A.T.O.
Johnny Parry - If I Was a Killer
P:ano - Supermarket One
P:ano - Leave Me With the Boy
P:ano - Heavens
P:ano - Sweet Sweets
P:ano - Ghost Pirates
P:ano - All of November Most of October
P:ano - Tut Tut
P:ano - C'est hi
P:ano - Be Flat
P:ano - Worry
P:ano - Dinosaurs
P:ano - The Country Scene
P:ano - Billions and Billions
P:ano - Lazy Light and Ugly
P:ano - Fucking Ugly Bouffant
P:ano - Working
P:ano - Failure
P:ano - New Son
P:ano - Trouble Ahead
P:ano - Enchanted Forest
Pale Kids - Driven by Obsession
Pale Kids - Blame Yourself for the Consequences
Parni valjak - Dosta
Parni valjak - Mijenjam Se
Parni valjak - Zastave
Parni valjak - Sanjam
Parni valjak - Romansa (Sada Bi Drugacije)
Parni valjak - Lutrija
Parni valjak - U Ljubav Vjerujem
Parni valjak - Zapjevaj
Parni valjak - Ljubavna
Parni valjak - Kemija
Parni valjak - Sve još miriše na nju
Parni valjak - Nemirno more
Parni valjak - Ivana
Parni valjak - Čitaj mi sa usana
Parni valjak - Povratak ratnika
Parni valjak - Dođi
Parni valjak - Otok
Parni valjak - Molitva
Parni valjak - Autoput
Parni valjak - Sai Baba blues
Parni valjak - Depra
Parni valjak - Oba lica ljubavi
Parni valjak - Kaži ja!
Parni valjak - Ja još čekam
Parni valjak - Ostavljam trag
Parni valjak - Dok je tebe
Parni valjak - Samo ona zna
Parni valjak - Ostani s njim
Parni valjak - Direktan put za nebo
Parni valjak - Pusti nek' traje
Parni valjak - Uhvati ritam
Parni valjak - Bolja vremena
Ozzy Osbourne - Devil's Daughter
Ozzy Osbourne - Breaking All the Rules
Ozzy Osbourne - Bloodbath in Paradise
Ozzy Osbourne - Hero
Parni valjak - Ona je tako prokleto mlada
Parni valjak - Javi se
Parni valjak - Hvala ti
Parni valjak - Neda
Parni valjak - Samo sjećanja
Parni valjak - Anđeli se dosađuju?
Parni valjak - Anja
Parni valjak - Kad me dotakne
Parni valjak - Jesen u meni
Parni valjak - Tvoji koraci
Parni valjak - Moja je pjesma lagana
Parni valjak - Sjaj u očima
Parni valjak - Kao ti
Parni valjak - Lutka za bal