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New Eden - Pawn for the King
New Eden - Freezing My Darkside
New Eden - Nightmare
New Eden - Captive Soul
New Eden - Sepuku
New Eden - Bullet Head
New Eden - Now That You Have Gone
New Eden - Symptoms of Time
New Eden - Piracy
New Eden - Sunshine
New Eden - Empty Man
Nesbeth - Board House
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - This Cold War With You
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - I'm So Ashamed
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - I've Just Destroyed the World I'm Living In
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - It Wouldn't Be the Same Without You
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - Soft Rain
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - I'll Keep on Lovin' You
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - I'm Still Not Over You
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - Don’t You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)
John Németh - Just Like You
New Beard - Doom
Nachtmahr - Alle Lust will Ewigkeit
Nachtmahr - Code:Red
Nachtmahr - Tanzdiktator
Nachtmahr - Klingen
Nachtmahr - Sklave
Nachtmahr - Vendetta
Nachtmahr - Alpha/Omega
Nachtmahr - Weil ich's kann!
Nachtmahr - Träume
Nachtmahr - War on the Dancefloor
Nachtmahr - Feuer frei
Nachtmahr - Leistung
Nachtmahr - Opferzeit
Nachtmahr - Karussell
Nachtmahr - Mein Name
Nachtmahr - Endzeitstimmung
Nachtmahr - Hochmut
Nachtmahr - Ich glaube
Nachtmahr - Deus ex machina
Nachtmahr - Katharsis
Nachtmahr - Strenge Liebe
Nachtmahr - Enemies (intro)
Nachtmahr - Wir schreiben Geschichte
Nachtmahr - Tanz, Major!
Nachtmahr - Unbeugsam
Nachtmahr - Verräter an Gott
Nachtmahr - Rise and Fall
Nachtmahr - Can You Feel the Beat?
Nachtmahr - Tanz des Blutes
Nachtmahr - Rache
Nachtmahr - Trockenficken
Nachtmahr - (Wo ist) Dein Gott?
Nachtmahr - El Chupacabra
Nachtmahr - Geräuschplatten
Nachtmahr - Schwarzflug
Nachtmahr - Mädchen in Uniform
Nachtmahr - Nenn' mich wie du willst
Nachtmahr - Unsterblich
Nachtmahr - Ein Spiel
Nachtmahr - Boomboomboom
Nachtmahr - Titanic
Nachtmahr - I Believe in Blood
Nachtmahr - Die Letzten Dämme
Nachtmahr - Alptraum
Nachtmahr - Submission
Nachtmahr - Kriegserklärung
Nachtmahr - Tradition (Apocalyptic)
Nachtmahr - Vorwärts Klangsoldaten!
Nachtmahr - Niemand
Nachtmahr - Mütterchen Russland
Nachtmahr - Dem Tod
Nachtmahr - Tradition
Nachtmahr - Radikal
Nachtmahr - Ich bin
Nachtmahr - Stumme Zeugen
Nachtmahr - Parasit
Nachtmahr - Wir sind zurück
Nachtmahr - Liebst du mich?
Nachtmahr - Die Fahnen unserer Väter
Nachtmahr - Chaos
Nachtmahr - I Hate Berlin
Nachtmahr - Dämon
Willie Nelson - A Penny for Your Thoughts
Willie Nelson - The Healing Hands of Time
Willie Nelson - Medley
Willie Nelson - Heaven or Hell
Jody Payne - Working Man Blues
Willie Nelson - Loving You Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)
Hank Cochran - I Don't Do Windows
Amy Irving - If You Want Me to Love You I Will
Willie Nelson - You Show Me Yours (and I'll Show You Mine)
Emmylou Harris - So You Think You're a Cowboy
Dyan Cannon - Two Sides To Every Story
Willie Nelson feat. Toots Hibbert - Still Is Still Moving to Me
Willie Nelson feat. Merle Haggard & Toby Keith - Mama Tried
Willie Nelson feat. Keith Richards - We Had It All
Willie Nelson - So Much Like My Dad
Willie Nelson - Precious Memories
New American Shame - Under It All
New American Shame - American Shame
Willie Nelson - I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover
Willie Nelson - Ol’ Blue
Willie Nelson - Playmate
Willie Nelson - I’m My Own Grandpa
Willie Nelson - Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way
Willie Nelson - The Thirty-Third of August
Willie Nelson - Why Baby Why
Willie Nelson - This Old House
Willie Nelson - Slowly
Willie Nelson - Release Me
Willie Nelson - Ramblin' Fever
New Faces - My Alarm
Willie Nelson - Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
Willie Nelson - I’ve Seen All the World I Care to See
Willie Nelson - Your Memory Won't Die in My Grave
Willie Nelson - I'm Not Trying to Forget You Anymore
Willie Nelson - Mariachi
Willie Nelson - I'm Waiting Forever
Willie Nelson - I Thought About You, Lord
Willie Nelson - The Maker
Willie Nelson - I Just Can't Let You Say Good-Bye
Willie Nelson - Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
Willie Nelson - I've Loved You All Over the World
Willie Nelson - Annie
The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - Orpheus
The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - The Day
The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - Love Her
The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - Dedication
The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - Bitter Way
The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - Noble Dame
The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - Anaconda
New World - Living Next Door to Alice
New World - Sister Jane
New World - Tom-Tom Turnaround
Negatyw - Paczatarez
Negatyw - Amsterdam
Negatyw - 1978
Willie Nelson - There'll be No Tear Drops Tonight
Willie Nelson - Devil in a Sleeping Bag
Willie Nelson - I'm So Ashamed (outtake)
Willie Nelson - I Drank All of Our Precious Love Away (outtake)
Willie Nelson - Sister's Comin' Home
National Napalm Syndicate - Corrosion of Humanity
National Napalm Syndicate - Falling to Pieces
National Napalm Syndicate - Determination
National Napalm Syndicate - The Cross (I Have to Bear)
National Napalm Syndicate - The Undertaker
National Napalm Syndicate - Hell to Pay
National Napalm Syndicate - The Cure
National Napalm Syndicate - Nothing but Anger
National Napalm Syndicate - Sleep at the Wheel
National Napalm Syndicate - Deathwish
National Napalm Syndicate - The Sunrise
National Napalm Syndicate - Ante Mortem
National Napalm Syndicate - The Pain of Pleasure
National Napalm Syndicate - 911
National Napalm Syndicate - Iron Horse (Terorizer)
Neon Plastix - Halfway To Love
Neon Plastix - On Fire
Neon Plastix - Gentlemans Gold
Neon Plastix - Electricity
Neon Plastix - Dream
NESkimos - Mega Man 2 - Wood Man
Willie Nelson - Part Where I Cry
Willie Nelson - Columbus Stockade Blues [Version #2]
Willie Nelson - So You Think You're a Cowboy
New Wine - Awesome is the Lord most high
New Wine - Hosanna
Narcotic Wasteland - Anthem for the Mentally Scarred
Narcotic Wasteland - Keeping Up with the Jones
Narcotic Wasteland - The Shackles of Sobriety
Narcotic Wasteland - Addicted to Junk
Narcotic Wasteland - Widespread Narcotic Wasteland
Narcotic Wasteland - Awaken the Herd Beast
Narcotic Wasteland - Absent Friends
Naps - Social Skills
Naps - Jean Skirt Mystique
Willie Nelson - Seven Spanish Angels (with Ray Charles)
Willie Nelson - Just Breathe
Willie Nelson - From Here to the Moon and Back
Willie Nelson - It's All Going to Pot (with Merle Haggard)
Willie Nelson - Roll Me Up
Willie Nelson - My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys
Willie Nelson - Songwriter
Willie Nelson & Lacy J. Dalton - Slow Movin' Outlaw
Willie Nelson & George Jones - Half a Man
Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson - Pancho & Lefty
Willie Nelson and Faron Young - Hello Walls
New Monsoon - Hold on for Now
Sharon Needles - This Club Is a Haunted House
Sharon Needles - Call Me on the Ouija Board
Sharon Needles - Dead Girls Never Say No
Sharon Needles - Drink Till I Die
Sharon Needles - I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore
Sharon Needles - Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?
