Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 242:

Coldplay - Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground
Coldplay - Talk (Unreleased)
Coldplay - The Scientist
Coldplay - When I Ruled the World
Coldplay - Yellow
Coldrain - We're Not Alone (OST Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin)
Coldworker - Paradox Lost
Cole Jude - Heaven's Last Attempt
Cole Jude - Open Road
Cole Jude - Speed Of Life
Cole Lloyd - Be There
Cole Lloyd - Pay For It
Cole Porter - I Hate Men
Cole Porter - Miss Otis Regrets
Cole Porter - True Love
Coleske - Simple As A Song
Colin Blunstone - Ain't It Funny ?
Colin Blunstone - Any Other Way
Colin Blunstone - Julie
Colin Blunstone - Losing You
Colin Blunstone - Love Can Heal The Pain
Colin Blunstone - Send Me Your Broken Hearts
Colin Blunstone - She's Not There
Colin Blunstone - Tell Me How
Colin Blunstone - The Radio Was Playing "Johnny Come Lately"
Colin Blunstone - Tiger In The Night
Colin Buchanan - On That Very First Christmas
Colin Buchanan - Practice Being Godly
Colin Clary - You Don't Have To Prove
Colin Hay - Going Somewhere
Colin Hay - Overkill (OST "Scrubs"/"Клиника")
Colin Hay Band - Loking For Jack
Colin Healy & The Jetskis - Stars
Colin Healy & The Jetskis - The One
Colin James - It Fills You Up
Colin James - Kind-Hearted Woman
Colin James - Rocket To The Moon
Colin James - Where Y'At
Colin James Hay - Waiting for My Real Life to Begin
Colin Linden - I Appreciate Your Honesty
Colin Meloy - Cherry Tree Carol
Colin Newman - Feigned Hearing
Colin Newman - Safe
Colin Vearncombe - Misbegotten Child
Colin Wilkie - One More City
Collage - Donna Musica
Collapsed System - Addiction
Collapsed System - Blute Jetzt!
Collapsed System - Escape
Collapsed System - Faith Assembly
Collapsed System - MAD
Collapsed System - Meaning
Collapsed System - Watch The Mirror
Collapsed System - You're In My Head
Collapsed System - Young And Strong
Colle Der Fomento - Dissetante + Potente
Collectif - Ce Que Je Vois (из мюзика "Dracula: Entre l'amour et la mort")
Collective Soul - Link
Collective Soul - Tremble For My Beloved (сумерки спасение возле школы)
Collective Soul - World I Know
Collective Soul - Youth (Acoustic Version)
College - A Real Hero