Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 246:

Conni Talbot - Any Dream Will Do
Connie Dover - Jack Of Diamonds
Connie Fisher - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
Connie Francis - I Almost Lost My Mind
Connie Francis - Lonely Again
Connie Francis - QuiÉReme Mucho
Connie Francis - The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Connie Francis - The Way You Look Tonight
Connie Francis - These Foolish Things
Connie Francis - Tiny Bubbles
Connie Francis - Too Young
Connie Francis - Torn Between Two Lovers
Connie Smith - A Touch Of Yesterday
Connie Smith - All Of A Sudden
Connie Smith - Easy Come Easy Go
Connie Smith - My Own Peculiar Way
Connie Smith - Satisfied
Connie Smith - So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
Connie Smith - Soul Song
Connie Smith - The Key's In The Mailbox
Connie Smith - Tiny Blue Transistor Radio
Connie Smith - When The Book Of Life Is Read
Connie Smith - Wings Of A Dove
Connie Stevens - Sixteen Reasons Why I Love You (Mulholland Drive OST)
Connie Talbot - Any Dream Will Do
Connie Talbot - Frosty The Snowman
Connie Talbot - I Have A Dream
Conny Vandenbos - Dat Slepende Wijsje
Conny Vandenbos - Een Roosje Mijn Roosje
Conny Vandenbos - Ik Denk Aan Jou
Conny Vandenbos - Ik Heb Een Liefde
Conny Vandenbos - Liefste
Conny Vandenbos - Mijn Hart Bemint Teveel
Conny Vandenbos - Nog Een Cocktail Joe
Conny Vandenbos - Nu Of Nooit
Conny Vandenbos - Ome Arie
Conny Vandenbos - Raak Me Niet Aan
Conny Vandenbos - Weet Je Wat We Doen
Conny Vandenbos - Zomeravond
Conor Maynard - Tryin'
Conor Oberst - Blowtorch
Conor Oberst - Gentleman's Pact
Conor Oberst - Let Them In
Conor Oberst - The Day Statues Broke
Conor Oberst - Where Pilgrims Disappear
Conquest - Empire
Conquest - When The Skies Fall (2009)
Consider The Thief - Joshua
Consolation - Funeral Pyre
Consolidated - Answering Machine
Conspiracy Of Thought - Reflections
Constantines - Million Star Hotel
Constanzo - L'Italiano (Toto Cutugno)