Sharon Needles - Disco Ball
Sharon Needles - Dressed to Kill
Sharon Needles - Kai Kai
Sharon Needles - Everyday Is Halloween
Sharon Needles - Hail Satan!
Sharon Needles - Dracula
Sharon Needles - Dead Dandelion
Sharon Needles - Taxidermy
Sharon Needles - Hollywoodn't
Sharon Needles - Supernature
Sharon Needles - Lucy
Sharon Needles - Wendigo
Sharon Needles - Glow in the Dark!
Sharon Needles - Scream
Sharon Needles - The Damned
Sharon Needles - Whammy
Sharon Needles - Let's All Die
New Wine - Blessed Be Your Name
New Wine - Adoration
Willie Nelson - I'm Not Trying to Forget You
Willie Nelson - Whispering Hope
Netherbird - Strindbergian Fire
Netherbird - The Beauty Of Bones
Netherbird - Boulevard Black
Netherbird - Forever Mournful
Netherbird - Carcass Symphony
Netherbird - The Blackest Breed
Netherbird - Ashen Nectar
Netherbird - Blood Orchid
Native Young - Crystal Lion
Native Young - Children of the Sun
Saulius Mykolaitis - Tyliai krenta
Saulius Mykolaitis - Basas skridau
Saulius Mykolaitis - Sunku
Saulius Mykolaitis - Naujas rytas
Saulius Mykolaitis - Gerai, kad niekas
Saulius Mykolaitis - Balta diena
Saulius Mykolaitis - Pasakyk
Saulius Mykolaitis - O, mama
Saulius Mykolaitis - Naktis
Saulius Mykolaitis - Senas romansas
Saulius Mykolaitis - Debesys
Saulius Mykolaitis - Negerai gyveni
Willie Nelson - Whisky River
Willie Nelson - What Do You Want Me to Do?
Willie Nelson - She Was No Good for Me
Willie Nelson - It Won't Be Very Long
Willie Nelson - Grandma's Hands
Willie Nelson - Mom and Dad’s Waltz
Willie Nelson - I Want to Be With You Always
Willie Nelson - That’s the Way Love Goes
Willie Nelson - My Love for the Rose
Willie Nelson - Changing Skies
Willie Nelson - I Am the Forest
Neelix - You’re Under Control
Neelix - Get Awake
Neelix - Coloured Light
Neelix - Sunshine
Naked Eyes - Always Something There to Remind Me
Naked Eyes - Emotion in Motion
Naked Eyes - Voices in My Head
Naked Eyes - Low Life
Naked Eyes - Flag of Convenience
Naked Eyes - Eyes of a Child
Naked Eyes - In the Name of Love
Naked Eyes - No flowers Please
Naked Eyes - Flying Solo
Naked Eyes - I Could Show You How
Naked Eyes - Could Be
Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges
Naked Eyes - Fortune and Fame
Naked Eyes - When the Lights Go Out
Naked Eyes - New Hearts
Naked Eyes - Me I See in You
Naked Eyes - A Very Hard Act to Follow
Naked Eyes - The Time Is Now
Naked Eyes - Promises, Promises (UK)
Naked Eyes - You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
Naked Eyes - Cry Baby Cry
Naked Eyes - Sad Lisa
Willie Nelson - Summer of Roses / December Day
Willie Nelson - Remember the Good Times
Willie Nelson - I Can Get Off on You
Naked Eyes - Promises Promises
Naked Eyes - Sweet Poison
Naked Eyes - Communication Without Sound
Neeka - Daylight Savings
Neeka - More Than You
Neeka - Candy Comfort
Neeka - Don't Hold Me Back
Neeka - Downsize
Neeka - Handshake
Neeka - Virus
Neeka - Another Girl Tonight
Neeka - Maria
Neeka - Short of Luck
Neeka - The Gardener
Neeka - This Is Not My Home
Neeka - Legacy
Neeka - Sunset
Neeka - Eve
Neeka - Blueprint
Neeka - Patti
Neeka - Fight of the Night
Neeka - Killing Ace
Neeka - No Medicine
Nashawn - In Jail
Neelix - I Didnt Mean to Cry
The Muses Rapt - The Big Click
N.A.S.A. feat. Kanye West, Santigold & Lykke Li - Gifted
Willie Nelson - Fire To Fire
Willie Nelson - The Red Headed Stranger
New End Original - Lukewarm
New End Original - 14-41
New End Original - Hostage
New End Original - Leper Song
New End Original - Titanic
New End Original - Better Than Ever
New End Original - Weary Progress
New End Original - #1 Defender
New End Original - The Name
New End Original - Better Than This
New End Original - One Big Apology
Willie Nelson - Poncho & Lefty
Willie Nelson - Angel Flying Too Close
Bill Nelson - Hope for the Heartbeat
Bill Nelson - A Private View
Bill Nelson - Eros Arriving
Bill Nelson - Flesh
Bill Nelson - He and Sleep Were Brothers
