Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 914:

Rise Against - Dirt and Roses
Rise Against - Done with the Compass
Rise Against - From Heads University
Rise Against - From Heads Unworthy
Rise Against - From Heads Unworthy (С недостойных голов)
Rise Against - Long Forgotten Sons *2008 - Appeal To Reason*
Rise Against - Prayer Of The Refugee (Acoustic)
Rise Against - Swing Life Away Acoustic
Rise And Fall - Into Oblivion
Rise The Tide - Shameful Case
Rishloo - Disco Biscuit
Rising - Children Of The Dawn (live 18.12.08, full version)
Rising Gael - Nova Scotia Farewell
Risk - The Secret Of Our Destiny
Rita Connolly - Death Of Richard-AN-Iarainn
Rita Connolly - The Great Guns Roar
Rita Connolly - The Rescue Of Hugh De Lacy
Rita Connolly - Two Of Us
Rita Lee - Bobos Da Côrte
Rita Lee - Dançar Pra Não Dançar
Rita Lee - Esse Tal De Roque Enrow
Rita Lee - Normal Em Curitiba
Rita Lee - Rebeldade
Rita MacNeil - Working Man
Rita Mitsouko - Smog
Rita Ora - Hot Right Now
Rita Ora - Radioactive
Ritam Nereda - Riot
Ritchie Blackmore & s Rainbow - Hall Of The Mountain King
Ritchie Family - Real Love
Ritchie Neville - Running for miles(clip)
Ritchie Valens - Fast Freight
Ritter Josh - Paths Will Cross
Ritual - Death Is Certain, Life Is Not
Ritual - In Case You Care
Ritual - Nation Of Flies
Ritual Front - Восьмая Печать
Ritual Front - Малиновая Смерть-гора
Rival in love (ShuS & elMariach0) - Дождь
Rival Schools - A Parts For B Actors
Rival Schools - Arranged Marriages
Rival Schools - Big Waves
Rival Schools - So Dawn On
Rival Schools - The Ghost Is Out There
Rivendell - The Song Of Eldamar
River City High - Runaround
River City Rebels - On The Train
River Road - Somebody Will
Riverdance - Heal Their Hearts - Freedom
Rivers Cuomo - The Purification Of Water