Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 216:

Charley Pride - Christmas In My Home Town
Charley Pride - Did You Think To Pray
Charley Pride - I'd Rather Love You
Charley Pride - I'll Be Leaving Alone
Charley Pride - Kaw-Liga
Charley Pride - Let The Chips Fall
Charley Pride - Lord, Build Me A Cabin In Glory
Charley Pride - Mississippi Cotton Pickin' Delta
Charley Pride - More And More
Charley Pride - Never Been So Loved
Charley Pride - Never Been So Loved (In All Of My Life)
Charley Pride - Sunshiny Day
Charley Pride - The Day The World Stood Still
Charley Pride - The Power Of Love
Charley Pride - There's A Little Bit Of Hank In Me
Charley Pride - This Bed's Not Big Enough
Charley Pride - Thought Of Losing You
Charley Pride - You Win Again
Charlie - California
Charlie Brown - Book Report
Charlie Brown Jr. - O Que É Da Casa É Da Casa
Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times - Into the sunset (Smile)
Charlie Chaplin - Smile
Charlie Daniels - Simple Man
Charlie Daniels - South's Gonna Do It Again
Charlie Dore - Pilot Of The Airwaves
Charlie Drake - My Boomerang Won't Come Back
Charlie Feathers - When You Come Around
Charlie Green - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Charlie Hall - Marvelous Light
Charlie Hall - Shout To The North
Charlie Landsborough - Close Your Eyes
Charlie Landsborough - Counterfeit Man
Charlie Landsborough - Down To Earth
Charlie Landsborough - I Want Someone Who Will Love Me
Charlie Landsborough - Part Of Me
Charlie Landsborough - Still Blue
Charlie Landsborough - Takin' My Time
Charlie Landsborough - When I'm Dead And Gone
Charlie Landsborough - When You're Not A Dream
Charlie Landsborough - Why Worry
Charlie Louvin - Ira
Charlie Louvin - Just For You
Charlie Louvin - Love's Gotta Have A Little Breathing Room
Charlie Louvin - Stolen Love
Charlie Louvin - Workin' Man Blues
Charlie Mars - Nobody Cries
Charlie Marshall - Contemplation
Charlie Marshall - Dead Flowers
Charlie Marshall - Disconnect
Charlie Marshall - Flame
Charlie Marshall - Friendship Ring
Charlie Marshall - Incomplete
Charlie Marshall - Snow In August
Charlie Marshall - Time Machine
Charlie Marshall - Under The Wheels Of My Car
Charlie Marshall - Waste My Time
Charlie Marshall - Waterfall Wishes
Charlie Marshall - You Will Always Be The First (Stephanie)
Charlie Peacock - Finishing Mood
Charlie Peacock - In The Light
Charlie Peacock - My People
Charlie Peacock - Till You Caught My Eye
Charlie Peacock - Unchain My Soul
Charlie Rich - Amazing Grace
Charlie Rich - July 12, 1939
Charlie Ryan And The Timberline Riders - Side Car Cycle
Charlie Straight - Running Up
Charlie The Man - Everything
Charlie The Man - Friendship Ring
Charlie The Man - Make It Tonight
Charlie The Man - Repoman
Charlie The Man - Short Bus
Charlie The Man - Snow In August
Charlie The Man - Sometimes
Charlie The Man - Untitled
Charlie The Man - Untitled Ii (Backwards)
Charlie The Unicorn - Candy Mountain
Charlie The Unicorn - Candy Mountain Cave
Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemen - Matterhorn
Charlie Wilson - Musta Heard