Bill Nelson - The Crystal Escalator in the Palace of God Department Store
Bill Nelson - The October Man
Bill Nelson - We Will Rise
Pate Mustajärvi - Ukkometso
Pate Mustajärvi - Kangastuksia
Pate Mustajärvi - Nahkurin orret
Pate Mustajärvi - Bensaa suonissa
Pate Mustajärvi - Jukeboxin luona
Pate Mustajärvi - Mä elän vieläkin
Pate Mustajärvi - Hei Paula
Pate Mustajärvi - Pienestä pitäen
Pate Mustajärvi - Anni Domini
Pate Mustajärvi - Outoon valoon
Pate Mustajärvi - Piru vie
Natasja - Mr. X
Natasja - 45 Questions
Natasja - Jamaica Too Nice
Natasja - One Spliff a Day
Natasja feat. Pharfar - Ildebrand i byen
Natasja - Gully Slang
Natasja - Fi er min
Natasja - Op med ho'det
Natasja feat. Eaggerman - Mer vil ha mer
Natasja feat. Yepha - Gør det
Natasja - Summercute
Natasja - My Dogg
Natasja - Real Sponsor
Natasja - Bonfire
Natasja - War Anthem
Natasja - Restless
Natasja - Tjalala
Natasja - I Danmark er jeg født
Natasja - Monaco
Natasja - Gi' mig Danmark tilbage
Natasja - Ildebrand i byen
Natasja - Timerne går
Natasja - Weedsong
Natasja - Dig og mig
Natasja - I Danmark er jeg født / Tjalala
The National - Terrible Love
The National - Sorrow
The National - Anyone’s Ghost
The National - Little Faith
The National - Afraid of Everyone
The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio
The National - Lemonworld
The National - Runaway
The National - Conversation 16
The National - England
The National - Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
The National - Fake Empire
The National - Mistaken for Strangers
The National - Brainy
The National - Squalor Victoria
The National - Apartment Story
The National - Start a War
The National - Guest Room
The National - Racing Like a Pro
The National - Ada
The National - Gospel
The National - I Should Live in Salt
The National - Demons
The National - Don’t Swallow the Cap
The National - Fireproof
The National - Sea of Love
The National - Heavenfaced
The National - This Is the Last Time
The National - Graceless
The National - I Need My Girl
The National - Humiliation
The National - Pink Rabbits
The National - Hard to Find
The National - Secret Meeting
The National - Karen
The National - Lit Up
The National - Looking for Astronauts
The National - Daughters of the Soho Riots
The National - Baby, We'll Be Fine
The National - Friend of Mine
The National - All the Wine
The National - Abel
The National - The Geese of Beverly Road
The National - City Middle
The National - Mr. November
Bill Nelson - The Real Adventure
Bill Nelson - Acceleration
Bill Nelson - Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug
Bill Nelson - Glow World
Bill Nelson - Heaven's Happy Hemisphere
Bill Nelson - River of Love
Willie Nelson - Dreamer's Holiday
Willie Nelson - Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me
Willie Nelson - Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age
Willie Nelson - The Warm Red Wine
Willie Nelson - Miss Molly
Willie Nelson - Dusty Skies
Willie Nelson - It's All Your Fault
Willie Nelson - I'll Be There
Willie Nelson - I Fall to Pieces
Willie Nelson - Deep Water
Willie Nelson - Sufferin' In Silence
Willie Nelson - Any Ol' Arms Won't Do
Willie Nelson - There Stands the Glass
Willie Nelson - Reasons to Quit (with Merle Haggard)
Willie Nelson - Everywhere I Go (with Emmylou Harris)
Willie Nelson - It Wouldn't Be the Same Without You
Willie Nelson - O'Er the Waves
Willie Nelson - A Good Hearted Woman
Willie Nelson - Blues Eyes Crying in the Rain
Willie Nelson - Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do)
Willie Nelson - Always on Your Mind
Willie Nelson - She's Gone, Gone, Gone
Willie Nelson - (How I Will I Know) I'm Falling in Love Again
Willie Nelson - Georgia on a Fast Train
Willie Nelson - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Willie Nelson - Mama Tried
Willie Nelson - Honky Tonk Women
Willie Nelson - Are You Sure?
Willie Nelson - You Look Like the Devil (bonus, Prev. Unrel.)
