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You can't feel your heart beating When you're staring at it on the ground You can hardly even see it through the ashes all around You can't run like your free when You can't give up what's got you down What if you can find healing if you let me in somehow But trust don't come easy oh oh It's never easy if you don't know Just don't stop believing oh oh oh  Chorus: If you fall I'll catch you If the world comes at you You can always run to me I'll be your hiding place And if the stars burn out of the sky And your heart lost it's light, just never let me go And I'll scare your fears away Yeah I'll be your hiding place  You don't have to live bleeding Who says you gotta carry all that weight I'll be everything you need yeah your rescues on it's way Trust don't come easy oh oh It's never easy if you don't know Chorus. And I won't let you go You gotta lay it on the line to know You don't have to do it on your own  Chorus. OhYeah, I'll scare all of your fears away I'll be your hiding place 

Sie können nicht das Gefühl, Herzklopfen Wenn man es starrt auf den Boden Man kann kaum noch sehen durch die Asche rund um Oh Ja, ich ll verscheuchen alle Ihre Ängste Ich werde Ihre Versteck sein

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