Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 187:

Burning Bright - Sorry Means Never Having To Say I Love You (Acoustic)
Burning Heads - Wrong
Burning Mona Lisa - They Call It Destiny
Burning Mona Lisa - Tonight
Burning Point - Eye For An Eye
Burning Point - Icebound
Burning Spear - Sons Of He (Extended Mix)
Burnout - Бесконечный ад
Burnout 27 - We Fall Apart
Burns And Poe - It's Always A Woman
Burns Robert - A Pint O Wine
Burns Robert - Duncan Davison
Burns Robert - I Maun Hae A Wife
Burns Robert - Parcel o' Rogues
Burns Robert - The Campbells Are Comin
Burns Robert - There Was A Lad
Burns Robert - Up And Warn A Willie
Burnsoutdoorways - Someone That Makes Him Smile(A Stranger Is A Forgotten Person)
Burton Cummings - Friend Of Inertia
Burton Cummings - Lay It On The Line
Burton Cummings - Meanin' So Much
Burton Cummings - Mother Keep Your Daughters In
Burton Cummings - No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
Burton Cummings - Not Too Appealing
Burton Cummings - Nothin' Wrong With The Road
Burton Cummings - Something Old, Something New
Burton Cummings - Sour Suite
Burton Cummings - Your Back Yard
Burton Cummings - Yoy Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
Bury Tomorrow - Relief
Bury Tomorrow - Waxed Wings
Bury Your Dead - Legacy Of Ashes
Burzum - Das Einsame Trauern Von Frijo (The Lonesome Mourning Of Frijo)
Bush - All Night Doctors
Bush - Be Still My Love
Bush - Distant Voices
Bush - I Believe In You
Bush - Speed Kills
Bush - Stand Up
Bush - Suspicious Minds
Bush Kate - Babooshka
Bush Kate - December Will be Magic Again