Willie Nelson - Sister's Coming Home Down at the Corner Beer Joint
Willie Nelson - Sister's Coming Home (alternate version) / Down at the Corner Beer Joint
Willie Nelson - Seven Spanish Angles
Willie Nelson - You're Gonna Love Yourself (In the Morning)
Willie Nelson - Whiskey River [live]
Willie Nelson - The, Part Where I Cry
Willie Nelson - Heaven and Hell (bonus, Prev. Unrel., Alt. version/Duet vocal)
Willie Nelson - Blody Mary Morning
Willie Nelson - Ain't Going Down on Brokeback Mountain
Willie Nelson - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Willie Nelson - I Can't Find The Times
Willie Nelson - What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Willie Nelson - Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)
Willie Nelson - The City of New Orleans
Willie Nelson - Somewhere in Texas, Part 1
Willie Nelson - Somewhere in Texas, Part 2
Willie Nelson - Mom & Dad's Waltz
Willie Nelson - Unclouded Day
Willie Nelson - Scarlet Ribbons
Willie Nelson - Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Willie Nelson - Loving You Is Easy
Willie Nelson - Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
Willie Nelson - Every Time He Drinks He Thinks of Her (with Lukas Nelson)
Willie Nelson - Just Breathe (with Lukas Nelson)
Willie Nelson - My Window Faces the South (with Lukas Nelson)
Willie Nelson - The Sound of Your Memory (with Lukas Nelson)
Willie Nelson - Roll Me Up (with Snoop Dogg, Jamey Johson & Kris Kristofferson)
Willie Nelson - No Place to Fly
Willie Nelson - Come on Back Jesus
Willie Nelson - If You've Got the Money Honey, I've Got the Time
Willie Nelson - Poncho and Lefty (1983)
Willie Nelson - City of New Orleans (1983)
Willie Nelson - Blue eyes crying in the rain (1975)
Willie Nelson - Georgia on my mind (1978)
Willie Nelson - Beer For My Horses (with Toby Keith)
Willie Nelson - To All The Girls I've Loved Before (with Wyclef Jean)
Willie Nelson - Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (with Shelby Lynne)
Willie Nelson - The Git Go
Willie Nelson - Stay All Night
Willie Nelson - That's Where My House Lives
Willie Nelson - Home Is Where You’re Happy
Willie Nelson - Panco & Lefty (Duet With Merle Haggard)
Willie Nelson - Faded Love (Duet With Ray Price)
Willie Nelson - Something to brag about (Duet with Mary Kay Place)
Willie Nelson - "Family Bible" (Claude Gray, Paul Buskirk, Walter Breeland)
Willie Nelson - Pretend I Never Hapened
Pate Mustajärvi - Vanhan liiton mies
Pate Mustajärvi - Pirunpolkka
Pate Mustajärvi - Tyhjätasku
Pate Mustajärvi - Isät ja pojat
Pate Mustajärvi - Luutarhaan
Pate Mustajärvi - Patarouva ja ässähai
Pate Mustajärvi - Tampere
The National - Cardinal Song
The National - Slipping Husband
The National - 90-Mile Water Wall
The National - It Never Happened
The National - Murder Me Rachael
The National - Thirsty
The National - Available
The National - Sugar Wife
The National - Trophy Wife
The National - Fashion Coat
The National - Patterns of Fairytales
The National - Lucky You
The National - Beautiful Head
The National - Cold Girl Fever
The National - The Perfect Song
The National - American Mary
The National - Son
The National - Pay for Me
The National - Bitters & Absolut
The National - John's Star
The National - Watching You Well
The National - Theory of the Crows
The National - 29 Years
The National - Anna Freud
The National - Anyone's Ghost
The National - Welcome to Daytrotter
The National - Pretty in Pink
The National - Blank Slate
The National - Santa Clara
The National - Warm Singing Whores
The National - You've Done It Again Virginia
The National - Keep It Upstairs
The National - Driver, Surprise Me
The National - Walk Off
The National - Sin-Eaters
The National - Exile Vilify (From the Game "Portal 2")
The National - Tall Saint (demo)
The National - Rest of Years (demo)
The National - I Don't Mind
The National - Slow Show (demo)
The National - Lucky You (Daytrotter session)
The National - Cherry Tree
The National - Think You Can Wait
The National - Forever After Days (demo)
The National - All Dolled-Up in Straps
The National - The Thrilling of Claire
The National - Exile Vilify
The National - Wake Up Your Saints
The National - Geese
The National - You Were a Kindness
The National - The Rains of Castomere
The National - Rest of Years
The National - Minor Star of Rome
The National - A Reasonable Man (I Don't Mind)
The National - Learning
The National - Greengloves (No Vox)
The National - Tall Saint (West Virgin)
The National - Slow Show (Anthem)
The National - Sunshine on My Back
Pate Mustajärvi - Synnyimme lähtemään
Pate Mustajärvi - Ei luotu kestämään
Pate Mustajärvi - Kyynelsilmin kuutamolla
NeWBReeD - ...So Far Away From Here
NeWBReeD - By the Sea
NeWBReeD - Red
Olivia Newton-John feat. Jim Brickman - A Mother's Christmas Wish
Murkrat - I, Rodent
Murkrat - Electric Womb
Murkrat - The Mighty Spires
Murkrat - Speak
Murkrat - Believers
Murkrat - Morality Slug
Naked Raven - Skin
Naked Raven - Brave
Naked Raven - Sink
Naked Raven - Saviour
Naked Raven - Pity
Naked Raven - Here With You
Naked Raven - Delivery Man
Naked Raven - I Wasn't Ready
Naked Raven - St Kilda Pier
Naked Raven - Wrong Girl
Naked Raven - Wrong
Naked Raven - Shore
New Zion Trio - Fire Blaze
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Nee Nee Nee ('k Zal geen traan om je laten)
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Ik sta aan 't strand
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Keetje Tippel
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Het Broekje Van Jantje
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Pappie's grote sterke handen
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Ik wacht op jou
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Mexico
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Ach Vaderlief...
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Kleine bedelaar
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Rooie Sien
Zangeres Zonder Naam - 's Nachts op de donkere boulevard
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Een brug te ver
Zangeres Zonder Naam - De Blinde Soldaat
Zangeres Zonder Naam - De Bedelaar Van Parijs
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Vragende Kinderogen
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Kleine schooier
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Kleine herdersjongen
Zangeres Zonder Naam - De heilsoldaat
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Achter in Het Stille Klooster
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Loop Nooit Je Moeder's Deur Voorbij
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Ach vaderlief, toe drink niet meer
New York Trio - Mona Lisa
Bill Nelson - Swing Song
Bill Nelson - Down Comes the Rain
Bill Nelson - Banal
Bill Nelson - Life Runs Out Like Sand
Bill Nelson - Living in My Limousine
Bill Nelson - Mr. Magnetism Himself
New Winds - Slow Motion Holocaust
New Winds - Manufacturing Consent As The Essence Of Democracy
New Winds - Half-Mast Flag
New Winds - The Real Judas Syndrome
New Winds - The Other Player (ya basta!)
New Winds - Blood On The Sand
New Winds - Silence Still Means Death
New Winds - Within 20 Years
New Winds - Cain Vs Able
New Winds - For The Sake Of The Voiceless
New Winds - Prayer Of The Wind
New Winds - Who Shot Carlo Giuliani?
