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Sonata Arctica - The Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler Cover)
Sonata Arctica - Truth Is Out There
Sondaschule - Ruf Nich' An!
Sondaschule - Weltverbesserer
Sondre Lerche - Coliseum Town
Sondre Lerche - Happy Birthday Girl
Sondre Lerche - Mr. Bassman
Sondre Lerche - Night And Day
Sondre Lerche - Red Flags
Sondre Lerche - When The River
Sondre Lerche - Wither Street
song for kids - The animals went in two by two
Song Parodies - Train Him (Spice Girl - Say You'll Be There)
Songbirds - Butterflies & Rainbows
Songbirds - Oh, Susanna
Songodsuns - Gone 'Til Whenever
Songs - Ohia:Bath (A Humble Cause Again)
Songs - Ohia:Boys
Songs - Ohia:Don't This Look Like The Dark
Songs - Ohia:Easts Heart Divided
Songs - Ohia:One Of Those Uncertain Hands
Songs - Ohia:Ring The Bell
Songs - Ohia:Sept. 17 (Separartions:Reminder)
Songs - Ohia:Trans Am (This Time Anything Finite At All)
Songs - Ohia:Whenever I Have Done A Thing In Flames
Songs For A New World - King Of The World
Songs For A New World - She Cries
Songs For A New World - Stars And The Moon
Songs For Kids - Hush Little Baby
Songs For The Road - John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt (+текст)
Songs To Wear Pants To - Never
Songs: Ohia - Farewell Transmission[s.1e.1]
Songs: Ohia - The Dark Wrong Turn
Songs: Ohia - The One Red Star
Songs: Ohia - Why Are We Stopping In The Storm?
Songs: Ohia - You Are Not Alone On The Road
Sonic Syndicate - My Soul In #000000 (Japanes Bonus Track)
Sonic Syndicate (Fallen Angels) - Enclave
Sonic Youth - Me & Jill Hendrix Cosby
Sonicflood - Carried Away
Sonicflood - I Lift My Eyes Up
Sonicflood - I Need You
Sonicflood - More Than Anything
Sonicflood - Prodigal
Sonicflood - When The Music Fades
Sonicflood - Write Your Name On My Heart
Sonicflyer - Antarctica Stars
Sonique - World Of Change
Sonja Aldén - Du Är Allt
Sonnenberg, Paul - The Band (A Banda)