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The Bates - Be My Baby
The Bates - Billy Jean
The Bates - Hello
The Bates - Poor Boy
The Bates - Shine
The Bates - The Only One
The Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby
The Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby - OST "Love Actually". Один из моих самых любимых фильмов!
The Bay City Rollers - I Only Want To Be With You
The Bay City Rollers - I Only Want To Be With You ('76)
The Bay City Rollers - I Only Want To Be With You (1976)
The Bay Cuty Rollers - Summerlove Sensation
The Be Good Tanyas - Dogsong2
The Be Good Tanyas - Don't You Fall
The Beach Boys - Aren't You Glad
The Beach Boys - Back Home
The Beach Boys - Catch A Wave
The Beach Boys - Frosty The Snowman
The Beach Boys - I'm In Great Shape
The Beach Boys - I'm So Lonely
The Beach Boys - Kokomo(как я встретил вашу маму)
The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe
The Beach Boys - Little Honda
The Beach Boys - Sloop John b
The Beach Boys - Still Surfin'
The Beach Boys - Surfin Usa
The Beach Boys - The Warmth Of The Sun
The Beach Boys - When Girls Get Together
The Beach Boys (OST Dejavu) - Don't Worry Baby
The Beach Boys 63' - 409
The Beach Girl5 - Undivided
The Bear Quartet - Drop Me Anywhere
The Bear Quartet - Euthanasia
The Bear Quartet - Northern
The Bear Quartet - The Repairing Of The Red Sea
The Bear Quartet - Upstart In Middle Class Hell
The Bear Quartet - Your Name Here
The Bears - Dave
The Bears - Figure It Out
The Bears - Holy Mack
The Bears - When She Moves
The Beastie Boys - Twenty Questions
The Beatles - Blackbird
The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Revolver, 1966)
The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby / Julia
The Beatles - Eleonor Regby
The Beatles - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
The Beatles - Golden Slumbers
The Beatles - Honey Don't
The Beatles - I've Just Seen A Face
The Beatles - I'm Down
The Beatles - In My Life (Rubber Soul, 1968)
The Beatles - Lend Me Your Comb
The Beatles - Martha My Dear (White Album) (1968)
The Beatles - Octopus's Garden
The Beatles - Old Brown Shoe
The Beatles - Paperback Writer
The Beatles - She Loves You
The Beatles - Take Good Care Of My Baby