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Viking - Twilight Fate
Vikki Carr - She'll Be There
Viktor Mastoridis - Haideve Me
Viktor Mastoridis - Zaustavicu Vreme
Viktor Pavlik ta Pani F - Grishna i zemna
Viktor Sizov - Delete! (bugging of this disk not safely)
Viktoria Tolstoy - Little Pretty
Viktoria Tolstoy - September Igen
Viktoria Tolstoy - Two Sails
Viktoriya Maiboroda - Моя вендетта
Vildsvin - Fröken 071
Vildsvin - Fröken Theresa På Charterresa
Vildsvin - Vi Ses Igen
Vile - Alive To Suffer
Vile - Devour
Village people - Why MCA
Village People - Y. M. C. A.
Village People - YMCA (Hymn of gays:)
Villains To The Masses Heroes To The Holy - An Journey As Traveled By A Lesser Known…
Villains To The Masses Heroes To The Holy - First Casualty Of The War
Villainz United - Предал Однажды - Предаст Всегда
Villainz United - Предаст Всегда
Villanos - Como Duele
Ville Vallo + Bloodhound gang - Something diabolical
Ville Valo - Song or Suicide
Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon - Summer Wine (Film Version)
Ville Valo and Bloodhound gang - Something diabolical
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Esperando En Hecatombe Disco
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Fondo Profundo (Fumky Mix)
Vilma Palma E Vampiros - Ya Me Voy (El 10)
Vina Panduwinata - Dia
Vince Gill - Everything And Nothing
Vince Gill - It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Vince Gill - Old Time Fiddle
Vince Gill - Sleigh Ride
Vince Gill - Tell Me Lover
Vince Gill - True Love
Vince Gill - Turn me Loose
Vince Gill - What Child Is This
Vince Gill - When I Look Into Your Heart - With Amy Grant
Vince Gill - When Love Finds You
Vince Gill - Which Bridge To Cross
Vince Gill - Winter Wonderland
Vince Hill - A time for us
Vincent Delerm - Shea Stadium
Vincent Price - Goodbye So Soon
Vincenzo Bellini - Norma, Casta Diva
Vines - Dorwing The Baptist
Vineyard - All Who Are Thirsty
Vineyard - Ancient Of Days
Vineyard - Answer Us
Vineyard - Arise Oh Lord
Vineyard - Break Our Hearts
Vineyard - Breath Of God
Vineyard - Change My Heart, Oh God
Vineyard - Days Of Elijah
Vineyard - Draw Me Close
Vineyard - Dwell
Vineyard - Father Of Lights
Vineyard - Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
Vineyard - He Is Yahweh
Vineyard - Holy And Anointed One
Vineyard - Hungry (Falling On My Knees)
Vineyard - I Believe In Jesus
Vineyard - It's All About Jesus
Vineyard - Lord Reign In Me
Vineyard - Mercy Is Falling
Vineyard - My One And Only
Vineyard - Only You
Vineyard - Power Of Your Love
Vineyard - Refiner's Fire
Vineyard - So In Need
Vineyard - Surrender
Vineyard - Yet I Will Praise
Vinicio Capossela - Dove Che Siamo Rimasti A Terra Nutless
Vinicio Capossela - Dove Siamo Rimasti A Terra Nutless
Vinicio Capossela - Il Gigante E Il Mago
Vinicio Capossela - Scatà Scatà (Scatafascio)