Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 867:

Powderfinger - Give
Powderfinger - My Happiness
Powderfinger - Sail The Wildest Stretch
Powderfinger - Up And Down And Back Again
Power Crue - Never Again
Power Crue - Stay Heavy
Power Crue - The Duat
Power Of Dreams - Fatherland
Power Of Omens - Word On A Line
Power Quest - The Vigil
Power Rangers - My Life As A Teenage Robot Theme
Power Symphony - Shores Of My Land
Powergod - Temple Of The Forbidden Eye
Powerman 5000 - Electric Avenue
Poxy - Glad It Was You
Poxy Boggards - Isn't It Grand, Boys?
Poxy Boggards - Itches In Me Britches
Poxy Boggards - Mingulay Boat Song
Poxy Boggards - Untitled Bitter Song
Poxy Boggards - Up And Away
Pr-Mex - Неистовый квартет (Гакхан)
Pr1est - день победы
Praefero - Два Огня (Посвящается Александре Волк) (2009)
Praefero - Клубная Жизнь (2007)
Praefero - Никто Не Стучит (2007)
Praefero - Украдена (2009)
Prager Handgriff - Schlagende Wetter
Pram - Play Of The Waves
Pras - How It Feels
pray the martyr - Крик солнца
Precious Death - One Day to Live
Predict - Одеколон ( demo version)
Prefab Sprout - He'll Have To Go
Prefab Sprout - Whoever You Are
pregnant you are - Цемента слоем мажа кирпичи (Tribute to Tenzor)
Preluders - Do You Love Me
Preluders - Losing My Religion
Preluders - Walking On Sunshine
Preluders - We Love To Entertain You