New Winds - Dar Al-Harb 114
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Het Soldaatje
Zangeres Zonder Naam - De Meid Van de Straat
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Slavenkoor
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Balalaika
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Mandolinen in Nicosia
Zangeres Zonder Naam - 'n Roos kan niet zonder zonneschijn
Zangeres Zonder Naam - In Hamburg
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Weet je waarom ik huil
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Jongen
Zangeres Zonder Naam - In Santo Domingo
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Als de witte rozen bloeien gaan
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Kom matroos
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Ja, ik weet
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Dat huis
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Hoor ik die Spaanse gitaren
Neon Blonde - Black Cactus Killers
Neon Blonde - Chandeliers and Vines
Neon Blonde - Cherries in Slow Motion
Neon Blonde - Black Cactus Killer
Yael Naïm - I Walk Until
Yael Naïm - Make a Child
Yael Naïm - Dream in My Head
Yael Naïm - Coward
Yael Naïm - Trapped
Yael Naïm - Ima
Yael Naïm - She Said
Yael Naïm - Walk Walk
Yael Naïm - Take Me Down
Yael Naïm - Older
Yael Naïm - Meme Iren Song
Yael Naïm - If You Could See
Yael Naïm - Alone
Yael Naïm - Silence
Yael Naïm - Shelcha
The Newbeats - Bread and Butter
The Newbeats - Run Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)
The Newbeats - Everything's Alright
The Newbeats - (The Bees Are for the Birds) The Birds Are for the Bees
The Newbeats - I Can't Hear You No More
The Newbeats - Short on Love
The Newbeats - Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying)
Nessi - And I Fall
Nessi - Rolling With the Punches
Nessi - Brush You Off
Nessi - Paperboats
Nessi - Just a Line
Ednita Nazario - Alguien más
Ednita Nazario - Todavía
Ednita Nazario - No
Ednita Nazario - Me quedo
Ednita Nazario - No te mentía
Ednita Nazario - Puedo
Ednita Nazario - Después de ti
Ednita Nazario - Cuestón de tiempo
Ednita Nazario - Cuando no te queden lágrimas
Ednita Nazario - Azul
Ednita Nazario - Days of innocence
Ednita Nazario - Real
Ednita Nazario - Vengada
Ednita Nazario - Ni héroes ni vencidos
Ednita Nazario - Por hoy
Ednita Nazario - A que me pides más
Ednita Nazario - A mí si que no
Ednita Nazario - Sobrevivo
Ednita Nazario - Agua profunda
Ednita Nazario - Olvidarte
Ednita Nazario - Voy
Ednita Nazario - Para el peor amante
Ednita Nazario - No me dejes ir
Ednita Nazario - Tócame
Ednita Nazario - Tu medicina
Ednita Nazario - La pasión tiene memoria
Ednita Nazario - Sin pensar
Ednita Nazario - Alérgica al amor
Ednita Nazario - Caída libre
Ednita Nazario - Feliz a escondidas
Ednita Nazario - Desnuda
Ednita Nazario - Eres libre
Ednita Nazario - Tú sabes bien
Ednita Nazario - Ahora es tarde ya
Ednita Nazario - Hielo Bajo el Sol
Ednita Nazario - Lloviendo flores
Ednita Nazario - Más grande que grande
Ednita Nazario - No voy a Llorar
Ednita Nazario - Tanto que te dí
Ednita Nazario - No me mires así
Thomas Newman - Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
The Ravens - Count Every Star
Bill Nelson - False Alarms
Bill Nelson - Decline and Fall
Bill Nelson - A Kind of Loving
Bill Nelson - U.H.F.
Ednita Nazario - Quiero que me hagas el amor
Ednita Nazario - Te sigo esperando
Ednita Nazario - Tres deseos
Ednita Nazario - Devuélveme
Ednita Nazario - Lo que son las cosas
Ednita Nazario - Medley: Como antes / Contigo mi amor / Mi corazón tiene mente propia
Ednita Nazario - Aprendere
Ednita Nazario - Mio (Linda)
Ednita Nazario - No me digas adios
Ednita Nazario - Un corazón hecho pedazos
Ednita Nazario - Metamorfosis
Ednita Nazario - Después de tanto
Ednita Nazario - Templo de mi corazón
Ednita Nazario - Quien te robó el corazón
Ednita Nazario - Por tí me casaré
Ednita Nazario - Que no se acabe el amor
Ednita Nazario - Por ti
Ednita Nazario - A que no te vas
Ednita Nazario - Si no me amas
Ednita Nazario - Cansada de estar cansada
Ednita Nazario - Cúrame
Ednita Nazario - Química ideal
Ednita Nazario - Te quedarás hundido
Ednita Nazario - El privilegio de dar
Ednita Nazario - Después de la lluvia
Ednita Nazario - Bajo cero
Ednita Nazario - Vida
Ednita Nazario - Dime
Ednita Nazario - Lo que fue no será
Ednita Nazario - No te quiero más
Ednita Nazario - Cada vez
Ednita Nazario - Toditas mis penas
Ednita Nazario - Me Voy
Ednita Nazario - Sin Querer
Ednita Nazario - Déjame Ser
Ednita Nazario - Confesados
Ednita Nazario - Sin Pausas
Ednita Nazario - Intoxicándome
Ednita Nazario - Dos Eternidades
Ednita Nazario - Yo Quiero Más
Ednita Nazario - Soy Como Soy
Ednita Nazario - Mi Libertad
Ednita Nazario - Sé Que Voy A Reir
Ednita Nazario - La Fuerza De Un Te Quiero
Ednita Nazario - A que no le cuentas
Ednita Nazario - Yo soy la mujer
Ednita Nazario - Me quedo aquí abajo
Ednita Nazario - Ese muchacho
Ednita Nazario - La prohibida
Ednita Nazario - Mi pequeño amor
Zangeres Zonder Naam - 't Is Kerstmis
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Biecht Van Een Nonnetje
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Achter tralies en muren
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Brief naar de gevangenis
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Al zijn we straatarm
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Aloha oe
Zangeres Zonder Naam - 'k Wil geen parels uit Hawaii
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Terang boelan
Zangeres Zonder Naam - De zondares
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Waarom loopt men altijd mijn deur voorbij?
