Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 908:

Rich Mullins - All The Way To Kingdom Come
Rich Mullins - Always Here With Me
Rich Mullins - Boy Like Me/Man Like You
Rich Mullins - If All I Know Is Love
Rich Mullins - Madeline's Song
Rich Mullins - Never Heard The Music
Rich Mullins - Playing hard to get
Rich Mullins - There You Are
Richard & Linda Thompson - I'll Regret It All In The Morning
Richard & Linda Thompson - The Little Begger Girl
Richard Ashcroft - You On My Mind In My Sleep live@Munich 2000
Richard Buckner - Ed's Song
Richard Buckner - Firsts
Richard Buckner - Loaded At The Wrong Door (Acoustic)
Richard Buckner - Mile
Richard Buckner - Pull
Richard Chamberlain - A Kiss To Build A Dream On
Richard Chamberlain - All I Do Is Dream Of You
Richard Cheese - American Idiot (Green Day)
Richard Cheese - Bohemian Rhapsody
Richard Cheese - Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover)
Richard Clapton - Capricorn Dancer
Richard Clapton - Cry Mercy, Sister
Richard Clapton - Deep Water
Richard Clapton - Distant Thunder
Richard Clapton - Don't Be A Stranger
Richard Clapton - Down To The Ark
Richard Clapton - Flow In Motion
Richard Clapton - Girls On The Avenue
Richard Clapton - I Fell For You
Richard Clapton - Prussian Blue
Richard Clapton - Real Love
Richard Clapton - Walk On Water
Richard Clapton - Wild Child
Richard Clapton - Wintertime In Amsterdam
Richard Cliff - Blueberry Hill
Richard Cliff - Born to Rock'n'roll
Richard Cliff - Carrie
Richard Cliff - Every Face Tells a Story
Richard Cliff - Handle my Heart With Love
Richard Cliff - Lost in a Lonely World
Richard Cliff - Love Stealer
Richard Cliff - Millennium Prayer
Richard Cliff - Shine, Jesus, Shine
Richard Cliff - Up in The World
Richard Cliff - Willie And The Hand Jive
Richard Cocciante - Il Mio Amico Carissimo
Richard Durand - No Way Home (Extended Mix)
Richard Grey - Warped Bass (Radio Edit)
Richard Harris - Come Let Me Out
Richard Hawley - Early Morning Rain
Richard Hawley - For Your Lover Give Some Time
Richard Hawley - I Sleep Alone
Richard Hawley - Sunlight
Richard Hawley - Troublesome Waters
Richard Holler - Abraham, Martin And John
Richard John Thompson - To The Ones Who Care
Richard Julian - Cheap Guitar
Richard Lewis - America's New Trinity Of Love: Dean, Brando, Presley
Richard Lloyd - Downline
Richard Lloyd - I Thought
Richard Lugo - Snow In June
Richard Marx - Angel's Lullaby
Richard Marx - Chains Around My Heart
Richard Marx - Endless Summer Night
Richard Marx - Hazard
Richard Marx - I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
Richard Marx - One Thing Left("My Own Worst Enemy" (2004)
Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting
Richard Marx - Save Me
Richard Marx - Take It To The Limit
Richard Marx - Take This Heart
Richard Marx - The Edge of Forever (with Chely Wright)
Richard Marx - This I Promise You
Richard Marx - Your Goodbye
Richard Nelson - Lonesome town
Richard Noel Marx - Right here waiting
Richard O'brien - Anyhow, Anyhow
Richard O'brien - Hot Patootie
Richard O'Brien - Science Fiction/Double Feature