Heathen Foray - Unthinking Songtext

Sie hat mich verhext, mir meinen Kopf verdreht
Sich in meinen Geist gelegt, meine Welt bewegt
Plötzlich war sie da, ich weiß nicht mehr woher
Da war nichts mehr klar, das Denken viel mir schwer

I'm standing in front of her, looking in those eyes
This piercing glance is letting me no chance
Getting away from her, from her black witchery
Escaping to somewhere saver

She is...
Ripping your heart
Out of her chest
You are aware of that feeling
Letting you know that you're alive

Leaving me bleeding behind
Lying on the ground
Disabled to move
The world is getting dark
The calling winds are finding a way inside, no way to hide

I got burned from inside
The illusions are gone
At the question 101
That is my endless sorrow, walking down the path
History, history repeating!