Zangeres Zonder Naam - De Voddenraper Van Parijs
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Aan het witte strand van Soerabaya
Thomas Newman - Swim Down
New Medicine - Laid
New Medicine - Rich Kids
New Medicine - End of the World
New Medicine - American Wasted
New Medicine - It's A War
New Medicine - Sun Goes Down
New Medicine - The Takeover
New Medicine - Amen
New Medicine - Love You Now
New Medicine - Breaking the Model
New Medicine - Desire Into Gold
New Medicine - One Too Many
New Medicine - Broken Girl
New Medicine - All About Me
New Medicine - Dead Love Song
New Medicine - Like a Rose
New Medicine - Heart With Your Name on It
New Medicine - Fire Up the Night
New Medicine - Boy Like Me
Ednita Nazario - Esta herido mi amor
Ednita Nazario - Por Ti (You Made Me Find Myself)
Ednita Nazario - Medley 1
Ednita Nazario - A Que Pides Mas
Ednita Nazario - Te He Querido, Te He Llorado
Ednita Nazario - Pienso en ti
Ednita Nazario - Corazón de cristal y algodón
Ednita Nazario - Corazón
Ednita Nazario - Di tantas veces
Ednita Nazario - Viene y va
New.F.O - Bounce
Public Enemy - Fight the Power
Tom Waits - Soldier’s Things
Thomas Newman - The Bad Beginning
Thomas Newman - Attack of the Hook-Handed Man
Ednita Nazario - No me dejes no
Ednita Nazario - Mi corazon tiene mente propia
Ednita Nazario - Pensando siempre en ti
Ednita Nazario - La cantante
Ednita Nazario - Te quedas en mí
Ednita Nazario - Dime tú
Ednita Nazario - Contra el Pasado
Ednita Nazario - Evolución
Ednita Nazario - Entre la Puerta y el Reloj
Ednita Nazario - No Puedo Olvidarte
New Disorder - Free Me From the Dark
New Disorder - Sick Feeling as You
Ednita Nazario - Porque Hablamos (Dueto Con Ricardo Arjona)
Zangeres Zonder Naam - De Tijd Zal Leren
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Als Een Kind Tegen Me Zegt: Dag Oma
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Een moeder laat haar zoon niet vallen
Zangeres Zonder Naam - Koekoekswals
Morbid - My Dark Subconscious
Morbid - From the Dark
Morbid - Disgusting Semla
Morbid - Winds of Funeral
Colin Farrell - Chim Chim Cher-ee (East Wind)
Thomas Newman - Worn to Tissue
Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman - The Pearly Song (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) (pre-demo)
Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman - Chim Chim Cher-ee (pre-demo)
Richard M. Sherman - Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) (pre-demo)
Richard M. Sherman - Let's Go Fly a Kite (Pre-Demo)
Julie Andrews - A Spoonful of Sugar
Neldöreth - The Empire ov Satan
Anne Murray - Help Me Make It Through the Night
Anne Murray - Oh Lonesome Me
Anne Murray - Me and Bobby McGee
Anne Murray - Singing the Blues
Anne Murray - I Really Don't Want to Know
Anne Murray - A Fool Such as I
Anne Murray - 'Til I Kissed You
Anne Murray - Are You Lonesome Tonight
Anne Murray - Take These Chains From My Heart
Anne Murray - For the Good Times
Anne Murray - Sea of Heart Break
Anne Murray - She'll Have to Go
Anne Murray - That's the Way Love Goes
Anne Murray - I Fall to Pieces
Anne Murray - Dream a Little Dream of Me
Anne Murray - I Wonder Who's Kissing Him Now
Anne Murray - Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Anne Murray - Snowbird
Anne Murray - A Love Song
Anne Murray - You Needed Me
Anne Murray - I Just Fall in Love Again
Anne Murray - Daydream Believer
Anne Murray - Broken Hearted Me
Anne Murray - Could I Have This Dance
Anne Murray - Shadows in the Moonlight
Anne Murray - A Little Good News
Anne Murray - Just Another Woman in Love
Anne Murray - Time Don't Run Out on Me
Anne Murray - Now and Forever (You and Me)
Anne Murray - Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
Anne Murray - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Anne Murray - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Anne Murray - Things
Anne Murray - I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
Anne Murray - Lucky Me
Anne Murray - I'll Always Love You
Anne Murray - Your Are My Sunshine / Open Up Your Heart
Anne Murray - Put Your Hand in the Hand
Anne Murray - You're a Part of Me
Anne Murray - Walk Right Back
Anne Murray - You've Got What It Takes
New Grass Revival - Love Someone Like Me
New Grass Revival - Hold to a Dream
New Grass Revival - Can't Stop Now
New Grass Revival - Unconditional Love
New Grass Revival - You Plant Your Fields
New Grass Revival - Let's Make a Baby King
New Grass Revival - Let Me Be Your Man
New Grass Revival - Angel Eyes
New Grass Revival - I'm Down
New Grass Revival - Great Balls of Fire
New Grass Revival - Good Woman's Love
New Grass Revival - One of These Trains
Olivia Newton-John with Darren Hayes - Lift Me Up
My Dying Bride - To Remain Tombless
My Dying Bride - L'Amour détruit
My Dying Bride - I Cannot Be Loved
My Dying Bride - And I Walk With Them
My Dying Bride - Thy Raven Wings
My Dying Bride - Love's Intolerable Pain
My Dying Bride - One of Beauty's Daughters
My Dying Bride - Deeper Down
My Dying Bride - The Blood, the Wine, the Roses
My Dying Bride - Like Gods of the Sun
My Dying Bride - The Dark Caress
My Dying Bride - Grace Unhearing
My Dying Bride - A Kiss to Remember
My Dying Bride - All Swept Away
My Dying Bride - For You
My Dying Bride - It Will Come
My Dying Bride - Here in the Throat
My Dying Bride - For My Fallen Angel
My Dying Bride - The Wreckage of My Flesh
My Dying Bride - The Scarlet Garden
My Dying Bride - Catherine Blake
My Dying Bride - My Wine in Silence
