Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1155:

Trollfest - Egen Mjød, Heidunder Mjød!
Trollfest - Utmarschen
Trolls Cottage - Reaching Out
Trololo Man - Trololo
Tronic - Kaguasaki
Trooper - True Love
Trooper (Rom) - Iarba Din Mine
Trooper (Rom) - Totul E Fals
Troopers - Gottes Legion
Troopers - Mord Und Totschlag
Trouble - Window Pain
Trouble Over Tokyo - Flames Flicker
Trouble Over Tokyo - My Anxiety
Trouble Over Tokyo - No Handed
Trouble Over Tokyo - The Boy
Trouble Over Tokyo - The Liar
Trouble Over Tokyo - Washing Away The Dirt
Troubled Coast - Patient Hands
Troubled Hubble - Airplanes
Troubled Hubble - Ear Nose & Throat
Troubled Hubble - Fishin'
Troublemakers - Doden Do
Troublemakers - Lilla Perfekt
Trout Fishing In America - There's A Panther In Michigan
Trovante - Feiticeira
Troy & Gabriella - Breaking Free
Troy Hutson - Carve The Out
Troy Hutson - Spines Of Names And Leaves
Troy Hutson - Stop And Say Goodbye
Troy Newman - Don't Make Me Ask
Troy Von Balthazar - Magnified
Tru Blood - Eyes on fire
Truck Stop - Arizona Arizona
Truck Stop - Bleib' Doch Hier Heut' Nacht
Truck Stop - Country Made In Germany
Truck Stop - Das Mädchen Wird Schöner Mit Jedem Glas Bier
Truck Stop - Der König Von Der Autobahn
Truck Stop - Der Sheriff Hat Heute Geburtstag
Truck Stop - Männer Mit Hut
Truck Stop - Nashville Tennessee
Truck Stop - Orange Blossom Special
Truck Stop - Sonst Glaub' Ich's Nicht
Trude Herr - Manchmol
Trude Herr - Ming Stadt
True Blood - Bad Things
True Faith - Muntik Ng Maabot Ang Langit
True Star - Прощать
True Vibe - Supernatural
TruERhyme [Inter-PoL] - Я бы отдал всё (Shadowville Prod.)
Trunks & Tales - On The Conspiracy Shelf, Between Roswell And Marilyn Monroe
Trust - Espalda Con Espalda
Trust - J'Ai Vu Dieu
Trust - On Lèche, On Lâche, On Lynche