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They sink down deeper While still dodging the creeperOf the blue collar classic motifLet it fall into the seaWith your perfect postureStill a crooked spineWhile the flume you protect starts to leak Can't buy pride with good intentions Whoa whoaI fee l like I'm a saintWhoa whoaBut I'm treated like a ghost You starve for attention But you've been biting the bullet for yearsYou betrayed my trustTo learn my secretsAnd manifest my fearsThe cause and effectFor the simple mindedIt's pulled you inThe ugliness whose pocket book you've loaded Can't buy luck with no religion Drifting through life without a traceHeaven won't take me But Hell can't wait You can't break this spell You can save meYou can't right my wrongsYou can't part the seaHeaven wasn't built to hold me Whoa whoaI feel like I'm a saintWhoa whoaBut I'm living with a curse
Sie sinken tiefer Während noch Ausweichen der Kriechgang Sie hungern nach Aufmerksamkeit Aber du hast den sauren Apfel beißen Jahren Sie verraten mein Vertrauen Um meine Geheimnisse Und meine Ängste manifestieren Die Ursache und Wirkung Für die simple minded Es ist gezogen Sie Die Hässlichkeit, dessen Taschenbuch Sie

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