My Dying Bride - The Prize of Beauty
My Dying Bride - The Blue Lotus
My Dying Bride - And My Fury Stands Ready
My Dying Bride - A Doomed Lover
My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours
My Dying Bride - The Raven and the Rose
My Dying Bride - Le figlie della tempesta
My Dying Bride - Black Heart Romance
My Dying Bride - A Cruel Taste of Winter
My Dying Bride - The Deepest of All Hearts
Anne Murray - Let There Be Love
Anne Murray - Put A Little Love in Your Heart
Anne Murray - If You See My Savior
Anne Murray - O Little Town of Bethlehem
Anne Murray - This Season Will Never Grow Old
Anne Murray - The Santa Medley
Anne Murray - Hark! Herald the Angels Sing
Anne Murray - That's The Way It Goes
Anne Murray - That's What My Love Is For
Anne Murray - What Would It Take
Anne Murray - Me Too
Anne Murray - Trust Me Baby, This Is Love
Anne Murray - Good Again
New Grass Revival - Whatever Way the Wind Blows
New Grass Revival - White Freightliner Blues
My Dying Bride - The Cry of Mankind
My Dying Bride - From Darkest Skies
My Dying Bride - Black Voyage
My Dying Bride - A Sea to Suffer In
My Dying Bride - Two Winters Only
My Dying Bride - Your Shameful Heaven
My Dying Bride - The Sexuality of Bereavement
My Dying Bride - Your River
My Dying Bride - She Is the Dark
My Dying Bride - Edenbeast
My Dying Bride - The Fever Sea
My Dying Bride - Into the Lake of Ghosts
My Dying Bride - The Isis Script
My Dying Bride - My Body, a Funeral
My Dying Bride - Fall With Me
My Dying Bride - The Lies I Sire
My Dying Bride - Bring Me Victory
My Dying Bride - Echoes From a Hollow Soul
My Dying Bride - ShadowHaunt
My Dying Bride - Santuario di sangue
My Dying Bride - A Chapter in Loathing
My Dying Bride - Death Triumphant
My Dying Bride - The Whore, the Cook and the Mother
My Dying Bride - The Stance of Evander Sinque
My Dying Bride - Der Überlebende
My Dying Bride - Heroin Chic
My Dying Bride - Base Level Erotica
My Dying Bride - Under Your Wings and Into Your Arms
My Dying Bride - Follower
New Grass Revival - Before the Heartache Rolls In
Anne Murray - I'm Losing Your Love
Anne Murray - Old Cape Cod
Anne Murray - Cry Me a River
Anne Murray - It Only Hurts for a Little While
Anne Murray & Emmylou Harris - Another Pot o' Tea
Anne Murray & Nelly Furtado - Daydream Believer
Anne Murray & Carole King - Time Don't Run Out on Me
Anne Murray & Shania Twain - You Needed Me
Anne Murray & Dawn Langstroth - Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
Anne Murray & Shelby Lynne - You Won't See Me
Anne Murray & Amy Grant - Could I Have This Dance
Anne Murray & Sarah Brightman - Snowbird
Anne Murray & Céline Dion - When I Fall in Love
Anne Murray - Anyone Can Do the Heartbreak
Anne Murray - Perfect Strangers
My Dying Bride - The Poorest Waltz
My Dying Bride - Hail Odysseus
My Dying Bride - Within the Presence of Absence
My Dying Bride - And My Father Left Forever
My Dying Bride - To Shiver in Empty Halls
My Dying Bride - A Cold New Curse
My Dying Bride - Feel the Misery
My Dying Bride - A Thorn of Wisdom
My Dying Bride - I Celebrate Your Skin
My Dying Bride - I Almost Loved You
My Dying Bride - Within a Sleeping Forest
My Dying Bride - Turn Loose the Swans
My Dying Bride - The Snow in My Hand
My Dying Bride - Symphonaire infernus et spera empyrium
My Dying Bride - You Are Not the One Who Loves Me
My Dying Bride - The Distance, Busy With Shadows
My Dying Bride - Of Sorry Eyes in March
My Dying Bride - Vanité Triomphante
My Dying Bride - That Dress and Summer Skin
My Dying Bride - And Then You Go
Neulore - 3
Neulore - Shadow of a Man
Neulore - In the Orchard
Neulore - Mercy! You Need Saving
Neulore - Don't Shy From the Light
Neulore - The Gathering Chant
Neulore - Native Skin
Neulore - Tribes
Eddie Palmieri - Café
Thomas Newman - 2815 A.D.
Mr. Zippy - Another Weekend
Mr. Zippy - Here We Go Again
My Dying Bride - Catching Feathers
My Dying Bride - Roads
My Dying Bride - Black God
My Dying Bride - God Is Alone
My Dying Bride - The Songless Bird
My Dying Bride - The Crown of Sympathy
My Dying Bride - I Am the Bloody Earth
Anne Murray - Just to Feel This Love From You
Anne Murray - Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
Anne Murray - Let's Keep It That Way
Anne Murray - (He Can't Help It If) He's Not You
Anne Murray - Last Thing On My Mind
Anne Murray - What About Me
Anne Murray - Just Bidin' My Time
Anne Murray - A Stranger In My Place
Anne Murray - The Call
Anne Murray - A Million More
Anne Murray - I Still Wish the Very Best for You
Anne Murray - Yucatan Cafe
Anne Murray - Broken Hearted Me (Spanish)
Anne Murray - Wintery Feeling
Anne Murray - Moon Over Brooklyn
Anne Murray - Blessed Are the Believers
Anne Murray - Heaven Is Here
Anne Murray - If I Ever Fall in Love Again
Anne Murray - Wrong End of the Rainbow
Netzwerk - Send Me an Angel (Angel reprise)
Netzwerk - Memories (a cappella)
Netzwerk - Passion
Hank Williams - Lovesick Blues
My Dying Bride - The Grief of Age
My Dying Bride - Unreleased Bitterness
My Dying Bride - She Heard My Body Dying
My Dying Bride - Seven Times She Wept
My Dying Bride - Scarborough Fair
Ina Müller - Drei Männer her
Ina Müller - Wenn du fliegst
Ina Müller - Smalltalk
Ina Müller - Maxi-Cosi
Ina Müller - Ich will wieder leben
Ina Müller - Mark
Ina Müller - Liebe macht taub
Ina Müller - Wir sanieren unsere Beziehung
Ina Müller - Du schweigst
Ina Müller - Mein Herz
Ina Müller - Zurück in Muttis Bauch
Ina Müller - Mr. Big
