Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 928:

Rosetta - Renew
Rosetta Stone - Goods Gone
Rosetta Stone - If Paradise Is Half As Nice
Rosie O'Donnell - Christmas
Rosie Thomas - Castle And Cathedral
Rosie Thomas - Dialogue
Rosie Thomas - Since You've Been Around
Ross Copperman - Holding On And Letting Go
Ross Golan And Molehead - The Pledge Of Allegiance
Ross Lippencott - Everything
Ross Wilson - Eagle Rock
Rossi Valeria - Tre Parole (Spanish Version)
Rossomahaar - Blind Eye And Muted Mind
Rossomahaar - Quaerite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The…
Rossomahaar - Священная война
Roster McCabe - The Traveler
Rotersand - Beneath the Stars
Rotersand - Electronic World Transmission
Rotersand - Electronic World Transmission (Reconstructed by [:SITD:])
Rotersand - First Time
Rotersand - Hush
Rotersand - I Dont Know
Rotersand - Lost
Rotersand - Merging Oceans
Rotersand - One Level Down
Rotersand - Rushing
Rotersand - Undone
Rotersand (Truth Is Fanatic) - Hush
Rotor - Postoyanno Ya
Rotten Souls - Laying
Rotting Christ - Exiled Archangels
Rotting Christ - Thy Wings, Thy Horns, Thy Sin
Rotting Christ (Greece) - Thy Wings Thy Horns Thy Sin
Rough Silk - Pianoman
Round Hills - Amoration (album version)
Round Two - New Day (Club Vocal Mix)
Rounds - Falter
Roussos Demis - Mourir AuprÈS De Mon Amour
Rovers Irish - Whiskey On A Sunday
Rowwen Heze - Dansen
Rox - No Going Back
Rox - Silly Really
Roxet - A Thing About You
Roxett - Milk & Toast & Honey
Roxette - Church of Your Heart
Roxette - Come Back(Before You Leave)