Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 923:

Roger Whittaker - New world in the morning
Roger Whittaker - River Lady
Roger Whittaker - Sailing
Roger Whittaker - Somewhere my love
Roger Whittaker - The Last Farewell
Roger Whittaker - The Wind Beneath My Wings
Roger Whittaker - Wo Steuern Wir Hin
Rogers Stan - The Watch
Rogue Traders - In Love Again
Rogue Traders - Throw Your Arms Around Me
Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child (original)
Rogue Wave - Seasick On Land
Rohff - Regrette
Roine Stolt - Dirt
Roisin Murphy - Scarlet Ribbon
Roisin Murphy Ft. Crookers - Royal T
Rojo - Un Jardín De Rosas
Rokeri S Moravu - U Beograd stize glas
Roland Kaiser - Alles, Was Du Willst
Roland Kaiser - Ich Will Für Andere Niemals Vorbild Sein
Roland Kaiser - Nur Du Und Ich
Roland Kaiser - Sieben Fässer Wein
Roland Kaiser - Summer Wine - Sie Sah Mich An
Roland Kaiser - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - Gefühle Gehen Manchmal Vorbei
Rolf Harris - 6 White Boomers
Rolf Harris - Six White Boomers
Rolf Harris - The Court Of King Caractacus
Rolf Harris - Tie Me Kangaroo Down
Rolf Zuckowski - An Meinem Fahrrad Ist Alles Dran
ROLF ZUCKOWSKI - lachende Augen
Rolling Stones - Backstreet Girl
Rolling Stones - Connection
Rolling Stones - Dear Doctor
Rolling Stones - Doodoodoo (Heartbreaker)
Rolling Stones - Heart Of Stone
Rolling Stones - I'm Free
Rolling Stones - It's All Over Now
Rolling Stones - Let It Loose
Rolling Stones - Loving Cup
Rolling Stones - Mona
Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper
Rolling Stones - Not Fade Away
Rolling Stones - Paint it black (OST Адвокат Дьявола)
Rolling Stones - Salt Of The Earth
Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
Rolling Stones - Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
Rolling Stones - Sister Morphine - 1998 Live
Rolling Stones - Sitting On A Fence
Rolling Stones - Torn And Frayed
Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb
Rolling Stones - Under The Boardwalk