Songtexte und Übersetzungen von UNKLE:

UNKLE - A New Hope
UNKLE - Ablivion
UNKLE - Awake the Unkind
UNKLE - Back & Forth (Secret intro)
UNKLE - Back and Forth
UNKLE - Blackout
UNKLE - Bloodstain
UNKLE - Broken
UNKLE - Burn My Shadow
UNKLE - Burn My Shadow (Surrender Sounds session #5)
UNKLE - Buying a Lie
UNKLE - Can't Hurt
UNKLE - Chaos
UNKLE - Clouds
UNKLE - Every Single Prayer
UNKLE - Eye for an Eye
UNKLE - Follow Me Down
UNKLE - Getting Ahead in the Lucrative Field of Artist Management
UNKLE - Glow
UNKLE - Guns Blazing
UNKLE - Guns Blazing (Drums of Death Part 1)
UNKLE - Guns Blazing (Drums of Death, Part 1)
UNKLE - Have You Passed Through This Night?
UNKLE - Heaven
UNKLE - Heavy Drug
UNKLE - Hold My Hand
UNKLE - In My Mind
UNKLE - In a State
UNKLE - Inside
UNKLE - Intro
UNKLE - Invasion
UNKLE - Joy Factory
UNKLE - Keys to the Kingdom
UNKLE - Lonely Soul
UNKLE - Mayday
UNKLE - Mistress
UNKLE - Money And Run
UNKLE - Morning Rage
UNKLE - Natural Selection (feat. The Black Angels) [Tom Furse of The Horrors Remix]
UNKLE - Nursery Rhyme
UNKLE - Nursery Rhyme / Breather
UNKLE - Outro
UNKLE - Panic Attack
UNKLE - Persons & Machinery
UNKLE - Persons and Machinery
UNKLE - Rabbit in Your Headlights
UNKLE - Reign
UNKLE - Restless
UNKLE - Safe In Mind (Please Take This Gun From Out My Face)
UNKLE - Safe in Mind (Please Get This Gun From Out My Face)
UNKLE - Sunday Song
UNKLE - The Answer
UNKLE - The Dog Is Black
UNKLE - The Healing
UNKLE - The Knock
UNKLE - The Knock (Drums of Death, Part 2)
UNKLE - The Runaway
UNKLE - The Runaway: Lupe's Revenge (Lupe Fiasco vs. UNKLE Reconstruction)
UNKLE - Twilight
UNKLE - UNKLE (Main Title Theme)
UNKLE - Unreal
UNKLE - Wash The Love Away
UNKLE - What Are You to Me?
UNKLE - When Things Explode
UNKLE - With You In My Head (Feat. The Black Angels)
UNKLE - With You In My Head (featuring The Black Angels)