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Hashual - Кормление лиса (Хашуаль)
Hasker Da - All This I've Done For You
Hasker Da - Blah Blah Blah
Hasker Da - Push The Button
Hasker Da - Signals From Above
Hasker Da - Turn It Around
Hassgesang - Alte Kraft Soll Neu Entstehen
Hassgesang - Für Immer
Hassgesang - Geächtet Vom System
Hassgesang - Generation, Die Sich Wehrt
Hassgesang - Gib Dir Nicht Meinen Namen
Hassgesang - Gleicher Unter "Gleichen"
Hassgesang - Tränen Des Untergangs
Hassgesang - Wenn Unsere Stimme Klingt
Haste The Day - Autumn (2008)
Haste The Day - Long Way Down
Haste The Day - Stitches
Hate Dept. - Bleed And Smile
Hate Dept. - Master And Servant
Hate Eternal - The Creed Of Chaotic Divinity
Hate for Breakfast - Ragazzi di Budapest
Hatebreed - A Lesson Lived Is A Lesson Learned
Hatebreed - Before Dishonor (Satisfaction is the Death of Desire 1997) /Hardcore/ [New Haven, Connecticut, USA]
Hatebreed - Between Hell And A Heartbeat
Hatebreed - Destory Everything
Hatebreed - Destroy Everything
Hatebreed - Divine Judgment
Hatebreed - Every Lasting Scar
Hatebreed - Ghosts of war (Slayer cover)
Hatebreed - Give Wings To My Triumph
Hatebreed - Honor Never Dies
Hatebreed - In Ashes They Shall Reap
Hatebreed - Indivisible
Hatebreed - Live For This
Hatebreed - Perserverance
Hatebreed - The Divinity Of Purpose
Hatesphere - Deathtrip
hatsukoi limited - Hatsukoi limited ED
Hatsune Miku (vocaloid) - World is Mine
Haujobb - Claim The Planet
Haujobb - Dead Market
Haujobb - Unseeing
Haunted - Bullet Hole
Haunted - Burnt To A Shell
Haunted - Ceremony
Haunted Hits - Monster Mash
Haustor - Babilonske Baklije
Haustor - Bolero