Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1117:

The Tunnel Kings - Gravity Will Crush Us
The Tunnel Kings - Lenny Skutnik
The Turtles - So Happy Together (OST Imagine Me & You)
The Turtles - So Happy Together с унд рек к и ьму
The Turtles - Sound Asleep
The Twang - Two Lovers (Mint Royale Remix)
The Twins - Heaven In Your Smile
The Ugly Club - Song From A Paterson Apartment
The Ugly Club - The Mountain
The Ugly Club - Under The Great Wave
The Ugly Club - Wasted On You
The UNB - Вечнозеленое пальто
The UNB - Дюдя
The UNB - Мыши мочатся в сыр. Посвящение (II)
The Uncle Devil Show - She Cuts Her Own Fringe
The Uncle Devil Show - Tambourine
The Undercard - Close The Curtain
The Underdog Project - Summer Jam (Eric Chase Edit)
The Underdog Project - Summer Jam (Original)
The Underdog Project - Summer Jam оригин
The Underground - Goodbye To You
The Underground - Saturday (Purple Skies)
The Underground - The Autumn Song
The Underneath - Alone Together (English)
The Undoing Of David Wright - Creatures In The Sea
The Undoing Of David Wright - Shuffling Our Spades
The Unfinished Sympathy - Catenaggio
The Unguided - Iceheart Fragment
The Unguided - Phoenix Down
The Unseen - Dead Weight Falls
The Unseen - In The City
The Unwinding Hours - Solstice
The Unwinding Hours - Tightrope
The Urban Sophisticates - Chapel Hill
The Urge - 1. It's my turn to fly
The Urge - It's My Turn To Fly (OST Титан: После гибели земли)
The Urge - Straight To Hell
The Used - Empty With You
The Used - Give Me Love
The Used - On The Cross (Save Yourself Mix)
the used - PAIN
The Used - The Bird And The Worm OST и в Ти нов
The Used - the_used-on_my_own
The Vaccines - Wetsuit
The Van Deleckis - Your Pen
The Vandals - Big Brother Vs. Johnny Sako
The Vandals - Cafe 405
The Vandals - Fourteen
The Vandals - Here I Am Lord