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Hogjaw - El Camino
Höhner - Dat Künne Mer Och (Sideboard) (Brass Version)
Höhner - Der Liebe Gott Weiss, Dass Ich Kein Engel Bin (Brass Version)
Höhner - Die Karawane Zieht Weiter
Höhner - Echte Fründe (Brass Version)
Hohner - Ich Ben'ne Räuber
Höhner - Ich Ben'ne Räuber
Höhner - Kumm Los Mer Fiere!
Höhner - Kumm Loss Mer Fiere (360° Live@Lanxess Arena)
Höhner - Kutt Erop! (Brass Version
Höhner - Mir Kumme Mit Allemann Vorbei (Festpiraten) (360° Live@Lanxess Arena)
Höhner - Spar Ding Dräum Nit Op För Morje! (360° Live@Lanxess Arena)
Höhner - Wo Mir Sin Is Kölle (360° Live@Lanxess Arena)
Hola Del Comandante Che - Durch's Gebirge durch die Steppen (По долинам и по взгорьям)
Holden - La Saison Des Touristes
Holdfast - September Rain
Holding Caulfield - You Fit Nicely
Holding Sand - Shooting Stars
Hole - Pale Blue Eyes
Holes And Hearts - Lifesaver
Holger Biege - Wo Warst Du, Jessy
Holiday Billie - The Very Thought of You
Holland - Photographs & Tidalwaves
Hollies - Magic Woman Touch
Hollies - Poison Ivy
Hollies - Sandy
Hollies - Soldier's Song
Hollies - Son Of A Rotten Gambler
Hollies - Write On
Holloways - What's The Difference
Holly Cole - Alison
Holly Cole - Cry (If You Want To)
Holly Dolly - Dolly Song (на финском)
Holly Dunn - Daddy's Hands
Holly Dunn - There Goes My Heart Again
Holly Golightly - Dear John
Holly Golightly - Headstart
Holly Golightly - In Your Head
Holly McNarland - In The Air Tonight
Holly McNarland - In the Air Tonight Phil Collins Cover
Holly McNarland - Memory Of A Man
Holly McNarland - Sick Boy
Holly Mcnarland - Twisty Mirror
Holly Palmer - You Keep Me Hanging On (Cover)
Holly Throsby - As The Night Dies
Holly Throsby - Some Nights Are Long
Holly Throsby - We're Good People But Why Don't We Show It?
Holly Unplugged - You're My Destination
Holly Valance - City Ain\'t Big Enough
Holly Valance - Down boy (Footprints)
Holly Valance - Harder They Come