Songtexte und Übersetzungen - Seite 1072:

The Church - Song To Go
The Church - Transient
The Church - Trying To Get In
The Church - Youth Worshipper
The Cinematic Orchestra - Lilac Wine
The Civil Wars - Kingdom
The Civil Wars - Pressing Flowers
The Clancy Brothers - Belle Of Belfast City
The Clancy Brothers - Blood Red Roses
The Clancy Brothers - Galway Bay
The Clancy Brothers - Whiskey You're The Devil
The Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem - Tim Finnegan's Wake
The Clarks - Goodbye
The Clarks - I'm The Only
The Clarks - Inside
The Clarks - Inside You
The Clarks - Love And More
The Clarks - Now and Then
The Clarks - Stop!
The Clarks - Tell Me
The Clarks - This Old House
The Clarks - This Old House Is Burning Down Tonight
The Clarks - Twist My Arm
The Clarks - What A Way To Go
The Clash - English Civil War
The Clash - Rudie Can't Fail
The Clay People - Lethargic
The Clay People - Spider's Bride
The Clay People - Teeth To Grind
The Click Five - Jenny
The Clientele - K
The Clientele - Voices In The Mall
The Clientele - Walking In The Park
The Cliks - We Are The Wolverines
The Cliks - Whenever
The Clockwork Dolls - Clockwork Maid
The Clockwork Quartet - The Doctor's Wife
The Cloud Room - Sunlight Song
The Coalminers' Beat - Land Of Green
The Coasters - Besame Mucho (CORR 1)
The Code - Brass Dogs
The Coffinshakers - Evil
The Coffinshakers - Transylvania
The Cog Is Dead - Bonus Track(Steam Powered Stories)
The Color Morale - The Dying Hymn
The Color Morale - Walkers
The CombatAnts - Perfect 10
The Communards - For A Friend
The Communards - Lovers And Friends
The Company - Godspeed Titanic