Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 279:

Dave Matthews Band - Steady As We Go
Dave Matthews Band - Tangerine
Dave Matthews Band And Dave Matthews - Out Of My Hands
Dave Matthews Band And Dave Matthews - Pig
Dave Matthews Band And Dave Matthews - Rapunzel
Dave Matthews Band And Dave Matthews - You Might Die Trying
Dave McPherson - Drugs Won't Save You Now
Dave McPherson - Glass White Flag
Dave McPherson - Hummingbird
Dave McPherson - Mr Goodchild
Dave McPherson - Song For The Drunk Walk Home
Dave McPherson - Waltzing In A Supermarket
Dave Reachill - The Last December
Dave Stewart - Chelsea Lover
Dave Stewart - Royal Infirmary
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin - It's My Party
Dave Tamkin - Thoughts Up Here
Davenport Cabinet - Tired Of Driving
Davicito Kada - Dispuesto A Lo Que Sea
David & The Citizens - Kellerman's Song
David Allan Coe - 33rd Of August
David Allan Coe - Call Me The Breeze
David Allan Coe - Divers Do It Deeper
David Allan Coe - Fall In Love With You
David Allan Coe - Fraulein
David Allan Coe - I'll Always Be A Fool For You
David Allan Coe - Juanita
David Allan Coe - Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
David Allan Coe - Six Days On The Road
David Allan Coe - Take This Job And Shove It Too
David Allan Coe - The Great Nashville Railroad Disaster
David Allan Coe - The Old Grey Goose Is Dead
David Allan Coe - The Purple Heart
David Allan Coe - You Never Even Called Me By My Name (The Perfect Country And Western Song)
David Allan Coe And Cowboys From Hell - Cowboys Do More Dope
David Allen Coe - A Sad Country Song
David Allen Coe - Ride 'em Cowboy
David Archuleta - Joy To The World
David Archuleta - O Holy Night
David Banner - Superbowl
David Bazan - Bless This Mess
David Bazan - Please, Baby, Please
David Bazan - Selling Advertising (Making It, Faking It, Breaking It)
David Bisbal - Como Será
David Bisbal - Fuiste Mía