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Take Cover - Lady Love
Take That - Broken Your Heart
Take That - By My Side
Take That - Cause I, need time My heart is numb has no feeling So while I m still healing Just try and have a little patience
Take That - Love ain't here anymore
Take That - Rule The World (from Stardust OST)
Take That - Babe - I come to your door to see you again, But where you once stood was an old man instead I asked where you & d be, he said & she & s moved, on you see All I have is a number you & d better ask her no
Take That - Beautiful World (Live) - Back For Good
Taken By Trees - Sweet Child O' Mine
Taken By Trees - The Legend
Taken To The Sky - Death Brings Life To Daisies
Taken To The Sky - Killing, Under Neon Tanks
Taken To The Sky - Untitled
Taken To The Sky - Who Said Breathing Is Better?
Takida - Caroline
Takida - Dont Reach Out (The Grand Closure)
Takida - Ending Is Love
Takida - Give In To Me
Takida - Halo
Takida - Is It Right?
Takida - Jaded
Takida - Score
Takida - Tear It Up Again
Takida - The Artist
Takida - The Dread Lyrics
Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under The Influence
Taking Back Sunday - Blame You Now
Taking Back Sunday - Bonus Moshpit Part 2
Taking Back Sunday - Brooklyn (If You See Something, Say Something) ["louder Now" B-Side]sleep ["louder Now" B-Side]
Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The E (acoustic)
Taking Back Sunday - Sat phasers to stun
Taking Back Sunday - Set Phasers To Stun
Taking Back Sunday - Set Phrasers To Stun
Taking Back Sunday - So Last Summer
Taking Back Sunday - Summer, man (I'll be seeing you around)
Taking Back Sunday - The Union
Taking Back Sunday - This Is All Now
Talco - Il Lamento Del Mare
Talco - La Torre
Talco - St. Pauli
Tali - 21 questions live
Talib Kweli - Space Fruit (Interlude)
Talisman - Rhyme Or Reason
Talk Is Cheap - Myself In Disguise
Talk Jonny - Perfect Poison
Talk Talk - Chameleon Day / 'The Colour Of Spring' (1986) #07
Talk Talk - Desire (7 00)
Talk Talk - Does Caroline Know (Inc. Mirror Man Intro)
Talk Talk - Tomorrow Started