Ina Müller - Das wär dein Lied gewesen
Ina Müller - Die Nummer
Ina Müller - Ja ich will
Ina Müller - Fast drüber weg
Ina Müller - Paparazzia
Ina Müller - Mit Mitte 20
Ina Müller - Gleichberechtigung
Ina Müller - Gar nichts gepeilt
Ina Müller - Brittpop
Ina Müller - Handtaschen
Ina Müller - Fremdgehen
Ina Müller - Podkarsten
Ina Müller - Wenn du das erträgst
Ina Müller - Bye Bye Arschgeweih
Ina Müller - So was passiert mir heut' nicht mehr
Ina Müller - Wegen einer Älteren
Ina Müller - 1000 Lichter
Ina Müller - Lieber Orangenhaut
Ina Müller - Allein durch Hamburg
Ina Müller - Auf halber Strecke
Ina Müller - Hoffentlich ist der Sommer bald vorbei
Ina Müller - Ich ziehe aus
Ina Müller - Hätt ich'n Hund
Ina Müller - Dumm kickt gut
Ina Müller - Kap der guten Hoffnung / [untitled]
Ina Müller - Wenn du nicht da bist
Ina Müller - Sie schreit nur noch bei Zalando
Ina Müller - Wenn dein Handy nicht klingelt
Ina Müller - Schuhe
Ina Müller - Nach Hause
Ina Müller - Fünf Schwestern
Ina Müller - Wenn ich weg guck
Ina Müller - Pläne
Ina Müller - Deja Vu
Ina Müller - Spieglein, Spieglein
Ina Müller - Einen im Sinn
Ina Müller - Teenager
Ina Müller - Aber dich
My Dying Bride - Only Tears to Replace Her With
My Dying Bride - Le Cerf malade
My Dying Bride - Gather Me Up Forever
My Dying Bride - Crown of Sympathy
My Dying Bride - The Trash of Naked Limbs
My Dying Bride - The Child of Eternity
My Dying Bride - It Will Come (Nightmare)
My Dying Bride - Transcending (Into the Exquisite)
My Dying Bride - Failure
My Dying Bride - The Burning Coast of Regnum Italicum
My Dying Bride - Songless Bird
My Dying Bride - And All Their Joy Was Drowned
My Dying Bride - The Barghest o' Whitby
Sia - Unforgettable
Anne Murray - Fallin' in Love (Fallin' Apart)
Anne Murray - Take Good Care of My Heart
Anne Murray - You Haven't Heard the Last of Me
Anne Murray - Over You
Anne Murray - Hard as I Try
New Four - Meisje ik ben een zeeman
New Four - Halverwege Amsterdam en Bremershaven
New Four - Vrij zijn als een vogel
New Four - Geluk kent geen grenzen
New Four - Loop nooit voorbij dat huisje
New Four - Truckchauffeur
New Four - Ursula
New Four - Kom heel dicht bij mij
New Four - Wat 'n mooie meiden
New Four - Santa Monica
New Four - Verliefd tot over m'n oren
New Four - In ons stamcafe
Ina Müller - Nees in Wind
New Four - Jij bent m'n meisje
New Four - Ik weet 'n heel mooi plekje
Ina Müller - Mama
New Four - Yvonne
New Four - Waarom
New Four - Samen
New Four - Ik heb jou niet meer nodig
Ina Müller - Ich bin die
Ina Müller - Klammerblues
Ina Müller - Wenn Du jetzt aufstehst
Ina Müller - Wie Du wohl wärst
Ina Müller - Kommando Heulen
Ina Müller - Sowas wie Glück
Ina Müller - Sommer
Ina Müller - 30 Sekunden
Ina Müller - Irgendwas fehlt immer
Ina Müller - Ja ja ja ja
Ina Müller - Was ich wirklich sagen will
Ina Müller - Das große DU
Ina Müller - Nordsee
Ina Müller - De Klock is Dree
Ina Müller - Lockiget Hoor
Ina Müller - Dat weer Mai
Ina Müller - De Wind vun Hamborg
Ina Müller - Schnee fallt bald
Anne Murray - Send a Little Love My Way
Anne Murray - Killing Me Softly With His Song
Anne Murray - You Are My Sunshine / Open Up Your Heart
Anne Murray - Christmas in Killarney
Anne Murray - Born in Bethlehem
Richard Ashcroft - Future's Bright
Ina Müller - Dörp-Reggae
Ina Müller - Min Jehann
Ina Müller - Buten Kluten (What's Up)
Ina Müller - Lockiget Hoor (Knockin' on Heaven's Door)
Ina Müller - De Wind vun Hamborg (I've Never Been to Me)
Ina Müller - Dat weer Mai (I Believe I Can Fly)
Anne Murray - There's Always a Goodbye
Anne Murray - Do You Think of Me
Anne Murray - I'm Not Afraid Anymore
Anne Murray - Come on Love
Anne Murray - Hey! Baby
Anne Murray - It's All I Can Do
Anne Murray - I Don't Think I'm Ready for You
Martin Newell - When the Damsons Are Down
New York City - I'm Doin' Fine Now
Martin Newell - Another Sunny Day
The National Parcs - Border Patrol
Martin Newell - Home Counties Boys
Anne Murray - Save the Last Dance for Me
Anne Murray - Falling Into Rhyme
New Phunk Theory - La Neblina Del Verano
New Phunk Theory - Honey Falls
Shreya Ghoshal & Sriram - Balma
KK, Sukhwinder Singh, Mahalakshmi Iyer & Shankar Mahadevan - Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
Anne Murray - New Way Out
Naragonia - Le soldat chez sa mère
Nettlethrone - A Vindication
Anne Murray - For Baby
Anne Murray - When I Fall
Anne Murray - Danny’s Song
Anne Murray - You Won’t See Me
Anne Murray - Where Do You Go When You Dream
Anne Murray - I Say a Little Prayer / By the Time I Get to Phoenix
Anne Murray - Sing High - Sing Low
Anne Murray - Sunday Sunrise
Bill Nelson & The Gentlemen Rocketeers - Sister Seagull
Nashville Tribute Band - In A Letter Home
Nashville Tribute Band - I Was Born
Nashville Tribute Band - Stronger
Nashville Tribute Band - Bless My Son
navy&ivory - After rain
navy&ivory - Mr.Cowardice
navy&ivory - NEWS
navy&ivory - station
navy&ivory - FEBRUARY
navy&ivory - Song for you
navy&ivory - Snowy Snowy
Anne Murray - I'll Never Fall In Love Agin
Anne Murray - Stranger At My Door
Moonbootica with Jan Delay - Der Mond
Anne Murray - Sweet Music Man
Nena & Kim Wilde - Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann
Anne Murray - Take This Heart
Anne Murray - Who's Leaving Who
Anne Murray - My Life's a Dance
Anne Murray - When You're Gone
Neopera - The Marvel of Chimera
Neopera - A Call to Arms
Neopera - Remote
Neopera - Destined Ways
Neopera - Falling Water
Neopera - The Greed
Neopera - Error
Neopera - Last Pantomime